“Obama added more than 162,000 Twitter followers in the last week alone”

This is just an awesome, AWESOME thing to read:

A legion of 1,600 newly-recruited Democratic campaign volunteers, armed with Tweet-producing smartphones and a contagious spirit of enthusiasm, are fanning out across 40 states today to begin laying the groundwork for the reelection of President Barack Obama.

The forces — college students, recent graduates, teachers, and retirees — will work unpaid through August, aides say, to grow and re-energize Obama’s grassroots volunteer network that had remarkable success in 2008, and gather troves of voter data in the process.

Obama campaign managers hope the effort will give the president something of a head start over his yet-to-be-determined Republican rival, in what is expected to be a tough campaign.

The operation kicked-off Saturday at boot-camp-style training sessions held jointly by the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee in conference rooms and community centers across the country.

ABC News received exclusive access to one of the two-day sessions held at DNC headquarters, where 15 volunteers received a briefing on campaign strategies and ground operations for the summer ahead.

“As summer organizers, we’re the face of the president,” Jenn Brown, a DNC staffer leading the training, told attendees. “So, whether it’s here or in our lives, we represent the president 24 hours a day, and that’s a really big responsibility we take on.”

Over coffee and bagels, sub sandwiches and pizza — which Brown called “the diet of an organizer” — the recruits shared personal stories, flipped through glossy official instruction manuals and studied up on the Obama’s first term with a game of “POTUS Accomplishments Jeopardy.”

They also received the so-called “Rules of the Road.” Colorful posters on the wall exhorted the new organizers to “Be on time,” “Be positive,” obey the “chain of command” — and talk to the media? “No, no.”

Campaign aides emphasized a goal of running a “different campaign” than 2008, but stressed the renewed importance of using personal relationships and one-on-one conversations to drive participation.

It’s also clear they believe 2012 will be defined by Twitter.

“This summer is about trying new things and testing our organizing methods,” said campaign spokeswoman Katie Hogan. “But these volunteers are not just guinea pigs; they will be having real conversations that are laying the groundwork.”

One large sign hung from the conference room wall encouraging the volunteers to Tweet: “The Summer Organizers who write the best tweets will be re-tweeted by campaign leadership,” it reads.

With 8.4 Million followers on Twitter, Obama has more than any other American politician. He added more than 162,000 in the last week alone.

Among those new campaign volunteers is Gloria, a middle-aged professional woman from Washington, DC, who is between jobs and wanted to give her summer to help Obama.

“I feel like a dorm mom here!” she exclaimed during introductions. “I missed the campaign in ’08 when I was overseas working for the U.N., so I am really excited to help out this time.”

Sam Polstein, 20, a junior at the University of Wisconsin, said he was inspired to become an organizer after witnessing the union protests in Madison earlier this year.

“It was kind of a big moment in my life,” he said. “It didn’t really inspire me to work toward some particular policy goal as much as it inspired me towards a motivation to work harder for families and workers in general.”

Many volunteers also seemed more inclined to blame Congress and Republicans than the president for any shortcomings in reform legislation related to education, immigration, and the environment.

“It’s not him [Obama], it’s Congress,” said Valentina Pereda, 22, who said she joined the organizing effort because of desire to see the DREAM Act enacted.
“We have a Congress that’s so anti-immigrants right now,” she said. “But it’s also our fault too. We’ve got to get a national movement organized and that’s why I’m here.”
Campaign manager Jim Messina has said the campaign is going to keep metrics on everything the volunteers do. But aides have not revealed what those data points are.
As one campaign staffer at the training put it: “We have our data person who’s going to come in and talk about the data, which obviously we’re very militant about.



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  1. That cartoon is perfect, and an excellent illustration of the previous thread subject. What people don’t realize is that right now the Republicans hold the purse strings and the President has little he can do on the economic front. But what he is doing can have an impact. He is going out there encouraging people, working to create a sense of optimism (realistic variety). A cautiously optimistic public will do a lot to help the economy despite what the GOP is trying to do.

  2. I just opened a Twitter account and signed up for PBO, of course.

    Also following certain repugs and media to combat the lies.

  3. Agree japa! The only difference between the two is that Obama wants to get the country going again for the good of the American people. The other, GOPers, want to get back into power, no matter how it HURTS the American people.

  4. That is very good. I would encourage EVERYONE to do the same. Twitter is an enormous tool. It gives me a real pleasure to harass the media through it.

  5. I just decided to follow him myself because of this. Add +1 to that new follower number.

  6. I don’t know how exactly it works, and assume nobody reads when I reply, but it has certain cathartic effects.

  7. I don’t twitter. My old brain has reached the limit of new technology it can process, I think.

  8. President Obama having near 8.5M followers is a pretty big, and overlooked, deal when you consider the top Fox Propaganda shows get less than 3M.

    Is there an official Obama Campaign twitter account? I assume there will have to be as the “Barack Obama” account will be for more official Presidential business.

    If each volunteer is required to create a twitter account and follow the official campaign twitter that would be a great way to keep in touch. Also you could really organize through twitter with low level volunteers connected via twitter to their direct supervisors, and those suprvisors connected up the foot chain level by level via twitter.

