136 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sasha! (Updated)

  1. She’s a little fashionista! Love her taste in clothes — and the orange shoes RAWK.

  2. It’s just awesome to see how they love each other. They are both lucky to have each other.

  3. Lovely photos, bwd. So heartwarming. A very close and special relationship is obvious between dad and daughter. And it is obvious that President Obama is such a great and loving dad to those girls. It’s beautiful and touching, especially given his background and the lack of father figure in his life.

  4. More building up Romney and tearing down the president, from tweedy and Howard fireman!

    Since Romney announced last week, he has gotten great press. Bias much!

  5. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photographs of a loving, devoted father , his gorgeous wife..,and his birthday girl, Sasha. It’s hard to stop viewing these treasured moments… sooo heartwarming!
    I LOVE our President…and I love every member of his family. God Bless them & keep you..

  6. Happy Birthday, Sasha. I hope you have the gift of a family weekend free of outside work.

  7. Okay that’s twice today that you’ve made me weepy with pride. What a lovely and loved child. She looks so much like her grandmother. Charming.

  8. Hey, Twitter experts. How do I send a new tweet to someone who is not one of my followers? I want to tweet Matthews for his lies about the economy. Thanks.

  9. BWD – thanks so much for posting the birthday girl and her family. Happy Birthday dear Sasha!

  10. I did!
    In other news, panetta just landed in Pakistan. Important bc, last week Hillary asked Pakistan to deliver 5 high value targets!
    Zawahiri, mullah Omar and that illyas guy. The illyas guy was then reported killed last week in a drone strike. US is skeptical…

  11. May the Family time be the Light this weekend, God Bless Sasha for her Birthday and God Bless the Obama Family ! Thanks BWD for Always sharing such Joy !

  12. And doesn’t Mrs. Robinson look lovely? She’s looking younger, every day!

  13. just type their twitter name with the @ sign in front. Put a period in front of the @ sign so they’ll see it.

  14. OGM so much cuteness. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR LITTLE PRINCESS. She is beautiful.

    Have a great weekend first family. My stunning POTUS Obama deserves the downtime. β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

  15. I just saw some pics over at TOD with Sasha, Malia and some friends at that famous Georgetown Cupcakes in DC. ..lovely pictures. I guess they were there earlier today, but I don’t see any of them in the pics with POTUS, FLOTUS and Grandma Robinson headed leaving for Camp David?

  16. BWD, where’s that ‘snow-cone, shave-ice eatin’ one…

    It was when PBHO was vacationin’ in Hawaii, Dec 2010, him and Sasha were sittin’ together “chumpin’ down” on two of them! ::clearin’ throat, again:: πŸ™‚

  17. May Sasha have a lovely birthday. We send your our love, our sweet Sasha. May the family and her friends have such a wonderful time on her day..

  18. Darling little Sasha! Happy Birthday:) She is so adorable and fiesty! I love that:)Here’s to a very relaxing family weekend for all of them. God knows they deserve it.What a beautiful first family we have.

  19. And I must be clairvoyant. I just ran to the grocery store and spotted the new People with Obama’s dad’s day essay in it which I of course purchased. And it is titled “Being the father I never had” with this introduction: “The elementary school basketball coach—-and President—tells how growing up without a dad made him want to be the best parent he could”. Looks great—going to read now.

  20. Yes.I guess you could find some ballsy journalist to call them out…or we could being to frame our own conversations pointing these things out.There are simply too many of these treasonist bastards to go after them one at a time.AND,,,they seem to breed like rabbits…sunlight to disinfect!

  21. I don’t like their cupcakes. I think they’re dry and overpriced. They are pretty though and are packaged in cute pink boxes.

  22. OK. Help needed please! Our Gov. in AZ called a special session to see about extending UE benefits. The do nothing/know nothing legislators in this state opted to do nothing and let them run out.Russell Pearce (evil incarnate)says he’s rather do something to spur business…WHAT!? They either don’t realize that extending UE benefits the economy immediately, or they don’t care. I vote for #2.Who has a chart/graph or other explanation to show how the local economy is immediately impacted, for the better, by extending these benefits?I need a nap. My head hurts. Again. Thank you in advance:)


    President Obama is scheduled to leave for Camp David on Friday afternoon to relax for the first time since he was in the Hawaii around Christmas.

