This is what change looks like. Health Care reform gets better and better

Sometimes I just want to kick someone from the WH in the butt. How is that not big news today?

The Department of Health and Human Services today announced new steps to reduce premiums as much as 40 percent in 17 states and the District of Columbia, for those enrolling into the federally-administrated Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) programs:


This, too, is what change looks like:

Obama cracks down on abuses by big-city police departments

In a marked shift from the Bush administration, President Obama’s Justice Department is aggressively investigating several big urban police departments for systematic civil rights abuses such as harassment of racial minorities, false arrests, and excessive use of force.

In interviews, activists and attorneys on the ground in several cities where the DOJ has dispatched civil rights investigators welcomed the shift. To progressives disappointed by Eric Holder’s Justice Department on key issues like the failure to investigate Bush-era torture and the prosecution of whistle-blowers, recent actions by the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division are a bright spot.

In just the past few months, the Civil Rights Division has announced “pattern and practice” investigations in Newark, New Jersey and Seattle. It’s also conducting a preliminary investigation of the Denver Police Department, and all this is on top of a high-profile push to reform the notorious New Orleans Police Department — as well as criminal prosecutions of several New Orleans officers.

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Standing When the First Lady Pays a Call

On Memorial Day, Michelle Obama made an unannounced trip to visit the wounded at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Joao Silva of The New York Times was among those on whom she paid a call. “She came across as a kind and attentive person,” Mr. Silva said. She asked about the progress of his recovery and gave yo-yos, Frisbees and White House candies to his children, Isabel, 6, and Gabriel, 5.

Perhaps the most telling moment occurred before Mrs. Obama arrived. On learning of her pending visit, Mr. Silva made a point of putting on his prosthetic legs.

“I wanted to be able to greet her standing up,” he said.



175 thoughts on “This is what change looks like. Health Care reform gets better and better

  1. CNN is reporting on alleged pictures of Anthony Weiner’s crotch and Sarah Palin’s bus tour. No time for less important stories about boring topics like health care reform.

  2. *Sigh*….why can’t our side get the good news out….and of course we can’t depend on the media to report the news, they’re to busy #chasingSarah

  3. Jesus. The Michelle Obama and Jose Silva story brought tears to my eyes. We don’t think about all the others who can get injured.

    I’m guessing he’s a reporter or photograhper covering the wars. Ugh.

  4. Thanks for this wonderful story about FLOTUS and healthcare. Instead of focusing on the positive, the MSM always love to focus on nonsensence like reporting that Romney gives PBO an “F” in governing, the loser who has been running for president most of his life.

  5. That story brought tears to my eyes too. Very moving.
    On a lighter note, our President’s sense of humor was on display in his announcement of John Bryson, Bryson gets his negotiating skills by having 4 daughters. LOL

  6. Hell Yeah…

    White House’s “Aggressive” PushBack:



    “This week [23/5], JESSE LEE WILL MOVE FROM THE NEW MEDIA DEPARTMENT INTO A ROLE IN THE COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT AS DIRECTOR OF PROGRESSIVE MEDIA & ONLINE RESPONSE,” read an internal memo from Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, provided to The Huffington Post. “For the last two years, Jesse has often worn two hats working in new media and serving as the White House’s liaison with the progressive media and online community. Starting this week, JESSE WILL TAKE ON THE SECOND ROLE FULL TIME WORKING ON OUTREACH, STRATEGY AND RESPONSE.”


    LEE HAS PLAYED THAT ROLE IN THE PAST, including writing a semi-infamous White House blog post that said FOX News’ Glenn Beck was lying about the Administration on his show. HIS NEW GIG COMES WITH ITS OWN TWITTER ACCOUNT, precisely for the purposes of disseminating push back.

    An equally telling requirement of Lee’s new job, however, is that of crafting strategy for outreach to the progressive community. Lee has been tasked with that responsibility in his previous incarnations, both as a member of the DNC online team during the ’08 election and as a senior new media adviser with then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

    HIS NEW POST MAY REQUIRE EVEN MORE HAND-HOLDING. Instead of managing the administration’s web presence, HE WILL BE PRESSING TO MAKE THE ADMINISTRATION MORE POPULAR ON THE WEB. In that respect, his Twitter account could also become an interesting window into the status of the always emotional, occasional testy dance between progressives and the president.

    Lee enjoys good relationships with much of the online community, but as a member of the administration for the past two years he has also had his moments of friction. (It’s a Huff Puff link. But, …)

    His ‘Twitter’ handle is @jesseclee44!

    WH & Co. IS gettin’ ready to “kick butt!” 😉

    YES.WE.CAN …DO.More, Together!

  7. All these good things are coming out. We know it won’t be the msm it will be all of us passing it on and telling other people. This is a real grassroots process. We will defeat those corporates who think they control everything. Keep the news coming.

  8. They are a bunch of Pricks sorry the MSM is just garbage, we just sow FLOTUS MOVING VISIT
    and speaks valuems.
    Thank you BWD as always you really make our day, and people do not pay attention to the MSM we are smarter than them peace.


  10. This is a very good news, let’s go after the MSM garbage we must trow them out,

  11. And as u can see, there is alot of good news out there. But, the msm only, only goes with the exaggerated negative outlook!
    They know the only way the GOP can win, is if the economy is failing.
    So, that fool on msnbc, who is on at 3 pm, just gave a preview of his show : is the us headed for a double dip?
    U gotta be kidding me? What dies wall street want?
    They got tarp, the stimulus 1, stimulus 2 in December, qe 1 and 2, and trillions that the fed has pped into the banks for there balance sheets.
    And now they are peddling a double dip? I don’t get this logic? Of course, all this and the sweet little budget negotiations.
    All sea like a plan by wall street to get massive cuts.

    And the msm is complicit.
    Luckily, their is alot of good news.

    For example: the doj just nabbed 2 al Qaeda members in Kentucky. This roils only be huge news if it was gw administration.


  12. Also, please forgive the misspells, it is a bug in my I phone4. They somehow put in words you do no type.
    They have auto spell check and it is garbage! Lol.

  13. That article about FLOTUS and Mr. Silva is beautiful and heart-warming. Thank goodness for a first family (and second family) that truly cares about the troops.