  9. I’m really new to it – no followers, other than the twitter equivalent to spammers I have to nuke on occasion. Follow about 20 people, it’s sort of like a big messageboard, at least that’s how I treat it.

  10. Whats your Twitter name SR? I will follow you. I am listed under symmetry11.

  11. I think web ads are by in large an epic waste of time, however the ability to be tweeted out by the DCCC and passed around could have a pretty sizable multiplying effect to get it enough eyes.

    Here is a pretty good one right now –

  12. My twitter account is RoscoeSaint. I worry about actually having followers though as I feel I might be more restricted or tweet too much or whatever. I won’t take it personally if you don’t follow or decide to drop me after a short stay.

    I joined almost exactly a month ago and have 180 tweets in that time – I don’t know how that would rank in activity.

  13. The cartoon is just so funny,and do we think any of the GOP who will run against POTUS be able to overcome the Twitterers? they are the young people who are supporting Obama, and not to mention FaceBook. My Grandkids are on the twwitter stuff, and Face book stuf. so yes we can keep the faith people.

  14. Beautiful to read. This cartoon at the bottom should go viral; ought to be part of the campaign mailer to all voting age Americans. It captures clearly how the GOP is subversive and maliscious. How can a people be so full of hate?

  15. Fox propaganda will NOT be able to compate with the new Technology, yes look what whappened in Egypt al of that was done trough social networking.

  16. This is the ad that should be shown during the evening new when seniors are watching. Web ads may be ok for people who spend time on line, but this one should be out there for every one to see.

  17. SR: The ads are mostly for the older people who depend on Medicare like we do, and here where we live ther are a bunch of seniors who depend on medicare and S.S, but the new Tech is for the young ones.

  18. That is so cool. I have tried to follow twitter but I don’t quite understand. Now I have a droid phone and think I can sit it up. I might do it just to harrass the repubs as St Roscoe has suggested. Thanks for that suggestion.

    I love that the campaign is off and running and running a positive. When I hear Santoram(?) say that Obama has ruined our country I wonder what planet he is on. The cartoon does show the truth. There are so many haters in this country. We must continue to combat it with love and the truth.

  19. Me too. πŸ™‚ I love how she goes after @markknoller with his often inane tweets. He does have some good stuff but often seems to get lost in trivial crap or even worse repeats GOP talking points as facts. However I know he reads his tweets as he has replied to me (although not on the ones where I’m giving him a hard time lol).

    He is a good one to follow and also if anyone is interested in the MENA revolutions @acarvin. Andy Carvin is a social media guy from NPR and tweets and retweets pretty much solely on that subject. His retweets from citizens on the ground in those countries is very imformative. I went from scoffing at Twitter to now having it as my home page!

  20. SR, I use it pretty much the same way. No one really following me (I’m not going anywhere!:)) so like you I use it for an interesting message board. Another rather cool function is to click on what’s trending on the right side. Yesterday it was Palin’s Paul Revere idiocy and the crap she was getting over it was hilarious. I like humor in 140 characters or less. Less words usually means more clever.

  21. I agree, but web ads don’t reach nearly enough people. It’s usually insider baseball targeting the village. This ad chopped down to 30 seconds or a minute and airing during Wheel of Fortune each night would really be effective.

  22. Hmmm…so losing his Senate seat wasn’t a big enough loss for him? There’s a name for that kind of bizarre disorder/obsession.

  23. I agree with you about web ads. Very limited. Sometimes I think they are thrown out there to get initial reactionsand to see what may or may not work. Plus, perhaps they are hoping that the Republicans will squak loud enough about one where the networks will show it no cost to the party, kind of like the Swift Oat ads.

  24. Needless to say, as far as I know, there were no Swift Oat ads, but there were Swift Boat ads.

  25. Good Morning BWD family

    We are all atwitter (sorry for the bad pun)

    I have heard a few requests for a list of twitter addresses for MSM and assumed it would be easy to google. Well I could not find a list, so I made one.


    It is very incomplete, so please post more addresses here and I will add them as I see them.

    I would also like to add the email addresses of elected officials and of course will put President O at the top of the list.

    If anyone finds a list of congressional twitter accounts please let me know, otherwise I will make one slowly but surely.

    Tweet on


  26. It’s a huge tool. I think one of the things we can all do is encourage people to research issues themselves, not try to tell them what the truth is. All sorts of people are trying to tell others what to believe.

    But we have the net, so many resources, Obama’s twitter account, his web site, west wing week, his speeches online, and all the other news sources.

    If we can convince people to look for themselves, listen for themselves, not just to him but all the candidates. It’s time we all made up our own minds, not let the media tell us what to believe.

  27. In conjunction w/the great upthread article, there’s this:


    Want to work on the Obama campaign?

    WE’RE GOING TO RUN THE MOST EFFECTIVE, CREATIVE, AND INNOVATIVE DIGITAL CAMPAIGN IN THE HISTORY OF POLITICS, and our digital team will be core to achieving the communications, fundraising and organizing goals of the cause.

