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  1. Congrats on being number one. Good morning all. And being number 2 means I am up too early on a Saturday.


  3. Hi Maggy
    Do you find it amazing that the President would have to use his precious time to scold a lazy MSM. I think this meeting was both an indictment and a warning. Guys, get with the program or I may have to call you out on the campaign trail. The MSM failure to educate/inform the public is a crime!

  4. Well, great Britain, France and all the rest of NATO have decreased there military, so they can throw all there resources into there economy.
    Relying totally on America!
    Gates said, no more, you need to beef up your own defense.


  5. Breaking news: In Somalia, The head of Al Qaeda for East Africa has been killed, per Sky News crawler. Also a pocket of AQ in Yemen is no more.

  6. Sounds more like he got lost and strayed into the wrong territory, but we’ll never know for sure. Here is the 1st story:

    “Fazul Abdullah, the presumed head of al Qaeda in east Africa, has been killed in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

    The terror chief was wanted by America for allegedly planning in the US embassy truck bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam in 1998 which killed 224 people.
    Kenya’s police chief confirmed Abdullah was killed on Wednesday – confirming a report from Somali Islamist Shebab rebels”….

    From 2002 he was put in charge of al Qaeda’s operations in the whole of east Africa.
    That same year he planned anti-Israeli attacks in Mombasa that left 15 dead.
    On January 8, 2007, he survived a US raid that left dozens of people dead at Ras Kamboni in southern Somalia”…more

  7. Do you have a twitter account? If not, you really should open one. You find stuff that no one in the world knows about, and Twitter is an extremely effective tool.

  8. This teen girl that was following weiner, is alarming! This is the problem with social media.
    I think people should be schooled about the advantages and dis advantages of social media!

  9. I’m glad he said it as well. The Libya mission highlighted a lot of this – and is also reason why France and the UK are going hard after Gaddhafi eventhough that wasn’t the mission. Nobody can afford long wars – especially now when you don’t get to raid the resources. No doubt Iran and N.Korea are watching and know they’re untouchable for all intents and purposes.

    The West needs to get out of the country building business.

  10. Weiner was a predator of sorts in that he’d find and follow women who commented that he was hot on twitter and the fact that a congressman would follow them was a big kick to them and then he’d start gradually upping the sexual content of his contact with them. You never really know how old people are on line.

  11. I think Pelosi and other dems piling on him to quit indicates that this blowhard of a creep has some more serious felonies under his belt.

  12. I don’t think the Administration likes to trumpet it’s wartime “kills”, with Bin Laden being the exception. If they have to educate folks as to why the person was important first before announcing they were killed is will not reverberate anyways. I think there is only three names that most Americans would recognize as big deals – Ayman al-Zawahiri, Mullah Omar and the American AQ in Arab Peninsula (which would be a big media deal because it would be the targeting and killing of an American citizen).

    I don’t think the US wants to champion it’ bodycount because it would only inflame tensions at home and abroad.

    The Taliban/AQ fighters will know the numbers and their importance as will those engaged in hunting/killing them.

  13. Being a sexual predator is plenty. We don’t need to know any more than that. I swear, these men who are so needy who choose politics as a way to get women. sigh

  14. I don’t think he has any felonies – bu then he doesn’t deserve any benefit of the doubt anymore. His blowhard style never won him many friends in the caucus and it absolute stupidity on this front took the winning issue of the GOP targeting medicare off the front burner – giving the GOP a distraction it was desperate for.

    Not to mention his district is likely to be carved up and disappear. Also he lied to everybody the whole week, even his own leadership and allies in the movement and made all of them look stupid. Pelosi only learned of the truth minutes before Weiner held his presser.

  15. I think PBO finds it classless. And he’s right. But obviously, in our days, being a classy person works against you. This administration was much tougher on AQ than Bush and his idiots even before Bin Laden – yet the media allowed Republicans to portrait him as “weak”. Just like they’re saying now that he made the economy worse. It’s outrageous lie, yet it just becomes the face,

  16. Not needy. I think it is the wielding of power, just like rape and child abuse. Great political power must go to one’s head and they think they can then exercise sexual power over the helpless. It is so sick.

  17. I want to float an idea if I may. Earlier in the week the topic of robocalls came up regarding the Republican plan to dismantle Medicare. The comments I read suggested that this was a waste of time because no one listens to robocalls. My experience hasn’t shown that to be true, but that’s beside the point. What I think is going on, or at the very least this could be an excellent side benefit, is that these calls aren’t so much about the Medicare aspect of the scripts, but the tax part of the equation. I think one of the reasons these committees are using the calls is to emphasize the unfairness of asking seniors to pay more while millionaires get tax cuts. I think this is about the millionaires getting tax cuts and softening people up so that when the time comes to let the Bush tax cuts expire, people will be more open to and supportive of letting millionaires lose their tax cuts.

