Chancellor Merkel at the White House (Photostream)

Hi guys,

It’s Germany day at the WH. A joint press conference is scheduled to 11:35 ET. The State Dinner is 7:35 PM ET. All day is life here. I’ll try to update throughout the day, and I’m guessing that with the media in its Obama-Is-Done agenda at full force, we can train our not-very-strong no-drama muscles, and to use the link on the right to harass the media. Have a good day.


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  1. When people are around Honest Ob, they feel good about themselves and what they can accomplish, unless of course they belong to the Teabaggery or PL species…

  2. Good morning all; good morning BWD. It is going to be a great day at the WH, with this state visit. It should be a day of pride for German Americans.

  3. Donations to OFA today are matched. I’m using BWD’s link to keep it going. We have a hard fight ahead but there’s nothing we cannot do if we work together. Obama/Biden 2012!

  4. I hope they discuss Germany’s decision to phase out nuclear energy and the alternative energy sources Germany plans to develop.
    Great pictures!

  5. Good morning BWD and TOAITR family. It was a beautiful ceremony. I can’t wait to hear Donna’s report. I kept looking at the people to see if one of them was her, even tho I don’t know what she looks like.

    Looking forward to today’s events and all the reports.

  6. Thank you BWD:In the MSM this morning leading news is about Anthony Winner, It’s hard to ignore. But any time we click on BWD site it’s like been in heaven, the people her are just wonderful very positive and we think with logic.
    I hope the PL learn again another leason from Winner just like Allen Grayson we are Not the PL”s enemies, so come on and join us, we can do more good things together for our country.

  7. Good Morning:-)

    I found this on yahoo…and this comment, pretty much sums up what we all think of the

    A Plea to Fellow Republicans — Stop Defending Sarah Palin

    As a Republican, it pains my heart to watch the response to Sarah Palin’s latest gaffe. Like so many times before, Palin has put herself on the hot plate and shown that she does not know when to be quiet….

    The latest situation with Palin messing up the history of Paul Revere is a perfect example. It is clear to anyone that saw the video that Palin had no clue what she was talking about.
    It was a moment of verbal vomit that made her seem like she had never attended grade school. The entire episode could have been prevented any number of ways. Palin could have simply ignored the question and kept walking. Palin could have changed the subject.

    More importantly, Palin could have actually took a moment to read about Revere before visiting so that she would be prepared for the gaggle of reporters that were sure to follow her. That would have been novel for her….

    After a couple of years of defending and trying to make sense of Sarah Palin, it is time for Republicans to say enough. Sarah Palin had a chance to come out and say she messed up. Sarah was too arrogant to do so.

    Perhaps it is time that we Republicans simply admit we messed up in backing Palin and move forward. Liberals are not afraid of Sarah Palin. That is wishful thinking to say the least.

    They pray for her nomination.

  8. Hey, everybody. Thanks to all who posted twitter account information for congress and the msm in previous threads.

    If anyone wants to follow me on twitter, I’m

  9. Ha! It kind of looks that way. Pictures 3 and 4 suggest that she and the Obamas really get along. Cooperation on big problems is much easier when you genuinely like who you’re partnering with.

  10. Good Morning BWD, and thank you for your faithfulness to this beautiful site. You and Chipsticks always come forth with positive photos, articles, and the things that will cause us to converse with respect and love. It is a beautiful day on the west coast and from the looks of the watching the opening ceremonies at the White House, the weather seems lovely. I love the good manners that our President always showers upon our guest to the Whitehouse. Did you all see him pull out the little stand for Chancellor Merkel? Cute as he can be. Love my President.

  11. I do, too, Judith, and I also hope someone asks her about the e-Coli problem and why Germany keeps accusing poor innocent vegetables when the Germans haven’t done the testing before speaking. This has cost Europe tens of millions of Euro for no reason.
    I also hope Merkel has a plan to replace the energy she is taking off-line and not to replace it with dirty fuel.

  12. Thanks POB. Is it all possible to change one’s username on twitter? I just signed up yesterday with the same name @hopefruit2, but feel maybe I should use a different name?

  13. I don’t think you can change your username but you can create another twitter name under the same account.

  14. Okay..I have been gone for a week or so (vacation). I have not been keeping up with the news (don’t follow MSM)what is this talk Obama is a one term president? When I left his numbers were up, he had killed Osama, Detroit was making $. Is it only because of the economy? Is that all they have to label him as a one term president? The entire world is digging out of the economic mess. What other chain do they need to put around Obama to drag him down. He has been swimming upstream for 2 1/2 years.
    Sorry about Weiner…couldn’t of happened to a nicer guy…creepy!

