“How Obama is shoring up federal authority over Medicaid”

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A quick look at the week of May 30th on WhiteHouse.gov:

Joplin: President Obama visits Joplin, MO to meet with those in the community who lost so much in the tornados last week and participate in a Memorial Service at Missouri Southern University.

Small School, Big Dreams: Labor Secretary Hilda Solis delivers the Commencement address at Bridgeport High School in Washington, one of the top three finalists in the Race to the Top Commencement Challenge.

West Wing Week: “One Step at a Time” takes you to Joplin, Poland, Arlington and inside the Situation Room with President Obama.

LGBT Pride Month: Kicking off Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month, the Office of Public Engagement has launches a new webpage. And here’s the Presidential Proclamation.

#UrbanSummit: Russell Simmons gives his thoughts on entrepreneurship and small business in America, in anticipation of Urban Entrepreneurship Summit. Join the conversation on twitter #UrbanSummit.

What’s on Your Plate?: First Lady Michelle Obama and Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin unveil the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s new food icon, MyPlate.

Cutting Red Tape: The U.S. Department of Energy encourages cities to cut the red tape that can push up the price tags on solar energy projects.

Youth Round Tables: The Office of Public Engagement wraps up  the “100 Youth Round Tables” Initiative, ensuring that young people’s voice is heard in government.

Memorial Day: The President honors our nations fallen, speaking at a Memorial Day Service at Arlington National Cemetery: “Honor the Sacrifice of Those We’ve Lost”.

Get Prepared: The Federal Emergency Management Agency announces June 1st as the start of hurricane season, and gives tips on how to keep you and your family safe.



Ezra Klein:

At the heart of Paul Ryan’s plan for Medicaid is a tectonic shift in the federal government’s authority over the entitlement. In the Wisconsin Republican’s proposal to “block grant” the program, states would receive a fixed amount of federal money for Medicaid — and much greater leeway to change the program’s structure — rather than an uncapped, formula-based contribution with many strings attached. The Ryan plan, along with other more incremental GOP proposals, would fundamentally alter the federal government’s role in structuring, overseeing, and administering Medicaid, abdicating much of this authority to the states.

In the face of such challenges, the Obama administration is quietly taking steps to reassert and strengthen the federal government’s authority over Medicaid. A few weeks ago, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rolled out a proposal that could make it more difficult for states to cut rates for doctors, hospitals, and other providers in Medicaid—one of the many ways that cash-strapped statehouses are trying to save money.

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Ron Klain: Give Obama a Victory Lap for Auto Rescue

/// snip

Of all the policy challenges I saw Obama tackle in my two years in the White House, none was more complex than turning around the U.S. auto industry. When the president took office, the industry was in free fall. Sales of cars and trucks, which had topped 17 million in 2006, fell to 10.6 million in 2009. Two of America’s three major automakers were insolvent, kept alive by weekly inflows of federal cash. U.S. automakers had an unsustainable cost structure, were badly trailing their foreign competitors in the production of fuel-efficient and electric vehicles, and seemed unable to make the hard choices needed to arrest their downward spiral.

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Booman: Who Saved Michigan, Who Wanted it to Fail?


If Mitt Romney goes on to win the Republican nomination and face the president in the fall of 2012, I hope the voters of Michigan see an unending loop of that New York Times headline. “Who saved Michigan? Who wanted it to fail?”



Administration to Indiana: Fund Planned Parenthood

Efforts to defund Planned Parenthood on the state level took a big hit yesterday when the administration finally weighed in and deemed Indiana’s effort to prohibit Planned Parenthood from receiving Medicaid funding illegal. A letter from Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) head Donald Berwick made clear that “Medicaid programs may not exclude qualified health care providers from providing services that are funded under the program because of a provider’s scope of practice. Such a restriction would have a particular effect on beneficiaries ‘ ability to access family planning providers.”

Indiana was the first to sign a funding ban into law, but it’s not the only state considering it. To those states HHS also issued a memo re-iterating the point that denying Medicaid funding because of the services a clinic provides violates the Social Security Act.

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For us, polls-obsessed:

PPP: For Obama, Iowa 2012 looks like Iowa 2008

Raleigh, N.C. – When PPP polled Iowa last month, President Obama was tied with 2008

caucus winner Mike Huckabee and four points ahead of second-place finisher Mitt

Romney in a state he ended up winning over John McCain by almost ten points. But in

the intervening weeks, with Huckabee bowing out of consideration, the president has

moved into a much more comfortable position.

His current 49-40 lead over Romney (up from 45-41) is exactly the margin by which poll

respondents report having voted for Obama over McCain, meaning these voters are just

as ready to re-up the president as they were to give him his first term. Against everyone

else, the president leads by larger margins than his victory over McCain, topping Sarah

Palin, 55-35 (53-36 in April), and two candidates not tested previously: Tim Pawlenty,

49-37, and Herman Cain, 50-32. Obama leads by 19 to 38 points with independents, and

takes 7-13% of the GOP vote while losing only 5-10% of his own party.

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That’s more like it:

Democrats Break Down Impact Of GOP Medicare Plan District By District

House Democrats have broken down the massive changes to Medicare and Medicaid proposed by the House GOP into a convenient take home size.

Democratic Reps. Henry Waxman (CA) and Frank Pallone (NJ), voters can now see what Democrats say is the direct impact of the Republican plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system on every congressional district in the country.

The map is here.









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  1. Good Morning BWD. Nice to have you back and thank you for this lovely thread!

  2. What a roller coaster ride. One week he’s up, next week he’s down… but I look at him as having a steady hand at the helm of this crazy ship of state. Thanks for the wonderful pictures – no matter where he goes, the PEOPLE of this country can’t help but smile.