    WE’RE HIRING PEOPLE AT ALL LEVELS, from team directors to junior staff. So whether you’re a seasoned digital veteran or are new to the field but hoping to apply your skills to a worthy cause, we hope to hear from you.

    We’re especially looking for folks with skills and experience in the following areas:

    DESIGNERS: Web design and user experience specialists, print designers, motion graphics producers and Flash designers

    DEVELOPERS/WEB PRODUCERS: Front-end (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/etc.) and mobile web developers

    PROGRAM MANAGERS: Project managers and digital strategists with experience managing resources and staff to shepherd ideas from concept to execution

    ANALYSTS: Analytic specialists to develop and deliver performance-enhancing recommendations that will guide and continually optimize our strategies

    MOTION GRAPHICS DESIGNERS: Help with projects ranging from short web videos to TV spots to interstitial branding (bumpers, lower-thirds), from concept to execution

    WRITERS AND EDITORS: Our writing team will help tell the story of the campaign over email, social media, our blog, and online ads
    Not a perfect fit for any of the above? We’re looking for a wide range of talent for an ever-expanding pool of opportunities. Email a resume and cover letter outlining your area of interest to: digitaljobs@barackobama.com.

    http://www.barackobama.com/page/jobs via @saralang


    Volunteerin’ IS a good thing…

    But, does anyone need a job?! lol πŸ˜‰

    Good luck to anyone who applies for one of these jobs!

    GO Obamacrats GO!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


  28. Fantastic. Personal connections count for a lot, and the comments in the article (Wisconsin and Congress’ stand on immigration) suggests that a good number of people have the right perspective on what is going on.

  29. Palin thinks that the Swift Oat ads are commercials for cooking 10-second Oatmeal on the stove top.

  30. But, of course, you know this…

    They can “block” you to keep you from “harassin ’em!” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Right? πŸ˜‰

    Now, how can you “circumvent that”…Hmmm?!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO(Much)More, Together!

  31. Okay you all. I don’t have a Twitter account but would love to follow everyone. I am pretty computer savvy on work-related programs and am on Facebook but how do you follow people?

  32. Good Morning Everyone

    I have seen a few posts lately that ask for a list of twitter addresses for MSM and assumed it would be easy to google. Well I could not find a list, so I made one.


    It is very incomplete, so please post more addresses here and I will add them as I see them.

    If anyone finds a list of congressional twitter accounts please let me know, otherwise I will make one slowly but surely.

    Tweet on

  33. I Have a Twitter Account but I rarely use it but now I guess I will. BWD that is a great idea to harass the media through twitter. As a matter of fact maybe we should have a “twitter” team that unleashes a barrage of criticisms against the media daily. We have to use every avenue possible. I just don’t like twitter that much, but I guess I better buck up and get ready to use it again.

  34. Thanks WiW…

    If you go to this Twitter account, you can find the following:



    Members of Congress are the U.S. Representatives and Senators! πŸ˜‰

    Congressional Committees

    Congressional Media?

    State Governors

    And, Proud of Obama was lookin’ for a Twitter list for MSM.

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  35. What’s Twitter? πŸ™‚ LOL! J/K Looks like I will have to buck up and start using these social networks. I’m ole school and have a facebook account, but have never used it. Its tough for me to get hyped over all this new fangled ways of communicating. Looks like Twitter is the rage in the Obama campaign. Looks like I have some more technology to learn about. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  36. What exciting news – thank you. Especially after the info about the Reps. THAT however is no surprise. It’s about power and winning. I wouldn’t waste time bemoaning their motivation, however, need it to counter their efforts.

    Had insomnia last night. Got on DK, and was pleasantly surprised. There was an MB “diary” (dumb term) trashing admin efforts toward the economy. He had few sycophants. Perhaps that indicates the PL is enen more marginalized. His boss came under fire for the sexist moves he made re: Briebart. Possibly we can cross the PL negation off out to-do list. And then POTUS can drive a golf ball into Boner’s big mouth…hmmm….

  37. The pentagon pushing for troops to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    No matter what, the msm will take the opposite side from what the president wants to do.
    Not surprisingly!

  38. Wonderful news, and it’s great to see how people are becoming more aware of the workings of government — including the very vital role Congress plays in this current obstructionist session.

    PBO’s leadership style, going back to his days as an organizer, has always been to get the people to work in their own best interests. Power to the people. Glad to see the campaign getting off on this foot.

  39. I find that I am using my Twitter account more than Facebook. I don’t post many tweets but I retweet often. Most of the RT are pro-Obama and from that I’ve gotten followers. Twitter is a fast way to distribute information to the masses. So even if, like me, you don’t tweet a lot, RT is a huge help to the cause.

  40. Can you be anonymous on Twitter?

    Y’all know how I dragged my feet on Facebook because I really like to keep my anonymity on the interwebs….

  41. This is a good story; it will create jobs for American citizens and in India too. Msm are busy peddling hate and gossip, they do not even report this!!!

  42. Okay.. I just opened a twitter account, I didn’t know I could follow from my computer.. am now following @barackobama. Bwd, would you share your twitter sign (did I say that right? πŸ˜‰ with us?

  43. My Tweeter account is @Kahsai

    I follow the President and BWD, and sometimes re-tweet regarding any negative stuff I hear.

