Monday Open Mishmash (Updated)

Hi guys,

Busy day for me, though probably not as busy as PBO’s. Here’s today schedule and I’ll try to update throughout the day. Have a great one.

9:50 AM PBO departs the White House en route Joint Base Andrews.

10:05 AM PBO departs Joint Base Andrews en route Morrisville, North Carolina.

11:00 AM VPB discusses a new proposal to help federal agencies improve their performance.

11:05 AM PBO arrives in Morrisville, North Carolina.

11:25 AM PBO tours Cree, Inc’s manufacturing facility.

11:40 AM PBO meets with the Jobs and Competitiveness Council.

1:45 PM PBO delivers remarks.

2:00 PM
2:50 PM PBO departs Morrisville, North Carolina en route Miami, Florida.

4:45 PM PBO arrives in Miami, Florida.

5:50 PM PBO delivers remarks at a DNC event.
7:20 PM PBO delivers remarks at a DNC event.

8:10 PM PBO delivers remarks at a DNC event.



185 thoughts on “Monday Open Mishmash (Updated)

  1. Yikes! 3 DNC events within 2 hours. The energizer president is turned on again.


  3. Wow, did someone else invade Juan Williams’ body? Color me surprised.

    I thought it was taboo for the Fox crowd to speak the truth about the GOP and its choke hold on this economy.

    I’ve sent the link to all (liburl) media people in my address book telling them that if Williams of the Fox family can write about Republicans and their destructive nature to the country, what’s there to stop them now.

  4. Good morning Fam! Beware – the pod people are among us if Juan Williams is writing an anti-GOP piece!

  5. Mornin’ All…

    Jovie thanks for your ongoin’ news contributions!

    Our “Energizer Bunny” President IS off and runnin’!!!

    N.C. steps to center stage in 2012 race: [President] Obama’s visit today is another signal of how crucial the state in the race for White House.

    GO PBHO GO!!! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  6. Good morning everyone! I am so glad the President got to spend some quiet time with the family this weekend, Now he is one the go again. He is the energizer bunny. All of you guys bring such great news. Sometimes I get so depressed at how the msm and GOP seem to always have the loudest words. The msm does not do journalism at all anymore. Thank goodness for the internet and all us dedicated people to get the truth out there. Mine is such a small part of passing things on. You all bring the news to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  7. By them being so obnoxiously and loudly supportive of him after he was canned by NPR, he has a ton of leeway and probably good job security.

  8. I was watching msnbc and they have a bunch of troops waiting to see the president at the NC airport…. Cool picture, was surprised they showed it.

  9. Tackling terrorism from US East Africa base

    The US base at Camp Lemonier in Djibouti is a key operational asset in a troubled region, with al-Qaeda active in nearby Somalia and Yemen. Some 3,000 US troops, as well as armour, fighters and drones are based there. But the US is also experimenting with a different kind of military mission – soft power through soldiers as aid workers, in an effort to deny militant extremists support among Africa’s poor. The BBC World Service’s Dan Damon has been given rare access to the US operation.

    In a one-room library in the remote Djiboutian town of Ali Sabieh, Capt Courtney Sanders, a US soldier from Mississippi, is teaching children how to read English.

    She and her team helped build the library and hold regular conversation classes there.

    Capt Sanders’ Civil Affairs team is part of a counterinsurgency mission with a difference.

    Instead of sending in fighting troops once trouble has started in a poor country, the US is getting its soldiers to work on projects that, it is hoped, will build enough stability and opportunity to encourage the people of East Africa to hold onto peace and not fight over scarce resources.

    “Since 9/11, the US government has gone through a profound shift in its philosophy behind how operations are conducted in the Horn of Africa,” says Col William Hollingsworth, one of the longest serving members of the Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa, or CJTF-HOA, which is coordinating the humanitarian side of soldiering here.

    “The ‘bumper sticker’ name for this is the 3D process,” he says.

    Defence, diplomacy and development are the 3 Ds, designed as a virtuous triangle of American power projected overseas.


    Streaming right now at – There is a distinguished panel of speakers.

    A 21st century electric grid is essential to America’s ability to lead the world and create jobs in the clean energy economy of the future. In his State of the Union address, President Obama outlined a vision for doubling America’s use of clean energy by 2035 and achieving the goal of putting one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015. Realizing these goals will be critical to America winning the future, the Administration has already made historic investments in clean energy technologies, grid modernization, and electric vehicle infrastructure. But more needs to be done to build on that foundation.

