“Under Bush, terrorists were ‘elusive’, and ‘masters of disguise’. Under President Obama, terrorists are dead”

This, from Booman, is just *this*.

Fazul Abdullah Mohammed was actually indicted in a U.S. court for his role in the African Embassy Bombings of 1998. But he didn’t turn himself in, so now he’s dead.


The official word is that he was killed at checkpoint by Somalian security forces. Maybe, in this case, Obama was just lucky. Who knows? I’ll take a lucky president over a bumbling one.

This is how a war on terrorists should have looked. Instead of big invading and occupying armies that chewed up our treasury, we should have methodically tracked down the people who were directly responsible and either captured them and put them on trial in normal courts or killed them if that wasn’t possible.

The geniuses around Bush left us broke with a prison we can’t close, prisoners we can’t prosecute or let go, broken countries we can’t leave, a reputation for torture, and enough resentment to last many generations.

The mess Bush left was epic. So epic.


And this, from deaniac, is even more *this* (Please go read it all):

// snip

He’s the President who pulled us back from the brink of a full on economic disaster, whatever his detractors on either side of the political pendulum have to say about it. He is the President who revitalized the American auto industry. He’s the president who passed health care reform that that presidents and Congresses have been talking about for over a half a century. He’s the president who put common sense rules of the road back in the financial industry through the most sweeping regulatory reform since the Great Depression. He’s the president who streamlined student loans and signed into law a credit card bill of rights and women’s equal pay for women. He’s the president who more significantly expanded the rights of LGBT Americans than any before him, including repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, ensuring hospitals honor the relationships of same sex couples and offering Medicaid protections to gay couples.

He’s the president who has ended or is ending two wars. He’s the president who’s securing loose nukes and reducing nuclear warheads. Oh, and AxelFoley pointed out below in the comments, President Obama is the President who took out Osama bin Laden.

I am no historian, but I think those are among things history is likely to say about President Obama.


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  2. I promised myself I would get some yard work done today, but I just check in to see what was up. Wow! Deaniac is amazing (and so are YOU BWD)!!!!! Lets make this go VIRAL!!! It is already in my favorites.

  3. Thank you BWD: Deanic is spot on I read the article he is very good, So the MSM still on the weiner stuff
    crap!!!. Our TV”S are off for a while.

  4. I was in Nairobi when the US embassy was bombed in 1998. The destruction was incredible. Worse, many many Kenyans were killed or dreadfully injured. This in a very poor country with no safety nets.

    Fazul Abdullah Mohammed was an evil man and I’m glad he’s dead. He and his cohorts chose Kenya because it would be easy to deliver a bomb without any thought for the innocent. It was horrible and I wish he’d been nailed sooner.

  5. Wasserman Schultz Tells Weiner to Go
    DNC topper calls on colleague to resign ahead of “Meet the Press” bow.

    “Weiner’s continued service in Congress is untenable.”


  6. Read the Deaniac piece and I have to wonder how certain people get to have their writings published in major newspapers when they have little to no analytical skills? A lot of columnists, left and right, just repeat their groups conventional wisdom. Don’t they ever question what’s being said? Or wonder aloud that there is no logic to some of their own arguments? There should be no discussion of the stimulus without talking about the make up congress, the make up of the senate Democrats, how close the final vote was, and the mood of the country at the time. This is why I like to read the People’s View, PM Carpenter and some others on the blog roll. They THINK and ask questions.

  7. Well there goes the PL love for Wasserman. It’s either that or the PL will say Obama forced this little helpless woman to do his bidding.

  8. Yes thank you BWD. Now if only the Deanic article would be published in the MSM as a counter to the Washington Post Myerson piece…What about a respected historian writing a piece about what this President has managed to do without much help from both sides. I will never understand the lack of credit and respect for our President. Makes me want to scream….again. Keep up the fight.
    Face it Weiner news appeals to peoples lower selves…weiners sell.

  9. They’ll say that Wasserman Schultz needs to go and Howard Dean needs to return, it’s bonkers I tell ya!

  10. Jovie, I would like to said that you keep us very info and I wish you knew how to work twitter so you can info everybody. Thank you.

