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  1. Come back soon but take the time you nee. You are an energizer bunny in support of our president. In the meantime, we’ll top off the donation thermometer.

  2. Be well…get some rest, and I’m grateful for the head’s up this time:) We worried like crazy the last time.We can tend the garden….

  3. Enjoy your break. A website like this where you’re the sole blogger quickly becomes work when you feel you need to update daily and sometimes a few times a day all the while having to squash the bugs that try and troll the site.

    Maybe you should look into other options like partnering up with another site so you could offer up content only when you want to not when you feel you need to. I don’t know exactly how it works, but sites that use disqus messaging might be easier as commenters have to be registered to use disqus and thus can’t troll with a made up email address in the required field.

    Take care and be happy.

  4. Love you and appreciate you BWD!
    Please reach out to us if there is anything we can do.

  5. What a wonderful, truthful and loving service you provide and a big, heart-felt thank you.
    Wishing you maximum spiritual/material support….vitality to come back swinging!


  7. A Co-blogger would also help as well. On Balloon Juice, there are several bloggers, so there’s not only a variety of viewpoints, but the blog keeps jumping. Everybody gets a break from time to time, and it’s never boring.

  8. BWD, you take care of yourself and make sure get some real R&R. We will all be thinking about you and hope the best for you. God Bless and God Speed.

  9. Just make sure you come back, LOL. I think we have shown we can make this work, as long as we don’t end up with a thread that goes on forever. Maybe we should start scouting for short threads that we can fall back on.

  10. I join everyone else is wishing you the best, get some rest. Take however much time you need. We’ll leave the light on for you and look forward to your return. I think the idea to share the duties here may be a good one.

  11. BWD, enjoy your break. I will miss your posts. In a sea of hatefilled words and angry blowhards, you are a shining light of hope and peace and love. Hurry back.

  12. BWD, take the break you need, just remember how much you are loved and appreciated here. We know how much harrassement you get. Anyone of us would do anything for you. We all know how much of a fight this is going to be. Please take care of yourself.

    Meanwhile I truly believe that people are waking up to the idea that the Repubs want to ruin this country so they can get back in power. We must all do our part to keep this great President in the White House.

    Thanks to all of you who bring information to this site. I feel so much more empowered. One person can do alot.

  13. Will miss you BWD cause you are a shining light in this sea of msm negativity.

    Enjoy your time away. Rest and reenergize.

    Thanks for all you do.

  14. Good Morning, Everyone!:-)

    BWD, rest up, take care, and know that you and your efforts to bring truth, joy, beauty, and wisdom are DEEPY APPRECIATED.

    Peace to you.

  15. Enjoy your break BWD. You deserve it. We’ll see you when you get back.

    And maybe a 2nd blogger would be a good idea for you to take some of the load of the this site away from you. It’s got to be a ton of work to do this full-time.

  16. I have also decided to take a break from all political media until after Aug 1 when the debt ceiling will be increased. The media is now in it’s predictable drive to force a close election by bashing PBO fulltime. Let the children play. It wont make me vote GOP ever again.

  17. BWD, enjoy your time off and know that words cannot express how much all of us appreciate everything that you do and that our thanks are endless. .

  18. Enjoy your break BWD, thank you for the hard work and dedication defending our POTUS and his family.

  19. BWD take it eazy and take good care of yourself. if you happen to need any, but any thing please let
    us know we are here.

  20. It’s too much work for one person, BWD. You need some help. You’re too precious to all of us to make yourself sick, mentally or physically, by trying to do the Lord’s work that you do here.

    Get some real recuperative time. You need it. You deserve it to much. A lot of people love you, you know that.

  21. You go right ahead and take that break. You have earned it. The Seventh Habit of Highly Effective People is “Sharpen the Saw”. You’ll come back and be even more effective for it.

  22. What astounds me is how the MSM can ignore a story like this. Or when they gleefully pass on ‘bad’ news they totally neglect to also report that the shortage of Japanese parts was supposed to hit us the hardest right now. If I didn’t come here and had to rely on regular news, all I’ve heard is how high food prices are. How truck sales have ‘plummeted’ with no mention of Japan and the fact that maybe, just maybe, a few people are deciding that they don’t need a gas guzzling pick up truck to drive their children to private schools in Chicago.

    I have yet to hear Democrats make the case that the economy glitch is a result of a shortage of Japanese parts and how about Republicans supporting a jobs/manufacturing plan to make more parts in the U.S. Effing crickets.

  23. BWD, take care of yourself and get some rest on your break. I agree with what others have said, a second blogger might be in orderhere to take some of the stress off you! Things will only get more crazy as we move into silly season aka the 2012 election season. Take good care.

  24. BWD – Hope all is well (and I understand totally about taking a break!). Take care of yourself, and thanks for everything you do and (I hope) will continue to do.

  25. For folks who have been nervous about using Twitter (me too), I found this video which might be useful.

    If anyone else has a twitter resource, please share it.

  26. We’ll miss you as the time drags on without your daily TRUTHS about our beloved president. You certainly deserve to take all the time you need, but please come back soon. This country needs you! Much love and support always.

  27. I have actually seen the point about Japan made a couple times, but giving only a passing look, then on to the doom and gloom. The media is not about infomring the public, the media is about keeping the publics interest and doom and gloom sells better.

  28. Please be well and Get lots of rest.

    I will miss your posts.

    I will still be check in daily. It has become a welcome site to visit.

  29. I’m glad it’s been mentioned. I am not glued to a TV but I have not heard it mentioned and it certainly hasn’t caught on as CW.

    Never hear it on the radio, except in long discussions on progressive talk.

    There would have been a time where the regular MSM would have led with, “Due to the shortage of parts from Japan caused by the devastating earthquake and tsunami, manufacturing hiring has slowed…..”

    Ah, the good old days when there was journalism.

  30. Enjoy your break BWD . . . we will miss you! :o)

    P.S. It is well deserved . . . you are doing some amazing work with this blog . . . you are my inspiration!

  31. Dear BWD,

    You have more than earned time for rest and relaxation and I hope you enjoy it and refresh yourself. We are all in this for the long-haul and that requires pacing and re-energizing as needed.

    Thank you for all you do!

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  32. Please get some rest and stay healthy dear BWD!! We will miss you during your (hopefully) brief absence, but we will carry on – assisting in keeping this site the beautiful space that you have created 🙂

  33. Take care. Do some deep breathing. Look at the clouds with childlike wonderment again. Do you.

  34. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. I think all of us will need plenty of strength over the next 17 months.

  35. we will be okay.

    By the way, I saw the Netroots Nation speakers and agenda, it is pretty favorable except for the jane hamsher forum.

    I think it will not be as bad as last year with the sissy room.

  36. You’re sorry? Please, go get some rest my friend. You’re among loved ones here. Take care and get some rest, you’ve more than earned it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Rest well…take care of yourself. NO cable TV. Bless you for all you do for us.

  38. Don’t be sorry bwd, just take care of yourself. I’ve been sick for a while and I’ve had to stay in bed much of late.. sometimes its just all we can do. I wish you well and I hope that everything will be okay~ take care.

  39. Hey BWD,

    Take some time to dip your toe into the water if you are near one, deep breaths and refresh yourself. Lots of positive affirmations will go a long way and find some relaxation exercises. Come back refreshed.

    Thanks for the hard work you’ve put into this place so that we can come here and engage in a wide of range of discussions.

    See you soon.

  40. Does anybody remember when Dennis Kucinich and John Conyers sued a sitting President for conducting a U.N.-sanctioned humanitarian intervention?

    For that matter, does anybody remember Dennis Kucinich and John Conyers suing a sitting President for an illegal war, like Iraq?

    If not, can someone explain to me why these two Democrats joined 7 Republicans and another Democrat In Name Only to do this:

    “On Wednesday in federal court, 10 members of the U.S. Congress sued President Obama in an attempt to end U.S. involvement in a war in Libya.

    These are the plaintiffs: Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), Walter Jones (R-NC), Howard Coble (R-NC), John Duncan (R-TN), Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD), John Conyers (D-MI), Ron Paul (R-TX), Michael Capuano (D-MA), Tim Johnson (R-IL), and Dan Burton (R-IN).

    According to a statement from Congressman Kucinich:

    “The lawsuit calls for injunctive and declaratory relief to protect the plaintiffs and the country from (1) the policy that a president may unilaterally go to war in Libya and other countries without a declaration of war from Congress, as required by Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the United States Constitution”

  41. Show President Obama some love.

    On Daily gos.

    60% approve so far. If we get all of you voting yes, you will show a true represenation of approval among progressives (minues the PL).

  42. I was just going to tell everyone to take a walk through the muck and vote. Don’t have to read the comments although there are some good ones as well as the usual b.s. But vote.

  43. BWD I want to add my thanks to you for all your work you do every day and I hope you take good care of yourself and get some rest and enjoy your time off. I will be looking forward to your return.

  44. Hope all is well. Rest and relax all you can. Let us know if there is anything we cando. You are priceless in your gift to us.

  45. Yup. As someone pointed out there, in the real world, his numbers are over 85% while at the ‘teh most progressive’ site, 60% shows that site’s make-up, which is mostly trolls.

  46. Thanks WIW – this will help! I’m clueless at Twitter – can never make it work.

  47. Maybe they need to familiarize themselves with the War Powers Act, and also the NATO agreements. These people (especially Kucinich) make me sick.

  48. Don’t give trolls all the blame. It’s no wonder we can’t get consistent progress with the b.s. from this ‘progressive’ crowd.

    There is nothing progressive about allowing wingnuts to have power.

    WI Supreme Court. Elections matter. Maybe all of them are 12 years old and don’t understand that Republicans voted for their nominees over and over and over again for 30 years and didn’t get shit until the last few years. That’s what you do — you move the ball down the field.

  49. ♥ BWD, rest, refresh your heart and your spirit in what ever ways are most helpful to you. All who post here cherish your valiant soul that has battled and stood when some of lesser character would have run away. We have your back and the back of PBO. We stand and “we will not be moved.”

    Hasta Luego, Sweetie and be well. My loving, healing thoughts go with you.

  50. Best wishes BWD! I hope you get enough rest and come back refreshed. You do such an incredible job alone and you deserve all the time off you can get. Of course we will miss you. This is a real special place that you’ve created.

  51. I just cannot believe they did this to Pres Obama. You know the news people are going to scream it all over the headlines. Do they dislike him that much? Is it racism? Are they made vecause he will not do their work? I am stumped and very disheartened.

  52. I will so miss my daily smile when I read this and the comments from all the beautiful supports on this blog!

    I hope you will return soon BWD – you are so important to all of us!

