“The White House now displays an air of confidence”

Hi guys,

I’m going to remove the stickiness from the far more than 100 things that we love about Barack Obama but I want to thank you all once again for creating a truly memorable thread.


The President has no public events today, so here’s some good stuff to read:

Washington Post: The GOP’s ‘shellacking’ now behind him, Obama finds more solid political ground

WASHINGTON — Six months after Republicans alarmed Democrats with a midterm election wave, President Barack Obama has shaken off the jitters and found his political footing despite sluggish economic growth and deep public anxiety about the direction of the country.

The White House now displays an air of confidence, bolstered in part by achievements such as the killing of Osama bin Laden by U.S. commandos and the financial success of an auto industry that Obama bailed out over the objections of man.

Obama is also benefiting from the absence of negatives. The economy, while lethargic, is growing. The private sector is creating jobs. Natural disasters, while deadly and plentiful, have not developed into governmental crises. Skyrocketing gas prices, which fed the public’s economic fears, are now subsiding. And the GOP’s signature budget plan, ambitious in its spending reductions, has lost its luster with the public.

“It is likely he will be re-elected, in my opinion,” veteran Republican pollster Wes Anderson says.


Obama’s inner circle, always wary of sounding too self-assured, is not hiding its optimism.

“I would rather be us than them,” said one of the president’s top political advisers, David Axelrod.

Pollster Andrew Kohut of the nonpartisan Pew Research Center compared Obama’s place in 2011 to President Ronald Reagan’s at a similar point during his first term, more than a year before he won re-election in 1984.

“They both came from an ideological wing of the party and they are perceived that way. Both were hit with real bad economies and the public turned on them,” Kohut said. “Right now, Obama’s ahead of where Reagan was in ‘83.”

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Fox poll: Obama will Be re-elected

While Fox News pundits regularly excoriate President Barack Obama, a new Fox opinion poll finds that 57 percent of those surveyed expect the 44th president to be re-elected in 2012.

The Fox poll shows an Obama on the rebound. A survey taken in December showed just 29 percent expecting Obama to win a second term: 64 percent said he would not. The President holds a 57-36 advantage in the survey taken last week.

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Eugene Robinson: The GOP’s self-destruction derby


My advice to Sarah Palin, not that she would take it, is that she’d better be careful. If she keeps pretending to run for the presidential nomination, people might take her seriously.

The former half-term Alaska governor’s “One Nation” bus tour has made the Republican establishment nervous. If her aim is just to get back in the news, reinflate the Palin brand and boost her speaking fees, then party leaders have every reason to be pleased. In the unlikely event that she’s actually running, they have every reason to order another Scotch.

What the GOP should worry about is the intoxication that adoring crowds often induce in politicians. Palin might board the bus intending to pull a Trump and disembark convinced that now, more than ever, the nation requires her service. The hosannas ringing in her ears might deafen her to voices of reason.

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NYT: Surprise Victory in New York Invigorates Democrats Looking to 2012


p m carpenter is just a terrific writer:

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You see, ladies and gentlemen of the Progressive Purity Court, it had dawned on the Nobel mind of Brother Paul that he was beginning to sound like one of those most pitiable political beasts known to thinking man: No, it wasn’t that he was sounding like a cable-TV progressive activist, although in that there would have been tragedy enough; no, it was much worse than that; yea, he was beginning to read like a progressive blogger, always belching and bloviating that we should do this and we should do that, while never pausing, not even for a singularly sobering breath, to acknowledge that that’s not merely improbable, my friends, but unfuckingbelievably impossible. Conclusion: So what’s the point?

Aye, you see, what occurred to Brother Paul, if I may speak on further behalf of my enormously chastened client, is that progressives must stop blathering about what should be done and they must start explaining instead how they can achieve a political launching point from which certain progressive things can be done. And that, of course, means toning down the progressively pious evangelism and cranking up the pragmatic trench-warfare of political reality.

Ah, I see from your aghast faces that my defense of Comrade Krugman’s brief immersion in such reality isn’t likely to carry the day. I know, I know, reality isn’t much fun: it harbors few opportunities for transcendent self-righteousness and absolutely none for hallucinatory utopianism. My apologies.

Brother Paul, you’re on your own. Go back to groveling.


The Nation: GOP is No Friend to Military Members Struggling During Recession

House Speaker John Boehner spent his Memorial Day weekend at a funeral for an Ohio solider killed in Afghanistan, solemnly attending the services and weeping at the end, during the playing of taps.
Boehner’s respect for the military sacrifice is admirable. Unfortunately, his apparent feelings are not borne out by his voting record. In recent years, Boehner’s Republican caucus in the House of Representatives has taken several votes this year that are substantive insults to veterans and active duty members of the military. The GOP has long enjoyed voters’ trust as the political party most likely to defend the armed services—but the facts tell a different story.

Most of the recent measures taken in Washington to help veterans aim to protect them from the economic crisis. Unemployment and foreclosure no doubt touch many Americans. But many veterans spent much of the past decade fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan, only to re-enter civilian life as the economy bottomed out. They faced an even steeper uphill battle than most, often struggling with injury, mental stress, or at the very least, many years out of the country and away from the job market.

Accordingly, lawmakers offered a wide range of bills to assist recent veterans—and Republicans opposed nearly all of them.

