“I was so impressed, so emotional, tears come down my eyes”

Whenever I see one of those clips, it’s like entering a parallel universe. And a good one. 


Interesting NYT story about the early days of PBO’s campaign:

Obama Retools 2008 Machine for Tough Run

Under the cover of an intensifying Republican nominating contest, the Obama campaign’s top fund-raisers gathered for their first meeting here last week. To galvanize them, they were shown a presentation of potential rivals, including Sarah Palin, and given access to senior advisers to the president, including the White House chief of staff, William M. Daley.

They pledged to reach a fund-raising goal of $60 million before June 30 as a first installment to create a state-by-state organization. Their goals include reactivating the network of supporters, registering young and Latino voters and fighting restrictive new election laws in battleground states now led by Republicans.

// snip

Advisers said the president was just beginning to plug into the campaign, and even then, sporadically. While the campaign manager here, Jim Messina, briefs him on the organizational effort, aides said Mr. Obama was not focused or very interested in the nitty-gritty details, for now.

“He’s doing his day job,” Mr. Messina said in an interview at his new office overlooking Millennium Park. “When he and I are talking about these things he wants to know, ‘What are we hearing on the ground?’ ”

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166 thoughts on ““I was so impressed, so emotional, tears come down my eyes”

  1. What other President do you know could get a crowd of 150 people, just by word of mouth, to gather outside of a hot dog eatery at a moments notice? Thanks BWD for posting this video – it’s a keeper for sure!

  2. I thought Fox News didn’t like the President? Or are the local versions less biased?

  3. Good NYT story. Until I read it, I hadn’t realized how different it would be with Obama not having to wage a primary campaign. The general election one with McCain seemed so damn short compared to the Hillary primary. I remember worrying he was going to collapse with the number of speeches and trips across the US he had to do to win the nomination. Thank goodness he will not have that and WILL have name recognition and a record to run on this time to make his job a bit easier (since he already has a fulltime job!)

  4. Another key snippet from that NYT article –

    “While Mr. Obama will not fully engage in campaign activity until next year, aides said, he is embarking on weekly economic-focused trips throughout the summer.”


    This is very smart for the reasons we see in the news story linked – local press is not nearly as jaded, cynical or armed with an agenda as the national news media is.

    I would like to see President Obama and the Dems make the case that job creation is the best deficit/debt buster and cutting spending just starts the economy into a tailspin.

  5. Your President is Really Great!!

    President Obama also had another great week; America is gaining jobs instead of losing jobs and showing no sign of resting he knocks off another top terroist; Ilyas Kashmiri.

    Talk about keeping America safe and employed.

    Thanks BWD

  6. Makes me think of that photo of him labeled: “Don’t worry, I’ve got his covered.” He’s getting some good advice on how to win over the average citizen voter. Its important to get out of DC and away from the stupid pundits and even those Democrats who are trying to get him to be a confrontational Repub-lite. He’s a gentle man, a kind, thoughtful, intelligent man – who doesn’t need to show anger and stomp his feet. He just sits down with Americans and shares a hot dog and wins – no drama Obama.

  7. loose rant: John Boehner has not done a single thing to create a single job in this country. Not. one. job. He’s playing politics while Americans do without. His House Pets vote for draconian bills and grandstand on the most serious of matters, only to return to their districts and fake a moderation which they don’t display while in DC. How two-faced.

    When can we please get Speaker Pelosi back and get some of these do-nothing freshmen out of congress? The country made a mistake last November and hopefully 2012 will correct that.

  8. Often BWD’s retweets get overlooked in the comment section, but this one is Wow-worthy:
    @geoffgarin Geoff Garin
    by theonlyadult
    In new swing voter focus groups, people say economic hole was deep, Obama doing what he can, needs time, GOP ideas would make things worse

    That’s big in my book. Very encouraging.

  9. He will be in Raleigh, NC on June 13 to talk about strenghen the economy. I stayed about 2 hours from Raleigh. I would like to go but dont’t have the transportation to ge there.

  10. This is something I think of often, about getting Pelosi back, etc. The crux of this issue to me is the very bad habit Americans have of not voting in the mid-term elections. I know people love to blame the PL for our failure in 2010, but I don’t accept that. Sure, there were people who consciously refused to vote in 2010, and in some cases those refusals cost some elections. I’m talking about the wide-spread apathy that exists between Presidential elections. I think we need to develop a long term strategy for our GOTV process to include educating voters, particularly the young, that their lack of involvement created this mess we’re in right now. I think I’m going to start now with that education. Every time I’m with a vulnerable voter, or training volunteers, I’m going to emphasize the need to encourage people to become regular voters in EVERY election.

