So far ahead of everyone (Updated)

No wonder half the country hates Barack Obama. He is like a president from the year 2050, trying to govern a country stuck in 1950. This NYT front page story is just amazing:

U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors

The Obama administration is leading a global effort to deploy “shadow” Internet and mobile phone systems that dissidents can use to undermine repressive governments that seek to silence them by censoring or shutting down telecommunications networks.

The effort includes secretive projects to create independent cellphone networks inside foreign countries, as well as one operation out of a spy novel in a fifth-floor shop on L Street in Washington, where a group of young entrepreneurs who look as if they could be in a garage band are fitting deceptively innocent-looking hardware into a prototype “Internet in a suitcase.”

Financed with a $2 million State Department grant, the suitcase could be secreted across a border and quickly set up to allow wireless communication over a wide area with a link to the global Internet.

The American effort, revealed in dozens of interviews, planning documents and classified diplomatic cables obtained by The New York Times, ranges in scale, cost and sophistication.

Some projects involve technology that the United States is developing; others pull together tools that have already been created by hackers in a so-called liberation-technology movement sweeping the globe.

The State Department, for example, is financing the creation of stealth wireless networks that would enable activists to communicate outside the reach of governments in countries like Iran, Syria and Libya, according to participants in the projects.

In one of the most ambitious efforts, United States officials say, the State Department and Pentagon have spent at least $50 million to create an independent cellphone network in Afghanistan using towers on protected military bases inside the country. It is intended to offset the Taliban’s ability to shut down the official Afghan services, seemingly at will.


The effort has picked up momentum since the government of President Hosni Mubarak shut down the Egyptian Internet in the last days of his rule. In recent days, the Syrian government also temporarily disabled much of that country’s Internet, which had helped protesters mobilize.

The Obama administration’s initiative is in one sense a new front in a longstanding diplomatic push to defend free speech and nurture democracy. For decades, the United States has sent radio broadcasts into autocratic countries through Voice of America and other means. More recently, Washington has supported the development of software that preserves the anonymity of users in places like China, and training for citizens who want to pass information along the government-owned Internet without getting caught.

But the latest initiative depends on creating entirely separate pathways for communication. It has brought together an improbable alliance of diplomats and military engineers, young programmers and dissidents from at least a dozen countries, many of whom variously describe the new approach as more audacious and clever and, yes, cooler.

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And then, there’s this:

High unemployment numbers may be good for Republicans in the next election, which makes it disturbing that Republican leaders have blocked any discussion of stimulus policies that might succeed in putting people back to work.

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  1. Very good start but will any of the other MSM pick up and report this story or so many others?
    Something has to be done about the media.
    Brainstorming session needed!!!

  2. We need mass protests! A mass protest on cable news! A mass protest against Republicans trying to kill the recovery. No one else can hold these two groups that are in cahoots accountable! It is up to us.

  3. Yesterday, What is Working posted the link to this amazing video of Dan Gross explaining how the Republican Party is doing everything in it’s power to slow the economic recovery for partisan political gain. When Steve Bene wrote about this back in November 2010, his was a lonely voice. This video is very encouraging because it may mean that the media firewall has finally been compromised. I hope it goes viral…..


    Basically, Dan argues, Republicans are doing everything they can to ensure that the economy remains a mess when it comes time for the 2012 election. The Republican hope here, Dan explains, is that Americans will vote with their wallets in 2012–and, in so doing, vote more Democrats out of office.

    Now, there’s no question that voters do vote with their wallets: The deteriorating economy in 2008 helped President Obama get elected. And there’s nothing wrong with stumping for policies that you honestly believe will help the country over the long term, even if you think they will cause some short-term pain.

    But there’s a big difference between that and intentionally doing things that will sabotage the economy over the next 12 months just to influence the next election.

    If this is actually what some Republicans are doing, Americans of both parties should be outraged. The first loyalty of any elected representative should be acting in the best interests of the country., and advocating policies that you know will hurt the country–or stonewalling ones that will help it–is a gross dereliction of professional and civic responsibility.

  4. I’ve been really busy writing the last few weeks, but thought I’d say “hey all!”

    Yes, I’m lurking.

    Good to see this site still going strong. Great work, BWD.

  5. Exactly, Maggy. It is amazing to me that people in countries with represssive governments can rise in record numbers to demand their freedom, despite the consequenes of losing their lives, while people in this country with every right and privilege just sit idle by while the country is being shafted by a group of people hungry for power that they could risk harm to an entire nation.

    I think if we select a day for each cable network, without alerting them of their designagted day, and collectively jam their phone lines from dusk to dawn demanding that they cover the news instead of sensational stories, someone will take notice.

    I mean we don’t even have to get into the streets, with the technology we have nowadays. I so believe in people power that if we come together and do this in one day’s time, the powers that be will take notice. I believe that they don’t give a whit about addressing our issues because they are not getting this kind of push back.

    We have to organize and do something to make these people take notice.

  6. Actions speak louder than words…

    I’M, always, IN! lol

    YES.WE.CAN..DO.(Much)More, Together!

  7. Thanks, WhatIIsWorking and LadyHawke …

    This needs to “GO VIRAL,” on a continuous loop…Tweet/RT it, FB it, Email it, et al!

    Lather, Rinse, Repeat it!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  8. hello fellow like minded, like africa said people need to stand up and be counted, make a statement, let your voice change what makes the media this days instead of just complaining the media is not fair remember what the president always say your voice can change the world but only when you speak up good luck am routing for you guys here from england, go change the world

  9. Hiya, everyone! Been way too long since I’ve checked in here. I hope everyone is doing well and staying upbeat and optimistic. I’ve been blogging my brains out about the travesties happening in Michigan and literally can’t keep up there are so many of them. That’s kept me so busy I haven’t done the rounds to my favorite prag-prog blogs as much as I should have or would have liked to.

