President Obama Extends Protections To Gay Couples Under Medicaid

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More change you can believe in, but not hear about:

The Obama administration is set on Friday to issue policy guidance to states expanding their ability to offer same-sex couples the same protections afforded to straight couples when they receive long-term care under Medicaid, the Washington Blade has learned exclusively.

Under the new guidance, dated June 10, states have the option to allow healthy partners in a same-sex relationship to keep their homes while their partners are receiving support for long-term care under Medicaid, such as care in a nursing home.

Medicaid kicks in for a beneficiary to receive care after an individual depletes virtually all of their money. To pay for the beneficiary’s expenses under Medicaid, a state could impose a lein, or take possession, of a beneficiary’s home to pay for Medicaid expenses.

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Grrrrr, it’s Politico, but this story warmed my heart to no end:

Barack Obama still sells sandwiches

Nearly a week after President Barack Obama’s unannounced visit to a Rudy’s Hot Dog joint in Toledo, Ohio, the residents of Five Points are still abuzz about the unexpected presidential visit to their neighborhood.

“The locals have been driving me nuts and going crazy,” said Harry Dionyssiou, whose family operates six Rudy’s diners. “Everybody wants to sit at the same table, on the same chair that the president sat in; they want to eat the same thing that he ate.”
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Even after the initial hype over the president’s visit has quieted, the financial benefits for business owners are long lasting. The media spotlight can help raise a restaurant’s profile, putting a little-known local spot on the national dining landscape and turning it into a destination eatery for tourists.

“We make over 1,000 po’ boys a day, and that number has really gone up since the president’s visit,” said Eileen Nix, co-owner of Parkway Bakery & Tavern in New Orleans, which the Obama family visited in August. (The first couple had shrimp po’ boys; daughters Sasha and Malia ordered hamburgers.)

David Thornton, who co-owns the Tastee Sub Shop in Edison, N.J., said business is still up 10 percent since the president stopped by his shop almost a year ago.

“We can tell that there is still sort of a buzz about it,” said Thornton, who framed a picture of Obama with a sub in his hand. “One person came in shortly after the visit and sat in every chair to make sure he sat in the same chair as the president.”


Garrett Graff, editor of Washingtonian magazine, said the Obamas eat out “more than any other first family in recent memory. George W. Bush only rarely ventured out. Bill Clinton ate out some, but I don’t think he was as regular or at as diverse a list of places as Obama.”

Public relations experts say there is no better publicity than the “celebrity halo effect” that follows a restaurant visit from the president of the United States.

It’s huge,” said Dean Small, founder and managing partner of Synergy Restaurant Consultants. “It’s like getting an official seal from the president that says, ‘This is where I choose to eat.’”

Obama’s impromptu visits also help raise morale in communities that have struggled during the economic downturn, said Dick Eppstein, president of Toledo’s Better Business Bureau.

“Toledo is a proud city, but we’ve had a very tough time, so a presidential visit really boosts everyone’s spirits,” he said.

Nix, who was raised in New Orleans and will turn 59 next week, said Parkway Bakery & Tavern is a family business that bears the scars of her city. In 2005, two years after the restaurant opened, Nix and her brother Jay shut down the store when it was submerged in more than 6 feet of water after Hurricane Katrina swept across Louisiana. Parkway reopened in December of that year.

Just five years later, the restaurant was hit again — this time by the BP oil spill that devastated the fishing industry along the Gulf Coast. For Nix, the sight of Obama and the first lady eating New Orleans shrimp po’ boys and gumbo spoke louder than any political speech.

“The president was just one man doing his best and trying to correct problems from the past,” Nix said. “He ate the shrimp to let people know that everything will be OK.”



OMG. One more pretty good story from Politico. Somebody over there is going to get fired soon…

Obama shows charm on campaign trail

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“If anything, loosening up on the campaign trail is even more necessary for this president than most, because he is by nature far more formal than at least his most recent predecessors, and to say that 21st-century American culture is ‘loose and informal’ is to understate the case considerably,” said Clark Ervin, who served on Obama’s transition.

“Nowadays, regrettably in my view, the last thing the average voter wants in the White House is an intellectual, and since this president is the quintessential intellectual, it’s a wonder — another wonder, his race, heritage, short stint on the public stage being others — that he was elected in the first place”.

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Fingers crossed:

Second Half 2011 U.S. Growth Rebound Intact

Slowdowns in consumer spending and employment will prove temporary, giving way to a U.S. growth rebound in the second half of 2011, economists surveyed by Bloomberg News said.

After growing at a 2.3 percent annual pace this quarter, the world’s largest economy will expand at a 3.2 percent rate from July through December, according to the median forecast of 67 economists polled from June 1 to June 8.

Rising exports, stable fuel prices, record levels of cash in company coffers and easier lending rules will be enough to overcome the damage done by one-time events like poor weather and the disaster inJapan, economists said. Nonetheless, the current slackening means Federal Reserve policy makers will wait even longer to raise interest rates next year, the survey shows.

“The economic headwinds are well known, but if you look at the tailwinds, they are still pretty strong,” said Nariman Behravesh, chief economist at IHS Inc. in Lexington, Massachusetts. “There are a lot of reasons to be fairly upbeat about the recovery. Growth will pick up in the second half.”

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Could this be true?

Qaddafi’s son has approached rebels to negotiate an exit from power for his father



West Wing Week:




Yea, a picture worth and all that…:)

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  2. I love the picture.! He is a natural with babies and they are loving him.

  3. Good morning,BWD and TOAITR family. I wonder if Americablog will be leading with the story about benefits. This is change we can believe in.

    I love all the stories this morning. Especially the ones about the places the President visits. I am so glad the excitement continues. He is a one man stimules plan. It is hard to go over to Politico ..

    It would be wonderful for Lybia if that story is true.

    I just love the picture with the babies. Those families will send that out to everyone.