  15. Nope, no shoulder rub, just reaching out to the crowd. After the Bush should massage of her which was a further embarassing moment in US history, I don’t think you will see that.
    What is inetresting is the obvious respect they have for each opther, even though Germany is not thrilled with the NATO action in Libya.

  16. Good morning all

    I have decided to TRY & stay away from cable news during the day today. I am not in the mood to hear about Anthony Weiner or how bad people think PBO is doing on the ecomony. I truly believe that the economy is getting better, but the media has decided to state day in and day out how bad it is. They refuse to give any good news about the economy. If all people hear is negativity about the economy, then of course they will think it is really bad and blame PBO.

  17. Yes, you can. Go to the Profile section and there’s an Edit Profile to click on.

  18. I’m with you. The minute I heard stupid Chuck Todd braying about some poll about PBO and Romney, I turned the tv off. Have been spending my day (should be writing) learning how to use Twitter to fight the lies.

    My latest tweet to Boehner: GOP jobs plan: fire 250k federal workers.

  19. The media will play up the repubs in order to get more eyeballs. As 2012 nears, I expect more sense will prevail and both candidate will get an equal bashing and praise. So my worry is not the media or even the pl, who will fall in line eventually, but it’s huntsman, who may turn out to be the under the radar surprise nominee.

  20. I disagree about the economy, TBH. I think we’re in troubles. But, watching TV you’d think that PBO inherited heaven and turned it to hell. So step 1 is not watch TV. Step 2 is, well, to pray that good can beat evil.

  21. I think part of the problem is the gas prices, as well as the issue with the debt ceiling. Are there still serious issues with the economy? Yes, but nothing like when PBO took office or even a year ago. It takes time to dig out of a decade or more of bad economic policies.

  22. Though I believe that everyone’s personal life should be offlimits in politics (what a pipedream in today’s culture) — and I felt the same when the Appalachian Trail guy’s letters to his Argentinian mistress were made public — it is not a particular surprise to me that Anthony Weiner wants to assert his sexual prowess via pictures. Why should the kind of grandstanding and theatrics he engages in as part of his political life not extend to his personal life? The frustrati’s constant call for and lionization of politicians “with balls” (and there are so many on the Republican side) brings this kind of personality to the fore. I think it is a far greater sign of strength to remain calm and detached enough to see the whole picture, as does our President, than is the propensity to rant and rave and strut and confront.

  23. I wish there was a way to fight the Repugs trying to subvert everything PBO does. They want unemployment to stay as high as possible.
    How do we fight that.
    Crashing the economy with the debt ceiling will really work.

  24. So shallow of me, but I am LOVING Michelle’s summer wardrobe. Everything is flattering her body shape so well (except for that white dress in England. Everyone loved that dress and I didn’t think it flattered her).

    This blue print dress today — fabulous!

  25. The past couple of months have been a bit roughter–and yes, I think gas has a big role to play in that. it brings up the prices on all sorts of stuff. Then there is the ridiculous debt ceiling fight. And on top of that, we had weeks and weeks of tornados and flooding here, and an earthquake and near nucllear disaster in japan. Come to think of it, things were getting a little dicey in the Middle East and North Africa, too.

    But, the way the news reports it, nothing good has happened with our economy, the Republicans told us so, and the only way to make the countyr better is by putting our trust in a political party that wants to turn us into the United Serfdom of America.

  26. Good Morning, Everyone! 🙂 Looking forward to the State dinner tonight. Kudos to folks who are canceling their cable. Briebart dude was all over the tv this morning. DISGUSTING!

  27. Of course, but there’s only one real problem: Jobs. The rest is just sideshows. That’s why I have to agree with Greg Sargent, who said that Democrats are playing completely in GOP turf. The minute they started talking about that deficit nonsense, we should have been very clear: We don’t cut anything before the economy is stronger and people are working. Now, those bastards control the narrative and even something like raising the debt ceiling won’t happen without even more cuts. We have a serious, serious messaging problem, and it needs to be solved.