    He will spend the weekend at the presidential retreat in Frederick County, Md., for the first time since October. OBAMA WILL RETURN TO WASHINGTON, BUT THEN LEAVES MONDAY FOR A TWO-DAY SWING TO NORTH CAROLINA, FLORIDA AND PUERTO RICO.

    Obama will be making his 17th trip to Camp David since his election, far fewer than President George W. Bush, who had headed there 62 times at this point in his presidency, according to CBS News’ Mark Knoller, who has covered the White House since 1975 and compiles presidential data.


  24. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and we’ll get to finally peek at Sarah’s emails! Quick Sarah, con more people out of their money now, because I bet when we see some of these emails and learn more sorted details, the gig will be up!

  25. Happy B-day to Sasha! She and her sister are such beautiful little girls. Their parents are so fantastic that it almost goes without saying. But I hope that they come to fully appreciate the unique gift of having a grandparent who is so intimately involved with their upbringing. Mrs. Robinson is a hero to me, for her willingness to uproot herself and follow her grandchildren into the WH; what a guardian angel those kids have in her. George W. Bush, who I am not exactly a fan of, won a few cool points with me for advising Grandma Obama to move to DC. Her calming and down to earth influence over that entire family benefits the entire country.

  26. He’s no good on so many levels.Where you named 2 instances, there are a million others to add to that.My fondest wish is that idiot gets recalled and goes away never to have anything to do with gov. again.He belongs where is son is right now. JAIL! Jackie, you need to come join us at Blog for Arizona…ever go there? The web address is arizona.typepad.com Love to see you there!

  27. Basically, karzai and pakistan have agreed on a special joint unit to fight terrorism. Reading the tea leaves, after panetta just flew there in promptu, Hillary demanding five high value targets from Pakistan by the end of July and now this!
    I would say, expect a big announcement soon!

  28. This montage was a day maker. What is more beautiful than a birthday girl with dad and mom? And when that birthday girl is the adorable Sasha Obama, well, my heart sings. Happy Happy Birthday, sweetheart:))

  29. Hate to disappoint but folks from Sarah’s camp made sure than any potentially incriminating emails were removed from the “dump.” So the dump is just another useless publicity stunt in my honest opinion.

  30. Yes a BIG happy birthday Sasha! Mr President watch out for the boys!!!he, he, he, he,,
    BWD Yiur are amaizing those pics are so lovely, Has the MSM noticed this potus almost never takes vacations, how can he do it?, Anyway I so happy he is our POTUS.

  31. George Bush probably wished that he had someone like Grandma Robinson to watch over his twin daughters before and during his presidency (althought the twins were considerably older than Malia and Sasha when they moved to DC).

  32. BREAKING: PBO to announce that Jovie will be the next SOS after Sec Clinton leaves in 2012…stay tuned for details πŸ™‚

  33. It would be wonderful, but, but he has too many things happening right now I am watching Lybia.
    Ghadafy’s days are counting. accorthing to SEC of State Clinton..

  34. I agree I am not worried about Romney, If the GOP had wanted him they had Voted for him in 2008
    istead of McCain.

  35. Whenever Matthews gets together with that Hack Fineman, his commonsense goes all out the window. I think that while Matthews may actually like PBO to some degree, Fineman doesn’t, and he will not tolerate Tweety praising our President while he’s on Hardball – even though it’s Tweety’s show. Fineman probably has a connection up at MSNBC because whatever he says, Tweety has no choice but to follow.

  36. At the Democratic Convention in 2008, Sasha stole the show when she blew a kiss and said “I love you Daddy”. It was so sweet.

  37. Is Panetta there as Sec.Def or CIA Chief? Or is he essentially and unofficially wearing both hats? Clinton demanded five high value targets? I assume one was the Al Kashmiri, to break the back of the resistance Ayman Zawahiri and Mullah Omar would have to be captured or killed. However Omar might be the person needed to broker any truce between Karzai and Taliban.

  38. Also I never know how to use these “speciality threads” – treat them as open threads like the mismashes or should we just use the last open mismash type?