  3. Two of the pictures really struck me.

    The first is the one at the hot dog place from yesterday. That guy is just so excited to shake hands with the President. Then the smile on the face of the guy sitting down. You would love to know the set up to a lot of these pictures. What happened just before, what was being said, etc.

    The second one is from Joplin. The agony on that woman’s face, the true sense of pain and empathy on the President’s face. Although we have seen this from him so many times, for some reason this hit me more than previously. CiC, with this man, means more than being the country’s Commander in Chief, he is also our Consoler in Chief.

  4. Good Morning BWD; good morning all. Thank you for these beautiful pics and some uplifting news. Thank you for starting my day on a high note!!! God Bless the Prez.

  5. Good morning BWD and all. So much good news. I love and thank Iowa for being the first bold, brave state to recognize the brilliance and heart of presidential candidate Obama. As those Iowa poll numbers show, Iowa is going Obama-Biden again in 2012.

  6. Good morning BWD and TOAITR family! Love all the updates. It will be great reading. Hope everyone has a great weekend. The sun is finally shining here so I plan to work outside after reading all these articles.

  7. Mornin’ fellow TOAITR’ers…

    BWD thanks for this wonderful, all-encompassed MishMash of MishMashes!

    Now, you can go take care of your business…

    This should keep us busy until…Hmmm, Midnight. 😉

    Everyone have a great weekend!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


  8. The sun is out. My six-year old girl drew some amazing pictures on our porch with chalk this morning, and we have more good news from the White House. It’s gonna be a good day.


    Thanks you!

  9. No matter how the Right tries to paint him, I think it’s clear that a lot of people feel like his strength and empathy is real, and they feel so relieved just to have him show up and see their pain first hand.

    And people clearly feel comfortable simply clinging to him just to let it all out and put your trust in him. It’s not really fair to him–because it just adds more to the burden he already carries–but I think he’s prepared to take it all on.

  10. That little girl’s smile and reaction towards the president, can’t be staged, bought or faked.

    Kids either like or dislike people. That kid sure likes her president.

    Now, the Al Qaeda, Brain is eliminated from this earth, 1 month and 2 days after OBL went ocean fishing.

    Media, 83K jobs isn’t a joke. One month is not a panic made. We are not going on a deep depression. That is the wish of TBGOPers and many in the press, especially, the right wing press. They cheer for bad news and jeer for good news.

    The auto industry is back and like it or not TBGOPers Palin was sent to dethrone Romney by Roger Ailes. I, for one couldn’t be any happier. The King makers in the GOP club want a Tim Pawlenty from my state of MN. Today, TPaw could not carry MN. Let them keep dreaming. Bachmann would make sure that TPaw is decimated in Iowa. GOPers for various reasons are using both Bachmann and Palin to knock off their so called potential candidates. I am tickled pink.

  11. Can the president make an announcement in the rose garden about the number 3 al qeada dude we just got?
    All Alex TWIT talks about is wieners pickle. Sigh!

  12. The media is controlled by a bunch of spoiled middle-aged “adolescents.” 90% of the reportage is obsessing over Sarah Palin and Anthony Weiner’s privates. Yes, President Obama continues to be the only adult in the room.

  13. I was so disgusted and irate at Weekend Today for inviting on the Obama hater from CNBC who took the not so sparkly economic news from last month and used it to try to demolish President Obama. He said even a 12 yr. old could beat Obama at this point. It was so over the top. I don’t remember all this attention when the economic news was encouraging for the last few months. But they’re taking this one month and going wild with it. It’s so obvious what the corporate media is trying to do in their own interest and it has nothing to do with what is good for our country and the vast majority of the people.
    And In. Gov. Mitch Daniels said he is going to defund Planned Parenthood anyway. And Michelle Bachmann called Planned Parenthood a “criminal enterprise”. Please save us from these narrow-minded nutcases.
    Nice follow up on Obama’s visit—we misread the one unfriendly looking dude at the hardware store. He said he was “star struck”.

  14. Morning everybody. Looking at the news, I hope independents are playing close attention to what the truth is. The lowest taxes for the middle class is under a Democratic President. The greatest defense for Medicare is coming from the Democratic party. The CIC keeping us safe without starting new wars in unrelated countries and able to get cooperation from Pakistan, is a Democratic CIC.

    As we go in to 2012, I hope that indies do not get mesmerized by last-minute lies and actually pay attention and remember who is more aligned with them and which party has displayed competence in these key areas.

  15. It is unreal how even NBC gas changed to the right. Ever since they got bought by comcast, they have gone all fox news on us!

  16. From the top headlines on Yahoo! at the moment:

    “Top al-Qaida militant reportedly killed during drone strike

    NATO deploys helicopters to raise pressure on Gaddafi

    Sarah Palin flubs explanation of Paul Revere’s historic ride”

    One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn’t belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others. By the time I finish my song?

  17. Re: Joplin, that disaster (and the ages of some of the victims) is incredibly tragic. It’s a real relief and comfort that we do have a Consoler in Chief right now; someone who has gone to that area and conveyed the sense of shared grief and sympathy which so many people in this country have for those tornado victims, regardless of politics—he was paying his respects, and at the same time, he was paying all of our respects as well, without any of the foolishness or poor behavior seen during some major disasters during the previous decade. I remember feeling such rage and frustration during Katrina that some victims were led to believe that this country would leave them to rot because of the incompetence which was displayed and callous remarks. That was not an accurate reflection of the country’s compassion and sentiments.

