Well, Matt Damon isn’t gonna like that…(Updated)

Richard Gere gives PBO glowing review. Thanks snoopy4eva2


One of those great little things that president does every day and no one knows:

President Obama Drops by Youth Initiative De-Brief

Yesterday afternoon, I had the privilege of leading a meeting with 10 incredible young Americans who had participated in the “100 Youth Roundtables” Initiative and came to Washington, DC for a de-brief with President Obama, his Senior Staff, and DC-based youth advocates.

The young leaders were joined by Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, Nancy-Ann DeParle (Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy), Zakiya Smith (Senior Policy Advisor for Education), Macon Phillips (Director of Digital Strategy), and myself in the Roosevelt Room of the White House for a listening session on the topics that young leaders discussed in their respective roundtable sessions all over the country. The leaders briefed the White House on their conversations and solutions around jobs for young people, youth entrepreneurship, workforce development, energy & the environment, global poverty, racial & ethnic profiling, human rights, and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) policy.

Halfway through the meeting, President Obama dropped by (with Bo in tow), and after meeting everyone, took a seat and talked about a range of topics: from the economic situation to climate change, education, incarcerated youth, Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, the Social Work and Reinvestment Act, and civic engagement.

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Good one from Booman:

As I have said, and will continue to say, Michigan should be so grateful to the president for saving the automotive industry that they ought to name all their schools after him, name roads for him, and put statues of him up in all their county courthouses. I’m not kidding. John McCain would have let the whole industry go broke, including all the suppliers. In fact, that’s what all the Republican candidates for president would have done. Mitt Romney made this abundantly clear at the time by penning and editorial entitled “Let Detroit Go Broke” for the New York Times. As Romney travels through Michigan today and tomorrow, former governor Jennifer Granholm is asking potential donors to Let Mitt Romney Go Broke. That seems about right. Yet, the Upper Midwest just went through a political cycle where they chose to elect Republicans for nearly everything. This was probably the dumbest reaction I’ve ever seen, and the regret people are feeling is completely predictable.

In truth, any state that makes Chryslers, Fords, or General Motors cars should never consider voting for a Republican again. We have to convince them of this, however, as the other side continues to make their case based on revisionist history and outright lies.


PBO’s visit to the Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, Va. to highlight the need to prepare the workforce to compete for manufacturing jobs across the country.



133 thoughts on “Well, Matt Damon isn’t gonna like that…(Updated)

  1. I really appreciate listening to someone who is politically informed & involved who articulates honestly- the Richard Gere video is superb- thank you.

  2. Matt Damon has been quiet ever since Bin Laden and the White House Press Correspondents.

  3. Senate rejects delay of debit-card regulations, ends K-Street battle

    A bipartisan coalition of senators on Wednesday rejected a heavily-lobbied proposal to delay regulations on debit card fees, which will save retailers and cost banks billions of dollars in revenue.

    Fifty-four senators voted in favor and 45 voted against the measure, which needed 60 votes to pass. Nineteen Democrats joined 35 Republicans voting yes.

    The vote is a major victory for Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin (Ill.), who sponsored legislation last year directing the Federal Reserve to review the fees banks charge on debit transactions.

    Durbin’s side was supported by 12 Republicans and 32 Democrats, plus independent Sen. Bernie Sanders.

    The Fed is on pace to issue final rules by July 21 that could cap fees at 12 cents per transaction, a fraction of the 44-cent average banks now charge.

    Full article here – http://thehill.com/blogs/floor-action/senate/165411-senate-rejects-delay-of-debit-card-regulations-ending-biggest-k-street-battle-of-2011


    A truly bi-partisan effort. Both sides had supporters and opposition. In a strange way it’s nice to see for a chance. I don’t really hold it against Tester either, since his extension failed 😉 and it will help his re-election chances and his seat could be the difference between keeping and losing the Senate. Interesting that this is one time where the 60-vote threshold was good for us though.