  11. Good Morning Everyone,

    I wish and pray for everyone to have a beautiful Sat. And of course, I really want to thank BWD for this site. However, please get some rest also BWD and take care of your personal self. We love you, and we thank you for taking care of this lovely site.

  12. Saint Roscoe, in that NYT snippet, they refer to exactly the point you raised–registering young or first-time voters and Hispanics!!!

    It looks like OFA is plugged in!!!

  13. Beautiful video and what a heart-warming story! The owner, his staff and the customers who were there when the Prez came will remember and cherish this moment forever!

  14. I think that you’re so right about this, Tien. I very much so blame the pl for helping to create media memes which confuse swing voters (and they are responsible for that), but I also don’t believe the theory that they are responsible for disengaging the Dem base, at all. We’re naturally disengaged, truth to be told; I certainly know that I was previous to 2008. I agree that we need to do more to appeal to the wide swath of base voters who are happy as a clam with POTUS and thus totally tuned out of the importance of sitting a decent congress. Really great comment; thank you.

  15. I think you are so right. There was even a runoff election for Senator three weeks after the 2008 election. The Democratic candidate had a good chance if turnout approached the general election levels in heavily Democratic precincts. He lost. The turnout drop-off was dramatic and this was multiplied in 2010 when the former Democratic governor also would have been competitive with a good turnout. But that didn’t happen. The Democratic Party in Georgia depends on heavy voting in African-American communities who make up around 50% of the Democratic base. The youth vote and the growing Hispanic votes are also important here. With the new draconian anti-immigrant law having just been passed by the Republican controlled legislature and signed by the Republican governor, the Hispanic community is more energized.

  16. The funny thing, GGail, is that this lunch was spontaneous and 150 people showed up.

    On the other hand, Mitt Romney’s “announcement” was known for weeks and he got only 200 people to attend!!

  17. Boehner has shown why progressives need Pelosi back with the garvel. This guy, if he is not crying, he is either blaming the Prez for something stoopid or he is screaming cut taxes!

    They won the mid-terms on a promise of jobs but once they gopt in, they embarked on a social agenda! Imagine how far ahead the Prez would be if Pelosi retained the garvel through the mids. The prez has had to do double-duty heavy lifting to keep this looking decent. These guys are doing everything they can to drive the car back into the ditch.

  18. bwd, videos like the Toledo clip really do not surprise me. He has like a 80, 85% approval rating. Even people who can’t stand liberal policies like President Obama as the person.

    He’s beloved.

    Yet amongst the cynical teenaged-acting portions of the national and new media…not so much (at least so they say), but who cares about them.

    That diner owner and his staff will remember President Obama’s visit for the rest of their lives. I’m just loving living through and observing this time in political history.

  19. oops, correction…not policy approval rating (which is not nearly as high), but his personal likeability rating is sky-high.

  20. I hope we can do something about the unemployment rate, soon – it has me worried—

  21. Mikell, Flashback to 2008 – I trained(Stonewall Tell) to be a poll worker. Honest-to-goodness, the trainer told the trainees – “if people are confused by the downticket choices, tell them they can vote for just the president. They don’t have to vote for all people/items on the ballot”.

    I kid you not.

    I was furious. On the way out the door I told him in the most kind way that our next president will have a much easier job if we elect Senators and Representatives who will work with him. Every vote matters. I think my comment surprised him.

    But, hearing that Hispanic/Latino voters are energized is a beautiful thing!

  22. Though the corporate media won’t let anyone see this man in action if they can possibly avoid it, the American people are responding to him in huge numbers. I attended a fundraiser in L.A. before he got bin Laden and the place was full of screaming supporters who ADORE him. That’s BEFORE HE GOT BIN LADEN. So, I have no doubt that millions of Americans are loving this president and millions more would love him openly if they knew they weren’t alone. So the corporate media keeps him under wraps as much as possible. That’s why I love this site and TOD. I can send links to everyone I know and break the corporate media’s stranglehold on the general impression of this president.

    OBAMA 2012!!!!!!! And thanks bwd and chipsticks!

  23. I don’t know exactly how much of an impact it has had, but the weather has played a part in the increase in unemployment numbers. Remember that in addition to homes, tornadoes destroyed many, many businesses in Tuscaloosa, AL, Ringgold, GA, and Joplin, MO. There’s always a ripple effect, as well.