    I also greatly recommend the movie “Taking Chance.” It is currently available on HBO, and we watched it last night in observance of Memorial Day. It is phenomenal — the story of a fallen soldier being delivered to his family.

    From veterans affairs to healthcare reform to civil rights, our PBO is making progress.

    Onward and upward!

  14. Love the article and pick of the veteran with FLOTUS. **tears** It’s stories and pics like these that make me soooo proud to be an American

  15. Note the states that are getting 38-40% reductions in premiums:
    Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nevada, Virginia.

    When people start talking about how their premiums went down that much in those states, it really is going to make neighbor talking to neighbor news.

  16. The Administration doesn’t want to politicize the ACA is my theory – it’s passed, it’s the law of the land. They figure it’s gradually gaining in the polls as folks realize for themselves the benefits of it away from the heated political rhetoric. Also I think the Administration hopes media outlets will pick up on the stories themselves – maybe not the national media (aka the MSM), but local outlets. The GOP demagogued against HCR with every over-the-top smear and attack in the book, as folks live under the new law and realize that the system didn’t blow up, that they’re not being told who their doctors are by the government and nobody is trying to kill granny (well other than the Republicans with the Ryan Budget) that that will somehow be enough to make it a political win. If they started trumpeting it now, it would give the GOP something to push back against and take the focus off the Ryan Budget.

  17. Good heavens, this man has picked up some bad habits from PBO, like never sleeping and wanting to help people:

    “The digital divide is about to narrow for 330,000 inner-city Chicago public school students.

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel joined Comcast executives Tuesday in announcing “Internet Esentials,” a joint program involving the city and the communications giant designed to provide high-speed Internet service for the famiies of 330,000 Chicago students who qualify for the free lunches under the school-lunch program.

    Comcast normally charges $48.95 a month for broadband Internet service. Under the new program, eligible families will be able to get that service for $9.95 a month, with no installation or service fees.

    In addition, eligible familes also will be able to purchase computers for $150″….more

  18. I’ve seen Lee already around on twitter – he’s following the usual suspects and replies to clarify any news they’re tweeting around that he thinks needs correcting/explaining.

  19. I hope you send this to the media outlets. It’s all very well here and I understand people need to vent to let off steam but it might be more productive if these messages are at least in their mailboxes as well. I suspect that’s how the tea party people are controlling the narrative.

  20. I’m not going to focus on my disgust with themedia, only my appreciation of Mr and Mrs Obama. After the sticky, I’m even out of compliments, LOL!

  21. B- My comment is that while the WH announced they are going to try to get premiums down 40% — i think it would be much more newsworthy that it actually *happened*!!

    That’s what i first thought was the case when i saw the very start, but once i realized it was a plan — well, you know just how excited the insurance companies will be about it, and how they will fight it tooth and nail, so when the battle is won, and comes to *fruition*, *then* i will be more able to criticize the MSM/Corporate Media on this one.

    (And Lord knows they peddle BS so much more often than not that they are quite blameworthy indeed, plenty of the time).


  22. Yea, let’s see how “The President is the most ineffective President ever!” holds up against the sniff test. These people are desperate!Most of America knows that’s not true…so what will they take away from that lame brained comment? That Romney is a moron that doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.Can’t have it both ways…which is what they try to do. Either he is the most ineffective President ever, or he constantly pushes too much govt. Which one? They are so full of sh*t, their eyes are brown.The whole underqualified lot of them is going to spew every bit of dog pucky that they can trying to deflect the masses from their utter incompetence.I just hope I can stomach a year and a half of this BS without gagging.

  23. You know that TBGOPers are afraid when Bat poop, Michelle Bachmann, from my dist 6th in MN is now comparing herself to pres Obama.

    When she realised what she had said, she tried but failed horribly with her spin that made NO sense.

    Great job, BWD.

    Things are slowly, steadily, surely getting better.

  24. It is beginning to look like CNN is complicit in the dirty trick.

  25. Romney knows that he is already losing – not just the Presidency, but the GOP nomination. So he is desperately lashing out with these inane remarks about President Obama.

  26. While the press was covering the certain state AG’s who were suing to end HCR, the Southern states were just adopting the plan as laid out in the law. I know Alabama was one. I remember a little-covered story that the Southern states were just going to use the plan (right now it’s for the high risk pool I believe).

    They vote against us and then benefit from us.

  27. I agree with this. I envision regular letters to the media: “I would appreciate your reporting on the following…or risk losing my viewership and potential to buy products from your advertisers.”

  28. “Sometimes I just want to kick someone from the WH in the butt. How is that not big news today?”

    I love you BWD but how about we profess a need to kick the disgusting MSM butts. I notice instead of giving the White House any semblance of the equal news time they give to half term former governor Palin, they have joined her bus tour and bombards us with non stories like what she was wearing, or how she eluded them.

  29. You’re right. But his arrogance won’t let him stop.Which is exactly what I think seems to possess ALL of the lousy lot.

  30. This was actually part of the deal with Comcast and the FCC to make it okay for them to own NBC. Lots of places are eligible for this same deal if they’re paying attention.

    Instead of getting mad, let’s get even

    It’s time to put our voices in their ugly greedy face.

    Let your voice be heard! Talk back to the media.
    Network/Cable Television

    ABC News
    147 Columbus Ave., New York, NY 10023
    Phone: 212-456-7777

    General e-mail:

    CBS News
    524 W. 57 St., New York, NY 10019
    Phone: 212-975-4321
    Fax: 212-975-1893

    Email forms for all CBS news programs
    CBS Evening News:
    The Early Show:
    60 Minutes II:
    48 Hours:
    Face The Nation:

    900 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
    Phone: (201) 735-2622
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    One CNN Center, Box 105366, Atlanta, GA 30303-5366
    Phone: 404-827-1500
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    Email forms for all CNN news programs

    Fox News Channel
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    List of Email addresses for all Fox News Channel programs
    Special Report with Bret Baier:
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    30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112
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    List of Email addresses for all MSNBC/NBC news programs
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  32. And they pay less in Fed. taxes and take more out.Same stuff, different day.Until the people in those states (mine included)get a CLUE…it will continue on. The problem is that it is much easier for them to have those Republican govs/legislators tell them what they all want to hear, than it is for them to work to find the truth.Willful ignorance.