  4. BWD, you’re always very welcome…

    Here’s another great Mishmash showin’ our “24/7, fully-engaged” President!

    And, WE got his back…’PUSHBACK’ Voices for PBHO/Call The Media… Call ’em, Tweet/RT ’em, FB ’em, Emall ’em, et al! 😉


    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  5. It would be great if Matt Damon walked back a bit. He took 1 issue (a disagreement on education policy) and expanded it beyond a single issue. Frankly, I’m more surprised that Damon is less a realist that Richard Gere.

    What can we do about it? POLITELY, e-mail Damon (who has his address?), thank him for his dedication to public education and request he take a broader, more pragmative view.

  6. Speaking of badass Dem women…

    From TPM: Rep. Allyson Schwartz, a leading official at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, called for the New York Democrat to resign on Wednesday after a picture of a man’s genitals — purportedly a Weiner self-portrait — began circulating on the Internet. Contacted by POLITICO, a Weiner spokesman neither confirmed nor denied that the picture was of Weiner.

  7. In Libya news, reports are coming in that Gaddafi’s troops launched an attack on liberated Misrata, with 4×4’s and about 20 tanks. Of course, the only way to attack the city is on open roads, and the Brits and French have attack helicopters at the ready. One can assume that a good chunk of Gaddafi’s soldiers and equipment no longer exist.

  8. PBHO was just given a AU jersey w/ #1 on the back…

    You name it…He’s #1 in every possible way!

    OK, I’m a little “bias!” 😉 lol

  9. Brietbart just couldn’t not show it – allowed Opie and Anthony to take a pic of the pic he had on his iphone and tweeted it to their followers.

  10. Awesome, there were a lot of ads about this on my local tv stations over the last few days.

  11. President Obama’s campaign position on NCLB was to reform it, not dismantle it.
    President Obama has always said you will not always agree with him.

  12. how soon will libya’s mission be over with?

    Iraq and afghanistan are looking great for ending 🙂

  13. Watch Viacom’s 2011 Get Schooled Special – Behind the Scenes: President Obama’s Race to the Top Commencement Challenge on Wednesday June 8 at 7:30 PM (6:30 Central Time) on BET and Centric. You can feel the emotion alongside Christopher and Cassandra as they serve as the President’s chaperones for the day to their high school graduation.


  14. matt damon has been quiet ever since Bin Laden and the White House Correspondents dinner 🙂

  15. I saw that on Gawker but I did not click. Andrew said he didn’t want to show it out of respect for Weiner’s family. Yet he allows someone to take pics of it and post it on the Internet. What an ass.

  16. I’m not surprised at all. Damon is younger so he may consider himself some type of revolutionary. What they read could also be a factor. Matt sounds like he reads a lot of HuffPo.

  17. The Economy and Jobs are always on the front-burner, coupled w/other things happenin’ in the U.S. and the world, in PBHO’s WH:


    The last time the Federal government was significantly reorganized was in the age of black and white TV – a time when the global economy looked quite different from today. As many of you know, THE PRESIDENT ANNOUNCED IN HIS STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS in January THAT IN ORDER TO WIN THE FUTURE, WE MUST REFORM OUR GOVERNMENT in a way that best serves the goal of a more competitive and innovative America. He tasked me with starting this effort with a focus on trade and exports, noting that a dozen different agencies deal in these areas.

    Today the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency released a new report that underscores the need for this review of the federal government’s structure and how it can be updated to eliminate duplication and fragmentation and better support the nation’s competitiveness a 21st Century global economy.

    Over the last few months, Lisa Brown, the Executive Director of this effort, and I, and our team at OMB, have been hard at work gathering ideas, input, and advice from as many stakeholders as possible, hearing what works and what doesn’t, and where duplication and fragmentation exist, in order to develop informed recommendations for the President.

    AT THE HEART OF THIS INITIATIVE IS ENSURING THAT THE STRUCTURE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is best serving our nation’s entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their businesses and create jobs here at home by selling their goods and services overseas.