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  1. Good morning BWD, hope you had a good holiday weekend. As always thanks for finding the wonderful articles!

  2. Good morning all. Carpenter’s article is specially meaningful to me because of a somewhat lengthy comment I will post later that I have been working on.

    However, nobody should be subject to my bloviating first thing in the morning, so I will wait a while to post it.

  3. “Republicans opposed nearly all of them.”

    And yet most of the military votes republican.

  4. Even if Palin isn’t running, she’s sucking all the oxygen out of the room for the GOP primary candidates. She’s still offering herself up as a comparison to Romney, Huntsman, Pawlenty, Cain, Gingrich and the rest and none will bring the excitement she can stir up and thus all will be judged further lacking.

    Also her supporters will be sitting on their wallets for the time being in case she does run. They’re not going to donate to their “Plan B” candidate now when they’d be funding a potential Palin rival. When fundraising is the key metric gauging the seriousness and viability of campaigns, and when donated money now is put in to building campaign infrastructure and used to raise money money – this could further hurt the rest of the field.

  5. Thanks for the good news, BWD, and thanks again for the “100 Things” thread. It was golden.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Barack Obama will be re-elected EASILY in 2012.

    All the rest is media chatter and noise — talking heads desperate for ratings and political losers desperate for attention. All for naught. Palin and Romney detractors sometimes spend more time focused on them than even their supporters do. Just wastes of time and brainpower.

    I, for one, am gonna enjoy the ride, and get busy getting this man re-elected.

    Obama 2012. Take it to the bank. Have a great day everyone :-D!

  6. I think it’s pretty obvious that the opposition has only straws to grab, as it has all along, to paint PBO out of the picture. They are desperate! Huff ‘N Puff has two articles – one, and I kid you not, about the outrage of PBO possibly “chewing gum!!!!!” at the Joplin memorial and the other about more limos purchased during this administration than the last. Really pathetic stuff. The article about his odds of winning the next election is positioned as the last article on their front page.

    Brace yourselves for a non-stop assault in the “news” on this president’s overwhelming popularity as Citizen’s United takes it’s toll on our democracy. PBO will be accused of any and everything daily, based on rumor and innuendo, and we will all be forced to defend and support and GOT for him from now until November 2012. Be prepared! Forewarned is forearmed!

    OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!

  7. Good point though unless she opens PAC their money is still gonna to one of the other candidates.

    Are limp and klannity still behind her candidacy ?

  8. It is going to be sickening, I hate to think how much worse the attacks will get. But voters will be able to see the reality of all that PBO has accomplished. The health care reforms are taking effect, there will be more jobs. even if the repugs blow up the economy, every one will know they are responsible. We just need to keep informing everyone of what PBO has done and get serious about gotv.

  9. It’s good to see things turning around but I hope none of us gets complacent – this is going to be a much harder election than 08 mainly due to the new restrictions placed on registering and on voting which states which have GOP controlled legislators have put into law – we will all have to work our butts off!

    I’M IN!!!

  10. And even though I know corporations own the media it still sickens me that I can’t turn my tv on in the mornings and see any fair reporting!
    Big deal – Palin is riding around in a bus – all I see around her are damn REPORTERS – I don’t see many people and I don’t hear ANYONE applauding – so, is it the media who are trying to convince this sicko nasty bitch to run? Why – because she is a more interesting story for them to report than Romney?

    The media makes me want to puke

  11. It doesn’t say much for this country that it should be a harder election than ’08, when we have a once in a lifetime President and a bunch of repugs who are useless. We really will have to work hard.

  12. Lies, Lies and More lies, by our lovely MSM this morning!
    One in Particular stood out, I found it hillarious, if not sad.
    Morning Jerk had on Robert Kennedy to talk about green jobs.
    And the whole panel blamed the President, for not having a green energy bill done!
    One para-phrasing moment came when Joe asked Jeffrey sachs who is to blame that there is no green energy bill. Sachs said, Their is not a green bill, bc the Wh is in bed with big oil and big coal!
    Then, Robert Kennedy Jr. followed that by saying, and the President chokes out clean coal out of his mouth.

    So, everything is Obams fault, even stuff he pushes for, like the cap and trade bill he called 50 congressman to get there vote, which eventually died in the senate.
    But, this type of taking what Obama has tried to do, and then blaming it on him is beguiling!
    Anyways, good morning everyone…

  13. PoliticalJunkessa – it won’t happen easily and it won’t happen at all unless we, his strongest supporters work our hearts out because the BILLION dollars which will be spent on nasty ads work!! Negative ads work – the statistics show that – so, again, we all have to commit to working hard – starting NOW!!

    Does everyone wear their 2012 Obama button every day? Do you have your 2012 bumper sticker on yet?

    Our group just ordered hundreds of “I’M IN” buttons with Obama 2012 on them – we’re all excited to get them out to the public.

    I love to come on here and read about all the love – I NEED my daily dose of this as I am out there hearing some negative sh-t about Obama (some of the Jews in Boca are really pissed at him right now – I have to remind them that his position is exactly the same as has been the US position for at least the last two decades but I suspect that some who don’t like him for racial reasons now feel they have something “legit” to hang their hats on). I was at a bbq last night and woman saw my button and asked me if I wasn’t disappointed in him – I said to her “Are you kidding me? I think he is the greatest President in my lifetime!” She said she and her husband voted for him but were very disappointed – I asked her why and she could not come up with one blessed reason for her remark. I know there were several who were expecting miracles and when those miracles didn’t immediately occur they were disappointed. I see a miracle in the man himself – every day I see how hard he and Michelle work for this country and I am SO grateful!