  11. Exactly. Soon she is going to become persona non grata, especially now that there is call from some in the PL to Democrats to give Weiner a break.


    It is amazing to me how the PL flail from issue to issue, yet they profess to claim themoral high ground on almost every issue. They are always right!! Talk about cognitive distortion.

    This Weiner guy is a piece of work. Check out this article, if you alreadyhave not seen it.


    Go figure.

  12. Read this post from PoliticusUSA, it will blow your mind. Seeing all of this information in one place is chilling. To say that this activity is Un-American and unpatriotic is an understatement. And still, none dare call it sabotage.


    On March 14 we published a list of thirty pieces of Republican legislation “that Republicans are using to destroy America.” That list was updated on March 17 with several new items and now we present a completely updated list including those additions from March 17 along with additional pieces of legislation. Furthermore, the list has been rearranged and several new categories introduced, including The War on National Public Radio and The War on Net Neutrality.

    It has become impossible, due to the sheer volume of nihilistic Republican and Tea Party legislation, to keep this list down to 30 items, and has therefore received a new name, one that matches our level of bewilderment at how one of our major political parties could so hate America: “Look What the Republicans Have Done to My Country, Ma.”

    Keep in mind this list, long as it is, is not exhaustive and that it represents a list of Republican legislation that has been proposed, whether signed into law or not. Reader feedback is appreciated; if you have legislation to add that we have missed here, please let us know and it will be on the next list a month or so down the road.


  13. The Associated Press June 8, 2011, 1:37PM ET text size: TTNew streetcar line groundbreaking in New Orleans

    U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and other city officials have broken ground for a new streetcar line. It is expected to begin service in about a year, running from the bus and rail station through the Central Business District to Canal Street.

    The project got $45 million in stimulus money last year.

    LaHood said Tuesday that the Federal Transit Administration also is giving the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority $400,000 to establish a program to help hire and train skilled maintenance workers for streetcars.

    He says the RTA will work with Delgado Community College to ensure that unemployed and underemployed residents have a chance to get jobs created by the stimulus grant.

    Business Week-

  14. Not just Wasserman Shultz, but Nancy Pelosi and Steve Israel also released statements within minutes of each other calling on Weiner to resign.

    Also it’s a virtual lock that his district will be redistricted to extinction now as well. However even if he steps down, I expect a hard fought campaign for his seat even if it is a dead end for 2012 because the GOP will want to win it to counter the Hochul win. It might be D+5, but it has been trending red.

  15. Breaking News:
    House leader Nancy Pelosi calls on Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign amid sex scandal


    And the hits just keep on coming!

  16. All I have to say is WOW! I have been to Farmers Market and thought I would just check in on a Saturday and here is all this great news. BWD and everyone here brings the real news for us.

    I am going to try this twitter. I have an account and after I do some planting I am going to try it out. We’ll see. I’ll see if I can get your new out Jovie!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  17. Now that’s how I like my articles: hard-hitting and forceful. Great writing. Yes sirree — “Obama kept us safe.”

    Obama 2012 — Bring It On.

  18. I have a theory on why DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz, DCCC Chair Steve Israel and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are now calling for Rep. Weiner to resign – they want another special election in the NY Media market that will have the GOP candidate embracing the Ryan Budget and the Dem candidate running to save Medicare.

    Weiner is damaged goods and will not be able to do get anything done the rest of the term. And this his district goes the way of the Dodo in redistricting as NY loses two seats.

  19. Thanks BWD for giving us the information we need to send out to our contacts. One person at a time, that’s what it will take…

  20. Representative Steve J. Israel, Democrat of New York, also called on Mr. Weiner to step down, saying that he clearly needed to seek treatment for “inappropriate behavior.”

    “I pray for his family and hope that Anthony will take time to get the help he needs without the distractions and added pressures of Washington,” Mr. Israel said.

    At the same time, two senior Democratic officials said on Saturday that Mr. Weiner was planning to check himself into a treatment center.