  53. Ditto, ditto, ditto! Hope all will be well. You’ve set in motion a wonderful place, and we’re so grateful.

  54. Thank you WIW – I need all the help I can get with this newfangled technolgy! I’ll try to get it going. Kicking and screaming into the 21st century. But I want to be help getting the President’s message out and will try anything that will go into my old brain.

  55. Actually I found this originally at Yahoo News and MSNBC so the MS is kinda covering it. However it does not make the TV Nightly News. My attitude is that even if it isn’t on TV right now, they do report when the jobs #s come out and eventually it will be reported.

    I have been following several stories, and have found that many great stories are 1-2 days behind on CBS, Yahoo, NY Times, etc. They make it out but just not as fast.

    I put this story out mostly to cheer us up. Even thought the May #s were not great and June may also be sluggish, there is good stuff ahead. We have to hang in there. :->

  56. Can anyone recommend another site (I know about the Obama Diary) which I can look at until BWD is back in action that will keep me sane?

  57. Check out the blog roll at the bottom of this page, but I like going to thepeoplesview.net – really excellent articles and discussions. Those are really the only three places I go to.

  58. BWD thank you for all you do for us. I can imagine it must take a tremendous amount of time and effort to keep up this site. Please take the time you need away from the blog to refresh your spirit and your life. We will miss you!!

  59. Guys, I need talking down, I’ve been kind of low the past couple days…..just a few weeks ago things were looking up. People were talking about how the president would most likely get re-elected, how the economy was slowly turning around, but now it seems hopeless. I saw a headline where the pres. says he wouldn’t mind being a one term president. (which frankly I can see his point as thankless as the job is, but it still makes me feel bad) and I also saw an article where a woman had to sell a letter that the pres. sent her in order to make ends meet.

    For the first time in a long time I am feeling discouraged. I come to this site for encouragement.

  60. BWD, please get your rest. You are unique and the work that you do is awesome. During your time off, no poll watching, read a wonderful story, and do things you have never tried (legal, mind you.). Let us how we can help. (If I remember you were weeding through some aweful comments, too.)

    Take care, Doll.

  61. Thanks very much for what you’ve done. Hope you enjoy your break and return soon.

  62. SAB – shut the teevee off and don’t listen to the pundits on MSM. Come here for your dose of optimism and read WIW, JOVIE, and other’s comments. We have all been there before where the MSM wants to tear down the president and put those that truely care on an emotional roller coaster. I refuse to go for the ride. Stay positive, join OFA, get involved. Because next week or the week after, PBO keep chugging along and something wonderful happens that maybe the media will announce but only if it’s really ratings boasting news.

  63. Looks like Wonkette has become staunchly anti-Obama as of late; looks like I won’t be reading that blog anytime soon.

  64. Enjoy, be well, be safe.. do not feel guilty or anything, but I already feel an empty spot in my daily..guuess I will have to fill th etime with extra Bible reading of the Psalms to get some good and uplifting news.
    thank you for all you do, and come back soon..

  65. Well, the President actually never said he “wouldn’t mind being a one term president.” Unless you figure out that headlines are written to sensationalize and lure you into buying their BS, you are definitely going to be depressed. There’s actually every reason to be encouraged. You’ll just never learn that from the MSM.

  66. I really appreciate all that you do. Please get some rest and be safe. We look forward to your updates and great information when you return. May God continue to bless you!!!

  67. Find a picture you want, go to gravatar.com, register, upload the picture and it will appear any place that uses gravatars.

  68. She rocks. It’s good to have someone who speaks quickly like she does and someone who will faithfully use all the talking points and get them in no matter what the question from the interviewer is.

  69. Rest and relax BWD. Thank you for everything you do. I was feeling a little lost after the 2010 midterms and your site really helped. You give us a great place to gather. I will say a little prayer for you tonight and hope that you will be back refreshed and feeling good. God bless you.

  70. BWD, a well-deserved break…

    You started this blog, Nov ’10!
    Before that, you were a DK blogger until “they” made you so mad you had to leave!!!
    Since then, you’ve “worked” non-stop on your own!

    So, it’s time for a break to take care of you and yours… You do “have a life outside of this blog!” lol

    Get reenergized, like our POTUS, WE, the TOAITR’ers, and PBHO need you!

    WE’ll “hold down the fort” until you’re well-rested, and you’re ready to return! 😉

    And, WE want to thank you for all you have done for this online community…

    When you return, WE promise to do what WE can to help you! ::Virtual Hugs::

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  71. who cares about that cry baby Kucinich, you know the guy that tried to sue over a chipped tooth. What a complete baby. As for the rest of his idiotic followers I have to say that this guy is a complete phoney and if you believe what he says I have a bridge to sell you up in Alaska.

    Kucinich is such an fing joke, almost as much as that jackass I used to like Michael Moore.

  72. Good morning TOAITR family. I hope you all still come and post stories. I need all this information. Like what is happening this Friday in Lybia. I haven’t paid alot of attention but they have been in my prayers. Thank you everyone.

  73. We will be here when you get back. Look forward to your return. God bless you.

  74. PBHO IS all about families, military and non-military!


    So this is fun.

    Like millions of dads across our country, PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS SAID THAT BEING A FATHER IS THE “MOST IMPORTANT JOB HE HAS.” From coaching basketball to helping with homework, the President cherishes the time he gets to spend with his two girls, even when life gets busy.

    Today at a screening of the movie Cars 2 for military fathers and families, President Obama is kicking off something called the year of Strong Fathers, Strong Families as part of his Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative. It’s an effort with partners from around the nation to create simple opportunities for dads and kids to connect. Whether it’s a free game of bowling, a Major League Baseball or WNBA game, a visit to the zoo or aquarium, or discounts for dads and kids through partners like Groupon and LivingSocial, we’re excited to help create small moments that can have a big impact. You can sign up for updates and find more in the coming days on http://www.fatherhood.gov.

    PRESIDENT OBAMA WROTE ABOUT GROWING UP WITHOUT HIS OWN DAD IN HIS LIFE – and millions of kids in America experience the same. According to the U.S. Census, almost one out of every three children in our country grow up without their father. And when dads are not around to support, families and children can be impacted as a result.

    For years, the PRESIDENT HAS WORKED WITH DADS FROM AROUND THE COUNTRY TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT FATHERLESSNESS, from supporting local fatherhood programs to encouraging personal responsibility. WE’RE THRILLED TO ADVANCE THIS WORK THROUGH THE YEAR OF STRONG FATHERS, STRONG FAMILIES. Remember to SIGN THE PRESIDENT’S FATHERHOOD PLEDGE and stay updated at http://www.fatherhood.gov.

    Michael Strautmanis is Counselor in the Office of Public Engagement and a proud father of three.

    ———————————————————————————————————————————————-PBHO, w/Maila & Sasha, IS featured on the fatherhood.gov site…

    They’re so lucky to have him as their father!

    And, America and the world is lucky to have him as our POTUS!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  75. Hi MTMarilyn,

    I will, and I hope other TOAITR’ers wlll …

    And, you’re welcome!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  76. BWD: Have a good , relaxing rest. You deserve a well earned vacation. We are thinking of you.

    Hey everybody, my friend and I were talking about how we felt Election Night 2008.

    We were watching YouTube Videos of that Spectacular night in history.

    How Brian Wiliams of NBC announces it still causes me to tear up and touches my heart.

  77. I don’t believe so…

    You know, if possible, every state where there’s a TeaPublican governor and/or supermajority state legislators, the DEMs need to do this!

    All over America, they’re tryin’ to undo/destroy our democracy, as WE know it…

    They need to be stopped from doin’ this like yesterday…Grrr!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  78. I wanted a camera for my 18th birthday and then studied photography, but it was you BWD he told me about Mr. Souza and I’ll always appreciate that about you 🙂 Take some R&R, you’re a great community organizer.

  79. Another morning on c-span, another morning that my husband wants to throw his shoe through the TV. Today at Dennis Kucinich — the hubby said it was like listening to Boehner. When asked why he didn’t file a lawsuit on wars before, he said he did: Kosovo. So let’s get our brains around this: he sues Democrats, not Republicans.

    Yeah, some great leader Kucinich is: if you’re going to sign on to something with Republicans you’re supposed to get something in return. Yeah, looney left: he’d make a great President.

    Isn’t Kucinich a lawyer? Aren’t treaties laws as well? Aren’t our commitments to NATO and the U.N. the law of the land, too?

    What kind of effed up country is that when Republicans would rather have Qadaffi in power if it could hurt their President. Traitors. All of them.

  80. Good morning everyone. Thought I would post a bit of good news.

    Marketwatch: U.S. jobless claims drop 16,000 to 414,000

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) – The number of U.S. workers who filed new applications for unemployment benefits fell by 16,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 414,000, the Labor Department said Thursday. Initial claims from two weeks ago were revised up to 430,000 from an originally reported 427,000. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch had expected initial claims to edge down to 425,000 in the week ended June 11. The average of new claims over the past four weeks was unchanged at 424,750. The monthly average is considered a more accurate measure of employment trends because it smooths out week-to-week volatility in the data. The number of people who continued to receive unemployment checks dropped 21,000 to a seasonally adjusted 3.68 million in the week ended June 4. Continuing claims are reported with a one-week lag. A total of 7.4 million people received some kind of state or federal benefit in the week of May 28, down 209,116 from the prior week. Total claims are reported with a two-week lag.


  81. Liby Live blog and Tripoli Updates and AlJeerza are great sources that I follow every day.

  82. The Libya mission is nowhere near the same as Iraq and Bush’s lies. I do not want to get mired in Libya but we are far from that scenario at this point.

    Here’s what’s making me crazy: these same loons would be screaming their heads off if we hadn’t gone in. Read: Rwanda. YOu’d be hearing how weak Obama is, how he doesn’t want to kill Muslims, yada yada. Unfortunately, the background noise looks like Obama doesn’t have the support of his party and Republicans are now anti-war. My ass.

    Frankly I wouldn’t mind putting all of these Republicans on record as voting against stopping Qadaffi from slaughtering his own people. That being said, treaties are laws, the U.N. charter is U.S. Law and Obama has every right to exercise his duty under those treaties. I do believe that the window for this has some limitations, however and the Congress be part of declarations of war. Which we haven’t had in 70 years.

  83. Very good news.

    The problems of the last few months are because of Japan and our violent weather. Of course it’s nefarious business owners who are sitting on capital in order to hurt this President, but that’s a given.

  84. Good maybe now we can get him off the fron pages. He is a rat!

    On another topic: I sent Tapper a tweet asking him not to spin the story he is doing on the economy. He did answer with the article he wrote which was quite good w/o spin. I sent him a thanks.

  85. GOOD Morning BWD family

    Earlier folks were saying Gibbs wasn’t bery good with his analysis. He seems to be getting better.