    By contrast, the way in which President Obama immediately and competently harnessed the resources of the federal government to help the tornado victims, and the way in which he comported himself in Joplin and displayed the deep sympathy which so many people in this country share, is incredibly meaningful and appreciated. I truly appreciate knowing that the federal government is helping those people as much as is possible.

  18. Yes, I saw it on POLITICO and, her supporters are having a tough time defending or spinning it. There are a few diehard supporters of the Prez who are just blasting away at Palin defenders. Palin is just stunningly stupid. And yet she shows no interest in brushing up on facts–even as basic as grade school!

  19. “Media, 83K jobs isn’t a joke. One month is not a panic made. We are not going on a deep depression.”

    Thank you Nena. 83,000 jobs from the private sector, during some of the worst weather events in recent memory, is excellent news.

    The losses are in the public sector. Specifically 29,000 jobs were shed. The GOP runs 53% of the statehouses.

    A genuine journalist would point this out. It’s GOP policy at the state level that’s dragging down the economy. Federal policy is hospitable to steady growth in the private sector.

  20. Deserves to be repeated:

    Media, 83K jobs isn’t a joke. One month is not a panic made. We are not going on a deep depression. That is the wish of TBGOPers and many in the press, especially, the right wing press. They cheer for bad news and jeer for good news.

    Good Lord, you’d think that we were hemorrhaging jobs as we were just a short while ago before President Obama’s/Dems’ policies took effect. I view the report soberly, but there has been lots of overreaction.

  21. Love fest for Sarah palin, or what? Problem is, the MSM is trying to sell us a bunch of reality stars to be preferred over someone who solves problems. Lord have mercy!

  22. I wonder how Weiner feels, seeing the national media jump all over this story. I wonder if he would think twice now about running to the media and grandstanding about President Obama without regard to how that sort of sensationalized content is unhelpful to the country, now that he’s been in the hot seat.

  23. Yes, they are reporting that a top al qaeda leader in Pakistan considwred to be Bin Laden’s successor was killed by a U.S. drone!

    This is going to be beautiful to watch Repugs twist and stew again as the Prez takes them to cleabers with their meme that Dems are weak on national security. The Prez had the al qaeda strategy figured out and is just now hitting his stride…lol.

  24. Yup. Indies, seniors and the yung’uns are the demography we need other than the usual reliable dem base in 2012. The purist left can go suck an egg collectively.

  25. The fact that Pakistan wanted him badly as well, is NOT a bad thing.A little way toward “mending the fence.”

  26. The People’s View has been posting some incredible pieces!

    Here’s the first:

    Obama Administration, Wall Street Crackdown, and Deregulatory Hurdles

    by Deaniac83

    One of the biggest complaints you hear from the left ideologue critics of President Obama is that he has willfully refused to prosecute people on Wall Street in the wake of the financial meltdown that’s grappled the country in 2008 and the effects of which America is still badly suffering from. The gripe is of course largely an unfounded one, especially in light of enforcement activities that have taken place and the context of 30 years of systematic dismantling of legal and regulatory framework prior to President Obama’s taking office.

    The most recent and most famous of the administration’s aggressive prosecutions is probably the conviction on 14 counts of securities fraud and conspiracy of Galleon founder Raj Rajaratnam, a billionaire hedge fund manager in the largest insider trading case in a generation. Rajaratnam was convicted of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud with stocks of mostly high-tech companies, ranging from Intel to ATI, but also including Goldman Sachs. Rajaratnam is currently under surveillance but free on $100 million bail till his sentencing hearing in July, in which he faces up to 25 years in prison.



  27. I think he likes it. Remember, he was all over the president about the public option, but never says anything about his best friend Clinton who spoke to Ryan about making Medicare cuts!

  28. Karma is such a sweet beeyotch. Even his college buddy stewart bailed on him. And all the attempts by pl to re-beatify their saint are hilarious.

    My verdict – the guy did it.

  29. Bill Maher showed that clip last night (the first time I had seen it)and I sat with my mouth open at the stupidity of that joke of a woman. I find her so offensive on so many levels.Anyway, he said with statements like that, she SHOULD be in summer school now! ALso had a good “New Rules” specifically talking about what he felt was the role of the Federal govt. these ignorants love to bash so much.He was right on with that one last night.

  30. According to CNN reports, the WH has not yet confirmed that it is him. So that’s probably what’s causing the delay in the WH reporting this conclusively. This is huge if true. I’m keeping my fingers crossed yet!

  31. I think that it could just as easily be a GOP dirty trick, but I hope that it gives him some pause in terms of his show-boating in the media. Sensationalism doesn’t work well for progressives, and the people who are egging elected Dems on to behave foolishly should be ignored.

  32. And if you recall, he was one of the house Democrats who voted to defund ACORN after they were smeared by the same Breitbart. Yet the PL were busy bashing President Obama for abandoning ACORN while giving their hero a pass. And he did nothing to defend the President on that front. Yes, karma is indeed a beeeech.

  33. He actually had a scare last November and was scrambling to foist off a GOP threat which never materialized (I received a last minute call looking for volunteers, which I ignored as I believed that the upstate Dems needed more help and his seat was never in jeopardy). But now, with this media hitjob, he really might be unsafe. I was hoping that his clumsy answers were rope-a-dope, but I think that he’s just not media savvy nor a very strategic thinker.

  34. If they all are so concerned about the 3% of what PP does, then they SHOULD SUPPORT them for the other 97% of what they do!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sick of them spouting this BS.This really gets my Italian temper boiling!
    On another note,as I looked at the pictures of PBO comforting and hugging those tornado victims, I could not help but think that the germophobe Bush would NEVER have touched those complete strangers that way. Even when they needed that so badly. I just remember when President Clinton and Bush went to Haiti and the camera caught Bush wiping his hands on the back of Clinton’s shirt after he had shaken hands with someone. Such a stark contrast,don’t you think?