    Please feel free to give me better information, but aren’t those tax cuts set to expire right around the time of the election? Don’t we need to have the electorate ready to accept that expiration so it doesn’t become an issue?

  18. I just watched the Bill Maher vid from last night posted on raw story where he and Jane Lynch re-enact word for word the Weiner exchange with the Vegas blackjack dealer. They read the exact words, and it was pretty gross. Weiner definitely has problems, character problems at the very least. It was reckless and sick and idiotic behavior. I think he needs to resign. He will have no credibility dealing with any kind of legislative issues. He’s become a pathetic joke.

  19. Good Morning Everyone. I hope that you all will have a great Sat. Thanks BWD again for all of the great work that you create for us on this site. I hope that you will also have a peaceful Sat.

  20. Pillow talk read in the harsh light of a television studio would sound off-putting and gross as well.

  21. It distresses me so much that we have a new generation that has no idea what honest journalism is supposed to look like.

    I took one journalism class in high school. Journalism was never going to be my career but I learned so much about how to be a critical thinker on any number of subjects, how to write succinctly and clearly, how to highlight what was important. And more than anything, I learned that being sure of the truth was paramount to getting a story out early. It made me a better writer in all of my endeavors. It was one of the best classes I had in high school. (I’m 61 years old. I’m talking the 60’s).

    Yes, I still go to the Orange site and actually find some reasonable stories there. That McKinsey ‘study’ that showed that 30% of employers would drop employee coverage under ACA. Numerous other studies show the opposite, of course. The WH called it an ‘outlier’ at first — making it sound as if it could be judged like all other other studies. You KNOW how I feel about lousy messaging!

    I think it was Rolling Stone that bothered to call the organization and ask for its methodology and other important factors in judging the reliability of the study. They were the only ones who asked. NONE of the other news sources bothered to do this important step. They refused to say what methodology was used or answer any of the other reasonable questions of Rolling Stone (if it’s not Rolling Stone, I stand corrected).

    Ends up they used an entirely different ‘methodology’ to reach these conclusions. There is internal strife in the organization itself over the way this study was conducted, and that it could not stand up to peer review.

    My point: no news provider bothered to ask. The WH, by initially calling it an outlier, made it seem as if it belonged in the mix (they have since started to investigate but the initial lousing messaging still stands).

    And my favorite example of how all journalism is now yellow: A headline on CNN this morning: “Weiner contacts a teen.” Even in their ‘developing story’, Weiner talked to the kid about college and the political issues of the day. The kid was not sexted. There was nothing explicit or suggestive. But there stands the headline. On a busy Saturday morning, if you glance at that headline and leave the house, what impression are you left with?

    This NEVER would have happened even 20 years ago. Not until Bill Clinton deregulated the news industry and let this crap grow to dangerous levels. One of the things I will never forgive him for.

  22. I disagree partially: labeling a poll as an “outlier” is a polite way of saying that something about the sampling or methodology makes the poll bulls**t, and out of the mainstream of polling results. I don’t see where the WH did anything wrong in this regard. They defended their legislation and noted that mainstream polls cited far different results, yet not in a bombastic or impolite fashion, because that just isn’t the WH’s style.

    I do totally agree with your points about journalistic standards and the need for journalists to follow up wrt outlier polls and other fishy information, and present the entire story. Rolling Stone should indeed be applauded for doing so.

  23. I don’t dive into the things that will drive me crazy over there, but I do find current info to follow up on. I’ve learned how to protect my blood pressure.

    Precious little about the successes of our terrific President but it does show up from time to time.

    By the way, Tien, what great work you’re doing at TPV.

  24. I’m beyond afraid of sticking my neck out for Weiner again, as he’s been so completely dishonest about this matter, but IF the exchange with the teen was as described, it does not read as improper to me. He seems like a complete egomaniac who fed off of the adoration of some of his admirers. For the teen, he seems to have kept it PG. For the adults, he seems to have courted a deeper, more sexual, admiration from them. I completely agree that he made a ton of people look stupid, eroded trust, gave some GOP hacks a crazy media story (as well as a group of women/girls to IRL harass), and just needs to slink into a corner or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if his district were indeed targeted for elimination.

  25. as I understand Mckinsey is a reputed org. So I don’t exepct anyone responsible to call them out as liars though ‘outlier’ comes to close to that. 🙂

  26. A little more:

    “In statistics, an outlier is a single observation far away from the rest of the data.

    Outliers usually demand special attention since they may indicate problems in sampling or data collection or transcription. Alternatively, an outlier could be the result of, for example, a truly unusual response to a given treatment, calling for further investigation by the researcher.”

  27. I appreciate your insight. I always thought that just meant that their results were not indicative of the preponderance of information from other studies/polls. I did not realize it would call into question the actual methodology. And the WH was quick to respond and did point to all the other studies that prove the opposite of this study. They defended themselve vigorously with good, solid facts and I was quite happy with that. It is my ignorance, then, of what an ‘outlier’ implies and I appreciate the correction.