  11. This is great, but the republicans have stopped ant progress in America and ironically are blaming the president!

  12. Gibbs, Bernstein and Goolsbee all left the Obama Administration to be able to comment more freely – the latter two about economic issues as the only voices in the MSM were the Conservatives anti-tax at all cost and the far left like Krugman and his doom and gloom.

  13. I’m just about to shower and get dressed and then off to see President Obama in Miami – 2012 – I’M IN!!!


  14. BTW – Gov Patrick made a great speech at the JJ dinner Saturday night – I’m working on getting the exact language from his office but he said Democrats have to grow a backbone! He got the entire room on their feet cheering – I couldn’t agree more!
    We have right on our side – why do we cower? We need to take the message back – the hell with the damn deficit – if they really want to reduce it let them reduce the military budget – get our troops out of all those places in the world where we are no longer needed – if they insist we need to stay there let those countries pay for our military to be there! Cut subsidies to oil companies and farm subsidies
    Increase taxes on the top 2% – that will close the damn deficit!
    Let’s concentrate on creating damn jobs already! Let’s get the message out to the country about any job bill proposed by a Democrat and stopped by Boner!!

  15. He needs to get out there more. He is inventing lots of green energy gadgets that the private industry would be interested in!

  16. Jayne, can’t wait to hear your report. Have fun and give all of our love to the President.

  17. Jovie, that’s THE soundbite: Republicans stop progress in order to blame Obama. Either/or messaging is effective.

    Republican stop progress, blame Obama. Republicans stop economic recovery, blame Obama.

    And the gazillion other examples that should pepper DNC ads.

  18. Happy Monday all!! We are with you Mr president , let’s ignore the Crips at the MSM they are tabloid garbage.

  19. Hell…he called HIMSELF Boner:) Makes me sick to my stomach to think that he was there at my alma mater spewing crap.I guess a lot of those graduating seniors were not too happy that he was the chosen speaker.And yes,”Cry Baby Boner” squirt a few for the crowd.Happens only when he’s talking about himself though…doesn’t cry thinking of the ramifications of R’s actions on the country.Selfish SOB.


  21. Morning everyone:)I didn’t realize that PBO will be the first President since JFK to visit Puerto Rico! They must be excited to have him come there.They suffer very high unemployment/murder rate from what I’ve read…I look forward to info about that trip.

  22. That’s really excellent news, both for the solar plant and the tortoises and their little babies. I’m glad they found a solution everyone could literally live with.

  23. Oh Faith, you totally have this nailed. Everyone with a twitter account needs to put that out there out there every single day. Repetition drives it home. #GOP stops progress, blame #Obama


    PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS ACCEPTED AN INVITATION to make an official visit to Puerto Rico, the U.S. commonwealth’s governor said Tuesday [24/5]. An administration official confirmed the visit to CNN’s Ed Henry.

    Gov. Luis G. Fortuño’s statement on the visit after the jump:

    “Since the beginning of my administration, WE HAVE BEEN WORKING IN CLOSE COLLABORATION W with the president and his administration TO MAKE THIS HISTORIC VISIT A REALITY,” said Fortuño, who revealed that along with the First Lady of PR, had been holding talks with the U.S. president and First Lady, Michelle Obama, about visiting since February 2009.

    “With his visit, PRESIDENT OBAMA FULFILLS HIS COMMITMENT he made during the presidential primaries of 2008, TO RETURN TO PUERTO RICO as president,” said Chief Executive. “Puerto Rico prepares to host its first official presidential visit since 1962, when President John F. Kennedy was greeted with great enthusiasm by our people. I’m sure the reception that President Obama will receive the upcoming June 14 will be no less remarkable and productive.”


    PBHO’s 2008 Visit:

    He returns there gray-haired, older, and much wiser…

    But, he’s still got that BIG, beautiful smile, energetic “lean-mean” body machine, and “magnetic” personality!!!

    President’s Task Force on Puerto Rico:

  25. Watching our amazing President Obama right now…..

    Today, President Obama will travel to Durham, NC to meet with the Jobs and Competitiveness Council at the corporate and U.S. manufacturing headquarters of Cree, a leading manufacturer of energy efficient LED lighting. The President will tour Cree’s manufacturing facilities, deliver remarks and meet with the Jobs Council to discuss initiatives and policies to spur economic growth, promote job creation and accelerate hiring across the nation.