  35. Glad you are here BWD. Will celebrate by making another donation and wearing my “Made in America” t-shirt. Is Fedir Linn’

  36. Hi jovie,

    This is Ms. Rice. Yes, this Al quaeda militant was caught because of policies that my, er husb…er President George Bush put in place, which Obama STOLE from us. I will be on all the Sunday shows next week to discuss this – stay tuned.


  37. The other side of the coin is that Palin is legitimately newsworthy because she is considered a credible, front-running presidential candidate for a major political party. Quite the indictment of the GOP.

  38. Funny…I was actually singing that song as I read your post! Thanks, Now it’ll be stuck in my head all day…like “It’s a Small World.”

  39. Love this website. A good place to go to after the negativity assault of the MS media. Do you have a bumper sticker that says “Obama: The only adult in the room”? I’d put it on my car to annoy all my TP neighbors. LOL

  40. Isn’t Weiner’s wife Hillary’s chief of staff? Some high ranking position in the Sec. of State’s office anyway. I always thought that was weird, that Weiner was always out there maligning President Obama when his wife is so connected to the Obama administration.

  41. Thanks Jovie, I hadn’t heard that. I’m shocked I tell you, shocked that there’s no one providing news to the country as a whole. Or Not.

  42. Good Morning Everyone

    (forgot to say that earlier)

    I am plugging away through every state accumulating stimulus projects. I may be the only person in the universe who thinks the stimulus was successful and the projects are interesting, but hey, it is raining here so I can’t do any yard work.

    My hope is that when the election hits folks from throughout the country could use the blog to find success stories for their communities.

    When I record these stories I am always encouraged by how many of these projects have long term benefits (energy efficient buildings, roads and bridges improved, etc)

    So today it is Arizona.

    If anyone has a stimulus story they want me to add, just post it below.


  43. BBC confirms he is dead. He is one scary SOB who was behind many attacks in India. I think all those obl tapes and thumb drives are now proving to be a info cow.

  44. Slightly OT: Folks remember that we were complaining about one of the hardware store workers during the President’s visit yesterday? It turns out that we totally misread his facial expression from the picture! He is the Matthew Wamsley referred to in the article below:

    /// Matthew Wamsley, an associate at Fred’s Pro Hardware, said he directed President Obama to the store’s gardening glove section, where the President selected two $4.99 pairs for Mrs. Obama. Mr. Wamsley, 40, grew up near the store, and said his parents still live in the neighborhood. He said he was “star struck” by the President’s visit.
    “I called my mom right away. I think she hit the floor,” he said. ///


  45. Yes, and you reminded me of Obama amusingly telling about first meeting Bush as a new Senator and after shaking his hand, Bush immediately asked for a squirt of antibacterial solution from an aide. That W was quite a class act, wasn’t he?

  46. Wow! I did not know he voted to defund Acorn. Well, there you go. I can’t say I have a whole lot of sympathy for him, especially because of the way he’s always attacking the President.

  47. You had the same reaction as Melissa Harris-Perry. She was stunned, too. I’m now glad that the media has followed the quitter on this bus vacation. It has put her ignorance once again on full display for all of America and the world to see.

  48. LOL, Mitt Romney not only double speaks he’s a dull, dull boy; just not bright. Even if he actually thought that far ahead that this Op ED was going to be one of his cards he played against Obama in 2012 had the auto companies failed, why would he say “Detroit”? Suggesting a city fail is a terrible headline for any situation and so much worse than saying “Let the Big 3 Automakers Fail”.

  49. As things unfold, I think we’ll look back to the budget speech with Paul Ryan front and center as the beginning of a massive re-information campaign coming from Obama Central.

    I know it’s been frustrating to watch the Republicans lie, cheat, steal, and repeat while the PL shrieks in agony about daddy not beating up the bullies, but I’m convinced it’s part of the setup. Most of the country is comprised of people who are working hard to survive and spend zero time on political blogs. They depend, sadly, on news nuggets for information and have no idea how deeply embedded the media is in the Republican machine.

    They had to be given enough rope to hang themselves in such spectacular ways that even the indifferent have to notice. Unfortunately, until the Middle Class is threatened they have no idea what’s happening to anyone else. I think the Republicans assumed that their apathy indicated a tacit agreement that the “unworthy” deserve nothing and the have-mores have a right to everything. Now that schools in wealthy suburbs are facing the same desperate straits that inner city schools have been struggling with for decades, people are noticing that their kids or grandkids are going to suffer, and that makes them mad. It’s taken allowing the Republicans to make their most draconian moves ever to wake people up, and now that they’re listening the truth is starting to come through.

    I have no doubt that what we’re watching is the fruition of a very long game, and I’m settling in to enjoy the ride.

  50. that’s what I said! 🙂 (although truthfully I only said that after I saw the picture of him appearing to help POTUS in one of the aisles.)

  51. So is that why the rethug candidates dropped out like flies? Is that why the quitter can’t make up her mind to run?

    What a crock. They think if they shout a lie loud and long enough it will become fact.

    They don’t have anybody who can beat our brilliant President. That’s all.

  52. And then let me be petty…in pictures at the biker rally, she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring either. Now, I don’t wear my ring because it’s very wide and I wash my hands at work too often, and when soap gets stuck inside my ring, it eats my finger off…but puritanical Sarah? The doer of all right things?

