Dude, you are NOT the base. You are not even the basement

Another break from the break. 🙂 Choi, Shmoy, they’re meaningless and worthless, bunch of noise/money making fifth column, not-even-close-to-be-Liberals:

Netroots Straw Poll Shows Obama Still Strong

MINNEAPOLIS — Despite their grousing about the administration during the Netroots Nation conference, liberal activists and bloggers are relatively happy with President Barack Obama’s performance.

A straw poll conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research showed that 80 percent either approve or strongly approve of the president more than a year before voters head to the polls to decide whether he deserves a second term. The results broke down to 27 percent strongly approving of Obama and 53 percent approving “somewhat.” Thirteen percent said they “somewhat disapprove,” and 7 percent strongly disapprove of the president.

The poll of 519 people was conducted via iPad in the Minneapolis Convention Center on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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254 thoughts on “Dude, you are NOT the base. You are not even the basement

  1. I thought the base “broke up” with PBO? Well, according to the Huffington Post.

  2. Glad you took a break from the break.

    Thanks for the Good News!

  3. Welcome back BWD. These numbers are consistent with the latest NBC/WSJ numbers according to Chuck Todd. They found the president has strong support among self described liberals/progressives. Unfortunately a group of people have hijacked the title (the base) have decided they speak for everyone else.

    And btw, I’m so sick of Lt. Choi and his disrespect of this president I could just spit. I have to remind myself that he doesn’t speak or all gays in the military but he does more to alienate potential allies in the democratic party, than to gain friends. #sshole.

  4. I’m certain they are all suffering buyer’s remorse. I can’t imagine that the people of that state want to be told to go F off…which is exactly what he said. The next election will not be kind to King Krispy Kreme.

  5. And these numbers come from the nutroot hate convention. I wonder what the straw poll numbers would have look like if the speakers were polled. I know what the numbers would look like of the television hosts, their favorite “progressive” pundits and all the website “front pagers” would be polled.

    These hate sites are not the base, they debase for their personal gain.

  6. I so ♥ BWD. See how that title marginalizes the fringe freak show? That’s how it’s done, people. Marginalize by humor. The subtitle: Marginalize by insult. As long as any and all things we write about these people does nothing that takes them seriously as any kind of threat, we win. Every time we write about the fringe of either party, but particularly the Democrats, we win when we couch our terms in humor and disregard. Make them the laughingstock at every turn. Learn to laugh at them. They are the left’s version of carnival barkers.

  7. Remember when “dudes” start leaning toward the dark side, head for the light (4 more years of President Obama)!

  8. Ridiculous isn’t it. It will e VERY interesting come 2016 (If Fox is still relevant) how other GOP heavyweights will think about this.

    Also how will Fox push 2012 candidates if Ailes has an “in” with a potential Christie Presidency. If a Republican won in 2012, especially say Romney who Fox/Ailes really has little connection to, it would mean no Christie in 2016.

    Of course even looking at this now – given what Christie is doing in New Jersey, folks in Jersey should be up in arms about this.

  9. Exactly….they should not be elevated to relevance. They are only important in their own minds.


    The 2010 midterm elections were a disaster for Americans who are not extremely wealthy or do not own corporations, and some of the fault lies with Democrats who decided to sit out the elections because they were disappointed that Barack Obama had not waved a magic wand and granted every group their wishes. Now that is has been nearly 5 full months with Republicans in charge of the House and many state legislatures and governors mansions, it would seem that wayward voters may have seen the disaster they had a part in causing by refusing to vote. However, there are still those within the “professional left” who are provoking a tiny segment of the population to speak out against the Obama Administration because the president is governing from the center and not acquiescing to the demands of special interest groups. Instead of using common sense and understanding that the president is not a monarch or a dictator, these disaffected sycophants are lashing out at the president and actively campaigning against their only chance at achieving their goals and desires.


  11. My little fantasy is that by the time the next netroots hate fest rolls around the screamers will be ignored. Ever notice how we have no idea what-so-ever if there was anything positive said or done at that convention? The screamers completely hi-jacked the narrative and agenda and we all share responsibility for allowing it to happen.
    We regularly complain when the MSM ignores the message of the Republicans ending Medicare to finance tax cuts in favor of weinergate, then we do exactly the same thing. We ignore any positive or good coming from the rest of netroots in favor of this chump choi.
    Honestly, we have to completely rebuild our attitudes from the ground up if we’re going to be successful in carrying the larger message in the coming months. We must stop letting these cry babies dominate our discourse.

  12. I doubt he’ll run for re-election in 2013, because he’d probably lose. If Corzine had got out of the way given his tanked poll numbers Christie would have never won in the first place.

    However if a Republican wins the White House any time soon, expect this bully to be in the cabinet somewhere.

  13. I heard a comment I believe on Chris Matthews Show where it was said they that he is has passed the most progressive legislation of any President in history but it is their job to never to satisfied and to push for more and more but in the end of course they support him

  14. Thanks for pointing that poll out. I certainly hope that 80% feel foolish for attending a hate-Obama convention. They can dress it up any way they want, but it was a convention to give lunatics like Hamsher, Choi, etc. a larger media platform to spew their anti-Obama venom. I certainly hope the 80% stay home next year so these bottom feeders are denied a larger platform.

  15. Well said!! Every time we mention them, do it in this fashion and make them look silly by presenting just the opposite of what they are saying. As in the case with this joker, Choi, who clearly doesn’t see anything the president has done for the LGBT community when in fact the documentation is readily available for all to see.

    It’s like telling someone the sky is green when we all know it is blue.

    Go figure.

  16. Agreed…but personally, I really never gave them much credence to begin with. I really don’t care what they say….Choi just happened to be there and spout off…I would have gone after his lame sh*t no matter WHERE he was at the time.Had more to do with his stupid commentary than it did about the fact that he was at the Nutty Convention.

  17. Exactly. THEY vote against their own best interests, too. Stupid is as stupid does! They all want to be RIGHT, which leaves them blinded….same as the crazy baggers and loony RW.

  18. Well, it’s certainly ok to push for more, but they will not be happy with less than the full loaf immediately! This man is not a dictator, and he is the President for ALL Americans…..add to that, if they didn’t all stay home and NOT vote in the midterms because they were having a temper tantrum over what DIDN’T get done to their satisfaction, we would all be further on our way to getting more of what they wanted to begin with! I don’t blame the RW for their House takeover, I blame these morons that thought THEY KNEW BETTER and eff’ed it up for the rest of us.Thanks for nothing.

  19. LOL King Krispy Kreme, how befitting on every level, Thanks for the sunday morning laugh !!
    There were times when miy sons played football I dreamed of having a helicopter to get to the game I could not get to…. We lived out in the country and I worked in the city, Needless to say work kept me from making some of them! Too Bad I did not have access to a bank account to buy helicopter fuel, these days I just dream of having bank account at all ! Some of the over the top entitlements these fat rats take advantage of make me very angry, like Romney’s joke about being unemployed, Such Arrogance !

  20. Story in Tampa about the horrific new voter suppression law in Florida. Hopefully, it will be declared unconstitutional by Justice Dept. It has made it impossible for the League of Women Voters etc. to register new voters, too many restrictions and fines etc. The same thing is going to happen in all Repub controlled states, and all will need to be on alert—their whole game is to stop people from voting by any means possible.

  21. To my way of thinking, this one issue is the biggest threat to our democracy we have ever seen. This story CAN’T go away!!!!!!!!!!! Yea, they LOVE that Constitution!

  22. Two things – I hope the DNC has filed suit against the law to stop it from taking place. It’s just dumb politics to not try and stop the bill.

    Why isn’t the Democratic Party pushing more lenient voter laws (more early voting, restoring felons to the rolls, etc.) in states where we control the legislature and the governorship? It frustrates me that we never go on the offensive when we are in power.

    YES WE CAN 2012 !

  24. Hey BWD I missed you the couple of days you took off..Glad you are back.

    I have revamped my site, and renamed it to reelectobamabiden2012 http://www.reelectobamabiden2012.com/

    I have already added your site, and what is working to my blog roll. If you see this will you add this to your blog roll. I also have a full forum there with emoticons so that if any of you should ever choose to come there and start your own topic of discussion you would be more than welcome. We need a full barrage of sites to support the President, because the Republicans are going to be full speed ahead with throwing everything up against the wall in hopes of derailing the remainder of his first term along with his chances of being Reelected. We have to stop them in their tracks. I had a nice debate with a left winger on FB today. I stayed respectful and at the end of the debate the guy said he could see things from my perspective. Not only are we dealing with the Republicans, but we are having to face the Choi’s of our party but we will not be defeated!!

    Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful Father’s and the single mothers who have to fulfill dual roles ♥

  25. Ailes has an “in” with ANY Republican candidate! They ARE the Republican party. They run it.

  26. So, what are the tangible results from he Netroots this week? I am sure there must have been some serious minded folks at this meeting that were looking to impact policy in a positive way.

    But what where the headlines published in the so-called MSM coming out of that meeting: They were largely bashing the president.

    Did we see any headlines about how the attendees have plans to take on Republicans on the national level on everything from their inaction on jobs to Ryan’s Meducare? But more importantly, were there any news stories about strategies on how to address those GOP governors who are ramming their draconian policies through state governments — (from Ohio to Wisconsin or Michigan), for example, by drastically changing the voting rights rules, slamming the doors on collective bargaining, etc.?