    From CBS News

    “From Republicans: same old, same old, says Gibbs”

    “I think what you heard last night from the Republican candidates was, let’s repeat the very same policies, tax cuts for millionaires, removing responsibility from our financial system, many of those ideas are what they espoused to try to get us out of this problem. Those are the ideas that got us into this problem.


  86. I’m there. I didn’t start there — if Vitter doesn’t have to resign and it took Ensign years with Republicans staying silent, why does Wiener? The initial drumbeat from Democrats meant Republicans could keep their mouths shut about it — Democrats were doing their job for them. Thank God the Republican tool arguing with DWS on MTP on Sunday couldn’t help himself and she was able to put him in his place and make Democrats look principled by their calls for his resignation.

    When Wiener let the net roots turn themselves inside out to defend him and find reasons why it was a hoax, it was no longer about his private life but about how he views his supporters. and his self-protection over the good of the party and the country. And he views his supporters with contempt. Andrew Brietbart is a liar and a sham as a ‘journalist’ but because of Wiener’s actions the week following, it will next to impossible to call out Breitbart in the future. It’s not about sex. He hurt the truth by empowering the likes of Breitbart because he couldn’t tell the truth. For months it was hinted that there was dirt on Wiener and he kept sending these pictures. It’s about what Wiener really is as a U.S. Congressman and his judgment. I’m glad he’s going away.

    Now if Ed Schultz would have the sense to STFU about it we could move on.

  87. Gibbs was not as terrible as many people said. He hit all the right points.

    My objection is more nuanced. Our voices get sidelined way too often by the MSM. Our own President can’t get the coverage that has been afforded all Presidents before him. So the rebuttal by Gibbs of the debate was a golden opportunity. They could not silence him. He was reactive and defensive and not as proactive with our agenda and message. This is what Republicans do very effectively and we need to be better at it. At this point, an ex-press secretary should be completely reliable as a spokesman. He was just okay.

  88. Gee, Gutierrez took time out from bashing to Obama to actually bashing the enemies of a reasonable immigration policy? Color me shocked.

  89. What I’m trying to say is that Weiner made his supporters look bad. He dragged his supporters into his lies and weakened us all. He can make a damned fine fiery speech but he does as much damage to progress as he does good for our cause. He [temporarily] weakened the party and put a cloud over investigations by the net roots that we have to rely upon.

    How self-absorbed to you have to be to keep sending suggestive emails and pictures when you know they’re saying they have dirt on you? What is wrong with these men?

  90. I really agree. It seems like all of the dems do it including the Pres. We have nothing to be defensive about. Why can’t they hit with truth and snark bec you know the repugs will imediately start whining and the press will pick it up. But that is when we take our most offensive and righteous posture. Snap right back at em and the MSM will cover it bec they like confrontation.

  91. That is why I cannot do it WIW. I am so sick of him bashing the President. He thinks he is advocationg for Hispanics but what he doing is turning them off from voting for the Pres. Plus I do not like him.

  92. Well, both Republicans and Democrats have been supporting Qaddafi being in power for 30 years, so to expect everyone to suddenly withdraw their support from him might not be realistic.

  93. HI Smiling – I did not realize Guiterrz has been bashing the president, (I am new to politics). Feel free to ignore my share the love suggestion.

  94. That’s pretty incisive and enlightening. What hath they wrought? I liked the part where the author said that in order to get the nomination, these candidates have to say things that will ultimately make them unelectable in the general. Maybe because it vindicates my belief that the DNC was busy editing the juicy bits of video from the ‘debate’ to use in opposition advertising against whoever does get the nomination. It sucks to be a Republican candidate for President.

  95. Can you imagine what kind of process they had to go through to ‘appoint’ a leader? Draw straws, short one loses? Russian Roulette? No, you go…Nuh-uh, you be leader.

  96. Chuck has been pretty good on this topic. He was on The Today Show earlier this morning and nixed Ann Curry’s suggestion that the president’s poll numbers were plummeting. He explained to her that in fact it was just the opposite. The president’s numbers hover around 50% despite the economic news and right track/wrong track numbers. In short, he told her that, the president has a solid base that sticks with him (so much for ” the base” forsaking him). And this is critical to his re-election success.

  97. One of the comments points out something very interesting. The main thing reducing Obama’s numbers is the South. In every other region of the country, his approval rating is above 50%. What this means is that if he can win NC and possibly GA, the electoral college votes could be a total landslide. Not trying to be overly optimistic, but we do have to remember, when we look at national polls, that one area can skew the whole thing.

  98. I just saw a pig fly by my window! Chuck Todd actually sticking up for facts over narrative.

  99. Interesting, but the title is misleading. It doesn’t really address *how* they lost touch with reality, only that they did.

  100. Sorry, WiW but I just can’t do it. Gutierrez is no friend to Latinos. If a broken clock is right twice a day, that doesn’t mean it is actually working.

  101. I agree with you about Gibbs just “being okay” but did he really have to be much more than that? Personally I though those Repubs reeled out plenty of rope to hang themselves with out being given too much attention from the Dems.

  102. Not only Qadaffi in power but 1000’s of his own people killed in a blood bath. Rwanda should be a huge reminder to both the UN and the US what happens when we stand back with our collective hands behind us.

  103. Just in case someone else didn’t post this, Our Gabby Giffords is out of the hospital and will continue rehab as an out patient.

    Also, while the fires continue in Southeast AZ, our firefighters are working to save lives and property. This is the worst group of fires in our history but we will get through this.

  104. Good thing your husband wasn’t a White House reporter during the Bush years!

  105. No problem! Boy have I been there. So many dems have agendas that do not compliment the nation’s or the president’s. Guiterrz is one of them.

  106. No please don’t he is a great basher of the president here in chicago. He is not well like and is a big mouth just like weiner. He is a phony who got busted for hiring his family he is not what people think. Their will be a controversy about him coming.

  107. WIW he is horrible. He is not well liked, they will be looking for a democratic challenger for him he has some skelethons that have not been revealed yet.

  108. CherylAnn, thanks for reminding us of that historic day. This ship is not turning back regardless of how obstructionist the Repubs are.

  109. will crow for a moment } I have been wacking him VERY hard on twitter. Everytime he does his stupid drivel. I whack him.Maybe, maybe probably not.

  110. WIW, thanks for all that you do along with Jovie in helping BWD keeping us inform.

  111. Okay I give up. Help! I need a url for anObama2012 icon for my twitter. I have been trying for 2 days and I cannot get it to work. The Pres shows on my profile page but not on my twets. Help!
    Thanks forever

  112. Good for you Smiling!!.

    I don’t have or know how to do twitter, but I tag team you sending out e-mails to him. We go back and forth sometimes. Lovely. My last e-mail to him was about polling, too.

    We have to keep pushing back and hard, too.


  113. Romaney thinks it’s funny to pretend that a waitress grabs his ass.

    He equates having hundreds of millions of dollars to the problems of unemployed Floridians, whose jobs his company helped eliminate.

    Where’s the outrage, MSM?

  114. Interesting. Given the fact that I read that there is a column out today by Joan Walsh calling PBO’s coalition a mirage.

    Maybe Todd can set Walsh straight on this issue. Thanks, Smartdemmg for the info, especially for some of us that don’t watch TV.

  115. I concur, Faith.

    We just have to keep pushing them. When I first got the link from ThinkProgress( thanks to heads up from Dotster), I sent it to every one of them in my e-mail list. I basically said that I would love to be in Romney’s unemployed shoes with his multiple homes across the country and his millions.

    It is being reported almost every where. The key is for us to not let them make it a one day story and move on.

    We can’t let him get away with this nonesense, especially given his own part in the rising unemployment.

  116. This is what I had to remind a co-worker of who objected to Libya intervention. 1 million people killed in 30 days because the UN failed to act.

  117. Take care, BWD. Get well soon or stay strong or good luck with your trial or whatever statement of goodwill is applicable lol. We need you!

  118. Ann Curry has sold out. Some wanted to defend her this week after that attempted hatchet job on the President, but clearly, she’s beyond redemption if she’s being so hyperbolic as too call the President’s poll numbers “plummeting”. Good for Chuck Todd – I’m hoping he’ll move back into this numbers roll for the campaign, since Nate Silver has also sold his objective analysis for a cash payout.

  119. Twitter avatars are squares (for example: 24×24, 48×48, 128×128). Your image has padding at the top and bottom and isn’t square. Try removing the padding and make your image a square (whatever the size, but best would be 128×128) so it’s already square if Twitter resizes it.

  120. Thanks Tulip
    Strange thing is I do not know how I did it. It sort of happened. Now if I could make the same mistake and get one for twitter I would go to heaven. Thanks for the compliment.

  121. I dropped Joan a sharp note this a.,. too. She is so busy trying to follow the boys around. I told her to get off her high horse and do some serious reporting on what is really happening.

  122. This is super. I have passed around everywhere. Even thoough I have issues w/Move On.

  123. The pic I found is showing up on my profile page but not on the twitter messages page where I twitter. Thanks so much for your help.I

  124. I tweeted you. Padding is the white margin on the top and bottom of your image. Your avatar looks like a square because the padding is white on a white background. Your avatar’s size is 128 pixels wide and 160 pixels long.

  125. I gropped the image and sent you the link via twitter [check your @mentions tab]. Hope that works for you.

  126. Agreed. In keeping with my mantra “can the smart people please run the country?” I couldn’t care less about the pictures (haven’t even see them). Weiner has got to go because he is terminally stupid.

  127. I would say that we should send him a message saying that it’s better for immigrants f he continues to focus his angst on those who are opposing reform (i.e. Republicans), instead of bashing those who are supporting and trying to bring about reform (i.e. the President – who has been the only real voice out there calling for practical reform). So, we don’t have to support Gutierrez, because heaven knows I abhor the way he has disrespected the President; but we do have to encourage good behavior.

  128. http://www.democraticleader.gov/news/press?id=2209 This is what no one heard today at Nancy Pelosi’s press conference because they cut away to see Weiner’s press conference. As soon as she said she wasn’t going to talk about him, and talk about jobs..that was all the media needed to hear! I guess she was talking to herself because all I saw on the tv was more Wiener talk.
    I also wanted to mention that while I was running errands today, I heard Thom Hartmann for a bit, speaking about the fact that the R’s know that this election is REALLY about the Supreme Ct….and that the next President will be important to set the tone of the Ct makeup for years to come.Spoke about Dems not understanding the long game as well as R’s do (they have been trying to get rid of Medicare,SS for years)
    Randi Rhodes is on FIRE today about Neil Boortz and the fact that he is inciting violence and that should write and protests the fact that this ugly, racist man is advocating the killing of American citizens.This an much more was on her mind today….the treasonous agenda of the R’s…very good show.
    All you Twitterers out their can tweet this far and wide…I’m so ignorant of any of that…I will have to do my part with letter writing and email:)
    Best to you, BWD…be well.Miss you.

