Saving The Auto Industry – Mission Accomplished

Hi guys,

Sorry if I caused some worries and I really appreciate the concern. Posts might be a bit sporadic for a while, as I’m going through all sorts of stuff, but I thought we could all use some photos of our never-give-up President today in Toledo. Enjoy, and again – Thank you.


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  1. Glad to see you around… The Air Force officer the President is saluting in that 1st photo is a friend of mine. We grew up together. He is the Air Force Chief of Security for AF1.

  2. Aaaaand she’s back! BWD, when you get some time you might want to delete the comments directing everyone over to the Memorial Day post. Mitch got too big for his britches..

  3. I have to run out, so I will catch up on this later. I wanted to say that I am glad to see you back BWD. Missed you! I hope that all is well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. HOPE he is an Obama supporter. I want our President safe and sound.

    I read that an ex-Secret Service guy is now running for office and is a right-wing Republican.

  5. What a great smile. He looks so happy to be wherever he is. A community organizer to the core.

  6. LL said:
    “The image I have of Boehner and Cantor is of spoiled brats stomping their feet and crying their eyes out because they havenโ€™t gotten what they wanted most: PBO groveling before them.”

    PBO doesn’t do grovel. You’d think they have figured that out by now.

  7. Oh, OSG, believe me, they have. Hence the tantrums.

    My favorite German word is “schadenfreude”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Nice to have you back bwd, I hope things are okay for you.

    I loved his speech today and his enthusiasm and I HOPE the folks in that very upbeat crowd at Chyrsler put their appreciation into votes.

    I have to say looking at some of the photos, those folks in the Hardware store do not look very welcoming to POTUS.

  9. I’m soooo glad to see your email alert today….I was starting to worry. I’ve become so accustomed to looking for your email notifications ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for all you do with this blog. Love it!!

  10. Non-political life is vital. Please take care of yours, and I hope your problems resolve soon.

  11. Ditto everybody’s welcome, and thank you LL for putting that comment on the Memorial Day thread.

    BWD, you have a life that extends far beyond this site. Take care of it.

    Obviously, hardly anybody here really knows you, like in person, but we have all come to have great affection for you.

    As I mentioned on the other thread, this place has gone far beyond what you ever dreamed it could be. But I think a great example of your leadership is the McConnell thread. Every thread is an open thread and we put that fact to good use.

    As far as the subject of this thread goes, any state that has major automobile business tied to it, including parts manufacture, that votes for Republicans for governor, Senator or President should be kicked out of the union. (Okay, a little drastic, but you get my drift.)

  12. Welcome back BWD. I hope all is well. I think you are going to find you were missed.

  13. Hi BWD, you’re back. Don’t “scare” us like that… lol



    Today, the Department of Labor reported that the economy added 54,000 jobs in May and unemployment rose to 9.1 percent. With 83,000 jobs added by private businesses, this marks the 15th consecutive month of private sector job growth.

    Todayโ€™s jobs report is a clear sign that more must be done to expand our economy and put people back to work. Too many Americans are still struggling to find work, secure a paycheck, and provide for their families. On their behalf, we must focus on job creation, open more opportunities for the middle class, and extend prosperity to all Americans.

    For more than five months, the Republican majority has refused to bring a single jobs bill to the House floor; in fact, their ideological agenda only threatens to make matters worse and destroy jobs. Instead, Republicans have voted twice to end Medicare and raise costs for seniors, while providing tax cuts for companies that ship American jobs overseas.

    Democrats are committed to creating good-paying jobs, boosting manufacturing, and keeping our nation number one through our Make It In America agenda. Itโ€™s time for Republicans to join us to create jobs, responsibly reduce the deficit, strengthen the middle class, and grow our economy.

    As Leader Pelosi says, Americans are struggling and more must be done. House Democrats have a jobs plan with our Make It in America agenda to revitalize manufacturing in America, create new good-paying jobs, and make our nation more secure. By rebuilding our manufacturing sector, we can create the high-skill, high-wage jobs of the future while promoting American competitiveness, innovation, and exports.

    Unfortunately AS WE MARK THE 150TH DAY OF REPUBLICAN CONTROL OF THE HOUSE today, REPUBLICANS HAVE YET TO BRING A JOBS BILL TO THE HOUSE FLOOR. In fact, THE ONLY VOTES t this Congress HAS TAKEN TO CREATE JOBS HAVE BEEN ON DEMOCRATIC BILLS, which were either voted down by Republicans or which Republicans voted against even considering:


    BUILD AMERICA BONDS to Create Jobs Now Act โ€“ leveraging public dollars to strengthen the private sector, growing our economy by rebuilding Americaโ€™s schools, hospitals, and transit projects, supported by American businesses, the construction industry, mayors and governors. [Vote 38, Vote 30, Vote 189]

    AMERICAN JOBS MATTER ACT โ€“ to give preference in federal contracts to U.S. manufacturers that create jobs here at home. [Vote 257]

    NATIONAL MANUFACTURING STRATEGY ACT, which calls on the President to lay out a plan to help ensure American manufacturers can compete, grow, and thrive. [Vote 279]

    ADVANCED VEHICLE MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY ACT to help ensure the cars of the future are built here in the U.S., by investing in a broad range of near-term and long-term vehicle technologies to improve fuel efficiency, support domestic research and manufacturing, and lead to greater consumer choice of vehicle technologies and fuels. [Vote 310]

    CURRENCY REFORM FOR FAIR TRADE ACT to provide our government with effective tools to address unfair currency manipulation by countries like China, which could help create 1 million American manufacturing jobs by leveling the international playing field for American workers and businesses. [Vote 9, Vote 199] (w/graphs)

    NOW, under Democratic leadership, this is how the House of Representatives IS supposed to work!