    I just received a note from Think Progress with some suggested questioning for Mitt Romney at the Republican debate tonight. If he gets asked anything close to this, I will be shocked:


    You’ve positioned yourself as a leader on job creation, releasing a web video today attacking President Obama on the bleak jobs picture. But while you were governor, Massachusetts was ranked 47th on job creation. While you were at Bain, the company slashed jobs. And in 2009, when hundreds of thousands of jobs were on the line when General Motors and Chrysler were struggling for survival, you penned an op-ed titled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” The government’s rescue of these companies helped return them to profitability and save jobs. Given your record, how can Americans trust you on job creation?

  26. The comments on that article were just nuts. Not too many positive for the President. They just can’t stand a black man in the White House. Sad.

  27. John King, CNN Chief National Correspondent and moderator of Monday night’s GOP presidential debate.

  28. Don’t worry about those comments. I live in Charlotte and we had several hundred people in our planning sesssion on Saturday. It was apparently more people than expected, the Mayor and the local party head showed up.

  29. They should…

    And, DEMs in other states need to “keep an eye on” the other newly-elected TeaPublican governors, like Walker (WI), Kaisch (OH), Synder (MI), Corbett (PA), et al, who are layin’ their state workers off, and they’re “takin’ away” their citizens’ rights…,civil, voters’, workers’, women’s, et al!! (The state public sector bein’ laid off contributes to the overall high unemployment rate!)


    If possible, VOTE ‘EM OUT, RECALL/REPEAL/REPLACE…Grrr!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  30. Completely out of left field but who would be your pick to give the keynote address at the Dem Convention in 2012?

    Mark Warner gave it in 2008, but I can’t see any potential 2016 contender given that leg up as it would be seen as an unoffical endorsement.

    If Gabby Giffords is up for it then that would be a brilliant moment, but she has a long road ahead of her.

    I’m thinking that President Obama will try and give some pretty obscure Dem politican the same rub that he was given. I think Julian Castro, current mayor of San Antonio would be an interesting choice. He’s only 36 years old but he’s a rising star with hopes of winning the Texas Governorship in 2014 when he’d be 40 years old. He’d also be a great counter to the GOP Convention a week earlier – I expect Marco Rubio will be their keynote.

    Here’s a vid of Mayor Castro on education –

  31. YAY Jayne! I can’t wait for your report. I’m sure you will enjoy yourself wish I could be there.

  32. Great idea to highlight their work, to give examples easy to understand. Day after day, month after month, in so many big AND tiny ways, this administration is cleaning the mess. Obama-Biden, the most hard working WH team in decades !!!

    I have a caveat on the video though: why the second camera if they don’t look at it ? It looks a bit odd. Am I the only one bothered by this ? Why don’t they scrap the side camera on the montage ? And it’s not the first time. The “white board” videos had the same problem.

  33. Mark Warner was horrible. He was dull and boring and lacked any type of fire that you want from your keynote speaker.

  34. We will be able to see who the favorite is based on who John King goes after the most. Isn’t this the CNN/Tea Party debate? What a joke.

  35. I absolutely agree. Both Schweitzer and Kerry blew him out of the water with their speeches. I don’t think he could be President this day in age given that he has no charisma and is much too wooden. Clinton, Bush and President Obama are all charismatic likable pols. Warner seems best suited for the Senate or maybe Gov of Va, but the one term limit really muchs that up. He could run for Gov again, just can’t serve consecutive terms.

  36. The key to the effectiveness of this debate tonight is the moderator. If the moderator has done their homework and is up-to-date on the comments and history of the participants and is willing to challenge soundbites, outlandish claims, and non responsive answers to questions – the audience might learn something. I have absolutely no expectation that this will happen. The moderator is John King.

    THINK PROGRESS has done a nice job of formulating some pertinent questions that SHOULD be asked. Check out the link below for their questions for the GOP field at tonight’s debate.

  37. Good Morning BWD family

    The video on the jobs council was great. His comments at the end were wonderful and full of optimism as always. I did a screen capture so in case the WH doesn’t have the video on their blog I have it.