    You may want to check out this piece by Dana Houle (if I’m not mistaken, at one time a diarist at you-know-where)


  24. That article in the NYT mentioned this –

    “fighting restrictive new election laws in battleground states now led by Republicans.”

    They have their work cut out for them here in Florida!!

    Get in touch with me guys – I’d like to fight along with you!!!

  25. Wow and he’ll be here in South Florida on the 13th too – I think he has several events here – another busy day for our President who doesn’t take enough time off as far as I’m concerned!

  26. I’m not technically politically savvy. When people start talking about polling and statistics and all that…my eyes glaze over.But I know what I know, and one thing I do know…when the President goes on the road and talks to everyday people, he reaches them.The beltway media and their endless spin and handwringing is ridiculous…the more this incredible man gets OUT OF WASHINGTON and goes to the people, the more they trust and like him.Americans are not all stupid…and the fact that the Republicans are so condesending and think so little of their constituents is very telling to me.I think that we’re not living in a vacuum, and people from each and every state, pay attention to what goes on in other states, whether it directly effects them or not.This man is truthful. This man is genuine.This man cares about the everyday citizen. You can’t fake that.The Republicans have overplayed their hand(as usual…the arrogance just can’t contain itself)and mark my words…they won’t have an ass left to be handed to when this is over.Not advocating complacency, AT ALL,I just trust the American people to begin to pay attention as the time gets closer to the election. I am also hoping that certain people have learned that YOU NEVER SIT ONE OUT! Every vote is precious and valuable…no matter what someone else tells you.We see first hand how THAT worked out, and a lot of people are now having buyers remorse on a grand scale.Also, I think that people realize that these Republicans LIED their way into office and began enacting a totally different agenda when their butts were sitting in the gov. chair.I think as time goes by, and more gets said, and more gets known about their plans for the future of this country….well, it ain’t gonna be pretty!!!!

  27. Unlike Dubya, President Obama works 7 day weeks with hours off to spend with Michelle and the girls.

    He was forced to give up date night, since it upset the republican base so much. a spiteful people.

  28. We will definitely reseat Nancy in 2012. John is a detriment and real threat to America. The debt ceiling is an issue that should never have been played with; he is messing with our economic recovery and flirting with disaster. The debt ceiling is not a bargaining chip; It is our global stability.

  29. Too many voters in 2008 were so euphoric that President Obama won, but failed to heed his statement that he couldn’t do what was necessary to turn things around without our help. Too many of us turned our backs on the nuts and bolts of governing and left our man in the White House to fend for himself. We can’t blame President Obama if things go sour. He has done more than his fair share to put things right. Have we? He says, “Yes, We Can!” not “Yes, I Can!”

  30. I also think the tea party was allowed to dominate the political rhetoric with their lies and outrageous accusations in 2010 without enough push back from Dems, which resulted in diminished enthusiasm in soft Dem voters. And in Illinois, 3rd party big money ran continuous dirty attack ads against Dem Alexi Giannoulias which resulted in his loss to Repub Mark Kirk.

  31. I totally agree with this statement! So many talk about being disappointed in him, I wonder if he’s disappointed in us – that so many expected him to do all of the heavy lifting, without marching, protesting, etc. Lincoln had Douglas, LBJ had MLK but who does PBO have to mobilize the people? That’s what’s missing. Will be interesting to read his thoughts on this when he is out of office.

  32. maybe you can contact the local Presidential campaign persons an they might help you get to see our President. just send out a e-mail to them and see. I hope it works out for you.

  33. I really appreciate videos from local news outlets as well as those videos by people who line up to watch the President drive by. Those are the real Americans, not the cartoon version that the msm would have us believe are the majority of Americans.

  34. It’s just the cable station of Fox that is so ugly. A lot of the local Fox stations actually report the news.

  35. OFA is so totally “plugged in” at least here in AZ. Our focus is in getting Latinos and first time voters registered and voting, while also fighting off efforts to target certain groups when they go to the polls.

  36. GN, you may or may not be surprised when I tell you that the orange bone head gets daily messages from me asking:


    I send that message to my odious Senators and my baby Rep too.

    They can try to run but they can’t hide! I will keep on them now and for…..

  37. Sing it Sister!

    I’m with you in spirit here in AZ. Have you signed up with OFA? They will really help you direct your energy where it is most valuable.