    GO Pelosi GO!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!


  14. honestly, I don’t know his politics, but I do know that he is supremely respectful of his CIC and takes his job very seriously. Can’t ask for any more than that.

  15. Nobody is going to make evrybody happy. And keep in mind, a stop like that can be a little disruptive. Looks like he was buying Michelle some gardening gloves.

  16. Have you ever seen a more approachable President in all your lives?? Look at Harry with his arms around POTUS, at the guy hugging him near the hardware store, the women who hug him (lol).. the boys/kids giving fistbumps. I have NEVER seen a more people oriented President ever.. its so so nice.

  17. I have a friend who’s a secret service agent. They are compentent and highly trained professionals. Everything isn’t about Democrat vs. Republican. I think we sometimes lose that in the heat of politics.

  18. Good to know, dcsandy and coachjdc. I was worried after I heard about that Secret Service guy who was planning to run for Senate, and talking about the “decisions our leaders are making that are bad for this country”, etc. If they’re able to be professional while on the job, then I guess we can’t ask for any more than that. Although, I still can’t understand how a thinking person can still be a Republican after watching this man work up close.

  19. Thanks BWD ♥!

    But: Shame on you Mr President for eating junk food barely one day after your good Lady unveiled her new “food plate” for good nutrition! LOL, and that looks so good!

  20. Welcome back BWD!

    The second picture makes me laugh for some reason. The officer’s face looks kind of funny.

  21. Welcome back, BWD! Nice to see you.

    I am glad the President was able to get out amongst the people today, and he really likes his food… ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’d like to know who that guy is in the hardware store looking not too happy – looks like an interesting exchange. I’m glad the President is able to check out prices and that he still buys things with his own cash – keeps him grounded, I’m sure.

  22. Thanks for the pics—how are you all? And yes, the Prez has a healthy appetite too…lol. Can you see how he is comfortably attacking that burger? The guy works really hard…

  23. Great to “hear” your voice again!!

    I’m a native Michigander, I have family who work for the auto industry or are retirees, and if anyone asks me why I support Barack Obama, saving that industry and all of the Midwest is my first reply. God, that took guts to do. It’s a perfect example of his process of gathering data, consulting with knowledgeable people, then making a decision and sticking with it. I love that.

  24. Thanks BWD. For a moment there, I thought I had unknowingly done something technically stoopid that had cut me off ….and was about to go into withdrawal like an addict! Thank you…

  25. Just a small observation but Sis and I got some laughs from the Moneygall footage when the Prez put money on the bar and said “The President always pays for his drinks.”

    Sis said she read that PBO always carries money to pay for things he buys unlike some people “who had previously had his job and didn’t even know what a UPC was.”

    I thought of that when I saw him in the pic paying for some gardening gloves for Michelle. He still remembers being “just ordinary folks” that’s one reason he works so very hard for all of us.

    I ♥ my Prez!

  26. What happend???? I missed you, You are the first one i look for in the mornings when i get on line. Welcome back. Don’t scare me again ๐Ÿ˜€ I Love the photos you posted today and every day….. Thank You.

  27. The hardware store picture strikes me funny. The guy on the right just looks stunned! I imagine he’s thinking “What can I say to the President of the United States?” Those in the background are taking pictures with their phones. This had to be a shock to those people….have you ever seen a picture of a president in a hardware store? I love it.

  28. It’s also a (somewhat) painful example to the things he could have done if he didn’t have to work with this disgusting congress.

  29. Hey fellow Michigander here. We count Toledo as just down the road from Detroit and I felt Obama was right in my backyard. Love the pics of him with the guys on the street.

  30. Glad to see you are ok. I hope you are able to work through your issues.
    I loved the reception PBO got from the workers. He really brings positive energy and hope.
    And as always the photos are great.

  31. Yea, BWD! You’re alive!!! You have a lot of friends here who have been worried about you, and if there’s anything we can help with as you go through stuff, please don’t be afraid to reach out. We so appreciate what you do for us, and we would do everything we could to ease your way.
    I liked the enthusiastic reception President Obama received at the auto plant in Toledo. And I was enjoying the photos in Rudy’s till the deer head popped up. That would wreck my appetite for a “weinie sandwich” as my dad embarrassingly used to call them. A deer head belongs on a deer of course, not on a wall.
    And it’s always interesting to see people in the background where Obama’s dining. How can they just be sitting there or just be eating? I would be staring my eyes out and grinning the biggest grin in the history of the world.
    Welcome back, bwd. Please take care.

  32. But, here’s John “The Weeper of the House” Boehner and the TeaPublIcan-controlled House not workin’:



    THE GOP’S PRESCRIPTION FOR OUR ECONOMIC WOES is like one of those old bottles of patent medicine you see in museums โ€” dusty, completely ineffective, peddled by hucksters, and probably containing something that will make you even sicker. Nevertheless, this morningโ€™s very dismal jobs report has the GOP reaching for some of that old-time medicine yet again.