  14. Yeah Jovie – I can’t even stomach Morning Joe anymore – just can’t start off my day that way.
    I watch the Daily Rundown which upsets me a little less – I had always hoped that Chuck would do “Meet the Press” instead of Gregory who I really hate!

  15. Personally, I could not be less complacent. I have deep worries about the economy. The republicans are working hard to kill the recovery, and recent data is quite troubling.

  16. That’s disappointing to hear that RFK jr said that about Obama – so much for Democrats defending one of their own!


  17. WESTPORT — Staples High School has a reputation for producing some of the brightest students in the state, but now the school itself looks to a brighter future thanks to a 7-kilowatt solar photovoltaic system installed on the roof last week.

    While the system would normally cost in excess of $30,000 — the price tag of a typical 5-kilowatt system — the town didn’t have to pay a dime. It was earned through the Connecticut Clean Energy Communities Program of the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.

    The town qualified for the project because by last December 479 customers in Westport had enrolled in the CTCleanEnergyOptions program, as well as 29 local clean energy installations. As a result, Westport earned a total of 566 clean energy points — one point for each customer and three points for each installation, according to Bob Wall, director of energy market initiatives for CCEF.

    Read more: http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/Staples-High-lands-solar-energy-system-1402157.php#ixzz1NwQ1jmG4

  18. I read in a BBC piece that rethugs and ‘senior democrats’ think that Obama is beatable in 2012. Probably people like kennedy are those democrats wanting such a result. At least rethugs are blatant about their racism while the dems are the worse ones with their hidden agendas.

  19. NORFOLK – Residents finished off town meeting business on the second night Wednesday, unanimously approving a second location for a solar energy project, but postponing a controversial bylaw to regulate off-road vehicles.

    Voters plodded through the first few articles left over from Tuesday, but then the meeting moved along through the end of the 42-article warrant.

    Only 73 residents turned out at King Philip Middle School – less than half the turnout of the first session Tuesday night.


  20. Democrats seem to be Obama’s biggest problem. I wonder if RFK jr. would prefer Romney. When PBO leaves the White House, I am done with Democrats. They are worse than the repugs!

  21. TOWNSHEND, Vt. (AP) — The state of Vermont has approved two hydro-electric projects for the West River in Townshend and Jamaica, but the developer is still waiting for federal approval to qualify for incentive programs the projects need to succeed.

    Blue Heron Hydro plans to generate power from flood control dams in the two Windham County communities.

    Blue Hydro President Lori Barg says the 3-megawatt project is waiting for a federal license.

    The application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission was filed last October.

    Barg tells Vermont Public Radio says the projects need to be federally licensed by the end of November to qualify for federal and state incentive programs.

    Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/article/Vt-approves-hydro-power-projects-for-West-River-1402593.php#ixzz1NwR76bK9

  22. ?? they couldn’t tell you why they were disappointed? sigh. Did you push for an answer? I know I would have just from sheer frustration. ‘you’re disappointed but can’t tell me why?’ geesh.

  23. Let’s not get too complacent. There’s still a long way to go. Things look good at the moment but they could be better, especially the economy. On the other hand, things are looking better for the democrats than they did just a month ago.

  24. Wow, just wow.

    It’s pretty astonishing, and frustrating, to see articulate intellectuals like Sachs, Krugman demonstrate they’re totally oblivious to political reality.

    On a good note, as p m carpenter points out in his article mentionned in the mishmash, Krugman is beginning to see that he has “sinned” in not acknowledging some harsh political realities.

    I’m wondering if President Obama shouldn’t engage with them directly. To ask their advice on political strategy. Oh to be a fly on the wall when PBO would ask them to devise a strategy to convince Landrieu, Ben Nelson, Manchin, on a particular piece of legislation on energy…

    Folks, I’m sorry to say it, but we probably should be concerned about “the left flank”. If the delusional PL doubles down and tries to mount a primary challenge or worse a third party “protest vote” it won’t be good. A deflation of 3-4 % of the democratic vote could be very hurtful. Remember 2000…

  25. Hope all TOAITRers/TODers had an enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend..

    BWD thanks for more positive reads, and you’re always welcome!

    PBHO Pic? ::whistling:: 😉

    Because PBHO, America, and our democracy deserves it, WE need to HOLD THE U.S. MAINSTREAM MEDIA (which doesn’t include Fox “News” that’s another story) ACCOUNTABLE and PUSHBACK MORE FORCIBLY against them w/ their :

    A GREAT, MUST READ: Vision – How to Make Media Reflect the Popular Views of Americans, Not Those of Elites: We should demand that the media cover the views of the majority…

    “… 62 percent believe the government should focus on creating jobs, even if it means increasing the deficit in the short-term, according to a Lake Research Partners poll in March, 2011.

    76 percent believe cutting Medicare to help reduce the budget deficit is mostly or totally unacceptable, and 67 percent believe the same about Medicaid, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll in February, 2011.

    68 percent believe that phasing out the Bush tax cuts for families earning $250,000 per year is mostly or totally acceptable to help reduce the budget deficit, according to the same poll.