    Treatment center? Sex Addiction ploy?

  21. BWD, thanks for the two wonderful articles here. As to Booman’s, it is so right on. Case in point, Osama Bin Laden was so assured that Bush wasn’t coming after him that it was easy to hide in plain sight without too much worry of being caught.

    Luck maybe, as far as the killer’s capture, but I would wager on the side that with the capture of Bin Laden, these guys don’t feel safe any more and that they have to keep moving around, and for that reason alone, will have to put themselves in harms way, and delightfully so.

    As for Deaniac’s article, I have already sent it to Chris Matthews, who supposedly asked Howard Fineman on his show last night if PBO was delusional. I read in another thread about Matthews. I first of all told him that it was offensive and condenscending to talk about PBO that way. And then I asked him to instead of having the same people like Howard Fineman on his show all the time, to invite Deaniac and others on.

    Following that, I am in the process of sending Deaniac and Booman’s article to everyone in the media in my e-mail address book.

    Go figure.

  22. Great idea to send the articles to the media. As for Matthews, what was that about? I could not believe when he asked if Obama was delusional. I figured that the RNC wanted them pushing Romney because that are afraid of the tea party candidates, but delusional?, that was over the line.


  24. It was because of Bush don’t you know but the economy is due to Obama! It’s just how it is in the upside down world of the Teabuplican idiots and their cohorts the MSM.

  25. My thoughts exactly.

    And as for the so-called MSM, just listen out — now that Wasserman Schulz and Pelosi and other leaders are calling for Weiner to resign, they will start asking what took so long.

    Go figure.

  26. Debz, I really don’t know. I don’t watch TV anymore. But when I read that here in another thread, it got my goat. I sent him an e-mail and cc’d everyone from NBC and MSNBC in my e-mail address book, addressing the issue and more. I told them to ask the Republicans why even after campaigning on creating jobs, have not introduced on jobs bill in the legislature.

    I also reminded them about all of their predictions that President Obama did not stand a Chinese chance in hell of beating Hillary Clinton and that we have reels and reels of tape to show of their empty predictions.

    I told them that the comment was offensive.

    Then I sent him alone a second e-mail telling him to invite Deaniac on as I mentioned before.

    These people are helping to contribute to the mess in this country and it is sickening. Every time I read or hear about their negative coverage, I will write them.

  27. The same group that regularly calls for Obama to publicly call out blue dog Democrats and the same group that cheers when any Democrat publicly goes against the president has the NERVE to demand that the party show loyalty to Weiner.

  28. I’ll be joining you in writing when they push their negative garbage, maybe if they realize that we are paying attention, they will “act right”,I can hope at least.

  29. Reported by: WROC-TV
    (New York, NY) — Oil prices are falling on news that Saudi Arabia plans to increase oil production.

    In late day trading, light, sweet crude was down nearly $3, to $98.98 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Bloomberg says the world’s largest oil exporter is reportedly ready to increase output to ten-million barrels a day in July from its current output of 8.8 million barrels a day.

    The move by the Saudis comes two days after an OPEC meeting. The Saudis proposed a plan to replace lost oil output from Libya and aid in the U.S. economic recovery, but Iran led a group of six nations that shot down the plan.


    Got to go to Ft Desoto with my dog! Catch you all later!

  30. One thing I know is that as much as these people dish out and say these kinds of things, a lot of them are thin-skinned. I write them all the time and every now and then I get a response back. That tells me that they read their stuff. I used to work at a newspaper. Even if they delete it without responding, they read it and whine to their colleagues, trying to justify their point. I saw that a lot. That’s one reason I write these guys all the time.

  31. Thank you BWD for the excellent work you do everyday. I was delighted to see you highlight Deaniac’s brilliant piece at TPV. I think another excellent piece that people in this community should check out is at p m Carpenter’s Commentary, titled “Public Knowledge: On the dismantling of Intellectual Virtue.” I especially liked this passage:

    “There is, in my opinion, considerable merit in the historical interpretation of the New Deal as rather mild reform. Doubtless, the far left contemporaneously saw it that way, and much of the right’s hysteria in portraying it as radical and FDR as a socialist was merely a shameless political gambit. In addition, the prodigiously positive effects of Keynesianism were never competently introduced or economically realized until the coming of war. It was that spending — not the New Deal’s — that first substantially mitigated and then ended the Great Depression.”