    It isn’t raining today in MT. All of our rivers and steams are flooding and the snow hasn’t started melting yet. It will be along June.

  4. Thank you BWD for another great mishmash and a pleasant morning to everyone!

    Today happens to be Sasha Obama’s 10th birthday so I wish her a very happy birthday as well!

  5. Good Morning, Everyone; and Happy FRY-day! 🙂 Love the pic of PBO with the babies.

  6. Great musher bwd’.
    All the msm will talk about this morning is that panetta will follow gates more of the same war hawk strategy!


  7. Good morning! Think of any of the GOP candidates and try to imagine anyone wanting to sit in their chair. Pawlenty? Romney? Giuliani, Gingrich? The mind boggles. Our president has an ineffable magic that his would-be opponents can only dream about.

    On the economic front, I really believe things will get better and in the meantime we need to project optimism to everyone we talk to. Whenever I run into someone who starts complaining about the economy I always say, it’s made huge leaps already and is getting better every day. In our area, housing sales are gradually picking up and so are jobs. As someone said on another thread, in Republican led states, turn every economic complaint you hear onto the governor and away from the president. Local newspapers tend to report more frequently on the activities of the governor, rather than the president, so turn that extra exposure to advantage by laying the real blame where it belongs–on the state government. I always try to say, things are really improving nationally, it’s too bad we have a governor who is choosing to move backwards.

    As for Politico, anyone who doesn’t think our president has more charm, charisma and people skills than any other statesman/politician in the world, needs his/her head examined.

  8. Good morning BWD and all. Happy Friday! Great pics. I really like the pic with the little children peering out the window :))

  9. This clarknt67 at gos is always whining about PBO. I believe he is one of those from the LBGT who secretly believes that President Obama, simply by virtue of being black, inherently has something against gays. Clark seems a bit too eager to jump and attack the President whenever the slightest indication that the administration hasn’t done something benefiical to LGBTs occurs. Yet he’s always praising Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Gillibrand and he is “friends” with Dan Choi. The other day he wrote a diary carrying on about how busy Senator Gillibrand is and how he is worried about her health.

  10. I made it my desktop picture – I just had to. It’s HILARIOUS and it brings you full circle with the picture of POTUS when he was about 2 sitting on the fence with his Mom holding him.

  11. Whenever I’m somewhere crowded, a store or restaurant etc., I always proclaim Real Loudly, “Wow, it sure looks like the economy is improving to me!” I just did that Tues. when my daughter was visiting and we arrived at our preferred lunch spot, and the wait was about a block long to even get in the door. Spread optimistic news whenever and wherever you can.

  12. BWD, I noticed in the past 6 months, maybe longer, that Politico seems to be doing more straight up news than slanted right wing stories. They seem to be pretty critical (appropriately so) of the GOP candidates. They certainly aren’t liberal but I am so wanting to find some unbiased journalism. Politico seems to have changed to more of the center since 2008 when they were awful. And they also seem to have exceptionally good sources as much of the breaking news now comes from them.

  13. Great news, people! Stay positive :-D.

    That story about our walking stimulus of a President (h/t BWD) was the best. Over at The Obama Diary, PBO’s distant cousin from Ireland, Henry Healy, posted and said that they’re experiencing a similar economic afterglow following PBO’s and FLMO’s visit last month. Good stuff.

    I am looking forward to the upcoming campaign — it will be different from 2008 — as a country we have been forced to assess ourselves and do some maturing (and deal with the death throes of twisted ideology). I think we’re turning the corner and 2012 will be about picking ourselves up again and heading into the future. Nobody could be a better leader than our Prez, and I am looking forward to this campaign.

    *~*~*~*~*~*HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATASHA (“SASHA”) OBAMA*~*~*~*~*~* and many more!

    Have a great day, everyone 😛 !

  14. Shows you what their priorities are. bloomberg is slashing teacher jobs and pissing off unions and Gillibrand just voted with the banks on the debit card fee issue. All things Obama and blue dog Dems would be slammed for.

  15. That pick-a-boo pictorial of the 4 toddlers is just so cute, it is brilliantly fantastic.

    Love it.

    I wonder where this picture was taken.

    I just love.

    BWD, you must have been a photographer some time ago. Your eyes in capturing the heart-felt moments and bringing it to your site for Us to see is heavily appreciated.

    My Friday was already going well. But as always, you made it better.

    Thank you very much.

  16. I saw that video and loved it! I hope the people of MI don’t forget that Romney wanted the auto industry to die. I loved that Rep. McCotter, a republican, also hit Romney on his hypocrisy. McCotter wanted the auto bailout. Now that the auto bailout has been deemed a success, Romney is doing all he can to deny PBO the credit he deserves. I hope the people in this video let their friends, associates, co-workers, neighbors, and church members know that Romney has the nerve to come begging for campaign contributions in a state in which he advocated leaving millions of people without jobs.

  17. Okay, so that picture with the babies just absolutely made my day. Happy Friday and thank you to bwd for doing so much to rally the troops, get donations flowing, and provide a positive environment to shoot the breeze with other political observers. I love the restaurant story; that makes me feel really good about my fellow Americans, hearing stories of that type. I’d do the same thing: I’d want to eat what POTUS/FLOTUS ate, and sit where they sat lol and I’m not ordinarily that type of fan/stan of other people.

  18. Thank Heavens that the little 4 tots didn’t try to climb out. There was no protection on the window.

    It is still a wonderful picture.

    I love it.

    Would the MSM go bat poop that not all the tots had tops on? Silly national media and their Dem ‘bad’ obsession.

  19. Yes! I like that dotster. I was down on Michigan Avenue last weekend and it was ridiculous how crowded the sidewalks were with shoppers. And not just window shoppers either — many were carrying big bags of purchases and every sidewalk cafe was overflowing.