  129. I’ve been listening for the past twenty minutes, and I have decided I have to get her podcasts – because she speaks about important stuff that you don’t hear about anywhere else, and is never discussed. She’s amazing.

    And your summary from Thom Hartmann’s show is really important. I had forgotten that there will probably be two more Supreme Court retirements in the next five or six years, and we really need to protect that. We saw what happened in Wisconsin’s Supreme Court this week, with a Republican leaning Court. Imagine that at the national level!

  130. Hartman should be pounding this about the Supreme Court in the PL’s head. Those purists who can’t seem to see anything right that this president and Democrats like Pelosi are doing.

    Thanks Desertflower. I don’t know how to do twitter, but I am on the e-mail bandwagon.

    Thank you.

  131. I’d like an edited version that left out the part about it being sponsored by moveon.org so I could send it to people who won’t instantly discount it the moment they saw that part.

  132. Nary a peep from the MSM. Can you imagine a “President Romney” giving a roast at the WHCD? That would be one cringefest.

  133. theo and africa…you are both very welcome:) These things NEED to be talked about…the Supreme Ct is now free to MAKE laws, or so it seems,rrather than interpreting the law as written, ignoring precident that has stood for 100’s of years to further the right wing agenda for this country. It’s terrifying to me!! Hartmann made reference to the fact that R’s want to discredit this President and take back the WH…EVEN IN A RECESSION because they understand that the Supreme Ct is THAT important this time around! Instead, the MSM does the bidding of R’s,and we’re left with soundbites and stupid Wiener issues, instead of talking about what’s important to this country and laying out, bit by bit, piece by piece, what’s at stake and how Dem’s need to come together and make this happen.The THOUGHT of a near total wingnut SC, gives me nightmares. We need disipline and need to stay very focused on the prize…not the issue that’s the favor of the day…hell, it will TAKE 18 months for some people to get through their thick heads what the Republican vision for this country would look like…and it’s NOT GOOD! Hartmann has a large audience, I can only hope that people that listen will heed those warnings and talk to their friends and neighbors about this and pass it on. I don’t use Twitter, so if anyone can help out with that…much appreciated:) Africa….I’m an emailer like you, so we’ll have to do what we can to get the job done.

  134. theo….I think you SHOULD get her podcasts…she is so knowledgeable and passionate. Talks about things that nobody else is talking about…with passion! Her website is: therandirhodesshow.com…..just in case anyone else is interested!

  135. http://crooksandliars.com/susie-madrak/gao-little-evidence-support-charges-k And things like this happen because people don’t fight back or stand up…and little by precious little, important programs erode or go away all together.It’s NOT OK! If you aren’t rich or a corporation that can give them big bucks, they have no use for you. They should be called the “Take Away”party. Take away help for women, poor,seniors,immigrants,LBGT’s,veterans,homeless union workers, blue collar workers,and children.If you can’t DO SOMETHING (read:give them $$$$ and power) for them,they have no use for you….you are in the way and taking away (those words again) from the people that REALLY matter in this country!The care and compassion that Americans feel for the less fortunate, be damned…they will make up lies and smear the very people that MADE this country,so THEY can get ahead on the backs of those that made it possible for them to have the privleges they now have. The Party of NO isn’t strong enough….they take away jobs and ship them overseas, increasing their bottemlines and those of the friends and donors that they depend on,they take away the rights of women to take charge of their own bodies and reproductive choices, they take away collective bargaining rights for union workers that fought for those rights, they take away food from young mothers and children (WIC), they take away voting rights of citizens, they take away the press, they WANT to take away Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security,they want to take away clean air and clean water, they want to take away the birthright citizenship of children legally born here,they want to take away the dreams and aspirations of so many that want to get ahead in this world by educating themselves and lifting themselves from poverty,PELL Grants,……I could go on and on. The Party of No just seems too easy a copout to me…like they just say “NO” and it has no ramifications.There are PLENTY of ramifications to what they want to do to MY AMERICA! They think people are stupid.They are condesending and believe they can capture the fearfulness of the country once again. NOT THIS TIME! NOT ON OUR WATCH! Greatness will be the word of the day, and the common vision for a decent, caring society that thrives and cares for its own, so they can lift themselves up and achieve their own greatness….that is what I want, and I refuse to let the “Take Away” party get in my way.

  136. Dear BWD,

    As much as we miss you, we understand…. I hope that things are working out and know that better days are ahead.

    I have become so attached to this blog, sometimes I forget the amount of work you put into it. I want to thank you for bringing us “Real News” without the media frills, Thank you for being the one reading hateful emails, comments..and delete them, so that we don’t have too (that alone would make my blood boil). …My immense gratitude for keeping this place sane.

    I have a suggestion, would you be open to having someone that you close and trust, to help you out in some of these duties? Just a thought. Le us know, how we help. We are here for you.

    Miss you much 😦

  137. Sometimes I get really discouraged reading things that Democrats do to their own. 😦

  138. BWD I missed you today, I read every day, I stop looking at the tv it gotten crazy with trying to bring down obama

  139. One without pundits and people on teevee and radio who are act like they’re still in high school. A United States where being intelligent is looked down upon and where we have REAL news in America!

  140. I listen to Randi Rhodes show EVERYDAY! Between this site BWD, Randi and Stephanie Miller keep me grounded and sane.

    PLEASE PLEASE listen to Stephanie for humor and keeping our spirits high/Randi Rhodes for knowledge and sanity.

  141. Hartmann tends to attack PBO knowing we need him and especially for Supreme Court appointees. He gets people all worked up about how the president isn’t doing this or that, that he tends to forget.

  142. Granted, I wasn’t able to listen to the entire show today, but his words weren’t toward the President. They were meant for Dems in the govt, and the voters.

  143. How true is that! Stephanie is a hoot, and Randi…well, she’s smart and tells the truth…and doesn’t take crap from anyone! Love them both.

  144. Heartbreaking defeat for those of us living in Vancouver.

    Believe the riots were the result of Anarchists dressing in Canuck Jerseys.

    Over 200,000 people on the streets last night & would say 199,900 were disappointed, but peaceful.

  145. Jim Wright @ Stonekettle Station is at it again:

    “Didn’t shine during the Republican candidates’ debate last Monday ? Use this Bloviator app on your Blackberry !”

  146. West Wing Week: 06/17/11 or “Where The Future Will Be Won”

    President’s Friday Schedule

    8:50 AM – The Vice President conducts a radio interview for the Tom Joyner Morning Show

    12:00 PM – The President and the Vice President meet for lunch

    1:30 PM – The President visits the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, D.C., Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington

    3:30 PM – The President meets with Treasury Secretary Geithner

    4:45 PM – The President greets young elected leaders at the White House

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  147. Thanks, Souza IS a great photographer…

    I’m glad PBHO has him as his!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  148. I heard a woman on Thom Hartman yesterday who started a website called Daily Agenda. http://dailyagenda.org/

    She’s a progressive with a background in marketing. Here was her analogy: Nike designs a shoe — a shoe that will be the best running shoe, the most comfortable, the most breathable, the most support, etc. Then they set out to manufacture the shoe: line up suppliers of leather, rubber, shoelaces, parts, etc. Then they put together the factory to make the shoe. When the shoe is ready for market, they hire Michael Jordan to be the spokesperson for the shoe.

    Here’s her analogy: Democrats look for the spokesperson and don’t design and build the better shoe.

    In 1974 some conservative (I forget the name) put together a plan for how conservatives could build their better shoe. It started with ‘think tanks’ that had nothing to do with thinking, but a scholarly veneer to push their agenda. Then it was about voting in true conservatives in smaller governmental roles and build it up. Take over courts, get the proper noisemakers on radio, get groups to support you. Build the infrastructure to change American discourse and thereby gain power. Institutional thinking on how to build the conservative ‘shoe’. and how to get people to support you over time.

    Democrats started about 10 years ago and have ramped it up in the last 5 years but they are way behind in this kind of institutional thinking. But they’re getting there.

    Daily Agenda is a daily collection of sources for the day — articles, studies, editorials, etc. that we can use on a daily basis. Just click on the site and you have usable soundbites for the day with sources to back it up.

    I, for one, am very impressed.

    I’ll repost this when there aren’t 300 comments. I think it’s worthwhile checking out.

  149. It’s terrible. We have Republicans hating on Dems and Dems hating on Dems. All that does is make Democrats look pathetic. It’s no wonder so many people are independents. Our party system is so frustrating.

  150. Faith, that woman hit the nail on the head. The Republican Party has built itself from the ground up. They have even, when necessary, thrown the base under the bus (think 1996) in order to reach longer term goals.
    The Dems have been a ceiling down organization rather than a ground up. That has changed, but it menas taking time to nurture the roots. In time, what this means is that Dems will turn out for mid-terms, appeal to more independents, etc.
    This also explains the angst on the part of some on the left. They depend on the leader to do everything, forgetting all about the underpinnings that are needed to allow the leader the opportunity.
    I will take time to make sure I visit her site.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


    Last week, PRESIDENT OBAMA MET WITH YOUNG AMERICANS in the West Wing TO DE-BRIEF ON THE “100 YOUTH ROUNDTABLES” INITIATIVE. In that session, young folks reflected on the feedback given to the White House during the course of the initiative. They discussed issues regarding environmental regulations, community organizations, legislation that the President supports, and how to really make a difference all around. TO FOLLOW UP ON THAT FEEDBACK, THE PRESIDENT ANNOUNCED A NEW SERIES THAT WILL TAKE US THROUGH THE SUMMER, called, “HOW TO MAKE CHANGE.” Check out his announcement:

    THIS SERIES WILL SPECIFICALLY FOSTER A CONVERSATION between young Americans, advocates, and the White House on the issues that matter to us all. WHAT ARE SPECIFIC DELIVERABLES YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE? WHAT TOOLS CAN WE OFFER YOU SO THAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE WHAT YOU SET OUT TO ACHIEVE? Let us know! The full schedule for “How to Make Change” will be announced next week, so stay tuned.

    Kalpen Modi is Associate Director of the Office of Public Engagement.

    http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/06/16/president-obama-announces-how-make-change-series-young-americans (w/video)


    But, he still cannot do everything hisself!

    So, WE have to DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to help him…SPREAD THE WORD/PASS IT ON…online & off…Tweet/RT it, FB it, Email it, et al!!!

    JUST DO IT! 😉 lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  152. To elaborate a little more. I believe the person she was referring to is also the person who told Republican leaders that the more people that vote, the less their chances of victory are. The process he laid out was to counter the lower numbers they had. By being a more organized, motivated group they can make up for lack of numbers.
    It was also at that time that the republican Party decided that facts don’t matter. Make your statement loud enough, often enough and long enough, it doesn’t matter if there is no basis in reality. Enough people will come to believe it.