    This what the purity progressives who expected President Obama to be a carbon copy of their mythical hero FDR fail to comprehend. It was the massive spending of WWII, In FDR’s fourth term, that , as P.M. Carpenter says, “that first substantially mitigated and then ended the Great Depression.”

  32. I just told him the only delusional person is him for trying to push the corporate raider, Romney as some sort of economic expert.

  33. Spot on.

    And loyalty to a man with a picture emerging that shows that he was all about promoting himself. They hail the bombastic attitudes of people like Weiner, Grayson, but when have we seen any of that hair on fire attitude produce any substantive results, except that the two were able to get more face time on TV.

    Go figure.

  34. Everyone please read this article. It confirms all that we’ve said about Weiner but were called Obots for our observations. He talks a lot but doesn’t DO anything. How are you in office 14 years and not on any committees, have little to no influence in the party, and as far as I know no legislation to his name? Its easy to criticize Obama on policy because he HAS policy and legislation to criticize. Weiner has nothing and I bet he planned it that way. He’s not a team player and it’s not because Dems are “sellouts” its because of his giant ego.

  35. Won’t be long. National Journal has an article up saying that the WH coordinated her statement. She’s gonna be on MTP and they wanted her to be on the record, strongly, before the show.

  36. In fact all of Grayson’s bombastic rants on tevee couldn’t even get him re-elected in his district. He clearly thought his constiuents were folks at the Old Orange.

  37. Thank You two amazing and factual articles that paint Obama as he deserves to be painted…. A GREAT, GREAT leader. THANK YOU !!!!! OBAMA2012 and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. This really is the kind of post that should be on Twitter and then re-tweeted over and over. Especially to those lazy “tv personalities”.

  39. The notion of a ‘Somali government’ anything (other than corruption) brings a smile to my face.

    Well done Langley.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  40. Several members of the orange site is slamming Nancy Pelosi as a sellout and a joke.

    The members are reciting her refusal to go after the bush administration for all the atrocities they did while still allowing wall street criminals to be out in the open.

  41. I just put it on Twitter @smilingl8dy. You can tweet or retweet to spread it around if you like.

  42. I saw the Somali news scroll by on the BBC News 24 and thought, yup, I guess he was in Osama’s address book. The one that the CIA has been flipping through ever since Abbotabad.

  43. It appears that the term “treasure trove” might not be an exaggeration by the military.

  44. The very day that I will start to take TBGOPers seriously, the day, they will hold their decimation of this nation and account and accept their participation in destroying it since 1968.

  45. Bush had no interest in catching and/or killing the members of al Qaeda. His whole Presidency rested on The War on Terror. If he had actually gone after the terrorists and taken them out, he would have nothing else to fall back on. He needed them alive and doing things to justify everything else he did, from dismantling the Constitution to ruining the economy.

  46. Yes I remember, Grayson was the PL American idol!!! it’s minde blowing the PL donated so much money and for what? Yes Weiner should leave he did this to himself sp he shoulf man up.
    I feel aorry for his wife, Grayson and Weiner were always on the TV complaining about Obama.



    China’s recent passive-aggressive behavior on the world stage is unfortunate but not unexpected. PRESIDENT OBAMA IS HANDLING THE PRC’S NON-COLLABORATION WITH GREAT SKILL AND SAVVY. He realizes the Middle Kingdom’s ancient cultural imperatives and contemporary geo-political objectives dictate a balance of caution and steely firmness. If he stays the course, push-me-pull-you tension between China and the West will continue. But strains will not erupt into full-blown crisis…


    Still, China will not receive high marks in global citizenship for some time to come. What can be done now to minimize the bombast of a newly-assertive, but still insecure, Middle Kingdom?