    So I amend my comment and say, Yea, WH!. They have since demanded that McKinsey show how they arrived at these results and McKinsey has refused. So we’ve handled this pretty well, in my opinion.

    My one quibble: it’s pathetic that we should applaud Rolling Stone for doing what every news organization should be doing before running with a story. They NEVER question the methods of the AEI or Heritage, whose sole purpose is to slant public opinion.

    I’m totally pissed at Weiner for his behavior that has hurt Democrats. When will these guys ever learn? That being said, the headline is, as Sally Field said in the brilliant film Absence of Malice: “True? No. ‘Accurate’? Yes.”

    Did he text the teen? Yes. Was it suggestive or sexual in any way? Wait 15 minutes on CNN before you actually get the story that backs up the headline.

    Another email to the yellow journalists at CNN……..

  28. lol, it’s pretty much calling bs, yet doing so in a way that doesn’t assume bad motives (leaves room for innocent sampling errors or mistaken methodologies, etc.),

  29. I couldn’t agree more, and definitely only disagreed with that tiny portion of your comment; I thought that the remainder was just spot-on, as is usual for your remarks. 🙂

    From my reading of the tweets to the teen, they seemed pretty vanilla, but given what’s taken place, there could be private messages that we don’t know about. The story just gets worse every day!

  30. I was not able to get a refreshed post all yesterday. So, I didn’t see the Natasha Obama’s B-day wishes.

    The kid is now double digit. How lovely. She looks just like her mother.

    I wish her a happy belated birthday.

    The POTUS talking to the ececutives isn’t not going to change a thing, if he has NO one going dialy to speak for him 24/7 through the media. This idea of just cajolling these media people with kid gloves has not worked.

    One month in 15 months, still straight job growth, yet the ADM allowed TBGOPers and the media to flame it as a failure. One month is not an economic down fall, when there are NO data to support it, whatsoever. The TBGOPers want a cahnge in the media, from the Paul Ryan medicare discussion.

    This ADM doesn’t have real defenders on TV/Cable where most Americans get their information. That really needs to change, yesterday.

    Chris Matthews asking Howard Fineman is the president is delutional was distrurbing to me. I have written them and called them 2X @ 212-664-4444.

    This part of the problem.

    We have got to fight these haters from all angles.

  31. I’m not sure this is a new phenomenon. Here is a quote from Douglas Hofstadter written in 1982 regarding the press:
    “The ‘middle position’ is calculated by averaging all claims together, outrageous ones as well as sensible ones, and the louder any claim, the more it will count. Politically savvy people learn this early and make it their credo; idealists learn it late and refuse to accept it.”

  32. Einstein bout averaging.

    If I stick my one hand in boiling water and the other in ice, the average temperature doesn’t make me any more comfortable, just make me stupid. (ok, last phrase was mine)

  33. I agree BWD. I signed up this last week and it is amazing what you see there. I have posted several things on facebook that I found on Twitter. It isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I would like to see us all join there, follow each other and bolster any comments made by one another. I reecognize Saint Rosco, Whatisworking and you areis on there, but I am sure there are others.

  34. Jovie, If you don’t mind me saying so: Out of a lot of folks I see on Tweeter, You should be One that shoulb on TWEETER, You provides us with so much information here…Tweeter would blow some of the nonsense I hear 24/7. As BWD mentioned, TWEETER is an extremely effective tool.

    Information feed is faster than any cable news, Thanks to Tweeter and FB, Egypt and some part of the Middle East demonstration was a huge factor. Hope you join…and I am ready to Follow 🙂

    I follow VAN JONES, and I read that on June 23, there will be a huge announcement, with
    regarding the economy, some kinda of campaign across the country. I sure would like to find out what it is?

  35. I agree BWD. They call him “weak” when he shows compassion, they call him “arrogant” when he shows confidence.

    The World knew beforehand that this President was so worthy of the “NOBEL PRIZE”…and oh boy!!! Did He deliver:-)

    From the Arms Treaty with Russia, killing OBL, eradicating Al-Queda killing what’s left.
    The World is a safer place, because of President Barack Obama.

  36. Just when you think a Republican can’t be more obnoxious or outrageous, they go and outdo themselves:

    Iraq government says Congress delegation “not welcome”
    Posted 2011/06/10 at 5:03 pm EDT

    BAGHDAD, June 10, 2011 (Reuters) — Iraq said on Friday a visiting Congress delegation was “not welcome” in the country, citing reports its leader called on Baghdad to pay compensation to Washington for years of war since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion.

    Iraqi officials said Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher told reporters during a visit on Friday that Baghdad should repay billions of dollars Washington had spent on the Iraq war.

  37. Insider trading probe Nabs 40 and counting!
    Treasury punishes banks for selling bad mortgages!

    CNN bottom line-

  38. It’s being said that Rick Perry is 90% in and will announce shortly that he will run for President. If this does happen, I think he becomes a front runner and it basically becomes Perry vs Romney with all others falling by the wayside. Fox will swoon, and the teabaggers will have their candidate.

