Quinnipiac Poll: President Obama leads Romney by 6, leads every other Republican candidate by double-digits

Hi guys,

Here’s some serious work for us to do today. There’s a new Quinnipiac Poll that has PBO up by 6 points against Romney. Now, granted, even someone like myself, who takes polls to the heart, knows that all these polls are really insignificant a year and a half before the election. BUT, we all saw the way the media freaked out over that WaPo/ABC complete outlier from yesterday. So, at the top of the sidebar that’s a link to a page set up by Chipsticks, with every possible media contact info. If you can find the time today, please harass these Republicans shills. Emails, Twitter, Facebook, anyway you can think about.


Today’s schedule:

11:10 AM
PBO visits Northern Virginia Community College – Alexandria Campus.

11:30 AM
PBO delivers remarks on the importance of training and preparing our workforce to compete for manufacturing jobs across the nation.

12:30 PM
PBO and VPB meet for lunch.

1:00 PM
Carney briefs the press.

2:25 PM
PBO meets with senior advisers.

3:00 PM
PBO delivers remarks at an event honoring Auburn University’s 2010 BCS National Championship.

4:40 PM
PBO meets with President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria.




171 thoughts on “Quinnipiac Poll: President Obama leads Romney by 6, leads every other Republican candidate by double-digits

  1. Happy Wednesday, friends. As usual, I’m on the road today to visit my mother and play the piano at a nursing home in her area. Prayers appreciated for safety.

    Blessings to all of you and to our super PO for a wonderful Wednesday!!!!!

  2. Good morning my BWD family. I know this is wrong to say, but I must say it anyway. My Evangelical friends are NOT going to vote for Mitt Romney. It’s as simple as that and yes I have taken a poll. I didn’t for a minute believe that the biggest flip flopped in America was leading the gentleman who the Lord let save us from a second Great Depression, who has created more jobs in 2 years that President Bush did in 8, who gave the order to get Bin Laden and has kept us safe as God watches the city and who has made our Country the most respected in the World once again. God Bless President Obama his cabinet and our brave troops, keep them protected, in Jesus Matchless Name, Amen.

  3. Lorraine, I have a neighbor who says the same thing that this issue with him being a Mormon is real. I love how you summarized the President’s accomplishments. I’m going to steal it!

  4. Notice the headline of the article? See how it still gives Romeny the win even though O-man is kicking his arse with a six point lead?

  5. Good Morning Everyone!

    It also might be helpful if we also shared hints about how to interpret polling results. Like: Sample size and margin of error are really important. Sample size is the first thing I look for – and then wording of questions.

    I hope I am remembering correctly, but I think that the Quinnipiac poll has twice the sample size of the WashingPost/ABC poll – and a 3 point difference in the WaPost poll is within the margin of error.

    So Romney and the President were essentially tied in the WashingPost/ABC poll, although reported as one leading the other.

    Good Morning and good work, BWD!

    Take care,


    As if any of this matters this far out….

    GEEZ: It is too bad that political “news” has been reduced to reporting about elections.

  6. Yeah, we know about all those little things but what gets our goat is when the media and his opponents push these polls as doom Doom DOOOM! for the president. I couldn’t go anywhere in the political blogosphere w/o seeing panic and bragging over those numbers.

  7. Good morning BWD and TOAITR family. I knew another poll would come out. Now we will get to work. Remember What Is Working has many lists too. Thanks to everyone for all the lists I now have bookmarked.

  8. Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC The Last Word was on a roll last night about the Republican Party and their obsession with never raising taxes. Lawrence totally eviscerated the Tim Pawlenty economic speech. It looks like Pawlenty was trying to go beyond the Paul Ryan “Road to Prosperity” Plan. But it makes you wonder if anyone on his staff bothered to read the speech to ensure it was a coherent proposal. Lawrence breaks it down.

    The segment is entitled “Rewriting Tim Pawlenty’s Tax Plan –


  9. Me, too! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  10. Mornin’ MTMarilyn,

    Yes WE do!

    And, you’re very welcome!

    By the way, I see you’re on Twitter…You go girl! 😉

  11. GM Ametia,

    I don’t BELIEVE in polls…

    So, I ignore all of them! 😉

  12. I’ll be ignoring all polls until October 1st, 2012 because they will not matter until then. The MSM can make fools of themselves or fool themselves until then. Just keep working hard and make them look like the arses they are on election day.

  13. Yup. If the pollsters had been right, HRC will be the prez now. Recent example I saw was in an Indian state poll, where all the pollsters predicted victory for a ruling and most corrupt party and the opposition party alliance whacked them in 200-34. tsunami and the ruling party couldn’t muster enough seats to be seated as the opposition party in the legislature.

    As an engineer, I never trust the mumbo jumbo behind polling theory.

  14. Especially when it becomes common knowledge that Romneycare in Massachusetts covered abortions with a $50 dollar co-pay.