  28. Wow what a DIFFERENCE two weeks make. Obamaland and the polls were on cloud nine after the destruction of Bin Laden now because of negative media saturation on the economy the horrific Romney is leading PBO. The Teapubs are masterful with their money. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  29. Boner wants to cut 250K federal workers? Let’s say there are 300K federal workers employed by the U.S. Navy (performing jobs that would otherwise be done by the military, thus freeing up Sailors in our all-volunteer Navy to execute our air/land/sea defense posture). So, if I have this right, Boner would like to … in my example … shut down the entire U.S. Navy. Brilliant slash and burn maneuver.

  30. Oh, is that the same Chuck Todd that reported on NBC Nightly News that President Obama was the 3rd President to speak before Both House of British Parliament?

    Facts don’t matter with the MSM, facts such as; President Obama has added more jobs to the American economy then George W did in all of his 8 years in office.

    No wonder MSM love covering Palin, she makes them look like geniuses…like Palin the MSM keep trying to find new ways to make themselves relevant; because the American people are finding alternative medians to get the truth.
    I suggest the next time the news media conduct a poll on themselves: MSM vs. President Obama about who America trust.

  31. Palin is so selfish and destructive, she told Hannity that she would not mind seeing Repugs go the way the whigs did! Wouldn’t that be beautiful? She still threatens to run as an independent or to back the Trump against any other establishment candidate!

  32. never did like Weiner as I remember him being one of Hillary’s most vicious and vocal attack dogs v-s-a-vis Obama during the 2008 primary races . .

  33. The President seems to help Merkel lighten her spirit. She usually looks so “down”, but it appears that when she’s with the President she comes alive.

  34. Oh please, allow me to skip the freaking out conference until Romney is actually in the race. My time will be spent getting stuff done to get that second term. There is nothing, nada to see here. I will go back to these wonderful pics.

  35. Wow, lots of information already.

    I appreciate it.

    For the Dems to win and dethrone the TBGOPers echo chamber, our messaging as got to improve, immensely.

  36. In truth, I couldn’t care less about this State visit and would much rather see President Obama more public and actively engaged in the jobs/economy issue.

  37. Gas prices have gone down about 20 cents a gallon – and still dropping – in the DC area in the last few weeks. There’s not much talk about high gas prices around here these days.

  38. Well, Angela Merkel believes that the Prez will be reelected and that Berlin will be waiting for his visit with open arms….! How cool is that! But, of course the hard work of ensuring the Prez has that opportunity to embrace Beliners rests with you hardwoking Obamabots.

  39. I’ll join you in the shallow pool. I am loving Michelle’s wardrobe lately. The dress today is another home run.

  40. Hopefruit2 thanks for the link about the Israeli protest in support of president Obama. That was great to see.

  41. Sigh, I think this is one of those weeks where Dems are going to have to roll with the punches. Remember how many ups and downs there were in 2008? It will come around again.

    I expect that the Obama admin is going to have to come out and push hard on a jobs bill. Even if it dies in Congress, Obama needs to show that he is pushing hard.

    Lastly, what is up with TPM lately? They barely cover the good polls for Obama and when there is a bad one it is in MASSIVE FONT on their front page. It’s getting old.

  42. Check that…it wasn’t a tweet, it was the RSS feed from the White House blog. Which I am thrilled to have access to. Thanks, BWD.

  43. Thanks, taiping1. I haven’t made my June donation yet. I’ll do it today and tell my Sis to send in hers today as well.


  44. I am really touched by the chemistry between President Obama and Angela Merkel. They just seem to genuinely like each other. The way she smiles at him is really cute. But when you think about it, who could not be bowled over by the charm and charisma of our president.

    He is such a gentleman positioning the stool so she could make her remarks. I still cringe every time I think about President Bush massaging her shoulders.

  45. Yeah, I understand it is scheduled many months in advance – I just don’t like the optics of it right now.

  46. Ladyhawke – I never see Chancellor Merkel without thinking of the Bush cringe factor. Poor lady!

  47. I read that they already have traced the outbreak to a German farm/operation that produces sprouts from beans and seeds so how can they keep denying it?

    Personally, unless I sprouted them myself, I wouldn’t touch any raw sprout with a long barge pole. This isn’t the first time that commercially produced sprouts have been responsible for food poisoning.

    Germany owes a huge apology to farmers in Spain and France, imho.

  48. Technically, I don’t think the White House approves this, but my local cable provider (COMCAST Chicago) just had on a commercial for its products, using footage from one of the President’s press conferences, and at the end, the moderator asked him: “Would you consider becoming a WWE superstar?” They used footage of his dazzling smile after he “heard” their question.