    65 percent oppose changes to Social Security as a way to reduce the budget deficit, according to a Pew Research poll in March, 2011.

    Yet, despite similar results in dozens of polls over the past few months, none of it seemed to penetrate the Beltway bubble.

    THE AMERICAN MAJORITY PROJECT, a coalition of three groups, is spearheading an effort to change that, and put the American people back into the center of public debates about the future of our country. In a statement published on Huffington Post, Roger Hickey, co-director of Campaign for America’s Future (CAF) announced the partnership with the Center for Economic Policy Research and the media watchdog, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting.

    Hickey wrote that CAF was “sending letters to all the major media demanding that the views of the American Majority be represented in the news programs, print articles and opinion pages, and the non-stop daily and Sunday talk shows in which the debate about America’s future is being conducted as we move toward the showdown over the budget. We are demanding representation in the media proportional to the size of the American Majority.”

    Hickey went on to say, “We are also supplying the media with an extensive list of economists, experts and advocates who share the majority view that deficits are not now the major threat to US prosperity, and that getting revenue back into the budget is far less damaging (and more just) than cutting spending and crippling important programs for the poor and the elderly.”

    “Washington is preoccupied with draconian spending cuts because the pundits, news shows and politicians engage in group-think. And billionaire financier Peter Peterson has taught them what to think – that America has a deficit crisis,” Hickey told me later.

    “But outside the beltway, the polls show the American majority cares more about high unemployment and the slow economy than the deficit. And the American majority rejects most of the budget cuts being pushed by the Washington crowd. Strong majorities would rather reduce the deficit by growing the economy, raising taxes for the wealthy and corporations, and by cutting military spending.” …”


    Let’s do our part to help CHANGE ‘THE “PROFIT-ORIENTED” MEDIA’ CULTURE, go to What Is Working’s ‘Resources List’ to find their contact information!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


  26. Love your avatar, Jayne.

    When I say “easily” I don’t mean that the campaign won’t take lots of hard work, sweat, and energy. When I say “easily” I mean by a comfortable margin — by at LEAST as much (percentage-wise) as he won by in 2008.

    Everybody does not have to like Barack Obama. Everybody does not have to vote for him. But for everybody who is “disappointed” in him, there are plenty who have been turned away from the extremist republican party or who are inspired by the track record of this President — which he amazingly improves upon every day.

    Nobody is complacent, but I continue to maintain that we are on the winning side. Obama 2012.

  27. Why do people confuse confidence with complacency??? Confidence inspires me to work more (and smarter), not less — just like PBO. :-).

  28. AT MIDDAY ON WEDNESDAY, just over a dozen politicians and officials, mostly Virginians, will troop into Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s office, hoping to rescue Metro’s Silver Line extension to Dulles International Airport. What’s at stake is one of the largest public infrastructure projects in the country, now in jeopardy of coming unraveled in an increasingly bitter feud over costs and financing. Mr. LaHood, having recently rescued another major project , the modernization of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, from a similarly venomous impasse, has offered to mediate.

    That’s a promising sign, and not just because of Mr. LaHood’s deftness as a go-between. Just as important, he has a critical say in the disposition of federal transportation loans, which could be the key to resolving the Silver Line standoff.


    Maybe we all should show Ray Lahood some love and sent him an email of our support?

  29. This message needs to be drummed home. We don’t make this point nearly enough.

  30. Riiight! Obama is bed with these guys? SO they didn’t talk about Landrieu, Nelson, the entire f-ing Republican party and those Liberal Senators who begged Obama to back off on green anything because it would hurt the economy in their states and cost them re-election? Any mention of those people?

  31. Oh, they are setting that up! That is why this cotnest is going to be very close, bc of our own Left flank, or as some others would put it, green party purists!

  32. Because, unfortunately, Democrats get complacent very easily. This country’s history over the last 30 years would have been very different if Democrats had voted as a duty and not as a response to how ‘inspired’ they were to do so. They do not have the same institutional commitment to long term progress that Republicans have. So we regrettably have to remind people that the indications of an easy victory does not mean we cede one single minute to Republicans, who are masters at manipulation. I’d like to see the DNC get ahead of the arguments and stay ahead and pound Republicans on what they are doing to the country. We have to stop reacting to them and stake our claim to what is right and true.

  33. And what about the budget that was just agreed to? No more guaranteed loans for green energy projects.
    Cape wind suffers and so does delaware offshore wind, that is two projects that is stalled bc of GOP obstrictionism, and Robert Kennedy cannot muster those points…? Sigh!

  34. Thank you BWD for the good news, and per P.M Carpenter It’s unfuckingbelievable that the MSM spent their time talking about Sarah Palin, but zero talking about what POTUS did over the Memorial weekend, they are disgasting asholes.

  35. Bobbie Kennedy is a loose cannon. He wants a perfect progressive utopia and he wants it now with no admission of political reality. No appreciation of what these kinds of attacks will give us as the alternative. Shame on him.

    Unfortunately, this is what passes for progressive punditry almost exclusively.

  36. Wisconsin’s Governmental Accountability Board (GAB), which oversees elections in the state, is today poised to certify recalls against three Republican state senators, as the battle continues over Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-public employee union legislation.