  15. Thanks, LadyHawke, for that…

    At times, @Lawrence IS good!

    Have you seen this one:

    30 Years of ‘Starving The Beast’ Politics… http://gocl.me/maHCLES

    It’s very enlightenin’ and “eye-openin’!”

    Matter of fact, WE should SPREAD THE WORD FAR and WIDE…PASS IT ON by Tweet/in’ /RTin’ it, FBin’ it, Emailin’ it, et al!


    Now, I’m a “Obamacrat/Obot”…

    I’m awoke! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  16. Regarding the stupidity and futility of polls this far out…LO’Donnell last night said that at this point in 1995, Bob Dole was leading Pres. Clinton by 7 points…..oh my! These MSM people just have too much time to fill, so just blather ignorantly. Just like overseasgranny, I don’t start thinking about polls until October 2012…..I bet she and I have been through about as many elections as each other,and have seen how these things work. When David Plouffe gets scared, then I’ll know to worry, but not until then. OFA is starting this summer to work for the President. The Republicans don’t know who in the world to work for….and I think it’s going to be a long nasty primary for them.

  17. Good morning BWD and others. I wish everyone a great and fabulous day. My students graduate today from midde school. then I’m on to teaching US history in high school this summer. I look forward to teaching my students in high school to think for themselves.

  18. The First Lady looks amazing, glad chancellor Merkel showed up in a dress, she looks beautiful too.

  19. Good Morning BWD family hope all are well just a short note on my way out there 516 days and 12,400 hours of work to do reelect our President stay fired up ready to go . Because he needs us all.

  20. GM Wesleya17,

    Thanks for the countdown, would be interestin’ to have a “real” countdown clock? 😉

    Yes PBHO does!

  21. Yup, Carolyn, remember the night Dewey won over…now what was that loser’s name again? As soon as the voting districts settle down, Plouffe will know down to the block just how many votes PBO will be getting and by how many he will win and where. We have barely ginned up the machine and just wait until it gets going. Plouffe will let us know where we might have to concentrate. Just use that Twitter thing to effect and register people.

  22. Obviously, the election is more than just the high unemployment rate, otherwise the president would not have these kind of poll numbers. Despite the Jedi mind tricks the msm plays on us all!!!

  23. “BERKELEY — First Lady Michelle Obama will be fundraising in the East Bay next week for her husband’s re-election campaign.
    Tickets to Tuesday’s Obama Victory Fund 2012 breakfast reception cost between $1,000 for general seating and $25,000 to co-host, according to President Obama’s campaign website….
    The event will be held at 8:45 a.m. at the Claremont Hotel Club & Spa, 41 Tunnel Road, Berkeley.”…more


  24. This is the 2nd article on the new Alzheimer’s drug:

    IRISH SCIENTISTS believe they have made a breakthrough in developing drugs to help block the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, which affects thousands of people in Ireland.
    The research, jointly funded by Irish and British agencies, centred on two antibodies which already have a role in preventing causes of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD), the human form of mad cow disease….more


  25. Forget the polls! They will change many times between now and November 2012. I prefer to look at how this extraordinary President, Barack Hussein Obama, is getting his message to the entire world. It’s not that the message is new – every world leader has paid lip service to freedom and a better life for all human beings. But it is the singular distinction of this President to translate this goal into policy and pursue it at home and throughout the world. While America reels from the desperate attempts of special interests to hold on to their privileged status, much of the rest of the world is moving forward and celebrating President Obama as their voice for a better life, a more promising future.
    I do not believe that Americans will choose to move backward to the age of robber barons while others shake off tyranny and dependency and reach for their dreams.

  26. Me thinks, LO is sticking up for the president bc he wants us to stay with him and not Keith olberman. Olbermans show starts on june20th.
    Will al gore allow KO to slam the president like he has before? Inquiring minds want to know…

  27. Extending safe travels to our beautiful, smart,always focused, gutsy president Barack Obama today.

  28. The ‘Merkel’ Official Visit “went on w/o a hitch.” It was a great success…

    FLMO looks G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S, PBHO looks “dabber,” and Merkel looks good, too!

    Even, during the Visit, our “Energizer Bunny” President was hard at work.

    He never stops workin’ for America and the American people!!!

  29. Thanks BWD: WE all are in, But, but, this morning all the talking heads are still talking about the winer!.
    Wow. and of course Chcuck just said that Romney is leading Obama on the polls ,,Chuck is a piece of crap he is mad because he did not had a chance to ask POTUS yesterday at the press conf.with merkel about The winer!! he, he,. But let’s not worried people, we have the power we will decide;

  30. Good Morning Everyone

    I think we should have a somewhat “schizophrenic” attitude toward polls, we should rejoice in the good ones and ignore the bad ones. Today we wallow in happiness over this latest poll.

    What I always remember is that the President is an excellent communicator, a warm and caring person, and an incredibly hard worker. When the campaign ads, debates, and interviews begin in earnest, all of those things will come through. The Republicans don’t have anyone who comes close.