  33. The media is hopeless, we need to find creative ways around it. I said it many times before and I’ll say it again: If the WH messaging was half as good as the president, we wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

  34. And the UNprofessional left voices about “Bbbbut ONLY single payer/public option are the solution!” are silent.

    This just shows that President Obama saw the larger picture, as opposed to baseless symbolism by advocating single payer/public option, despite the fact that votes didn’t exist for either in Congress.

    And this throws out the GOP lie about the November midterms being a referendum against ObamaCares out the window. Less and less people want the entire law repealed and more want to see the law amended and improved.

    Add in Mittens nonsense flip flopping against his own plan, and President Obama wins on the healthcare issue, especially when Mittens boasts about how his bill was only 70 pages. Yeah it was only 70 pages because it was for ONE state, doofus!

  35. Because of the anchor of the netroots. They spend so much time bashing Democratic accomplishments such as healthcarereform that they distract and twist the messaging. Their top hcr “experts” wanted to kill the bill and have called it a sellout and betrayal. With friends like this…it’s really a shame.

  36. Agree totally. WH needs to be MUCH, MUCH better at messaging. Same with Dems as a whole–preaching to the choir, aren’t I?

  37. I question this. The netroots doesn’t bash the WH and spread lies about President Obama’s accomplishments because they simply don’t know any better. They know what they’re doing. Rather than wasting time engaging the same malicious people over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, why not spend that time uplifting benevolent voices? The PL talks a big game but at the end of the day, they have caused many a candidate to LOSE their contests: Grayson, Feingold, Edwards, Lamont.

    I just hope that while continuing to keep irrelevant people relevant, the WH doesn’t lose focus and imagine that the nutroots is anything but a bubble full of self-important blowhards, some sociopaths, and a mass of passive-aggressives looking to tear down what the WH is doing.

  38. Seriously; following Chuck Todd, Glenn Greenwald, Markos…ugh. I hope he doesn’t bring that massive bubble of hot air into the WH. Seems like a cool guy, I just question this strategy. They don’t need correction because the disinformation is willful (ex: Greenwald called POTUS a torturer based upon a lie which he manufactured); they need ignoring IMO.

  39. Thanks for this list – I have copy & pasted into a Word doc for easy reference.

    Here is the email I just sent to CNN. Also, too, I will be sending it to the rest of the alphabet soup of infotainment networks.

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    As you know, CNN viewer demographics for the under 50 crowd have fallen through the floor. What you may not know is that this is because we’re getting our News (a foreign concept, I know) from reputable sources like BBC and Al Jazeera.

    (Personally, this forty-something white woman hasn’t watched CNN since the Gingrich man-love in the 90s.)

    The reason I’m writing is that it turns out the big story today is not Ms. Palin’s bus tour, but how sensationalist info-tainment outlets like CNN are being played like simple-minded village idiots by a silly celebrity who is 1) not an elected official and 2) not running for President.

    In addition, I read on BBC website that the U.S. House was holding a vote on the debt ceiling today.

    See? News. It’s out there if you look for it.


    PS Might want to change your tagline to *CNN: Ridiculous, but Irrelevant*

  40. You zeroed in the real problem, Allan: MSM’s preoccupation with trivia or manufactured controversies! This is why most people in the country, who don’t visit sites like this one, are not aware of the accomplishments of this administration.

  41. Good news !

    On the same subject, I would like to point out the magnificient work of the bloggers at The People’s View. Deniac, rootless, and others have provided some IMPRESSIVE articles with lots of details and factual information. I remember from a few weeks back, a detailed and informative and “myth-destroying” article about the trade deals negociated by the Obama team.

    The People’s View is fabulous at pushing back against some of the false narratives we hear in MSM and in some corners of the “left” blogosphere. I think that blog should be publicized everywhere. And we should write to people like Rachel, Lawrence O’Donnell and some other reacheable left pundits, so they include that blog in their daily reading.

  42. Every situation is a hostage situation with the GOP. Anything the Administration wants or NEEDS to do to ensure the Government works properly the GOP will obstruct in order to try and horse trade for something.

    It the Obama Administration’s fault for letting them get away with it the past two years – why would they change when the GOP gets what they want? It’s also Harry Reid’s fault for not changing the Senate rules to stop this rank obstruction – knowing full well the first chance the GOP gets with a slim majority they’ll change the Senate rules.

    This is why everybody thinks Washington is broken – because it is. The Senate is a joke.

  43. Yeah, I definitely see that side of the equation as well; just that list…Andrew Breitbart, Lashawn Barber…I don’t envy this guy at all. And I do wish that the WH would spend this energy uplifting normal voices, but I do see the logic in factchecking the new media.

  44. Yes, they are organized to respond to all outlets, the rt. wing nuts are always the first comments everywhere. I think they are bombarding the media outlets to influence guests and programming. We need to do the same.

  45. Hey Dan
    I Got it from the Fair website.
    I had it back in the days of 2008 to blast the media and fight the smears.

  46. gn, I think they have to do BOTH.

    They won’t change the Jane Hamsters and Greenwalds of this world, but they can do something to mitigate their influence. Many in the “PL” are still reachable. Piercing their bubble, working to avoid that ALL of them develop a negative group think is imperative IMO.

    I also think there’s legitimate concern of a repeat of 2000, where Nader peeled off some votes from democrats and that helped getting W in the White House.

    That being said, I totally agree that the WH and the democratic leadership have to reach out to the more constructive and pragmatic voices that are popping everywhere, give them recognition and publicity.

  47. BWD, I think part of the problem is that the WH is working on many many fronts.

    There’s SO SO much to do, so many problems on the forefront that the WH doesn’t have the luxury to tout every good news or every good plan they have.

    Look at the weekly schedule of President Obama, how many IMPORTANT subjects he tackles in a single week…

    This is no ordinary presidency by a long shot…

  48. I think we can push TPV, et al to Mr. Lee everyday with the amazing fact and figures we get everyday. Then we can push out his responses to all of our email lists. Should be fun.