    If we all follow each other, and respond to any negatives of the Media or politicians at the same time….The impact of Tweeter can be powerful, Notice how our newscaster are always giving their Tweet accts…and ask you for your input…Well there you have it, imagine if we tweeted AC360, Maddow, all at once while they were reporting….LOL I could just imagine their reaction.

    Love the idea of TWEET-TEAM!!!

    We are Fired Up and Ready To Go!!!!!!!!


  44. Why does the Dem politicians who take on crooked Justices and Wall St head on have to have sex scandals waiting to be broken?

  45. But but but, Rachel and the pl are big fans of his and they already stuck up for him and they all said he was so smart and…

  46. Doesn’t Rep Weiner realize that the GOP had NSA access and Cheney and the real power players (the kind of folks who don’t want politicians challenging Wall Street or their purchasing of Supreme Court Justices) likely has a file on every politician?

  47. No, they won’t report this…that’s why I found it and put it here:) You know what to do!

  48. Would that be the same Rick Santorum that wants to get rid of SS, yet used survivor benefits from the death of his dad to go to college? THAT Rick Santorum????

  49. Jovie thanks a lot for this and all the “breakin'” and great, informative news you bring to TOAITR and TOD…

    You are appreciated! ::Virtual Hugs::

  50. Wiener press conference at 4pm!
    Steps all over the president touting his auto bailout interviews???

  51. I’m afraid it’s looking pretty awful for him.

    I am not lumping all men together but I have to ask — what the hell is up with men in power?

  52. That ain’t karma. That’s phenomenal stupidity. A lot of people spent a lot of time defending him.

  53. huh, me too Jackie, put my full name in- ’cause it told me too, lol.. so have not yet figured out how to rectify that..

  54. Thanks, again… πŸ˜‰

    That’s ain’t good…Grrr!

    @rolandsmartin Web Watch – Rep. Weiner Investigating Wife Of Justice Thomas Financial Records Before Sex Scandal Began – http://bit.ly/mTEJIy via @thereidreport

  55. Interviews are for the local press area, Rep. Weiner will not be as big an issue in Detroit as the Auto Industry news.

  56. He has always had a bloated sense of self-importance. He’s liberal and I do appreciate that. But he has been tin-eared on how to actually achieve his goals. Bashing this President is no way to do it or threaten to hold the agenda hostage because of his purity.

    he gives some good speeches on the floor, though. I gotta hand it to him. But he’s a colossal jerk. Men…….

  57. He gives good speeches, not anymore.
    Which may be why no democrat cones on tv to go after republicans?

  58. I don’t believe it impacts PBO’s interviews much, given these are local interviews. Local folks as we know, don’t usually have the time to have every so-called expert come on to dissect issues they know nothing about.

    Also, while I could care less about Weiner, I think this is Republican ploy not only to shut him up about Clarence Thomas, but also to step on the Dems message about Medicare.

    That’s why I hope that Democrats (when they can get in front of a mike) will continue to get out here and talk about Medicare, even if the press tries to steer them away.

  59. BWD, You hit it out of the ballpark with this post. I mentioned a friend that I had to buck up everyday in 2008. I just sent this post and it was like sunshine entered her life for the first time. She was very impressed. Can you up-date the tech stuff, etc. from time to time please?

  60. I must be the only person on the planet who doesn’t know what this Anthony Weiner story is all about…totally didn’t pay it any attention…

  61. Anthony Weiner admits to twitter pics – 6/6/11
    he is doing the interview now.

  62. IMO the absolute worse thing about this is that it will give credibility to Breitbart, who has absolutely none. The guy is the lowest of the low.

    Of course, because Weiner is a Dem, this will get lots of play. Ensign, who broke federal law to cover up his affair, not so much. Thomas, whose wife earned close to $1 million dollars working for conservative causes, including some whose cases came in front of the USOC, not so much.

  63. You’re one of the lucky ones. This was a nothing “news” topic…now it is because he is now caught for lying about it. What a non-issue.

  64. For the absurdity of it all, Brietbart hijacking the presser was ballsy and pretty damn amusing.

  65. Sorry is this is OT but I saw this posted on Jack and Jill politics and wanted to share it here. (Apologies if someone has already done so.)

    I wanted to post it because it kind of speaks to a topic we were discussing a few weeks ago in relation to critics of the administration who accuse it of not doing enough for the African American community…I wonder what they would say about this…

    “President Barack Obama has laid out a vision to win the future by out-innovating, out-educating and out-building the rest of the world – a plan critical for America’s cities. As entrepreneurship plays a central role in creating jobs and economic opportunity, the Administration is committed to creating public-private partnerships to support current entrepreneurs and spark a new generation of urban entrepreneurs.

    To focus on these initiatives to boost job growth in America’s cities, the White House Business Council, Office of Public Engagement and Domestic Policy Council are partnering with the Rutgers Business School’s Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED), Startup America Partnership, Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, Russell Simmons, the Fund for Public Advocacy – Office of the New York City Public Advocate, Operation HOPE, the Small Business Administration (SBA), the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), for a day-long summit on ways to strengthen urban entrepreneurship.”