  153. yes wiw i enjoyed that segment yesterday, its something to think about.

  154. They have thrown the base under the bus repeatedly until very recent years. she was brilliant (I have to find her name because she was absolutely brilliant). Has Roe v. Wade been repealed? Hardly, yet Republicans vote on abortion every. single. election. They have chipped away at it and the base does not get angry at them. They know their time will come. In fact, Roe v. Wade will never be repealed because indeed that segment of the base will be done with elections.

    I know, I know. But I do read stuff at dKos and to hear some of the remarks on issues like marriage equality was terrifying. There are absolutely NOT going to vote until Obama comes out in full support of marriage equality and makes it happen nationwide by 2012. Un-frickin believable. They would let this county go up in flames if they don’t get their one-issue.

    I’ve tried to make the points she made but she did it so well. I have said that Republicans have institutional thinking (I’ve been accused of robotic thinking but that’s not at all what I mean). Did you ever hear one Republican pundit criticize Bush? Ever? If he made it to the podium, didn’t trip and faced the right way you’d hear Peggy Noonan wax poetic about the ‘greatest speech ever given by an American President.” I’ve said that we look for a heroic leader instead of doing the hard work, but this woman from Daily Agenda said it so much better than I could.

    “Death tax”. “Government is bad.” This all becomes ‘truth’ in American political discourse.

    How about, “taxes build the infrastructure that attracts businesses.” “Infrastructure includes an affordable, excellent education.” There are a million things we could be saying instead of the left tearing itself apart. The worst part of it is the Naderite thinking: if they lose, well it’s Obama’s fault for not being perfect enough, fast enough. Everything is Daddy’s fault when they won’t even clean their rooms.

  155. I need to log in at Thom Hartman and find out the name of the guy. Yes, part of this initial strategy was to suppress Democratic voter turnout because these guys would NEVER win a damned thing if enough of our side voted reliably. They could counter everything with a reliable voter base, something Democrats still don’t understand.

    I understand being caught off guard in those early years: Democrats had had a lock on Congress for generations. At the time, it seemed reasonable to give a more business-friendly approach a chance. I never voted for a Republican, but I remember saying that we could give Reagan a chance. But then when I saw that all he did was take our revenue out of the hands of people who needed it and gave it away in corporate welfare, I knew the entire thing was a sham.

  156. I was on my office computer yesterday and I couldn’t see the white type on comments here. Does anyone know how I change my settings?

  157. TeaPublicans and their ilk, it’s the Economy and Jobs not Debt and Deficit, Stupid! 😉


    BUSINESS INVESTMENT IN AMERICA CREATES AND SUPPORTS MILLIONS OF JOBS, while generating economic growth and opportunities in communities throughout the United States.


    AMERICA HAS THE MOST APPEALING INVESTMENT ENVIRONMENT IN THE WORLD, with the largest consumer market, an educated workforce, strong intellectual-property protections and open capital markets.

    More than 5 million Americans are directly employed by foreign companies in the U.S., ranging from Japanese carmakers to British banks to Indian energy and industrial companies.

    But at a time when competition for business investment is more intense than ever, the U.S. is the only developed economy in the world without a national-level investment program and advocacy program.

    In recent years we have been losing ground in attracting and retaining business investment to better coordinated foreign competitors.



    WE WILL ALSO BE A TROUBLE SHOOTER FOR THOSE DEALING WITH RED TAPE AND FEDERAL HURDLES to bringing or keeping business operations and investment in their communities.

    Too often, BUSINESSES AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS HAVE DIFFICULTY NAVIGATING FEDERAL AGENCIES IN PURSUIT of permits, tax information and directives on regulatory compliance, delaying new investment. We know that, because we’ve heard directly from businesses about it.


    Coordinated by the Commerce Department, with expert personnel in nearly 80 countries promoting American exports and investment opportunities, SELETUSA WILL LEAD THE FEDERAL EFFORT TO ADDRESS BUSINESS INVESTMENT ATTRACTION AND RETENTION ISSUES, both logistical and policy related, in the U.S.

    THIS NEW INITIATIVE WILL TARGET THREE TYPES OF FIRMS: foreign firms looking to expand, domestic firms looking to expand, and foreign and domestic firms looking to reorganize or return their operations to the United States.

    TO HELP INTERESTED FIRMS, we are consolidating all information on federal programs and services available to companies that operate in the United States at http://www.SelectUSA.gov.

    SELECTUSA.GOV WILL OFFER A ONE-STOP PORTAL for information about federal resources and incentives for business investment; general information about the U.S. economic climate; and access to economic development opportunities throughout the country.

    THROUGH SELECTUSA, WE WILL BE PROMOTING AMERICA AS THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD TO BUILD A COMPANY. We will not be advocating for one state over another. We just want new business investment and the jobs that come with it.



    Gary Locke is the Secretary of Commerce


    Despite the TeaPublican Radical Obstructionist Agenda, at the local/state/federal-level, our POTUS and his staff are “barrellin’ ahead” to move America forward and, for us, to win the future!

    And, that’s what WE have to do, too!


    Right!!! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  158. Faith, I don’t think I have ever accused you of robotic thinking, because your POV is very valuable. I think there is a big difference between criticizing the WH messaging and Dem messaging. Although I have been at times critical of the WH messaging, I think the bigger fault is with Dem messaging as a whole.
    There is a good posting at Balloon Juice which talks about how 62% of the people still blame Bush for the economy, which is good news. The fact that 38% don’t is disturbing. It goes on to say, wrongly in my opinion, that Obama is sometimes criticized for not bringing this up more.
    My comment was

    “With all the crap coming from the media, that 62% still realize the reality of the situation, is somewhat amazing.
    And Obama has been pretty relentless on reminding people, particularly in the lead up to the 2010 elections. The whole “don’t give them the keys back” was a major message. Part of the problem was that he was just about the only voice out there saying it. Most Dem candidates avoided it, just like they avoided everything else that occured the previous 2 years that was positive.
    Sometimes I think the Dems pay too much attention to the polls if it is something negative and not enough when it is something positive.
    Republicans just chose to ignore the polls and go full speed ahead no matter what. Thus they are seen as being principled and the Dems as weak.”

  159. That’s great to hear…

    Continued speedy recovery for her!

    Concernin’ the AZ fires, I hope all are out, soon!

    And, I pray you and other fellow Arizonians continue to be safe!

  160. Thanks Marilyn….sometimes I just HAVE to let it out! They are dispicible,and frankly, treasonous.They have no interest in doing the right thing for this country, just the right thing for them.

  161. Oh, not YOU, my friend! When I try to make a case at dkos, although I did not make that clear, did I?

    Obama cannot be the only messenger. that’s the entire point. We need an effective, institutional messaging machine. Obama is always effective but cannot and should not need to carry this load.

    I have great confidence in DWS and Steve Israel. Obama alone cannot change public discourse. The Democratic party needs to hold up their end. The goal cannot just be a string of legislative or policy wins or steps in the right direction. The real battle is in taking back American political discourse and returning American values to progressive ideals. From that, the electoral and policy wins will follow. Belief in the commons from which everyone prospers. Even big business. A nation that values its workers and a robust middle class. Education to rival the world that is affordable and available to all. All of our successes in modern history came from our excellent education. A nation that makes health care available and affordable to all, from pre-natal to the grave. Shared sacrifice leads to shared progress.

  162. Faith, can you use Google Chrome at work? I find that it lets me see white text on charcoal background. That color combination appears to be a function of the theme used here. My wordpress blog gives me a white comment box with black text.

  163. So sorry for the defeat in the hockey game the other night. I wish people wouldn’t riot after things like that though.They do it here, too…and it pains me.They ruin their city and hurt their neighbors….over a game.I know that it’s not “just a game” to those who play or feel so passionate about the sport….it’s in the blood.But, sad just the same….I totally understand the passion for hockey…both my dad and brother played their whole lives…my brother was on the ice before he could walk, I swear he had skates on! He played from the time he was about 3 yrs old, until he was about 18, when during a game,his femur came out of his thigh.That did him in…..all he wanted to do was to play in the NHL for Montreal:) That dream came crashing down after that. I get it. I really do….hope the city is back to normal soon, and next year is better:)

  164. I’m not too technically-inclined…

    I wish I could help you.

    But, I did mine by trial and error!

    I hope there’ll be someone else, who comes on, can help you…Pretty please! lol

  165. That is as concise, and therefore powerful, statement of the platform as I have seen.

  166. Anytime…

    I had the same reaction, especially when PBHO was asked about havin’ a son…”It ain’t just up to me!” (paraphrasin’) 😉 lol

  167. Faith…see my post above. I must’ve come into that portion of the Hartmann show yesterday at the tail end of the conversation…that’s the very point I was trying to make, though I hadn’t tuned in to hear the Nike analogy.He went on to talk about the “thinktanks” that are nothing more than RW agenda machines,pushing out the message to the masses…and the fact that R’s are playing the long game, and D’s react and DON’T play the long game, or haven’t figured that out to the extent the R’s have…..and why the Supreme Ct in this 2012 election was so important. What I heard from Hartmann was both illuminating and terrifying at the same time!

  168. Tien…I don’t know if you remember the other day that I was screaming that I couldn’t see what I had written in the reply box on this site? Well, my kids turned me on to Google Chrome and, for what ever reason,I can now see what I type in the reply box! I will never use the regular internet again! This is much better:) Still haven’t ventured into the avatar picking yet….:)

  169. Been outside working ENTIRE morning. Just wanted to say that I AGREE 1000% WITH EVERYTHING SAID ABOVE regarding Dem messaging, WH messaging and definitely how the Republican’s began in 1974 with their long-range planning and how it has worked. They stay focused, regardless. They have the radio and TV support — 100 times greater than Dems. Being hypocritical means NOTHING to them…….they just “plow” ahead; as someone said, facts do not matter, reality does not matter……..they can easily pretend reality does not exist and go right on with their talking points.

    I will definitely be checking out Daily Agenda. Wish I had heard this woman.

    Sure do miss BWD and hope she is getting lots of good, well-deserved rest! Hurry back to us. 🙂

  170. PBHO and FLMO were their usual gracious selves, along w/ “holdin’ their noses” to tolerate a bunch of TeaPublican hypocrites, to “play” host and hostess at the “People’s House!”;) lol


    [Wednesday] evening THE PRESIDENT AND FIRST LADY WELCOMED MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND THEIR FAMILIES to the White House for the annual White House Congressional picnic.