    Let’s not buy into the concept that the unemployment level has to be at a certain level, or the polls have to be at a certain place in order for the President to win. He will win because he has done the right things and when he speaks to Americans that will show. He will also win because so many folks like the ones on this blog believe in him and will spread the word of his accomplishments.

    Of course I want unemployment to be lower in Nov 2012, but whatever the number, I believe he can win.

  31. Let’s spread this article around today

    Bill Clinton: universal health coverage saves money

    —–snip (Reuters) – Former President Bill Clinton said the United States could save more than $1 trillion a year by adopting any other advanced nation’s healthcare system.

    He also said there are important advances included in President Obama’s healthcare reforms and urged that it be improved upon rather than repealed. –/


  32. I hope this concept gets some traction

    Earl Blumenauer asks Park Service if Sarah Palin received special — and expensive — treatment


    I know some folks get upset when she is on the news, personally I love it. the more she talks, the more dumb things she does, and the more folks associate her with the Republican party and Tea Baggers. I would much rather see her face on TV than some of the other Republicans.

  33. amk: Yep. those are the pollster for you, they are so full of crap, in my comunity the last I check everyone approved of what Obama has accomplished so far,We are all retired Democrats, Republicans and independents. Anothet point we should remember when Obama was runing against HRC the Talking heads were saying that Blacks, White weman, and men, latinos were not going to vote for obama WTF happen obama is our President. what I can said the young people are so fired up and ready to go.

  34. You know, that’s how they “roll”…

    Now, WE need to get some DEM news out there, too…Tweet/RT it, FB it, Email it, et al!

    And, the MSM need to hear from us: (Which excludes FOX “News,” that’s another story!)

    ‘PUSHBACK’ Voices for PBHO

    http://theobamadiary.com/contact-the-media/ (This link IS at the top of the TOAITR’s sidebar!)

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  35. Oh. My. God. has there ever been a more beautiful First Couple? Michelle’s dress is phenomenal and PBO makes my heart skip a beat when he wears a tux. Merkel looks so comfortable with Obama.

    I’ll do my part to put pressure on the media when I get home from work later in the day.

    Thanks, BWD!

  36. As always, thanks for bringin’ us this great, encouragin’, up-to-date WH and other sources news…

    WE can use it…Tweet/RT it, FB it, Email it, et al! 😉

  37. Good morning BWD, I sent e-mail messages regarding the Quinnipac poll to C. Todd, A. Mitchill, that Shultz blowhead. Thanks for the for the poll and providing means of contact.

  38. tnmtngirl, I hope you have a safe trip and that you bring musical sounds of joy in playing the piano for your mom and others.

  39. OPEC is fucking with us… Did you see how the announced they were going to increase oil production, which would gave brought oil prices down?
    Well, they just canceled that meeting, saying they could not agree!
    This is also fishy, as oil is now going back up bc of the cancellation of this meeting!

    Like I said, they are fucking with us!!!

  40. In my thoughts and prayers, you hurry home, ya hear! ::Virtual Hugs::

  41. Thank you overseasgranny for that article. Both my parents had alzheimer’s. I try not to worry too much but it is always there.

  42. I just read that Keith is bringing in David Shuster and that Markos will be a contributor. So we do that there will be bashing of the President with Markos on.

  43. Chuck should be one of the first beneficiaries of our messaging re: the Quinnipac poll today…

  44. There was recent polling that showed 70% didn’t blame President Obama for the gas prices. On the flip, the high gas prices are hurting the economy in a pretty major way. It’s not OPEC nearly as much as it is the oil speculators though, the barrel price is where it was at when gas was a dollar less a gallon.

  45. So far total silence at TPM, which led with the poll yesterday in huge headlines.

    I wrote them and got a reply:

    On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 7:29 AM, Allan Brauer wrote:

    Quinnipiac says Obama beats Romney handily. Thought you would give it equal play to the poll you screamed about yesterday.


    Oops, I predicted this bias a month ago:


    Allan Brauer

    Hi Allan –

    Not sure about screaming, but you’ll note neither our headline nor our lede yesterday fronted Romney’s position in the poll – which I agree is at this point less about Romney, and more about the President’s econ numbers. That’s what we led with.

    Thanks for reading and for writing.

    Paul Werdel
    Associate Editor – TPM Media

    So I replied back:

    But will you cover the Quinnipiac poll AT ALL?

    Still waiting a reply to that simple question.

  46. Snoopy, yes I saw that segment on 30 years of starving the beast. Lawrence was great. By the way, I got an error with your link.

    Anyway, I have to say the segment that Lawrence did that disturbed me the most was the one about ALEC (AMERICAN LEGISLATIVE EXCHANGE COUNCIL). That segment was just chilling. And I was shocked that Lawrence had just recently found out about the organization.