  39. She just made lemons of lemonade – she didn’t want the dump and fought it in court for two years.

  40. President Obama is golfing with Boehner next week, VP Biden will be in ther foursome as well, and to round it out Boehner invited Gov. Kasich BARF!!! Why not a fellow Rep or Senator? I’d bet Kasich is a very good golfer and Boehner didn’t want the possibility of Obama winning on the day.

  41. Happy Birthday Sasha! You are so beautiful and light up your dad’s face. Sometimes I can’t bear all the crap that the media and fellow Americans through at our president, then I see pictures like these. He will be all right..he is surrounded by love.

  42. Also, I know the area very well, I have been in both those wars and Somalia.
    Does that qualify me to be SOS???

  43. I think even the specialty threads, unless specifically stated otherwise, could and should be considered open threads. We have too many people bringing new items in to discuss to keep going back to other threads.

  44. Sure! Bc, believe it or not, independents get ALL there news from the media. They do not have time to look things up!!!

  45. Beautiful pictures of the birthday girl with her daddy. Happy Birthday little princess! x

    Thanks BWD!

  46. Oh my, what a girl, that Sasha! Always intellectually engaged. Happy Birthday! I send both the girls and all the family so much love. And, I love seeing their beautiful brown skin. Thank you BWD for the fantastic pictures.

  47. Totally sweet, totally wonderful! This is family, this is parent and child. Great post to focus on Father’s Day.

  48. I 2nd that advice. I don’t watch the Sunday shows, Tweety, sometimes O’Donnell, CNN, etc., and all the shows that won’t report on what’s really important. I listen to Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhoads on talk radio and I come here several times a day as well as the others listed here if I want positive news. Go to the MSM if you want negative news, they never disappoint.

  49. Colbert tore Romney a new one in a skit last night. I believe it was the segment he calls it “The Word’. If you get a chance check it out. He dismantled Romney.

  50. Thank you, Maggy. We sure need the very specific reminder of the evils that are being perpetrated on us. Reminds me of Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine”. Makes me want to work even harder for especially PBO, but, for all Democrats. I live in the Charlotte area, and we recently reached our goal of 20,000 “I’m In” calls. Our Organizing for America Grassroots Planning Session is tomorrow!

  51. Was it at the convention, or a speech somewhere around that time. They had the big screen, and one of the girls said, on national TV, “Where are you today, Daddy?” So darned precious.

    This family is so precious, so genuine, so authentic.

  52. I’m with you, Jovie. We can’t ignore what’s happening in the media. I understand your frustration and the well-deserved rant.

  53. SR,
    Are you just messing with me? Or don’t you know that republicans target independents through the msm.

    It is why they were able to win the last election, that and the Koch brothers.

  54. A Poll out today showed that President Obama is beating Romney by 20 in MA..Romney was 47th out of 50 for job creation during his tenure as Governor. He wrote an article in 2008 declaring “let Michigan go bankrupt.” Who gives a damn what the MSM says or does at this point. They also laughed and said he didn’t stand a chance against Hillary Clinton when he was running.

    Sorry BWD if my language is out of bounds. I apologize in advance. I just get heated sometimes. If people want lower blood pressure they would just stop watching cable pundits.

  55. someone here in SC got some for their birthday but he said that they were “too sweet” for him. I thought about ordering some but I haven’t decided if I want to or not.

  56. I am completely lost on this string. I asked you if you were on twitter as that would be another way you could spread the info you dig up etc and it seems to be a way in which you can get the talking heads attention even if they have hundreds of thousands of followers, I’ve seen Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper respond to folks that I follow.

  57. It was at the convention, after Michelle’s speech. They were talking to their dad on a big screen – he was at someone’s house, watching. She actually said, “What state are you in , Daddy?”

    It struck me as kinda sad at first, but then I imagined when they talked at night on the phone, he would be giving them some kind of geography lesson, don’t you think?

  58. Thank you, Stephen Colbert! I missed the show but will check it out.

  59. You go Bigfan! Sometimes all of the evil out there gets me down. Good to know you guys in NC are fired up because we need you!!!!!

  60. Amazing pictures of an amazing family. Their smiles are so contagious and one wonders how he can remain so normal with all the stress he faces on a daily basis. I do so enjoy all the pictures you post. Thank you so much. How old is Sacha today?

  61. I remember that, Sequana. Sweet. And when kids know they are loved, daddy or mommy don’t always have to be in the same room.