    Perry talks just like Bush, same mannerisms as well – it’s almost uncanny.

  39. This is an issue. Our military budget for Europe has far outlived its usefulness, except to help European economy at our expense.

    We no longer have to worry that Germany of Japan are going to invade the U.S. Come on, now.

    Gates was great.

  40. I like that they said the delegation was unwelcome. Helps me believe that they aren’t going to change their minds about having us completely out of their country by the end of the year.

  41. The Weiner episode once again exposes the fact that the extreme left has no core conviction other than contempt for President Obama and his administration. How many times have we heard them question the moral convictions of the President to stand up for Democratic values, or how they will never pick up a phone again in support of President Obama because of the lack of a public option or the pace of DADT dismantlement.

    But they insist that Weiner must have the unwavering support of all Democrats, even though he lied to his wife, his friends and constituents, in addition to coaching the porn star recipient of his nude photo how to lie — even offering PR resources to help her lie.

    How many times have they lectured the White House on their incompetence in messaging, and yet they do not see a messaging problem with the daily drip, drip, drip headlines of a Representative following 17 year olds who said they had a crush on him and sending unsolicited photos to the adults.

    I ask you, if this was Tim Geithner instead of Anthony Weiner, do you think we would be hearing calls for unwavering support and this is just between him and his wife?

  42. Talks like Bush, eh? Well that’s just brilliant. Maybe he’ll remind people of Bush and keep reminding people of Bush. And then Jeb will keep reminding people of Bush in ’16. Makes me happy at the thought of it.

  43. Oh brother!
    Google it, just told me that, the libertarian running as a democrat(not saying his name on purpose) is trying to primary the president(good luck).
    But, he does have some money. So, he is running a 3 million dollar ad in Iowa saying that the predident is a baby killer! If you want more details, google it. I am appalled!
    You just cannotake this crap up!

  44. Oh, god. I guess I’m gonna have to learn how to do it, huh? You guys make it sound far more important than I realized.

  45. Of all the smart people on this site, you my Jovie, ARE NOT STUPID! Maybe you just need a good teacher to show you how to use twitter. It could be a handy tool or it can get you in trouble. It depends on how you use it.

  46. I guess there was nothing suggestive in these exchanges with the teenaged girl.

    That being said, Anthony Weiner has ended up being a First Class Jerk of the Highest Magnitude. No one with his righteous indignation against our President has a right to behave like this.

    Okay, men, stop reading now: men are slime. Not all of them, God knows. But seriously. Go out on a date. No one cares anymore if you have sex with someone you’re dating. If your actions can hurt this country’s difficult path back to progressive ideals, then don’t do it. Or don’t go into politics. But behave. Don’t you have enough power?

  47. I should have said, there is nothing suggestive in the emails with the teen-aged girl — YET. I certainly don’t trust what Anthony Weiner says anymore.

  48. Yeah. Except FL has now made such campaign donations legal.

    By all means, lazy Americans — keep electing Republicans.

  49. Keep an eye on this story, too, Jovie. Commodity speculation puts whole countries into starvation:

    “Federal regulators are ramping up their war against speculators, preparing to publicly name traders who bet on oil markets for profits, the Miami Herald reported.

    Speaking in New York this week, Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) chairman Gary Gensler renewed his attack on Wall Street traders and vowed the commission was poised to take action. He presented data showing that nine out of 10 traders betting that oil prices would rise are financial speculators, not end users of oil like heating dealers or airlines who regularly hedge against potential price increases through commodity markets….more

    Then I want them to go after the currency speculators.

  50. This anti-abortion nut ?

    The famous (or infamous) anti-abortionist and 2012 presidential candidate Randall Terry is releasing his first TV ad tomorrow, asking Iowans to vote for him in the 2012 caucus. But Terry isn’t one of the many potential Republican hopefuls who will make their case in the premier election state. He’s running against President Obama in the Democratic caucuses.

    Terry, whose running mate is effectively a dead fetus, appears to have all the elements of more fringe conservatives. He begins the ad by giving Obama’s full Hussein-y name; borrows Republican Arizona Rep. Ben Quayle’s line about the “worst president in history;” rails against Obama’s “socialist” agenda; and beckons Iowa voters to do something very un-liberal: namely, voting with a sense of principles.

  51. Why wouldn’t he just run in the GOP Primary? I mean I can’t see many in Iowa switching their affiliation to vote for him against Obama when they’ll have a hotly contested GOP primary

  52. Great observation Tien Le……you on point when you say “Softening People Up”
    As we know PBO will not extend Bush Tax cuts, I believe that Democrats are being pro-active in what is about to come, in both subjects, Medicare and Tax Cuts.

  53. Perry makes Bush look like a liberal. He’s batshit right wing.

    But he’s ‘pretty’. I say if he gets in the race, he wins the nomination. Thoughts?