    The board today will approve recalls against state Sens. Robert Cowles, Alberta Darling and Sheila Harsdorf. Last week, the GAB approved recalls against Republicans Randy Hopper, Dan Kapanke and Luther Olsen. But still pending are three recalls targeting Democrats Dave Hansen, Jim Holperin and Robert Wirch.

    As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, the board is postponing its decisions on the recalls targeting three Democrats, which were originally scheduled for today, citing strain on the board’s bureaucratic resources posed by the sheer number of signatures and challenges that have been made. But Republicans are also protesting that decision:


  37. And, in that CNN poll, the only group of people that is down from last month, is Democrats at -4!
    Something is not clicking with the dems! Me thinks all this noise from Jane and Cornell might be sticking with some of them! Just saying!

  38. He’ll name John Bryson, who was CEO of the electric power company Edison International and was on the board of The Walt Disney Company, as Commerce sec.

  39. Thats good! 1,2,3… Here come the insults from the PL!
    Almost on Q, they are a problem we have to deal with!

  40. I hope you continue to vote Democratic after the President leaves office. At least while the Republican party is still in this shape. I think the democrats have better domestic policies and in general are better for your country’s reputation. The most popular US Presidents among non-Americans (Obama, Clinton, Kennedy, FDR, Woodrow Wilson) have all been democratic and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

  41. They’re irrelevant. None of them bothers me anymore. The only thing that matters – the only – is the economy. If PBO is at 50+ now, just imagine his numbers if the economy gets better.

  42. Billionaire energy magnate T. Boone Pickens slammed Koch Industries on Friday for its opposition to legislation he’s promoting that provides tax credits to jumpstart use of natural gas in the trucking industry.

    “They don’t ever come toe-to-toe. They don’t get up and discuss these issues or anything. They are very mysterious,” Pickens said on CNBC.


    I love when Billionaires fight each other!

  43. RFK follows the [gag!] Ralph Nader line: “Well, if the Democrats were better we’d vote for them.”

    The alternative is so heinous that it astounds me that the like of RFK cannot see what they are doing.

  44. Yes, but if we’re on this blog discussing PBO day and night, *we’re* not complacent….

    I’m not complacent. I know people think unless you’re wringing your hands or continually venting or continuously ranting about the media (which has changed nothing in the media, by the way) that you’re complacent. Not true.

    I’m confident, but not complacent :-).

  45. According to Mark Knoller: “Bryson, 67, has a green background. Is a co-founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council & was Pres of Calif Public Utilities Comm”.

  46. Oh, PL is going to love THIS.

    I’m going to get flamed for this, but why can’t we have a Commerce secretary without a view of the economy from the penthouse office? I am not saying we should give in for a second to the whiny, looney Left but I would think a more progressive-leaning appt would be in our best interests and help to quell the fears of the less-than-rabid lefties.

  47. True that! In comparison, the GOP plans for our future are not what the public is looking for to get us out of this mess we are in@!

    Wait til they hear ROMNEYS pro business/ corporate tax cuts plans?

  48. Only thing wrong with this attack is it was in the pakistani newspaper a day earlier. Forewarning them! HMMM!

  49. 1. Does the loony left has such a candidate ?

    2. Is that candidate willing to accept this post ?

  50. The United States has a set of expectations that it wants Pakistan’s government to meet, Secretary of State of Hillary Clinton said ahead of her short trip to Islamabad last week, the kind of language Washington has frequently employed to bring its conflicted partner in the war against militant Islam to heel, each time there has been a crisis. Clinton didn’t elaborate, saying only at the end of her meetings in Islamabad that she expected Pakistan to take decisive steps in the days ahead.

    But on Monday, Pakistan’s The News reported that the military was preparing to launch an air and ground offensive against militants in North Waziristan, a demand that the United States has repeatedly made over the last two years. It said the decision was taken during discussions that Clinton and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of State Admiral Mike Mullen had with Pakistani government and military leaders.


    Hillary got to them, on her visit last week. good job Hillary!

  51. Okay, as promised, here is my bloviating. I was originally going to post this on a thread yesterday, but got caught up in things on the home front. But p.m.carpenter’s writing prompted me to put it forth now.

    Several years ago, like back in 2004, a favorite phrase on certain left wing blogs (particularly one we all know and have gotten to dislike) was “reality based community.” Ostensibly, this phrase was meant to mean that the left focused on facts rather than ideology. This was especially true when discussing things like climate change, who really supported the military, the Iraq War, and countless other items. Because the left relied on real, scientific data, it was inherently better than the right, which, as one Bush advisor famously said, made its own reality.

    After the 2004 election, I was all set to write a diary for said site about the use of that phrase and how misguided it was. The left was in mourning because how could we, who were so enlightened and based our lives on reality, be defeated by a bunch of know-nothings on the right? But the fact is, the left wasn’t fully based in reality, because it didn’t understand that “reality” consisted of more than just data points and truth versus falsehood.

    Now more than ever, we are seeing that the “reality based community” no longer exists in places like the site not to be named. Rather, if anything, it is more represented by the current occupant of the White House than anywhere else. Reality means dealing with the world you find yourself present in, not the world you would like to see. That doesn’t mean that realists should not dream and hope for more.

    Rather it means that in doing the hoping and dreaming, we need to always stay grounded in what is really achievable. Thus, reality does mean climate change is taking place, and we need to do something about it. But it also means that not everything that needs to be done CAN be done right now. Reality recognizes that there is a persistent portion of the population that denies climate change. And that portion is represented by people in power who are going to resist doing anything at all to address it.