  49. And I just heard Tweety, of the “liberal” network, say how great Sarah Palin looks in her biker helmet. Geez louise. He wants to appear to be making fun of Palin, but she’s all he can talk about, she is the focus of the whole opening. What do you think she’s doing? What do YOU think she’s up to??? Who cares? She’s a know-nothing twit! Our “news” media is allowing her to play them like a fiddle. They’re always so easily distracted and are constantly missing the point, the big story, as they focus on the shiny trivial object over there.

  50. I’m w/ya…

    Let’s “throw those clowns out!” lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together!

  51. Professor X10: THANK YOU. I contacted CNN to ask why they were not reporting the incredible decrease in insurance premiums, and I’ve copied all your information into a document in my computer. I will indeed begin to demand that these news outlets provide better coverage of what our incredible White House is doing.

    “Incredible White House.” I wonder if, even 5 years ago, I would have dreamed I’d use such a phrase in complete sincerity, rather than sarcastic disgust?

    Thanks again!

  52. Yes, he opened his show and spent the first 15 minutes with Fineman and Robinson singing Sarah’s praises basically trying to peddle her to the public, disguised as “analysis.” Fineman is trying to promote Palin as some master strategist who is inventing a new kind of politics. Please. When Fineman talks about Palin, no matter what he says, I hear “I have the hots for Ms. Palin – and that’s all that matters.”

  53. “It the Obama Administration’s fault for letting them get away with it the past two years”

    Really? Its Obama’s fault but not the spineless Dems in his own party. The ones that never really supported him when he got elected. When I keep seeing Dems bash the president, this statement becomes untrue.

  54. Fineman was brainwashed at a tea bagger rally last year, and he’s been obsessed with palin and the rest of the tea baggers ever since – and has only had mean words for President Obama. When he talks, my brain now only hears “blah, blah, blah”.

  55. Seriously; I’d argue that blackwaterdog, deaniac, sepia, miranda, angryblacklady and a bunch of people in the pragmatic new media have just as much influence as gg. bwd definitely won the messaging war over him literally within months. But I do see where you guys are coming from as well; points taken.

  56. That’s good to know…

    But, hopefully, he doesn’t get “takin in by those fakes”…Friends or Foes?

    The ones who mean PBHO “harm.”

    WE cannot have that!

  57. Huh, I could have sworn I mentioned Harry Reid and the fact the Senate Dems did nothing to fix the system.

  58. I’m beginning to think that it doesn’t really matter what the pundits think about the tundra twit. What is worth paying attention to is her audience. Track how many people show up to her events, look at the demographics of age and gender and race. It’s more important to know who is listening to her blather than her blather or her.

  59. BWD, is there a way you could post the “Prof’s” list of media contacts on this website; with a weekly reminder of its existence?

  60. I think he was brainwashed by the Koch $$$ that finances the Tea rallies. Just as he’s working now for HuffnPuff who’s working for the same corporations that finance these right-wing movements.

  61. I’m curious about this new rule in Florida that dictates that voter registration forms have to be turned in within 48 hours. What’s the big deal? You start registering people on Saturday at noon…turn them in by Monday at noon. Any other day, you just make sure they’re in by the same day on Friday and the next day the rest of the week. You pay very very close attention to the date the person writes on the form, making certain that they enter the correct date. Painstaking? Registering voters should be an exercise in precision anyway. Plus remember, the Republicans have to operate under the same restrictions.

    Given that much of this new law will get challenged in court anyway, I’m not all that worried. Getting people registered isn’t the problem…getting them to vote is. I recall reading that there are something like 800,000 more Democrats registered in Florida than Republicans, and yet there’s a Republican government straight across the board. Doesn’t do any good to register people if they don’t vote.

  62. Yeah, I’ve been scratching my head over why Harry Reid caved about changing the rules in the Senate. It’s almost like he doesn’t want the Dems to succeed. I just don’t get it.

  63. He caved because the Dems may not have control of the Senate after the 2012 elections. He thinking long-term.

  64. Presidential candidate and Sen. Barack Obama once said, “Cynicism is a sorry kind of wisdom”. There’s no need to resort to that tired old meme of “everyone thinks Washington is broken” just because the Senate rules make it more difficult

    Check out the comment at 4:43 by Jessica Langerman. Not only Jessica but most Democrats think that good progress is being made in spite of the Republicans and unPL. So that’s an incorrect statement not supported by fact. Google the list of historic legislation that has occurred since January 2009. Obama’s trifecta win in December 2010 and getting HIS budget passed this year (that cut almost NOTHING that was a Dem priority) all occurred under THIS Senate and THIS House and THIS Administration.


  65. I know…

    You really don’t know who your “true” friends or foes are…

    Online, you can be anyone!

    But, besides the ones you named downthread, there’s @Shoq, @Karoli, @StopBeck, @ArrghPaine, @JeffersonObama, @EzKool, @Otoolefan, and some others…

    @NealRauhauser & Co. IS good at “sniffin’ out those crooks & liars!”

    Have you heard of him?

    Did you know one of the co-founders of Twitter works at Huff Puff…@Biz…Hmmmm?!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together!

  66. What would our strategy look like? Could we divide up the stories and several of us write a nore or email on the same topic to several outlets.

    The DOJ Police effort is a story I would like to see get a great deal more coverage. Also to highlight the repug “obstruction” in a real way. Finding ways to reveal the ulterior motives behind many of their tricks. Usually campaign money or some other local issue.

    Then their is the Cantor idiotcy re: disaster money for Missouri! Can we make some noise about that one?
    Just a thought!

  67. It was just a handshake agreement between Reid and McConnell, so it means nothing. If the GOP took the White House and a 51-seat majority in the Senate you can be damn sure that “deal” would be out the window.

  68. Professor, this AMERICAN MAJORITY PROJECT IS, somewhat, “on the same page!”

    Because PBHO, America, and our democracy deserves it, WE need to HOLD THE U.S. MAINSTREAM MEDIA (which doesn’t include Fox “News” that’s another story) ACCOUNTABLE and PUSHBACK MORE FORCIBLY against them w/their unprofessional, non-journalistic misinformation/disinformation coupled w/vitriol, deceit, and “closeted” racism…FOX Lite!