  38. This is really good. At this rate, Stewart could kill off that lying, hateful machine called FOX!

  39. I don’ think they are the main reason we lost but I do think they dropped the ball big time. They talk about having all this power and money to take down the president but they don’t utilize it. If they want respect and a higher profile in the Dem party why don’t they use lesser known and off peak races to prove their value? They could have been out there making sure that people come out and vote, but they just sit there and yell at the Dem party. Why don’t they come out show the Dem party how it’s done if their ideas are so much better?

    A huge opportunity right now is voter suppression. Why not step up and start doing a year plus long voter registration drive and awareness campaign? The PL needs to stop talking and start doing. And they need to pick battles that will give them the influence and power they so desperately crave. I saw more passion from them when Keith O was suspended for a couple of days from msnbc than I have on any other issue. Manning? Warren for Senate? lots of passion there. Other issues – voter suppression, anti-abortion bills, federal judges? meh, more talking no walking.

  40. He could:) Unless, as they say in the story, they end up dying of old age all by themselves.

  41. Sometimes I wish we had “likes” or some way to acknowledge a stellar comment. This was so great and our PBO goes always to the people, just ordinary folks, trying to get along, keep working and care for their families.

    He connects with people and people connect with him because he is genuine and he cares. He doesn’t sit in Washington or ride off to a ranch in Texas every weekend or hide out at Camp David. He works! What a concept!

    The stupid media can ignore than and criticize him for eating hot dogs or try and make some kind of political hay about his toast to QE2, Michelle’s hair, her clothes or the car getting stuck but average ordinary people don’t care about that BS. They are the ones who see him working for all of us. They are the ones who vote!


  42. No…but that doesn’t mean I won’t. I left my job for 4 months back in ’08 to work for this President. Will do it again this time around…only I won’t leave my job this time:)
    Enjoy the beautiful,but warm day,AG.Hugs!

  43. Oh…must be the heat:) You were talking to Jayne!Time for a swim….or a nap!

  44. Good job. Arizona has so gone off skelter, it would be fantastic if most of the congressional seats and state reps went blue. That governor and that hateful sheriff are so vile, they give Arizona a bad name.

  45. Great catch and this should go viral. I’m sharing it out to everyone I can.

  46. Thanks,AG.Just what I feel.The tides are changing and no matter how many people kick,scream,spin,complain..it’s happening. We just have to be there to help our President reach that goal for a better country for ALL its people.I believe in him and I believe in all of us.No turning back.

  47. I tolja that she’ll go 3rd party, if necessary. I really hope the rethugs’ party machine tears her apart and leaves her completely irrelevant for ever. She’s the female version of darth vader with all street cunning of an alley cat.

  48. Exactly. Personally, I don’t think he would let people go hungry in the first place. Funny how these righteous people wrap themselves in the flag and the bible…and do the opposite.

  49. I say, let them weave their crafty little web.They will swallow their own.

  50. Yahoo too busy talking about herman Cain’s rise in the republican poll.

  51. Maybe waiting for confirmation. He was reported killed once before and turned up alive. Also given he is a high value ISI asset, I wouldn’t put it past the Pakistani’s to fake his death to try and repair the relationship damage after being caught harboring bin Laden.

  52. Tien Le, you are so on point…my last client for the day on Nov 2 was a high school teacher and we were finishing up with her session as the numbers were coming in from the mid-west and the east coast (I am on the west coast). Against my better judgement (because I already knew the answer) I asked her if she voted and she said, “no”. Oh boy what did she say that for…I “went off” on her…I told her that the mid-term election was just as important as the general election…I concluded my rant by saying that if her school is closed and she loose her job, she will have herself to blame (for not voting the people into offices that will fight for her! She hasn’t been back!!!

  53. Right now on CNN’s situation room, not one mention of this. Instead Anthony Weiner, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, the Jobs report and what it means for Obama’s re-election are dominating their segment. I find that very strange. I had to change the channel.

  54. Why not step up and start doing a year plus long voter registration drive and awareness campaign? The PL needs to stop talking and start doing. And they need to pick battles that will give them the influence and power they so desperately crave. I saw more passion from them when Keith O was suspended for a couple of days from msnbc than I have on any other issue. Manning? Warren for Senate? lots of passion there. Other issues – voter suppression, anti-abortion bills, federal judges? meh, more talking no walking

    Well said.

    BRAVO to you.

  55. Please consider signing this and passing along to everyone you know! This “Dreamer” needs to stay here! Pass the Dream Act!

  56. It’s been said many times…”we have never seen anything like this before, this is history”. What a wonderful time to be alive!

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012! I’M IN!!