    I, for one, will not complain.

  49. I appreciate your posts SR. We all know how the MSM works.
    I would see this latest antiObama blitz coming a mile away. The opinionators have been hard at work setting this up for two weeks now. With the tick up of unemployment figures last week, they went ahead with their narrative. Our job is to debunk the big lies, not give them more voice.

  50. A jobs bill won’t happen because it would call for more spending and the GOP won that frame war long ago. It would probably fail in the senate as Nelson, Manchin, Landrieu and a few others would be against the new spending.

  51. It’s okay, SR. Smart people out there know that diplomacy and ceremonial events are part of the job – on the world stage. Dumb people (PBO’s detractors) won’t think anything he does is a good idea or done at the right time.

  52. Linda, did you get my email asking how do I subscribe to your site? And asking you to make a video clip for me, please?

  53. I loved the ending of the fact checking the fact checkers post at

    But we will also not apologize for touting the rehiring of nearly 10,000 American manufacturing workers and the fact that soon no GM employees will be laid-off as good news.

    In your face ……

  54. The Wwe has a pay-per-view that’s taking place in Washington Dc in a weeks time (give or take) called “Capitol Punishment” and the marketing campaign for it is using President Obama snippets for a fake press conference where they pretend he is talking about the PPV matches.

  55. It was creepy…lol. Her reaction said it all…

    I think it was the highest, most-visible workplace harrassment seen in modern times…lol.

  56. Sorry, AG, but it turns out it wasn’t the sprouts either; they are clean. Not the sprouts, not the cucumbers, not lettuce, not tomatoes. We are back to “who knows” again. They do know it is/was something in that area of Germany or that restaurant, and that is all that is known for sure. In the meantime farmer’s livelihoods have been destroyed with the rash pointing of fingers.
    I happen to hate sprouts myself and always ask that they not be put on anything I am going to eat.

  57. I was introduced to Josh Marshall when Al Franken had his radio show on Air America. I always enjoyed the interviews with Josh. I have been following him over the years and I am so disappointed in the way his blog has changed. There is usually a lot of hyperventilating going on at TPM. Lately, I have avoided clicking on the site. The snarky headlines and sloppy reporting are too much like Huff & Puff.

  58. It looks like Merkel really likes Obama.

    As I don’t watch American TV, the only sense I get of what is going on comes from the comments here. It’s quite depressing, I have to say.

    There are 17 months till the election. No-one is going to blame a German state visit for ruining the economy a year and a half from now. I’m sure the White House is doing everything they can on the economy, which, after all, is all that can be done. You guys are doing a great job volunteering, donating, tweeting, etc. So just keep up the good work and try to stay focussed. Fretting about polls, numbers and the news is bad for your health!

  59. Awesome,look at those beautiful American children happy smiling faces as they see history unfold. Our president is such a great leader and an exceptional person. Love images like these, so much better than Congress sour faces or disgraceful Mr. Weiner, penis outline every where I look. He is such a vile man. smh

  60. For those worried about the ABC/Post poll consider these numbers via Ron Brownstein taken just TWO weeks ago. Could all of these numbers fall so dramatically so quickly? No. Sure the ABC poll may indicate a trend, but in this economy, 47% is damn good. My gut tells me 50% is about right.

    [Obama’]s approval rating among college-educated white women–who gave him a 52 percent majority of their votes in 2008–has revived from 46 percent last August to 56 percent in the latest survey. Likewise, he’s recovered among independents from 43 percent then to 54 percent now, and among Hispanics from 53 percent last summer to 65 percent in the latest poll. Each of those results returns him close to his 2008 showing with those groups.

    Obama has seen comparable improvements in the poll among groups more dubious of him. His approval rating among white men without a college education–one of his toughest audiences since his emergence as a national candidate–has improved from 30 percent last August to 38 percent now, essentially even with the 39 percent of them he carried in 2008. He has recorded similar gains among whites aged 30-44–families in their prime child-rearing years–also placing him back at his vote level with them in 2008.

  61. If a commenter on a blog can do this type of cursory research, why can’t “journalists” do the same? Oh, that’s right, because it would cut into the time spent on Weiner’s weiner, and into commercials.

  62. PPP/SEIU was terrible as well. I don’t think this can be ignored. I am frankly really, really shocked. The Democrats were much better on message, Obama was great.

    What chills me to the bone — can MSM just ignore this President and that’s enough to hurt his numbers and raise Republican numbers?