    Featured speakers and panelists:

    The Honorable Cory Booker, Mayor, Newark, New Jersey

    Marie Johns, Deputy Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration

    Derek Douglas, White House Senior Advisor to the President for Urban Affairs

    Russell Simmons, Founder, Rush Communications

    John Hope Bryant, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Operation HOPE, Inc.

    Paul Quintero, CEO, ACCION USA

    Bill de Blasio, New York City Public Advocate

  66. Except for the fact that his credibility, which was in the toilet, has risen. I think we can expect to see a lot more of him. And not just through FOX.

  67. it was weiner’s weiner?Personally, I don’t think the people in his NY district will give a rat’s patoot…but, he did lie.Not good.

  68. That’s my main problem with this whole fiasco,that Breitbart is now feeling emboldened on all fronts.

  69. Republicans can’t run away from their disastrous Medicare Privatization Plan:

    Poll: Large Majorities Of Elderly, Most Informed Oppose Medicare Privatization

    “In a potentially dire sign for Republicans looking ahead to 2012, a Pew poll released Monday finds that a strong majority of elderly Americans oppose the GOP’s proposal to privatize Medicare.

    In addition, the poll found that not only do Democrats oppose the proposed changes, but pluralities of both Republicans and independents do as well.

    Overal 41% of Americans opposed turning Medicare into a voucher program where seniors would buy their own coverage in the private sector, while 36% supported such a plan, according to the poll. Opposition is heavily skewed toward older Americans, as might be expected, with people over 65 years-old lining up against the plan by a 51% to 25% split. Fifty-one percent of respondents in the 50-64 year-old bracket also opposed the plan, while 32% supported it.


    More reason than ever for Democrats to keep talking about this and less about a sex scandal.

  70. I don’t mean this to be snarky at all – but it’s fortunate for his wife that she’ll be able to get advice from Hillary on how to handle a high profile scandal like this, and still hold your head up – and even salvage her career. If she wants to ask for the help, that is.

    I don’t know how any elected official, especially a Democrat, can engage in questionable activities, knowing that Republicans hypocritically scour the world for gossip they can use. Not only was this bad personal judgement on Weiner’s part, but it was really poor form as a Democrat.

  71. Usually how it works – break a big story, you become legit.

    However now he’ll also have to think twice about his stunts going forward if he wants to keep his new found credibility. If he was smart he should settle with Shirley Sherrod now, having the settlement sealed of course.

    All this new found credibility could go up in smoke if he’s found liable in that case.

  72. I find no comfort in those numbers, and I see why the GOP is now doubling down on it. Only 41% oppose it?

  73. We should have an equivalent group to twitter/tweet to those news outlets that post good, truthful stories, too. Encourage the stuff we want to see grow.

  74. 51% in the 50-64 age group oppose it.

    And 51% of those in the 65+ age group oppose(that is a key demographic) with only 25% supporting it.

  75. I just think he’s a fool, I mean when do these folks actually grow up? This is for 12 year olds imo. And how stooopid does none need to be to think they can put parts of their bodies out into the etherworld and not have it become news. Good grief, I’m tired of people who are so starved for attention that they will literally jeopardize themselves politically. I could care less about Weiner, but I DO care that he’s a Democrat and that he’s so needy for attention that he resorts to attacking POTUS on national teevee every chance he gets .. and that he’s apparently showing his goods off on the internet to college girls. Again, good grief.

    And Hey DF- nice to see ya πŸ˜‰

  76. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, but whatz up with People holding decent positions, and In Congress, and Lawyers? we use to be able to get a positive opinion of People, who were Lawyers and Doctors, but, but, but, whatz going on??? i mean like Really??? 😦 😦 😦 😦

  77. Thanks Hope, I was just going to point that out. Democrats, I think are trying with the messaging on this, given the toxic press.

    It is left with us too, to get the word out and keep pounding it.

    I am in a deep red district, and while I can’t say for sure I know the political leanings of people that I talk to, those that I deliberately bring up this issue to, are scared to death of it becoming a reality.

    Every chance I get, whether I am in the grocery line, at the drug store, etc., I make it a point to start talking about Medicare and privatization. No one I talk to so far (mostly mid to elderly people) like this idea.

  78. I must say I don’t feel sorry for Weiner. He deserves what he got. I did not appreciate him always criticizing the President. I am sorry that he is a Democrat.

  79. I hope they give the volunteers really clear instructions about how to stay out of Twitter trouble.

  80. You are not alone in your non-attention to this silly story. I had already banished Wiener from my news consumption long before this debacle, simply because of his constant vitriol against Pres. Obama and just ceaseless ankle-biting.

    Now karma has dealt him a muzzling blow. But he should not quit. Afterall diaper David Vitter is still in the senate and even just recently won re-election.

  81. Libya updates; it seems as if the rebels are gaining momentum.

    1. After Zintan was finally freed, it is Yefren now. Reuters reported that the revolutionary fighters entered the town of Yefren which used to be under the control of Gaddafi forces. The city is now under the full control of the revolutionary fighters and there are no signs of Gaddafi forces at all in the city.