  54. We should make a list of twitter names here so people can follow one another. I am on twitter and don’t know how to find any of you.

  55. Yup! The republicans running fake dems all over the place! They are doing it in Wisconsin, too,

    Btw: the recall election in Wisconsin is july12th!

  56. Eh, except that Perry repeatedly called for Texas to secede from the U.S. He can’t get elected outside of Texas after that. He may make it through the primaries, but he’d get killed in the general election.

  57. Slick Rick stole the election, there is no way Bill White would receive less than 60% of the votes in Houston. It was too convenient the warehouse for Houston voting boxes was torched very close to the election and Slick Rick was too close in Dallas too.

    BTW he HATES debates or questions so he might win the nomination but he will be worst than Palin when it comes to his rhetoric.

  58. Here’s a personal observation and some background:

    My husband and I are middle class. Depending on which month or year, we’re poor or doing okay (we’re self-employed). We own a modest Chicago bungalow with $95,000 left on our mortgage. My husband is on Medicare so for the first time he has health care that we can count on. In general, we’re not poor but we’re far from even robust middle class.

    I’m sure I’m not alone in being on the hunt for decent products that do a good job for a reasonable price. For example, I’ve been hunting for years for a decent dish rack: one where the silverware doesn’t collapse, holds my dishes, drains the right direction, decently constructed. Important in the grand scheme of things? Of course not. But when I’m out in the stores, I look for one that will fulfill our needs. We don’t own a dishwasher. Or rather, my husband is the primary dishwasher — I have severe allergies to detergents, gloves, even the non-allergic ones. We don’t go on vacations, we never go out to a movie. We think we should be able to afford a decent dish rack.

    So yesterday we stopped at the Container Store. We found a dish rack that appeared to suit all of our needs. It retailed for $70 (!) but it was on sale so we bought it. Cross this off my list of looking for the perfect item: it’s great.

    Now, not everyone would consider paying $40 for a dish rack. We got paid for a decent job this week, picked up some new work and have food in the freezer. So we splurged.

    Now to my point (took me long enough, didn’t it?): If you’re in a position to pay a little more for a decent item, why does that item have to be made in China? This $70 dish rack doesn’t cost that much more to make than a $15 dish rack from Wal-Mart. Why can’t that item be made in the U.S.?

    Yes, the profit will be less but you could still sell it for $70. Damn near all of the cost of manufacture would stay in the United States. The workers would have money to spend at their local hardware store, buy school books and shoes, maybe even eat out at an American restaurant. The taxes paid by those workers would go directly to American municipalities and the U.S. Federal government. The return would be enormous, if that product was made in the United States instead of China. Instead of adding extra profit to a multi-national corporation, that money would funnel back into the U.S. economy. It would create an engine for the American economy.

    China has high tariffs on American goods. We allow ‘free’ trade which means they can dump all of their products in the U.S. and pay nothing for the privilege. Our trade policies do not serve this country well at all.

    If we had a functioning opposition party we could have this discussion. Instead, Republicans do all they can to protect that multi-national corporation from doing anything to help America be strong. Despicable.

  59. Here’s some info. I was able to find out about Van Jones announcement…(Don’t want to lin HP here)

    The former Obama adviser, who said he has spoken to more than 30,000 Americans on college campuses, in churches and in union halls since his exile from the White House, hinted at proverbial fireworks. But the real impact, he predicted, would be what originates from the event.

    “I think people will be really surprised by what gets announced on the 23rd and the aggressive campaign that will come out of it,” Jones said, in an interview with The Huffington Post. “There will be a presence in every campaign district in the country … The idea is to help give a megaphone to this silent majority.”

    “We will be speaking to the main issue that America is not broke,” he added. “The pie gets bigger every year — it is just that the middle class’s slices get smaller and smaller.”

  60. From your lips to God’s ears.

    Rachel did a great segment on his prayer day, paid for by the American Family —- something. As evil a group as I’ve ever seen. These are Perry’s pals.

    I think he could be nominated. He’s decimated Texas, that’s for sure. I see him being more palatable to Republicans than Romney.

  61. I like hanging out / lurking here with the cool kids…tweetin this spot to my 16,500+ tweeple.

    Fired Up..!!

    Ready To Go..!!!

  62. The Republicans don’t want to discuss the serious issues like this that really matters – instead they want us focused on Anthony Weiner or such nonsense.

    On a slightly different note: Nowadays it seems like products are made to last as only long as the warranty – (usually 3-12 months). I remember clothes irons lasting for years when I was child. Now I have to replace an iron at least twice a year, or put up with a malfunctioning one.

  63. I just came from reading the comment section at the daily gos under PBO’S saturday morning speech and you would think you at These people are not progresssives. They are delusional and they live in their own little world. I am sorry I brought this up,but I had to said it.