  57. Besides, North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida, what other Southern States does President Obama have a chance at carrying, providing the best conditions possible along with Palin or other very weak candidate being the nominee.

    Jimmy Carter swept through the old confederacy in 1976.

  58. Probably. Remember “the loaves and fishes” caper. He most probably fed “too many” and would be arrested if he was here doing that today.

    Bastards! Sorry, but some days I just grieve for all the nasty and hate that seems to thrive in this country.

  59. I’m no Christian or a bible scholar but isn’t there a passage in the bible where Jesus says that “God vomits” people like this from his mouth.” I always thought this so appropriate for so many we see strutting the stage for their brief moment right now.

  60. Meanwhile, kucinich is stirring up trouble for the president on the Libyan war front. His seat maybe eliminated at any time.

    Thank heavens!

  61. You might get an lol if I tell you “that hateful sheriff” could find himself cooling his heels in his own jail.

    He’s between a rock of “incompetence” or the hard place of “graft and malfeasance” He will either resign or go to jail. He certainly won’t run again in 2012.

  62. I have heard that AZ is in that mix…even Axelrod said that.I wonder how they come to that conclusion. I want to think so.More than you can possibly know.Show me something that can convince me, because I live here, and from MY vantage point, be it Maricopa County,the racist armpit of AZ,I’m just not seeing that yet.Talk me down…

  63. …he can keep on if he wants to, but…”IS FEIDIR LINN”…his little narrow behind will be gone.

  64. He is becoming more and more irrelevent, and he knows it. Rachel tried like hell to prop him up the other night, but….um, not so much.He has been an ineffective legislator, for the most part, even though he has liberal values, no one listens…though Boner didn’t want to take that Libyan vote the other day because he thought it WOULD pass:)I don’t know…he just always looks to me like he is always jumping up and down screaming “Look at me, look at me!!” I find him off putting(is that a word?)

  65. He was one evil man and perhaps things can be more peaceful between Pakistan and India now. India sure wanted him dead. AJ is reporting this as true, as well as a couple of other stations over here. Sorry the US puntwits don’t want to give the President credit for this.

  66. On Yemen, Saleh has facial, neck and chest burns from the rocket attack, and he is now in Saudi Arabia getting medical treatment. The VP is in charge of everything. If Saleh doesn’t come back, and I assume he won’t as he probably will need a lot of plastic surgery, there must be an election within 60 days. Unless the VP suspends the constitution, and I doubt he will, there are going to be a lot of developments happening very quickly in Yemen.
    And on we march to Syria.
    Caught a bit of an interview Charlie Rose did with the Russian ambassador? to the UN – the General Assembly will vote almost 100% for Palestine, all except for the US and perhaps the Marshall Islands.
    Protests in the country of Georgia. Another awful President on his way out.

  67. Hi Ya’ll! Haven’t posted in a week or so. We Ohioans have been wrapped up in the saga of our favorite college football team The Ohio State Buckeyes and the crucifixion of our very popular head coach Jim Tressel who just resigned Memorial Day. Hard for me to focus on PBO events and this to as I am a Buckeyes fanatic.

    That said good to see the BWD base reporting in as usual:).

    I just want to emphasize we can’t take this election for granted. Hopefully not having a Democratic Primary won’t lull us into a false sense of security. We need to work hard and be vigilant. The Rethugs have done a number with voter supression legislation and other anti Dem initiatives. It will be harder for our base supporters to vote in 2012. Obama For America and other Progressive groups need our help to GOTV and to register new voters in the 18-35 age group. Also elgible Latino potential voters are important to our success. We will have to fight for every vote cause there is plenty of Teathug shaninigans going on since they took over a lot of the state legislative offices in 2010. Especially here in Ohio.

    Stay dilligent. The President is going to need us. This will be more difficult than you would think due to the local GOP domination. That said….KEEP HOPE ALIVE!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  68. FYI: Discovery Channel is running a documentary now about the bin Laden mission (that was quick lol) I just turned over and saw Brennan talking and they flashed a brief pic of the pres

  69. LOL I started watching at 7:15 and I haven’t heard them mention him at all! Love it…the producer is obviously a lurker at TOAITR and TOD 😀

    When I heard one of the reporters say this was a really kill mission I kept thinking about a coworker who said this wasn’t legal. I kept telling him that it was under the international law of war b/c he was a civilian directly involved in hostilities. He told me we didn’t kill the Nazi generals. (But we did bomb the heck out of Japan) I didn’t know how to respond but it still doesn’t change my mind that this action, although perhaps somewhat unsettling, was moral and legal because bin Laden never attempted to surrender when the seals first saw him – he turned and ran back into the room. Why he didn’t pick up his guns I don’t know but I think his initial action of going back into the room made it clear he didn’t plan to turn himself in…

  70. Hi Keith
    I am right with you on the Buckeyes. How could this happen to Coach Tressel? I am heartbroken. I was working at OSU when he came on board. I hope he and his wife will be okay. I know he is wealthy and all of that but this is a terrible blow.