  38. I just finished watching PBO and the jobs council. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were some media coverage of this? The fact they had to talk about having to work around congress for this school/jobs program is sad. They seemed to have good proposals. As always, we will have to be the reporters.

  39. Their proposals were very encouraging, If more people heard about this it would help lift the mood of the country.

  40. Something cool that almost killed me……

    So last week we were all “atwitter” (bad pun), and I put up a partial list of twitter accounts for senators. I decided to do a single web page that lists every member of Congress (535), with their web site, email form, TWITTER, phone # and party affiliation.

    Well it is done, but I have to tell you “I need to have my head examined for doing this”. First it was way more work than I thought it would be, (that happens to me a lot).

    Second and most importantly, it was kinda icky having to look at and read twitter posts for all the Republicans. Nasty nasty, I washed my hands after each computer session and kept making faces like I had swallowed a pickle. My husband kept saying “are you all right?”

    So why the complaints, well as I was 2/3rds of the way through this page I remembered an earlier post (I think by AZ granny) suggesting that we should start a wiki and all contribute content.

    I like that idea. The post that follows will have instructions on how to do that.

    i would like to add everyone’s facebook page but will need your help. If we all share in dealing with the yucky republican facebook pages it won’t be so hard.

    So here is the contact page, I wanted to put all the twitter names on one page so it could be printed out and used without being on the web.

    If everyone who reads it could go to their state and test out the links to make sure they work, that would be really helpful, I got a little rum dum and am sure I may have links going to the wrong place.

  41. Once someone emails it to all of his Republican Primary opponents, I’m sure at least one of them will raise the point about his state being No 47 out of 50 states in job creation when he was Governor and the bailout one has been fairly well ventilated.

    Any addresses for these Teapublicans?

  42. So – I have never made a wiki before and am not sure if I did it right, but here goes.

    If you visit

    I believe anyone can edit the page.
    1.There is a large EDIT tab button on the right side near the top select that tab
    2. The screen will refresh and you will have a blinking cursor which allows you to type (it will be right in front of the word “Please”
    3. Click under the latest entry and type in your information. I need the name of the elected official, their state, and the address of their facebook page. Don’t worry about how the text looks.
    4. I f anyone has a hard time typing in URL (addresses of websites like facebook) just go to the facebook page and copy the address which is near the top of the screen then past it in.
    5. Once you have typed in the information there is a Save button near the top on the right side, push save and you are done.
    6. I have never created or used a wiki so if there is important stuff I have forgotten, please let us know

    Many thanks to everyone who is able to help.

  43. One more thing, I noticed that there were more Republicans on Twitter than Dems. The Repus seem to be having a “new media” contest at the moment.

    Please check the page to see if your representatives have twitter, an email form, etc. If they don’t write to them or call and pester them.


  44. WIW, I am in awe of you. What you are doing for everyone is incomparable!!!! Please know that everything you do is greatly appreciated. I know that it all will be utilized.

  45. I forgot to add, thank you for going thru all the yuckyness so we don’t have too!!!!!

  46. I tried WA and kept being sent to the blogger login page even though I’m already logged into blogger.

  47. I am all for giving the platform to an up-and-comer but I’d like to see someone with a title higher than mayro and defnitely not a Texas politician. Texas isn’t going to be willing to vote for Democrats at the state level for 15 more years. It’s a waste of a spot to give it to a Texan.

    Amy Klobuchar would be my choice. She is insanely popular in Minnesota and could be a potential Pres/VP candidate in 2016. And she is hysterical. She’d do a great job.

  48. You can see why the repugs and some dems cannot u/stand what he is doing, why he is doing it and where it fits into the puzzle. He is in rare form and no they cannot catch him. I love it.

  49. Great idea Africa, I think I will do the same. Twitter is really great for doing this kind of stuff.

  50. I did the two Senators from Washington plus the Reps from 1,2,7 and 9.
    Great idea and super easy to do. Thanks for taking one for the team, WiW…that must have been brutal.

  51. You have the Arkansas Senator Boozman listed as an Arizona senator. I think that needs to be changed. But this is amazing!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

  52. Hi MTM
    I used to react that waybut now I use my twitter feed and whack the lazy “reporters” on the sloppiness of their work. Their lack of insight, analysis and context is outrageous. I have even gotten a response or 2 from several. They need to be challenged each and every day. It does get better.