  64. Distractions from the purpose of our government, and you’re allowing the MSM and all their excitement about this stupid, loss of self control possess you’re thoughts.
    Republicans love side shows. The more titillating the better. Stay tuned to that or get down to real issues, You’re choice

  65. His “exile from the White House”?? Does this mean the “fireworks” are going to be against the President? If this involves move-on, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  66. They are primarily affluent Libertarians – who tack on some “progressive” issues when it suits them. Some of them are in fact redstate regulars. The owner of the site, Markos, is a ” former” Republican, and like Arianna Huffington, he probably harbours some underlying resentment of the current President and it’s reflected in the atmosphere he maintains on that site.

  67. Hopefully it’s something like a Super Pac and not a primary or 3rd party challenge. Van is a pretty level headed dude though, so I don’t really worry about the latter two. Maybe something with Gore’s station…

  68. The article came from HP, so the phrases and words used are slanted accordingly. I have heard Van Jones speak before, and he is anything but anti-Obama. In fact, since the last Netroots, he is no longer on the DKOS “hero” list because he came right out and defended the President against the Professional Left screamers.

  69. I know Van Jones supports PBO but I don’t trust move-on at all. I hope they are going after the repugs.

  70. Also a very big-monied organization that is quietly powerful. The office in D.C. is across from the White House. Often where there’s nighttime coverage of the White House/visitors there, it’s shot from the McKinsey balcony. I went to a fancy-pants Japanese reception there a million years ago.

  71. Your comment made me think of a brilliant post by Steve Benen posted back in November 2010 about the Republican Party actively trying to sabotage the economic recovery for partisan political gain. What the Republican Party is doing is Un-American and unpatriotic. I know this because if the roles were reversed, that’s exactly what they would be saying about the Democrats 24X7. But apparently, IOKIYAR……


    Consider a thought experiment. Imagine you actively disliked the United States, and wanted to deliberately undermine its economy. What kind of positions would you take to do the most damage?

    You might start with rejecting the advice of economists and oppose any kind of stimulus investments. You’d also want to cut spending and take money out of the economy, while blocking funds to states and municipalities, forcing them to lay off more workers. You’d no doubt want to cut off stimulative unemployment benefits, and identify the single most effective jobs program of the last two years (the TANF Emergency Fund) so you could kill it.

    You might then take steps to stop the Federal Reserve from trying to lower the unemployment rate. You’d also no doubt want to create massive economic uncertainty by vowing to gut the national health care system, promising to re-write the rules overseeing the financial industry, vowing re-write business regulations in general, considering a government shutdown, and even weighing the possibly of sending the United States into default.

    You might want to cover your tracks a bit, and say you have an economic plan that would help — a tax policy that’s already been tried — but you’d do so knowing that such a plan has already proven not to work.

    Does any of this sound familiar?

  72. Someone explain to me how someone who was once a GOP or whatever can suddenly call themselves a Democrat? Doesn’t the Democratic Party have to recognize you as a Democrat? fund you as a Democrat? OK, if you have your own money you can get on any ballot but would that person seriously be included in any debates, etc.,?

  73. You sound like you’ve been listening to Tom Hartmann. I agree with you and I think people are starting to wake up. When I shop everything is made in China or some other country. I want to buy something made in America or USA. A lot of people do. I think we are heading in that direction. I heard that the someone complained to Senator Bernie from VT about all the gifts at the Smithsonian are made in China. The Smithsonian is a tribute to America and Americans yet nothing is made in the USA in the gift shop. I heard Friday that the Smithsonian has started to stock goods made in USA at some of their gift shops and soon ALL the items will be made in the USA. We as consumers have a lot of say in what we want. If you don’t tell the stores and their owners they will continue to stock goods from other countries at very high prices.

  74. It’s interesting that a site that was supposedly founded to back democrats can contain, at times, so much hate for a Democratic president.

    That’s why I am gald to be be here and to have other places like TOD, TPV, etc. Our charge will be to counter the negativity relentlessly and push back with everything we’ve got.

    That group has tried in every way to sully this president and they have failed and will continue to.

  75. Actually he didn’t know the ages of any of the women he was communicating with. He said so in his press conference. So in this case, he was very lucky that the exchange was innocent.

  76. Geithner? NOPE. It would be more evidence (in their minds) that Geithner is morall corrupt. Hell, if this was blue dog Democrat they would absolutely join the calls for him to resign. The PL has turned this into a fight between liberals and blue dogs. They never learn.

  77. I agree but think the biggest difference now is cable news and the Internet – the crazy is amplified 24/7. Also, newsrooms are smaller so there is less personnel for research and fact checking. The idea is to get the article up on the web asap, while the story is hot and update it with corrections and more detail later. Everything is so fast – the news cycle turns so quickly, especially now that more reporters are using Twitter.

    And I think that some reporters, especially cable news, are less knowledgeable about current events so they can’t dig below the surface and get to the heart of the issue. The rest of them are promoting PL or right wing agendas and/or they are shills for their corporate masters. All of it is dangerous for democracy.