    The Republicans also had conferences going on this week, and by some measures, listening to the PL and the Republicans, there was no blurring of the message. Both groups had the same agenda: Bash President Obama. The PL ARE his base, you know.

    Go figure.

    No, the few PLs — those keyboard warriors, who believe that they ARE the presidewnt’s base, want to teach him a thing or two. If he is not going to do what they say, he loses their vote. HA.

    In the process, these people, legends in their own minds, have hijacked the meeting silencing any other rational voices. But can you blame them? They know that bombast, loudness and theatrics is the ticket to big money and/or calls from TV producers. Ask Anthony Weiner. He knew how to play that game. And for many of these folks, that’s what it is. A ploy to line their coffers, while using the so-called poor, middle class as a pawn.

    Go figure.

  27. Nice, africa:) They all love to hear themselves talk. Where’s the substance that will really effect the change?

  28. God Bless You BWD. I was so incensed with the NetRoots ObamaFailPalooza on Friday I could have bitten the head off a chicken. I even got into it with “Joan” over at the kos site. I still read the KOS site but I am one of the people over there sticking up for the PREZ whenever I can.

  29. These people are very much like disappointed “lovers”. Proust, who knows every nuance of romantic “love” as disease, writes that when one is caught in the throes of infatuation, every desire fulfilled is a fresh launching pad for a new desire. bringing with it a fresh agony. Sound familiar?

  30. I must say I’m pleasantly surprised by those poll numbers, that too right at their “base”. Talk about PBo hijacking their “convention”. 🙂

    Such a sweet schadenfreude. Eat it firebaggers.

  31. I have to agree. I don’t see why these people are supposed to be so important, or their ideas so profound. Do they really form the backbone of the liberal or Democratic movements? Or is that a media mirage? Someone like me is not going to arrange my schedule and spend money which I could otherwise be sending into Obama/Biden 2012 in order to listen to bunch of cranky people talk trash about my President, who is doing a FANTASTIC job and is admired *throughout the world* for his innovations. So really, the audience is already narrowed to cranky folks, and (albeit some truly nice) people who blog around certain new media sites out of habit and convenience. Not hardly the base in my opinion.

  32. I’m with you on that aamom. Did you see the diary today that called out their dahling choi and got hr’ed int to oblivion, never mind the diarist was advocating for gay rights in his/her diaries ? I rec’d that diary for it put the facts out on what this admin has done or lgbt issues and of course, got lectured and hr’ed for it.

  33. Thank you BWD: Tired of this me, me, me, me, Grandioso asshole, I glad the gay comunity is taking notice of this fucker Sorry mad as hell. and happy Sunday to everyone.

  34. Any serious activist convention would not put together a panel of that type in the first place. Were I holding a convention about, I dunno let’s say African Americans in politics, there’s no way that I would have a fool like that “Rent is too damn high” guy there on a panel, as it would indicate that my event was simply not intended to be a serious one. The fact is that a legitimate netroots constituency, a respected constituency, is comprised of fools like Choi. Which says it all, and should be enough for people to eschew the netroots attention-seeking right out of the gate. I personally don’t care whether their convention was positive, negative, neutral, held on the moon. Total irrelevance. I care more about what the room service guy thinks of President Obama than them, and I’m not kidding at all.

  35. I’m sorry but this meme is just so wrong. When will we stop blaming those fringe non-voters for the losses we suffered in 2010? It was the SWING VOTERS who made this happen. They’re the ones who bought into the anger narrative of the summer of 2010 and they’re the ones who believed these fake moderate Republicans were going to create jobs and fix the economy. The Republican message was better than the one coming from the Democrats. Swing voters vote for the party with the best message or the message they want to hear. It was an anti-incumbent year and people were still REALLY pissed about TARP and bailouts and still believing that ACA was going to harm them.
    As long as we continue to blame the fringes for what the swing independents did, then we won’t adjust our focus to where it belongs. And by we, I don’t mean the Democrats, I mean the people who comment on pragmatic blogs. We have to stay focused on the prize: the independent voter and the disillusioned Democrats. They need to hear a message of optimism and progress and learn that real changes are taking place in Government and the green economy and that ACA is working. They need to hear that TARP was a success, that the Recovery Act was a HUGE success. We have to stay focused on the good stuff.

  36. Tien Le carnival barkers that’s all they are, Obama will accomplish a lot more when he is re-ELECTED

  37. They accomplished attention-getting and a media sensation. That was not about helping people, and thus cannot be judged from that standard. Got attention? Mission accomplished IMO. I just hope that the WH reconsiders sending important, kind aides to speak in good faith only to be boo’ed by this crowd. So not worth it, and it props up people who deserve no prominence and no attention. The WH is a gold standard, and IMO doesn’t need to be kowtowing to this gutter of self-important, negative, cranky, fair-weather people.

  38. amk and aamom…why oh why do you do that to yourselves? I hear the frustration and it would be better spent:) It’s like me trying to talk to these AZ bigots…facts DO NOT MATTER! They will never change, and you get frustrated and pissed off. Who won that argument? Go there and peek if you must, I do, but have never commented,but I really just take that commentary with a grain of salt and consider the source. They are lost in their own little hate filled land….wondering aimlessly…itching for an argument devoid of the realities.Hugs to you both….and don’t get frustrated by the “darkside”.

  39. They like to make people angry and upset. Misery loves company. Be careful around those people, aamom, and thank you and everyone else for sticking up for the truth. Just be mindful of the audience and futility of “reaching” them. They have a right to dislike this presidency. But they have no right to represent their views as the mainstream of the base, or to call GOP-enabling purity trolling “activism.” I personally think that they should be left alone to stew in their negative world, but I do understand the counterarguments and opinions otherwise.

  40. BWD, I’ve got to borrow “Dude you are NOT the base. You are not even the basement”. I promise to ALWAYS end it with “BWD”.

    Please, please, please. :>)

  41. Given that it was a gathering of professional whiners, the fact that only 7 % strongly disapprove of the President’s performance is actually a statement of just how insignificant these lamesters are. If that’s the best they can muster in a crowd of bloggers and FL/GG/Corny/Kos-addicts, you know how NOT the base they are.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  42. Hiya gn,

    It’s so good to see you. The only reason I can see these disgruntled misfits garnering the attention they do is ginned up controversy which supports the REAL bottom line: $$$.

  43. 🙂 I’m with you on the “helicopter to son’s games!” My son plays lacrosse and we couldn’t use his HS fields this year for home games…so we had to drive all over God’s green earth to get to ANY PRACTICE and ANY GAME! Oh how I could’ve used my own little hovercraft!Paid for by someone else! For my personal use! Anytime I wanted! And then say, “F U to those that questioned said use of state hovercraft! The arrogance is staggering….as well as the hypocrisy. Boggles the mind.Come to think of it….taking a helicopter to my daughter’s swim meets would have been pretty sweet, too!

  44. Hi pamela! Always good to see you as well! You just kept it real re: the bottom line here. $$$$$ I wouldn’t even mind were it not at the expense of the most significant period of progress in this country in a generation, to try to tear that down is just unfathomable to me. This is why I think that they should be just left alone to cluster in this negativity; it’s not worth insulting and fighting with these folks when we could all go our own separate ways. They’re not the base, they’re a *clique.* Who cares what they think.

  45. I totally agree. I heard Schultz on the teevee tell people to sit home and not vote. Rachel did a segment on her show and several incumbent democrats were re-elected . The “no-compromise left “Democrats actually lost more seats than the moderate Democrats. That being said, the far left has leaned so far left they are almost “right”. They do the VERY SAME thing as the teabaggers . They state half of a fact or just lie. There is absolutely NO BALANCE on the far-left. They give President Obama credit for NOTHING. It would be one thing if they said, for example, “ok I wish we had gotten more in the financial reform bill, but I understand the bill had to have the votes of the Blue Dogs and/or the Republicans – it wasn’t everything I wanted, but it was more reform then any Republican would have instituted”. They never couch their criticism with the positive aspects of what has been accomplished by this President.

  46. I am going to go against the tide hear and say, though I am very protective of the President, its not in his spirit that we bash the Netroots efforts. He wouldn’t so I won’t. My objective, taken from his suggestion, is to foster respect, empowerment and inclusion. There are many people working for change and trying to figure out how to achieve it. We need them all, we really do.

  47. I talked with a woman yesterday who believes everything Cornell West says. I don’t know how much of this stuff is getting through, but some of it is. In fact, I had to set my grown straight and direct him to certain sites where he can fact check information. This Obama bashing is getting through it drips and drabs and we’ve got to stop it whenever and wherever we can.

  48. People vote with their wallets, and the economy had not turned around at that point. The Reps fired up the haters, and voila. I do not think the PL were relevant. Here we watch every news show, parse every negative statement about POTUS (poor BWD even gets so depressed, I don’t know how to help her)…but in TRW? Not so much.

    I believe the average voter takes in the general memes, which ARE dreadful for POTUS. And that is where I think your lat point was stellar. I understand pragmatists need a place to vent, but I lose track of the truth at times, and I’m not low info.