    I’m convinced that a tough Spring with weather so bad many couldn’t get out and gas prices had more to do with consumer sentiment than anything. In addition this recession has scared people into not using their credit cards so much and running up debt like they have been prior to the recession. Which is a good thing . This personal savings rate chart is pretty dramatic…

  20. The picture of the President looking in the window to the babies has to be one of the best I have ever seen. it just encapsulates so much about him and the role he will pay in the future of our children and the world. It’s just iconic, i feel.

    I suppose today I am feeling extra emotional about child care centers. This ks my daughter’s last day in Kindergarten. Next year she’ll take the bus to our public school, so after six years we won’t be leaving together in the morning and I won’t be picking her up at the end of the day. That’s just the way it goes, but I do feel sad about it.

  21. Exactly gobrooklyn. I have enough friends and/or family that I can have a beer with, or talk in “folksy” language, discuss the latest reality tv show, or waste time with. I don’t need the President of the US to be my mother or best friend. That’s not what I voted for.

  22. Oh wow, I didn’t know that it was Sasha’s birthday! Happy Birthday to such a wonderful child. I agree completely that this is going to be a different campaign and election. As sheri pointed out yesterday, this is really President Obama running against the national media. All hands on deck situation. Previous to President Obama, I have NEVER contributed to a Presidential campaign this far out from an election, or was even thinking about any election. It’s a little strange to be in the 22% of Americans who are focused on presidential politics this strongly. The age of Obama is a first for me in terms of caring this much.

  23. Love that video!!! It really put a smile on my face this Friday morning. Thanks WIW.

  24. I know that’s right! It’s a shame that Americans look for, and trust, intellectuals in other fields but think that any old Joe or Sue Sunday can/should be POTUS. They wouldn’t allow a high school biology student to perform surgery on them, but they’d allow someone like Palin or Bachmann to handle the very complex job of governing our country. IMO, we’ve been through this before with GWB. He wasn’t dumb, but he didn’t have the skills/interest necessary to be president either. The results of his 8 years in office should tell anyone who has been paying attention that this a fact and not an opinion.

  25. Oh, and remember the Cornel West article in which he called President Obama a “mascot” for Wall Street amongst other incredibly nasty accusations? Well, guess where Dr. West just celebrated his birthday? In a rural town devastated economically? At a public school? At a nursing home? Nah…at the Ritz Carlton in Shanghai. According to weeseeyou, among the guests was the Vice Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce.

    Please don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing wrong with being rich and partying with other rich people. But I do not want to hear another single solitary word from this guy about “corporatists” and “oligarchy” as if he’s so much better than everyone else. Bye, Corny.

  26. It seems as if this is a feature of fundamentalism, this strident advocacy against activities in which one engages oneself. Newt with his fifty million wives while railing against President Clinton’s infidelity, all of the GOP politicians who are gay-haters by day yet seek out gay relationships in the dark…perhaps Dr. West has a hard time accepting the fact that he very much so enjoys being privileged and his stridency is a way to cover that up?

  27. I know I have paid off all my credit cards and pay any charges in full. I am saving more and plan to get rid of stuff before I buy more stuff. But every weekend the stores are busy and people are buying stuff. The MSM wants to play up a bad economy but will have a tough time convincing people who live in the real world.

  28. The PBO stimulus is lasting here in Ireland, too. There is a public service type video currently running and smack in the middle is the President and First Lady walking onto the stage in Dublin. You never know when you are going to see the guy and where.

  29. Can someone give me a rough summary? Colbert videos are only available via iTunes over here and it’s too expensive to buy every episode. I do like his comedy from the various excerpts I’ve seen.

  30. The Obama/window babies photo was taken at a day care center which was next door to Sasha Obama’s school. The Pres had been at Sasha’s final day program and stopped by to greet the sweet little kiddies.

  31. I’ve never been so involved either, gn!

    I voted in 2004, but I barely remember the election….now I’m a full-fledged PJ 😛

  32. I love the creative thinking the administration is using to expand rights for gay couples. They need to take that same creativity to work on making administrative changes that will improve the economy. I do think they need some more “outside the box” thinkers on the economy.

    I loved that Politico story on the boost to these shops after Obama leaves. I know the one that Obama visited with the Russian president got such a boom in business they had to open a 2nd shop.

    I love how the Obamas have really gone out in DC quite a bit to restaurants, Michelle mentoring DC students, etc. They have really done excellent outreach and the next first couple are going to have big shoes to fill.

  33. I sympathize! And it reminds me of the year before my (now grown) son went to kindergarten. I kept referring to it as “when he goes away to school,” prompting people to say, “I didn’t know you had a child in college already.” And then I would have to explain that he was just going down the street to kindergarten. 🙂

  34. Very interesting idea that this is a feature of fundamentalism. I must say, the hypocrisy is staggering. A friend of my husband’s was complaining to me about Obama and the debt, and I could barely keep from saying that any Republican who wants to be listened to by me has to start with explaining why whatever the complaint is wasn’t a problem under Bush. But, he was hosting a birthday party for my husband, so I politely changed the subject.

  35. Unfortunately, you are giving the public too much credit. Look at the percent of people who deny climate change, deny evolution, don’t understand the Constitution, don’t trust teachers or lawyers, have a major bias against the “ivory tower” colleges. It isn’t just political office. Intellectualism is a rather dissed quality nowadays.

  36. Colbert’s show is the most intelligent on television and his criticism of the rightwing, by coming in the backdoor, is far more effective than Stewart’s. The Weiner “scandal” has had no positive effect on The Daily Show — that penis wheel was highly obnoxious.

  37. Isn’t it amazing to hear all of these newly minted deficit hawks who voted for Bush twice? I definitely think that hypocrisy is a feature of fundamentalism. Humans are by nature imperfect, so anyone stridently demanding purity from other people is going to run into hypocrisy problems. Like Dr. West clowning President Obama for being a mixed race African American, yet he himself has a mixed race daughter. People are complex and are entitled to that complexity, but I’ve learned in my old age to not listen to what fundamentalists demand about anything.