  53. You have the Arkansas Senator Boozman listed as an Arizona senator. I think that needs to be changed. But this is amazing!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

    O.K. – I see! You have Boozman and Kyl flipped. Kyl is Arizona. Boozman is Arkansas.

  54. I really wonder what took him so long to understand that if the top republican leaders were unwilling to stop these unwarranted, race-based attacks against PBO, what would shield HIM from being the target of the SAME kind of attacks? These attacks against PBO, blacks, Muslims, gays, etc turn me off. As a black female raised under segregation in America, there is no way that I could ignore the racism, homophobia, bigotry, and discrimination that can be found within the GOP today. Denying it would mean that I condone it, and I definitely do not, so there would be nothing that any republican could say to me that would encourage me to become a member of their political party. My reasoning is that if they do these groups like this, it’s only a matter of time before it would become my turn to become the object of their abuse. My parents used to tell us kids that “ways and actions speak louder than words,” and even when asked about the racism, discrimination, bigotry, and homophobia within the GOP, Boehner, Cantor, and other leaders of the party always refuse to acknowledge that it exists and refuse to admonish the purveyors of it. They don’t seem to realize that more Americans than they know have moved beyond this type of hatred and find it deplorable.

  55. Hi Amk
    I wonder if her chat with our Pres had anything to do with her change of heart. My guess…yes.

  56. Just found this gem on MM from Eric Bolling displaying his racism and attempting to connect POTUS to “hoodlums in da hizzouse”

    Fox’s Eric Bolling: Obama Is Hosting “Hoodlums” In “The Hizzouse”

    It’s just showing of the right how they cannot attack POTUS on policy, so they resort to racist black stereotypes and attempt to portray POTUS as a gangsta or a thug, and all the black folks he hangs around with are hoodlums. The right really wants POTUS to be portrayed as Snoop Dogg, Suge Knight or 50 Cent, it’s sad and pathetic!

  57. That is somethinhg. I’d hope that he is also including some infrastructure spending to spur the economy. He needs to put some kind of stimulus in that bill, because it might be the only bill to pass until next year with this divided Congress.

  58. Since Hillary is 2/3s of that equation, I bet she had a lot to do with it. My son (AF) served thee a couple of hrs ago. He had some remarkable stories to tell when he returned.(years)

  59. Normally, I wouldn’t bring up a DK post but they are asking for questions to ask WH Deputy Communication Director – Dan Pfeiffer at Netroots Nation and the questions are 90% horribly offensive accusing Obama of being a Wall Street lackey, etc.

    Anyway, this led to wonder is anyone from the pragmative progressive world (Blackwaterdog/Obama Diary/Blue Wave News/People’s View) going to netroots? I would hate for the Democrats who attend this even to only see the nutroots part of the blogosphere and not see any of the viewpoints that are expressed here or at similar blogs.

  60. President Obama was merely a illinois State Senator at the time of his 2004 Keynote address. It could be argued that he had less stature than Mayor Castro would.

    Not saying that Sen. Klobuchar wouldn’t be a solid choice, but I considered her a 2016 Presidential hopeful.

    I think Texas could be in play come 2014 if the Dems get to work investing on building a machine down there and getting Latino’s engaged in the political process and voting.

    I wouldn’t look to 2010 and write it off, it was a brutal year for Dems and Perry had his machine out in full force to see him re-elected.

    Dems got to start making investments in Texas given there is positive demographics there, even if the pay-off isn’t instant. Also Julian Castro speaking wouldn’t just be for his personal political aspirations, but for the aspirations of the party and to reach out to Latino Americans – the Dems really don’t have national Latino-American politicians of any stature – the GOP has Rubio, Gov Sandoval of NV, Gov Martinez of NM. and the fluent in Spanish Jeb Bush, whose wife is Mexican American.

  61. He’s a Presidential possibility for 2016, so I disqualified him from consideration.

  62. I am curious at to how the mood will be at Netroots Nation in a few days.

    This time, I don’t think there will be a sissy room speech.

    However, i think they will still be some PL acting up.

    What do you think?

  63. Wouldn’t that just mean more cuts because that would be even less revenue?

  64. Eclectablog will be there.

    However it’s going tp be a nutroot hate fest. I wish all politicians and especially the Administration would ignore them. I don’t know if they realize what it is – it’s jsut a hate site gathering to make themselves seem important.