  71. Bin Laden was a war general on the battlefield commanding his troups. Just because he was stateless does not make him an ordinary civilian! In war the rule is shoot to kill. It is as simple as that! His soldiers were not asking our soldiers to surrender before they blew up their tanks.

  72. Keith, Had no idea what you’re talking about so I googled. The coach was fined $250,000 and resigned because of tattoos for rings? Wow.

  73. Dear BWD and everyone here,

    I want to share a very special link with all of you – http://tributefm.com/player.php

    That will link you to the online live FM broadcast of music from BENGHAZI Libya!!! Every song – and they play great tunes – is chosen for the messages in the lyrics.

    Can you believe how important and mind-bogglingly amazing it is that these folk are broadcasting on the web – because I assure you without the brilliant, urgent, courageous leadership of our President Obama, the people of Benghazi would not be spinning tunes. They’d be part of the wretched history of mass slaughter that our species has witnessed and frequently forgotten.

    Please cross post the link to Tribute FM in as many places as you can … the whole world needs to be listening to our Benghazi brothers and sisters rejoicing.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  74. Keith….I was so sad to hear that:( As someone that not only went to OSU and worked for OSU,I can tell you….I was not a happy camper. From what I read, sounds like he was find of “forced” to resign. Is that right? My family still lives in Gahanna…and they keep me posted if I remember to ask while we’re on the phone.Any coach in mind for them now?? Let me know…we Buckeyes have to stick together!

  75. That’s the coolest thing, Bob! It’s really a new day, isn’t it?

  76. It certainly is, desertflower.

    And a free Libya is going to be an extraordinary catalyst – and these Libyans are truly up to being leaders for freedom.

    What we see, day after day, in Syria is further evidence we are living in different times.

    No matter how much some will try to avoid the fact, President Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech sent reverberations through the Mid-East, North Africa and beyond.

    But, it was his definitive actions regarding Benghazi that showed people all over the world that America is on a very different path than what they have seen before – a path of enabling, not dictating democracy.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  77. For CNN, that’s not strange at all. They’ve long ceased to be an actual news network and are more interested in sensationalism. 😕

  78. Aquagranny,

    I’m glad to hear they are on top of things in AZ. I get back there just in time for elections in November and want to do what I can to elect Dems and President Obama. I was hoping they weren’t giving up on that state as lost, though in many ways I think it really is (in more ways than one).

  79. Now isn’t karma a nasty biyotch…?lol. That would be totally, totally awesome. That Apaio (sp?) guy thinks only he loves America, everyone else is suspect! He has poorly served the people of Arizona and the United States.

  80. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been following the daily events in Libya as closely as Obama. Scary that I know how far towns and cities are apart and the names of some of the suburbs in Tripoli and Misrata. Twitter has been invaluable for that as tv has given it superficial coverage at best. So glad to see the NATO involvement and that it appears to finally be working. So many tragic deaths all because this monster refuses to step down. Hopefully his end of rule is near.

  81. Is it odd that the music seems to be (of what I’ve heard) only British/American music? But, I’ll never complain about listening to R.E.M sing “Everybody Hurts”.

  82. I’ve been right there with you, Forus50, and that is what makes Tribute FM so poignant, to say the least.

    In Solidarity!

  83. You are the enemy on the football field, but we are teammates on the Obama campaign. Guess I can digest that….LOL!! O/B 2012!!

  84. Amazing, isn’t it, starshine.

    Can you imagine the feeling the living musicians are going to have when they learn about Tribute FM and that these certain to be slaughtered Libyans are spinning their tunes … thank you President Obama, thank you UN, thank you NATO, thank you France, thank you UK … thank you all those brave service people who are supporting their brothers and sisters in Libya.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  85. Bobfr thank you!!! I have been listening to Benghazi FM 924! I found myself chocking as the song ‘Everybody Cries…played!

    Thank you. I hope, pray and believe total freedom for the rest of Libya is near…hopefully in the next 90 days.