    So WE’VE BEEN TALKING TO BUSINESS OWNERS – large, small, and everywhere in between to get their feedback…

    WE’VE also BEEN REACHING OUT TO FEDERAL EMPLOYEES, because we know that those on the frontlines often know best what’s really working and what’s not – and where overlap exists…

    INPUT AND ADVICE FROM STAKEHOLDERS like federal workers, businesses of all sizes, current and former Cabinet Secretaries and agency heads, union leaders, good government experts and members of Congress and their staffs IS CRITICAL TO BUILDING A GOVERNMENT THAT ALLOWS US TO CREATE JOBS, STRENGTHEN OUR ECONOMY AND COMPETE IN THE 21ST CENTURY.


    Thank you.

    Jeffrey Zients is the Federal Chief Performance Officer and the Deputy Director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget.


    Credit where credit IS due…

    In my book, PBHO IS “The President of the World!” 😉 lol

  18. The difference between Matt Damon and Richard Gere, Gere is an activist . He actually does something, so His opinion holds more weight than anything Matt says.

  19. Matt Damon was supposed to be appearing at an Anthony Weiner fundraiser. LOL!

    Yup, Matt sure knows how to pick sides!

  20. Bravo for Richard Gere Obama is Smart, listen, understands. and reads , that’s why Obama has done such a remerkable job so far So thank you mr president I know mr president that you are realy working your butt for all of us.

  21. As long as what I want happens, I don’t really count the votes because I figure there might have been votes freed up etc. Durbin and Reid were on one side, Schumer on the other.

    That being said, I think I know who I want to replace Reid as majority leader and it’s not the Senator from New York. However I’m pretty sure Durbin won’t get the gig either as he’ll be seen as too close to Obama/too much power out of Chicago (of course it didn’t matter with Bush/Delay IOKIYAR)

  22. I’ve seen Durbin during a rally in Chicago last October, and he was awesome. He is so passionate and he’s completely loyal to the president.

  23. NATO is stepping up offensive because UK/France doesn’t have the $$ or political will to stay long so need Gaddhafi removed one way or another soon.

  24. Oh yes, please. At this rate, 10 years from now it’ll be very easy to distinguish between blue states and red states in America. Blue states will be in 21th century.

  25. You’re joking right? Where is this posted? That would be truly delicious.

  26. As the article says, it passed twice before, but was vetoed by that other guy who couldn’t keep it in his pants. Now with a greater Dem majority and a Dem governor, I’m more than hopeful.

  27. Personally I think Matt Damon has been spending too much time with Clint Eastwood.

  28. That and next to Donald Chump he was the second biggest ass of the night.

  29. . I believe PBO has the mind and the imagination to make it happen. This is a red letter day for me.As a government employee with more than 20 yrs experience I know there a hundreds of employees who know how to make things better by getting some of the admin rules out of the way.

  30. I don’t care what the far left says, anytime they stab POTUS in the back, they are helping the Republicans, and that includes Matt Damon.

    I’ve actually enjoyed Damon’s work (namely The Bourne Series), but he is an egomaniac. Someone mentioned he was supposed to appear at a Weiner event, as the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.

    I’ll take the word of Richard Gere over a Matt Damon or Michael Moore any day of the week. Gere actually wants to help folks, Damon and Moore just want the attention and fame. I’m not sure about Damon, but Moore doesn’t seem to care if he ends up helping the Republicans by stabbing POTUS in the back, and I’m glad that Gere is not that kind of person. We need more people like Gere who actually help others and less of the attention seekers like Damon and Moore who pontificate about why their ideological fantasies aren’t reality yet and it’s all Obama’s fault.

  31. According to William Kristol, Rudy Giuliani is going to announce his candidacy. He seens NH ripe for the picking from Mitt, and that early win would be enough to keep him viable until they get to the bigger winner take all states where he believes he’d play much better – California, NY, NJ etc.


    I hope he does jump in.