    Earlier in the day, First Lady Michelle Obama joined congressional families and AmeriCorps volunteers to help build a playground during the Congressional Family Service Project in partnership with KaBOOM!, a national non-profit organization that promotes activity for communities across the country. As the First Lady said before getting started, the playground they helped build at Imagine Southeast Public Charter School in Washington, D.C. was KaBOOM!’s 2,000th all-volunteer done-in-a-day playground. Find service opportunities near you ….

    http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/06/15/playground-and-picnic-congressional-families (w/video)


  172. Hey Esmerelda,

    Thanks, you “beat me to it”…

    By the way, I’m a Texas “Obamacrat/Obot”…

    I “can’t stand” Rick “Goodhair” Perry.

    He’s too “full of himself,” and he has “stayed too long in the state house!”

    Texas IS America’s Ireland — supposed conservative success story that has blown up… http://tinyurl.com/3b2urps (I have nothin’ against Ireland, per se…Forgive me, Ireland, and I want to thank you for showin’ our POTUS so much love!)

    TX needs to turn blue like yesterday!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  173. I’ve been off proof-reading an old manuscript to go on-line for University College Cork, but now am caught up on the comments. I want to get in here so when you change threads, I will know where you all are.


    Two years ago, PRESIDENT OBAMA OFFERED A NEW VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES (PDF) and VASTLY IMPROVED HOW OUR AGENCIES WORK TOGETHER. HE CHALLENGED US TO COORDINATE OUR EFFORTS and HELP BUILD COMMUNITIES where housing, public transportation, jobs, and services are conveniently connected, where businesses thrive, and where the air, water and land are clean.

    THAT IS THE GOAL of the HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities. And since June 2009, we have worked to help improve access to affordable housing, provide more transportation options at lower costs, and protect the environment in communities across the nation.

    AMERICANS HAVE MADE IT CLEAR THEY WANT THEIR COMMUNITIES BACK—back from the neglected brownfields of earlier decades, back from traffic congestion and sprawl, and back from housing choices that exclude most families.

    In places like RANSON, WEST VIRGINIA, and BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, residents are already benefiting from our Partnership’s coordinated efforts to help revitalize neighborhoods and reposition them for a more sustainable future.

    In Ranson, the Partnership aligned planning grants and assistance from our three agencies to integrate affordable housing, economic development, and transportation to build a livable community. An EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Grant will help Ranson prioritize cleanup of contaminated lots and develop reuse plans based on community input while EPA’s Sustainable Communities Building Blocks assistance will help the city ensure that its development codes promote the kind of growth residents want. Using a DOT TIGER II Planning Grant, Ranson will create a Complete Street plan for the important Fairfax Boulevard / George Street corridor. This will ensure easy and safe downtown access for pedestrians and bicyclists as well as motorized vehicles. And a HUD Challenge Planning Grant will help Ranson develop a smart building code that encourages more compact, walkable development patterns.

    Coordinating these grants and assistance will help Ranson create more affordable housing and transportation choices for its residents—saving them money, protecting their air and water, and encouraging long-term economic growth.

    The Fairmount Corridor in Boston connects several low-income neighborhoods that rely heavily on public transit. Although a rail line runs along the corridor, it largely bypasses these areas. Boston municipal agencies and regional community groups have been working with the Partnership agencies to improve access to the Fairmount Corridor and open up more economic, environmental and recreational opportunities for neighborhood residents. DOT support is helping upgrade infrastructure, refurbish two transit stations, and build four more. HUD is helping build new affordable homes near these stations. And EPA is helping clean up nearby brownfield sites and prepare station areas for redevelopment. When this work is complete, residents will enjoy more accessible rail service between Boston and the surrounding region, greater prospects for economic development around local stations, new affordable housing choices and more opportunities to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

    From PORTLAND, OREGON, to PORTLAND, MAINE, DOT, EPA, and HUD have worked closely together to support innovative ideas from communities that help meet their housing, transportation, economic, and environmental challenges head-on. When we back local innovation with coordinated, targeted investments, the economic ripple effect creates jobs, supports business development, and helps keep America on track toward economic recovery and long-term prosperity.


    For more information, please visit the Partnership for Sustainable Communities website.

    Shaun Donovan is the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Lisa Jackson is the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Ray LaHood is the Secretary of Transportation.

    http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/06/16/partnership-sustainable-communities-marks-two-trailblazing-years (w/video & photos)

    PBHO is ALWAYS puttin’ his ‘community organizin” skills to work inconjunction w/what he’s learnin’ as a politician, OJT…

    As time goes on, he gets better, better, and better in every way.

    He wants to “bring” his Admin along w/him!

    And, maybe, one day, more of the Congressional DEMs will truly understand him!

    He’s The Best!!! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  175. Thank you…..I’ll keep trying but I think it will still be an error. I am not technical at all. I click where they tell me too. Oh well.

  176. Hi OSG,

    When WE change threads WE won’t “leave you behind”…

    WE’ll let you know, where WE are.

    Don’t you worry! lol

    Or, you let us know where you are like you did before! 😉

  177. DesertFlower thanks for this…

    Hell yeah, WE can use the TeaPublicans’ own talkin’ points/memes against them!

    And, this too:

    In The Mean Time, American Exports Shoot Up: http://t.co/CCrgg5m – another @BarackObama success! Via Deaniac at @ThePeoplesView

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  178. Somebody needs to talk me down about AARP agreeing to changes in SS…WTH?

  179. They didn’t. WSJ ‘got it wrong”. Imagine that. And everyone’s head exploded at the Orange Site. I haven’t seen a new diary with this development.

    Their spokesman said on CNN that they are NOT supporting benefit cuts of any kind. I admit to having to leave and did not hear the entire interview. But when the CNN crawl says “WSJ got it wrong” then they must have really gotten it wrong.

  180. They have radio and TV support because they planned for it.

    With the help of Bill Clinton. I will never forgive him for the Telecom bill of 1996. That was the one thing that gave a huge advantage to conservatives.

  181. You all just kind of keep an eye on the number of comments. When it gets above 300-400, it gets hard for some people to load all that plus pictures. Then switch it over to another post and leave a trail behind, like bread crumbs to follow. I have more coding to do on that text tomorrow, but I’ll find you!

  182. Oh, thank you! Yea, who woulda thought the WSJ got something wrong? Duh. I was getting kind of squirrelly. Thanks, Faith.

  183. OSG, a few of us are… 😉

    Yeah, I understand that.

    Matter of fact, WE’re at 302 comments.

    Japa21 had suggested, “…Maybe we should start scouting for short threads that we can fall back on.”

    So, I found this one to start:

    impreMedia/Latino Decisions Poll: Latinos Strongly Approve President Obama… https://blackwaterdog.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/impremedialatino-decisions-poll-latinos-strongly-approve-president-obama/

    And, I know you will “track us down!” lol

  184. WhatIsWorking, do you have this vid clip? You probably do:

    Partnership for Sustainable Communities

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  185. I’m just not even sure why we’re still calling Bill Clinton a Democrat. He’s just a narcissist who would do anything and say anything as long as it meant he was the focus of attention. He had no agenda or belief system other than the one that would lead him to the top. Sound familiar? He was NOT a Democrat.

  186. Maybe sanity is making a comback

    Poll: Growing Number Of Americans Support Raising Federal Debt Ceiling | According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released today, a growing number of Americans support raising the federal debt ceiling, which Congress needs to do by August 2 or risk significant negative economic consequences. When the last NBC/WSJ poll was taken in April, 32 percent of Americans said the debt ceiling should be raised, while 62 percent said it should not, after being given a description of the debt ceiling debate. But in the latest poll, 46 percent of Americans support raising the debt ceiling, while 42 percent are opposed.

  187. I am with JoJo. I listen to Stephanie Miller, Al Sharpton, and Randi Rhodes. When The PL are up in arms including Stephanie, I say to myself, “what does Randi thinks?” she also has a homework section where she post up about articles or issues she discuss. If you can listed to her on KTLK, green960, WWRL, check the affiliates page.

  188. Hi WiW,

    Hope so, that would be a great thing…

    But, some of us need to be educated about the debt ceiling, how the local/state/federal government works, how a bill becomes law, why votin’ is important, why bein’ an actively-involved U.S. citizen is important, et al!

    Debt Limit 101: What You Need to Know and Why Raising it is Absolutely Vital http://nblo.gs/i3PII Via Deaniac83 at @ThePeoplesView

    When a person or persons “blame” POTUS, for state/city problems, they’re “barkin’ up the wrong tree!” There’s their state/U.S. Representative, state/U.S. Senator, governor and/or mayor who are responsible for state/city issues…

    H/she/they need to find out who they are!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  189. We have until about early to mid July to get it done. Otherwise, Congress is in recess on the Aug 2nd deadline. Unless, the Boehner scandal explodes.



    SUPPORTING GROWTH AND INNOVATION IN MANUFACTURING IS CRITICAL to helping America out-compete the rest of the world and create 21st-century jobs.

    On Monday, I was at DuPont in North Carolina HOLDING A ROUNDTABLE WITH MANUFACTURERS AS PART OF THE PRESIDENT’S MEETING WITH THE COUNCIL ON JOBS AND COMPETITIVENESS. I talked to A SMALL BUSINESS THAT DESIGNED A SAFER TOOL FOR DOCTORS TO USE in surgery, and they hope to start hiring and manufacturing soon. In addition, I’ve talked to many more small manufacturers in recent weeks, from AN INDUSTRIAL CABINET MAKER in El Paso to A “GREEN” ROOF-SHINGLE COMPANY in Buffalo. THEIR COMMON THREAD IS THEY’RE ALL MAKING PLANS TO GROW AND HIRE.

    THEY’RE NOT ALONEhey’re not alone.

    Since 2010, NEARLY 250,000 MANUFACTURING JOBS HAVE BEEN ADDED in the U.S., HELPING REVERSE A DECADE-LONG TREND when millions were lost.

    At the SBA, we put important tools directly in the hands of small manufacturers, including more than $2 billion in financing to them last year alone. Through the Small Business Jobs Act, we also raised the SBA loan limit to small manufacturers to up to $5.5 million (the highest SBA loan limit ever) to help them buy a new warehouse or a big piece of equipment, and put Americans back to work.

    What I’m hearing from small manufacturers is that they’re working harder than ever to develop new products and become more nimble. In fact, SOME ARE BRINGING BUSINESS BACK to the U.S. THAT HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN OVERSEAS.

    “MADE IN AMERICA” IS HOT. New data shows that the trade deficit has shrunk as U.S. exports reached record levels of $175 billion in April. EXPORTS NOW SUPPORT ABOUT 25 PERCENT OF U.S. MANUFACTURING JOBS. WE NEED TO CAPITALIZE ON THESE POSITIVE TRENDS by giving small manufacturers even more tools, such as our new Export Business Planner.