    Have a great Sunday!

    – Chris/Eclectablog

  10. Will CNN ask republicans about there policies and if they support the Ryan plan, in the debate Monday night?

    Naaah, it is just a bash Obama debate! Next!

  11. I’ve been following your blog about the travesty in Michigan. It’s hard to believe that such atrocities are happening on US soil!

  12. So true action does speak we got 512 days left to keep our President in office stay, Fired up ready to go.We need to put some fire under the Democrats in Congress to get to work if they want Control back. Forget about Weiner and get Meaner and fight for the right to control the House.

  13. The MSM is not going to promote any news favorable to this administration period. I believe that they, like the Republicans, want the economy to fail because that would be big, though manufactured, news. They are an untrained bunch of lazy sheet readers. They wouldn’t know how to investigate and write a story if they tried. They repeat what is fed to them. I don’t watch cable news shows anymore, so I guess I’m already on the boycott train. I share information like BWD’s blog and many others with positive news on Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is especially good for retweeting news quickly. Just the other day a 15 year old girl with terminal cancer wanted to trend on Twitter as a part of her bucket list. The tweet went viral and she was trending worldwide within hours! We can collectively to get the word out and circumvent the MSM. Yes we can!

  14. I for one will not be watching the debates. Lets not give them an audience. This is where we can start the backlash

  15. I suspect we will never know the full extent of President Obama’s accomplishments until long after he takes office.

  16. Good stuff – thanks BWD.

    One thing that I’ve noticed in several discussions and for example in the last sentence of the NYT: “Meanwhile, a tenth of the labor force will have to wait that much longer for relief.” However, there never has been a time where there was zero unemployment – that rate is usually around 5%. In fact , George Bush, with his stellar handling of everything took it from 3.6% in October of 2000 and almost doubled it to 6.5% in 2003. I recall ZERO discussion in the MSM pundits or with any of the party leaders that it was going to spell doom for his reelection.

    We need to change the meme to a discussion of getting unemployment down another 4-5 points to historical levels versus viewing it as 10% — as zero percent is not realistic.

  17. I like your idea, Africa. Strength in numbers. If we could get all the hundreds of Dem groups organized to participate on the same day—–all except the anti-Obama “pro left” that is—-it would have a great impact.

  18. I truly understand you have a fight on your hands in Michigan went to school in Berrien Springs not to far from Benton Harbor. So hang in there a change will come and that stupid Governor will get stopped someday by the peoples votes just keep fight. You see I too live in a strange place TEXAS and you know what we have here need I say more.

  19. Yes, I think social networks and to some extent the local media are the way to go. Remember the younger age groups rarely watch cable, anyway.

  20. Thanks GenX
    That is the drum I am beating on Twitter to every “pretty tv person”. I want them to respond or perhaps others will respond. I am sending it to Boehner too. Join Me?

  21. Bush blamed anything and everything negative on 9/11 is why. He could do no wrong. President Obama brings bin Laden to justice and gets a one week bump.

  22. Debbie Wasserman Shultz will be bullied because there is a meme being pushed that she is hyper partisan. a gaffe machine and not qualified. Truth be told she wasn’t my first (or second) choice and I don’t find her really effective herself on television but hopefully she’ll grow into the role. Kaine was invisible, and was an extension of the Obama Administration, I like the DNC to be separate and they should be more partisan.

  23. I love her. She is what we need. I also think that PBO chose her because she can say everything he can’t.. 🙂 As for being bullied, I doubt she’ll let anyone do that.

  24. I personally think they are trying to trash talk about her because she is very effective.

    What they are trying to do is sully her by trying to shut her up, but they may be in for a rude awakening. I think they are barking up the wrong tree. This woman is not going to shy away from telling it like it is. They want to make her into a Michael Steele, but the Debbie Wasserman Shultz I have seen I don’t believe will take any mess from these men who want to portray her otherwise.

    Let them try.

  25. During the 08 election, they ignored the msm and used the local media to get their message out. PBO has done several local interviews in the past few months, I think they plan to continue with that strategy. There is no doubt that social networks will also be a big factor in the campaign.

  26. Good Morning BWD family.

    So happy to see us discussing actions and strategies instead of moaning and groaning.

    About a week ago we came up with a “Twitter Team”, we might also want a “Facebook Team ” I have a Facebook page but don’t use it much. Those who use and understand Facebook could give us marching orders and we could follow.

    Also – would it be a good idea to have a list of TOAITR member accounts on Twitter and Facebook? I can make one if you need it.

    The “Go Local” thing needs to be explored. I was hoping each of us would select at least one local TV website or newspaper website and start making comments at the site, sending email, calling, tweeting, etc. Folks spend more time watching local news and we have more of a chance to make a difference in that media.

  27. I disagree SR. DEbbie IS good. That’s why she’s attacked. Didn’t hear many attacks on Tim Kaine did we ?

  28. Yes! TREASON, TREASON it is: The articles in the NYT tell us that this has been the stragegy of the GOP all along. Hoping for the economy to go bad, unemployment high, and they are overlooking about all the good things this POTUS has done specially aronund the globe.

  29. Africa…wonderful idea!! I have often wondered the same thing that you have just stated regarding other countries doing their damnedest to try and achieve what we have, while ours is falling apaart before our eyes and people seem to be apothetic.WE need to raise our voices so that WE are heard, loud and clear, let them know that this is not acceptable….WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK! I’m all in girl! Say the word and the day! It’s summer and I’m not teaching in the summer…ready to go! Let’s make them HAVE to notice!

  30. The bashibg of Obama in the talk shows this morning is amaizing The MSM is giving the reoublican a pass on their bull shit, pretending they want to create jobs it’s just comical.