    HOUSE REPUBLICANS USED THIS MORNING’S BAD NEWS AS AN OPPORTUNITY to call a press conference TO TROT OUT THEIR PLAN for โ€œjob creatorsโ€ (thatโ€™s conserva-speak for the wealthy and major corporations). This plan is of course a tired re-hashing of the same old failed policies that drove us deep into recession and debt. HERE ARE THE LOWLIGHTS:

    A MASSIVE TAX CUT FOR THE WEALTHY (the top rate would be cut by almost one-third)

    A MASSIVE TAX CUT FOR CORPORATIONS (the top rate would be cut by almost one-third)

    A PERMANENT LOOPHOLE to let tax-dodging corporations game the system to avoid paying taxes on their overseas profits
    More deregulation


    MISSING FROM THE PLAN? Any new ideas or anything that would in fact create jobs for the millions of Americans now out of work. If this so-called plan sounds familiar, itโ€™s because itโ€™s the same โ€œplanโ€ that President George W. Bush had, and it borrows the same massive tax breaks that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) included in his ruinous and extremely unpopular budget plan. Heather Boushey, a senior economist at the Center for American Progress, sums it up like this:

    THIS PLAN IS A REHASH of the same unsuccessful plan that led our economy into the Great Recession during the Bush administration. The problem then and now with the top Republican goal of economic policyโ€”to make the top income earners in our society even more incredibly wealthyโ€”is that it undercuts our nationโ€™s prospects for a prosperous future.

    WE’VE BEEN DOWN THIS ROAD BEFORE, and it didnโ€™t end well.

    We certainly haven’t found a cure-all for our economic woes, but WE SHOULD SAY NO TO MORE SNAKE OIL FROM THE GOP.

    WE gotta get ’em out…GOTV/GOTR…

    DO SOMETHIN’, whatever IS necessary!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  33. Looking at the excitement on the faces of the children, I would say if they could vote, he would be President forever.

  34. Second that, japa and while BWD is indeed our very loved guiding light, I think we are all willing to help her any time she needs us.

  35. Can’t be, she’s a Democrat, and a liberal one at that. I thought they only had on Republicans or conservadems. Maybe they are realizing they have been one-sided a little too much.

  36. Sending you good wishes, BWD!

    All I have to say is: Looking good, Mr. President!

  37. YES WE CAN!

    These people are busy toasting themselves so we can add the whipped cream, toppings of your choice with cherry on top.

    Maybe I am over confident but I am seeing the worm turn here in my own red state and it helps keep me strong and working my tail off for better days!

  38. Thanks, that’s good to know…

    Of course, WE need more DEM voices, like hers, Schumers, and DWS, out there “showin’ up” the TeaPublicans w/their radical/extremist ways!

    Contrast…Compare & Choose!

  39. My gosh, how white his hair is getting….

    this man is so much a positive influence on our young folks, isn’t he?

  40. Glad to see your post bwd – we missed you!

    I was home today so I got to watch the speech. It was very good and it seemed like one of the first times that an Ohio crowd was totally giving positive energy back to POTUS. It was nice that he didn’t stand up there and say “thanks to me” like a Bush would but rather he was saying “thanks to YOU the autoworkers”, the bailout was paid off and paid off early.

    Lots to be proud of in the auto industry these days. What a turnaround, huh? I thought it was the right thing to do (the bailout) but thought it would take 4-5 more years to come back. What a success story; just one more that no Republican can take credit for.

  41. I didn’t like the look on that one guy’s face either—an employee? Who knows, but that was a not a happy or respectful look. grrrrrr.

  42. Good to see you back, bwd. I hope the currents trials in your life straighten out soon.

  43. BWD, We all understand when things get too much and you have to step away. Take care, get strong and know that you are loved by all of us. You have given so much to us.

    I wasn’t able to watch the speech live. Can’t wait to go back and listen.

    Excited for Michelle and the girls trip to Africa. We’ll have fun following it.

  44. A great blow-by-blow account. Sounds like the workers appreciate what he did for them and I trust they’ll remember.

  45. AMEN to that comment! I was almost frantic…..worried. Do hope you are okay, BWD!!!! Take good care and bless you.

  46. I had Thom Hartmann on my car radio today and he said what the Republicans are doing, in effect trying to destroy the economy (and the country) so Obama will get the blame which will affect the election should be called what it is: treason. He said they were elected in good faith to do what is right and good for the country, and every action or nonaction is intended to destroy this President and in turn the country.

  47. God, my wife puts ketchup on hotdogs. I shudder when she does that.

  48. I’d sure love Lawrence O’Donnell to read this statement in its entirety and not mention Sarah Palin once tonight.

  49. Thom has been great the last few months. he had gone all whiny Left for awhile but he has weighed the perilous trajectory we are on and he knows that Obama and the Democrats are the way to get there and stop the treasonous behavior of the Republican Party.

    Of course he wishes Obama was more progressive. We ALL wish Obama hadn’t had the DINO’s to deal with in the last Congress. He gets blamed for caving to Republicans when it was a significant portion of his own party that he had to placate. This cannot be said enough.

    Thom has been cautioning his loony left listeners that the country could very well go the way of MI, WI, OH and FL if we’re not careful. He is, after all, one of the most learned pundits we have.

  50. Our President fits in wherever he goes. Whether it’s Buckingham Palace or a hot dog joint, people love him.

  51. markknoller Mark Knoller
    WH confirms Speaker Boehner has accepted Pres Obama’s invitation to play a round of golf on June 18. I volunteer to caddy.
    23 minutes ago

  52. Glad you’re back. May God continue to bless you. Take care.

  53. Ain’t that tha truth…

    No, you’re not!…Confidence IS a good thing.