    Reality means recognizing that the government can be a positive influence in people’s lives and in turning the economy around. But reality also recognizes there are people who will work as hard as possible to make government fail for ideological reasons.

    There are some who are starting to realize that. Virtually everybody here is cognizant of the reality-dichotomy. Without a doubt, our President is extremely aware of it and works daily within the real world to make changes, as incremental as they may be. Not everybody is necessarily happy about the pace of change, but those who are truly reality based realize what the President is up against.

    Those that aren’t, and probably never will be, reality based, will not give him the credit he deserves.

  52. “…The media makes me want to puke.”

    Let’s DO SOMETHING about it!!!

    By the way, I’M IN, too! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Futuree!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


  53. I think a good counter-argument to offer to people who say they are “disappointed” is to point out to them the UNPRECEDENTED level of obstructionism by republicans in Congress.

    It’s pretty concening that if in theory people know about the different branches of government, the political and media culture puts so much emphasis on the presideny that people end up forgetting that in reality Congress holds a lot of power and can seriously limit waht the President can do.

  54. Jovie, you go girl w/ya “bad self”…

    You keepin’ us, continuously, informed of what’s goin’ on in the U.S. and the world!

    Thank you very much!

  55. Please be aware:

    There is a serious measles outbreak in Europe and it is being spread to places like the UK and Ireland via trips to Europe and Europeans coming here.
    If your children and/or grandchildren have not been immunized, please consider doing so now as the disease can be fatal for some children.

  56. It seems the media doesn’t have anything of real substance with which to denigrate obama, so they dig up any little supposed “gaffe” to report instead of the real news of events. The recent European trip was real proof of that—only the teeny tiniest trivia got much attention and all Obama’s uplifting, statesman-like appearances got scant to zero coverage. Did Chuck Todd tag along on that whole trip just to report on a musical toast and Michelle’s hair blowing in the wind? It was just preposterous—-150 U.S. media personnel and all missed the real news, the meaningful, the historic nature of the trip, just a wrong date in a guest book?

  57. Well, the republican governors, tornadoes, earthquakes and floods have hurt the economy this month!
    My only hope is the jobs reprot on friday will not be a weak one, that would be catastrophic for the budget negotiations!

  58. I have my 2012 bumper sticker on my car and have bought two new Obama/Biden T-shirts and plan to buy the newest one — The One that shows the Presidents birth certificate! Can’t wait to wear it in a red part of Virginia!

  59. Awww how is that a personal announcement? I was hoping for a little obama in the works announcement. 😀

  60. Awesome mish mash. I wish our potus the best he deserves that. I ❤ him so much.

  61. That is great Jovie!!! Hope you know how much you are loved for all the information you bring us. Keep up the great work!!!!

  62. Oops, I didn’t finish a sentence:

    w/their unprofessional, non-journalistic misinformation coupled w/vitriol, deceit, and “closeted” racism…FOX Lite!

  63. What I would like people like RFK realize is that there won’t be a realignment of american politics towards more progressive ideas until the radical right is DEFEATED in such a way that they’ll go back to being a marginal force.

    My best case scenario would be a CRUSHING defeat of the radicalized GOP in 2012 so their establishment will have no choice but FINALLY work to distance themselves from their crazy fringe. Then the GOP could rebuild towards returning to their roots of a center-right party. This, and a new generation who is more progressive, would allow democrats to go a bit further to the left.

    Problem is that for the Democrats to crush republicans in 2012, there needs to be some UNITY in the ranks…

  64. Doesn’t this new Commerce Secretary have to be approved by the Senate? Since when does the looney left have candidates who can get by the Senate?

  65. Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, spent Memorial Day weekend in the Hamptons at the home of Internet pioneer and gay, bisexual and transgender-rights activist David Bohnett. The Bidens stayed at Bohnett’s sprawling Southampton estate and were seen lunching at popular 75 Main on Saturday before a relaxed veep happily accompanied his wife as she browsed at Alice & Olivia and Calypso.

    A spy told us, “He had three Secret Service agents inside the restaurant, including one watching in the kitchen while the chefs made Mr. Biden’s chopped salad.”

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/bidens_holiday_in_hamptons_RDHJnuUHv7fyitAm2aVIGN#ixzz1NwhMRckO

  66. He may havr lost some of the Dems, but he gained some independents to replace those Dems.I also think come next year those same Dems will vote for Obama.

  67. Wow Japa21, you have said it for all of us. I am so thankful for all you wonderful writers here that can put into words what so many of us feel but can’t express. I am a very liberal Christian Democrat but I know that in the “real” world not everything is going to be done the way I want it to be. I understand how government works. Like the President says, A large ship doesn’t turn on a dime, (something like that). I do thank God everyday for the man in the White House!

  68. I will vote for Democrats who stan dup for the party and care about the people, I just will not let any one take my vote for granted. If I have a choice between a useless R and a usless D I will vote 3rd party. And nobody will get any money or gotv from me.

  69. You know, NYPost is Murdoch-owned…


    They’re always tryin’ to find “dirt” on the WH!

  70. Sadly, it was the Democrats who destroyed Carter’s Presidency with their purity, and Democrats who pushed Clinton to the right. If they had supported him, he wouldn’t have needed to “triangulate”.