  38. Haha you got me; I do wish that they’d turn the page and try to figure out a working relationship with the WH rather than an unnecessary adversarial one.

  39. How funny! And, I know she’s going to adapt to it a lot better than I will. At her Kindergarten graduation the director of the center handed her her diploma and told her “The world depends on you!” She got all excited because she was the only one the director said that to.

    It’s also funny that so much of her life has been framed in a way by President Obama. She wasn’t born yet, but was foremost in my mind when we were watching Obama give his speech at the Democratic national Convention in ’04. Then when she was born, the first thing we had on the TV in the hospital with her was a debate with Obama and Allen Keyes! I admit, I was pretty afraid for our country at the time and hoping Bush wasn’t going to be reelected. Years later, he’s on his way to being elected president and the day care center director tels me that our daughter is spouting Obama propaganda in the middle of story time!

  40. Here’s an interesting thing I read about a few years ago. I’m not into astrology, and know little about it, but every once in a while hear something that stays with me. (I like the idea that Capricorns are late bloomers, since I’m both!) Years before 2008, I read that the alignment of stars, planets, etc. from 2008 until 2011 would be the same as it was in the Great Depression, for the first time since the Great Depression. It was in an article about a book called Cosmos and Psyche, and was full of interesting happenings, like revolutions, that would occur when the stars were in alignments similar to the last revolutionary period. Hmmm……

  41. Thank you BWD: and good morning to all , The GOP are a bunch of crazy nuts, I still dont think any GOP runing will be able to take our brilliant President. I was watching to TODAY show this am, and Sharon crazy Angle form Nevada was Promoting her garbage book, So to the people of Nevada THANK YOU for not Electing this ashole human being.

  42. When Clarknt67 essentially said that PBO had nothing to do with the end of DADT, and instead gave credit to hecklers from GetEqual, to Joe Lieberman, to Lt. Choi and feet-to-the-fire armchair activists at Daily Kos, I ceased to ever consider him to be an honest broker. He’s like icebergslim. Permanent, irreparable, Obama Derangement Syndrome. He will always find a way to give credit to someone other than PBO for significant advancements and then all the other improvements he’ll just dismiss as insignificant. He will always have a large posse there to back up their contempt and derision for the genuine advancements that have occurred.

  43. I read Politico several times per day ..but you have to know where to look. The main snarkmeister is Julie Mason. Just yesterday she wrote an article on “where was the TOTUS – the “teleprompter of the united states.” Apparently she thought it was funny that the Prez gave 2 speeches on note cards. Yea right. Then there is Ben Smith who tries to be fair. I will give him 65% fair & balanced. Roger Simon, the dean, is definitely an Obamabot. Mike Allen is a fun read and appears regularly on Morning Joe. Ok I know not many MOJO fans here but the show at least try to be fair (when Joe is not around) and Valerie Jarrett watches it every morning.

  44. I wonder when someone was going to bring this up. The fact is developing countries like China and India are using more oil because they have a growing middle class and aspiring middle-class people who want cars and are building up their infrastructure, making 9% growth a year. We need to get off oil as fast as possible b/c it isn’t sustainable.

  45. Very interesting…..

    This afternoon, the president takes his family to Camp David for the weekend. Will be their 17th visit since they moved into the WH.
    3 hours ago via web

    At same point in presidency, George W Bush had been to Camp David 62 times spanning all or part of 198 days.
    3 hours ago via web

  46. Colbert was always better than Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart seems to be just another media whore – even willing to send his own friend (Weiner) down the river.

  47. I think Romney’s attitude toward the auto industry is consistent with his Gordon Gekko attitude. The Auto Industry was just something to be bought on leverage, broken up and sold for parts.

  48. Short version…Mitt’s a joke. The Gordon Gecko guy…buy companies,break them up, sell them off…people lose jobs…those companies go bankrupt. Short version…only Colbert made it funny….THAT’S the “businessman’s way” of fixing what ails us:) Yea…that’ll work!

  49. I like the description of Obama as a geek and Bush as a jock. Geeks know how to run things. Jocks know how to run from things.

  50. Interestingly enough, Gillibrand herself was a bona fide member of the Blue Dog Caucus when she was in the House. She “evolved” into a poutrager hero. The double standards abound in those sensationalized new media spaces which is why I recommend that people not bother blogging around such high levels of intellectual dishonesty and game-playing, building up alternative, non-trolled spaces instead. For Bloomberg to be cited as a progressive hero is just a joke. My guess: Clark has probably met these politicians in person, they stroked his ego, and in return, he uses his loud mouth to promote them at the dailyfox. That space is just ridiculous, and a good five years ago, no one would have gotten away with such blatant trolling like that.

  51. For the more nutty candidates, I would insist on the restaurant being disinfected first. It’s good to see the draw the President has on people.

  52. The best lines in the article…

    “Palin’s emergence as a serious figure in American politics has made the country a laughing stock across the world. The idea that a stateswoman like Thatcher, in advanced dementia, would be used by such a crackpot is simply unseemly.”

  53. They are no better than the teabaggers. Not a dime’s worth of difference. The last straw for me was when these racists accused Atty. Gen. Holder of being the second coming of Jim Crow. Just hatefilled, disgusting people who woulc cause you to lose your faith in humanity if you believed that the netroots illusion is real. Which is why my mouse will not visit that sewer and fill the owner’s pockets with my page clicks.

  54. So true; at most, there will be a footnote about online “progressives” who tried to destroy his presidency, and I have no doubt but that future generations will easily detect the profit motives and racial underpinnings. But that’s it.

  55. Not to mention, it’s Sasha Obama’s birthday and the first weekend of their summer holidays. Well deserved family time,if you ask me. They should get much more!