  47. Investing in Our Communities and Creating Jobs

    —snip—Since EPA’s brownfields program began less than a decade ago, it has spurred almost 70,000 American jobs. To build on this record of success, Lisa Jackson, administrator of the EPA was in Lansing, Michigan today where she announced $76 million in clean-up grants that will be used for projects throughout the nation. –snip—

    these are the type of headlines we need to promote.


  48. I also love how the president wants to bring a lot of troops home from Afghanistan and suddenly the press says they should stay! Ugggh!

  49. You’re welcome. I will try hard to keep up on this drug. It will save any country trillions in care over time.

  50. The Claremont was once my very favorite place for Sunday brunch – a very lavish and not too expensive buffet.

  51. Plenty of economies doing not so bad with much higher oil prices. So, either the view that US economy is suffering because of oil price (which is much much lower than in Europe) is wrong or that american economy depends so much on oil prices is wrong.

  52. Sorry about that, the ‘S’ shouldn’t have been there:


    Thanks for the ALEC link, yeah, ALEC isn’t a good thing!

    And, when I say, “Wake up Lib/Prog DEMs!” I mean the Congressional DEMs, at the local/state/federal-level! They’re in denial. This isn’t your great grandfather’s nor your grandfather’s Republican Party/GOP (Paraphrasin’ VPJB)! They CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!!

  53. America is a driving nation, and is vast. I’d bet Americans drive a lot further two and from work each day than in any other country. I read a figure that said the gas increase takes an extra $1000 out of the pocket of most drivers over a year – that money in the economy elsewhere would be huge.

  54. And the interesting thing about that Quinnipac poll is that they are right leaning!!!

  55. Hey there! I’m guilty of not commenting here often, in part because BWD’s blog is the ONLY blog to which I subscribe so I receive each new post via email. I depend on her to keep me focused and energized!

  56. Keith Olberman has been persona non grata with me for a long time. Look at the friends he keeps?

  57. Remember this?

    “a new ABC News/Washington Post poll released yesterday, shows Hillary Clinton winning the support of 53% of “leaned Democrats” nationally to 20% for Barack Obama, 13% for John Edwards and single digits for the other candidates. A lot of bloggers let loose with the adjectives, writing that she “pulls away” with a lead that is “crushing” or “explodes,” telling us that we have reached “knockout punch time,” that “she’s killing it,” or declaring simply, “oh baby when she moves, she moves!”

    That was October 4, 2007.

  58. That’s what I named my dog LOL! I call him Petey. A terrier mix, he was a complete PITA when he was a puppy.

    Sorry! Totally off the subject!!!

  59. Public transportation IS a good thing…

    High speed rail? (It is/was part of the Recovery Act funds!)

    But, the TeaPublicans, especially the governors, and their ilk demonize anything public!

  60. I think it’s way too early to worry about polls. There will be some new, shinier object tomorrow that will send the our loser MSM in another anti-Obama direction tomorrow. And Chuck Todd will be leading that pack of jackals. And even when we’re closer to the election it’s important to follow the right polls. The questions can be skewed to get the responses the poller wants.

    On a nicer note, FLOTUS looks absolutely stunning! And she has a really hot husband :).

  61. PBO just finished speaking, it would be nice if the msm would report on this program. It is so disappointing that people aren’t aware of what PBO, along with manufacturers and schools are doing.

  62. LOL is right. 8,000 miles, a $2,000 airfare, and maybe 12 Euro spending money to do that on. I’ll have to pass on this one. But the place is very nice!

  63. I TOTALLY hear you re: Polls! They make me a neurotic %-). I always end up wondering why I’m never polled 🙂 Thanks BWD for all you do! I truly appreciate it. Have a nice day!

  64. Lorraine, did you ask them for whom they would vote if not for Romney? I’d be curious to hear which way they’re leaning.

  65. What’s a PITA? Oh..I think I actually figured that out:) PAin IN ThE A**? Like I said 40 times before, I just can’t see wht I write before it posts. Morning all.

  66. Exactly. SO SO SO much can change between now and then. This is all about the MSM trying to make this a horse race, which it won’t be unless they have a super-secret candidate who is just waiting in the wings and going to scoop up all the Evangelical dollars the minute he or she enters the race.

  67. Agreed and thayt’s what PBO has tried to do with high speed rail and other energy saving methods eg the electric car, promoting green energy and jobs.

    Of course the ridiculous House, led by Repugs, and most of the Teapublican Governors have refused Federal money for high speed rail and the jobs that would have come with it.

    That’s why in 2012 Democrats need to keep the Senate a try to take back the House.

    Let’s do it.

  68. I tried watchin’ him…

    But, the link wasn’t workin’ for me…Darn it: 😦 (WH needs to fix that glitch!)


    I tried to see if it was on Cspan…No!…CNN…No!

    And, yes it is…

    But, WE’re “gettin on” the MSM about their “one-sided” coverage…Grrr!

    ‘PUSHBACK’ Voices for PBHO!


