“Under Bush, terrorists were ‘elusive’, and ‘masters of disguise’. Under President Obama, terrorists are dead”

This, from Booman, is just *this*.

Fazul Abdullah Mohammed was actually indicted in a U.S. court for his role in the African Embassy Bombings of 1998. But he didn’t turn himself in, so now he’s dead.


The official word is that he was killed at checkpoint by Somalian security forces. Maybe, in this case, Obama was just lucky. Who knows? I’ll take a lucky president over a bumbling one.

This is how a war on terrorists should have looked. Instead of big invading and occupying armies that chewed up our treasury, we should have methodically tracked down the people who were directly responsible and either captured them and put them on trial in normal courts or killed them if that wasn’t possible.

The geniuses around Bush left us broke with a prison we can’t close, prisoners we can’t prosecute or let go, broken countries we can’t leave, a reputation for torture, and enough resentment to last many generations.

The mess Bush left was epic. So epic.


And this, from deaniac, is even more *this* (Please go read it all):

// snip

He’s the President who pulled us back from the brink of a full on economic disaster, whatever his detractors on either side of the political pendulum have to say about it. He is the President who revitalized the American auto industry. He’s the president who passed health care reform that that presidents and Congresses have been talking about for over a half a century. He’s the president who put common sense rules of the road back in the financial industry through the most sweeping regulatory reform since the Great Depression. He’s the president who streamlined student loans and signed into law a credit card bill of rights and women’s equal pay for women. He’s the president who more significantly expanded the rights of LGBT Americans than any before him, including repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, ensuring hospitals honor the relationships of same sex couples and offering Medicaid protections to gay couples.

He’s the president who has ended or is ending two wars. He’s the president who’s securing loose nukes and reducing nuclear warheads. Oh, and AxelFoley pointed out below in the comments, President Obama is the President who took out Osama bin Laden.

I am no historian, but I think those are among things history is likely to say about President Obama.