    I really am surprised. Now that my little Kasper is almost recovered I need to re-focus my energy into positive action.

  63. And some other good news to consider. PBO was outstanding in front of
    the autoworkers in Toledo. He previewed his campaign slogan with these words, “I want our future to be big and optimistic, not small and fearful…”

    Using the auto industry revival as a metaphor, he will go hard on that idea of optimism even as progress is fitful. The Repugs are all about small and fearful (Romney, desperately wondering which way the wind is blowing). And remember, any Repub who wants to win their primary will most likely have to endorse the Ryan plan. They all have…except, of course, Romney.

    By the way, the ABC poll showing Romney leading with registered voters was within the margin of error, so essentially a tie, plus according to PPP, PBO leads Romney by 9 in Iowa. Yes, Iowa.

  64. And, for what it’s worth, Gallup has Obama at 50-40 approval, which is a 4 point positive swing from yesterday.

  65. In his speech I loved when he said something like “neither Chancellor Merkel or myself resembles ANY of our predecessors”….The audience responded with applause and laughter. True and very monumental words by our POTUS indeed.

    BTW…the talk in Germany is how Chancellor Merkel jets off to USA while Germans are dying from E Coli. So it’s not just our potus that gets bashed for walking and chewing gum at the same time. I guess they wanted her to stay there and find a cure for E Coli Contamination. *teehee* 😀

  66. Faith, see my below post. I don’t discount your concern. It is amazing how quickly narratives change.

  67. Gallup is volatile but really the best at temperature taking. As I said 50% feels about right. It is Gallup’s volatility which ironically makes it the most accurate. ABC polls are monthly but not as accurate. I always find Gallup gets the mood about right.

  68. If she had cancelled the state visit, there would have been a lot of alarm as it would indicate that it was a big crisis. I think any politician faces criticism whatever they do.

  69. Hola Familia here at TOAITR!

    Keep strong, keep faith and hope alive in your hearts. There are difficult days now and ahead but….

    “There may be pain and struggle in the night but joy commeth in the morning”

    Not sure if I got that quote exactly right but I think it is important to stay as positive as we can.

  70. that is the hazard of having to govern and attend to a myriad of duties at the same time

  71. Could it be? Dare I say it? Is this, is this,… IS THIS evidence of a reasonable Republican?

    Whew…. I can’t believe I said it. WOW.

    This person is SO right. I pray that the racist, grifter, half-term, quitter is arrogant enough to run for President. Even though I know that she won’t, it would be just too entertaining to watch her wreck the English language. She really is kinda sad.

  72. Agreed. My new quote is from what PBO said the other day and should be his and our campaign mantra

    “I want our future to be big and optimistic, not small and fearful”.

  73. Another thought:

    Damn Weiner! He owes PBO an apology for screwing up the message about Ryan’s killmedicare budget…7 lost days.

    PBO is a serious guy. Merkel is a serious woman. Both of incredible intellect who are trying to navigate through rough seas.

    And we are subjected to antics like Weiner’s.

    Notice Nancy was quick to distance herself.

  74. and this kind of thing depresses people, makes them mad.
    But it will pass. PBO will be ok.

  75. Thanks. I will follow you. I joined Twitter yesterday. My account name is @jbnarizona if you want to follow me. If we all follow each other, we can really create a TOAITR network.

  76. Thanks DTTM for that uplift of information. The key phrase to your post is 2 weeks ago. That was right after Bin Laden’s demise. The media and Far Right has had 2 weeks to build up for this June blast of negativity on the economy and blast PBO with it. ABC/Post is a reliable balanced poll which is why it’s latest is alarming. It is a trend based on the MSM propoganda and Rethug talking points.

    There will have to be some immediate push back by the Democrats before all this negative news starts to sink into the general public. We ground troops must get the word out how the Rethugs are obstructing any type of job creation with their lethal anti-jobs bills. DEVASTATING!!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  77. Do not panic please, Chackie and the rest of the MSM want us to believe theit bull shit about polls. it’s the opposite, just remember when Obama was runing agaisnt, Hillary she was ahead by 35% points, McCain was ahead, it was never the truth.
    The MSM wants us to keep watching them for ratings.