  56. That’s adorable…but I would hardly call it “propoganda”:)You’re obviously raising your daughter well..:) Be happy that she will be going to school on her own, as hard as it may be, your job is to give her wings to fly.I remember putting my daughter on the bus the first time for school. She was so excited and proud of herself!I went back in the house and cried!She’s a 20 year old college student now…my the time does fly.Keep those times/memories close. Goes by faster than you can imagine.You sound like a great dad! Keep doing what you do.

  57. Knoller is a walking encyclopedia on stuff like this. Of course, a lot of people will say “Why has he gobe there 17 times already?” and ignore the second one.

  58. To add: I wasn’t thrilled with Gillibrand as a senatorial selection, but I can’t demonize her bank vote. It’s pretty difficult for a NY senator to stand against Wall St., thus while I may disagree with many of hers and Schumer’s moves in this regard, I understand them. But in terms of online “progressives” acting as if clear centrists are such huge liberals while President Obama is Satan—that is a very ugly double standard; I find it intolerable to be around.

  59. Deaniac is one of my biggest on-line heroes. I’d love to shake his hand.

    I wonder if this medicaid news will make it to that other site. After all, they’ve got Clark!

  60. WhatIsWorking, I don’t know if you want to add this vid clip to your “‘Celebrity-supportin'” PBHO project or not. But, it’s still interestin’, and it does mention PBHO’:

    A World View Interview w/John Legend (He was involved w/”Waitin’ for Superman.”)

    “If you could ask any world leader a question, what would it be and who would you ask it to?”

    By the way, I’m goin’ to send it to the @WhiteHouse and @BarackObama! lol

  61. Good Morning Everyone:-)

    Here’s something to cheer you up 🙂

    Massachusetts in the bag for Obama

    Massachusetts Survey Results
    Q1 Do you approve or disapprove of Barack
    Obama’s job performance?
    Approve …………………………………………………. 58%
    Disapprove……………………………………………… 37%
    Not sure …………………………………………………. 5%
    Q2 Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion
    of Herman Cain?
    Favorable ………….. 15%
    Unfavorable……….. 23%
    Not sure ……………. 61%
    Q3 Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion
    of Newt Gingrich?
    Favorable ………….. 15%
    Unfavorable……….. 72%
    Not sure ……………. 13%
    Q4 Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion
    of Sarah Palin?
    Favorable ………….. 25%
    Unfavorable……….. 70%
    Not sure ……………. 5%
    Q5 Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion
    of Tim Pawlenty?
    Favorable ………….. 20%
    Unfavorable……….. 36%
    Not sure ……………. 44%
    Q6 Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion
    of Mitt Romney?
    Favorable ………….. 40%
    Unfavorable……….. 52%
    Not sure ……………. 8%
    Q7 If the candidates for President next year were
    Democrat Barack Obama and Republican
    Herman Cain, who would you vote for?
    Barack Obama………………………………………… 60%
    Herman Cain…………………………………………… 27%
    Undecided………………………………………………. 14%
    Q8 If the candidates for President next year were
    Democrat Barack Obama and Republican
    Newt Gingrich, who would you vote for?
    Barack Obama………………………………………… 63%
    Newt Gingrich …………………………………………. 27%
    Undecided………………………………………………. 10%
    Q9 If the candidates for President next year were
    Democrat Barack Obama and Republican
    Sarah Palin, who would you vote for?
    Barack Obama………………………………………… 63%
    Sarah Palin …………………………………………….. 27%
    Undecided………………………………………………. 10%
    Q10 If the candidates for President next year were
    Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Tim
    Pawlenty, who would you vote for?
    Barack Obama………………………………………… 59%
    Tim Pawlenty ………………………………………….. 28%
    Undecided………………………………………………. 13%
    Q11 If the candidates for President next year were
    Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt
    Romney, who would you vote for?
    Barack Obama………………………………………… 57%
    Mitt Romney……………………………………………. 37%
    Undecided………………………………………………. 6%
    Q12 Who did you vote for President in 2008?
    John McCain…………………………………………… 34%
    Barack Obama………………………………………… 60%
    Someone else/Don’t remember …………………. 6%

    June 2-5, 2011
    Survey of 957 Massachusetts voters

    Have a Good Day Everyone:-)

  62. Me too! 2008 was the 1st election that I both volunteered and gave money. I too started giving month monthly once the re-election campaign started in Feb.

  63. I’m not mad at her for it either but this is the same woman that said Obama’s tax deal was morally corrupt. No one likes that the cuts had to be extended but millions of people benefited from the other parts of the deal. Obama did what he had to and so did she on this bank vote.

  64. Oh, it made it alright, by a FP’er, no less. Of course, she had to frame it as ” a small step” in the end. But then she is an obama basher, so nothing nee there

  65. The Gallup Poll is driving me crazy lately….one day Obama is at 50-40 and few days later he’s at 45-46 (like today)….it jumps all over the place like a hot potatoe…..don’t like to see Obama this low in approval rating especially because he was in the 50s for awhile now….

  66. She said that? What’s morally bankrupt about making sure people can feed their children over the Christmas Holidays, or that those who have been unemployed can continue to eat and have a roof over their heads, or that 98% of the population doesn’t face a tax hike right when the economy is starting to recover? The morally bankrupt people are Gillibrand and her colleagues in Congress who hypocritically don’t do their jobs, and then bash the President for their failures. This is just one more sickening example of the types of politics that are doing this country in.

  67. Please don’t accuse me of being a trol based on my last email….I am just worried that the economy is lowering Obama’s approval numbers. If people follow what’s been going on the past few years they would know that it’s the repubs that obstruct and do not allow any job making bill to get through congress because they know it will hurt them politically….PARTY BEFORE COUNTRY is paying off for the republicans! Really said….