  65. Done. @ Smilingl8dy Republicans stop America’s economic recovery, but blame Obama. How can that be? Lazy, frightened media.

  66. and to mention the bully pupit meme that is rampant in that section even after catching bin laden and terrorists.

    I do not think there will be a sissy room speech though. I think netroots nation will be better to watch this time around.

  67. All PL garbage all the time. Maybe twitter folks should use a #nutrootnation hash tag to call out the BS.

  68. Yea, I didn’t bother reading the comment section. I don’t know why the Whitehouse is reaching out to NN or DK. It is a waste. These people are not progressives,but they are babies.

  69. If I read it correctly somewhere, I think Deoliver from BlackKos will be there, too.

  70. really? i did not think all of Netroots nation was hateful last year in spite of ed shultz sissy room.

    A lot of progressive things have happened since then.

    Not to mention Osama Bin Laden has been captured.

    The “obama is weak” meme has really reduced to only a fringe element.

  71. Excellent WIW. I am happy to help with Arizona. I noticed that you have John McCain as a “D” but he is an “R.” Otherwise, everything works.

  72. netroots nation is not all hateful.

    “the Obama is weak meme” has really been shattered since Bin Laden and the White House Correspondents Dinner.

  73. They just can”t help themselves. That’s why you see in the article I posted up thread, at least one black Republican is quitting them. Says he is tired of his party hating on PBO.

    They are shameless.

    OT: I don’t know if anyone else posted it here, but over at the Obama Diary, there was an article by some guy on the left I guess, called Siegel, who tried to equate Weiner’s indescretions to The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. As someone said, he skipped the last decade of the likes of Edwards, Clinton, Sptizer, et al., to compare what Weiner did to Dr. King.

    Go figure.

  74. are ALL of netroots nation PL?

    Besides Ed Shultz,

    Please name some other hateful statements said from netroots nation?

  75. That creep burlesque-coni loses in all his referendums.

    Mr Berlusconi had wanted to restart nuclear plants shut in the 1980s.

    Voters also repealed water privatisation and immunity from trial for government ministers.

    The government said turnout was about 57%, a significant rise on participation in previous referendums.

    After a series of referendums over the past 16 years which failed because they did not achieve minimum turnout, the centre-left opposition campaigned hard to get voters to the polling stations.

    Responding to the result, Pierluigi Bersani, leader of the centre-left Democratic Party, called for the prime minister to resign.

    It was, he said, “an extraordinary day”, which had reinforced the poor performance of Mr Berlusconi’s candidates at local elections last month.

    Can’t wait this punk losing his job.

  76. Exactly, WIW, they just don’t know how.

    As an aside, I think you had a post up about people contacting their local news, etc. I want to get in on that. I am currently job searching, and can begin doing that on a limited basis, and will go at it gangbusters once I land a job.

    But I am definitely interested. We have two TV stations that feed into my area from Mobile, and there is one located here in town, in addition to the one large newspaper. Just let me know what I need to do and I will get on it.

    My only disadvantage is that I am not quite familiar with twitter and am limited on facebook. but I can certainly learn how to do them both.

  77. Who is Chris Bowers?

    Pfeiffer to rally liberal bloggers…

    “…Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was previously announced to be there. And Jeremy Bird, the national field director for the Obama campaign, will attend…” (As Chipsticks calls it, it’s GOPolitico!)

  78. via BJ, PPP pol for bwd. 🙂

    “Obama’s approval numbers in North Carolina are superior to what we’re finding for him in your quintessential swing states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. While North Carolina was one of the closest states in the country in 2008, it was really just the cherry on top for Obama in an electoral landslide. This time it could very well be part of the path to 270 electoral votes for the President.”

  79. Majii, I want to wager that even as a Republican for the last 13 years, at some point, while it may not have been blatant, he probably got some of it from people in his party. Look at how they treated Michael Steele, and he continues to go out there and take up for them.

    I can almost understand them wanting to make their choices based on their politics, but having witnessed it — from the wink and nod from the party leaders to the outright ugliness by many, many in the party, I agree with you, I don’t know how they do it.

  80. He is proposing something that can pass the House. I think the tax increase on the rich will offset it.

  81. Love Pol
    I wonder the same thing. The white board camera work drove me crazy. I hope they fix it. It is very disconcerting.