  49. I sincerely hope that we all internalize just how fringe and few in numbers these people are. They’re not worth our time and energy. So next time we freak out about the freaks, I hope someone reminds us 7% of the 519 people who participated is 36. Someone with some math chops can extrapolate that out to what that looks like in the real world over the whole identified liberal demographic in this Country. That will be half the number of Republicans we need to find who are willing to vote for Obama.

  50. Comments & question:
    Netroots Nation was attended by 2000 people – How does it compare to past conferences? I was actually tempted to attend in the past but never had the time/money/enough motivation. This year I had zero interest.

    There’s one guy who writes diaries almost daily on dailykos who I overheard at a fundraiser in DC once upon a time, and his know-it-all tone of voice was so boring……… Most of them are just full of themselves. They get an ego boast about becoming minor “celebrities” on the site.

    Lt. Choi – seems mentally unhinged to me. Or, this is just his gig – How does he make a living? Does he live on contributions from supporters so he has to keep his face in the news in order to keep getting the donations? Someone should investigate that.

  51. It is kinda not hard not to bash them though. I mean they constantly bash the president even though he has done his best. But I also agree that there are some people there working for change and trying to acheive it.

  52. The President would also not EVER host a convention which featured panels totally trashing other people who were in good faith creating progress and just lying about their records and their efforts. I don’t believe in unilateral disarmament. The nutroots claims to be representative of the base, I think they’re just a clique of people who think that they’re better than everyone else. Although I think that your comment is very important and I certainly take your opinion, which I find kind and representative of an evolved manner of thinking, I’m just not there yet in terms of the nerve of these useless people sitting around putting on grand media events to trash the POTUS. Let it be known that they speak for themselves only. I love and value your commentary cuphalfful and am certainly open to changing my mind, but I don’t see how and why I “need” these people for anything and I’m tired of all of the attention they get for this misbehaving.

  53. At least the GOP doesn’t even pretend to share the same goals. Who and what *are* these folks looking to undermine progress at every turn in supposed search for purity?

  54. df,the problem with not pushing back with these nutz is that their poutrage becomes the conventional wisdom by the frigging media. Look at the faces that appear on teevee cenk, firebagger dame et al.as progressive faces. You don’t see a deaniac or ecletablog, do you ? Thus they have the potential to poison the voting poll, especially the indies.

    Don’t worry, I will not be defeated by the ‘darkside”. 🙂

  55. Just like Feingold who wants Dems to fight with both hands tied behind their backs by not taking PAC money. I am not going to turn the other cheek for the nutroots hater brigade to simply take another free shot. People like Hamsher, Avarosis, Choi and the like are worse than teabaggers because they pretend to be liberals and are treated as such by the MSM.

    Working for change isn’t telling people not to vote, it isn’t calling the President a homophobe or a bigot or downplaying all of his many accomplishments because it doesn’t fit the meme you want to push. The Nutroots is a cottage industry to sell outrage in order to fatten their own wallets.

    You want to talk about all the good the nutroots does – but the only stories coming out of the nutroot nation conference is the stunt garbage Choi, Hamsher and Avarosis pulled and how Angry Mouse is an unqualified hack who thinks snark and eye rolling is an endearing quality.

  56. Choi is being used by the nutroots like Cindy Sheehan was used by the same folks. Like Mrs. Sheehan, Choi has obvious mental problems – but is being surrounded by and wrapped up in a hate movement that needs to use him as a mascot figurehead.

  57. Thank you BWD for all that you do in informing us about the right’s and PL’s blatent lies and schizophrenic utopia. On a seperate topic, I was listening to the Dixie Chicks ” Not ready to make nice” in my car this morning and their verse
    “I made my bed and I sleep like a baby
    With no regrets and I don’t mind sayin’
    It’s a sad sad story when a mother will teach her
    Daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger
    And how in the world can the words that I said
    Send somebody so over the edge
    That they’d write me a letter
    Sayin’ that I better shut up and sing
    Or my life will be over”

    made me think of the bush years and reminded me of this moment in time with the Teabags and Repugs hypocracy and hate for our beloved PBO… that they feel they can just yell out extremes at him and yet if we tell the truth of the right well then your life is over.

    They are such sad, sad people…

  58. @ gn

    “Media Mirage” Great phrase! And yes it is. What does that song say? They “are addicted to the drama, only willing to feed the trauma.”

  59. To all the Republicans/Teabaggers I have a message for you ‘HELL NO YOU CAN’T”

    You can’t say the stimulus did not work and happily accepted stimulus checks representing money that you voted AGAINST, to then take credit on ribbon cutting celebration and the good it has done for your city. Why are you still begging for more, if it didn’t work???

    “We Want Small Government” yet, your family has been living in Government Handout accepting millions in:
    – Medicare
    – Social Security
    – Welfare
    – Food Stamps
    – Fema
    – Transportation
    – Safety (Cops/Firefighters)
    – Food and Water Safety
    – Public Education

    Why would you enjoy all the benefits and many more??

    You didn’t condemn Bush for the terrorist attacks and taking us to 2 wars, that wasn’t paid for, you remained silent, when Bush didn’t bother pursuing the most wanted terrorist in the world, yet you criticized President Obama for killing Osama Bin Ladin.

    You can’t preach “Family Values’ when you cheat on your wife and lie about it, or cheat while she’s in a hospital, or paying to have sex with a Hooker, or even trying to have Gay sex in a public restroom.

    You can’t say The Tea party/Republicans are Not Racist when they:
    Don’t condemn those that call member of congress the N word, or portray our President as some Nazi or and African tribal man, they didn’t condemn being armed and dangerous at the President rally, or use violent imagery of Sarah Pac hinting violent threads, instead they keep apologizing to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn and those alike.
    I will end my rant, by saying “HELL NO YOU CAN’T”

  60. What happened to the “GOP wants to end Medicare” messaging drumbeat? I know Weiner threw it off, but he’s gone now – time to get back on that. Or are the Dems already moving on to something else – that the few weeks of messaging was enough. GOP is still messaging against HCR, over almost two years now – Dems need to learn a few things from them.

  61. Depends on what “support” means. I hope they vote for him, but I was still on DK during the last election. Many there posted (BRAGGED, actually) that they stayed home.

  62. You’re so right gn, in stating “they are not the base”. However, we need to push back on the MSM who touts them endlessly.

    I loved you said about the “most significant period of progress in this country in a generation”. PBO, as a black man-in the face of unimaginable obstruction/racism-has accomplished nearly as much his short term of office than Roosevelt with his 4 terms and overwhelming dem. majorities.

    In face of all odds, I see PBO as incredibly effective.

  63. Yep..they sure do SR. Notice when Pelosi wanted to talk about jobs, medicare…the Media cut her off, because she wouldn’t discuss the Weinergate.

    Somehow we need better messaging, the Media works for the Republicans, so no luck there. I hope the White House is working on it.
    After the New Hampshire Republicans Debate, I would think they would have a few Democrats going to the Media for a rebuttal, instead I only saw Robert Gibbs making the rounds.

    They sure better wake up soon.

  64. If you haven’t done it, already, you should follow @thedemocrats, @dccc, @dscc, demgovs, their chairs, their executive/communications directors, et al on Twitter: 😉

    Medicare ACTION CENTER… http://dccc.org/pages/mac

    So, you can help them…

    Coupled w/theirs, they could use yours and other TOAITR’ers’ advise!

    They need “all hands on deck!” lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Togother!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  65. We need to shine a BRIGHT light on these GOP governors and the xeroxed Koch Brothers agenda that they are pushing in their states. It really scares me. I know. I have one right here in PA.
    1. Defunding public schools and universities
    2. Attacking voting rights
    3. School vouchers, which take even MORE money from public schools.
    4. Union bashing
    5. Defunding/attacking planned parenthood
    6. Giving tax breaks to fossil fuel companies
    7. Pushing for privatization of government services
    All the while they are taking federal money and pretending that they are alone doing wonderful things for their state!
    The are ALL doing it! They scare the crap out of me. There are astroturf groups lobbying state legislators to pass their extreme bills. Americans for Prosperity (Koch and others) is heavily invested in this. With citizens united there is all kinds of money flowing around without any accountability. This is really frightening, because I fear for our Democracy.
    I keep telling people that we HAVE to reeelect the President for many good reasons, but the MOST important one is future Supreme Court nominations. One more RW judge and America is TOAST!

  66. Did you all see PBO’s first personal tweet? 🙂 It’s on Facebook too, 50,000 “Likes” is a couple of hours.

    Being a father is sometimes my hardest but always my most rewarding job. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. -BO

  67. Juan Williams even wrote a positive piece about President Obama and the example he is presenting as a father today.

    Also this is why Huntsman is really pushing the fact he has young kids in his campaign vid(my take for it anyways).

  68. Yes, how cool is that…

    That’s a Presidential first…Hooray! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    PBHO, our Dad-in-Chief, who I BELIEVE is “The Father of the World!”