  68. Such a good idea – there’s no restaurant that isn’t booming – and when you drive around on Friday or Saturday nights, each one is flooded with people sipping wine and looking like they’re not too worried about the economy. Reality doesn’t match with the doom and gloom being spread by the media. Even the Bernanke folks are stressing that the economy will lift up after the summer. The question is: isn’t this the normal trend for summer periods, anyway? I am hearing above that companies are hiring new employees (not just the ones they laid off), that manufacturing plants are expanding, that people are going on vacations. I see with my own eyes that the prices are lower at the pump. The fantasy nightmare scenario that the Republicans and the media are spinning just doesn’t match up to reality. Yes, there’s still a long way to go, but really – it’s definitely better than they are portraying.

  69. Several polls have recently shown obama beating decively all republican candidates. If you are not a troll, then you should able to unconditionally accept this statement.

  70. gn – Serious subjects, but you really had me laughing at the “Newt with his fifty million wives” line! Can’t he just go away?

  71. Saw a great quote on this just this morning at Balloon Juice:

    “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’”

    — Isaac Asimov

  72. At the moment, like us, I can’t see China “comin’ to the rescue” of other countries…

    But, slowly but surely, I BELIEVE PBHO will “win them over!” (In their honor, he had a state dinner for them!)

    And, that’s true!

    Too bad, the GOP, now, the TeaPublicans didn’t have a Vision for America’s Energy Future, in the earlier years, like Carter and PBHO did/does: (Carter was instrumental in establishin’ the Energy Department, and he had solar panels installed on the WH rooftop. But, once, Reagan came into office, they were removed…Grrr!)

    Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future…

    The TeaPublican Party are all about “guttin’, “defundin’,” “demannin”‘ and “Bush burrowin'” federal agencies!

    Of course, there’s the local/state ones.

    They don’t “give a d**n” about America, as a whole, and the American people!

    VOTE’ ‘EM OUT!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  73. Grumpy – Loved your story. A “good dad” is so very important – keep it up! I can still see my son as he picked up his first daughter (who’s now 20) after work, strapping her into her infant seat – in his big ol’ truck! She looked so tiny. And – even further back – I can remember his first day of kindergarten. He and his friend were starting that grade on the same day, and his friend’s mom and I were standing outside as they walked into the school behind the teacher, for their first day. When all the other parents had left, we were still there – looking at each other, starting to cry, saying “They never even turned around to wave goodbye!” I think I cried for hours. Enjoy. Every. Minute.

  74. All is well, David. No one is more prone to polls anxiety than me. The reality is that as long as underemployment is where it is – this will be a very tough fight.

  75. Indeed – I also find that this obsession over “family values” and the associated hypocrisy from the right (and some of the left) on this stuff, is misguided. I think the only values we should be interested in from our leaders are how they value other human beings. The leadership values we should be seeking should include regarding other human beings as worthy of dignity, respect, equal opportunity, full-throated effort and lofty goals to make their lives better and more fruitful. Those are values that can be found in President Obama. Can we say the same of the other leaders trying to take on the top job, or even those in Congress who sit by and throw stones but don’t accomplish much in the way of tangible results for the people of this country or this world?

  76. I know I always check out the websites of the places where he eats or has an event – and I normally think a little more highly of those places.

  77. I prefer state polls more than national ones. thanks for the heads up. NJ, NC, Minnesota have had some good numbers in this early stages for our potus too. Go Obama2012 😀

  78. Maybe you should check the polls at the end of the week , or preferably maybe the month and then average them out. If you are gonna watch it closely everyday you will see ups / downs and end up unnecessarily stressing yourself out.

  79. This isn’t Cornel West’s first foray into the world of hateful hypocrisy. Didn’t we also hear that he has a mixed race child living in London, being raised by her white mother? This info came after he called President Obama a “white man living in a black body” and accused him of not being connected to his “blackness” because he was raised by his white mother and her parents, implying some sort of fraud.

  80. Sounds like she’s destined for greatness. Keep nurturing her curiousity – she’s taking it all in, from what you say. You couldn’t ask for a better role model than President Obama for a future leader! 🙂

  81. I’m learning to feel sorry for the MSM. In 2007-08 they had all that drama to cover with the Presidential Primaries. This time? All there is to cover is a never-ending stream of comedy. It just doesn’t sell well.

  82. THIS is the frame, desertflower. This is absolute brilliant. “Gordon Gecko. Greed is good.” Paint Romney with all that truth.

    He’s doubling down on “Let Detroit go Bankrupt”. Because Obama ‘gave all that money’ to GM.

    Hey, Mitt: a loan that returns your entire investment plus intereest is a good ‘business deal’. Or did you go to business school the way W. did.

  83. So True about cllark and ice. They are bunch of loudmouths. i left the diries of the lgbt to them they are horrible. I had to be reminded that they do not speak for the community. I wish someone will tell them to shut up, he makes his causee difficult for any one .

  84. John McCain should have hung his head in shame and resigned from the Senate for unleashing that clear and present danger to everything decent on the American people and giving her a forum to rant her sociopathic stupidity.

    That alone makes him unfit to be dog catcher, much less hold higher office.

  85. I’m learning to ignore polls just like I do the MSM. The polls in 2008 would have Obama leading, then McCain leading by 1… the ONLY poll that matters is on election day, and we all recall how election day 2008 went, Obama shellacked the hell out of McCain/Palin.

    Polls don’t matter at this point, because POTUS isn’t re electable for well over a year from now, and a lot of these polls are skewered because of the way they phrase questions. Polls only serve those who want to take cheapshots at POTUS and continue to play up the drama and doom and gloom “POTUS is failing on jobs and the economy, Poll X said so!”

    The heck with polls, we don’t need a poll telling us how POTUS always manages to come out swinging and on top. People love him overseas, and people here line up to see him like they do one of their favorite bands/artists. POTUS is a BARACKSTAR! 😀

  86. I heard The first lady is going to Botswana South Africa later in the month.

  87. “I’m ignorant: what is ‘gos’?”