    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  69. And that machine is ginning up nicely. Did you read the tweet in the RSS feed? We’re already competing to see who can conduct the most One on One interviews in a day. The Republicans don’t even have a candidate. Those who are trying to get the Republican nomination aren’t even adequately staffing up in Iowa yet. The caucuses are in 6 months!

  70. DF, Try writing your response in Notepad or Word first, and then just copy & paste it into the black box.

  71. Really, if we want to get rid of deficits we need to bring medical costs down. There’s no better way to do that than to develop effective therapies for debilitating diseases. Thanks for keeping us up to date on this drug; my family has fortunately been pretty free of Alzheimer’s, but you never know.

  72. LOL. I do remember that. And if the GOP had a a “Barack Obama” candidate I would be worried. There’s always something unforeseen and/or out of POTUS control that could happen but the fact that he is doing so well in the polls now when the economy is struggling after a difficult Spring of weather and gas prices speaks volumes.

  73. Reuters Reuters Top News
    FLASH: President Obama is 13 points ahead of nearest Republican rival Mitt Romney in 2012 election: Reuters/Ipsos poll
    16 minutes ago Favorite

    I would like to see a poll on how many people who say they don’t watch polls, secretly do. 🙂

  74. We used to go there for Thanksgiving. I love the Claremont — elegant and classic. Much like the First Lady. (Well, the Claremont is also old. That’s a difference.)

  75. But but but… ABC and WaPo and he’s doooooooomed.

    Like I said yesterday, other polls would come out in due course — like, within a day — that would either support the ABC poll or show it as an outlier. I had a hunch that ABC was an outlier, and it seems like it is. We just have to keep plugging along.

    (Still, it is nice to see these polls.)

  76. Watch: President Obama on Jobs and Training at 11:30 a.m. ET
    Posted by Mary on June 08, 2011

    President Obama is visiting Northern Virginia Community College this morning and you can watch live online at 11:30 a.m. ET.

    The President will be speaking to staff and students about the importance of manufacturing for the American economy, and how we can ensure that American workers have the skills and training they need to compete for jobs all across the country.

  77. Tien, I have rural broadband and big limitations on uploads and downloads, so I have to avoid RSS feeds and tweeting. Pity.

  78. The other problem with polls is that this entire thread is taken up with the discussion of polls instead of what we’re doing to effect change in this country. There is so much good stuff to talk about on any given day.

  79. Hi DF,

    Sorry, you’re havin’ so much trouble w/the WordPress update!

    By the way, how are things “workin’ out” for you and your family?

    I have been meanin’ to ask if you would “feel comfortable” talkin’ w/Suze Orman about your personal financial difficulties? (“Eavesdroppin’ on your conversation” w/AQ911 ::clearing throat:: lol)

    She’s on Twitter:



  80. Good lord, Granny…you must think I am computer literate:) Seems like a lot of trouble to go through to say what I think….maybe I’ll just get stronger glasses and call it a day! The curser blinks white, but the words type in black. Most annoying. That said, thank you so much for your suggestion:)Hope you’re having a fabulous day…thanks again.

  81. I missed it!

    WH.gov/ live link wasn’t workin’ for me… 😦

    But, I know there’ll be a vid clip of it, soon! 😉

  82. Just remember folks. The media is really neither liberal or conservative (discount the rare exceptions such as FOX0. They have one mission and that is to create readers and/or viewers. What do you think would get more of those, polls showing Obama trouncing everybody in sight or a poll which shows vulnerability. Which do you think would get more, stories about Weiner or the Clarence Thomas possible conflict of interest.
    Also rememebr, for the vast majority of the media, things need to be concise and not require much in the way of explanation, Dems tend to care about issues that are complex, but the media doesn;t go the complex route. Republicans like black and white short stories, so does the media.
    The key for us is word of mouth, down in the trenches communciation. It worked in 2008 and it will work again, and not just for the Presidency but also Congress.

  83. Love you guys, but all the polltalk is not for me. I do want to thank you for your pushback. against the horrible media though.

    Have a wonderful and HEALTHY summer! g


    Yesterday afternoon, I had the privilege of leading a meeting with 10 incredible young Americans who had participated in the “100 Youth Roundtables” Initiative and came to Washington, DC for a de-brief with President Obama, his Senior Staff, and DC-based youth advocates.

    The young leaders were joined by Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, Nancy-Ann DeParle (Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy), Zakiya Smith (Senior Policy Advisor for Education), Macon Phillips (Director of Digital Strategy), and myself in the Roosevelt Room of the White House for a listening session on the topics that young leaders discussed in their respective roundtable sessions all over the country. The leaders briefed the White House on their conversations and solutions around jobs for young people, youth entrepreneurship, workforce development, energy & the environment, global poverty, racial & ethnic profiling, human rights, and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) policy.