    “… 62 percent believe the government should focus on creating jobs, even if it means increasing the deficit in the short-term, according to a Lake Research Partners poll in March, 2011.

    76 percent believe cutting Medicare to help reduce the budget deficit is mostly or totally unacceptable, and 67 percent believe the same about Medicaid, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll in February, 2011.

    68 percent believe that phasing out the Bush tax cuts for families earning $250,000 per year is mostly or totally acceptable to help reduce the budget deficit, according to the same poll.

    65 percent oppose changes to Social Security as a way to reduce the budget deficit, according to a Pew Research poll in March, 2011.

    Yet, despite similar results in dozens of polls over the past few months, none of it seemed to penetrate the Beltway bubble.

    THE AMERICAN MAJORITY PROJECT, a coalition of three groups, is spearheading an effort to change that, and put the American people back into the center of public debates about the future of our country. In a statement published on Huffington Post, Roger Hickey, co-director of Campaign for America’s Future (CAF) announced the partnership with the Center for Economic Policy Research and the media watchdog, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting.

    Hickey wrote that CAF was “sending letters to all the major media demanding that the views of the American Majority be represented in the news programs, print articles and opinion pages, and the non-stop daily and Sunday talk shows in which the debate about America’s future is being conducted as we move toward the showdown over the budget. We are demanding representation in the media proportional to the size of the American Majority.”

    Hickey went on to say, “We are also supplying the media with an extensive list of economists, experts and advocates who share the majority view that deficits are not now the major threat to US prosperity, and that getting revenue back into the budget is far less damaging (and more just) than cutting spending and crippling important programs for the poor and the elderly.”

    “Washington is preoccupied with draconian spending cuts because the pundits, news shows and politicians engage in group-think. And billionaire financier Peter Peterson has taught them what to think – that America has a deficit crisis,” Hickey told me later.

    “But outside the beltway, the polls show the American majority cares more about high unemployment and the slow economy than the deficit. And the American majority rejects most of the budget cuts being pushed by the Washington crowd. Strong majorities would rather reduce the deficit by growing the economy, raising taxes for the wealthy and corporations, and by cutting military spending.” …”

    By the way, thanks, that’s a great list!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  69. I always find comments about cable tv interesting and informative, as we do not turn the TV on until our local news comes on. Our local NBC station gives good news and is very even handed. Then, we usually watch Brian Williams. I grew up in the generation of Walter Cronkite and Huntley/Brinkley, and Williams is not a legitimate descendant of them, although I believe he thinks he is. I expect journalists to have the same ethics and evenhandedness of those previously mentioned people, and to deal in news, not speculation.
    So, I am making it my duty to monitor the NBC Nightly news and write when I see malfeasance. I wrote him tonight after the broadcast and told him…”Sarah Palin is playing the press for suckers.” He tried to cloak the story in the political necessity of it, but it didn’t wash. I will keep writing him so that he knows people are aware of his shallowness. I also wrote him last week and told him I was appalled at his lack of coverage of the President’s European tour.
    Perhaps different ones of us could concentrate on specific programs or networks, and be consistent in our monitoring and writing. The squeaky wheel eventually does get the grease. We should also write the DNC, the DSCC and the DCCC and push the to get their advocates on the Sunday morning programs.

  70. This is what I just tweeted to Anderson Cooper. 🙂

    @AC360 @devnacnn @andersoncooper I won’t watch it unless there is at LEAST 45 minutes about Sarah Palin. Please confirm.
    5 minutes ago

    AC360 AC 360°
    RT @devnacnn: Psst… @andersoncooper is back tonight! #AC360
    10 minutes ago

  71. Hi ProfessorX

    Can I add these addresses to my emial contact page from my blog. This is much more thorough than mine.

    Really appreciate your efforts.

  72. This is so helpful, if you could post letters like this when issues arise, I would really appreciate it.

    I have the energy to copy, paste and modify slightly, but I can never come up with letters on my own.

    Your contributions really make a difference.

  73. I don’t use twitter, so it’s hard to decipher your message (sorry!). But, I’m assuming the first message was you being sarcastic, but not sure about the second message.

  74. I’m working on a note to Tweety right now. That was the most disgusting slobbering over that ignorant quitter I have ever seen. Where are the damn coverage about her (and the other rethugs) not offering up one solution to anything? They’re not even running against each other, all they’re doing is bashing the president.

    And, I’m sorry to go here, but I will. Tweety kept showing this clip of her and I swear she was pushing her chest out almost in this biker’s face. Then she’s on a bus in a short skirt and heels. Who in the hell dresses like that on a “family vacation?” That’s where her 20% support comes from, slobbering old men who are voting with…well you know.

  75. FURUS50: Why do you want at least 45 minutes of Sarah Palin on Anderson Cooper? Did you mean to say “at least 45 minutes without” Sarah Palin?

  76. Yes sirreee, Blackwaterdog, this needs more play:

    The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, run by the Department of Health and Human Services in 23 states and by state governments in the rest, offers relatively affordable coverage for people who’ve been uninsured for at least six months because of conditions like diabetes or heart disease.


    Monthly premiums, which vary by age and region, will drop in 17 of the states where HHS runs the program starting in July. In Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, and Virginia, premiums will plummet by 40 percent.

    //Also, too

    Sebelius also said PCIP applicants will no longer have to brandish rejection letters from insurance companies to prove they have pre-existing conditions. Instead, a doctor’s note will suffice.

    //Oh, and here is another example of Obama not doing anything that helps poor African-Americans:

    Obama cracks down on abuses by big-city police departments

    In a marked shift from the Bush administration, President Obama’s Justice Department is aggressively investigating several big urban police departments for systematic civil rights abuses such as harassment of racial minorities, false arrests, and excessive use of force.

    I’m sure Cornel West would trade this action in for a 1 hour prison visit staged by the First Lady. What a maroon.

    Obama, baby. He’s got this.