  31. I concur with yoour observations, Africa. DWS didn’t survive breast cancer to be beaten back by the Rethugs. GO DWS!

  32. Welcome back! Was thinking of you the other day…I can’t hear about anything “Michigan” and not have you pop into my head. Read your blog to keep up…keep up the pressure, keep speaking loudly.Good to see you back:)

  33. She does look really good! So nice to see her smile:) I was pleased to see that picture pop up on my computer first thing this morning. She is in our prayers, all over the country, but especially here in AZ.Be well, Gabby. Be well.

  34. I’m with you on DWS. I thought she was a stellar choice. She will not be bullied! I’ve seen her get right back in somebodies face with the facts…the woman is a pitbull. We need to clone her.

  35. That stone throws both ways, though. Since one of the definitions of treason is an action meant to seriously harm one’s own nation, the Republicans believe that the Democrats are doing that, too. So there’s no point in getting hot about perceived treason. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

  36. I’m up for the local website court press! I do that anyway…in AZ…it’s alittle like bashing your head against the wall…but I figure there MUST be peole that read and never comment that understand the opposite of insane! I’m good to go!

  37. I love her too. She will not be bullied. She is a true attack dog for President Obama and more democrats need to be following her lead. The msm and repugs know she’s effectively which is why we saw several hit pieces, especially by Politico, on her. I tweet her to say, go ahead, girt. She needs our support because she is exactly what PBO needs.

    I’ll say it again: DWS is greaaaaaaaat.

  38. Ametia,

    You are so right about that. DWS underwent several surgeries and said she was wearing a medicine drip while campaigning for Hillary during the primaries. You would have never known it. I couldn’t stand her during the primaries because she was so tenacious. But I really came to admire her in learning how she kept going despite her illness and the when after the primaries were over she pivoted like a loyal democrat to support PBO and never looked back unlike some Hillary backers who still can’t get over PBO winning (Anthony Weiner). She’s fantastic.

  39. Good Morning everyone!

    Thank you BWD for an inspiring article and all the other contributors on your suggestions on how to counter the MSM and GOP’s determination to destroy the recovery. I don’t know why the GOP won’t be held accountable for NOT creating any jobs or putting forth a jobs bill. We will do everything we can to get the message out…..OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!

  40. Yes after reading that disgusting Politico article I immediately sent her some words of support. She is exactly what our side needs.

    I notice there are no complaints from msm when the GOP attacks Dems and our President. MSM along with their GOP buddies hate America.

  41. A mass protest on cable news? Right, because they’ll cover a mass protest that isn’t tea-related. The only way mass protests are effective is if they go on for days on end, are peaceful, and in no way disrupt business as usual. There just aren’t enough people who feel genuinely threatened to follow through with that sort of thing.

    We’ve already been given the tools to effect change in this country. Mass protests aren’t called for. That whole let’s-have-a-rally mentality is counter-productive. It’s much harder to knock on doors and staff phone banks than it is to idly show up to a gathering, shout some slogans then go home believing you’ve made a difference. The time we spend talking with friends, family, co-workers and neighbors is much more effective.

  42. Great mishmash, BWD. What difference a competent, progressive government makes! All types of innovated and forward-looking things can be tried and accomplished when the leader is brilliant. Viva Obama!

    Have a great day, everyone 😛

  43. WiW, I know it must be frustrating to think that people aren’t acting on your suggestions, but it takes time for people to learn that this stuff works. I sometimes find out months later that someone took to heart a suggestion of mine and made it work. Keep reminding us about all our options for action because you never know when what you’re saying might be exactly what someone needed to hear. You are an inspiration.
    Even if the people here don’t form a twitter team, it’s still highly likely that someone might bring up the idea to their friends and make it work and never let you know. While the over 50 crowd is learning to embrace facebook, twitter is still a ways off for most of us. But never fear, in the next year many more of us will learn how to use as many of the social networking tools as we can.

  44. I was rooting for Tom Periollo from VA. Heis one of the best spox I have ever heard. But no such luck.

  45. Good Morning BWD and everyone! Thanks for the post.

    I do not agree that half the country hates Barack Obama – actually at least 70% like him.

    Half of the country have differing opinions on the way he’s handling his job (and among that group includes far right-wing nuts, and professional left who are not in agreement about which policies they like and dislike), mostly due to MSM distortion and propaganda, not facts. The other half likes the way he’s doing his job and that is a very positive thing indeed.

  46. At some point they will have to be held accountable. The MSM can only cover for them for so long. There will come a point when people like Hunstman, instead of going on CNN on Republican Affirmative Action Sunday and telling Candy Crowley in a softball interview what PBO hasn’t done right to fix the economy, will have to face the voters head on and explain to them what HE Mr. Hunstman will do better or differently than PBO to improve the economy.

  47. Jon Stewart was curious as to how the african american community supports President Obama at greater than 90% when he talked about the economy a few days ago on his show.

    He pointed out that the black have been suffering the most from this economy. When the black commentator did not bash President Obama and was making great satire, Jon Stewart was surprised.

    Here is the daily show video.

  48. I agree 100%, hopefruit. I bristled at the first sentence, too.

    As we have discussed before, our Prez is actually very well-liked personally. I think that is his ace in the hole :-D.

  49. I wandered over to the Orange site yesterday and was frankly shocked at the way the alleged progressives were treating her: she’s a corporatist now. And when did being a partisan as head of a party mean a bad thing?

    We finally have two great messengers in DWS and Steve Israel and the looney left is bashing her? Would they have been happier with Anthony Weiner as DNC chair?