  32. Come on! Now that we got rid of the Sperminator. We elected Dems in all area last year…so we have a Dem Gov, 2 Dem Senators, majority dem state senate/house/assembly, Dem Sec State, Dem attorney general. We are on track to get Public Option healthcare for all.

  33. Can we afford the house if we ALL pony up a little bit? I would GLADLY move back to CA anyday of the week.AZ is taking a huge toll on me.We sure would have nice neighbors if we did that! Yea,use our real names when we hug…nice thought:) If I could afford it, I’d love to see everyone here go to a meet up somewhere…that would be a fun time!

  34. Can someone please explain this to me? I don’t understand any of it. This Bill and Who Voted For What and Why for Dummies, please?

  35. Well, McCain is at it again, trying to hamstring the president on Afghanistan. He says, if you pull 15k troops out of Afghanistan, we will lose! Of course, there might even be more than that…
    Will he ever stop???

  36. Thank you for that! I sent that off to her…I hope everyday brings her closer and closer to a full recovery….and maybe a senate seat?:)

  37. Smilingi8y, yes he does…

    But, he cannot do it alone!

    He needs “all hands on deck” to help him do it!!!

    Are you goin’ to contact the WH w/your input and advice?

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  38. I truly think that if somehow Mittens ekes out a victory in the primaries, his candidacy will split the GOP and open the door for a Tea Party candidate.

    From TPM: Mitt Romney’s got enough to worry about without this: Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) is holding a rally Wednesday to accuse Romney of basically being exactly the same as Barack Obama.

    Full article here.


    Have you seen this? It’s great! Share away! Do we ever need this comic relief. Just what the doctor ordered.

  40. Sounds like he’s trying to make himself relevent to anything that’s going on. People in WA can’t stand him, nor can the people in AZ anymore…I think I read that he has one of the lowest approval ratings of any US Senator. I think the old geezere needs to retire to one of his 12 houses and call it a day. The world is moving too quickly for him to keep up…which is the problem with a lot of the R’s that want to send us back in a time machine.Past time to move on from all of them. And no, he will never stop.I blame that idiot for the other idiot being thrust upon us and will never forgive his shortsighted, dangerous stunt.

  41. You may not believe this…

    But, there are ‘Recovery Act-funded’ projects, here, in TX! lol

    One day, I “shot” a pic, w/my iphone, of the ‘Recovery Act’ emblem on the side of one of our Via buses, here! (I’m still learnin’ how to use it!)


  42. Sad that the article makes this pronouncement: “…as the economy continues to worsen.” Like it’s a foregone conclusion that the economy is going to get worse just because they want/need it to.

  43. Exactly. Look in the dictionary under Irrelevant. John McCain’s picture is in the rotation along with Michael Moore and Jane Hamsher.

  44. Cornell West and a lot of the PL have been quiet lately, including Matt Damon.

    Conyers has gotten supportive of the president.

    Lots of people are encouraged about Afghanistan and Iraq coming to an end.

    The “obama is weak” meme has really marginalized.

    The gay community hugely supports the president. Only arvalosis is a lone hater. He just said the Obama administration is witnessing its death.

    Isn’t it great though how fringe it has become and has eased.

    Many diaries on the orange site have called on wiener to apologize to president Obama.

  45. And his movie didn’t do so well – despite his pimping attack on the President.

  46. My visit to The Obama Diary was enhanced by great video and pics of our First Lady and First Dog. Michelle’s dress is kickin’. I just love having a First Lady who adores children. She’s so natural and at ease with them.

    This is why we need to keep working to re-elect the President. Can you imagine Nightmare Barbie as our First Lady? Horrifying.

  47. I believe that that is Palin’s plan, especially since she didn’t attend Reed’s Faith and Freedom event and has declined an invitation to participate in the debate CNN is hosting. Plus, she issued a threat to the GOP on Fox that sounded a lot like she plans to circumvent the usual method of entering a presidential race. By launching a third party bid, she can avoid the debates and the media scrutiny.