    I think a long time ago, a right winger sending in hate mail to That Other Site referred to it as the Great Orange Satan. The over-the-top nickname stuck and some people shorten it to gos. At least that’s my understanding.

  88. I still have to ask the question: what is the better alternative plan that the Republicans are offering? Pawlenty’s “Path to Poverty” or Ryan’s “Kill Medicare” or Herman Cain’s bigoted Administration? I hope Americans aren’t so stupid that they fall for the nonsense of “if the economy doesn’t improve, then hand it back to the ones who destroyed it in the first place, and have even worse plans in the future, including bringing about Armageddon”.


    Over the past few months, WE’VE BEEN WORKING TO IMPROVE THE WHITE HOUSE’S SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE to provide our Facebook fans and Twitter followers with timely, relevant and interesting updates about what’s happening at the White House and around the Administration.

    We’ve recently conducted surveys of the White House’s Facebook fans and Twitter followers asking for their feedback on our online programs. Between the two surveys, we received thousands of responses and thought we’d share some of the results.

    This wasn’t a scientific survey. The results reflect the opinions of those who took the time to respond to our posts and tweets and to complete the survey, and this kind of feedback is really helpful. We’ll be using this information to help improve and guide the efforts of our online program in the upcoming weeks and months.

    If you haven’t already, don’t forget to join us on Facebook at and on Twitter at @Whitehouse.


    50% of FACEBOOK survey respondents were over the age of 50, with another 35% between 35 and 49. Our TWITTER audience is younger, with only 32% of respondents over the age of 50. A combined 62% are over the age of 35.

    62% reported visiting our Facebook page at least once a week. However, 93% say they read tweets from us at least once a week.

    A much larger percentage of our Twitter survey respondents are active on Facebook (80% of Twitter followers use Facebook weekly) than our Facebook respondents reported being active on Twitter (30% of Facebook fans use Twitter weekly).

    Over 50% of respondents from both surveys reported never using Flickr, LinkedIn and social bookmarking sites (such as Digg, Reddit, and Delicious).

    64% said that the frequency of our Facebook posts is “About Right,” with 31% wanting more, and only 5% saying that it’s “Too Much.”

    61% of the Twitter survey respondents report that the frequency of posting is “About Right,” with an additional 35% saying it’s “Not Enough,” and only 4% saying that it’s “Too Much.”

    Over 56% share White House Facebook posts on a monthly basis and 78% have shared at least once. However, only 35% of responders report retweeting @Whitehouse on at least a monthly basis, with only 58% having retweeted us at least once.

    The top requested content includes news-oriented posts (Breaking News, the latest news from the Administration), interactive posts (ways to engage with Administration officials, announcement of live streams, quotes from major speeches as they happen) and the Photo of the Day.
    Most people are happy with the White House Facebook page and Twitter feed, but we received numerous useful suggestions.



    “Add a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ area to answer most questions”

    “Please provide more notice for live streaming events. They are great, but only if you get to see them.”


    “I appreciate the idea behind tweeting quotes from speeches as they are given, but it might be better served on a Twitter account created just for that purpose. I receive White House tweets via SMS and multiple tweets, and repetition gets a little annoying.”

    “It’s been a while since a presidential advisor held twitter chat session or something where we could ask questions during a video chat session.”



    “Thank you for entering Facebook and other social networks. It is “time” for the government to realize how much internet is used today. I am grateful for White House’s public involvement in this fashion.”

    “I really liked the virtual town hall on Facebook.”


    “Love the informal, behind-the-scenes stuff. Nice to know there’s a good man, woman and family leading our free nation.”

    “Great job with this. Happy to see this Administration taking advantage of the unique aspects social media presence to interact with public and practice greater transparency.”

    DON’T FORGET, IN ADDITION TO FACEBOOK AND TWITTER, you can also stay updated on the latest White House news by signing up to receive email updates from President Obama and other senior officials.

    PBHO’s WH is developin’ into a first-rate, 21st century-oriented one which is willing to listen and learn…

    It’s nothin’ like Bush’s…Yuck! lol

    GO PBHO GO!!! 😉

  90. Thanks for sharing that story. Everything will be fine, I know. But it is amazinng how fast it all goes. Seemed to take forever to get through a school year when I was a kid.

  91. Yes, I’m so grateful our country mustered up the courage to take a chance on Obama. I could tell he was unlike anybody else from the very start, and he really hasn’t disappointed me. He is a great example for kids, and I try to explain that to her all the time. I was reading about how young Barry was in Indonesia and other kids would throw rocks at him. He just dodged the rocks and kept skipping along. I want my daughter to have the strength in her to be able to do that. It’s very hard to be true to yourself and not let the bullies get to you.

  92. I don’t think this is true. At least I’m hopeful it will not be the case.

  93. The big “Palin Email Dump” is a big waste of time and if anything helps Palin in that there is nothing diabolical or evil exposed.

  94. I posted the story without looking at the author – its our very own Tien Le.

    She is soooooo goooood!!!

    As I said in my comment – this article should be used in training sessions at OFA. Clear practical advice we can use to get our messaging across.

    Virtual Pat on the back for the Tienmeister.

  95. That was cute. I saw no mention of Mom and Dad so I wonder if this was only friends.

  96. 🙂 Thanks…not really brain surgery though. Anyone that knows what he did at Bain, should know this. Problem is…nobody knows! We can use Gordon Gecko analogy. It sure fits Mitt to a tee.By the way…still not used to not seeing “Faith” as the poster…I know it’s you:)How’s the little kick ass beast today? Doing well, I hope.Miracle doggie.With miracle parents:)

  97. It’s the tariffs. They protect their goods and don’t allow in imports. It is an issue with our trade policies and the disaster of NAFTA and anything similar. We need to even the score somewhat.