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  69. I watched that twit on Fox News Sunday because I wanted to hear what Gates had to say. No matter how hard twit tried, Gates had only good things to say about PBO. Analytical. Decisive. Good decisions.
    Then I had to see the Stewart interview. Jon’s problem seems to be that he expected PBO to be far more radical in his choice of people to serve in his administration. Now Jon is bright, but sometimes he doesn’t use the brain he was born with. When the world’s economy is tanking, one doesn’t go ask an unknown to come in because 1) he would never be approved by congress, and 2) he may make things far worse before you can get him back out. In dire emergencies you go with the best you know. I wish Jon would think these things through more. He did do a good job of humiliating the twit whose name I can never remember.

  70. Cup, in all do respect, what is with that response? GN, expressed exactly where she is at, just as you. I for one am not about that Kumbaya,. However, I will not do anything that brings embarrassment to PBO, but I also will not set on the sidelines and allow people to spew their lies and discharge their napalm-of-negativity against this President without responding harshly.

    It is my strong believe, that the best antidote to ignorant, nasty, racist, selfish, hypocrites is “shame”. In other words, you have to shame them back into that rat infested, putrefied sewer in which they crawled from.

    Respectfully responded,

  71. Jon can’t seem to decide if he wants to be a talking head or a comedian. He isn’t even funny any more. I was finished with him after the disrespect he showed the President to his face in a so called interview.

  72. Thanks – looks good! Hope it becomes another good site for conversation and action.

  73. Don’t feel lonely lol. It’s just a difference of opinion. My view is this: if we’re dealing with people who are literally afraid to feel pleased with progress, because they think that acknowledging that we’re taking steps forward will mean that everyone will stop wanting even better things, what is there to do? How can that be reasoned with? They’re liberal regressives, meaning that they fear progress for different reasons than right wingers, but they truly fear progress all the same. That’s my opinion.

    But you’re not alone, ever, cuphalfful, even if your opinion diverges from that of others. 🙂

  74. How do I sign into WP? If I do sign in can I then write in the white space. I did try to install Google Chrome it hasnt workedyet. I’ll have my g/son ck it later. Thanks

  75. @BarackObama: Meet Alex – a father of four who’s spending his summer learning how to be a community organizer.


    Alex is a husband and a father of four—and this summer, he’s devoting two months to volunteering in his community as a summer organizer. Watch the video to hear him explain why, in his own words—then pass it on to a dad who’s in your thoughts today. Watch the video:

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  76. Smilingl8y, I have no answer for you but I am shamelessly stealing your logo!

  77. Having watched Choi carefully & w/background in mental health, I am willing to risk saying he is mentally ill. As such I really do not think w eshould even mention his name nor any of the other “dudes”. The more we speak their name the more power we give them. So I have signed off. If I make a statement it is to the point but not to them personally. It makes me feel better.

  78. Totally speak your mind…but DK? Are you going to accomplish much over there…I have seen others call them out on their narrowmindedness and get slammed for doing it. Absolutely email those tv fools and whomever else…I just heard the frustration from the DK site antics is all….we have LOTS of work to do…and as Tien pointed out so clearly to me….it’s the swing voters that we need to reach:) Huggies!

  79. You need not feel alone. Different points of view are welcome here:) You know that. Is what it is. I think we call it respect.Respect for you, me, and everyone else here….civility. I never was made to feel like we all had to be clones of each other to be heard or give our thoughts….yours are ALWAYS welcome.

  80. Nailed that pretty well! Like my Don’t Call Them The Party of NO…they are the TAKE AWAY Party….. Good job!

  81. Really? No luck with Google Chrome? I’m telling you…I like it SO much better, I’m never going back!

  82. That’s just one of the many millions of reasons why Barack Obama is the President of the United States, and not Jon Stewart.

  83. “Dude, you’re not the base you’re not even the basement”

    BWD, YOU ROCK! I am so stealing this. This has to not only be quote of the year but probably quote of the decade! ♥ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Good for you, Smilingl8y. I’m perfectly happy to characterize this individual as mentally ill. Arguing with him, or reacting to him is no different than trying to carry on a conversation with one of the crazy homeless guys that yell at people randomly. It’s a waste of time and effort.

  85. One of the reasons I am no longer a regular at the site you’ve linked to is the bulling, “mean girls” mentality that is added and abetted by the site management. What ever the righteousness of the diarists argument, his abusiveness is completely inappropriate. You don’t beat a Dan Choi or any of the other member of the frustati by adopting their behavior as your own.

    Abusive language and personal attack is antithetical to the Obama/Biden campaign values. Ya know – Respect, Empower, Include. The kind of abusive language that introduces that diary link guarantees that readers who think well of Choi will not even read the argument against his statements. When I see that in a diary that claims to defend or support our POTUS, I view the author as a potential troll whose purpose is to create division on the left. Well, that’s MHO anyway.

  86. You have to love the nutroots, now they’re leaving nasty comments about the author of that article saying he is anti-gay rights. It’s like the mafia no one is allowed to speak but the self appointed masters. Maybe they missed the “no corporate masters no Sponsors” at the top of that site (unlike SOME media mirage sites that exist to make money off of making progressives mad about stuff that isn’t real!).

  87. Good question. I know you can tweet from your computer, but beyond that, I’m clueless. That’s why I’ve arranged to get a one-on-one workshop from someone in the Young Democrats on how to use Twitter. For all of us who are active politically and have access to quality information on a regular basis, we need to learn how to use social media as effectively as possible. We need the pragmatic voice to be the dominant voice on the left. We can do this, but it requires a real commitment from each of us to wade out beyond our comfort levels. We can’t leave any tool that is available to us on the shelf, especially people who are shy about direct voter contact.

  88. Here is another encouraging story

    Outsourced jobs return to the USA

    I added just a little twist. 3 companies are returning jobs to America, what if we wrote to each of these companies, thanked them, told them it made a difference in how we shopped and asked them to keep it up. The contact info for GE, NCR, and Carbonite are included at the bottom of the article.

    Also a video of the President talking about supporting companies that manufacture in the USA.


  89. Tien Le i really do not trust the polls I remember when he was runing against HRC and Macain
    in our comunity nobody has ever been pooled, ther are a bunch of trolls all over pretending to be progresives I think.

  90. HI latoriam23, thank you so much for including my blog post. I am honored.

    If you ever need a video clip for a story, I am happy to help. You can first go to this page and see if a clip you need is here. If not, if you can send me the address for a video and then tell me in time code (the minutes at the bot;om of the video) where you want the clip to start and stop I am happy to edit.

  91. I have to support cuphalffull here. What this poll reveals is that while certain voices are spotlighted by the MSM – because it feeds their dramarama narrative – those voices don’t represent the overwhelming majority of liberal/progressive blogers. Netroots has become a place to meet and exchange information, and where media attention will gather. So, like a moth to the flame.

  92. many times when we bash people it might backfire, si we need to be careful, I think here are very smart
    people, we can be kind to othetrs and yet strong for the good. I think we all want the same things, we can all we good to each other.

  93. Not so silly. We’ve been doing that for decades in Ireland, mostly because the grass is usually too wet to mow. Many of the GAA athletic fields are Mowed By Sheep during the week and then the sheep are put into a pen under the grandstands while a match is being played. The sheep are happy and the GAA doesn’t have to pay for cutting the grass. In fact, the local graveyard has some extra land and that is Mowed By Sheep as well.

  94. Pamela, this man POTUS is simply who he said he is and he did what he said he was going to do: get the ball rolling on reforms, find areas of commonality and move on those even at the expense of perfection, or in other words, ACTION not talk or useless red meat. Helping real lives at the expense of emotionally satisfying bible thumping and sanctimony. These pimples on the behind of humanity: Rush, nutroots, Herman Cain, etc., will not merit even a footnote in history is my hope.

  95. Wow, how interesting. BTW overseasgranny, i saw that reply to my post, and i’m allergic to every thing you mentioned and much more lol. I am interested in that patch thing. Will def look into that.

  96. Good to see you are back BWD. Thanks for all that you do, but do not forget to keep your rest and relaxation.

  97. Choi is a repugliscum. That is why he never let’s up on Obama. The problem is that JanetheDog and her parade will support anyone who hates Obama. Choi is a media whore.

  98. I did not know that I could Tweet from my computer! If you can share more info as you learn, that would be great. I’ll ask my kids:) Thanks,Tien:)

  99. Its so hard to express nuance sometimes in these comments. Wish I were a better writer. Actually I felt safe writing what I did in reply to gn because of the warmth in the comment. It wasn’t a criticism, just an uh oh feeling. This is honestly the first time I have been on this site and felt that twisted stomach feeling I get when I speak up for the President on other sites and see how out of sink I am with the tone of the stream of comments. I almost dread opening up the replies in those cases. The one thing I think the President would want from me is that I treat others the way I would like to be treated so I am serious when I say we cannot let ourselves demonize anyone. Its not naive. Its what we love about the President.

  100. I hear what you are saying, but our LOrd and SAvior, will see us through, keep the faith my friend, keep the faith 🙂

  101. No indeed, they are the fruitbasket in the kitchen. Honestly, I don’t think the likes of Choi will hurt the President. It’s irritating, yes, but the numbers speak for themselves. We need to follow the President’s example of cutting through the noise and focussing on what’s important. There will be plenty of distractions between now and 2012.

  102. Yesterday, I had problems w/one of my comments…

    It hasn’t shown up, yet.