  53. Yup. It’s time to wean the taliban away from aq and isolate the aq completely.

  54. Yes, she did.I was particularly taken by the explanation of the “journalists” that followed her bus..nearly getting in accidents and putting people at risk just trying to follow the moron.Are they kidding??!!I think I heard that the bus was breaking ALL KINDS OF TRAFFIC RULES as they tried to outsmart the media.WTF?OH! Silly me…rules aren’t MADE for them.If any of you can watch that whole show,do.

  55. Yes. It looks like the Prez is now picking them like ripe tomatoes…lol. With each elimination of these thugs, msm and the Rethugs get tied in knots with anger and envy because it is not the GOP doing it!

  56. Ah, yes…I had forgotten about that one! SO many things I try to forget about that Bushman.

  57. Good point. I was thinking it was because they got Pakistan to work with them but it could be just the info haul from the raid. Either way or both it’s fantastic news. Couple that with what’s going on in Yemen and Syria and al Qaeda has got to be re-thinking their summer getaway locations.

  58. Why, yes…I think he is! Rules aren’t made for THEM. Silly normal person::)

  59. WIW,
    Thanks so much for all your posts – they’re great to keep us informed.

    Being from Chicago this news is so exciting – that U of Illinois will be studying 220 mph train service in the Midwest. This is in ADDITION TO the ongoing construction of railways for 110 mph service from Chicago to 40 other midwestern cities. How exciting huh? Investing in our future! I don’t know if it’s part of the stimulus but maybe you do? The article doesn’t say but I though all these high speed rail initiatives were part of it. http://www.midwesthsr.org/governor-quinn-announces-partnership-with-university-of-illinois-to-study-220-mph-rail-service

  60. Bloomberg censors comments!! It sickened me to read the comments following the Ron Klain article so I post several comments following comments that particularly ticked me off – they never posted them – I just went back again and they just censored me – I didn’t swear – I just disagreed with what people said in the comments section. Sounds like FOX doesn’t it? Like what a lot of the media stated after the President gave his speech on Israel – they wrote about the 67 borders but never mentioned the land swaps or the fact that it was conditional on dismissal of Hamas – Bloomberg is no better – crap!

  61. You know what, at another level, Palin is working well for the Prez’s chances as she sucks all the media oxygen out of the GOP. She trashed Mitt; then the other day she teamed the Trump with a bird’s nest on his head to trash Cantor, Ryan and GOP candidates; and now, she flubs grade school history! As the saying goes, when your opponent is busy hunging themselves, give them some more rope and just watch!!!!

    She has just thrown a grenade into the GOP camp, rousing her mindless supporters to fight the establishment GOP! Can anyone say what happened to the Newt after he spoke newtese on the Ryan budget and the GOP went after him? It is just absolutely beautiful to watch.

    This circus could go on until OFA completes setting up a 50-state behemoth of an operation then, when the Rethugs are ready, the Obama team quickly and mercilessly steamrolls over them! I know I am being too rosy but, we can still hope and believe., right?

  62. Such an astute observation:)I agree.It drives US crazy to listen to this, but the long game, bigger plan is playing out.I can even see the political ads now…oh dear…they will be in SUCH trouble!

  63. 4500 teachers were fired in Broward County Florida – 4500!!!

    What is happening in Florida is unlike anything I have ever seen in my entire life.

    I do community outreach for Congressman Deutch and go to ass’t living and nursing homes – last week I spoke to a man who lives in a facility along with his wife who has severe dementia – they are on medicaid and the state is cutting payments to facilities – he told me they have no money and asked what they would do if they were forced to leave? Is that where we are in this country? The rich are getting richer and richer and we are scaring the poor elderly into worrying whether they will be living on the street?

  64. Well…I do think they don’t like the genie they let loose with SP…bad for the party, as everyone can plainly see.She alone will do more damage to them than we could ever hope to do.Fitting, I think.She is an imbacile, and the smarter R’s know that….

  65. BWD THank you it is nice to have back we are lost without you, so youu see we missed you.
    We sure need good news Ths MSM just make ill
    they are so full of B.S, but do not panic just keep on going, and trust POTUS.

  66. 4500 teacher were fired in Broward County – 4500!

    What is happening in Florida is sickening – it is unlike anything I have seen in my lifetime.

    We are cutting education to pieces but cut Corporate taxes to lowest rate ever – what company is going to want to move to a state that doesn’t educate it’s children and has one of the worst reputations for education in the nation? It’s a cruel joke.

  67. MSM waste it’s time on weiners, wusses (sTrump), weasles (bratbart) and wingnuts (Palin).

    Good to have you back BWD! Get some rest and get rejuvenated for next week. Have a great weekend family!

  68. French Open: China’s Li Na seals historic win over Schiavone.

    It’s first grand slam for chinese.

  69. Thaat’s what they think we should do. If you are not “to the manor born”you are a useless,lifesucking parasite taking perfectly good money away from someone that IS paying their way….which was part of Bill Maher’s rant on the purpose of the Federal govt. last night.Last night…he was good.

  70. If tundra twit jumps in (I still have my doubts), the knives will be out from the rethugs’ machinery and she & her ‘fan’atics won’t know what hit them. Of course, she’s crazy enough to peel away from the party and run as 3rd party of teabaggers.