    The people are hungry for real news, which is rarely found on cable or in the large national dailies. I think the answer is in developing viable local mediums. That’s also why I think PBO strategy of talking to local reporters is so important.

  78. Regarding Matthews asking Fineman if PBO is delusional, I sent a note and cc’d everyone else at NBC and MSNBC in my e-mail address book. I told him it was offensive and condescending. I also asked them why they are not asking the Republicans about the jobs they promised to deliver after taking the House.


  79. Thanks. I’m going to send it to my cousin, who is an ex-con who started a business that’s very successful. He’s even following the green trend as a green builder! He was working with someone to develop programs for ex-offenders to start their own businesses.

  80. Rohrbacher is all macho posturing. It does show further that Johnny Orange isn’t in charge of his team.

  81. I’ve found in the last ten years that whether one pays $2 or $200 for an item, it’s going to be made in China.

  82. He also made a reference to religion while there, which also got him off their “black guy we love and support” list. I think that’s now done just to Corney West. Tavis can *think* he’s on there but I doubt manyu of them could pick him out of lineup with Bill Nunn, the Duh Duh Duh Man years.

  83. Right, because the issue even being an issue is anyone’s fault but Weiner’s. Please.

  84. BILL MOYERS DISCUSSES INDEPENDENT MEDIA AND FIGHTING BACK AGAINST UNBRIDLED CORPORATE GREED AND POWER: Legendary journalist Bill Moyers discusses the transformation of democracy from a citizens’ to a consumer society and the importance of non-corporate media.

    This is an excerpt of Democracy Now!’s interview with legendary journalist Bill Moyers. You can read the entire transcript on Democracy Now!’s website.

    “… BILL MOYERS: Well, the consensual seduction of the mainstream media by and with the government is one of the most dangerous toxins at work in America today. They wouldn’t see it this way, and there are exceptions, but the corruption of corporate media, corporate power and government is what makes so vital what the two of you [Amy Goodman/Juan Gonzalez] do. I’m serious about that…

    … The consensual seduction of the mainstream media with power, corporate power, government power—with exceptions, I repeat—is something that, without the antidote of independent reporting and analysis that you do and others, we would be in—we would be in a dark, dark pit with no light shining on us…

    … The Carnegie Commission became the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967. And I wish we had it here, because the speech Lyndon Johnson made when he signed the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 is a great tribute to a network devoted to the life of the mind, the life of the spirit, and the diversity of American voices. He believed that only white male straight guys got on national television in those days, and he was right. And he saw the value, the changing—the changes coming in America, and he believed there should be a public media that was devoted to the diversity, the pluralism of American life, and to the highest expression of the creative and journalistic arts in this country…

    … Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR). And they showed that even on public broadcasting today, in our mainstream broadcasts, it’s usually the official view of reality that’s represented, far more corporate spokesmen than labor or working people spokesmen, far more white, male figures of authority than people of color and marginalized people. That’s just a tendency of human beings that always has to be resisted. And public television, public radio belongs to the people. Go back and read a great document, the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967. And when we stray from it, as we sometimes do, the public has to rise up and say, “We own you. We are your shareholders. Come back to first principles. Come back to first things.”…

    … Conservatives, on principle, don’t believe that federal funds should be used to support the media. But then also, they don’t believe in allowing any alternative voices, any alternatives to the official view of reality, to be heard. So they have always been against public broadcasting.

    And sometimes self-censorship occurs because you’re looking over your shoulder, and you think, well, if I do this story or that story, it will hurt public broadcasting. Public broadcasting has suffered often for my sins, reporting stories the officials don’t want reported. And today, only about seven—you know, a very small percentage of funding for NPR and PBS comes from the government. But that accounts for a concentration of pressure and self-censorship. And only when we get a trust fund, only when the public figures out how to support us independently of a federal treasury, will we flourish as an independent medium…

    … I was fortunate to find sympathetic kindred spirits—I mean, I look out on this audience, and there’s Barbara Fleischman, who supports Democracy Now!, who’s been a supporter of mine—individuals and foundations who believed in an independent, alternative media to corporate journalism. And I’ve been fortunate. I hope others coming along—I still believe in public media, still believe in PBS, still believe in NPR. Even with our faults and our deficiencies, we are still the alternative to the corporate media. We must resist encroachments. I mean, I saw a story the other day that, perhaps in September, PBS programs will begin to have underwriting content within the broadcast. That would be a terrible step toward the slippery slope of changing the nature of public broadcasting, and we have to resist that. But WE STILL THE PLACE THAT RESPECTS YOU AS A CITIZEN AND DOESN’T TREAT YOU AS A CONSUMER.