  71. Good morning BWD and TOAITR family! I am so happy to read the President doesn’t have any public events today. Hope he gets some down time.

    I have to keep thanking BWD and everyone who comes here for all the information that flows. Please know that it is all appreciated and passed on. I am addicted to here in The Obama Diary can’t get thru the day without checking in.

    Have a great day everyone!

  72. Non-rabid lefties never bought into the lie that President Obama is a sellout in the first place. Alongside African Americans, the group with the highest and most consistent level of support for this President are liberal Dems. The WH is disparaged by the media, elitists, and some elected Dems, and they’re worthless as far as I’m concerned. I’ve learned that there is a method to POTUS’ madness and a solid reason for each of his decisions, reasons which are keyed into helping ordinary people in this country.

  73. I feel like I woke up in an alternate reality today. The comment section is about as negative as I’ve seen it be in some time. I don’t have a television signal, so I don’t have current events on my radar. Did something or several somethings happen today to make everyone suddenly pessimistic and agitated? What’s going on?

  74. Awesome comment, japa. It brings to mind a terrific note which was posted by a teenager, Joe, to thepeoplesview yesterday:

    While this is really off topic, can I just say how great you guys are? I’m 18 years old, heading off to College in a few months and essentially have the rest of my life ahead of me. Yet, whenever I used to go to places like HuffPost or Salon all I would see was doom and gloom. “The economy’s going to collapse”, “Obama is a blood sucking corpratist”, “Dems are spineless and cave on everything”, “America is doomed!”.

    It was all so depressing and spiteful. A group of people telling me to give up, its over, there’s nothing you can do to make this country a better place and you should just leave. Not you guys though. You, Cesca, BWD, ABL, and others, you actually want to inspire people to do more, to get out there and fight for what you believe in even if you don’t come away with everything you wanted. Your not just sitting around in an arrogent, narcisisistic circle jerk claiming you have all the answers and mocking those who disagree. I actually feel that if I share an opinion here, I won’t get chased away for showing a hint of pragmatism.

    Thank you, really, thank you. You’ve helped me realized that we have accomplished things and we can do so much more as long as we fight for it.


    Everyone here deserves a round of applause for eliciting a remark like that. Yes we can!

  75. What makes me want to puke is that the republicans ( at the national AND the state level) are the ones who are hurting the recovery while it’s President Obama who gets the blame !

  76. As per usual, random members of the Dem leadership are making the rounds with their bs, which is scaring people in light of the election next year. I’m with you, though. We’re in a really good place politically at the moment and like politicaljunkessa I’m determined to enjoy it. I think she’s also right in that confidence does not equal complacency. I think having a positive outlook going into the elections is a terrific idea, and it’s a choice.

  77. If the numbers for Dems are not where we want, I would attribute that to the sluggish economy, not the PL.

  78. They will have had this information before us, don’t worry. I’m a medical student and I get emailed a daily update on infectious diseases because of a journal my university subscribes to. I’m sure the CDC has much more resources.

  79. Hey Tien! Didn’t have the chance to congratulate you for your new gig. TPV is a brilliant blog and you are a wonderful addition. I’ll be a regular reader. Good luck.

  80. I don’t know…all the news in the mishmash was great, and pollwatchers got good news…so you would think spirits would be high ;).

  81. Hi gn! :-D. Yes, let’s enjoy. Didn’t we want good news?

    Onward and upward. Woot!

  82. PBHO IS a multi-tasker, so he can do more than one thing at a time…He has “several balls in the air!” So, jobs and the economy IS always on the mind of PBHO, his Admin, and the Congressional DEMs:

    Growing Our Economy Through Travel and Tourism… http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/05/27/growing-our-economy-through-travel-and-tourism

    New Obama Administration Jobs and Innovation Initiative to Spur Regional Economic Growth… http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/05/21/new-obama-administration-jobs-and-innovation-initiative-spur-regional-economic-growth

    Job Creation Over Deficit Reduction – Traditional Media Keep Missing The Point… http://gocl.me/k3gpNi

    But, WE know, for a fact, the TEAPUBLICANS, at the local/state/federal-level, DON’T GIVE A DAMN about those things!

    They just want America and our democracy, as WE know it, and PBHO to fail…

    Of course, WE won’t let that happen to America nor to him!


  83. I just wish that the RFKs and others in the Democratic leadership would for once think about how the purity politics model works to HURT liberal causes and stymie progress. I think that we’re all celebrating the good news, but as usual, Dems going onto Morning Joe, etc. dampen that excitement. I so wish they’d stop, and only accept his invitations when they’re prepared to stand firm against Joe’s concern trolling and nasty/nice faux civility.

    /rant off lol

  84. YOU CAN’T BE JUST 18!!! You are more mature and wiser than me by lightyears. And I could be your greatgreatgreat grandmother! Does this mean you’ll have less time for blogging?

    GN I wish you all the best…g

  85. I think folks around here worry a lot because they are so sensitive and attuned to political nuances and care so much. I’m a half empty glass person myself, but after a REALLY craptastic year – as opposed to all the years I THOUGHT would be dreadful, but were NOT, I’m filling up my glass. Or trying to 🙂

    As I wrote on TPV, I am delighted you are writing there.