  77. No, I was being sarcastic. 🙂 Asking them to confirm…

    Follow-up tweets:
    paradisedreams2 Joanne Withersby
    @FORUS50 @AC360 @devnacnn @andersoncooper Isn’t Faux News Sarah’s home channel??
    33 minutes ago

    @paradisedreams2 @AC360 @devnacnn @andersoncooper ; no – J King got stood up last nite but CNN can’t quit the 1/2 Term, 1/2 Baked Alaskan.
    15 minutes ago

  78. The American Aristocrats’ Party — hey, wait a minute the GOP can’t be on the ballot twice!

  79. @professorx..I like it.I love action-oriented
    tactics. So, are we to become an underground movement against the msm? Great stuff.
    I have so much disdain for the fools that they are, that I expect the daily dose of nothingness and detrimental stuff. But, they will NOT negatise my spirit. Sorry, they are just not worthy of my attention.
    Come on people, let’s hold their feet to the fire!

  80. Cmon theo, Twitter is where it’s happenin’! 🙂 The second one (that says 10 minutes ago) it a retweet (RT) by AC360 to anyone who follows him announcing he’s going to be on tonight (John King was on last night). I just replied to those in his tweet with yes, a little sarcasm.

    Twitter is so easy to use and you can get some really good, fast information on politics and any breaking news. I signed up a long time ago but just started using it during the Egyptian revolution to follow the “on the ground citizen” reports from Egyptian tweeters as other news sources just weren’t there for the first few weeks. Now I use it to follow BWD 🙂 and other people and news outlets of interest. It’s so much easier to check Twitter for news than to go to all the websites. And any good news story is usually included as a link in a tweet.

  81. First of all why not do 100 things that the GOP are against/haven’t done/said negatively. Then we would know exactly what we are up against and how to run rings around it!

  82. Can someone help me out, I’m new to twitter and the only people I’m interested in following are President Obama and BWD. I’ve added those two to follow, but I seem to have picked up people that I didn’t intend to follow. How do I set up twitter to only follow BWD and the Pres?

  83. This reminds me of a Republican colleague said to me of the HCR bill that allows kids up to 26 years of age to stay on their parents’ policies. She said she didn’t agree with it, but she was taking advantage of it. The hypocrisy amazed me, but I didn’t have the guts to call her out on it.

  84. When you click on “Home” at the top of your Twitter page, it should just say “Following =2” Then when you click on it it should say who those two are. If it’s more than that, just click on that person and in the green box with the check, just click on it to “unfollow”.

    However, what might be happening is that Obama and BWD are retweeting tweets from others on Twitter. Any of their retweets will show up. You should be able to see on the tweet it will have two arrows in a circle (meaning retweet) and then it will have who it was retweeted by (either BWD or Obama.

    Hope that helps. ?

  85. i love it…. FORUS50:-)

    What I found out about Tweeter….notice that all newscaster have their tweet address at the buttom of their screen…even if they are interviewing a guest they will have the guest tweet address.

    Tweeter is becoming one of the fastest tool in communication. it generates immediate response,
    and it quickly posted on their wall to see it, unlike an email. Even if they have delete the undesirable message, while reporting, they can’t unless they someone else deleting your text.

    Just think if, let’s say about 200 txt messages showed up while Anderson Cooper was reporting, he wouldn’t be able to delete them all, but you bet that viewers will read it and it can become a trendy hot Tweeter item on the web, and it will start a very long discussion.

    As Anderson always says: let me know what you think and always mentions his Tweet acct.

    Lets put it to use…LOL and make him wish he will never repeat it again.

    I remember I tweeted Sarah Palin and also left her a message regarding the Arizona shooting and all her “libel” BS, my txt was immediately deleted, I then learned that she had hired professional to monitor and delete any negative messages from her Tweet and Face book…and that takes man power and money.

    We don’t have nothing to lose, if we all took these steps and start bombarding all of these so called journalist…on their Tweet…Facebook, they wouldn’t know hat hit them…especially if, they are in big numbers.



  86. sorry..I meant to say, Unless they Have someone else to delete their message

  87. I don’t usually assume, but I’m going to in this case.

    I’m going to assume that you won’t mind if I post this a few other places/websites/emails.

    And by ‘a few’ I mean as many as I think will appreciate it.

  88. Well, I really do not have a plan per se. My thoughts were that we might look at a division of labor. For instance, St Roscoe always has wonderful insight and analysis. Is there a way to take someof that insight and anchor it in letters and emails specifically to the media. A group of us 5-6 take one issue and each send them in at least once every week or something like that. The next week a differenct group of 5-6 could take another issue that got poor coverage and so the same thing. Does any of this make sense?

  89. Thanks for the information on Twitter. I’m all set up now following the Prez and Anderson Cooper.

    Sorry to be really dumb, but how do I send Anderson Cooper a message?

  90. I don’t understand this

    “Sometimes I just want to kick someone from the WH in the butt. How is that not big news today?”

    What exactly the WH is supposed to do ? Call a press conference every time there is a good news ?

  91. There’s a saying that states that the thing you give your attention to will grow. I’d rather try and stick to emphasizing the positive stuff. These negative things have way too much attention already.


  92. Sorry guys…I stopped by the “other place” mostly to see if M. Mags had anything to say about the Russell Pearce recall (awesome!)anyway, if you want to venture over, ot better yet, check YouTube about some kids that hacked into Fox “news” ticker in the city.Video is kinda awesome:)Good on those kids:)They said that the US wasn’t broke, that rightwingers are lying to the country, that we have a bigger economy than Europe/China.Someone check this out…I’m just not savvy enough to know if this is for real or not…I’m hoping it is, and giving some kudos to the kiddos for speaking truth to power…a little civil disobedience never hurt anyone.Let me know what you think. I’ll see If I can find it on YouTube and post.

  93. I know how you feel amk.

    Maybe we can write OFA, to have a group including us or whomever want to participate, in rebutting on Tweeter or Facebook as negative events and information are presented.

    I know OFA and others are too busy with canvassing, calling training and other stuff as campaign season nears. Maybe these are some of the things we can all do. We cant relay on the Media any longer, what we can do is be pro-active. I am sick to my stomach that they spend so much time on Palin, Weiner Tweet scandal….What a Shame

  94. Thanks for this tidbit, COS. And I give Romney an “F” for being a flip-flopper. The man is a total jerk… telling the auto industry to drop dead, but when they paid their loan before the due date, he has the audacity to claim that all what the President did to keep them solvent was his idea. What a dam nerve!!!