    Halfway through the meeting, PRESIDENT OBAMA DROPPED BY (with Bo in tow), and after meeting everyone, TOOK A SEAT AND TALKED ABOUT A RANGE OF TOPICS: from the economic situation to climate change, education, incarcerated youth, Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, the Social Work and Reinvestment Act, and civic engagement…

    Participants of yesterday’s de-brief were chosen from the feedback sheets we received (from folks who organized roundtables in their communities), and reflected the trends that were discussed nationwide (the data from all roundtables will be launched with the E-book in a couple of weeks).

    We listened and de-briefed on the roundtables & issues that young Americans raised as the most important, and learned how they are dealing with and successfully tackling specific challenges in their communities. Some pretty cool video from the meeting, as well as an announcement that the President made to the leaders in the room are coming your way soon, so check back on our blog and sign up for the newsletter to stay connected!…

    Kalpen Modi is Associate Director of the Office of Public Engagement


    This IS our “fully-engaged” President…

    A president every other country wished they had as theirs.

    But, he’s ours….Hooray!!! 😉

  85. You can’t compare gas prices in Europe to America. We drive a lot more miles annually due to longer commutes. Most of the European countries are smaller than most of our states. It’s easier to build a public transportation system in a small country like the UK. Plus, the way the US was developed was very different than Europe. We have a lot more rural and suburban sprawl without a central city unlike most European countries.

    So, we can’t just “do something about it”. It would require trillions of dollars to build a public transportation system that could handle all the driving Americans have to do for work.

  86. really? i am having no probs and I can see what I am typing better on my phone. what’s it doing?

  87. So in the space of two days, the President is losing to Romney, slightly ahead and miles ahead. Just shows you how much polls are worth, really- at least individually.

  88. Good for you on pushing back on TPM. I took them off my list of sites to visit daily. They’ve been spinning negative polls for Obama and Dems while barely mentioning positive polls for months now. That headline yesterday was the final straw. Their site used to be the site I went to for breaking news. Now, they are way behind the curve.

  89. Thanks for thinking of me, Snoopy:)That’s very kind of you.I’m not A twitter person. so, no I’ll pass on the Suze thing. Things are in limbo right now…chugging along.HArd to go from solid 6 figure income to pittence as you start a business, build clients.We take one day at a time. I don’t think I’ve slept well in years, but we press ahead, just like everyone else in this situation.Thanks for thinking about us.We’ll be ok.We have each other and there is nothing more important than family. My own, AND this one.

  90. IMHO, the ABC/WaPo poll was mainly about the Republican Primary, which is now heating up, rather than an Obama v. Romney contest in the General Election, which is a year and a half away. In particular, it was about shoring up Romney’s credibility over the other clowns getting out of the little clown car. Remember, he just had his big announcement stepped on by Palin, and she was running a very close second to him, with her revisionist American history and all. Someone, somewhere, wanted a poll showing that Romney is the only Republican candidate who has a chance to beat Obama. If I’m right, it reeks of desperation.

  91. When I type in the comment box,there is a black background and black lettering, making it difficult for me to see what I’m typing and correct mistakes.The cursor is white, and it posts perfectly, I just have a hard time with black on black.Is there someway to change the type color to white? Or the background? If I spell something wrong, just forgive me..:)Thanks for asking:)

  92. Love it — and I love he had Bo with him. Thanks for sharing that :-D!

  93. You’re very welcome…

    Ok, there’s no Twitter for you!

    But, did you check out this site:


    And, of course, you and yours will “come out on the other side”…More successful than ever!!! ::Virtual Hugs::

  94. Hi gc,

    WE love ya back!

    But, it isn’t politics all the time, though…

    Is it?

    Don’t go!

    You’re welcome!

    And, you have the same, too! ::Virtual Hugs::

  95. As I said above about the President’s speech today, This type of information needs media attention. How wonderful that young people are so engaged in the future of the country. If this news was out there for the public, I believe more young people would get involved.

  96. What I think will be key for President Obama is to amp up the messaging on jobs by pointing out the GOP failed on jobs.

    They did promise them. No jobs bill at all. That will help divert opinion away from “Blame Obama for bad economy”

  97. I agree w/ya!

    Now, WE just have to “convince/persuade/influence” the MSM to air it …

    WE gotta “knock ’em over the head” w/this great, informative community-related news!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  98. No, it’s a wonderful, varied site! But I’m coming off a mess with my health and am determined to avoid stress in order to keep my immune system as strong as possible. It’s not politics, it’s the worrying that is bad for me – feeds into my own natural tendencies, LOL.

    Hugs back! I’ll lurk to see the lovely photos, and pop about our family of blogs.

    I love Snoopy, too, BTW. His and Woodstock’s friendship makes me smile 🙂

  99. Nicely said hgerhard, I would only add what was an important mindset of the 2008 elections: ” Always work like we’re 20 points behing in the polls”. We can take nothing for granted between now and 2012.