  86. Yes, you’d be correct desertflower. That is how it went down. The OSU Board of Trustees got cold feet due to the media saturation and forced the Admin to seek Tressel’s resignation. SAD. Best coach we have had since Woody Hayes. Probably in OSU history.

    ……..and OMG I can’t believe you are from Gahanna. I finished growing up in Gahanna and graduated from Gahanna Lincoln High School. What a small world 🙂 Keep Hope Alive folks. Go Bucks!! Go PBO!!

  87. Bobfr
    In Solidarity.

    And the music is better than what any station I can find here in the US. Thanks so much for sharing – music unites the world.

  88. Thanks smilingl8y. Support welcomed. What has happened to coach Tressel is a travesty. We will recover and move on on though. You are correct coach Tressel is very well off. He and his family will survive :).

  89. Are you listening now, Peter M? Do you know the current artist/song? (Blues)

  90. Absolutely amazing, Bob.
    Dear God, I hope these people aren’t slaughtered.

  91. desertflower I responded to your post above. I grew up in Gahanna, Ohio. What a small world. Not only that I was stationed out in Tucson, Arizona, Davis-Monthan AFB. in the 1980’s. Now you are a resident of AZ. WOW…..

  92. desertflower responded to your post. Lived and grew up in Gahanna. Was stationed in AZ at Tuscon’s Davis Monthan AFB. Simularities gallore. 🙂

  93. Well put Bob. PBO is definately on the job of spreading Democracy with his walk and not just his talk.

  94. The killing of this vicious terrorist is the FP news on all Indian newspapers today. We Indians are happy and thank this admin for getting rid of this man.

  95. It was played one or two songs before the one you posted. B.B.King, maybe?

  96. Thank you for that information. I will keep it turned on when I am on the computer. And will pass it on. That is so cool.

  97. Shut The Front Door!!!!!!!!!!! I Graduated from GLHS:) That seems like so long ago…well, actually it was. 1975:)Loved, loved,loved my HS years there…then off to OSU…isn’t that what everyone does? Small world, Keith. Small world:)

  98. Sorry, I missed that one starshine so I don’t know. But now that I’ve posted the Bettye LaVette video above I found a better quality one here which includes the intro that never gets old, lol.

    (And the youtube comments on this one are not juvenile trolls either which is amazing in itself.)

  99. I gotta say…Woody was a crazy man to those football players.Some of them were my friends and they thought he was nuts…at least toward the end of his rein at OSU.Actually, I think that his health was deteriorating….I took care of him in the hospital,too!

  100. Sitting here listening as I type, I just can’t say what this feels like to me. When the President gave his Cairo speech, I knew it was one for the history books.So many of his speeches are.They were all listening.He empowered them all to take was was rightfully theirs all along. Their countries.We didn’t force ourselves on them.They made the choices for themselves…I can’t imagine the desperation they have felt all these years. The abuse they have suffered.The totally stiffling of ideas and freedoms that we take for granted.I think of them and wish them well on this fight to claim their countries back.What strong, brave people they are.AHH…Aretha! R E S P E C T! They do rally play some good songs on here:)Thanks so very much for this wonderful treat, Bob.Awesome.

  101. Yea…the music IS better!!! In Solidarity:)Power to the People! Beautiful Day…U2…perfect.

  102. You’re really starting to freak me out now!:) When did you graduate from HS?

  103. I might add…lots of Buckeyes are transplanted out here. I work with about 3 that I know of…Fiesta Bowl time…EVERYONE’S a Buckeye!

  104. PSA on Tribute to not touch ammunition if you find it…could cost your life…call Libyan Red Cross…just sounded kind of surreal to me.

  105. That’s such good news. I still worry. Lots of dead dolphins washed up on shore awhile back:( I think that it may be LOOKING/SMELLING better…but I don’t think it’s “fixed” by any stretch…still. great news.

  106. Hi Bob
    I discovered them the other day. It is great! I wish more of the Libya materials were translated to English. Lots of the time I have no idea what is being said but the music is good. I probably have 9 sites earmarked for Libya. My heart is with the rebels in all of the ME and NA countries including Iran.

  107. Yep, I’m aware of Buckeyes concentrated out in AZ,as well as Cali., Texas, and Florida. I also learned there are a lot of Bucks in North and South Carolina. We are everywhere. :)I graduated from Lincoln High in 1981. As a matter of fact our 30 year reunion should be this summer. Yikes….I’m getting old. LOL…

  108. I still have this video on my DVR. Every once in a while I go back and watch it because it was so beautiful.

  109. A bit younger than me:)I never go to the reunions. I still keep in touch with everyone that I want to..went to the 5 year reunion. That was the last one. The cheerleaders were married, pregnant and divorced by then…I saw enough.Sad state of affairs.Still keep in touch with my best friend…she lives in Indianapolis now.Ah, to do it over again, and know then what I know now:)We’re buddies now, Keith:)Glad to “know” you!