  82. Since I would like to see Gov Patrick run for pres in2016, I nominate him for keynote spkr. He would bring the house down.

  83. I think it requires an element of self-hatred. That’s certainly true among the gays who gay-bash. Self-loathing has to go somewhere-some turn it on themselves, some turn it on those who represent them.

  84. The Maryland governor, O”Malley I believe is supposed to be a dynamic up and comer …..great speaker.
    Anybody know anything more about him?

  85. The links for MD ckd out. However, MA should be before MD but that does not matter. WoW! That was a lot of work. Thank you for your diligence. I will use that page.

  86. WIW I tried to add the two Senators and 8 Congressman from Arizona but when I went to save it said that I would overwrite someone else’s changes. I am happy to input if you wish. Also, don’t know if you noticed my earlier post that your listing of John McCain shows a “D” and he should be an “R”

  87. How interesting, I actually like the second camera. Keeps it from looking too slick and rehearsed.

  88. Jackie, all the info for Arizona shows up now. I finished WA…although there was one republican for whom I could find no Facebook page.

  89. The fact that it’s a Markos outfit is more than enough – daily kos is a cesspool. And I’m sure Dan Choi will be there and treated like a rockstar again.

    Actually looking at the speaker list Choi, Jane Hamsher and Aravosis are leading a discussion called “What to do when the President just isn’t that into you”.

    NYCEve (Eve Gittleson) is there as well – the DK know-it-all who was hired by Hamsher to blog about HCR in hopes of helping destroy it. It was some of her minions that helped run of BWD.

    Markos is of course speaking as well.

    I also see Cenk Uygur is there as well.

    Now there is 100+ speakers, I’m sure here are some really good ones, and I’m sure there are other PL morons that I just didn’t recognize at first glance.

  90. I think we were editing the page at the same time and I was moving stuff around so the Reps were in order by CD. That might have made it look like you were overwriting.

  91. I like the idea of mayor Castro. In fact, I like the idea of somebody from a Red State, specially if it is currently undergoing demographic shifts that could make it purple, or purple states.

  92. I for one will not be giving CNN any ratings on the debate. This is my way of sticking it to MSM. I can’t complain and then give them our time.

  93. Seems so. In fact, that’s a pretty popular way to give our potential candidates make a first impression the national state. Bill Clinton spoke in ’88 (although we was pretty long-winded), and of course our own current president spoke in ’04.

  94. Isn’t Electablog now blogging at FDL? I saw him mention that on his blog and I stopped following him then. FDL=Fox News Internet version for me. Too much racism for me to take anyone who associates with them seriously.

    They definitely have some b-class politicians there compared to previous years. The MN delegation is going because it is in Minnesota but the WH is only sending the deputy communications director and Pelosi and Reid are skipping it.

  95. I get having an up-and-comer but it should be someone who is running for higher office like Obama was in 2004. Having a mayor speak who isn’t running for higher office yet, seems like a waste.

    And Texas is a long ways off from electing Democrats to statewide office and it has nothing to do with the 2010 results. That state is just wired for Republicans right now.

    I think doing Latino outreach would be great but I think we should aim higher.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper give the keynote or someone from one of the states that we are turning purple (Virginia, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada or Colorado) or even Georgia or South Carolina.

  96. It’s all about “soft power”. It has been a high priority of Barack Obama since he took office and he has found a very good partner in Hillary for this. Hillary and the team at DOS are doing a great job.

  97. I think this WIKI thing may be a really col tool we can use in the future. At first it was just a way to make things easier for me, but now I am thinking it could really be used for other purposes.

    Here are a few ideas

    A calendar of events – like fund raisers or speeches
    A way for folks at this blog who are also in the same state to connect
    We could also have a listing of the facebook pages for the media
    We could use this to list our twitter names so we can follow each other

    Now for the really IMPORTANT part of this message. Thanks to all who added information, it mean a lot to me to have your help.

    I will probably post a reminder for the next week asking folks to contribute. It will also be fun to see if we have someone from each of the 50 states who uses this blog.

    How fun.

  98. Interesting point of view, Tien. In fact, that was the only reason I could come up with for this choice of camera angles.. I totally get your “not too slick” argument.

    Still, it distracts me. And I remember in some “white board” videos with Austeen Goldsbee having been annoyed. And what concerned me was how “independants” or “soft supporters” of PBO would react and if it made the message less effective.