  50. Exactly hopefruit. When I saw that headline she put to her article I was perplexed. I believe BWD is confusing job approval ratings with PBO’s personal likability ratings. When voters are asked about his personal likability he has maintained a 70% plus rating since his inauguration. It is his job approval that stays anywheres between 46% to 52% given the poll, amount of MSM bashing, and what PBO has accomplished for the moment. The nation is divided on his policies as well. OF course like you stated that has a lot to do with the MSM and their propoganda and pandering to the FAR right.

    I love this site and active blog BWD has established. It is a GODSEND to tell you the truth. I come here everyday now. OFA use to be my home site, but they have so many trolls infiltrating that site it has made it impossible to read or communicate with like minded supporters. I believe modulation is an after thought over there. That being said I pray that BWD remains positive and keeps bringing the goods to this site. I see where she can get a little caught up in the negativity our enemies keep promoting and she can carry the meme here as it being gospel. So in essence it’s not half the country doesn’t like PBO, it is HALF THE COUNTRY IS CONFUSED ABOUT HIS POLICIES, and that is where his ground troops come in. He is well liked by over 2/3rds of the nation. That is a fact. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  51. Politico and the rest can go suck it. The media tried to call Michelle Obama a hindrance too and now she is called The Closer and the most loved of the Obama team.

  52. What was particularly hypocritical yesterday was that they were calling Debbie a ‘puma’. She was the opposite. She vigorously supported Hillary and when the nominee was chosen, she turned on a dime and vigorously supported Obama. That’s what a party is supposed to do when the nominee is chosen.

    This, from these idiots who are doing all they can to hurt the current Democratic President.

    She is a brilliant choice. Are there some Democrats who really want Republicans to win?

  53. What seems to have gone over Stewart’s head is that blacks and other minorities always hurt the most during bad economic times. This is not new and I honestly find it insulting that it took the election of a black president for the media to “care” about the economic problems of black america.

  54. Jon Stewart is a disappointing PL hack. Up there with KO, Ed Shultz (Ed is really a undercover Rethug), and at times Rachel Maddow. Why would he believe the AA community would not support PBO? They can see what is really going on in this country. They know the history of racism and how the Teathugs are doing everything possible to thwart the recovery process. There is a large AA middle class in the United States that goes unnoticed by the MSM. They are educated and politically astute and are not being buffaloed by the MSM. That is why his approval ratings remain above 90% with that demographic.

    Jon ought be be ashamed of himself. 😦 KEEP HOPE ALIVE!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  55. Correction brooklyn: The media doesn’t care about the economic problems of black America. They have an agenda to divide and conquer. No way is the AA comunittee going to turn to a Palin, Romney, Gingrich, or Pawltny to help them with their ecomomic issues. INSANITY. The MSM is out to fracture the Democratic base. Next on their agenda is to get Latinos, Jews, and working class whites to turn in mass against the President. Stay tuned. Obama/Biden 2012!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  56. Most importantly, black Americans know who really is behind the bad economy and the high unemployment numbers for AAs. We know it isn’t PBO’s fault. We know who the real enemy is — rethugs. And I, too, am insulted by the media and unprofessional left pretending to care about the plight of AAs now that a black president is leading this country. Never heard them complaining about the black unemployment rate when Bush was in office.

  57. Could you see the tone of his voice? He makes it obvious when he is bashing the President?
    And he looked surprised when the black commetator did not bash.

  58. By the way, Jon Stewart did call Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty seemingly reasonable.

    “I would imagine Tim Pawlenty is a reasonable guy”

    Jon Stewart is a socialist independent like Bernie Sanders.

    He did not tell the sanity rally crowd to vote and has made many false equivalancies.

    He was totally ignorant on Libya and looked stupid trying to bash the president’s wonderful speech that even members of the PL liked.

    He has made many false equivalencies between the left and right and says President Obama has not worked as hard as he really should be. (bully pulpit lacking)

  59. I would ignore this drivel from Stewart. Jon Stewart is a simple-minded fool who pretends to be smarter than he is. Stewart is also using a dirty tactic learned from his BFF Ariana Huffington to try to erode Black support from the President.

  60. Don’t be offended BWD. You have to realize what you have created here. It is MAGNIFICENT. I love you blackwaterdog. I was just making a point about your original post/headline that could cause some confusion. No, honey you are doing a FANTASTIC job and I don’t know what I would do without this site. I’m sure many other supporters will agree. Keep up the GREAT work BWD. WE love you. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  61. It was a comedic skit. They are both comedians and they were both acting with all the lines rehearsed to portray a “white newsman (hence the “tone” interviewing a black political expert”.

    I can’t say it was funny but very similar to some SNL skits that don’t really work regardless of topic.

  62. Technology capable of internet in a suitcase. WOW, this is amazing, incredible news. Light years ahead of the pack. Thank you, BWD!!

  63. I suspect we will never know the full extent of President Obama’s accomplishments until long after he takes office.

    I know about “Winning the Future”, but I think its quite normal for people to “know the full extent of [the President’s] accomplishments” [only] until long after he [has taken] office.


  64. Interestingly, the NYT article about “shadow” Internet facilities gives an example, where “volunteers have built a wireless Internet around Jalalabad, Afghanistan from off-the-shelf electronics and ordinary materials.”

    Last year, there were stories out about MIT student project teams working on a very similar project in Jalalabad.

    Yuka Yoneda reported in Inhabit, 3/5/10 (
    “At Inhabitat, we’ve seen a ton of cool things made of garbage, but never a whole wireless network – until now, that is. That’s right, members of MIT‘s Bits and Atoms lab taught locals in Jalalabad, Afghanistan how to transform bits of trash into stuff they could use to create a high speed wireless network for the area. Called FabFi, the network uses reflectors made from discarded pieces of board, wire, plastic tubs and some cans!