    With the Chinese regarding the gain and loss of face as the currency of forward advancement, only the most naive can regard public hectoring to be an antidote to Middle Kingdom stubbornness. But neither should we accept the Peoples Republic’s awkward attempts to impose its will on neighbors or cut its way to the front of lines.

    BARACK OBAMA’S ASIA STRATEGY IS PERFECT PITCH. From Japan to Vietnam and Singapore to India, HE IS STRENGTHENING RELATIONSHIPS WITH CHINA’S NEIGHBORS, building or rebuilding partnerships with powers that crave American presence in the region. (THE CALL FOR INDIA TO JOIN THE UNITED NATION’S SECURITY COUNCIL WAS A MASTERSTROKE.) HE IS ADOPTING A STRONGER, CLEARER LINE with the Chinese on issues ranging from human rights to currency appreciation, sending unambiguous signals that the West will not be intimidated by Chinese swagger. (AFTER RECENT NORTH KOREAN BELLICOSITY, the U.S. deployed an aircraft carrier to waters the Communist Party erroneously claims are within Chinese territory. THIS WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.)


    THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT IS PROJECTING PRAGMATIC STEELINESS. The Chinese respect this. THEY KNOW OBAMA IS NO FOOL. As one senior leader of a state-owned enterprise said to me, “I USED TO THINK HE WAS NICE. Then I realized he was intelligent. NOW I KNOW HE’S SHREWD, just like Hu Jintao. YOUR LEADER IS A STRATEGIST.” THEIR GUARDED RESPECT FOR HIS TACTICAL ACUMEN will be another counter-balance to Chinese anxious self-protection.


    Will his approach work? A LOT DEPENDS ON the rationalism of future leaders. Xi Jinping, Hu Jintao’s heir apparent, has a reputation as a man with whom we can do business. Still, given the China’s gradualist impulse, “breakthroughs” will be far and few in between. Propaganda organs will never acknowledge Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel achievement. China will never “scold” Iran. But PROGRESS IS POSSIBLE. The Yuan will appreciate but, by Western standards, at interminably slow pace, perhaps over a two-year time frame. China will further isolate North Korea if, and only if, North Korean belligerence poses an immediate threat to regional stability. If America avoids military provocation, territorial disputes in the South China Sea will not disrupt international sea lanes.

    IF, in the words of Teddy Roosevelt, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND OUR POLITICIANS ARE WISE ENOUGH to “speak softly and carry a big stick,” THE WORLD WILL BE A MORE STABLE PLACE and China will be a more accountable, more noble, global competitor.

    http://tinyurl.com/3d5yfpx (It’s a Huff Puff link. But, it’s worth the read!)
    I support and stand by PBHO 100+%…

    In a recent thread post, a TeaPublican congressional delegation went to Iraq “demandin'” they pay back the monetary support given to them by the U.S….They’re a “disgrace.” If they want it, they should GET IT FROM BUSH & CO. No, WE should have NEVER been there! It had NOTHIN’ TO DO WITH 9/11!

    WE GOTTA VOTE the TEAPUBLICANS, at the local/state/federal-level, OUT!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  48. If you want a real perspective on what is happening in Libya – now – then read the comments posted today by mark at:


    I assure you, you won’t see reporting like that from CNN, BBC or anyone else – and it happens to be by someone who knows of what he speaks.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  49. Neat report, snoopy! Thanks for sharing it.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.(Much)More.Together! 🙂

  50. I tried to make sense of what he’s writing but couldn’t. I suppose if you’ve been following him for awhile or are really up-to-date on the conflict, then it would make sense. To just jump in without context is more than I’m qualified to do.

  51. Understood, Tien. The only context I can provide for you now is that he is a ‘tourist’ making a contribution to the freedom of Libyans. Those comments were being posted to DISQUS in between ‘contributions.’

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  52. The PL knows how to pick ’em though. Yelling and screaming does not apparently result in either effective or moral representatives. Makes more sense why California agreed to changed their primary system in the wake of the last great budget battle. Extremists on both ends of the spectrum may be colorful and get on the teevee, but they are roadblocks to effective governance.