    Playing the devil’s advocate: would it be possible to avoid oddiness AND “too slickiness” at the same time ?…

  99. And that’s the EXACT type of thing President Obama will be allergic to.

  100. Eventually, they’ll “get beat” …”WE DON’T QUIT. I DON’T QUIT!” ~ PBHO… 😉

    And, you’re very, very, very welcome!

    No, I want to thank you so much!

    Whether he/she is my Senator and/or Rep, I sure wil!

    DEMs, as a whole, are doin’ better!

    But, there are still some “hold outs!” lol

  101. WiW, you did all 50 states. How did you do it…

    And, this IS just TX: (My two Senators are Cornyn and Hutchinson…Yuck! (Hopefully, the retirin’ “H” is replaced by a DEM! But, my Rep is Gonzales!!! :))

    For DEMs/TeaPublicans, w/o an email or an email error, they can use this site address:

    Carter | @judgecarter
    Neugebauer | email error | @RandyNeugebauer
    Doggett (D) | email error
    Marchant | email error
    Canseco | no email
    Farenthold | no email
    Flores | no email
    Paul | email error
    McCaul | @McCaulPressShop
    Brady | @RepKevinBrady
    Culberson | @CongCulberson
    Barton | email error | @RepJoeBarton
    Hensarling | @RepHensarling
    Johnson | email error | @Samspressshop
    Poe | @JudgeTedPoe
    Gohmert | @replouiegohmert
    Hutchison | @kaybaileyhutch
    Cornyn | @JohnCornyn

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  102. So, we all know John King is moderating the GOP debate tonight. Folks, I say if he allows this to be a talk fest about PBO and do not ask them how they plan to fix what they are whinning about that the president is not doing, we flood him and CNN tomorrow — whether it is with phone calls, tweets, facebook, e-mails — I don’t care how we do it, but we plan — oodles of us to let them hear from us.

  103. Don’t read comment sections. I personally never give the Kochbros financed, big oil enablers, paid trolls the satisfaction of their paid hate to embed in my unstressed brain. OBAMABIDEN2012 🙂

  104. Beautiful pics of my stunning president Obama. My state welcomed him earlier today with love, respect and fired up. That PP poll was very nice to read. OB2012 🙂

  105. This is spot on – no other explanation for this 13 yr puppet of the Republican party and Michael Steele, who continues to fawn over the people who kicked him out and humiliated him. I don’t know how he looks his children in the eyes.

  106. I tested the e-mail on WA and there is a generic link for Larsen, McMorris and McDermott, and maybe that is all we can get. The link shows broken on Hastings and Reichert. Beutler comes up with a blank page but that might be what it is so far.

  107. Speechless, indeed. This really does bring to stark relief the lies of “Republicans are fiscally responsible”.

  108. I had been thinking about attending last year when the location of this year’s meeting was announced, but I changed my mind in a hurry when Hamsher, Choi, Kos, and others began beating their drums to de-legitimize PBO. Reasoned arguments are one thing, madness is another. I won’t miss anything.

  109. I’m with you, Tulips. I won’t be watching that farce. There won’t be an honest word stated after the words “good evening”.

  110. Yes, please add the reminder periodically. I did Oregon today, too, because it was easy. I’m willing to work on other states but will need a nudge once in awhile to remind me…a nudge that includes a link to the wiki in case I can’t find it buried in my bookmarks.

  111. Thanks, Jovie. This info went straight to my FB wall. Accurate information is the lifeblood of a democracy.

  112. Me, too. It just didn’t feel right and I thought if all you switched names……..wasn’t nearly as personal.

    I gotta learn The Twitter, I know…….

  113. Please don’t forget the but part of blame Obama, as in, but blame Obama.You know the folksies out there, for it doesn’t take much for them to twist it into blame Obama.

  114. I agree – John King would be just as comfortable on Fox “News”, and his wife would be even more comfortable over there. I don’t expect the debate to offer anything other than another opportunity for the inept to disrespect the President and offer no real policy up for examination and debate. A real waste of time.

  115. Haven’t they moved on to calling MLK Jr a philanderer, and saying he’s worse than Weiner, so as to tie Weiner to Barack Obama somehow? I consider all those who are paid for their opinions to be a problem.

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