    “FabFi currently has 25 live nodes up in Jalalabad, and people are able to reap the benefits of having a stable connection throughout the city. Taking the knowledge that was imparted to them from the MIT crew, residents are still adding to the network by creating more reflectors and routers too.”
    [end Inhabit quote]

    Here is a recent report from the MIT team on FabFi, including a summary of the network in Jalalabad.

    The FabFi blog today published a disclaimer about any secret funding of the project: (
    “This weekend’s New York Times has several photos of FabFi Afghanistan in this piece on subversive community communication networks. (We’re in the slide set). To be clear, the FabFi project in Afghanistan was not one of those secretly funded projects described in their article (see here where I itemize the bulk of the costs and how they were funded – mostly through personal savings accounts of those who participated and in part through a National Science Foundation grant. (And sure, they never actually talk about us specifically in the piece. But look at the pictures!)

    “However, the urgency and significance of the project are the same. As long as there’s pressure from those seeking a reasonable life where they can go about their business, there’s hope we can throw a lifeline with these so called undermining capabilities.”

  65. It is all about the RACIST meme being put across by the MSM no matter the politcical affiliation of the pundit or journalist. It’s all about DESTROY Obama. Obama has been the hardest working sitting president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. What Jon is spouting is actually an extention of the DIATRIBE that the far right/left is spewing. They are all in cahoots together. They fear the positive effects that a black man in leadership can have on this nation and the world. Not only that but, what his legacy and history will say. It is imparitive to them that he not be re-elected. It is obvious what the agenda is folks. We must remain dilligent, because the attacks will get more intense and frequent as the election cycle nears. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  66. I think it’s because most folks don’t really know “how good they have it” Aside from the occasional storm, most Americans have never been without electricity. Yeah, we bitch about gas prices, but we still drive. We have amazingly short memories about things.

    And the folks who are struggling are too busy struggling to stop and take the time to protest. It’s only when things get to the breaking point, that folks raise hell. Not that I want it to get to that point, but we really are almost there.

    Nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change.

    Sound familiar?

  67. I agree. Just think about how much time we could save though if we didn’t have to start our conversations with correcting the hundreds (thousands) or misconceptions (lies) about our President.. We could then discuss issues. The MSM needs to do a better job. Period. And we need to let them know it.

  68. John Stewart made a similar statement, that I heard on Tom Joyner radio show on the eve of the American Primary election; I don’t remember the guest name but she is a doctor; who gave an opinion statement on the show telling black voters to stay home, and send President Obama and the dems a message by not voting because since he has been in office he had not done anything for them…I believe TJMS has 12 million listeners.

    I saw that daily show episode, and it made me lose whatever respect I had for him left…saying that blacks having suffering the most from this economy…without giving context to that statement…in my opinion made John Stewart look like an idiot. President Obama, inherited an economy that was losing record number of jobs monthly as well as default mortgages..Now he is straddle with a Republican House that is sabotaging his efforts to turn the economy around, along with Republican State Governors who are targeting unions, rejecting of stimulus money, firing teachers and voter suppression. .

    But this is same John Stewart that gave Rick Perry a pass when he came on his show to promote his book…and he stated he openly hangs out with Mike Huckbee.

    John Stewart is the Mitt Romney of political satire

    P.s Thanks BWD, for the amazing pics and NYT article.

  69. I’ve heard this before. I don’t see Stewart as a socialist at all. Bernie Sanders is what independence used to mean but no longer does. Now, to be an ‘independent’ in American politics is to think there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats and that’s the kind of ‘independent’ Jon Stewart is. There is no excuse for that kind of lack of thinking anymore. He’s not some hard-working guy who doesn’t have time to focus on politics. He talks about politics for a living (and he’s as much an ‘entertainer’ as Rush Limbaugh is — they both have a serious effect on what their viewers believe about American politics). When you’re out there every day with an audience and a point of view, you have crossed some line about just being an ‘entertainer’.

  70. I agree completely Faith. Great post. 🙂 Now I see why the Obama camp believes this will be a very tough election inspite the positive early poll numbers. This MADNESS is just beginning. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  71. do you have a link to that political statement?

    Did Jon Stewart actually say something or did the doctor call on to the show? I am confused.

    The video i posted shows how ridiculous jon stewart can be.

  72. Dammit, What is Working.

    Gotta say I am over the top impressed at your focus on activism and results. Hope all the tweeters out there, tweet Plouffe and OFA to make sure they access W iW’s aggregate work.

    Again, WiS, you rock my world: you work tirelessly to promote effective solutions and you do so selflessly.

  73. Tampa tribune headlines: governor Scott putting floridians back to work!!!


  74. I know that BWD and many on this site are great supporters of Pres Obama. I share this and many more with all of you..

    I just saw a picture of Rep Gabby Giffords on AOL/HiffPost, CNN and I was able to send her my wishes.

    I hope, this particular story could be up linked here.

    Gabby looks great. Her eyes sparkles. She is gorgeous.

    I am willing to bet that all here would love, not only to see her but to wish well.

    Can you please like her picture here, BWD from her website?

    I hope so. Thank you in advance.

    What a day to begin this week. A lady that has inspired all of Us.

    Thanks again.

  75. Thanks for the Contact numbers. I had CNN, MSNBC, and C-SPAN (202-737-3220) Programming and 202-737-3080.

    I am now with many more. And I have this site, BWD, to thank.

    Thank you.

  76. BWD you are doing a fantastic job – I couldn’t do a better job myself.

    And just as I may disagree with one or two things that our President says or does, that doesn’t mean I don’t believe he’s doing a fantastic job or I expect him to be perfect. I was simply disagreeing with the the first statement (which I know you meant scarcastically)!