  53. Neither Grayson nor Weiner were effective legislators: they lacked the ability to work with others; both self-promoters. Both undermined progress; the opposite of pragmatists. Still burned by the gall of Weiner saying that our president, the epitome of grace, integrity, compassion, hard-working, American values, is not a values person. Not sorry to see Weiner go. No reason why we should tolerate scumbags just because the GOP does.

  54. LOL hf2 @

    He clearly thought his constiuents were folks at the Old Orange.

    I don’t see that blowhard around any more. What happened to his ‘primarying Obama’ crusade ?

    wiener, grayson remind me of typical blowhard back benchers with zero policy achievements to their credits.

  55. This is so cool! I’m enjoying it. Thanks for sharing FURUS50. Will pass along.

  56. Twitter question. After being egged on here, I thought of signing up. But lo and behold, the site said that my e-mail already had a twitter account under my e-mail handle ? Huh ?How did that happen ? Did someone hack into my g-mail account ? Should I ask them delete mt twitter account ? Of course, nothing was ever tweeted from that account though it had two spam twitter followers and had my account following someone at gos. Now I’m leery about twitter.

  57. Excellent snoopy. As an Indian, I can vouch for chinese ankle-snapping at our borders and exerting undue influence on our neighbors in pakistan, nepal and srilanka.

  58. Yes! Fired up! and all in, Well, Well, Well the PlL it’s up in armas defending their American Idol Anthony Weiner. I am not sure wheather they know that The MSM and the GOP that’s all they want to talk about , Weiner, Weiner,and Weiner, and fuck the rest of the country , and talk about solving the real problems.
    As fa as I concern Fuck Weiner, he did thid to himself, and so he want to protect his fucking job, yes he should leave and he has to answerd to his family for his stupidity. Anthony Weiner is NOT put our country on hold to save his job, so please Mr weiner do us a favor and leave.

  59. Good work africa. Instead of whining about media, you’re doing something about it. If only more people bombarded the media with truth, may be the narrative will change.

  60. Hmmm…that really sounds strange amk. perhaps you should contact the managment at Twitter? or at gos?

  61. JJ dinner tonight in s Florida- congressman deutch, DWS, Israel spoke and were awesome. Keynote was duval Patrick and he knocked it out of the park. Said dems ran away from their values after loss -he was so spot on. Really fired up the thousand plus who were there
    for first time in a few weeks didn’t hear one word about weiner!

  62. Dems need Deval Patrick to run for the Massachusetts Senate seat against Brown. I know he has eyes on the Presidency in 2016, but I think he’d be a really long shot there. Would voters hold it against him that he was just re-elected in 2010 and already looking for another gig? Maybe he waits for the Kerry seat opening?

  63. Strange. Have you never signed up before and maybe are just forgetting that you did? I wonder if gmail accounts might be automatically registered for twitter or something as I believe Google bought/owns Twitter. Maybe when you registered for gmail you might have checked/not unchecked a box that automatically created a twitter account.

  64. I put up a gos diary ‘pimping’ BooMan and Deaniac pieces today. I called it “in other news today”. I’ll do that series whenever I come across good pieces.

  65. Good point SR. I didn’t know teh google bought teh twitter. But my gmail account is very old and since I hated twitter, I never signed up for it either directly or through gmail. Anyway, I’ll contact twitter and see what they come up with.

  66. Snoopy, I have to thank you so much for bringing this terrific article here, as I refuse to click to HuffPo!

    I much prefer this perspective on President Obama’s handling of China to that espoused by Richard Gere in the video from a few days ago. PBO grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia; he’s been exposed to and understands more about Chinese culture than Richard Gere could possibly imagine. When Gere said that Obama needed to be bolder, more “frontal” with the Chinese, that just rang false to my Asian-American ears. In Asia, that kind of brute-force directness, while approved of here, is considered kind of rude and crass. This attitude is reflected in the quote about how appraisals for the president grew from “nice” to “intelligent” to “shrewd.” They respect subtlety, discretion, and yes, humility (i.e., the ability to rein in one’s ego). This write-up by Doctoroff also really gets it when he talks about the importance of saving face and the ineffectiveness of public hectoring. Acting “in your face” with the Chinese really makes it harder for them to be seen cooperating with us, because that would represent a loss of face on their part. By being “nice” (covering his steel with velvet), PBO is maximizing the probability of getting what he wants.