  100. Big hugs back at you:) No twitter for me:) I have one of her books. My husband IS a finance geek. MBA and a disertation away from PhD…no amount of Suze talk will give us what just crashed and burned. We will jusst have to start from scratch all over again.Keep positive mental attitude.Vote for our best interests (which we do, but so many do not)frankly, what we need to move forward is a solid majority in House/Senate…and PBO! Then we will be able to move forwaard with gusto having made the party of HELL NO, irrelevent.I will work my ass off to insure that happens! Virtual hugs to you..

  101. See what happens when you can’t see what you type! That sucked:( I’m a spelling freak,so that pained me.

  102. Yes, they are…

    Then, there’s the radical/extremist TeaPublicans, ALEC, Murdoch/Ailes, U.S. CoC, and SCOTUS 4 (Thomas, Scalia, Alito, Roberts)…Grrr!

    And, who else IS there?

    Our fight has just begun!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  103. So the alleged x-rated pic of Rep. Weiner is now on Gawker and I am guessing by the end of the day his political career will end. But here’s the interesting thing.

    “The White House declined Wednesday to weigh in on the scandal involving Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner, amid new pressure for him to step down.”

    Besides the numerous lessons that Rep. Weiner will be learning from this turn of events, I hope he learns that what the President is doing by not piling on while Weiner’s life is imploding is what compassion, grace and respect for a fellow human being and a colleague looks like.

    The President who he accused of not being a “values guy” sure looks like he understands that concept much better than Rep. Weiner.

  104. Not your fault, BWD:) I’ll eat more carrots and crank up the script on my glasses! Won’t keep me from being with the family and making my voice heard. Love you bunches!

  105. I saw that yesterday and I was outraged. They get to say, “opps, sorry.” after a cruel stunt like that? Notice the neighborhood that was targeted? WTF is wrong with these people?! (Thar was rhetorical) A poor woman just about had a heart attack!

  106. Ok, I understand…

    See ya around the bloggasphere (sp?)!

    Same here! 😉

  107. It’s always the people who prattle on about “values” who sorely lack them.

  108. I don’t feel at all bad about/for Weiner. He knew he was lying when he was lying. I don’t think the president should get involved in this at all. For once, let separation of powers really mean separation of powers. Had this been a republican, the members of the GOP would have been all over Fox providing cover, and the MSM would have barely touched the story. One thing I’ve always admired about democrats is that we tend to be more truthful than republicans in most cases, and we tend to hold our own responsible for their actions. Weiner had a whole lot of mouth the times he bashed PBO for the sake of making himself look good, so let him use it to handle this issue. All he had to do when this began was admit that he sent the pic, and that it was a mistake due to a lapse in judgment. He refused, so now he’s in deep doo doo. He’s a big boy. Leader Pelosi has requested an ethics investigation, and even Harry Reid refused to get involved, and I don’t blame them at all.

  109. Snoopy – what a great video – I am keeping a list of all the videos where celebrities say nice things about Obama, this will make a great addition. Remember when Jamie Fox talked about how they spray the President with smooth. I have a feeling, this will be a pretty long list come Nov 2012

  110. Off-topic:

    Although Weiner “disgraced” himself and his family, like a few TeaPublicans, here’s the backstory(ies)… (No excuses allowed!)

    @TheReidReport: Lost in the Weinerblitz: May 27 and the Clarence Thomas SCOTUS Scandal


    UPDATE: The WaPo has the news from the Weiner presser, first hijacked by Breitbart. It also appears that it was a pending story from ABC, not Breitbart, that forced Weiner’s … er … hand.

    May 27 was a Friday.

    According to Salon.com’s timeline of the “Weinergate” affair, here’s what was going on in the online life of Congressman Weiner:

    May 27: 7:58 p.m. ET: @RepWeiner tweets: “Heading to 30 Rock to chat with Rachel at 9.#Thats545InSeattleIThink.” Some commentators later suggest he is referring to Seattle because it is in the same time zone as Bellingham, Washington, where Gennette Cordova lives. Weiner himself has called it a “coincidence.”

    Between 10:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. ET: A photo of a man’s erection is posted on yfrog under the Twitter name @RepWeiner. The photo is also tweeted to Gennette Cordova, a college student from Washington, from Weiner’s account. According to conservative blog Pajamas Media, the tweet stays up for about four minutes before it is deleted.

    [According to Big Government, all of @RepWeiner’s yfrog account photos are deleted around 11 pm ET.]

    11:34 pm ET: Dan Wolfe (@patriotusa76) retweets the alleged tweet from @RepWeiner’s account. Andrew Breitbart notices the item on Twitter.

    And per the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein, from a May 27 post, HERE’S WHAT ELSE WEINER WAS UP TO:

    WASHINGTON — Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) spent his Friday afternoon pestering Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for executing a classic news dump: a release of his financial disclosure filing on the eve of Memorial Day Weekend.

    The Congressman spent the day tweeting to his heart’s content, first alerting his 43,000-plus followers to the likelihood that someone on the Court was going to try and bury an embarrassing story while the world’s attention was turned toward the commute and barbecue ahead:

    “Friday dump Scotus style? I’m hearing disclosures released today. #ConflictsAbound,” he tweeted.