  71. Arizona.The “we don’t want the Feds telling us what to do, but we’ll take the money state?”They just made road improvements near my house.I know that because the sign was up saying this is recovery act money that was used to do this. The airport is getting a revamp due to recovery act money as well.I’ll see if I can find anything else for you:)

  72. Ayma al Zawahiri and Awlaki–the guy with alqeda on the Arab peninsular must be trembling in their boots because they can hear that drone or the strike force coming any time…lol. They are feeling the pressure, even as the Prez rearranges the ducks in that part of the world. NATO renewed its mandate for three months–which means Qathafi must be out in 90 days…

  73. But didn’t these poor, white, elderly vote in that thug as their govnor in FL ?

  74. Sorry. I should have posted it where you asked me to:( Can you fix that for me?

  75. I was with you FORUS50. I didn’t see what was so wrong with the guy’s expression, lol. Cute follow-up :-).

  76. What a packed mish-mash, BWD! Chock-full of good news — our Administration has been very, very busy. The developments about Medicare/Medicaid are especially important and welcome.

    Thanks for pulling this all together. You’re a mensch.

    Have a great weekend, everyone :-)!

  77. While it is unfortunate that Weinergate can dominate the news when so many other things need to be reported on, I can’t say I feel sorry for Weiner. He has loved being in the limelight at the expense of our President. I hope he remembers how it feels to have every word constantly scrutinized. My grandmother used to say “don’t poop on the ladder on your way up because you have to step in it on the way down.”

  78. I remember too….he told then senator Obama that he should use this because he has to shake soooo many hands. I suppose that’s why he never shoke hands at the G-summits and preferred to give back rubs.

  79. Did she? wow! That is historic indeed. Isn’t there some big tennis star who has won every title except the French Open?

    On another point–did you notice that little girl with the Prez in the last pic? She is having a time of her life! Look at the smile and the look at the Prez!!!

  80. The ONLY good thing out if this is, the president will win Florida, and we might even take the state legislature.
    He is so unpopular.
    That is another thing the lazy MSM is forgetting, the unpopular governors in the swing states.

  81. I haven’t been able to stomach watching the Palin family vacation, but has anyone seen the baby? Piper is always there but where’s Trip or Trap or whatever his name is?

  82. Yes, that’s a great pic. Would love to hear their conversation.

    Hi sweetie, do you know who I am ?

    Of course, I do. You’re the prezinent.

  83. Same thing going on in AZ.What corporation would want to come here? Well, THEY send their kids to PRIVATE school!Public schools can eat sh*t and die.

  84. They make a lot of noise, but contrary to what the MSM would like people to believe, there aren’t enough of THEM to vote HER into the White House.The woman has delusions of grandeur.

  85. They got snookered. BAD! Like other gov. candidates, I don’t think they campaigned on the things they quickly enacted when they REACHED the gov.office.I think these folks are now saying, “Gee, that’s not what I voted for!”

  86. No one said it. Not even Lawrence’s show or Rachel. No one.

    The slowed job growth is the result of Republican policies/governors slashing the public work force.

    When Howard Fineman or Eugene Robinson miss these opportunities to do simple journalism, I go over the edge. This is how a cushion of background noise is made: you put this kind of information out there every day until it becomes CW. We need to learn from the masters and unfortunately it’s the one true skill Republicans have.

  87. Personally, I’d like to know why Rick Scott is not in JAIL right now!

  88. Thanks WIW. I think you got them all for my state. Some of the money was used to help our huge buget shortfall although they wouldn’t want us to know that. I am an Arizona native and I long for the day that we return from the depths of fringe country.

  89. Then what else these voters voted for ? I can never forgive stupid voters who vote out of spite, ignorance or racism. More than 2004 electorate, 2010 voters must rank the stupidest in american history.

  90. They were talking about talks…lol. It seems they have now firmed up when the real substantive talks with princpals authorised to make a deal can begin.

  91. It’s a year and a half out. We need to breathe.

    I totally understand your frustration. I rail against it plenty. We’d be beating up on the other side with these numbers. What is infuriating however is that the press has totally missed the real story: the impact from the Japan disaster was supposed to hit, well, now. And who pays these forecasters to not factor that in?

    And my personal favorite: the tick up in unemployment is the result of Republican governors slashing the public work force.

    These are ongoing sources of heartburn for all of us. But we need to weather a bad month of economic news and know that they are going to crow mercilessly.


  93. Northern Florida is like a different state from South Florida – they voted for this thug – all of us in PBC keep shaking our heads in amazement at the crap he and the GOP legislature passed this past session. It will be up to those of us who give a damn to educate the people in Florida as to what happened.

    Congressman Deutch and his fellow Florida Democratic Congresspeople (we do have Congresswomen – go Debbie!!) have asked the justice department to look into the new voter restrictions the GOP passed and Scott signed into law to see if they violate the Voter’s Rights Act – we know they do – we just have to see if the justice department will act on that fact. If that law isn’t struck down we will lead massive demonstrations – can you imagine – the League of Women Voters and the NAACP won’t be doing voter registrations in Florida because of the new restrictions the law places on them!!
    We SHOULD win Florida but it will be very difficult to register students and get Seniors to the polls due to the new law

  94. I hope they are now having buyers’ in this case, voters’ remorse!!! The newly elected Repug governors are just unbelievable. They could care less about the disadvantaged, elderly or the sick.

  95. I gotta say, however, the coverage of Sarah’s family vacation has become completely scathing since the Paul Revere debacle. Even before, the coverage was more derisive. That being said, these reporters should not be paid to be sitting in a car or bus, covering Sarah Palin.

  96. He certainly belongs there – he is a common criminal who stole from the people – actually, he is worse than a common criminal – because of thieves like him, Medicare is going broke!