  48. I think it depends on who the big monied interests get behind. Also, it will be interesting to see how the GOP “infrastructure” responds, especially the big boys on the hill. Will they moderate and side with Obama at times or will they let the TP guys run the show even though they are challenging their establishment candidate. As someone who believes in strong two parties I would hope for the former. It is just too scary for the GOP to be so crazy. I really hate them now, but the slim chance that the country could be in the hands of one of these idiots at a time of crises just makes me tremble.

  49. I actually remember Moore going on LO’s show last year and saying how much he admired the Republicans because they actually did things out of conviction. Republicans are the biggest flip-floppers on the planet and have no principles, and you’re going to go on national TV and state how much you admire them?

    Since then I have had absolutely ZERO respect for Mr. Moore.

  50. The cable news channels have banned McCain from their Sunday roster since he denied that torture techniques were responsible for the finding of Bin Laden. He needs to get back in their good graces so he’s once again on his bash-Obama expedition.

  51. Definitely itgetsbetter. The admonition that “no weapon formed against this President shall prosper” is being borne out by these events, isn’t it?

    I think Cornell West has gotten a lot of push back and from well-respected Black Scholars like Melissa Harris Perry (Princeton Professor and MSNBC analyst). And I’m sure he has seen some nasty disapproving comments from African-American voters on blogs.

  52. The debt ceiling was a great opportunity for sane members of the GOP to side with Dems and PBO and not risk putting the world into a meltdown. The GOP leadership failed — either because it believes in the ideas of the radicals in its party, or because it’s too cowardly to act against them. I don’t think the GOP will moderate over the next year; the leadership is too scared of being primaried by the true believers.

  53. It figures that Damon would be supporting Anthony…. one of the President’s loudest critics.

  54. Just watched the Richard Gere clip. Now that is how you give criticism and compliments. I wills say that I thought the reporter was fishing for more Hollywood complaints, which Mr. Gere did not give him. Very nice indeed.

  55. In just a few weeks I will get to Texas and we can celebrate the Recovery Act together. If you want to put those pictures on the web or send them to me as attachments whatisworking@gmail.com

    My hope is that when the election rolls around, everyone can use these pages to promote the good work in their state. Keep snapping those pictures.

    Who knows, maybe PBO can take Texas, lets cross our fingers for a third party running Palin – after the NY election anything is possible

  56. It will be interesting to see she and Michelle Bachman in their little cat fight. I was reading over at the Orange Satan that the woman from Wasilla called on Bachman’s campaign operator to retract a statement he made about mama Wasilla yesterday.

    If she does launch a third party bid and try to avoid media scrutiny, it would be interesting to see how her employers at Fox deals with her. As we know they are the only media outlet she speaks to, so if they are unwilling to cover her, and if our so-called liburl media could come to its senses and stop letting her run rings around it, it would be interesting to see how she gets her message out. Twitter and Facebook will not do iit for her.

    This woman is so dim, it hurts the brain.

    Go figure.

  57. It’s sad that the likes of McCain have to resort to this kind of foolishness to get exposure. You would have thought that now that McCain has won his seat and is quite secure, he would want to go out cleaning up his blotchy legacy. Sadly, the power most of these guys crave makes them look so small.

    I don’t see any of them that can hold a candle to President Barack Obama. He is one of a kind, truly.

  58. A Tester/Corker bill wanted to delay one aspect of the financial reform bill that would allow the treasury to regulate debit card swiping fees, for a full year. Right now folks are charged upwards of 44 cents a swipe, under the financial reform law it could be capped as low as 13 cents a swipe.

    There has been major pushback and lobbying from financial outfits and a bill was born to just delay it for a year “for further study” – folks rightly called BS on this saying it was a lobby trick to kick the can down the road to give them more time to defeat it.

    It got 54 votes FOR IT (for the Tester/Corker delay), but needed 60 to get cloture which it failed to do.