  67. The Lt Governor Tim Murray is a Democrat. Pulling Napolitano was a mistake since the SOS took over, and was a Republican.

    Governors are executives by nature and many don’t like the good old boy debating chamber that is the Senate. Napolitano is working high pressure 18 hour days – I don’t think she’s hard wired to fit in the Senate.

  68. Gaddaffi sent a letter to Speaker Boehner thanking him for having the US House of Congress vote to censure the President on Libya apparently. No derision or condemnation from anyone. These Repugs are treacherous to America and the more of the electorate need to know.

  69. I do. The loons came out and the shit hit the fan here:( She was our only BS baffle against the certifiable crazies in the legislature here.I miss her.

  70. Ok, Just now signed up for a new twitter a/c with a new gmail id. Apparently my twitter id is @amk4obama (???) Still trying work that damn thingy on how to tweet.

  71. Some thoughts on Anthony Weiner Checking into rehab…….

    “Checking into rehab” is like when the Repugs declare that they have sought forgiveness from Christ for their sex scandals.

    Finally Democrats who mess up have now found their own potential “get out of jail free” card just as their Repug counterparts use the Jesus “get out of jail free” card. Didn’t Sanford, Ensign, Vitter, Gingrich all use the same cop out? Heck didn’t Newtie even throw in excess patriotic zeal, and such “deeeeeeeeeeeeeep” love for country to defend his serial womanizing and divorces?

    Crazy country!!!! 🙄

    The silver lining in all this is that every single detractor who has viciously challenged or demonized this President from his US senate run for office until now has spectacularly crashed and choked on their own vices. As an African methinks President Obama has some mean protective forces slaying the dragons that cross his path. If I were his political enemies I would be quaking in my boots. The evidence of disasters for any detractor of this President is too overwhelming.

    Obama haters, beware!!! As far as this President is concerned, Karmic justice is 100% guaranteed. Be afraid, be very afraid…..!! 😆

  72. He talks a lot but doesn’t DO anything. That’s why the netroots likes him so much. Egomaniac who talks a lot, is a 100% media creature, yet does little/nothing. Birds of a feather.

  73. Thank you WiW for bringing this amazing video to my attention. I have always liked Dan Gross and his very informative reporting. You just don’t see enough of him on cable or network television.

    I have sent this video to The Rachel Maddow Show, Hardball and the Last Word asking that they do a segment and have Dan Gross on to discuss this in more details. Dan is saying what needs to be said. Dan explains the situation clearly and completely so American can understand it. I will also be sending it to CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN.


    In less than 5 minutes, Dan Gross puts the MSM to shame. He nails the tactics of the GOP perfectly. The media is so afraid of offending with “S” word. Instead of carrying water for the GOP, they should be educating and informing the American people with the facts. We need to ram this down the throats of the MSM and force them to report the TRUTH.

  74. S.R. – Deval will not run for Senator this year. He will serve out his second term as Governor. After that he may move on. When Barack Obama was elected President, there was a lot of talk here in Massachusetts that Deval would get a job in the administration. At that time his approval rating was at its lowest. He responded by saying that he would finish his term as Governor and run for a second term “if the people of Massachusetts would give him that chance”. I have no doubt that he will stay on as Governor until the current term ends. He doesn’t play games and he is true to his word. As much as I want to see Scott Brown go, I am equally interested in keeping Deval Patrick as Governor.

    There are a number of Democratic contenders for Scott Brown’s seat. My favorite is Seti Warren, currently Mayor of the City of Newton. He is very articulate and I believe will have an excellent chance.

  75. amk, It’s so easy to sign up for Twitter that I forgot I had a few years ago when I went to use it earlier this year. It takes about two seconds to sign up. Since it’s never been used, I would suggest just change the password and keep the one you have.

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