  97. I’m with you amk. They voted these assholes in. Time to face the repercussions.

    I’ve often thought that before the country could truly right itself we had to reach a tipping point. Well, the tipping point is being reached in these teabagging governors’ states more quickly than I could have imagined — thanks to their own evil actions. They have done more to shore up Democrats’ chances at doing well in the 2012 elections than the Dems themselves have done. Pair that with Ryan’s disastrous “Path to Poverty” budget, and folks are finally waking up.

    It won’t matter what drivel Fux or CNN are spewing. All the talking heads in the world won’t matter when people feel the cuts the teabaggers are instituting. They’ll have to compare their reality to what they see on t.v., and make better choices next time.

    We shall see.

  98. Lol…I think you captured the voice of the little girl. This Prez has a cross-generational appeal–unless one is a dense conservative–cvhildren, men, women of all nationalities respond well to him. This little girl reminded me of the red-haired little one in Moneygall!!! She just lit up like a chrismas tree…

  99. Yes – Bill Maher did a piece on this last night and it was great – even Lasio couldn’t help but grin at how stupid Palin is!

  100. There aren’t enough hunters and Hooters customers in the US to get her enough electoral votes to win any of the 50 states.
    Sarah please stop scaring your faithful by opening your mouth with your 2nd grade education knowledge (sorry 2nd graders!). Just run please. 🙂

  101. Good luck…and I really mean this because Rick is out to slash and burn. Is he not the Health Insurance guy who bilked billions of dollars from the Federal govt?

    Even with this knowledge, the seniors and the right wing gave him the keys to the statehouse. Incredible…

  102. It still is incomprehensible that a known Medicare crook was elected in that state with so many seniors. Almost everyone there is sad now and in a bit of shock at what Scott and the Republ legislature is doing to their state. Scott is a slimy snake and seems determined to take every last public dollar and turn it over to his corporate buddies.

  103. thinkprogress is a much better lefty site as compared to dkos when it comes to investigative journalism. Wonder why it’s not as popular.

  104. Messina, OFA and the rest of the Obama re-election campaign need to be asked what they’re planning on doing to counteract the widespread attack on student voters, and low income minority voters. A lot of organization, time and money will have to be spent on getting folks registered with the proper level of ID now needed to vote.

    This stuff is under the radar, hidden by their attacks on their state workers and budget.

  105. Absolutely. Saint Roscoe, the sooner you send in this query, the better because you do not want to hope that someone will only to realize they did not. if, on the other hand you, and others do, then Messina and team will move on it…or put it on the agenda.

  106. Is he the slimiest piece of garbage or what? What astounds me is that he is so blatant in his disregard for what is proper. He spent tens of millions of his own money to become gov for one reason and one reason only – to profit from it!!!

    He should be arrested and put in jail!!

  107. He looks so EVIL! I would not have voted for him by the way he looks. This guy looks exactly like the nutjob that shot Gabby Giffords.

  108. It’s no accident that they first thing they do is monkey with the vote. This keeps them in office and prevents democrats from voting them out. When Dems get into office they need to make sure EVERYONE votes and safeguards such as very heavy fines to make it a crime to steal elections. If you take ballots home or put on your personal computer it is a fine and those votes DO NOT get counted. That way these Rethugs votes get thrown out.

  109. KIA motors are actually giving the Japanese autos a run for their money. They’re reasonably priced and they offer top notch warranty.

  110. Do not be surprised to see Darth V. aka D. Cheney himself crawl out of his cave into Faux Nooz tomorrow to take credit!!!

    These people are shameless.

  111. She only pulls him out when necessary.You know that.Interesting on Maher last night. He was talking about how Willow and Piper kept telling the “journalists”that were following them on their “vacation”…”thanks for ruining our vacation!” Big ass painted bus barrelling down the highway,breaking traffic rules,stopping to make speeches(!) along the way….”Oh, lamestream media, please don’t bother our family vacation, but I AM making this speech to the bikers, you can put me on the news for that! And then I’ll go give America a history lesson….you can follow THAT, too!”Oh, let me put my Star of David on..it IS NY after all.Now at the biker rally, I’ll have to show how Christian I am…so I’ll wear this giant cross around my neck!Sure hope that thing doesn’t choke her.

  112. Besides, it’s that what every family in America does on their family vacation?:)The woman is an idiot.

  113. Just a coincidence. But…a colleague of my husband’s was transferred from Florida to CT. Because of my work for the school system here, the couple asked for my input in choosing a school district in which they would check out homes for sale. They are disconcerted about moving, of course, but cannot wait to move far away from the FL school system!

  114. Go check ThinkProgress today…the post about him will make your blood boil.

  115. Turn the money OVER TO HIMSELF…forget the corporate buddies!!!Check ThinkProgress (on the blogroll)and see that he’s signing these bills into law that line HIS pockets!!

  116. I’ll have to ask my Republican father how he likes this now. I have no idea if he voted for this crook/liar,but I’ll find out! I always thought it strange that my dad would vote for R’s considering his strong labor/union background. A sure case of voting against his own best interests.

  117. Agreed,PJ…when you’re feelin’ it, it’s sure is hard to say it’s not happening!!!

  118. They’ll see a WORLD of difference in the schools!I miss the fact that my kids only had 15 kids/class:)I miss the importance that education plays in a state that values education, like CT. Moved to AZ to give my children a taste of the “real world” and other ethnic backgrounds…we lived in Old Lyme…beautiful, wonderful, enchanting town…with nothing but rich white folks. I thought it was better to let them see that the world was more diverse than that.I ended up in a hellhole for education.One of my life’s biggest regrets.I can only hope that I have instilled the love of learning in them…that they will go on to value and see the importance of a superior education.I felt like a bad mom after I realized what I had done.