    Anyway, did any of your comments have links included w/them?

    if there’s more than one, it has to go through moderation!

  103. CC, If you can survive in Canada in similar weather, you can survive here.

  104. These summer organizers are great. I had a one-on-one meeting yesterday with one. When she called my house I thought she sounded about 18, but turned out she was fresh out of college. We talked for about 30 minutes and she requested that I get in. I told her that I was already in, donating money and planning to give time later this year. By the time we were finished talking I was committeed to the 44 action, which is having 22 one-on-ones with friends and family and calling 22 strangers.

    If a summer organizer calls your home, please answer.

  105. I concur with your assessment. I am a psychology major & worked in mental health in the past. Also, Choi was in mental health facility last year. He checked out early during the DADT signing.

  106. The DNC was completely asleep at the switch and did not counter Republican lies effectively. I sometimes think Tim Kaine was a Republican plant, that’s how horrible he was in the 2010 election cycle. He got more air time bashing Anthony Weiner than he bothered to get as a standard bearer for the Democratic agenda in 2010. Tim Kaine was never a believer in the Democratic agenda. DWS is.

    The swing voters are easy to manipulate. That there is still 30% of Americans who can’t tell the difference between Democrats and Republicans is alarming but it is the truth and Democratic leadership has been breathtakingly unable to sell the truth, when Republicans are so effective at selling lies.

    The fringe didn’t help and suppressed some of the vote. But with your usual wisdom, Tien, it is the swing voters who are the problem. The Republican ‘fringe’ has gotten this message for over 30 years. They would wink at the ‘moderate’ Republican running for office and vote for him reliably. Our ‘fringe’ would rather see everything come apart in order to build progressive ‘utopia’ — as if that’s a certainty.

    There was an interesting thread on Howard Zinn a few days ago at the Orange Site. No need to go through what would be obvious from far left supporters but I found this particular portion of the discussion interesting: when Howard Zinn talks of Obama as ‘dangerous’, students versed in his writings say that he means that by the nature of being center-left he delays the ‘revolution’ by finding solutions and policies that appeal to a wider swath of America. That his very success is ‘dangerous’ to the far left’s dream of seeing America fall apart, to be rebuilt as a bastion of liberal thought.

    I hear words to this effect from Thom Hartman every once in awhile, although he usually backtracks and doesn’t want to see utter destruction (although his ‘sky is falling!” economic stance is close to that belief).

    Everyone who advocated for HCR to fail unless and until it was perfect enough, is ascribing to fringe left revolutionary beliefs. It health care becomes so critical in this country then the only course will be a perfect liberal solution. That is why the argument of increments of progress fall on deaf ears with these people. Incremental change is ‘dangerous’ and would stave of revolution, as if that would be a bad thing! That intense suffering would ensue in the interim, it is a worthwhile sacrifice to these people. And then, in my opinion, they are no better than the enemy they profess to despise.

    I am such a pragmatic that I cannot fathom why they would believe that progressive utopia is a given from the rubble. More times than not in history it’s Dark Ages that follow, but the Enlightenment.

  107. Hopefully, in the end, the result is the same…

    And, there’s this:

    @Karoli: @sickjew – Calls are growing for Clarence Thomas to resign… http://t.co/sO3CfJS

    Although there’s plenty of “talk” about Thomas, the rest of the SCOTUS 4 (which includes Scalia, Alito, Robert) needs to be investigated, impeached, disbarred, et al…

    Of course, there’s CITIZENS UNITED and a couple of other SCOTUS decisions come to mind.

    The Senate needs to DO SOMETHIN’ about them…Grrr!

    U.S. Senator Leahy IS the Chair of the Judiciary Committee.

    If he isn’t aware of any incriminatin’ evidence against them, it needs to be “brought to his attention”…Tweet’d/RT’d, Email’d, FB’d, et al! lol

    They *BRING* disgrace to the highest- held judiciary office in the land!!!

  108. Exactly. Sadly true. The opposite of how Republicans changed American discourse over the last 35 years.

    Dan Choi doesn’t help his cause. Celebrating the phenomenal steps in the right direction would help his cause, with acceptance of LGBT issues growing until their rights are assumed as part of American discourse and ideals. By negating it all, by looking as if only ‘revolution’ will be good enough does not inform Americans or bring them to his cause.

    Here’s what Republicans did 3 years into the Reagan presidency: everything Reagan did was right. Everything Reagan did was good. The fact that all Republicans supported him gave credibility to the rightward march. They would cloak their radical views in a moderate and trust that they would reap the rewards.

    If the entire left said Obama was doing good, Obama was making progress in the right direction against unfathomable obstruction unimaginable even a decade ago, it would lend credibility to the beginning of a leftward march back to progressive ideals. It is unbelievable to me that they cannot fathom this.

    My beloved brother died December 5, 2000. He did not live to see George W. Bush selected by SCOTUS to be President. He was 15 years my senior — he was 65 years old in 2000 and was so relieved to finally receive Medicare as he had had no health care his entire life. He enjoyed medical care for 4 months.

    One of my last conversations with him was a bit of an argument: he said George W. Bush was moderate, that only a moderate Republican could be elected and even though we didn’t want him to be President, it wouldn’t be that bad. He would have to govern from the center, after Bill Clinton’s success with the economy and the deficit. I told him that W. scared me more than anyone: he could look moderate to those not paying attention but he was anything but. That Republicans finally had changed enough of American discourse that what we considered looney was on the verge of being accepted truth. My brother thought I was looney and couldn’t fathom it.

    I was always his baby sister, even at 50 when he died. But I had come of age, I’m afraid.

  109. Whatever happened to Cindy Sheehan. Did they stop taking her calls when there was no one to bash Nancy Pelosi? These same PL’s now think Nancy Pelosi is the greatest since sliced bread. These people are so feckle.

  110. O_O ! President Obama is the most polled politician in the history of American politics. I can almost gaurantee it. Not only did the nutroots poll come out 80% approval for the prez, Gallup’s recent polling has him at 90% nationally with Progressive/Liberals. Can we move on now to more important items on our plate? The base will be there for PBO. What alternative do we/they have? 🙂 Obama/Biden 2012!!

  111. Jon Steward was on FOX news puting down obama and praising the consev.nuts he said they are victim of a which hunt and he said they are not racist and gay hater, and he not comfort with these thing coming from the left and that they the consev. have a right to be mad.

  112. Choi who?….that name sounds like something being squelched under President Obama’s boots!

  113. Wow what a SHOCK. The racism continues. The mainstream media is trying their darndest to make this a race for 2012. Jon Steward is showing his true colors. $$$GREEN$$$…….cross the isle to make more CASH. WHAT A TRAVESTY.

  114. SR why do you keep pushing this if a Rethug wins in 2012? God forbid. The USA will parish as we know it if this happens. We must not even entertain the thought.

  115. Yes what folks don’t understand is that Choi is a Rethug. Most Asians are conservative in nature. He is enjoying the spotlight while bashing PBO non stop and the MSM loves it. It is what it is. Lets move on to voter registration.

  116. I readed on a blog that many of Fox viewers are beginning to migrate to Jon Stewart’s show.
    no wonder he bashing obama, to get more rating, let see can he keep the left wing happy while picking up some right wing. He can not bash the mainstream media for going after rating by lying and bashing obama because he doing the same thing. It just one thing the left trustest him not the media. It goes to show that money rule the world, and if obama would have being more left wing like the PL wanted him to be, he will have being taking out, he have to do this slow inorder to stay alive.

  117. Choi gives a bad name to the Real Soldiers that are fighting for our safety.

    Choi and Soldier, should Not be mentioned in the same breath.

    Love the Quote “You not part of the Base, You are Not even the Basement” LOL this one has to be tweeted until it makes it to the most Trending….
    C’mon guys we can do it….I would love to see his face when he sees this Quote all over web.

  118. We must collect revenue from corporations,billionaires, and very high earners. we must support the”working” people,stop torture,stop “extraordinary rendition,stop lying, and restore the vision the founding fathers had.we can stop waste without invading medicare,medicaid, and social security.
    what it takesiscourage, honesty, and a moral compass. mclaire12

  119. Before I saw the tweet on here about PO leading every GOP hopeful in TN, I had seen the story in the Knoxville News-Sentinel. I proceeded to read the Comments. Oh me, oh my–such hatred, such fear, such racism……zero reality…..literally ZERO reality regarding PO. I found it so very sad, not surprising for this area, but truly sad.

    I posted a Comment……pointed out the hypocrisy; reminded folks that the R’s ran on jobs, jobs, jobs and I asked twice for just one of them to give me the number and name of a Jobs Bill out of the House…..said it was so sad to see the hatred, the racism and the fear…..reminded them that the Bible says we are created EQUAL.

  120. Saint Roscoe, I agree that Choi has mental health problems. However, unlike Sheenan, Choi has a military background, , and consistent with his Libertarian leanings, seems drawn to firearms (He said so during an interview fresh out of the CPAC convention in . Who is to say that in a state of emboldened delusion, he decides to “act” and out of extreme anger to persons who he feels has wronged him? I see that as an increasing possibility with Choi. He simply refuses to let go of his anger towards this President and instead is ratcheting it up while moving the goal posts. The more the the President accomplishes, the angrier Choi becomes. And his anger is rather focused on this President, not at the system in general. I am very unsettled about this.