    And, WE can “throw in” some optimism, perseverance, persistence, and patience. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You and other fellow Arizonians have Pearce, Brewer, and other TeaPublicans “on notice,” if they’re not “on the run,” yet!


  54. OK, Faith, now I’m going to have to start taping Thom Hartmann on FSTV and watch him. He sounds exactly like the kind of host to talk sense into the whiny Left.

  55. BWD….AP has new pictures of the Prez giving Mrs. O the gardening gloves he bought in Toledo. Sorry I don’t know how to post LOL.

  56. the guy behind the counter? Thought so too but then another picture appears to have him helping POTUS find the gloves. He might just be totally nervous.

  57. Okay. That was very nice. And I hope the Dems make a point of telling folks how many more jobs would have been lost if the auto industry had been allowed to fail.

  58. BWD, good to see you back!!

    Hey folks, looks like Dems are staying on message. From TPM:

    Democrats Break Down Impact Of GOP Medicare Plan District By District

    “House Democrats have broken down the massive changes to Medicare and Medicaid proposed by the House GOP into a convenient take home size.

    Democratic Reps. Henry Waxman (CA) and Frank Pallone (NJ), voters can now see what Democrats say is the direct impact of the Republican plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system on every congressional district in the country.

    Waxman and Pallone have set up an interactive map that allows viewers to pop open a report on the impact of the Medicare change on the population in their community.”

    Also, looks like that talk PBO had with Dems last evening that he can’t do brinksmanship and respond to everything the likes of Cantor and Boehnor says, but Congresspeople like Speaker Pelosi can is having an effect.

    Glad to see Speaker Pelosi going on Face the the Nation. Wasserman-Shultz will be out there more, I am sure.

    Go get them! The GOP leaders are up to no good and people in the country will see them for what they are.

    Again, glad to see you, BWD.

  59. Wait, what? Dems are starting to back up the President? My god people, we just might pull this off! If Dems stay on message along with the Prez, the GOP is toast.

  60. Aquagranny, this Is soooooooooooooooooooo Interesting. This Is beyond dirty, It’s NASTY. I read the article on *Angry Black Woman *.Ummmmmmm,The Thomas seem to be the Angry Black Man, the Evil Black Man, the Nasty Black Man, that harbors Evil, and Anger. Ummmm, Lord have mercy, this Is Nasty!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  61. best wishes your way BWD

    I’m going to see our amazing President in Miami week after next – yippee!

    Got my “Women For Obama 2012” button and our custom made “I’m In!” button – can’t wait

  62. There’s one guy in the restaurant who has abandoned all pretense of eating, and he’s just staring at the President feasting. That would be me.

  63. Barack Obama: the only man who could make me stop eating the same way that a beautiful woman could.

  64. How mature am I? I figure he’s a bigot/Republican and I want to smack him. Whoops, that’s not very Buddhalike ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. It is too bad Marcy Kaptur cannot support him when he needs her but can jump in the picture when he comes to town. I get so sick of these two-faced “democrats”.

    BTW, welcome back BWD!

  66. Nor surprising. He misses nothing. It probably just wasn’t in his top twenty list of priorities along with husbanding, parenting, Europe, economy, IRAQ, etc, etc. Probably down around #100 was Herding Cats. Sadly, they will need remedial courses.

  67. Boner must be thrilled. I think he actually likes our President personally, but is playing politics with his Repub caucus.

  68. OMG, bwd! I was really freaking out! Losing you would really hurt this community and Obama supporters around the world. Thank God you’re back with a nice big BANG full of pics of our man and his beautiful wife working hard for all of us. Thanks for working for all of us, too, bwd! Love you!!!!

  69. Thanks! I loved the little girl, front and center at the end of of one of the picnic tables, squirmimg, jiggling, and finally crawling under the table and throwing a hunk of grass. What you failed to see was her frustrated teacher out of camera range, gesticulating madly “SIT DOWN! Watch the lady!!” Kids will be kids ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. This is fantastic news. I love it when the White House and the Democrats create tools that the American people can use to see exactly how Democratic initiatives will impact them and their community. There was a tool to show the ‘BENEFITS” of the Recovery Act and Healthcare Reform.

    The same kind of tools can also be used to show the “NEGATIVE IMPACT” of the Republican Party agenda for Medicare and Medicaid. This interactive map sounds like just the ticket to get to word out.

    Nicely done Democrats. You have to be relentless in educating the public. When the American people know the facts they support the Democrats. The very fact that Paul Ryan is whining about “vouchercare” just shows you are hitting a nerve. Now just don’t let up.

  71. GOP scared that the truth is being told about the fact that they are trying to kill Medicare as we know it.

    They are trying to get ads run by Democrats taken off the air. And today they got this: The TV station refused to honor their wishes.

    ….As Greg Sargent reported, the NRCC wrote a letter to WMUR in New Hampshire and Comcast, complaining that a PCCC ad attacking Rep. Charlie Bass (R-NH) for having “voted to end Medicare” was false and demanding that it be taken down.

    “As a social worker here in the north country, I’ve spent my life helping people with disabilities. Now, I have a disability,” the woman in the ad says. “If I didn’t have Medicare, doctors’ bills could wipe me out — and put a burden on my five kids. When Congressman Charlie Bass voted to end Medicare, that was an attack on New Hampshire families just like mine.”