  119. I love TP….started going there during the 2008 campaign.Factual, smart site.You’re right. MUCH better than the other one!I think it’s more cerebral, less reactionary.Comments may be here and there…but the content is factual and not someone’s personal rant.

  120. Why yes, Jayne…he absolutely SHOULD be in jail!!! If you live in FL…I would certainly make sure that all your friends and neighbors know this little tidbit about the POS!

  121. Sorry if I sounded snarky, Jayne…was not my intention. It’s just that there are a lot of people there that can not afford to be taken advantage of the way this evil man has done to the people of that state for his own selfish, greedy reasons. It pains me. A lot of my family members live there, and I just don’t like to see vulnerable people get the short end of the stick. This infuriates me!!!So sorry if I sounded snarky/mean.Was not my intention at all:)

  122. You are so right.I thought that was all against the law!I know the ACLU is filing suit in some of these cases. I swear if I were younger I would go to law school!

  123. Exposing your kids to reality makes you a GOOD Mom, DF!

    We drive to the Old Lyme/Madison/Clinton area almost every weekend in the summer. (not tonight – I have a Buddhist class 🙂 It is ‘lily white and pure’ as an old boyfriend used to say. But the ocean knows no color, and that is what compels us. Anyway, a man was arrested for wife battering last weekend in Clinton, so nothing is Shangri La. My family owned property on the Clinton shoreline and listening to the sound of waves before falling asleep is heaven. I try not to think of the snobbism 🙂

  124. Mittens was really going after President Obama yesterday.

    He said “that is not a bump, that’s americans”

    that sounds like a nice soundbite.

    The Obama campaign has to be vigilant.
    He was totally right when responding to the congressional democrats “bully pulpit” criticism. He has to be careful as president and more thinking. He is not a member of congress.

  125. Oh,g…you bring back so many fond memories for me, I’m getting a little teary:)I have lived at the ocean nearly all my life, and miss it more than I can tell you.It was a part of me…like,in my veins.That much. It was my peace, my reflection, my solitude all rolled into one.I love the smell, the sound of the water itself, the chatter from families on the beach, the gulls.Everything.The big ass pool in my backyard is nice, but it doesn’t compare to how I feel about the beach. Part of me is so lost without it. Truly, I feel like a different person.Less alive, I guess.That is the place I would go to talk to my mom…out on the jetty,all by myself.Any beach will do…and I find I sleep better near the water.Surprise!I’ve lived on a boat in St.Thomas as a kid,spent every weekend at a fabulous beach…grew up at my grandparents beach house in Pleasure Beach, back when it was beautiful, not the trashpit it is now from years of neglect…and Clearwater Beach, where my grandparents had another house..and Coronado when my husband was stationed there in the Navy…and WA state outside Seattle where we rented a little beachhouse…before kids:)One day I will get back to the ocean…even if I have to live in a trailer! Clinton is beautiful…used to go to Hammonasett State Park from time to time…crowded though.Traffic on 95 in the summer was always so brutal.Just drove 5 minutes from my house and go sit on the little OL beach…the kids were occupied for hours on end…even as little ones.Lovely, joyous memories.Think of me next time you go…I’ll be there in spirit.Always there in spirit:)

  126. Thanks. I hope that I’m a good mom.Actually, I want to be a GREAT mom:)I did the best I could with what I thought was good at the time.My son wants to go back to school (college) there. We’ll see.

  127. Thanks What is Working. Do you know why VP Biden is visiting the pope?

  128. Wiping away tears after watching that video with PBO at RUDY’s diner and how the people reacted.

    More tears when I saw the Gardening Gloves
    love gift to FLOTUS.

    Thank you, Thank you BWD for this wonderful
    mishmash. Missed you and very happy to have you back.

  129. Comcast is straight repub/conservative, cut from the same cloth as FOX & CNN (this is what I was afraid of when I heard Comcast was buying NBC)…WE got to keep spreading the good news!

  130. gn, I agree…Weiner is diffinitely not one of my favorite people, but I do believe there is more to this story than is being reported (and it smells like GOP)…I do hope he stops being so counterproductive…with people like him, who needs enemies!

  131. …is his name Triggs? jackie 4 Obama, I have been wondering and asking the same thing!

  132. John’s McCain’s callous, pinheaded judgment gave us Sarah Palin. That’s when I knew his alleged ‘integrity’ was a fraud.

    The fact that he didn’t retire and hang his head in shame for giving that woman a national platform speaks volumes about what he really thinks of America.

  133. She’s not gonna run. She’s going to wait as long as possible to announce that she’s not going to run. She has no interest in the pesky rules that apply to candidates, even Sarah Palin. She has no source of income if she becomes a candidate. Unless Todd gets a job — finally.

    This is all to drive up the value of her brand. And the entire media falls for it, wasting resources to follow her like a bunch of crazed groupies. The MSM has no journalistic purpose anymore.

  134. What a hoot. And he was governor of a Northeastern state from 2003-2007 — the height of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy that were supposed to send much-needed revenue to the ‘job creators’.

    How’s that working out?

  135. It’s a different site. It’s not a blog. It’s a think tank with a website. Apples and oranges.

  136. Hey, gn, you got to Deaniac83’s article first… 🙂

    I was goin’ to post that w/this comment:

    MOST DON’T REALIZE THIS: Because all the FEDERAL AGENCIES have been “GUTTED,” “DEFUNDED,” “DEMANNED” (Is there such a word.), and “BUSH BURROWED,” this makes PBHO and his Admin (especially USAGEH) jobs much harder! (It was done before/durin’ the Bush ERA.)

    By the way, I plan to repost it! lol

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