  77. No I haven’t seen the video. But I have heard about Stewart’s remarks from various sources (including you), so I thought I might skip the video.

  78. Jon as in Jonathan Stewart, just saying.

    He has John Oliver, the Brit, on his show.

  79. Thank you.

    I have just read this.

    I was asking for a link up and it was already done.

    She, Gabby, looks smashingly lovely.

  80. Nailed it, Faith.

    “Dear Jon”,

    In your sear for fair and balanced, you instead reach for the Netherlands for false equivalencies that aren’t funny. Truthfully, I think you’re getting a little stale and too long in tooth for your target audience. IMO, cynicism is but a step away from nihilism and young folks don’t buy it.

  81. Agree. And the “sr. black correspondent” on the Daily Show did not go rogue. Sadly, he had to read the script that was part of that night’s theme—-nail Obama on the economy—–and ridicule AAs for standing by him. The sr. black correspondent said something about —-we all voted for him last time because it was a first—the first black president—-but that Obama will get no such courtesy in 2012. It was pretty bad. It was very FOX-like.

  82. I watched that show, and it was horrific. Stewart has been consistently on an anti-Obama streak. Colbert seems to better understand what we’re up against, has the better writers and always is in tune, never presents some idiotic anti-Obama junk.

  83. Right On Africa…..Right On……………..

    Best Post I’ve read………….America need to wake the hell up!!!!!!!

    The seed The President planted his Cairo speech…..we’ve seen it come to life all around middle east.

    Time to make some noise….Our Freedom Fighters didn’t die in vain.

  84. Thank you so much for all you Eclectabolg……..I really enjoy your blog. You are “A True Soldier”


  85. I need to be included on this. Even if it means crashing their systems. Over and over again until they get the message.

  86. You are more than I hoped for. I think you do an amazing job here. I think the people here are amazing for their passion and activism. And, you inspire that by all that you do.

  87. Stewart actually said his views are more “independent and socialist”

  88. So you’re saying that his “criticism” of PBO was done in order to mock certain news pundits who try to insinuate that Blacks are voting for PBO because he’s black, but Stewart himself was not seriously commenting in that regard?

  89. The loony left is bashing her, Pelosi, and Israel because they place the needs of the party and the democratic message over Weiner in asking that he resign. He is a distraction and is entirely responsible for what has happened. Breitbart could never have outed him if he hadn’t done anything so offensive. The argument that GOP sex addicts do the same does not absolve Weiner. Would like to think Democrats have higher standards.

    Richard Wolfe’s short piece, Revival 2.0, (out on The Atavist), is interesting: just as many have said here for a long time, he writes that the President has been frustrated at the lack of support in getting the message out. While he is superb he can’t do everything alone. Also notes the difference having Plouffe in the WH: laser-focus on message. Another interesting section is on the killing on OBL and how amazed his associates were that our president could carry on his many functions without letting on to anyone outside the loop.

  90. Exactly. Here’s how it is billed on the website “Wednesday June 8, 2011

    “One Nation, Overdrawn – Black Community Loyalty
    Larry Wilmore says it’s time that the black community’s political structure reflects its diversity, even if that means voting Republican.”

    It’s a dumb skit just on the premise alone and you could see they were both struggling to make it interesting and/or funny.

    OT: Is the reply/ocmment sectiion a black background so that you can’t read what you’re typing? It’s hard enough for me not to have typos!!

  91. Perhaps not mass protest in the way of gathering in the streets, but using the technology without leaving home to get these people to notice that what they are doing is unacceptable.

    I have zero to little knowledge about twitter or facebook, but I am sure there are people with the know-how who could come up with ideas to get our voices out there.

    There are many ways to skin a cat. In addition to knocking on doors and talking to our neighbors, etc., we can look at other ways to make a difference.

    In my own case, in addition to writing letters (and sometimes they do engage me) to set the record straight with some of these media folks, I look for ways in my community to engage people in this deep red district of mine. And the Ryan Medicare plan, no doubt, has created opportunities for me, whether I am in line at the grocery store, drug store or at a sports event. And for sure, that is one issue that people are having a lot of angst about.

    But I do think that we don’t necessarily have to get in the streets to take action, as much as we can look to use the technology we have to achieve those goals. And no, I don’t have the expertise to do it, but hopefully there are others more knowledgeable than I that could suggest something that we all could participate in.

    I may be living in a fantasy land when it comes to this and maybe I am just so frustrated witth this reality show that we call a media and just want to see something done.

    Go figure.

  92. What gets me about all these people who have all of a sudden seen the light regarding high unemployment rates, we never saw such concern from them under any other administration. And when compared to the general population, the minority unemployment rate always lagged. Not that this makes it any easier.

    As evidence of their double standard toward this president, there is now a chorus of people telling us how much they care for the low unemployment rate in our communities. Really?

    None of these people cared before. None of them, not to my knowledge. From Tavis Smiley to Cornel West, Jon Stewart, and the whole lot of them. I never saw any of these people protest as much as they are doing now on behalf of minorities. For that reason alone, I pay no attention to their hypocrisy and disingenuousness.

    No doubt there is high unemployment in our communities. But poor people across the board are also getting the brunt of the effects of the economical downturn. And the president, I am sure, is quite aware of this and is not just sitting around doing nothing.

    The intrasigent GOP party is working overtime to prevent any kind of job stimulation in the country that may benefit these same groups, and there is hardly a peep about it in the media, except for a few , who dare address the issue now and then like the NYT did today.

    Jon Stewart and others may try hard as they may, but I am not going to vote for the alternative. All they want to do is cut taxes for the rich. That is in fact, how we got here in the first place.

    So, I don’t need any of them telling me what I already know.

  93. I love DWS. I knew that she’s a survivor of breast cancer, but I didn’t know that she was going through that when she was backing Hillary.