  62. nHi Maggy
    I am putting a reference to every tweet especially to the lazy journalist and Boehner. I was America to start seeing the true implications of what the repugs are doing to this country in the name of power. To answer your questions..yes it is treason!!!

  63. This Preident works so hard for the people of this country. I hope he gets to see many of the supportive and appreciative messages from the millions of people who see how hard he works, and how much he cares. I hope they have a lovely, restful and fun weekend at Camp David.

  64. Those kids look very well-adjusted to me. And their dad is President of the United States; their futures are unlimited. I feel a lot of things looking at those children: pride, happiness at the fact that these girls are in the WH, but pity? Nah! Lol, these girls are living, and will continue to live, beautiful lives; they are privileged no matter their challenges and with the quality of the people around them, I’m sure that they’ll never take that for granted. I’m so incredibly proud of the first family.

  65. Fineman was brainwashed or something after he went to a tea party thing last year. He hasn’t been the same since. However, I saw a clip of him on one of these shows this week and he actually spoke some sense. I was shccked! I think he was talking about the hypocrisy of the right over the non-outrage from the Vitter-Ensign scandals. Can’t recall – but it was interesting to see him come out of the fog.

  66. Off Topic: I don’t know if there’s a thread for this subject:

    I am worried that after all the hard work in getting the votes out. As you know the Republicans have been passing bills requiring new Voters Registration ID, with new requirements, I hope that the young voters and minorities know what’s going on in their states.

    Just a thought:-)


  68. His twins were in college and doing what normal college age kids do…get in trouble. There several underage drinking escapades with the both girls. I think the Bush girls have matured and nor generally nice young women. I know they were very gracious to Malia and Sasha, showing them their rooms and around the WH.

  69. That whole family seems to have a way of making the rest of the world just disappear – even though the whole world has it’s eyes on them whenever they are in the public sphere. That’s rare.

  70. OFA send out an email on this very topic this week, and asked people to pledge to work on this issue. They are looking for donations around this, as well – so I think they’re strategizing on how to communicate to get people properly registered. It’s really smart to start this early on, because it gives them enough runway to go around the nonsense. In addition, someone mentioned that one of the independent fundraising groups might think about raising money to help people pay for the forms of ID that might be needed to register, since those fees might be out of reach for some people.

    In fact, I heard a news report (I think it was on Randy Rhodes) about a group called “ALEC” that puts together legislation templates and then distributes that legislation to the various Republicans legislators (mostly at the State level) to further the evil Republicans agenda. For example, they have templates for introducing legislation to repeal parts of the Health Care Law, to prevent voters from being able to register, for introducing anti-abortion bills. And they have been really pushing the one about voter registration. You’re right to be worried – the Republicans have been plotting this for some time.

  71. That’s impressive Jovie! I’ve not caught any bad guys so I’m definitely not qualified for any State position!

  72. Even if Dems are on it – one bill voted through costs the GOP nothing and will cost the Dems a ton of money to register folks jumping through these new hoops.

    This stunt is more focused on the local and state level races where hundreds of votes could make the difference. Of course we’ve seen Senate and Presidential races come down to tens or hundreds of votes recently. However GOP have much more focus on local and down ticket state races, a support infrastructure and more targeted monies focused there – something the Dems really need to catch up on.

    It reeks of desperation – they know the demographics are strongly against them – but I suspect they’ll run a Latino pandering candidate on their Presidential ticket in 2016 (Jeb Bush is fluent in Spanish and married to a Mexican American, Sen Rubio or Gov Sandoval for three examples) and figure that will be enough to make that community forget about the last decade plus of the language and policies targeting them. Dems don’t seem to have any Latino members of Congress or Governors in the pipeline. Julian Castro is a rising star and could be the next Texas Governor, but he’s 36 years old and a ways off yet.

  73. I wasn’t criticizing his girls. I was simply stating as a matter of course that he probably would have liked to have a grandmotherly type figure watching over them while he was busy with politics both pre- and during his presidency. Hence his advice to Mrs. Robinson to move in with the family when Obama became President. I think most parents would appreciate that kind of support – regardless of what the children are doing.