  121. I like the sheep or grazing animal idea, but unfortunately you probably don’t get an evenly cut look to your lawn or field. But I’m sure the savings is great on the wallet. 🙂

  122. The media is another arm of the Republican party. I see them as such and I treat them as such.

  123. Choi is a right-winger who is able to disguise his leanings because he is gay. His supporters are mostly right-wing Libertarians or anti-Obama PUMAS with axes to grind. I consider Choi more dangerous than Joe the Plumber because of his military background, and the tremendous amount of unexplained anger he harbours to our President. He knows how to use a gun, and according to him, “gun control is holding the gun with two hands and having your eyes wide open.”

  124. I felt like that constantly on DK, LOL. I believe your attitude is wonderful and righteous outside of politics, and your friends and family are lucky that you are in their world.

    I do not have the answer as to how to comport myself in the political sphere. DK mucked up my thinking, but good. I was forver regretting my posts there, here, rarely. So, I suppose I’m on the right track. Hope you sort it out too.

    Also hope you can read this. Ability to post is funky today.

  125. I’ve always got the impression that Jon Stewart is more conservative than he lets on. Honestly he’s not a politican but a comedian who really doesn’t express his own views on his show but rather those that his viewers are more aligned with.

    I like Colbert more but I’m sure he puts down the pres too… Haven’t watched either one of these guys for some time so I am thinking that they’ve been getting more conservative watchers thus have to please a more broader audience.

  126. Why can’t the GOP candidates find their own unique quality? Why try to copy the President who they claim to despise so much? PBO never exploited his children to that degree before joining the campaign.

  127. Follow the money, baby! That’s how it works! I saw that the other day at TP….I actually would be curious to investigate EVERY proposal that these guys put out there to see if they all contain any “hidden perks and bennies” for them, like this one did. Easy way to slam the heck out of them when they bring it up.

  128. Jon is not an honest broker. And by the way he admitted to voting for Bush 41. I wouldn’t be surprised if he voted for Bush 43 but is too chicken to say so. Or maybe he was one of those who voted for Nader in 2000 or stayed home in 2004.

  129. Thanks WIW. Not surprising. Most in Congress have their own personal agendas. That is why Congress’ approval ratings are so low in both houses and both sides of the isle. President Obama is definately the only ADULT in the room. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  130. I this has already been posted, my bad. I just saw this at OFA>

    Netroots Straw Poll Shows Obama Still Strong


    A straw poll conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research showed that 80 percent either approve or strongly approve of the president more than a year before voters head to the polls to decide whether he deserves a second term.

  131. I’m more concerned about Choi’s personal anger towards the President than any possible influence he could have on voters.

  132. WIW old news. The purpose of this thread was in conversation about the Nutroots convention. Their attendees are at 80% and the national average of Libs and Progressives is at 90%. Time to move on. 🙂

  133. WoW! What an eye opener. The video is fascinating. I put the whole thing on twitter. This is just the kind of history our lazy “tv pretty people” should be sharing with the American people. I will definitely get his book. Thanks Desertflower for that tip.

  134. I’m sure everyone will get a little piece of what they want. PBO is crafty like that. Debt ceiling will be passed. The Chamber of Comerce will not accept anything less. Its all about compromise even though the Teathugs do not know what that means. LMAO!!!

  135. I live in GA, and what you report having read in the comments in the TN newspaper happens here all the time, too, tnmtngirl. It’s as if there’s some sort of collective hatred and ignorance that pervades the very minds and souls of a certain percentage of the population where PBO is concerned. Even when confronted with facts, they choose hatred, racism, and bigotry, and the thing that pizzezz me off is that they call themselves Christians while they do it! The older I get, and the more I study my Bible, I get a better understanding of what Jesus meant when he said that some will stand before God and hear the words, “Depart from me. I know ye not.” There’s an old Negro spiritual we used to sing in the children’s choir at my church when I was kid that I’m often reminded of when I see those who call themselves Christians engage in un-Christlike behavior–“Everybody Talking ‘Bout Heaven Ain’t Goin’ There” is the name of the song. I told a Mormon guy on an AZ blog the other night that hate is not a Christian virtue after he stated that Mormons “hate” liberals. I reminded him that one can’t win souls for Christ if one “hates” one’s fellow man. You’re right, tmg, we’re all created equal. The hatred, bigotry, homophobia, etc, being tolerated in the Republican Party today turns off not only people of color, but others who know that we only get one life and it’s finite, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend valuable hours hating others who are also made in God’s image.

  136. Keith…you just poked poor, hard working WIW in the eye!:) We love you WIW….must be late where you are:) And Keith is Fired UP and Ready to GO!!! Hugs to both of you. We DO work hard around here…

  137. The Thugs don’t understand how govt. works, period! I would add that they aren’t up to speed on that Constitution they say they love so much, either.

  138. Yep, everything you said. 🙂 I remember that song too. (I’m white, but have participated in church & school choirs since I was a child.) Like you, it’s the hypocrisy that drives me “up the wall”–professing to be such fine Christians while so obviously filled with hate and fear and racism. I will NEVER understand that behavior…never.

  139. I believe that Choi had a breakdown in the not-too-distant past and was hospitalized.

  140. CBO: Seniors would pay most of their income for healthcare under Ryan Medicare plan We need to get this out to our gangs. I hope OFA is on it for their organizers. We cannot rely on the dems. They are too scared of disrepecting their contributors.

  141. Yes — I do not think that Dan Pfeiffer should have been there, especially as he ended up being insulted by that awful Kalli Joy Gay (aka Angry Mouse), who was just so smug and full her herself. Why give the nutroots credibility??? It’s a fringe group as anyone will realize with a quick scan of the list of recc’d diaries these days.

  142. It is so important that we remember: the repugs are paying God knows how many people to lurk on many sites to spew hatred. They use false names and whatever else to appear authentic. True large numbers of people believe that stuff but really large numbers of people do not think hat way. I am always suspicious. Noone can remain that angry all the time.

  143. I would agree with you if I thought they actually were working for change but I don’t see any good faith or sense of reality in their hate-filled rants.

  144. I TRUST PBO! I have believed from the start he would give them enough rope to hang themselves. The golfing trip was perfectly times to let the teathugs see Boehner grinning with the Pres and VPres. He gave them so heartburn over the wkend just to help them understand…HE IS DA MAN!

  145. Got to tweet.com and set up an account. It’s very easy . . You don’t need a mobile device and can do it form your pC

  146. Yup – done with the prick after he called President Obama “dude” in that interview (among other insulting things).

    People need to get off the idea that Jon Stewart is some great liberal because he is not — apparently he recently confessed to voting for George HW Bush — I don’t know whether it was the 1988 or the 1992 election but it’s enough to tell me all I need to know about the man . .i

  147. thank you for sharing this BWD. It is a time filled with uncertainty and negativity…your blog keeps me centered and well informed on what’s really going on in Washington. So much friggin noice and Obama bashing in the media. Thank you!!!

  148. WIW: you work so hard that is perfectly understandable. I am in awe of you.
    Are you a teacher? So am I…….

  149. That admission is a total indictment, IMO, and the tip-off to his true political inclinations.

  150. I feel a sense that Colbert is actually a liberal — every once in a while he lets his guard down and tells you what he really thinks (like is take on immigration). Jon Stewart I suspect of being very conservative as he is generally extremely hostile to President Obama.

  151. Excellent point. I had momentarily forgotten about people being paid to lurk, comment and spew hatred. Thanks for pointing out that, for the majority of people, the hatred and anger is not so strong, at least 100% of the time.

  152. Yup – I’ve heard that there are people who are paid to create multiple usernames and populate the newspaper sites with numerous right-wing reader comments. The newspapers should do us a favor and cut off those comment sites as they serve no useful purpose.

  153. Hi Tori(?),

    It’s a nice, informative, interactive site!

    What you say is so true…

    It will “take a village of sites” to *defeat* those TeaPublicans and their ilk!

    And, good for you, you were able to reason w/”a knuckle-head!” 😉 lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  154. They’ve been trying for over 2 years now to make liberals despise the president. This poll just goes to show one more time that it isn’t working. They are a small, vocal minority who crave attention but who are completely out of step with the real base of the Democratic party. They should get no more attention than their numbers warrant, which is very, very little.

  155. I 3rd that!

    If the TeaPublicans’ lips *ARE* movin’ they’re lyin’!

    And, I don’t believe ’em no further than I can toss ’em…

    That ain’t far at all!!! 😉

    Because of certain actions or non-actions taken by our Congressional/state DEMs, this is a good and honest question, so it needs to “GO VIRAL”…Tweet/RT it, FB it, Email it, et al:
    Will Democrats ever learn to distrust the GOP… http://tinyurl.com/3obps38

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  156. I suspect all the participants in the negotiations are very aware of current crisis surrounding Greek debt and risks to the economies of Europe and the euro of a Greek default; with markets on edge even the threat of US default would be catastrophic. Since most of Congress and those negotiating (with the exception of VP Biden who has very modest means) have significant assets at risk I doubt they will put their bottom line at risk for ideological posturing. (This does not include the TP freshman, many of whom are apparently over their heads in debt).