    2. The revolutionary fighters are fighting a battle against Gaddafi forces in the area of Beer Ayyad, 70 Km from Tripoli. Gaddafi forces used tanks and rocket launchers in an effort to stop the advance of the revolutionary fighters toward Tripoli and the cities on the Western coast of Libya in the flat land ahead.

    3. The revolutionary fighters are now within 60 Km from Tripoli.

    4. The revolutionary fighters are trying to surround Gaddafi forces that are surrounding some cities in the Western Mountain near Zintan.

    5. NATO bombed several sites and targets in Tripoli all day yesterday and last night.

    6. The French news agency said the bombing targeted the state radio and television station. It also reported that five big explosions were heard in Tripoli.

    7. NATO said its strikes targeted military support installations, anti-aircraft base, and vital locations.

    8. Aljazeera showed a video of a n Tripoli after Friday prayer in the Fashloum area.

    9. Aljazeera showed a video of a protest in Tripoli after Friday prayer in the Tajoura area.

  82. Hey Zizi, I’m of the mind that this kind of stuff is between folks and their partners.. I just don’t care what anyone does in their personal life, I care only in that he KNOWS the media, he’s out there regularly elbowing with them, so he knows their mentality.. and yet pulled these shenanigans knowing they’d be all over it if he was found out. Just such a waste. And as Chipsticks reminds us- he’s the guy that recently wrote the op-ed questioning President Obama’s “values”. Someone ought to call his ass out bigtime on that hypocrisy.

  83. And rule number two: Don’t lie about it when you get caught showing your junk on the internet. πŸ˜‰

  84. hi Sherijr. you can also follow me @zizii2

    (note the double “ii” at the end.)

    I too am a newbie.

  85. I thought that this was a GOP dirty trick and I was dead wrong. Thanks, Weiner, for rehabilitating Breitbart’s “reputation” with this bs.

    (waving at everyone)

  86. My local news so far has not even mentioned Weiner. It starts with a carjacking in our area with a baby inside the car.

  87. Go to your profile and change your real name to your preferred moniker. It happened to me too, the first time I tried to tweet.

  88. Isn’t it amazing that smarty pants Anthony Weiner didn’t know that posting anything on twitter or facebook is like putting it on the front page of The New York Times? This was beyond stupid and reckless.

    You can’t apply for a job or college these days without providing twitter and facebook accounts. There are too many stories of people losing out on jobs or getting into the college of their choice because of some questionable or inappropriate twitter/facbook activity. Photos are dangerous. Anthony Weiner just found out the hard way.

    I was never a fan. But he lost me completely when he would make skid marks to MSNBC too many times to criticize President Obama.

  89. see my comment below sherijr’s You can change your name to your preferred moniker.

  90. This will be big news in DC and in Weiner’s district — so, therefore, NYC. I just don’t see that a tv station in Duluth will devote much — if any — time to this story.

  91. Thanks for the update.

    Gaddafi has got to wave the white flag and give it up soon. He is making matters worse for himself and will hopefully be sharing a cell with his dear, dear friend Charles Taylor in the Hauge, I pray.

    Two nasty best buds responsible for lots of hurt and pain against their own people. Ughhh.

  92. Thanks SAB… πŸ™‚

    Now, like other WH news, this is newsworthy!

    Unfortunately, important, community-related stuff like this “gets lost!”

    This IS one reason why WE have to “build” our own ‘media’ network…SPREAD THE WORD…PASS IT ON!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  93. I think Rep. Weiner should resign. His district is very safe Dem, another strong Dem could come out of it, one without this cloud over their head. He’s lost all moral authority and showed terrible decision making and flat out lied.

    If not this will be THE story over the summer – it’s silly season and the GOP found their silly.

    Resign saying that the GOP plan to end medicare and Justice Thomas selling his seat are two very important issues that need to be the focus and not his personal failings.

  94. I guess we’ll soon see how much of an egotist the man is. Considering how often he rushed to the camera to bash PBO, I think we know the answer, although I’m hopeful that the caucus leadership will prevail upon him to do the right thing.

    Really, does no one ever learn? Most of the time it isn’t the act that gets you into trouble, it’s the lying about it.

  95. Nice to see you,too:)As always! I do have to disagree with you on this though…I tend to take Steve Benen’s view on all this much ado about nothing issue. He lied. News flash! THEY ALL LIE!http://www.nationalenquirer.com/celebrity/john-boehner-sex-probe Do we excuse THIS jerk for doing much worse? Where was this conversation? Yes…that old “liberal” media sure wanted to make a big stink about this (not).Read WashingtonMonthly’s take on this whole nonissue. That’s about exactly how I feel about this.Andrew “not so bright bart”is a moron and his time is short…that stunt will backfire on him sooner or later.And like I said, Weiner’s constituents could probably care less…won’t like that he lied, but they’ll probably think “dumb move, stupid” and move on. If they like how he works for his constituents, that’s all that matters.I don’t happen to live in NY…I live in jackwagon AZ…with Ben “sleAZY,Dirty Scottsdale,Quayle.Personally, I’d PRAY for Anthony Weiner to work for me!!Hugs!!