    In addition to small exporters, WE’RE ALSO FOCUSED ON MANUFACTURERS THAT ARE PART OF SUPPLY CHAINS. Recently, Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, and I went to Dayton to visit the small supplier that makes labels for products like Tide. A recent study shows that when a small supplier starts working with a larger company, the small supplier is able to create about 150 percent more jobs in just a few years. That’s data we can’t ignore, and it’s a big reason that we’re working together to develop recommendations to support these job generators.

    ANOTHER AREA THAT SHOWS GREAT POTENTIAL IS STRENGTHENING THE MANUFACTURING WORKFORCE. Last week, THE PRESIDENT ANNOUNCED A MAJOR NEW EFFORT WITH SKILLS FOR AMERICA’S FUTURE and the nonprofit arm of the National Association of Manufacturers. Right now, there are many job openings in “precision” and highly-skilled manufacturing, but too few Americans who are trained to fill those jobs. That’s why manufacturers and community colleges will be working to create a credentialing system to put 500,000 students on a clear track to a good, 21st century manufacturing job when they graduate.


    Karen Mills is the Administrator of the US Small Business Administration.


    PBHO and Team Obama, ya’ll are doin’ a helluva job… 😉

    Keep it up, WE “GOT’ YA’LL BACKS!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  191. It seems a though barackobama.com and the President’s Facebook page have merged their comment sections. Kinda exciting. Go take a look.

  192. Thanks, Maggy, I saw that…

    And, I 2nd that! 😉 lol



    OBAMA FOR AMERICA STAFF WILL NOW BE MANAGING BOTH ACCOUNTS, posting daily updates from the campaign trail, from Washington, and everywhere in between. YOU’LL BE HEARING FROM PRESIDENT OBAMA REGULARLY, TOO; ON TWITTER, tweets from the President will be signed “-BO.”


    As the President said when he launched this campaign a few months ago, he’s focused on doing the job we elected him to do — so HE’S COUNTING ON ALL OF US TO LEAD THIS ORGANIZATION FROM THE GRASSROOTS UP, HELPING TO SHAPE IT AS IT GROWS.

    ONE WAY WE’RE PUTTING THAT IDEA INTO PRACTICE IS BY TAKING THE REINS OF THESE FACEBOOK AND TWITTER ACCOUNTS. THIS CHANGE WILL GIVE US NEW OPPORTUNITIES TO MAKE THE MOST OF THESE CHANNELS, using them not only to report what the President is doing every day but to connect to the millions of supporters who will be driving this campaign. WE’LL BE ASKING FOR YOUR FEEDBACK AND IDEAS, updating you on ways to get involved, sharing the best stories that cross our desks, and MAYBE EVEN RETWEETING YOU EVERY NOW AND AGAIN.

    WHAT ELSE SHOULD WE BE KEEPING IN MIND as we make this switch? WE’RE HOPING YOU’LL TELL US. LET US KNOW WHAT YOU’D LIKE TO SEE on the President’s Facebook page and on @BarackObama BY SHOOTING US A COMMENT OR TWEET, or by leaving your thoughts below.


    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  193. Just saw Lawrence O’Donnell’s show, exactly what is Lt. Dan Choi’s problem with President Obama?

  194. Don, he was booted from the military because he’s gay….wanted to be able to rejoin his unit – I think…Also, he’s been interviewed on Rachael Maddow’s program a lot…he’s impatient for changes …..

  195. I think he is a Republican. He is being paid by the Jane H. crowd. He’s ….how can I say this on this blog? A ” rat f..ker.” Also a whiner. He loves the attention. He made a scene at NetRoots Nation so he could go on cable TV. \Ingrate.

  196. Didn’t Choi get arrested in Russia for protesting there? Maybe he should go to these countries and see how kindly they take gays in general.

    Choi like that slob Michael Moore are both idiots.

  197. Sure. And when he got arrested, demanded that Hillary Clinton take on the Russians. This guy is a legend in his own mind.

    Go figure.

  198. I am pretty sure he is mentally ill. If not then he is eaten up with bitterness and hatred. It is so unbecoming. He is giving DADT a bad name. The reugs are all saying look at him as an example of bad apple gay servicemembers. I am a military mom and he is a disgrace to any service.

  199. The whole lot of gays like choi, clarknt and the dkos nutz are making sure that none of the dems will touch the lgbt issues in future. It’s a pity that such a serious social issue has been hijacked by these nutters. Repeal of doma, gay marriage will never become the reality given their hysteria.

  200. So many new posters at OFA since they integrated the Facebook and Twitter accounts with the OFA blog. So far, it has been very pleasant to see so many positive comments about our President.

  201. All the PL left wing favorites are flaming out right now. Kucinich is done, Grayson lost his seat after one term, Feingold lost his seat and given how suicidal Wisconsin seems I have doubts a liberal Dem will win a Senate seat, the Weiner is deflated (sorry), and Howard Dean has decided to not do much of consequence since 2008. So when they run around claiming they are “done” with Obama I have to ask “when were you ever WITH Obama” and “who are you again?”

  202. It kind of makes you wonder. If they act the way they do then can the GOP really be capable, or wiling, to do the things they claim they want to do. I can’t see Kucinich fiddling with this while Rome is burning. He must know that 90% of what the GOP talks about is just nonsense to feed the Baggers back home while they say something completely different to their donor base.

  203. The news cycle is bored. One bad jobs report and everyone is kablooey. That is not how people will vote. But they are entitled to tell pollsters from time to time that they are frustrated. They voted against Dems in Nov 2010 because of the lack of focus on jobs, The GOP has done nothing to focus on jobs. That leads to polls where people keep asking “so when do we start focusing on jobs?”. Obama knows this and will address it, but he is also having a shift at the White House with the departure of people to join the campaign and others leaving the government for other posts. He is temporarily alone on this, but that’s Ok because nothing is going to get done in D.C. until the debt limit vote in July. After that we talk about budget 2012 and that is going to be the first time the GOP can actually do something other than waste time. I figure this state-based GOP obsession with privatizing everything in sight will creep into federal budget ideas.

    But the short answer is: it is extremely unhealthy to your mental health to watch the news and try to make sense of it. It is all for show, it makes no sense. Its like a bipolar girlfriend (boyfriend) – loves ou one minute and hates you the next.

  204. Checked out that website, Faith….BWD should add to the blogroll here! Lots and lots of great info. Thanks for that!

  205. OH!!! Thank you! I was ready to smash the TV!! It would seem that EVERYTHING is the problem with PBO. Does the guy realize that he is NOT a dictator? That BECAUSE people like HIM sat out the last election, we now have the cluster**ck we now have in the House. Was going on and on about how PBO lied??? Really? Last I checked, the President was clear about gay marriage and his position, but said it was still evolving…speaking of lies….wondering how the lying HE did when he joined the service is ok for HIM?? I was livid…I turned it off. I think Lawerence deserves an email….no questions or pushback from him to Choi. Just have one question for him…..did he think his life would be better with a President McCain? The answer is, not only NO, but HELL NO! So WTF WAS his problem??? Glad you picked up on that too, Don:)

  206. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. As an outsider, my impression is that he’s more than
    a little unhinged. I think that’s the way many Americans who don’t really pay much attention to politics see it.

  207. blahblahblah he’s no different than Republicans blahblahblah clap louder blahblahblah president palin can’t possibly be worse blahblahblah

  208. Choi’s upset about that dolt OFA staffer who thought he could win him over by stating his opposition to equal marriage.

  209. I mean, how can you say *Choi* made a scene, that OFA kid basically spit in his face.

    Really, does anyone think that Obama’s gay marriage position isn’t a tactical move left over from the 08 campaign that’s neither relevant anymore (see: marriage polling) nor particularly wise (why go into a re-election campaign antagonizing gays like this?) not to mention….wrong? “evolving” position? Come on, President Obama should just get the flip-flop over with. There’s no shame in flip-flopping on this….

    (lol, I gotta keep ya’ll honest, just like I gotta do w/ the “OBAMA IS A HITLER-REAGAN HYBRID” nonsense over @ Dkos)

  210. To quote Public Enemy:

    “I got a right to be hostile! My people been persecuted!”

  211. txt of his open letter:

    Secretary Clinton:

    Please condemn the Russian government’s shameful treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Pride participants in Moscow on May 28, 2011.

    The European Court of Human Rights has already ruled against Russia for illegally banning the parade, and that was before the government’s violent crackdown on American citizens and human rights advocates from all over the world.

    You have been a longtime friend of the LGBT community. We need your help. Please reaffirm the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Russia and around the world.

    Thank you,

    Fmr. Lt. Dan Choi and [you]


    The State Department indeed issued a mild yet-unwelcome-in-Moscow statement of protest but it didn’t come from Hillary. Some got angry about this and some were mindful that they’re fortunate to have a State Dep. that cares at all. Obama’s worked very very hard to repair Russia relations (being rewarded w/ a new nuke treaty in the process) that Bush trashed (and had McCain won, we’d probably be fighting a war over South Ossetia), so I imagine they don’t want to delete all that progress over the injustice suffered by Dan and the other rights protesters @ the hands of police thugs, AS PAINFUL AND COLD AS THAT MAY BE.

    Once upon a time, that sort of thing was called fucking pragmatism. Now its called “no different than a Republican”.

  212. there was some right wing tool on Bill Maher with an obnoxious voice almost as bad as Sarah Palin’s.

    Here’s the kind of distortion that works on so many Americans: she kept citing that “75% of Americans think the deficit is TERRIBLE.” Well, frankly I’m surprised not every American ‘thinks the deficit is terrible.’ Of course every poll then asks the question — which is more important to you, curbing the deficit or spending to create jobs?” Damn near the same 75%, methinks.

    So she was ‘accurate’ but she wasn’t truthful. I hate Republicans.

  213. The whole thing was nothing but a cheap publicity stunt. Choi needs to pull off these “stunts” in order to get attention – his ultimate goal is to destroy the President (at the behest of his right-wing Libertarian anti-Obama pals) and enhance the GOP’s chances of getting back into power.

    Choi was perfectly fine from 2000-2006 when the Republicans controlled the executive and legislative branch. He will not rest until such “order” has been restrored.



    CUTTING GOVERNMENT WASTE: This week the President announced a new effort to eliminate government waste and help improve Government accountability.

    WEST WING WEEK: The President meets with his Jobs Council in North Carolina, tours a high-tech manufacturing facility, travels abroad and much much more.

    HAPPY EARLY FATHER’S DAY: Take a look at the revamped Fatherhood.gov, as well as the President’s message of Strong Fathers, Strong Families.

    THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT: The EPA challenges developers to manipulate public data into a useable form – winners will be publicized on the EPA website. More info here.

    PUERTO RICO TRIP: The President traveled to Puerto Rico, check out the video and pictures of this historic visit.