    What’s neat is that this wasn’t party line votes at all.

  59. Duffy is calling GOP House leadership liars, saying he would have not voted for complete ACA repeal if they didn’t tell him they’d offer up a replacement plan in the Spring – which he notes they failed to do.

    This district should be a prime pick-up opportunity in 2012.

  60. I thought Tester was on our side. Why did he try to delay the implementation of the fees cap? Was he responding to this banking lobby? I gather that now all attempts to avoid this fees cap are fruitless now?

  61. This is an instance of cloture rules working to our advantage. Which is why I’m really ambivalent about cloture; yes, it needs to be reformed, but it does have its benefits in preventing bad law from being adopted.

  62. We’ve got great threads today. Love the President’s smile in the first picture.

  63. I hope Cornell West crawls and a hole and hides for the next couple of years, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  64. I’d love to see Palin do a third party end run around the media to try to be President. It worked so well for Ross Perot! She cannot take the heat of genuine questioning and debate. She has no discipline and no desire to learn anything.

  65. Yes, it is…

    This year, health insurance companies — including Aetna Inc and WellPoint Inc — face new limits that call for at least 85 cents of every premium dollar to go toward medical costs, with 15 cents for overhead and salaries.

    This (and other provisions) will cut into their profits…People over Profits!

    It’s about time!!!

    But, later on, there will be 30 or more millions added to their rolls.

    Stop whinin’ BIG BABIES!!!

  66. The song should be changed to “What scary world it would be”.

  67. Nutroots freakout in 5…4…3…2…1…

    I wish the administration would fight for a nominee for a change though. Make Warren famous by fighting on this issue and have the GOP block her because she is too on the side of the consumer – then have her run for the Massachusetts Senate seat if that is the plan. As much as I hate that idea.

  68. FYI – For anyone who didn’t see the very interesting interview with Janny Scott on her book ‘A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother’ last night on Charlie Rose, here is the video:


    The discussion about PBO and his mother lasts throughout this segment so watch until the end!

  69. I noticed that too!! LOL!!

    But thank you Richard Gere for getting it! For understanding that a man cannot be judged and even deemed a “failure” before he’s even had a chance to walk through the door!!


  70. “Strange to see them doing the right thing..” S o true BWD, so true!!! We’ve al,ost all forgotten what that looks like!!

  71. Go check out Stonekettle Station’s perfect take on SP.Not to be missed!

  72. You’re right!!! Clint Eastwood is a dyed in the wool right winger!! Petty, angry man who I’d even venture to label a racist!!! Didn’t even bother to show up at the White House when President Obama honored him, but found time to fly to France for Sarkozy’s honor.

    I only hope he has not infected Meryl Streep with his unfounded hate of President Obama. She is currently working with him on a Margaret Thatcher (right wing hero!!) mpvie and Meryl who always spoke so positively about President Obama was also a no-show at the White House to receive her honor from President Obama!!!

  73. Well if as Jovie indicates, Warren likes the person, maybe that gives the President some cover.

  74. I think they are doing excellent videos and I hope they are able to get this seat in 2012. He also may be nervous enough to vote against some of the Republican stupid stuff.

  75. Hopefruit, I am with you 100% about Michael Moore. I am really disgusted by the “holier than thou progressives” who are, wittingly or unwittingly, enablers of right wing teabaggers!

  76. Just catching up on all the day’s news and comments. This thread was a pleasure to read — no hand-wringing or chicken littling — so much positivity and great info. Thanks for the good vibes, everyone :-D!

  77. Is Rudy Giulliani still running on his 9/11 record? Otherwise, what makes him a viable candidate?

  78. I have the sense that Dick Durbin is one of the senators with the most integrity. And a pragmatist. No wonder he likes PBO and PBO likes him.

  79. Clooney is in a league of his own. He’s deeply invested in his very worthy causes. He has respect for, and is clearly respected by, the President. And he looks simply fantastic! A league all by himself.

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