  98. We passed the new Apple store today and it was packed. It always is. I hard to turn off Norman GOldman on the radio the other day (a ‘progressive’ who thinks bashing Obama is going to accomplish his goals) when he was on a rant about how it’s not a recession it’s a Grand Depression. This jackass is a lawyer. Maybe he should study what the Great Depression really looked like. While he’s at it, he should bother to find reality in the poisonous political climate facing this President.

  99. Great:) I do that on a local level too…like today. as I went into the drugstore and there was a big entire display case of fireworks…Jan Brewer’s first act as Gov! WOW! WE LIVE IN AZ! THE PPLACE IS BURNING DOWN,and she was SO PROUD of herself that fireworks are now lewgal IN THE DESERT! What an idiot. So, as I saw this woman fixing the display, I said something like “What the hell was that woman thinking? Is it ok for people in a desert to have fireworks?” She agreed with me that that was pretty stupid. Any chance I get to poke these idiots in the eyes, I’m taking a shot.They make it so easy.

  100. with you amk. i will never forgive him for strapping the family dog to the roof of the car and going on vacation. i measure a person by how they treat their pets and children, the most vulnerable of us. romney is a spineless bully.

  101. Thanks GN for always speaking Truth! I also noticed the way the so called purist progressives always excused their heros like Feingold, Gillibrand, Sanders, and others, when they didn’t vote exactly the way progressives are supposed to vote, but instead voted according to the interests of the people they represented. Yet, if the President does not act 100% they way they want he is labeled as a sell out!

    By the way, I am glad that you pointed out the political reality of members of Congress from New York when it comes to Wall St. This is the level of political maturity that’s missing from the PL bashers of President Obama who has to govern a country that is NOT dominated by radical progressives.

  102. It is used in OFA training. That’s where I learned it. Thanks for making that clip, WiW. It really helped me a lot.

  103. So many typos I couldn’t see:) I apologize.That would be “place” “legal”…you get the drift:)

  104. Oh, you’re quite welcome. I have more where that came from:) In addition to my 20 year old daughter, I have a 16 year old son:) BOTH flavors/then I was done.Just cherish every single moment..because in a blink of an eye,they are grown and moving onto other things…all having less and less to do with needing your undivided attention…to my sadness.Want them to be self sufficient, but sometimes wish they would consult me alittle more. Thise kinds of things. I am so proud of the both of them, as you are of yours…I just always tell them that no matter what, I’m here for them.I have to let them fly.

  105. “… It is an issue with our trade policies and the disaster of NAFTA and anything similar…”

    Clinton and a GOP-controlled Congress!

  106. Yes, I think the campaign was more focussed on state polls in 2008 too. I remember feeling anxious because Obama and McCain were very close in the national polls. Then the President ended up with an electoral vote landslide.

  107. I agree but you’re preaching to the choir here. We need to get this message out.

  108. I guess the message is: tweet tweet tweet! I’m sure David Plouffe has something to do with this, which means it’s in safe hands.

  109. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, that picture says everything, Puts a smile on your face. Lawd If those lil’ minds could tell ya’ what they thinking. Ummmm, I just love that snapshot 🙂 🙂 🙂 Bless all of their hearts, It’s thoughtful, and warming, and perhaps shocking, surprised. I love It.

  110. Obama to visit Puerto Rico Tuesday
    (AFP) – 52 minutes ago
    WASHINGTON — Barack Obama will make the first official visit by a sitting US president to Puerto Rico since John F. Kennedy’s trip in 1961 on Tuesday, the White House said.
    Obama will make a speech and visit the historic La Fortaleza governor’s mansion, the oldest such residence in the western hemisphere.
    His remarks will be closely watched by large numbers of Puerto Ricans who live in the United States, especially those in the critical swing state of Florida that will play a large role in Obama’s 2012 election bid….more

  111. (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday said she was not in discussions over the top job at the World Bank and that she was not pursuing the post.

    “I have had no discussions with anyone, I have evidenced no interest to anyone and I am not pursuing that position,” Clinton told reporters while on a visit to Lusaka, Zambia.

    According to sources close to Clinton and the Obama administration, she has expressed interest in moving to the World Bank in 2012, when the current Bank president’s term ends. Despite denials from both the White House and State Department, three sources familiar with the discussions have said the story remains accurate. [no more-very short]

  112. Actually her “aides” decided which email messages to allow to be dumped. Once I found that out I realized that this “dump” was nothing more than another media-driven publicity stunt for Palin.

  113. Hmmmmm….interesting. Maybe I’ll tune in. I’m sure know which team I’ll be rooting for!!

  114. Thanks OSG…

    PBHO just keeps on movin’!

    He doesn’t let anything or anyone distract him from his short-term and long-term goals for America and the American people.

    He stays focused!

    Team Obama IS on the job!!! 😉

  115. Yeah, let’s get busy…

    DP & Co.’s fingerprints are all over this! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  116. Hey GN, You do a wonderful job speaking truth and exposing hypocrisy. Thankfully, you are a much better person than me because you always take into account the humanity of people you disagree with. For me, I wish the good ” brother Doctor” and his sidekick would STFU! They really need to grow up and stop all their jealousy/ envy of the President. I am sure there are different venues for them to get attention other than constantly bashing the President.

  117. Yup, she thumps the bible according to the professional left and was real quick to jump onto that tax cut deal pile-on, with egg on face afterwards, as that deal not only delivered relief to real people, but also enabled a lame duck session for the history books as the deal opened the door to some major legislation getting passed. President Obama’s detractors usually have one standard for themselves, and then a ridiculously higher, pure, standard for President Obama and his supporters. It’s a way to keep bashing him despite his accomplishments. Thank God for this space is all I can say.

  118. Yup; one standard for their favored politicians, and a totally different one for President Obama. The nutroots is a joke.

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