  78. Well, for what it’s worth..I was outside working in the yard all morning…I tend to think about all these types of things while I labor in the hot sun…but,and I don’t know the how to’s of it, but we basically would have to do the MSM’s job for them…surprise! I was wondering if we could somehow make a huge “Compare/Contrast page and include what we proposed/enacted,why,and the outcome.Contrast that with what Republicans did(even if it’s said NO!)or proposed and what the outcome was, or would be for that proposal.What do you think? I don’t have the slightest idea how to do this…it was just my rambling thoughts slaving away in the AZ oven(though today is not as bad as it COULD be).I think there is so much info..not laid out plainly so that people can see a side by side comparison. WE pay attention, but this wouldn’t be meant for people like us…it would be meant for the average American that doesn’t pay attention at all, until voting time…if then:( Just a thought…people are lazy. They want to be spoon fed information.Just like the “journalists” do!

  79. POTUS is such a gentleman down to his fingertips. Love the respect with which he treats all women.

  80. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    From the main piece

    It appears that the former prime minister has no intention of meeting the darling of the Tea Party movement. Andy McSmith reported in the Independent this morning that Palin is likely to be “thwarted” on the grounds that Thatcher, 86, rarely makes public appearances.

    It would appear that the reasons go deeper than Thatcher’s frail health. Her allies believe that Palin is a frivolous figure who is unworthy of an audience with the Iron Lady. This is what one ally tells me:

    Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin. That would be belittling for Margaret. Sarah Palin is nuts.

  81. Thanks everyone for your uplifting polls and positive comments. That is what we need to help each other through the rollercoaster ride that will be the 2012 presidential election. We must stay focused and diligent and I must be a leader in that area. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!! I must run off to work. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  82. To All :

    Have you contemplated the Lobby groups and how the people Lobbying the most money to keep GOP strong are the same people in Corporate America not fulfilling their promises to make jobs and hire people who lost their income during the recession?
    Metlife, JP Morgan Chase, Bank Of America, are all using temporary employees, many of these corporations are using Temps these days so hiring does not impact their precious profit margins.
    America needs to have the strength in trade Germany has. America is fading to number 3 in exports in global markets, America has delapidated ports and poor support equipment to move goods, we are behind in technology. The 4th generation of cell phones is not opened and the cable/Satellite companies are vying with so much Lobby to get the space in broadband, Mr. Bill Clinton made Universal Service fund laws in his Presidency and still those fees and taxes have not even provided the infrastructure to 911 or enhanced 911 in our country as so many states are not held accountable for the building of this country’s ability to have cell towers that can provide this service. I recently learned that here in OK the 911 system is so lacking that a person who is in a camping area may be required to drive 20-30 miles in order to meet a lifeflight. These Universal service funds have been in place since the Clinton administration, yet No authority sees this as important in their state enough to make it happen. America has to change, America must come together to make us a trade economy once again. America is fading in the world order of global economic strength and we allow all these corporations to”sellout” jobs and economic growth in other countries in order to boost the profit margin. I want to see America hold these same corporations accountable in every way, to go after the ones who provide jobs in other countries in order to give the executives the largest bonuses ever, I feel if they have a profit margin that increases by diminishing the american job market then they should be required to pay higher taxes for their ability to diminish the American worker while uplifting the corporate profit margin. This is only going to be accomplished when America stands as one and says we will no longer tolerate this type of American “Sellout” ! Price gouging from Opec and the CFTC is just catching up with the last time we were done in at the pumps, why did it take over 2 years to get there ? How long will it take to get to this one we are experiencing now ? I for one am glad for the German State visit, it gives me hope that someone is interested in seeing America come into the world market once more. Please, all who wish to condemn our national world trade interests, think again about how important it is.
    YES WE CAN 2012 !!

  83. Hi Carla
    To answer your question…no! It is because they will not call the repug obstruction what it is…treason! And they will not use a small minute to educate the public about what the repugs are doing and how it is damagine this country.

  84. I told Boehner that is veracity is in question and he should try the truth, it doesn’t hurt.

  85. Weiner is sucking up all the air this time with his scandal. I don’t feel sorry for him, but I hate that this is deflecting from the message of Ryan’s radical budget plan..

    Also trolls are out in full force pointing to an ABC News Poll that says Romney is beating the President 49-46%…LHM this too shall pass.

    I have to come here for peace and calm. Thanks to all of you for making this place that escape for me.

    Republicans and Democrats alike need to start thinking with the correct head and stop getting into all these scandals.

  86. I tweeted Dan with a big thanks. We all should. He did a really good job and I hope we see more of that kind of pubh back.