    Shortly thereafter, Weiner let it be known that it was Thomas whose financial disclosure filing he was awaiting. Around 4:30, he had a link to send, showing that Thomas had served on the Board of Directors for the nonprofit Horatio Alger Association and had made $10,000 for a speech at University of Minnesota School of Law.

    The real conflict, if there was one, was with his wife Ginni, who earned “Salary and benefits” from Liberty Central and Liberty Consulting — prominent Tea Party Groups. The filing also revealed that the two share several financial investments, including 1/3 interest in rental property in Liberty City, Georgia, and a 401k plan. Thomas went on to note that, “two of the Georgia rental properties have been torn down. The only remaining property is an old house in Liberty County.”

    All in all, the file told a fairly well traversed story…


  111. Yes, it is!

    That will be another great project comin’ from you… 😉

    I know, even before Nov 2012, there are plenty of celebrity-supportin’ PBHO vid clips out there!

    WE just got to find them!!! lol

    GO PBHO GO!!! 🙂

  112. And, this:


    So while Weiner did what he did, looks like the attack on his Twitter escapades was helped along by a political heavy hitter’s office. I’m sure it’s just a coinky dink!

    When are Democrats going to learn you don’t play nice with these people? There’s a lot of dirt on these Republicans, and it’s time the Dems started acting just like they do. It’s a shame, really:

    JUNE 6–The online duo who spearheaded a vicious months-long Twitter assault on Representative Anthony Weiner–whom they accused of improper contact with underage girls–apparently consulted with an aide to a powerful House Republican as they mulled over how to release information about Weiner’s purported relationship with a Delaware teenager, The Smoking Gun has learned.

    In a series of e-mails exchanged on May 25, Mike Stack and his Twitter sidekick “Dan Wolfe” discussed a Tumblr posting by the high school student that they believed showed she was having “private conversations” with Weiner. Wolfe, who noted that he had made screen captures of the girl’s Tumblr blog, exclaimed, “This is MAJOR!”

    Beginning earlier this year, Stack (a porn site moderator) and Wolfe (whose true identity is unknown) have carefully monitored Weiner’s Twitter page to catalogue the young women being followed by the New York Democrat. In several instances, they have sent tweets directly to these women “warning” them about the politician. The insinuation in these messages–as well as in postings on their individual Twitter pages–was that Weiner was a predator.

    After Wolfe told Stack about making the screen captures from the girl’s Tumblr page, Stack suggested how they could release the information: “I think that since we have the stuff screencapped we call or email his office. But cc a whole bunch of people asking for a comment.” But Stack then noted, “She is underage, however. Let me email Darrell Issa press sec.”

    Stack, e-mails reveal, was referring to Seamus Kraft, press secretary and “director of digital strategy,” for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which is chaired by Issa, a California Republican. Issa, who has called the Obama administration “corrupt,” is effectively the leading congressional investigator.

    In an e-mail to Wolfe, Stack wrote, “This guy Seamus Kraft is awesome.” Stack noted that he was referred to Kraft by a woman who had recently worked for Issa’s committee. The female staffer, Stack said, “thought I would be good at keeping Seamus and Mr. Issa up to date with ethics and BHO [Barack Hussein Obama] issues around the clock.” Stack then remarked, “They have proven to be great allies,” adding that Wolfe should “Follow mr Issa at @darrellissa.”

    Asked this afternoon about Weiner-related contacts with the toxic Twitter Twins, Kraft said, “I don’t recall that right now.” After saying that, “I have exchanged e-mails with Mike Stack before” Kraft promised he would call back a reporter in 15 minutes after conducting some research. By press time–nearly two hours later–Kraft had not called back with the results of that research (though Kraft did start following TSG’s Twitter feed at 2:55 PM).


    @RepWeiner has to pay for what he did…

    No, ifs ands about it!

    But, Rep Issa IS a “thorn in PBHO’s backside!” lol

  113. You know, now, I understand…

    I wish you and yours all the luck in the world on your journey toward a reasonably, self-fulfillin’ life, again!

    And, despite the many TeaPublicans’ roadblocks, WE will re-elect PBHO, retake the House, and retain the Senate (w/an increased majority)!

    You know, maybe, 2010 midterms’ outcome was supposed to have happen the way it did to show America, the American people and the world that the GOP, now, the TeaPublicans cannot govern anyone/anything…

    And, because of that, they will “stay in the wilderness” until…

    Long Live PBHO and the “Obamacrats”/DEMs!!! lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  114. I know WE know, but I am on an admittedlyy fool’s errand to remind sites like tpm etc., to at the very least r eport sample size.

    And to report ties as ties. I hate polls, but since the business of polling dominates what passes for analysis these days, reporting should at least be honest.
    My small way of helping Prez elevate politics 🙂

    LllWish me luck.

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