    They forgot what they did last summer, telling giant fibs about the health care bill (i.e., death panels, etc.)

    At least the Democrats are telling the truth.

    Go figure.

  72. You know, I was born and raised In the Country, on the Farm, for eighteen years, and trust me, I know nothing about gardening, planting etc. I’m just wondering how does FLOTUS know about gardening, and she was born and raised In the City Of Chicago. Is It a gift, or a talent, or did she take a course In gardening?? Bless her sweet lil’ heart :-0

  73. I thought the best tool was the tax calculator that showed you exactly how every penny of the taxes you paid was used to run the country. That didn’t get nearly enough coverage, but I really had an appreciation for how the government works after trying the tool. If you want to try it – here it is.

  74. lol, I was wondering the EXACT same thing! As far as I know she and Barack lived in a condo in Chicago until they bought their most recent
    home in 2006 or so right before they started campaigning and prior to that she was in school. Perhaps her parents had a small garden. She seems amazingly comfortable there; not at all like she just learned it when moving to the White House.

  75. Had the same reaction — It’s amazing how deep-seated the hatred is for some of these wingnuts as usually an event like a presidential visit excites even the non-supporters . .

  76. Excellent – they need to take a look at some of their hateful ads that they continue to run all over the place – like the ugly ad from Huckabee full of lies about Health Care reform, demanding people vote against their best interests. All of these ads must be available on line. It might be worthwhile to email a few of them to Cantor and Ryan, and remind them what real demagoguing is like. If I find them over the weekend, I’ll post them and email them to the rogues.

  77. I think someone asked her recently, and she said she gets a lot of help and guidance from the national parks people who take care of the grounds. They’ve taught her what she needs to know. It looks like she’s become very passionate about gardening.

  78. What Is Working, what an Interesting Video. I enjoyed that. The *little ones* will never ever, forget that experience, helping the First Lady In the garden, plus It will give them a better sense of where we get our fruits and vegetables. Thank you so much for the video ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. Yes, and she seem to be so natural at It. Thanks for your tid bits of Info, I was just wondering ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. I think Dems nationwide have finally taken Benjamin Franklin’s dictum to heart: “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

  81. Paul Ryan is really losing it. Media Matters has video of him fitting six falsehoods into a single minute. They debunk every lie with the real facts.



    Contrary to polling, special elections, and town hall uproar, Republicans have decided their Medicare scheme is a political winner โ€” it’s just that Democrats are lying to people.

    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the plan’s architect, expressed the GOP mentality in a Fox News interview on June 2, 2011, saying that Democrats are “distorting and demagoging” the plan and once people “realize they’ve been lied to,” Democrats “are gonna be one the wrong end of that exchange with the American people.” He then proceeded to misrepresent the GOP’s “Path to Prosperity” budget in a half-dozen ways, capping the falsehoods with another whopper: “When people know the facts about what we proposed, they’re extremely supportive,” Ryan claimed. The facts, unfortunately for Republicans, say otherwise.


    REP. PAUL RYAN (R-WI): This is as gradual as it gets. We don’t affect the benefits for people above 55 years old in Medicare. In fact, we restore their benefits by repealing the Obamacare raid on the Medicare fund and the rationing board they put in charge of Medicare. We repeal that, we keep Medicare for everybody 55 and above and reform it for the next generation so that we can save the program and so that we can cashflow it for the next generation of seniors. When people know the facts about what we proposed, they’re extremely supportive. And when they know the facts are that we put out a plan to literally not just balance the budget but pay off the debt, get this economy growing, and save Medicare, at the end of the day I believe facts win.

  82. Oh, so good to hear from you BWD. I just was deeply concerned about you. You and Chipsticks work so hard to keep your sites for us at the highest level, but I also want you to also keep yourself rested, relaxed. Now take care of your business and get some rest. We will not be selfish, just lovingly caring about you. I will make sure to light an extra candle in my blog site area of my library for you. We love you, and we appreciate you so much, BWD.

  83. EEWWWW!!!!Ketchup on anything is yukky:) Maybe fries.Not a big dog eater, but mine would have mustard, relish and saurkraut!
    BWD, so very,very,very,very glad to see you back here! If you couldn’t tell, we were all worried, and we missed you bunches.I felt like an addict going through withdrawal…well, like I envision it to be anyway.I’m happy now:)Oh…and the President did a fabulous job today. Watched on the tv box.Happy campers in that audience.They all know who they can thank for that rebound!

  84. I told you they were all working behind the scenes:)Oh happy damn day!!!!Thanks for posting that.

  85. I Believe “Gardening” is a form of art, as some artist are self taught, so does gardening.

    Nice to see you back BWD ๐Ÿ™‚

    Whatever it is, that you going thru, rest assured that my prayers are with you in spirit.

    Thanks for all you do, and we can’t help but worry, just as we would if we don’t hear from family members.

    Better days are ahead, just as our President said in Dublin, Ireland.

    “Remember whatever hardship the winter brings, Spring is always around the corner”

    Peace be with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. It’s all displacement, if not racism, IMO. My son cannot find appropriate work with the MS he obtained two years ago. If I were not rational, I could dump on Obama. But I am capable of rational thought.

  87. Basically, he has started to realize that, as we have known all along, there is a difference between what you would like to do and what you can do. He still gets frustrated at times, but whenever anybody calls in and starts talking about there being no difference between the Reps and the Dems, he lists off a litany of accomplishments that woudl never have happened under a Republican Pres or full Congress.