  74. Yes, he does and I do, too…

    @MarkKnoller: This is Pres Obama’s 17th visit to Camp David since taking office, but first since early August… http://bit.ly/kNM6j0

    And, if they haven’t already, OFA and WH will click on this site, Chipsticks’, and the other TOAITR’s/TOD’s Blogroll-listed sites (excludin’ WH-related ones) to discover us, the “Obamacrats/Obots!”

    Fightin’ The Good Fight! πŸ˜‰

  75. Sorry if you got that impression, I was just saying how much the Bush girls matured. I was not aware that Bush advised Mrs Robinson to move into the WH. I know it has made all the difference for the President and Mrs. Obama, settling into the WH and D.C. I wonder if she’ll stay through the next four years?

  76. It’s top news on the Guardian’s news site. Even people in the UK can’t avoid hearing about this woman. Gah!!!

  77. She asked what state he was in because he misspoke. The state was in the title under his picture. He then caught himself and said the correct state. She was very sharp!

  78. Who/What WE are up against: (This has been kept secret for many years!)

    DeVos, Koch, Scaife, Walton, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), AFC – The Corporate Royalists and Right-Wing Groups Propelling the GOP’s Assault on the Middle Class: A handful of rich, right-wing families and corporate chieftains are dedicated to returning America to the days when robber barons ruled… http://tinyurl.com/3f8ryqe

    John Birch Society Celebrates Koch Family For Their Role In Founding The Hate Group …. http://t.co/w0rXOkx

    80 Years of Planning: The Kochs + The Family + Birchers = Tea Party… http://tinyurl.com/4gje76a (It’s a DK link. But, it’s truly worth the read!)


    http://youtu.be/5m5RtrMar4Y (Via LadyHawke)

    WE have an uphill fight on our hands…

    But, I BELIEVE WE SHALL OVERCOME this evil through SPREADIN’ THE WORD FAR and WIDE…PASSIN’ IT ON…Tweetin’/RTin’ it, FBin’ it, Emailin’ it, et al!!!



    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  79. No problem jojo πŸ™‚

    I guess grandma will probably stay as long as they need her to!

  80. Love President Obama and his beautiful family! Thank you BWD for sharing these pics! Made my day

  81. Sasha is an annual Father’s Day Gift for Barack. No better gift than to see how she has grown since last year. From a Dad.

  82. They underestimate our ability to get people registered in counties friendly to Democrats. That’s likely where Democrats live already and where we need to simply get people registered. They play games and we will still beat them. Because they offer a vision of America based in fear and racial resentment. We represent the only real path to the future.

  83. They represent a faction that is convinced to their very bones that government doesn’t work and cannot be made to work and business makes no mistakes ever. I see this as coming from the constant grinding of business interests against public interests and these guys are simply serving the interests of who paid for their seat in the legislature. The fact that the general public seems persuaded that the local government offices would all be more efficient and cost nothing if a business ran them is the real mystery. I really think we are in a sorting out period as to the future of how we govern ourselves. Are we reaching a point where secular government will survive as a meaningful counter-weight to the amoral functions of the marketplace, or whether in the future we will all be effectively “governed” by the local cable or power company.

  84. kasai, sure they do…

    You should follow a few on Twitter: πŸ˜‰

    @youngdems: @RocktheVote published their Voting System Scorecard today. See how your state ranks… http://www.rockthevote.org/

    @youngdems: @RockTheVote NY Times published scorching editorial about states’ efforts to make it harder to vote… http://t.co/6YVlXI0

    @CollegeDems: .@DemsUCF President speaks out against voter suppression, targeted towards college students, in Florida… http://j.mp/ltraV4 #sayfie #p2

    In case you missed: @NAACP, @BenJealous express outrage at Florida election bill suppressing… http://thesent.nl/ilV7qT #votingrights

    More moves from the GOP to keep youth from voting… http://nyti.ms/votesupression

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  85. I was only able to view this on my cellphone over the weekend cause we were at the JJ and stayed for 2 days – Deval Patrick got the crowd to their feet cheering when he stated that our party has to grow a backbone – amen to that!!

    Anyway, back to these pictures – that is one child who loves her Daddy and who can blame her

    I’m a lucky girl as I’m going to see our amazing President tomorrow in Miami – I hope to see pictures posted on here tomorrow night?

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