    THE GREATEST CHANGE IN POLITICS in my time HAS BEEN THE TRANSFORMATION OF DEMOCRACY, America, from a citizens’ society, the moral agency of all those people in the civil rights movement who stood up against the weight of authority and against persecution and acted as agents of change—THE CHANGE FROM A CITIZENS’ SOCIETY TO A CONSUMER SOCIETY, where most of us are caught up on that treadmill, trying to get more, trying to keep our head above water. And as a result of that, public broadcasting, which remains a place that treats you as a citizen and not a consumer, is also threatened. We must defend it. We must call it back to its heights. We must continue to support it, because without it, we’re at the mercy, totally—except for the internet—of corporate power…

    … THE ESCALATING, ACCUMULATING POWER OF ORGANIZED WEALTH IS SNUFFING OUT EVERYTHING PUBLIC, whether it’s public broadcasting, public schools, public unions, public parks, public highways. EVERYTHING PUBLIC HAS BEEN UNDER ASSAULT since the late 1970s, the early years of the Reagan administration, BECAUSE THERE IS A PHILOSOPHY THAT’S BEEN EXTANT IN AMERICA for a long time THAT ANYTHING PUBLIC IS LESS DESIRABLE THAN PRIVATE…

    …we’re at a very critical moment in the equilibrium. No society, no human being, can survive without balance, without equilibrium. Nothing in excess, the ancient Greeks said. And Madison, one of the great founders, one of the great framers of our Constitution, built equilibrium into our system. WE DON’T HAVE EQUILIBRIUM NOW. THE POWER OF MONEY TRUMPS THE POWER OF DEMOCRACY today, and I’m very worried about it. I said to—and IF WE DON’T ADDRESS THIS, if we don’t get a handle on what we were talking about—MONEY IN POLITICS—and find a way to thwart it, tame it, we’re in —DEMOCRACY SHOULD BE A BREAK ON UNBRIDLED GREED AND POWER, because capitalism, capital, like a fire, can turn from a servant, a good servant, into an evil master. And DEMOCRACY IS THE BRAKE on my passions and my appetites and your greed and your wealth. And WE HAVE TO GET THAT EQUILIBRIUM BACK…


    Although some may “dislike” Keith Olbermann, Current TV, w/him on it, may help us in the long run. It maybe “the weapon,” along w/other IND media and social media, needed against MSM and their ilk!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  85. Keith has lined up Michael Moore and David Shuster. I loved David before he got canned by MSNBC, but I’ve heard him on the radio recently bashing Obama, much to my deep dismay.

    There will be good days and bad days. The bad days will be full of Obama-bashing. The good days will be days to cheer.

    I would at least like to see a progressive ‘balance’ with some supporters of the President but there is yet no evidence that that is on Keith’s menu.

    There is a tendency on our side to call someone a hero one day and the devil the next. There are certain ‘progressives’ who we can dismiss out of whole cloth, like Cenk. I think we should expect to send Keith a steady stream of truth to contradict his flights of hyperbole. I believe that Keith is a smart, reasonable man and can be persuaded of the nuance necessary to help return this country to progressive ideals. He has a phenomenal opportunity to begin a progressive network without the constraints of corporate ownership. I think he is going to need our help in fashioning an effective voice.

  86. That’s my point. Everything is made in China, even alleged ‘expensive’ goods. Appliances barely last a year, no matter what you pay for them.

  87. I’m a quilter and a quilting instructor. I know exactly what you mean about irons! I would go through one, two a year no matter how much money I paid for them. And don’t get me started on toasters.

    About 9 years ago I bought an iron made by T-Fal and it’s still working. At that time it was made in Europe somewhere. Now the T-Fal irons are made in China, like everything else. I’d pay extra for an iron that I could rely on for a reasonable period of time. I’d spend less, have a reliable product and help my country regain a robust, growing economy.

    Obama would love to do for the entire manufacturing sector what he did for GM. Republicans and MSM won’t let him. Pathetic.

  88. I do listen to Thom and have great respect for his intelligence. He can aggravate me sometimes when he goes off on his “the sky is falling!” rhetoric. He has been more reasonable of late on most things Obama-related. There is no question that he wishes for a more pure progressive agenda but for the last few months he has been completely reasonable about the reasons why and has urged his angrier callers to understand as well.

    Thom Hartman and I share a birthday. I’m exactly one year older than he is.

  89. MoveOn used to be a very left of center, moderate, active organization of common sense, on the ground people who did what they could to advocate for positive change, with a good amount of actual results in that regard. Now, it seems to be an organization which uses sensationalist rhetoric and media sensations in order to obtain attention, stretching the boundaries of ethics/integrity (ex: the recent video which falsely claimed to be a hack of Fox”News”).

    As for these coming “fireworks”: any “both parties are the same” teaparty supposedly “for the left” is a waste of time IMO. At this point, the most important thing which any of these organizations can do is to register voters and stop underestimating the GOP. Any media splash which undermines that is just not worth the time and attention. I love The Roots, but I’ll pass on this.

  90. good morning everyone. I hate robocalls but they might work on somepeoppppooplople

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