  157. Please don’t slur. Asian-American are reliably Democratic voters. Just google the numbers for yourself.


    This morning, PRESIDENT OBAMA SENT THE EMAIL BELOW TO THE WHITE HOUSE EMAIL LIST IN HONOR OF FATHER’S DAY. If you didn’t get the email, be sure to sign up for the White House email list.

    Good morning,

    I GREW UP WITHOUT A FATHER AROUND. I was lucky enough to be raised by a wonderful mother who, like so many heroic single mothers, never allowed my father’s absence to be an excuse for me to slack off or not always do my best. But I often wonder what it would have been like if my father had a greater presence in my life.

    SO AS A FATHER OF TWO YOUNG GIRLS, I’VE TRIED HARD TO BE A GOOD DAD. I haven’t always been perfect – there have been times when work kept me away from my family too often, and most of the parenting duties fell to Michelle.

    I KNOW MANY OTHER FATHERS FACE SIMILAR CHALLENGES. Whether you’re a military dad returning from deployment or a father doing his best to make ends meet for his family in a tough economy, being a parent isn’t easy.

    THAT’S WHY MY ADMINISTRATION IS KICKING OFF THE YEAR OF STRONG FATHERS, STRONG FAMILIES. We’re joining with dads across the country to do something about father absence. And we’re taking steps to offer men who want to be good fathers but are facing challenges in their lives a little extra support, while partnering with businesses to offer fun opportunities for fathers to spend time with their kids. For example, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Major League Baseball and the WNBA are offering discounts for fathers and their kids, and companies like Groupon and LivingSocial will be featuring special offers for activities fathers can do with their children.


    WE KNOW THAT EVERY FATHER HAS A PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TO DO RIGHT BY THEIR KIDS – to encourage them to turn off the video games and pick up a book; to teach them the difference between right and wrong; to show them through our own example the value in treating one another as we wish to be treated. And most of all, to play an active and engaged role in their lives.

    BUT ALL OF US HAVE A STAKE IN FORGING STRONGER BONDS BETWEEN FATHERS AND THEIR CHILDREN. All of us can support those who are willing to step up and be father figures to those children growing up without a dad. And that’s what the Year of Strong Fathers, Strong Families is all about.

    SO I HOPE THE DADS OUT THERE WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SOME OF THE OPPORTUNITIES STRONG FATHERS, STRONG FAMILIES WILL OFFER. It’s one way of saying thank you to those who are doing the most important job of all: playing a part in our children’s lives.






  159. I really hate seeing this conservative myth pushed on Asian-Americans. NYT 2008 Presidential Election Exit Polls stated 62% of 7 million Asian voters chose Barack Obama. We are a growing, reliable block of voters for the Democratic party. Don’t draw false conclusions about Choi based on his race. His damage is his own.

  160. PBO’s trip to Ireland continues to get great reviews. In the current, May 2001, copy of Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette, the lead article starts with:
    “President Obama’s rousing speech at College Green in Dublin on May 23, 2011 probably restored a sense of empowerment in the Irish people that somehow our own politicians, from all sides, failed to deliver. The U.S. President’s use of the approximate Irish translation of his own powerful election slogan ‘Yes we can’ was greeted with wild cheers. This new spirit is exactly what the country needs to tackle the financial mess created by lax regulation, powerful vested interests and fundamentally flawed fiscal policies pursued over the past decade.”

  161. I was very pleased to see this poll from Netroot Nation. I had a feeling that the loud bullying Obama haters were a small minority.

    I was also pleased to hear that some strong supporters of the President were at NetRoots nation like Electablog and others. If I do go that one blog, I follow only supporters of the President and there are many. There are also pro Obama groups lke 4 More and others. I want to give a special shout out to those strong Obama supporters over there like Little Lulu who has a great diary about registering voters this past weekend and she is a strong supporter of the President. There are some withstanding a great deal of criticism but hanging in there and I respect that.. When you see a comment there supporting the President, be sure to chime in with that person and then click Follow them and look for their diaries.

    I think for those still on other blogs and there is a great deal of bashing of the President, be sure to support those who defend them and let them know that.

    As I surf the web, I also look for comments and diaries suppoting our President and chime in with my support for their comment.

    As a psychologist, I actually worry about Lt Choi as he was admitted to the psychiatric unit before and I do believe he is suffering from mental illness and stress related disorders. There are a ton of LGBT people who support our President. And remember at the Signing ceremony for the Repeal of DADT, there were many gay service members there hugging and thanking the President.

    I cannot remember his name but he was on the stage with the President and the President mentioned him during the singning of the repeal of DADT. There are pictures of him with the President.
    He is a far better spokesperson for the Gay Rights issue for the military than Choi. As I do believe Mr. Choi sufferes from a anti social aggressive personality disorder and perhaps severe depression.

    Depression turned outward is anger and anger turned inward is depression. It is a cycle.

  162. Thanks OSG for that update…

    Wonderful to hear that!

    May it continue onward and upward for Ireland and the people of Ireland!

    And, I hope WE’re learnin’ some lessons from what’s happenin’ in Ireland and all of Europe…

    AUSTERITY isn’t a good thing!!!… http://tinyurl.com/3fm6jk9

    OSG, I’m sorry about that! ::Virtual Hug::

  163. Think people! Whatever you do , you don’t want t o return Republicans to the White House.. we will be miserable and our country won’t recover.. not now.. President Obama is the right man for the job right now!! Vote for Obama in 2012, and give him a chance to work without the re-election pressure.

  164. Jon Stewart has been a ‘disappointment’ to me, but if you read the full transcript of the interview most of it bashes Fox. On Fox. I understand your frustration with his one answer about Obama but that is not the full view of the interview. In fact, his ‘disappointment’ was rather mild. There is a case to be made for Obama having had a few more progressive voices on his economic team. You can say that without doing damage to Obama. It was my hope that Geithner would be able to talk to Wall St. and get them to work with the administration for common sense regulations that would not only benefit Main St. but insulate even Wall St. from the danger of economic bubbles. Can we honestly say that that has happened? Wall St. got damn near everything they wanted and they whine about the few regulations Obama was able to get through Congress (the law that Republicans want to repeal). So in retrospect I too have serious doubts about Geithner as Treasury Secretary. Now, Stewart would have preferred a fire-breathing liberal as Treasury Secretary and that’s just silly. But my hope was that Geithner would use his position to get Wall St. to understand that damage they had done to the economy and expect to be curtailed. That did not happen.

  165. WINNING THE FUTURE: On the Ground in Chicago with Small Business Owners


    On Wednesday, as part of that outreach effort, I held a roundtable with small business owners in Chicago. That followed meetings I had with business leaders in New Jersey and New York over the last two months…

    Yesterday, I HAD A CHANCE TO HEAR FROM 20 SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS, listening to their views and concerns. I was ENCOURAGED TO HEAR THAT MANY of them ARE READY TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP TO GROW THEIR BUSINESS. Some, however, are struggling to access the capital they need to expand their operations. We’re working to address that issue through the State Small Business Credit Initiative, Small Business Lending Fund (SBLF), and other critical programs included in the Small Business Jobs Act. WITH THE NECESSARY ACCESS TO CAPITAL AND RESOURCES AVAILABLE, THESE BUSINESSES WILL CONTINUE TO SEEK GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES TO HIRE MORE AMERICANS….

    ENTREPRENEURS … ACROSS OUR COUNTRY ARE LEADING THIS RECOVERY BY TURNING THEIR GOOD IDEAS INTO GOOD PAYING JOBS FOR AMERICANS. And we want to do everything we can to ensure they have the support they need to do just that. WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP with the private sector with programs like the SSBCI, SBLF, and others across the Administration, WE’LL CONTINUE TO STRENGTHEN THIS RECOVERY, GROW OUR ECONOMY, AND PUT MORE AMERICANS BACK TO WORK.

    Rosie Rios is the Treasurer of the United States.

    While the TeaPublicans and their ilk are doin’ their best to “kill” the American Dream, PBHO and his Admin is workin’ diligently to keep it alive!

    That’s why WE have to VOTE ‘EM OUT!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  166. Obama is down considerably from 2009 and 2010 Netroots Convention, 95% and 84%, respectively.

    As long as he wins in 2012…….

    Interestingly, their battle cry coming out of the convention is “Big Ideas” on a number of issues. I admit to stopping reading them, because they called for complete destruction of a number of agencies and issues, to be rebuilt as progressive utopia.

    I want a progressive utopia — don’t we all? I just think this approach gets us nowhere.

    To be honest, there is some mild erosion of the looney left ‘base’. I’m assuming the Netroots Convention organizers were not pleased that Obama retained a healthy margin, even amongst their attendees.

    That being said, this focus on Big Ideas with no Big Ideas on how to achieve their Big Ideas (that takes a steady stream of small ideas you guys. One progressive step at a time).

  167. A break from a break… Ya gotta love it. Your blog is so important to our family each and everyday. You bring a touch of sanity and humanity to the daily ramage of distortion and hate that engulfs this great President. Thank you for what you do and try and get some rest.