    Cant wait for him to be the republican nominee, so PBO can wipe the floor with that moron.

  95. They need to get out the positive message better. WH accomplishments are not part of the ‘background noise’ and they need to be. Precious few Americans know that everything that has so far been implemented from PPACA has been a success.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    They don’t do that very effectively.

  96. STOP listening to the MSM!!! I was “addicted” to them, but no more. I get my info from BWD,plus other sources.

    When they realize no one is watching and their ratings are down, they will finally get the message. CNN and MSNBC are hypocrites and teabagger supporters… consequently I have no use for them and their ilk.

    Let us all tell everyone in our network of the BWD link.. I’m doing it, and the results are outstanding!

    Thanks BWD

  97. The rest of the world is laughing after us. Which head of state would even think of talking with palin. Can you see her engaged in serious diplomatic conversations with Prime Minister Cameron of the UK, French President Sarkozy, Chancellor Merkel of Germany, Medgevich of Russia. Could palin ever be expected to hold her own in high level international negotiations and diplomatic treaties? On a lighter note, could she even have a social conversation with Her Majesty, the Queen or even the Pope? This woman is a lightweight and total joke.

    Palin will never be president and she knows it, so she’s playhing the media in hopes of raking in more dollars, and the stupid pundits are fawning over her because supposedly, she’s eye candy….all looks, NO content. God help America.

  98. Hi WIW,
    Iwent thru this blog a little bit and picked up the following bloggers who are already writing to the media:
    GenX, Lazyjazz, Jessica and Snoopy
    with me and you, that makes 6 of us.
    The 2 stories I liked are the DOJ investigations of police depts and the 40% reduction in health care premium in several states. So we would all write 2 emails each, one on each subject and submit or re-submit to as many media sites as possible for one week. What do you think? How do we ask the others? We already have all of the media contact emails. Thanks for being so positive.

  99. Happy Hump Day! I hope that everyone braces themselves for what could be a really challenging jobs report this Friday, and the right’s/PL’s dismayingly satisfied response. I do think that the economy is churning along, but we’re going to have some spectacular months, and some challenging ones. May might be in the challenging column.

  100. This is such a challenge, because there are people who literally spend almost every day of their lives panning hcr. Both on the right, and amongst supposed allies on the left. The right wing desperately needs hcr to remain unpopular if they have a chance in heck of keeping the house, and they’re getting PLENTY of help with that from the professional left. I think that what we’re doing can be part of the solution. The people’s view has had a series of hcr pieces (bwd just linked to one recently in fact) which are extremely educational and counter the spin coming from other quarters with facts.

  101. We need to work smarter. I have no problem lending my real name and e-mail address to a project like this. If we want to scare a bear, we have to look big. If we start an e-mail with “On behalf of…”and include a long list of names and e-mail addresses, we look bigger, scarier and more important. We can set it up once on a document and we can all copy it and use it to head up any e-mail to a TV station or newspaper.
    What do you think?

  102. I certainly am no expert,but is it possible to have a specific YouTube “channel” devoted to all the good news/debunking of lies that happens daily?I suspect someone would have to volunteer to deliver the news on that site…but since a lot of people use YT, maybe that could work.?????

  103. I may be generalizing here but I get most of my news from the Internet and watch YouTube to catch up on events. I hardly watch tv. I don’t know if the opposite is true for people who watch the networks. If they rarely go on YouTube, there’s not much point.

  104. By the way, I watched the video you posted of fox news being hacked. It was funny but I wish that they didn’t speak or feature themselves on camera as they might get caught (admitting ‘we did it!’ and posting it on YouTube makes it possible for them to be traced). A part of me wishes they’d wrecked the servers so fox couldn’t broadcast for ages. I hope the banner was rolling over people’s tv screens for a long time though.

  105. Esmerelda, That Fox video was faked. The techies on Gos figured out how they did it. It never did appear on the TV that way.

  106. Yea! I still don’t like the name of it but am getting used to it. I’m guess it’s supposed to mean “a little birdie told me”? I should google that. 🙂 But I really like the ability to communicate directly with some of the newsmakers. I would recommend you follow anderson cooper and mark knowell from cbs – white house news correspondent – he tweets a lot about Obama activities.

  107. In light of the ridiculous debt ceiling vote in the House yesterday,though it’s an older column from Ezra,this still holds true.I think that someone from the WH needs to explain the debt ceiling to the average American…most are NOT in favor of raising…they don’t understand the catastrophe of that thought…and, as usual, the Republicans are being hypocrites…again.

  108. Voters punished congressional dens for their cowardice on the economy in the 2010 election. But they do that at the general election instead of at the primary stage because its Independent voters whoever were most interested in the punishment. These voters will do the same to the GOP in 2012.

  109. Here’s how: an organized message machine. So on any given day every ‘progressive’ pundit and every government official and every Democratic member of Congress says, for example, “Everything that has already been implemented for HCR has worked beyond expectations.” “Southern states are embracing HCR — look at the lowering of their premiums.” Repeat ad nauseum that New Yorkers can’t wait until the additional reforms are enacted so they can get health care premium relief.

    Over and over and over again. Make it part of the background noise: HCR is working. It’s working right now. Republicans want to take away your right to affordable health care. Republicans lie.

    “The Obama administration has clawed us out of Bush’s hole and has created more jobs…..”

    This is what Republicans have done for 30 years until the entire freakin’ nation thinks paying taxes is bad instead of understanding that our roads and health care and weather warning systems and FEMA disaster relief, etc. are things we should be proud to pay for. It’s what makes us American. Connect it to big ideas.

    What makes America a beacon? Frame it, find a few words to sell it. And get people who bloviate their ‘fairness’ to get with the program.

    Start somewhere. Get spokespeople who get in some of these facts every single freakin’ day.

    Every progressive-leaning voice needs to get on the page. Eugene Robinson and Howard Fineman can stop trying to look balanced and tell the truth. Republicans never let their administrations look bad. WHERE ARE OUR TRUTH TELLERS?