  96. Yup. The only honorable way especially now that he has handed over the victory to the right wing in the war of ideas.

  97. It’s the sheer hubris which is frightening. All these people in power think that their power puts them beyond accountability.

    But what’s truly frightening is that GOP members caught in sex scandals have actually broken laws in the coverup, yet they’ll never get even 1/10th the attention that Weiner will get. Yes, the liberal media.

  98. That makes it all the worse. This punk knows all about the ‘librul’ media – after all he is an attention hog – and yet decided to brazen it out. Now the left will never be able to bring about even legitimate criticism of philanderers like newt and that framing is lost forever.

    I hope with so many twitter followers of PBO, nothing turns up that can be used against his campaign. I see all these social media as a double edged sword.

  99. I did too. I signed up for every repug I could find especially the crying speaker. I signed on to CNN especially that lying Crowley and Karen Smultz. I will find other later.

  100. and obviously most people have never been to a swim meet.Stuff that in a Speedo, alittle a** crack for intimidation/sheer ego…and that’s a normal day at the pool! In other words…no big deal.

  101. About Twitter:

    I understand I cannot vote for Barack Obama (being one of those socialist Europeans).

    I understand I cannot donate to his campaign (not being a citizen of the United States).

    I understand I cannot buy campaign trivia (like mugs, t-shirts or baseball caps) – as per the above.

    But at least I can follow him on Twitter !

  102. I think Gaddafi is more concerned about a bullet in the head than the Hague. Of course, what’s ironic is that every day that he continues to hold out the rebels inch closer towards Tripoli, and NATO destroys more of his military, making the possibility of his death greater, not lesser. If he wants to live — even in an ICC prison — he should cut a deal with NATO and surrender himself. I doubt those who suffered under his reign will be very accommodating towards him once they have him cornered.

  103. Well well well. This is from TPM: The Big Beltway Tell on Weiner: Pelosi and Rep. Steve Israel, campaign chief for House Dems, call for Ethics inquiry into Rep. Weiner (D). In other words, trap door prepped and ready.

    I was wondering how much pressure the Dem leadership would put on Weiner. Seems like they’ll put a lot.

  104. President Barack Obama remains the prototype of how an adult male should behave. Always classy and respectful of everyone. I love him and he is my hero. Nobody on this earth can make me dislike him.

    What a man, what a president. Proud to have followed him on twitter over three years now and I will continue to do so 4ever. πŸ˜€

  105. thanks zizi – will do.. and thanks for the info above on how to change my name πŸ™‚

  106. J4O I coulnt agree more. Not to mention his Larry K appearance where he said Sen Obama couldnt get the white working vote. He lived on Scarboroughs show where Joey S welcomed his constant attacks on the President on Israel,the PO and for doing what he had to do to protect the people depending on unemployment checks to feed themselves and their kids. The truth is I dont like this guy at all. He obviously had no bussiness questioning the judgement of the President on anything or have the character we should expect in a US comgressman.

  107. President Barack Obama remains the prototype of how an adult male should behave


    Even though I personally am a die-hard single, I keep being surprised (pleasantly) about how the first family exposes, well, “family values”.

    We’ve all seen the latest from Sarah Palin’s Buzz tour – who is going to re-educate those kids ?

  108. Bummer.I liked him and I thought that he made a connection and made things like finance and the debt easier to understand for us laypeople.Hopefully, they will find someone equally as personable/helpful.WOW. That didn’t take long.

  109. http://www.kpho.com/news/28149723/detail.html Our “wonderful” Gov has fiannly figured out that this may indeed be an emergency…considering the fire may now jump over into NM before too long.She HATES the Feds mettling in the state’s business….except when she doesn’t.Don’t misunderstand, these fires are awful…but I just hate the hypocracy. She reeks of it.

  110. Tenure is like a rent controlled apartment in Manhattan: you just do not let go of it.

  111. Mad men like Gaddafi are cowards. He’d probably accept the Hague to live and try to hire a lawyer.

    These men kill but they have no guts. I don’t care how he goes, just hope it is soon.

  112. My guess is that it always went on. But now with video and electronic messages so easy to do, the world is being taped so they are now getting caught. Not only that but the “press” is less likely to stay silent on it. I can only imagine what others did in the past that was not reported (and imho didn’t need to be reported).

    This one is pure idiocy. On Twitter!? And your name is Weiner?! I really do hope the wife leaves him for the simple reason that he’s an idiot.

  113. Ok, I’m as francophile as they come, but that’s just plain silly. As the article points out, French news outlets extensively use social media; how are readers, viewers, and listeners going to get to those accounts without them being referenced? This is definitely a case of regulators issuing a regulation for the sake of issuing a regulation.

  114. Actually, I believe the former is easier to achieve than the latter. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  115. BWD, it just could not have happened to a nicer guy! He has been so awful towards the President. He will not be on the stations telling his lies anymore.

  116. What bugs me is Weiner had the nerve to say recently that President Obama “isn’t a values guy”. What has PBO ever done to show he doesn’t have values. Weiner, otoh, is a loser and a hypocrite. I hope he goes away for good. Funny how all these “true progressives” are being shown for the phonies that they are while our great, principled president is standing the test of time.