  88. Yes so glad th have you back BWD we were worried,if yoy ever need anything from us please let us know we are all in for you.
    Thanks for the great news, getting so fricken tiresd of the Winner stuff. The MSM is just garbage.

  89. Thanks for reminding me about the tax calculator. I agree that was a brilliant tool. I don’t think I heard one word about it on cable of network tv.

    I am amazed at how creative the administration has been in finding new ways to communicate with the American people. I just love the White Board Presentations. Austan Goolsbee is my favorite, he is a natural.

    Maybe they will do a white board presentation on the debt ceiling. I have a feeling they may be working on something to educate the public so everyone understands the implications and why it must be raised.

    Clearly we can’t count on the MSM media to educate the public on the debt ceiling. They are too busy reporting on manufactured controversies and anything that sheds a negative light on President Obama.

  90. Someone asked for that yesterday and I can’t remember who it was. Hope they see that you posted it here. Thanks.

  91. I am mighty glad, that you are doing OK.

    I wish and pray that whatever you were going though, come to pass soon.

    I missed your posts.

    May God Bless you.

  92. Looking at his rank, he’s a chief master sergeant, right? Highest rank for enlisted in the Air Force. (Smart cookie, he!! My daddy was a chief. They take no sh*t from nobody. NOBODY.)

    They usually have a specialized area of expertise. If he’s security for Air Force One, he is THE MAN! and probably knows all the planes in the fleet from stem to stern!

  93. Plus, didn’t she spend summers “down south” in South Carolina? Not that she was on the farm, but she’s a smart cookie. I’m sure she picked up some hints and tips along the way.


    So glad to “see” you back. Do what you need to do for your REAL life. I remember, I totally crashed after the 2008 election. We really don’t know you, but like another poster said, I’ve become accustomed to checking your FABULOUS site everyday! sometimes 3-4-5 times a day.

    But you have to ‘DO YOU’ as the kids say. I pray that whatever you need, comes your way.

    We’ve been posting new stuff and sharing laughs along the way. This site is WONDERFUL!!! And it’s because YOU GOT IT GOING!!!

  95. OOOh, I have another “what I love about Pres. Obama.

    That man can EAT!! Love to see a man enjoy his food. He is not shy about gettin’ it in!!

    Clearly, by the shape that he’s in, we can see that he works it off, but he throws down, when he’s hungry.

  96. yea, he enlisted right out of HS and has been around the world. One of those kids who you wouldn’t have expected much of if you knew him when he was young, but for whom the service has obviously done wonders. And, yes, from what I understand, he is THE MAN (well, aside from THAT MAN he is saluting ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. Congrats…

    But, I’m jealous… I wish it was me. ::sigh::

    Have fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  98. See that’s what I love abt Pelosi…she’s as liberal as they come but not once did she bash PBO. You know she didn’t agree with everything but she got down to business and will probably go down as one of the most effective speakers in history. And when the pres tells the Dem caucus that congress reps like Pelosi are the ones who have more liberty to speak their minds, what does she do? Gets down to business and signs up for Sunday morning duty on the talk shows. We need more Dems like her!

  99. Republicans mistakenly broadcast private meeting, leak strategy
    Submitted by lbonner on 2011-06-03 14:57
    Tags: Under the Dome | budget | N.C. House Republicans | Paul Stam | Thom Tillis

    House Republicans held a behind-closed-doors caucus meeting to discuss their strategy on the budget and other issues Friday, but did not know all their remarks were being broadcast live into the press room through an open microphone.

    House leaders warned members against asking about a redistricting provision in the $19.7 billion budget they plan to approve this afternoon.

    If any questions come up, said Majority Leader Paul Stam, Rep. David Lewis should answer them.

    “On one point, I only want David Lewis to talk,” Stam said, an Apex Republican. “The talk about redistricting and this thing in the budget is extremely sensitive to the other people not in this room who are voting with us. No one but David talk. David can obfuscate more than anybody I know.”

    The “other people not in this room” is an apparent reference to the five Democrats voting with Republicans on the budget.

    House Speaker Thom Tillis reminded members not to talk about “Democrats,” but to counter individuals by name.

    “This is not about Democrats, because we have Democrats voting for this budget,” he said. “Please, do not go after the Democrats. If you want to go after an individual member for saying something stupid, gut punch them. These five Democrats are going after her (Gov. Bev Perdue). We’ll go after the governor; when we have a veto override.”

    UPDATE: Perdue had some fun at the Republicans’ expense at her afternoon media conference. Walking up to a bank of microphones, she pretended to fumble with them and quipped: “Are these things on? Is there a switch I need to …”

    After the press corps broke into laughter, she added: “I’m pretty competent with microphones.”

    The governor’s dig was a reference to Stam’s comment (included after the jump) that she is “incompetent.”


    Tillis told members that the House Rules Committee would take up a Senate bill that the N.C. Association of Educators is fighting. It would prevent members from having dues to the organization taken directly from their paychecks.

    NCAE has sent mail to voters in the districts of five Democrats voting for the GOP-authored budget.

    “The NCAE has gone into all five districts with mailers hammering these Democrats,” Tillis said. “We just want to give them a little taste of what’s about to come. It’s going to be in Rules, and they’re going to be mad.”

    The news of Perdue filling an executive order to restore unemployment benefits broke at about the time House Republicans were meeting.

    Tillis suggested they respond by saying it’s illegal or that she should fire her lawyers.