  110. Really ? Get the ‘progressive voices’ on the same page ? Assuming these wonderful voices are willing to be tamed, how is that WH’s job ?

    It sickens me to read about the WH messaging whines, the dems, who are supposed to have the back of the WH do the exact opposite and knee-cap this admin.

  111. I’m batting 0 for 1000 today.Guess I’ll stick to the house and yardwork!That’s why it’s great to have friends here…they rescue you from the bs. Thanks:)ps…I have to say, I was really hoping that the crawl was for real.Darn it.

  112. Yesterday my wife and I met a health insurence guy at a local coffee shop where we went over our PE conditions. He already ruled out any insurence we could get execpt the pool set up by the D WVa gov acting on the HC law. That was before I remembered to tell him I was also a diabetic. Embarrassing as it is to admit here, I (he had to run my wife and my policys separate) also qualify for 35% off because of my income which is zip since I cant even mow the lawn anymore. My wife also will get a lesser discount. He said that had we lived in Va. instead of Wva I wouldnt be eligible for any HI since Va.’s Gov refuses to implement the law, which I already knew. I knew that the PE portion of the HC bill had set in, but I had no idea that I qualified for a break in price. All this is of course due to one man who said damn the fallout, Im getting a law passed that will make it possible for the poor and people with PI conditions to get health care. It does a lot of other things too of course but being w/out HI since Jan 2009 has been scary to say the least and im grateful as hell just to obtain affordable and very real HI.

  113. Frankly Matthews is easily my favorite guy on cable and he wasnt promoting Sarah Palin yesterday.He in fact knows she’s a great big know nothing. He was following a story(these guys have to come up with an hour’s worth of material every day and CM unlike CU has never called O’s Presidency a disaster) and saying truthfully that she has stature in the party and in his opinion will have enough power or she thinks she will to influence who is on the ticket. Now I disagree with him on that and have been highly pissed at thing he’s said the last couple years, including that the President should have sent a nuclear sub to the gulf immediatly upon learning of the rig blowout to eyeball it. The fact that he has critisized Obama in the past makes his praise, which is far more effusive and more often stated than Cenk,DR,CO, RM and Shultz combined more powerful and authentic.I think that Chris Matthews is the best Obama advocate on the air because he actually believes Barack Obama is a good President who outshines by a mile every Republican that’s out there. My impression is that he thinks Cenk U is a know nothing which I agree with. Ive seen him make faces while handing off to CU that remind me of the look a person gives another in the room when spomeone said something that was obviously daft. I assume the reason people refer to him as tweety is his hair and that he’s not far enough left for people on the far left boards but he’s a far better friend of President Obama than any other person Ive seen on cable, or the networks for that matter. I cant stand the constant attacks on President Obama from the right and left, which is why I come here and mostly confine my political tv viewing to hardball. You’ll never hear Chris moaning over things like the public option or for not prosecuting Americans because of torture. He’s much more into talking about the good stuff Obama has done and the hard work he’s done to accomplish the American dream. He also talks about what a great family man President Obama has been and how you’d think Republicans would appreciate a man like that. I think Obama supporters who dont like CM arent paying enough attention.

  114. The WH can have the best messaging in the universe but if the messengers (aka MSM) refuse to get the message out whose fault is that? The WH can’t force the MSM to promote their cause especially since the MSM is in the pocket of conservatives. WE have to do it with blogs like this one. We are who we’ve been waiting for!

  115. I agree with you 100%. I stopped watching TV punditry and don’t miss it one little bit. It became obvious to me that they found paydirt in dogging President Obama no matter how stupid their premise. If you say something negative about Barack Obama you will be on somebody’s show tonight. Cornell West has found this quite lucrative. They will not get my time or energy.

  116. If it weren’t for the Obama administration Dems wouldn not have accomplished anything because they Dems in congress are more interested in protecting their seats.

  117. I have to agree with you amk. The MSM has absolutely no interest in messaging for the Obama administration. We have to do it.

  118. Weiner on the TRMS still hedging about whether it’s his photo, still saying it’s a prank. I think Weiner should just keep quiet or else this thing will never go away.

  119. I don’t think that Howard Fineman is a “progressive” pundit. In fact I believe that he is Palin’s not so secret admirer. I believe that’s the biggest problem that the Obama administration is dealing with – that some of the supposedly progressive voices in congress and the media have been bought & paid for by the same corporate forces that control the GOP.

    People like FDL Hamsher and Greenwald are beholden to corporate money despite their pretenses otherwise. They would rather see a Republican in the WH than the current occupant. And the folks who work on their behalf by spreading false anti-Obama propaganda on certain sites are certainly not interested in being on the same page with the WH in terms of messaging.

  120. It’s more than hypocrisy. It’s damn disgusting. This friend is too coward and dishonest to admit that she damn well likes the law and is benefiting from it, but she doesn’t like the person who presided over the passage of the law and no other reason. If it were passed by Dubbya or Palin she would be singing its praises and there would be zero cognitive dissonance. Unfortunately it’s that kind of disgusting hypocrisy that allows voters to justify why they vote to put Repubs back in power knowing fully well that their policies are dangerous to this country.

  121. I think Tweety likes the President, but he also seems to have an unexplainable attraction to Palin, even though he has attacked her for being stupid many times on his show. Howard Fineman on the other hand, is not particularly fond of President Obama, but appears to be a true supporter of Palin, Not only does Howard find her sexually attractive, he also describes her as being a strategic politician of some sorts.

  122. All the MSM is saying a greata depression is inevitable and that obama has failed! This is incredible, bc after last weeks ny-26, the dmes have given way to much ground to the republicans and there fear mongering on the economy!
    My God! CNN is talking like it is 1933 again!

  123. They got to bring down PBO’ s numbers. They wan to to be a rat race come next year.

  124. I cant stand Fineman, even though CM obviously thinks he’s good at what he does. I’d agree that Fineman doesnt like the President which is probably why AH hired him to run whatever you call that site she operates.

  125. I know folks don’t like hearing it but I’ll say it as long as PBO’ s in office. America thought they were ready for change but not for Barack Obama. America doesn’t deserve this man for another four years. He done well and should have no regrets about giving them back the mess they gave him.

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