    WEEKLY ADDRESS: Directly from President Barack Obama to your computer it’s your weekly address on how the government is partnering with the private sector to ensure workers have the skills they need to be competitive and grow the economy.

    HOW TO MAKE CHANGE: This new summer series, announced by the President, delivers tangible ways that youth can be engaged on issues that matter to them. Contact the Young American Outreach Team.

    TOOMANYWEBSITES.GOV: Based on an Executive Order, Vice President Biden leads a new initiative to make the government more accountable, cut waste and increase efficiency overall.


    #YOUNGAFRICA: The First Lady travels to Africa countries in her continued effort to engage youth, particularly young women, at home and abroad. Start following the trip using the hash tag #YoungAfrica!

    http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/06/17/weekly-wrap-campaign-cut-waste (w/video)

  215. Regarding Dan Choi, for a Republican, why wasn’t he fighting for Gay and LGBT rights from them ? Why wasn’t he contacting Dick Cheney begging him to end DADT? Dan was courting and will probably campaign for the GOP in 2012. He is not a progressive or a Democrat. The PL will champion anyone who is anti-Obama.

  216. Enjoy your weekend everyone 😀

    I always post updates from @TheOnlyAdult as well as other sites from the blogroll here and other sane Democratic spots to my twitter TimeLine http://twitter.com/Tigerfists88

    Also If U have a twitter page or blog they would like me to promote I have 17,100+ followers hungry for information.

  217. I didn’t have it, but do now thanks to your posting. Virttal Hugs. I really appreciate it when folks make suggestions for the blog, point out typos, or add to the WIKI for Facebook pages. You guys are the best.

  218. Thanks Rock enjoy yours, too…

    I know BWD appreciates that! lol

    And, I know some TOAITR’ers will “take you up on that offer!” 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  219. Choi is way beyond upset about that OFA staff. He is a perpetual attention seeker, with a sick dislike for President Obama. Where was all his outrage before this president came on the scene?

    He may be loud, but there are tons of other gay rights activists who are working to achieve the rights they rightly deserve without all the bluster and showboating.

    Sooner or later his bombasticity will play out.



  221. I’m not surprised. People are sadly misinformed about how it works, but i knew as the deadline got closer even some of those people would begin to get a basic sense that not raising the debt ceiling == BAD! And again, as much as it frustrates some, President Obama’s calm demeanor has earned trust, and as long as he keeps insisting that it’s necessary people will trust that he’s right.

  222. Today, PBHO and VPJB play golf w/Speaker “The Boner” and “Union Bustin'” Gov Kasich…

    I hope POTUS and VP “kick their butts”…Grrr!

    Let’s pray that happens!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  223. He attended the DADT signing ceremony though.


    hm….upon further reading, the OFA incident happened AFTER that ri-fucking-diculous Hamsher Obama-bashing panels. I assumed it was before…my mistake. That Choi was on that panel at all says a lot.

    Also, the staffer’s quote was “I can’t say that I’m for marriage equality, *as a bisexual*”. The fact that a LGBT person was telling Choi this doubtless added to his rage……..black people can’t STAND House Negroes, so I can relate.

  224. If you didn’t see the stone cold etherous SMACKDOWN Balloon Juice dropped onto Netroots Nation 2011 HOOOOOOOOOOO BOYYYYY U MISSED OUT:

    I’m not at Netroots Nation this year, so I have to rely on reports to have an idea of what the largest gathering ever of self-described ‘progressive bloggers’ is trying to accomplish. A review of news reports indicates that the gathering is a depressing assembly dedicated to fist shaking and expressions of impotent rage.

    The take-away from these reports is that the left should be demoralized, frustrated, filled with rage and a real sense of betrayal—especially when it comes to President Obama and Democrats holding any elective office. Naturally this “Democrats is disarray” meme is irresistible candy for the political press and media outlets:

    ABC leads with: Fear & Loathing In Minneapolis: Progressives Vent Frustration With Obama At Netroots Nation.
    The WSJ joyfully jumped in with: At Netroots Nation, Progressives Decry Obama Policies.

    NPR is going with: Liberal Bloggers: Obama ‘Not Our Boyfriend Anymore’.

    Huffington Post is breathless with excitement as their page screams: IT’S OVER. Progressives ‘Break Up’ With Obama.

    Politico celebrates with: Liberals’ frustration on display at Netroots.

    Joel Connelly of the Seattle PI reported that: Liberals have no love for Obama.

    TPM gives this tired old meme its due with: Progressives Still Fighting Obama, Democrats At Netroots 2011.

    And Dave Weigle offered: Netroots Nation: The Sadness of Crowds.

    There were many more examples and new stories celebrating the meme are being filed every hour. And I’m not even linking to the predictable examples of this “Manic Progressive” meme from FDL or the auto-outrage Diarists over at Big Orange.

    I’ve been to Netroots Nation before and I know that there is far more to the event than these reports hyping “Angry Left” and “Democrats is disarray” memes seem to suggest. A lot of great discussions are being had, connections are being made and some real organizing for future victories is being done. But these reality based stories of the conference will not be how Netroots Nation is described to folks beyond the walls of the convention center. Control of that message has been surrendered.

    By Sunday, the “Manic Progressives” meme will be one of the non-stories in competition to replace Weinergate as the side show du jour. This notion that Right and Left both hate Obama in equal measure will help to keep any discussion or review of the madness of the Republican Confederate Party and Wingnutopia policies off the front pages and away from the public. It will feed the both sides are extreme and therefore the same story line. It will make the never-ending series of hostage negotiations with the GOP a bit more difficult. It will do nothing to help progressives win a single victory. And yet, this “Manic Progressives” message will be the one that defines Netroots Nations for most people who hear anything about it. So it goes.

    It would be nice if Netroots Nation was in control of their message, but they are not. From the news reports it seems to be a gathering of the Left stading in solidarity with the Right to shout to the rest of the Nation that Obama is destroying America.

    And there were folks who said that the Right and Left could never agree on anything…



    oh LAWDY! Hide the children! It gets even realer in the comments. The Frustrati think they’re the only ones “fed up” and they couldn’t be more wrong.


    In the coming days, FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA WILL BE TRAVELING TO SOUTH AFRICA AND BOTSWANA to meet with young people from across Africa, including the Young African Women Leaders Forum. In a video message, Mrs. Obama invites young people at home, in Africa, and around the world to follow the trip and join the conversation.

    You can join the conversation on facebook and by using the hashtag #YoungAfrica on Twitter. CHECK WHITEHOUSE.GOV/YOUNGAFRICA for updates from the trip, videos of young leaders, and much more in the days and weeks to come.

    http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/06/16/follow-first-ladys-trip-africa (w/video)

  226. Mornin’ WiW and other fellow TOAITR’ers…

    Thanks, yes it is!

    But, it’s too bad that PBHO will be unable to go w/FLMO and their daughters, Maiia and Sasha on their African trip, next week (20-26 Jun).

    Although he cannot go w/them, I hope they have a safe and enjoyable trip, there and back! 🙂

    And, I’m lookin’ forward to Chipsticks’ coverage of the trip, though! 😉


  227. I can only imagine the vile, racist things Eric Bolling would say if he went.

  228. I can’t stress enough how REAL it gets in those comments. They are truly affording no quarter to those Hamsher talking points and that “clap louder” horse manure.

  229. They don’t have that kind of power, amk. The press will move off the nutroots to the golf game in three, two, one.

  230. Hi Rock
    Are you posting Jovie’s fanastic stuff on Twitter? I have beentrying to post it as much as I can.

  231. And here’s one for the followers of fashion – the interpretation of the line-up of Republican candidates (*) for the highest office in the land of US (“substitute your lies for facts”):

    (*) ‘Candidate’ is latin for ‘the white one’.

  232. Good morning TOAITR family. I have to thank all you wonderful people for keeping the news flowing here. I can only come quickly and look this weekend. Beside being Father’s Day Tomorrow is Our 40th Wedding Anniversary. We are having a big party and have company. I still believe I am to young to be married this long. My husband is the most wonderful man in the world, next to the President!! I am off to continue partying.

    Keep up the great work everyone. And all you Father’s out there have a wonderful Father’s Day.

  233. amk, that is a great, on-point article from Bob Cesca. I plan on find Lawrence O’Donnell’s e-mail and send him a copy of PBO’s LGBT accomplishments bob put together. Thanks>>

  234. For a group that needs full public support, Choi, et al and the other are simply foolish, starved for attention and damaging their cause. Silly, short-sighten and hurtful.

  235. Another interesting point which we all missed (I think)

    Remember all the pl poutrage over how “Obama’s Libya war” was “illegal” and that he should be impeached, blah, blah, blah ?

    But Mr. Obama decided instead to adopt the legal analysis of several other senior members of his legal team — including the White House counsel, Robert Bauer, and the State Department legal adviser, Harold H. Koh — who argued that the United States military’s activities fell short of “hostilities.” Under that view, Mr. Obama needed no permission from Congress to continue the mission unchanged.

    Remember who Koh was ? …..

    Yup, he was the dkos & firbaggers’ per SC “nominee” (who couldn’t get the confirmation thanks to rethugs and ended up at the State Dept. as legal adviser.

    Oh, the sweet schadenfreude.

  236. Congratulation MTMarilyn and may you have a wonderful gathering. You and your husband are truly blessed to be married for many years and still love , care, and respect one another. I am sure he thinks you are the most wonderful woman in the world.

    Have a wonderful anniversary and fathers day!

  237. Hey MTMarilyn,

    It’s our pleasure!

    I BELIEVE ya… lol

    Congrats, I wish you and yours a Very Happy 40th Weddin’ Anniversary and many more to come!

    And, may Father’s Day be a fun one, too! ::Virtual Hugs::

  238. Me too…

    If anybody can do it, PBHO can! 😉

    BTW, do you realize that the Congress consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate? lol

  239. I love this! I saw it elsewhere but got such a laugh and really enjoyed seeing it again. Michelle’s reaction and PBO’s “one up” face was hilarious. I will just bet that Papa Obama did plenty of his share of walking and comforting his baby girls when they were crying in the middle of the night.

    Bless his loving ‘Dad-in-Chief’ heart!

  240. Happy Anniversary!!!! Hope your family has a great weekend of celebrations!

  241. Shall we switch threads to the latino poll??? It’s getting lengthy in here:)

  242. TOO FUNNY..!! From my twitter timeline:

    RT @JasonEmbry: Crowd at Repub Lship Conf not sure how to react to #Obama impersonator who makes fun of Barbara Bush, Boehner and Mormonism.

  243. I followed the bread crumb trail and I am over there and subbed in. Keep talking all as I can look up once in a while and get caught up. Thanks to all of you.

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