    I understood why she backed Hillary in the primary. I don’t recall that she ever attacked Obama as a person, and when he was nominated she gave him her full support. She is one of the few members of congress that defended President Obama on his statements about Israel, that they were no different than other presidents.

  94. Thanks Luci1119, yes I do have a lot to deal with in TEXAS but as long as the keyboard and my sight doesn’t fail me now We will show the changes needed here.You see a jury in Austin found Tom Delay guilty and sent him off to jail, for his wrong doings while in congress. Like his buddy Jack Abramoff . Change is coming to Texas. Look out 2012 it is just 512 days left to keep our President in Office.

  95. They mean that he’s putting Floridians back to work in the unemployment line, standing for long hours, filling out tedious complicated forms, and dealing with underpaid hassled gov’t workers at the Florida Department of Human Resources.

  96. Exactly! They never mention the assault that Reagan did on the AA community and Clinton.

  97. They should do the false equivalency memo with the Weiner story and the Rethugs stories, who are still in congress, by the way, instead of allowing the corporate thug media to keep on rehashing Weiner..

  98. Should close drive-thrus. Both for the idling cars while waiting in line for gas/pollution purposes and because folks who use the drive thru usually eat while driving.

  99. Tien Le, while I totally agree with you about the primacy of focusing on organizing to convincing people to vote and support our side, I also see some value in mass protest against the biased media. I don’t think it has to be either protest, or doing the hard work of knocking on doors and staffing phone banks. We must do both and then more!

  100. WOW!! The Teathugs have no conscious. Blatantly lying to keep and gain power and the MSM is totally complicit. They have control of everything. Democrats better come out swinging or we will lose in 2012 as well. Obama/Biden 2012

  101. Luv ya Jovie. But it is sensless to keep posting the MSM misses it when you post these positive articles about PBO and his administration. The MSM has NO intension on reporting positive news. That is the way it is. 😦

  102. Ha! When I saw “SOS at embassy” I thought for a second that you were saying there was an emergency before realizing Sec. Clinton was there…

    (SOS Clinton, not SOS Morse Code)

  103. The Atavist long essays in digital format for download on various platforms. Revival 2.0 was $1.99; just go to their site. Another interesting part of the essay was his description of the 2010 election and how down the president was about the people like Periello who were losing after supporting HCR. Also good reporting on the lame duck negotiations and President Obama’s insistence on going for broke (unemployment, payroll tax cut, START, and DADT) where others would have settled for less. So much of the reportage in this essay supports what has been discussed in this blog.

  104. That’s why just as in the primaries when grassroots organizing was going on under the radar (while Pres. Obama was double digits below Clinton in national polls) the focus now is on organizing at grassroots level; increasing registrations, expanding the electorate, talking one-on-one to mobilize support, sharing personal stories. The media never really got this part of the 2008 victory and doesn’t really get it now. The media lies and GOP lies can best be combatted by never giving up and always talking with everyone we meet, tweet with, or FB. Obama/Biden 2012! Yes We Can, Again!

  105. Why has Nevada been hit the hardest with foreclosures?

    I am curious as to what Nevada has compared to other states?

    It is worth noting that Obama is doing very well in that state for 2012.

  106. Bravo, Africa! And, their hero FDR, presided over an unemployment rate of almost 50% in the African American community until WWII. Even then, A philip Randolph, had to threaten a March on Washington, in 1941, before FDR was forced to issue Executive Order 8802 banning discrimination in defense industries.

    I am sure many African American workers in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana are benefiting from the President’s rescue of the auto industry! I am also certain that many of the jobs saved by the Stimulus, especially aid to the states that saved jobs for teachers, cops, and firefighters, included AA workers. I personally know of AA families that saved their homes as a result of President Obama’s programs.

    I also know that many people in the African American community didn’t expect President Obama to perform miracles, in just two years, by overturning centuries of structural and institutionalized discrimination against black workers. For people like Dr. West, Stewart, and others to expect him to do so is a clear demonstration of either their ignorance or their malicious intentions.

  107. I’d guess it’s because by in large Nevada jobs are service industry jobs based on tourism.

  108. I love Josie’s posts. I send them to my group and now I think we could all post them on twitter for the world to see. We have to ber our own voice and Josie does a hellava job. Thanks Josie.

  109. I’m in the mortgage business so am unfortunately familiar with this situation. They primary reason is because there were a lot of speculative investors from outside of Nevada (builders included) who were interested in quick profits of flipping (buying and then selling within a year or two) investment homes. There was a lot of fraud with fake renters, no doc loans, and 100 no money down loans. Huge new subdivisions of homes in Arizona and Nevada and Colorado were complete speculative builds. So when the jig was up, these investors were the first to let their properties go in to foreclosure.

  110. Hi everyone. As you know, Arizonans are fighting several wildfires, the Wallow file being the largest and most devastating. Would you please call or send an email to the Tide Loads of Hope Program so we can get them to come up when needed to help the folks of the Wallow Fire. Their clothing, bedding everything is going to smell of smoke and Tide will help with soap donations or laundry services free to the people of the community.

    Please cross post this to everyone you know.

    Talk to Tide
    Toll-free at 1-800-879-8433
    Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 6:00PM EST


  111. Okay got it. But still, I’m not sure what was his point in doing this silly skit anyway.

    To answer your question re comment section, I can see what I’m typing because my font is white.

  112. I agree – it was pretty dumb. My font was in white up until this past week and now it’s black and the baackground is a dark gray so it’s so hard to see what I’m typing. I’m not sure what happened…

  113. It appears that wordpress changed its comment box setup. I visit this site with a browser that is set to override background colors, so I only see the structural changes, not the color issues people are having. I’ve learned to visit sites where I need to have the site set the colors to avoid missing things with a different browser. Works out real well.