    Stam went further.

    “Either way, she’s incompetent,” the Apex Republican said. “We really need to crack on her for this. This is probably one of the worst things she’s done.”

    Rep. Mark Hilton, a Catawba Republican, told members of his caucus that groups supporting a constitutional gay-marriage ban need a vote this year so they can organize their get-out-the-vote campaigns.

    Hilton called the session “one of the most conservative, pro-family legislative sessions I’ve ever seen.”

    The marriage amendment “is important to conservative groups,” he said. “They need to be able to get their ground-game working to get out the vote for it to be on the November ballot.” House Speaker Thom Tillis “assured us it would happen this year,” he said.

    Other conservative items of interest: illegal immigration and “gun issues.”

    Read more:

  100. Gn, I donated to the TOAITR’s OFA contribution page…

    But, I have a question about this statement:

    “Make a donation to help meet my goal by clicking on the thermometer.”

    Does it make a difference whether it works or not…

    It doesn’t work for me.

    It never has.

    But, when I checked it, my donation WAS added to the previous total!

    Onward & upward…$3000, here WE come! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  101. BWD…I’m so delighted that you’re alright. You work so hard for all of us; I’m in complete awe. Like the President, you have had too few days off for yourself. If I may make a suggestion? Maybe for at least the next month you pull back on your schedule to twice or maybe three times a week. Refresh your spirit, take care of yourself. It’s silly season politically anyway and hopefully the President and First Family will take a vacation, too. You’ve worked so hard for so many months on end.

    Love you, girlfriend.

  102. It’s going to be much harder for a couple of reasons – firstly he’s eligible for recall in January – collecting signatures in the frigid Wisconsin winter will be much harder. Secondly if the Dems do take back the state Senate, I think folks will believe Walker has been sufficiently neutered so the passion for a recall won’t be there.

    I think Walker is screwing over his state senators hoping this will be the case. Pass all the draconian bills now and have the Senators held accountable and hope flipping the senate will be enough “pound of flesh” for the protesters to save his job from recall.

  103. What he couldn’t use a knife and a fork a la trump, the twerp ? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  104. wowzer.

    Restoring unemployment benefits is the worst thing she’s done?


    Good on Perdue for smacking them down.

  105. LOL! They may run but they can’t hide. We’ll nail everyone of them in the end. I believe that & I don’t stop working to defeat their evil ways for AZ.



    DEMOCRATS NEED TO DO AN AD with nothing but this ransom note and the following quotes. Via Politico:

    โ€œOf course, itโ€™s dangerous,โ€ a House Republican close to Boehner said of the politics of a government default. โ€œBut IT’S DANGEROUS FOR EVERYBODY, ESPECIALLY THE PRESIDENT. At the end of the day, [Obama] will have to give in.โ€

    โ€œWho has egg on their face if there is a sovereign debt crisis, House Republicans or the president?โ€ asked another senior GOP lawmaker.

    As Matt Yglesias notes, history seems to point toward sitting Presidents taking the hit for recalcitrant Congresses, particularly when they’re Republican obstructors:

    That said, the evidence from political science does appear to suggest that if Republican intransigence destroys the American economy, that the voters will respond to this by punishing the incumbent President and electing a Republican.

    [begin rant] I have had just about enough of this nonsense. Forcing a sovereign debt crisis for cynical political gain is not just unpatriotic. It’s treasonous. This is not a political football, it’s serious business and the Very Serious People inside the Beltway had better come to their damn senses and figure that out. You don’t hold hostages in this situation. I realize REPUBLICANS HAVE GOTTEN THEIR WAY BY STOMPING THEIR TINY LITTLE HOOVES AND BLEATING THAT THEY MUST, simply must, HAVE CONCESSIONS before they will do the right thing for this country, but THE DEBT CEILING IS NOT IN THAT CATEGORY.

    It’s a little like telling the Visa folks that you’ll refuse to pay your balance until they lower your interest rate. Good luck with that. Same thing here, and IT’S TIME FOR THESE IDIOTS AND ASSHATS IN CONGRESS TO START ACTING LIKE AMERICANS FIRST AND REPUBLICANS SECOND. [/end rant]

    Desert Beacon agrees, and offers her thoughts on the strategy:

    Another perspective might be that the national debt is the perfect opportunity for the Republicans to cash in on their Thirty Year Promise.

    The 1980 Republican Platform made the promise: โ€œRather, we must offer broad new incentives to labor and capital to stimulate a great outpouring of private goods and services and to create an abundance of jobs. From Americaโ€™s grass roots to the White House we will stand united as a party behind a bold program of tax rate reductions, spending restraints, and regulatory reforms that will inject new life into the economic bloodstream of this country.โ€

    Look carefully at the three elements of the bold program: (1) tax rate reductions; (2) spending restraints; and (3) regulatory reforms. And, the Republicans promised their actions would be BOLD. They certainly are. However, these werenโ€™t promises made in the interests of Main Street America, they were promises made to Wall Street and Corporate America.

    THE ONLY WAY TO TURN THE REPUBLICAN TREASON AWAY FROM A POLITICAL LOSS FOR THE PRESIDENT is for that ransom note to be circulated far and wide, TO SIMPLIFY THE MESSAGE AND BOIL IT DOWN TO THIS: Republicans are holding the US credit rating hostage until seniors’ health care is cut, and cut deeply. Forget throwing Grandma off the cliff; they want to throw the whole damn country down it. (w/ransom note)
    Faith meet @Karoli… (Faith, she’s on Twitter.)