  110. SheriCS, Do you know what Congressional District you will be in? Ed Pastor (Dem) is our Congressman and our focus is not only to register as many new voters and Latino voters as we can, but also to get as many as possible on the Early Ballot List. We get our ballots almost a month before Election Day and have ample time to become familiar with the issues. It also prevents intimidation and harassment at the polls as well. I have actually met Latino voters who are told by GOP operatives that if they register as Republican they HAVE to vote for Republican candidates. I have another friend from Mexico who has been in this country since she was a child and has passed all the requirements for citizenship over 2 years ago and still has NOT been sworn in. I am trying to convince her to talk to Ed Pastor. There is something fishy going on there.

  111. Good morning BWD, I hope all is well with you. I’ve been moving about for the last 12-15 days. One of the places I visited was Laughlin Nevada; it’s the deepest/lowest place you can go in Nevada. If you go any further, you got to be going into Hell :)). Beautiful Place.

    However, I was all ways checking in with this lovely, well needed site that you have created. I notice that I did not see any comments from you as well some days information did not change.

    I truly hope you are doing well. I don’t believe one can saturate their mind with negativity without being thoroughly affected.

    Please take what I am saying in the most positive sense that you can. You are absorbing so much negative information to shield those of us who come to this wonderful site, yet are baring a heavy load and it is taking its toll.

    Please find a way to let some of us share in caring this load with you. If you don’t BWD, you are not going to be good for yourself, let alone your family on this site you created.

    I say this out of pure Love. I show wish I can help you ( I can if you let me/use). Consider taking a 90-day break (just a suggestion). Love>>

  112. Hi Bob, I was worried that it was a one-day tribute and that I had missed it while sleeping, but, no, it is going on today and really stirring. Thank you so much for passing this on to us.

  113. Sorry, I logged off before I saw your query! I think it is Bettye LaVette! Thanks forus50 for responding.

  114. Yes, this song was my favorite from the whole concert. It was so beautiful. Although I didn’t know that Garth Brooks was a fan of Obama’s and he did an incredible version of “American Pie”.

  115. Good mornng BWD and TOAITR family. It was a beautiful day here in MT yesterday and should be today too. I hope BWD is getting her batteries recharged. Remember our great President has great people around home to help with his duties and a loving family to recharge his batteries. Hope you ask for help when you need it, we are all her for you anytime. You are always in my prayers.

  116. Yup, he’s a Democrat. Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland) also performed at the concert.

    Faith Hill and Tim McGraw (also Democrats) spoke out after Katrina on Oprah. I think their record sales dropped sharply afterward.

  117. Saw this at another site. Can someone here get this to the Obama people?

    “Finally, Obama High Command in Chicago gives a quick strategy rundown where the campaign basically admits there is nothing they can do about jobs except hope for the best. At the White House, the plan is simply to have the president out in the country every week touring factories. Good for local news, but hardly a jobs strategy. Memo to both sit rooms: Come out with A PLAN, for crissake, even if you can’t get it passed. Run on something other than hope, because that’s just not going to work next time around.”

  118. Watching Bob Schieffer of Face The Nation with interview Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi this morning, you would think she was still ‘Speaker of the House’. He kept hammering her about what was going to be done about the poor jobs numbers. I found this astonishing since the Republican Party has the majority in the House of Representatives. Therefore, they set the agenda.

    During the 2010 midterms, all the Republican Party talked about was the importance of focusing on jobs jobs jobs. After five months in the majority they have introduced zero jobs bills and have instead focused on abortion, disenfranchising voters, dismantling unions, defunding the ACA, and ending Medicare as we know it.

    Bob Schieffer should be asking the current Speaker of the House John Boehner where are the jobs. The only votes this Congress has taken to create jobs have been on Democratic bills, which were either voted down by Republicans or which Republicans voted against even considering.


    From Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi:



  119. Well, with the GOP state government shenanigans in Ohio and elsewhere, Democrats are *very* popular in Ohio right now, and will remain so through November 2012! Thank you, teabaggers!

    But, yes . . . I’ve been taking a break from politics, but . . . having a real President is something, isn’t it. Wow.

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