  114. Just a head’s up…the recall of WI Republicans is August 9th. WOuld be historic. They need to get this done:)

  115. Be the media. I believe people are already fed up with media that sensationalizes Congressional weiners in a time of chronic unemployment. Which story do you think the average job seeker is focused on? Arbitron ratings for partisan talk radio have fallen 33% including audience for Limbaugh. Beck couldn ‘t keep his show on the air, Fox cut Santorum and Gingrich loose.

    People are abandoning the traditional media in favor of online sources and local television, sources less bought and paid for by national political agendas. Even some of the PL are starting to soften their tunes regarding PBO or are seeing their number dry up (like the GOS). Others still grow and we find them to be disappointing from time to time, but I feel we spend too much time being concerned that “others” are being misled. PBO enjoys high personal approval numbers and his average approval ratings are not any worse than any other two term president at this point in his first term. I find great cause to be optimistic. Not to mention the clown car of opponents the GOP has to choose from.

    We need to suit up and get ready for a good solid campaign in 2012. Yes, some of it will be against the narrative of a media that makes money off of selling campaign ad space in nail-biter elections. They cannot really be expected to be neutral in this, or any, election. We need to work on winning back Congress, re-electing the finest president in our lifetimes, and staying focused on the wonderful story that is this president and his family.

    We, as a nation, are in a crisis, but not just of unemployment. We are sorting out where we go as a nation in the future. Do we continue to have a government that proceeds from the consent of the governed, or do we hand over much of what we see as government functions to for-profit businesses in the name of efficiency. At this point I believe we are in a generational struggle to redefine the social contract and I am not entirely sure I know where it will come out. I do know that by 2025 we will have had the essential debates about these issues and we will have laid the foundation for a new era of prosperity. We, as liberals, need to be wiling to take bold steps to ensure that the future is not up to the highest bidder but that freedom is preserved and opportunities created for all Americans.

  116. Nah, they’re running fake Dems in the Dem primaries, making July 12 the primary date – IF there was no fake primary challenger than the general would have been July 12th.

  117. I don’t see much evidence for the media telling people what to believe. People may gravitate to a meme that satisfies their pre-existing inclinations, but that does not mean they are “brain washed” just because they parrot something Hannity says. Instead, in election after election, the professional pundit class seems to be utterly clueless about what will happen, or why it happens, the news anchors are clearly more in touch with the thinking on the golf courses in the Hamptons than on Main Street, and the news mostly ends up following trends, not leading them. Reporting today has resorted so much to idle speculation about the events of the day that I am sure my barber has greater insight into what will happen in 2012. No one say Obama beating Hillary in the summer of 2007. No one could foretell a youth movement building under him. And no one could foretell the GOP would collectively lose its mind as a result. On inauguration day, did any of US really think Osama bin Laden would have been captured within 2 1/2 years? Not me.

    I suggest we detach from the “news” and reattach to our neighbors, our fellow voters, and get a feel for what they think about Obama and whether he should be re-elected. We should also ask the same questions about our local GOP Congress-critters.

  118. Yes, they want Weiner. They are apoplectic that their favorite yeller is likely to be forced to resign and are making bleats about why its any one’s business what someone posts on Twitter. Unless of course it was the GOP Congressman from Buffalo and they were all hoots and hollers about how he deserved what he got.

    Frankly, with the exception of a few brave souls, the DailyKos crowd would really make you think that liberalism has ceased to exist in this country. Replaced by a faction that only sees profit-motive as the height of all evils.

  119. And I would bet my last Twinkie that the PL will show up as not supportive of PBO in any poll about job performance but will be there on election day because the prospect of a Perry/Palin ticket fills them with a dread unspeakable.

  120. Easy answer. We don’t allow politicians, pundits, comedians, or others to tell us what to think! Surely he can understand this since he most likely does the same thing. I’m sick of republicans, the PL, the frustrati, the firebaggers, and others trying to “guide” blacks in making our political decisions. It’s insulting. I grew up in a home in which my mom and dad discussed politics and politicians even when they weren’t sure they’d be able to vote when they showed up at the polls! We know instinctively that “helping/guiding” us is not their primary goal. There’s always some possibly nefarious element behind their public comments. We are more than capable of deciding for whom we want to vote, and it tends to pizzz us off that these types of people feel that we need their help/guidance. If they’re so concerned about the black situation in America, where have they been all this time? Why are they just speaking up now? Something tells me that their goal is to undermine PBO’s presidency and legitimacy. Sorry, Jon and others, we’re not that stupid.

  121. Local, state, and national news covered a Tea Party rally about School Vouchers in PA where exactly 11 people showed up. I am not kidding, 11 people. The story is on Huffpost.

    But yet they will not cover the pro union ad pro pubic school rallies in Harrisburg where hundreds attend or other rallies where thousands attend.

  122. Wow. Did he really?

    I would say ‘socialist’ if you buy into Republican memes that anything done for the commons is ‘socialist’. Maybe Jon should crack a history book and find out what the word really means.

  123. Here’s how they’ve been covering their asses on that one: Chris Lee = Anthony Weiner. Doesn’t matter about the Republican Senators who either still enjoy their offices or held on for years after it was known that they had bought off their mistress’ family.

    When you see Lee=Weiner, you know they are working overtime to NOT include Republican scandals.

  124. People cannot reflect on things to which they haven’t been exposed through the media, can they? If my presumption is that I’m seeing is the news that is worth reporting, I cannot possibly have thoughts on the “news” that the corporate media didn’t see fit to print/air/blog about.

  125. Yet you still find out about what this president has done and share it with others. Limbaugh doesn’t define your universe, your experiences do.

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