    Ya’ll are “on the same page!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The TEAPUBLICANS and their ilk ARE EVIL…

    THAT IS ALL!!!

    RE-EMPHASIZED: SPREAD THIS FAR and WIDE…PASS IT ON… Tweet/RT it, FB it, Email it, Contact Page it, et al!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  107. PBHO’s metabolism IS workin’ overtime…

    But, of course, he gets a good workout, day & night! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  108. God don’t like ugly…

    He’ll “get his!”

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  109. Agree. People like lod should be concentrating more on real issues and what the government is doing instead of ‘smacking down’, ‘pwning’, ‘ or whatever hyperbole the left uses, of repubs.

  110. Que! Desertflower, you would actually eat a hot dog here without chili sauces and a few jalapeno peppers, lol?!?

    Saurkraut? ♥ Someday I must fix you a real hot dog with green chili salsa and some excellent ‘relishes’….

  111. Ron Klain, the author of the piece, was VP Biden’s chief of staff until earlier this year.

  112. Ha!
    Putting ketchup on hotdogs is the bomb!! I’ve never eaten a hotdog with just mustard and relish, but then, I’ve lived in the South all of my life. My cousins in Michigan go the no ketchup route.

  113. I wish I had PBO’s metabolism! It takes me six months to burn off one dog. Very glad to see our BWD is back ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. Ketchup, salsa, jalapeno peppers plus chopped raw onion is the only I can eat a hot dog and I really love it if there is any kind of chili on the side…

  115. She’s toast though politically her poll numbers and favorables are in the tank. It’s believe she won’t run for re-election to give Dems a chance at holding the office. If GOP hold the State house and senate, whoever does run should remind voters of what Walker, Scott, Kasich and Snyder are doing.

  116. Totally trivial but do you like your hamburger with mayo? When I lived in the South, I learned to say “no mayo” on a burger because I only like them with mustard, ketchup, onion and sour pickle.

    Something else interesting is that the bottle called “Heinz Tomato Sauce” that looks exactly like American ketchup tastes awful in Africa. It is way too sweet for my taste and I learned early not to use it on anything.

  117. The Republican-led state legislature is trying to do what the Repub Governors have done and are doing.

    If the people of N.C. are too stupid to realize that, so be it. I mean, c’mon, the Repubs think it’s a bad idea to restore unemployment benefits?!

  118. I don’t think she’s toast. I think heard favorables have went up. I think the NC GOP’s has went down.

  119. LOL on “herding cats!”

    Cats can actually be “herded.” I’ve done it for years and will happily share my secrets for any willing to make small deposits to my odd shore accounts.

    I think cats are totally being maligned. Most have way more sense than most Repugs, even some Dems and they have way more viable brain cells than PL and teapotty.

    Just saying….

  120. I’m a transplant from CT!We love our dogs that way! I would love to have them your way with the jalepenos and whatever else:)Let’s do lunch…truly:)It would be a pleasure and an honor.

  121. I don’t know. The other recalls are going better than expected, seems to me like they feel empowered.All the luck to them if they decide to go that route. Really sends a statement. Don’t screw with the people of WI and think you’ll get away with it!

  122. Rant: This isn’t funny anymore – if it ever was. The racism exhibited by Trump and palin is just too much, and it’s so irresponsible. They are pushing it way too far. In this article, Trump even says that he thinks the birth certificate was forged. When does his behavior cross over into criminal territory. Can the people he’s maligning sue for slander (e.g. the officials who certified the birth certificate), since they are not public personalities? How much ugliness are we going to have to put up with? These people make you learn to hate them, and I’ve run out of words to describe my loathing of them.

  123. Seriously, there is a reason I’ve started calling her Grand Wizard Palin. It’s not even close to funny. Here’s the formula: TP + SP = KKK. Periodically throughout history the KKK gets revived. This time they are so without shame they don’t even bother to wear the sheets. I have absolutely no idea why people just accept this racism and venal hatred, but they do, even on the left. People don’t even challenge this behavior. What does Grand Wizard have to do to get people to see what she’s up to? Burn a cross on the White House lawn?

  124. May I recommend that you avoiding the comments… The venom is just pouring freely.

    The is generally a really good article – but I’m not sure why the former Administration staffers feel it’s necessary to offer their advice in these public forums. Surely they remember what it was like when they were on the receiving end of “advice” while they were in the White House? I noticed that Christina Romer and the guy who was the OMB director both decided they needed to offer their unsolicited advice after they left the White House. I can’t imagine that they don’t still have direct lines of contact with their former colleagues?

  125. Bloomberg usually shill for coporate america, so I am not sueprised at the comments.Comments shopuld have been off on this article. The teabggers leave on the internet.

  126. I think you’re right about the KKK angle, Tien Le. This ugliness from palin and Trump seems to be at a different level than the main stream Republican party. Their brand of ugliness is so dark that I fear what they will incite.

  127. Thank you, japa21, I use to listen to Thom all the time but I quit listening when the all bashed the President. I would love to listen again to Thom he is so smart.

  128. Illinois managed to avoid electing a tea-party crazy and we saw gay couples line up at the County Clerk’s office to get civil union licenses. It’s a significant start.

    Thanks, Illinois. Now if Dem’s had only come out in larger numbers and elected Gianoulis instead of the lying Mark Kirk, I’d be much happier.

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