  168. A great soundbite from Thom Hartman: we need to grow ourselves out of the bad economy, not starve ourselves.

  169. You are the ones that need the hugs over there with the deceitful republicans trying to kill you all off. Since the MSM won’t tell you much about what is going on the in the rest of the world and how it affects you, the few of us on here living overseas with keep you current. and give you the links you need to follow the world news. It feels so good to know PBO is loved over here and the Europeans understand what he is trying to accomplish.

  170. Our POTUS will be w/o his FLOTUS (his rock) and his little ones for a whole week! They left last night. Although he will be “kept busy,” he will “be lost” w/o them. 😦 He will not be able to “play thorns & roses” w/them! 😉

    May they have a safe and enjoyable trip. But, may they hurry home…


    In the coming days, FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA WILL BE TRAVELING TO SOUTH AFRICA and BOTSWANA to meet with young people from across Africa, including the Young African Women Leaders Forum. In a video message, Mrs. Obama invites young people at home, in Africa, and around the world to follow the trip and join the conversation…

    YOU CAN JOIN THE CONVERSATION ON FACEBOOK AND BY USING THE HASHTAG #YOUNGAFRICA ON TWITTER. Check WhiteHouse.gov/YoungAfrica for updates from the trip, videos of young leaders, and much more in the days and weeks to come.

    http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/06/16/follow-first-ladys-trip-africa (w/video)

  171. Since there are so many Irish-Americans, this may be of value, although it is not a cure:

    A new drug which targets the genetic mutation associated with cystic fibrosis has been heralded as a “ground-breaking development” by campaigners.

    Initial trials of the “VX-770” drug, which attempts to correct defective cells produced by the so-called “Celtic gene” mutation, were found to significantly improve lung function and quality of life for sufferers.

    The treatment is the first of its kind to work directly on the defect which causes thick mucus to build up in the lungs, the pancreas, the digestive tract of CF patients….

    Ireland has the highest proportion of cystic fibrosis people in the world because one in 19 Irish people carries the mutated gene associated with the disorder. If two carriers have a child it has a one in four chance of developing cystic fibrosis, according to the Cystic Fibrosis Association of Ireland….more


  172. I agree…

    I’ll take that hug! 😉

    And, I want to thank you and the others for that info, the links, and the love you have for our POTUS!

    Fortunately some of us, here, realize how extremely lucky WE are to have PBHO!


    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  173. Yes it is…

    Where are those other great soundbites you have “pointed out” to us?

    WE need to get these soundbites out there…Tweet/RT ’em, FB’em, Email ’em, et al! 😉

    You know, maybe, WhatIsWorking can add them to her ‘Take Action’ column on her blog…Hmmm?!


    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  174. CherylAnn I agree. Liberals, whether left leaning, in the middle (such as myself), or far left remain standing with this democratic President. Unfortunately we keep hearing from the always negative extremists. They are few in numbers but have MSM and blogs to spew their negativity. 80%of netroots folks standing with this potus in such a negative rhetoric environment is amazing. These numbers is why I don’t bother reading the “progressive”blogs anymore, too much narcissistic people with their own agenda. Once they got a taste of “celebrity” they don’t want to let it go. POTUS could cure cancer and they would complain because PL whining is how they gain attention, they learned well from the GNOP.

  175. Thansk for thinking of me snoop

    If you folks can send me the video of something, I am happy to slice it into sound bytes. If you have a particular clip just send me the time on the video where the clip occurs.

    I am also willing to add may more pages of written talking points. I would ask that you folks supply the talking points and I gather them up into web pages.

    Just post it here or send me an email at whatisworking@gmail.com

  176. So you turn that into something people can relate to even more. When the people are sick, you feed them healthy food, you don’t starve them.


    11:10 AM – The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing

    11:40 AM – The President meets with senior advisors

    3:45 PM – The President and the Vice President meet with Secretary of State Clinton

    4:20 PM – The President and the Vice President meet with a bipartisan group of mayors to discuss the economy and hear from the mayors about their local efforts to create jobs and spur economic growth

    7:25 PM – The President delivers remarks at a DNC event, DC, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washington

    9:10 PM – The President delivers remarks at a DNC event, DC, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washington
    If there are any TeaPublican-elected mayors attendin’ this meeting, their economic and job solutions are probably the same ones as their governors, state legislators, and congressional members, more spendin’ cuts and more tax cuts!

    That’s why WE have to VOTE ‘EM OUT, too!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  178. Ah, but the Dem mayors are cozying up to Rahm:

    BALTIMORE — Mayor Rahm Emanuel was warmly embraced at his U.S. Conference of Mayors debut here, partly because of his celebrity, but more important to cash-starved mayors, Emanuel is seen as key to getting Washington to ship more money to cities….
    “People are excited that he is here, excited about the potential enhanced relationship with the White House and just getting to know him as mayor,” Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake told me…more


  179. I think the reason for Obama’s % dropping is that a lot of pro-Obama bloggers skipped NN knowing that it was going to be an Obama-bashing convention. I’ve read lots of comments from pro-Obama posters who skipped this year’s convention because of the tone in the netroots about Obama for the past 2 years. Remember there were only 2,000 people at the convention, so when a handful of pro-Obama people skip the event it seriously skews the %.

  180. Anytime…

    Like you “need more work,” right? 😉

    It would be more like talkin’ points, though.

    And, if Faith “considers” my suggestion, WE will get the info to you. ::clearin’ throat:: lol

  181. OSG thanks for that reminder…

    I had forgotten Emanuel is ,now, the mayor of Chicago, and of course, he was PBHO’s former Chief of Staff! 😉

    This should be interestin’…Hmmm!

    But, PBHO doesn’t “play favorites!” lol

  182. As I’ve posted elsewhere, I feel bad for folks who attended Net Nation who actually wanted to discuss meaningful ideas for electoral victory in 2012. I can’t stand the frustrati jerks online, why would I want to hang out with them in person?

    Pretty crazy that 80% of the attendees support Obama at least somewhat. So remember, next time some Fauxgressive tears into you with a rant about Summers and Giethner, just remember that they make up maybe 5% of the base, if that. Their the Left’s version of the Tea Baggers.

  183. If the professional left and the far left, especially the Netroots want to be taken seriously, they should try and distance themselves from people like Lt. Choi.

    His antics were down right unprofessional and crude. His outburst on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell on Friday was fatuously crass.

    Then on Saturday on C-SPAN, a Netroots person was to appear LIVE and she/he never showed up, citing a scheduling snafu. I LOL. The TBGOPer was there but the Netroots person was missing in action. How unprofessional. I was waiting to call in and ask the Neyroots representative a question about their constant bashing of Dems and Pres Obama in particular but they NEVER showed.

  184. “Faith Obama is down considerably from 2009 and 2010 Netroots Convention, 95% and 84%, respectively. ”

    16% of those people were never going to vote for Obama. These are the purist.

  185. They aren’t even 5% of the base. They are like .1%. It’s sad that such a small group is the dominent opinion online and on MSNBC though. And I see that Keith Olbermann is inviting Michael Moore and Markos on to his show tonight, so that same minority opinion is being given another media platform.

    Where is media platform for the 80-90% of Democrats who approve of the President?

  186. T put it on Twitter attn: Chuckie, Jake,Chris Rachel with a note in case they were looking fo some talking points. Chris Hayes is on there too since MSNBC is considering giving him his own show. Wonder when Melissa Perry will get her own show. Prob never. Cenk has been given his own show too.

  187. The unemployment numbers must go down. There is no doubt about that. Having said that, the Washington Post had an interesting analysis of last month’s unemployment report:

    For Obama in 2012, closer look at state unemployment numbers shows silver lining

    According to a state-by-state analysis conducted by Matt McDonald, a partner at the GOP-aligned Hamilton Place Strategies, the unemployment rate outpaced the national average in only four swing states last month: Florida, Michigan, Nevada and North Carolina….

    Obama could lose all four states where unemployment is above the national average and — assuming he can retain the other states he won in 2008 — still win a relatively comfortable reelection with 299 electoral votes.”


    I believe that the May jobs report reflected the impact of severe weather events and uncertainty about raising the debt ceiling.

    Until the debt ceiling issue is settled, I think it will continue to drag on the economy. Combine that with GOP-dominated state legislatures shedding public sector jobs, then you’re going to have a choppy economy for a while.

  188. I was glad to see so many others and your opinion at TPV align with mine yesterday about Choi. I had only seen the “rah, rah , go Choi” at DK and knew that I couldn’t be in the minority with constantly being turned off with his childish, self-centered temper tantrums. (my Disqus password has been messed up for months so all I’ve been doing lately is give generic thumbs up. I’ll have to try again to figure it out soon as DK is becoming unbearable again)

  189. And the Governor of Florida was on CNBC lying like mad today claiming he has put everyone to work and has a huge budget surplus. From your article:
    “Of that quartet, Nevada is in the toughest economic shape by far, with a 12.1 percent unemployment rate. Florida (10.6 percent) and Michigan (10.3 percent) have double-digit jobless rates, while North Carolina’s 9.7 percent keeps it slightly above the national average.”

    Florida = 10.6% unemployment! 2nd highest in the nation. Way to go, Gov.

  190. Yep. I tweeted @keith Olbermann about his guest. I said, ‘ more bashing President Obama. Just what we need! (snark) ‘

    I’ll be one person not watching Keith if he gives voice to these folks.

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