  117. OK, I can’t resist this (it’s from “The Onion”):

    “Would-Be Assassin Ruled Unfit For Trial (picture of Jared Loughner)”:

    – Kept referring to his rights under the Constitution as if that meant anything in Arizona

  118. i wonder if significant troop withdrawals will happen next month despte pentagon staff contradicting president obama.

    president obama said significant was more likely.

    Also, an agreement was close to allowing full withdrawal in Iraq.

  119. I wonder if the tool that discovered this realized that he was performing a service to the Democrats by ridding us of this man, if indeed he is brought down by all this. Getting rid of this particular member of Congress is very worthwhile in my estimation. See? The law of unintended consequences does not discriminate.

  120. and Maddow is announcing
    How about hes’ leaving, Because he would have lost his tenure.

    Geee…can they ever get it right.

    time to tweet.

  121. Also, he gets to campaign for POTUS which he would not have been able to do if he stayed at the WH. I’m okay with this because POTUS will need these types of voices out there since his DEM Congress does such a horrible job.

  122. Ed should have been fired, Weiner should resign. Both egomanics who think it’s all a game.

  123. Well said. I never trust people who poutrage in public, whether left or right.

  124. Aren’t we supposed to be fully out of Iraq by the end of July?

    It would be a huge boost for morale to get our troops home and end these wars. It would also save our country a ton of money we don’t have.

    Let’s hope Obama pulls out of Afghanistan by the end of the year and Iraq by the end of July.


  126. AW and ES are two of a kind in that they’ll both do anything for attention. Ironically, Weiner surely didn’t want this kind of attention.

  127. Yea…really nailed that one:) I would have added a few more names to the list of Republican sex hypocrites that got a pass though.

  128. Republicans are horrible = the comments from some of the veterans are so sad. It’s a travesty.

  129. I think the problem is no-one’s given him any ‘carrots’. He’s wanted by the UN for war crimes and there’s no guarantee what can happen to him. I hope this is going to be resolved relatively soon but NATO has extended its mission by another 90 days.

    At least it looks lime we’re winning, However slowly.

  130. ANC puts s poll in the field over the weekend. The headlines: Obama loses bin laden bounce- at 47percent. Beats all republicans and ties with Romney.

    What the fick ever!

  131. Jovie there have been single polls like that since three weeks ago. While they are annoying, I expect such from time to time.

  132. By the way, I also predicted that we will be seeing an onslaught of “polls” ever so maniuplated in an attempt to sway public opinion against this president between now and Nov 2012. The media is heavily campaigning for the GOP – whoever the candidate might be.

  133. I have decided to pose this question on every tweet to MSM: “How did you write/report, etc on this issue and no mention repug obstruction as treason”?

  134. Yup. Lotsa whacky polls, lotsa wacky pols will be at it till 2012.

    Try yoga for equanimity. πŸ™‚

  135. Love to know if you get a response from that! How about DO YOUR JOB!

  136. Hi DS
    Well, I actually want a trigger word for each and every person who reads their twitter page.
    I want it to catch on! I wish every person on this site would do it. Maybe some prson in MSM might be pushed to mention it. The point is to show that there are citizens who recognize the real impact of what the repugs are doing to this country.

  137. Morning to you:)I JUST got your screen name..how embarassing!I just always saw it as “smiling” now it looks like “smiling lady” am I right?
    Anyway….if the trigger word is “treason”, though I wholeheartedly agree, you probably will never get a response back. To aggressive a word.How about asking about the constant obstruction AND Republican alternative. Put them on the spot to get an answer. I want to know what their jobs plan is…5 months, no answer.See what I mean? The people need to see their choices…now we just get massive obstruction, and a big fat “No!” to everything and anything to move this country forward.Thoughts? I am NOT a Twitter person so I may be way off base here…I would just like to have you report back to the rest of us some responses from time to time so we know what they’re saying…

  138. That’s a good observation…

    Maybe it’s a volunteer position…Hmmm?!

    But, since there has been some “honest” concerns about trolls, not user-friendly, et al, WE should contact them about that:

    For any questions and concerns, call 312-698-3670 or write us at Obama for America (OFA), P.O. Box 8102, Chicago, IL 60680, c/o Obama for America Feedback!

    Hopefully, there will be a satisfactory response from them!

  139. Not surprisingly, none of the cable news networks are carrying this, but they are focusing on Weinergate…

  140. Hey Donna,

    Did you “make it” to the WH event, this mornin’…

    WE’re waitin’ for those pics! πŸ˜‰

  141. Can’t wait to hear Donna’s report. Know she got there and will let us know.

  142. I’ve been on twitter for awhile, so am now following you BWD. My tag is bbkenn92 so you’ll know it’s me. I think this is a great idea.

  143. Mornin’ df. How is your crazy lady at AZ doing today ? Got those crazy fires under control yet ?

  144. Me, neither…

    But, I gotta go out for awhile.

    I’ll hear the details, later, though!

  145. I think i just saw Donna shake PBO’s hand but I can’t be sure. I REALLY hope it’s her because no one deserves it more!! This is a beautiful ceremony. Looking forward to her full report!!

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