  87. You articulate so well. And this is indeed the proper way to view things. I’m not panicking. Just wondering after what I considered a great week for Obama and the Democrats to see yucky numbers. I should remember to always look at cross tabs before opining.

  88. Exactly.

    Hey, I’m assuming everyone is getting a newly designed Reply window, correct?

  89. desertflower, I agree with your thought process. At the very least, we should be able to put together a rapid response sheet or something to criticize the childish press. BTW, I am looking at a “snowbird” place in Bullhead City AZ, which is next to Laughling, Nevada. Anything to share about the area? Thanks>>

  90. Very well said, Sheila! Like you I am tired of people confusing bravado with strength of character.

  91. Folks, I know a lot of you pray and I’m asking for prayers today for the safety of firefighters working to contain the Wallow Fire here in AZ and also for all the people displaced and effected by this fire.

    We are hot, dry, windy and getting lightening strikes which are making things worse. Pray also that the weather will ease just a bit so our guys fighting this blaze can get a break.

  92. The G-NO-P has the nerve to call for Weiner to resign when Vitter did not resign, Ensign did not resign until he was going to get kicked out of the senate….they only call for Dems to resign and never their own.

    What hypocrties. I am not a fan of A. Weiner but he would get on the floor and shout down the lies that the GOP spreads and that’s why it is so crazy that he did not know they would be gunning for him.

    I say he stays and something shiney will catch the MSM eye to focus on. Maybe a Rethug will get in trouble and they can focus on that person for about one minute.

  93. I love the photo of the girl with the flags in her ears 🙂

    Good stuff BWD. Thanks for the news.

  94. Don’t forget Santorum yearning for the years before 1965, when minorities knew their place.

  95. I thought it was a gremlin. I can’t see what I’m typing, and have to highlight it all to check my spelling before posting.

  96. So true – does anyone remember that Schwarzenegger had a scandal covering the front pages just a few weeks ago? And his scandal was a real scandal… over several years and involving several innocent lives.

  97. OH! I went outside to do yardwork…and I come back to a new way to reply to each post….I don’t like it. I CAN’T SEE WHAT I WRITE! Anyway,glad you liked what I was thinking about. I have no idea how to do it, but maybe we can all put our heads together and see how to do this thing!
    Bullhead City.Never been there, but my husband has. Let me ask him and get back to you on this…I’ll post it back here if you can check back later.Right on the Colorado River I know that. Hotter than hell in the summer. I don’t know if there’s much to do there, but I’ll let you know:)

  98. See! I told you I couldn’t see what I wrote….HELP! It’s black on black and my eyes can’t see this comment AT ALL! Apologies to all.

  99. Chuckie and the whole gang just love the decimation of people’s characters, things,and situautions. They don’t care who or what it is, chuckie and co are there to revel in it!

  100. No problem:) I asked my husband, as he used to travel there for work from time to time, and he suggested you check out Lake Havasu instead. Said that Bullhead City is a rougher town…casino workers drive to Laughlin for work and area reflects that.Not as scenic. Lake Havasu has more of a resort feel to it. Nicer than Bullhead.Both are on the Colorado River, so you have all the river sports that you can handle. Close to Laughlin and Vegas as well.Don’t know what you’re looking for, so I hope this helps.Good Luck!

  101. My prayers are with you Aquagranny…..

    Off Topic: I believe that the Republicans refused the stimulus money …to make sure that unemployment rate wouldn’t go down, so that they could blame it on the President,, far their propaganda seems to be working.

    But, what needs to be told is: For all the states that refused Stimulus Funds, they need to provide a number of jobs that could have been created.
    And when you add up all the jobs lost due to refusing the Stimulus, we should should Deduct these number from actual number of Unemployment Numbers. I bet you that the actual number would be a lot less than 9.1%.

    Just a thought……Wish I had those numbers lost due to refusing the Stimulus, because it would make the public think twice, to whom to put the blame on.

    Something to think about.

  102. I am so totally disgusted with the media today! I haven’t seen much reporting on this important visit – all they want to talk about is Weiner!

    Randy Rhodes played his impassioned speech on the floor of Congress the day the Republicans voted down health care for 9/11 responders – the man has done so much good and is such a passionate advocate on behalf of progressive issues that I am sad and upset today.

  103. AQ911, I’m prayin’ for you, the firefighters, and other Arizonians to “get through” this horrible time!

    And, may AZ’s weather get better to help the situation…Don’t let the fire “jump” to NM!!!

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