  86. Well, the republican governors, tornadoes, earthquakes and floods have hurt the economy this month!

    While I agree with you on “republican governors” (because they fire civil servants, creating unemployment), natural disasters generally free up insurance money and can be seen as a form of stimulus.

    Old buildings, bridges, etc. get torn down, but new (better, and in case of buildings, more energy efficient ones) will replace them, built using insurance money that would otherwise be just part of some “financial instrument”.

  87. Ah, I see now, GN was quoting Joe. Oh well, they are both fantastic. And now I don’t feel sooo antiquated 🙂

    Joe, if you are reading – best of luck to you.

  88. After you check this site out…


    Just for the hell of it, BWD, you should add it to the ‘TOAITR’ Blogroll!

    Let’s show PBHO IS supported by the unlikely…

    It can be used as a “draw ’em in’, don’t know what hit ’em, gotcha” tool! 😉

  89. lol ((((((g)))))) like I told Joe, I wish that I were as wise as he is when I was that young age. I should have italicized or blockquoted that; as soon as I posted it, I thought it looked confusing. But yes, the young’uns have a way of making us feel so antiquated! Out of the mouths of babes.

  90. Faith, the man has to be confirmed by the Senate, remember ? I don’t think people like Van Jones would stand a chance, do you ?

    Anyway, Mr. Bryson has credentials in the green energy economy, so the republican WILL make difficulties. What I take from President Obama’s little presentation is that Mr. Bryson has the skills to navigate through those difficulties.

    I hope (!) the PL takes the time to analyse Mr. Bryson’s credentials before freaking out…

  91. How statistically significant is 4%? Remember they don’t survey the same people twice so quite a large margin is required to detect definite support swings.

  92. Indeed – if only the media did their jobs. Show us the facts and contrast those facts against the words/rhetoric. Show us who backs their actions with deeds.

  93. Yep, Tien Le, info which needs to be SPREAD FAR and WIDE…PASS IT ON…

    And, it’s my pleasure! 😉

  94. I am confused at to why RFK jr (hillary supporter) is trashing President Obama at this time. There are so many green projects out there because of this administration that jovie puts out.

    We are making progress.

    President obama will face no challenge from the left. Back when his approval ratings were lower due to gas prices dominating the news and before the debt limit speech/donald trump roasting and bin laden, articles said “he will face no challenge)

  95. Dems should really start hitting job creation being the best way to reduce the deficit. Jobs mean more people paying taxes and less trying from the safety nets. Also adds more money into the economy which is a great job multiplier.

    I think it’s pretty simple to understand and a great message pushback.

    The more spending cut means the more jobs lost which means less money in the economy, which means less people paying taxes and more people using unemployment and other protections.

  96. I never take it for granted that President Obama will be re-elected, especially with the power of the media, the apathy of voters, and the fact that GW was “voted” in twice. Add to that the fact that Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachussetts went to a man who professed that he would be the 41st vote to kill health care reform, the dearest cause to Ted Kennedy’s life. Nothing is impossible. And there is just way too much at stake. The media, the right wing, and the apathetic care nothing about the future that would ensue if a republican was to take any more power or retain what they have.

    Right now, the media is salivating over the prospects of a palin/Bachmann cat fight. Good theater. Serious consequences for the discource and direction of this country and the world.

  97. It’s nonsense that the liberal Democrats would kneecap President Obama, they are just JEALOUS that he has high approval ratings and their approval ratings are in the shitter because they’ve been a thorn in his side and have refused to work with him.

    They all want to primary him, but they know it’s political suicide to primary a sitting President, especially a President as popular and respected as President Obama. And their list of dream primary challengers is laughable and pathetic: Feingold, Sanders, Kucinich, even some disappointed Hillary supporters are suggesting that she run a primary against him, as if being shellacked by Obama in the 2008 primaries wasn’t proof enough of how weak the Clinton machine is against Obama.

    While the UNprofessional left has been wanting utopia and magical ponies, President Obama has gotten things done, but the UNProfessional left will always focus on the negative aspect of his accomplishments as more excuse of him being a far right DLC Republican corporatist Wall Street puppet, blah blah blah. They’ll always be nothing less than a bunch of disillusioned cranks with loud voices. Even Phil Donahue said it back in 2003-2004: “Loud doesn’t mean right.”

  98. It would be nice to see how much it cost to send those 150 “journlists” on the trip, and just what kind of value we got back from that investment in terms of live coverage, complete and factual reporting, and enhanced analysis. I know I never would have found the live feeds if not for this site and BWD. I wouldn’t have even known what country the President was in if not for this site and BWD. And I certainly wouldn’t have participated or observed the wonderful commentary and analysis if not for this site and BWD. And I didn’t pay anything for that! I can’t say I got equal value from the media.

  99. This is probably why the knives were out with Bobby Kennedy and Morning Joke (I never watch the joke in the morning – too toxic and stupid – so I’m just going by what I’ve read here). They probably heard about the nomination of the green Commerce Sec, and they wanted to dull that impact.

  100. Someone without that penthouse experience probably couldn’t run an entire government department – remember, there are thousands of people in those departments. They actually should have some executive experience to run the department effectively. And in this particular position, it can only help to know how to talk to corporate executives and understand what is important to them. I wouldn’t want an idealist trying to make this happen.

  101. And as President Obama was making the announcement, Mitch McConnell was already busy putting out a statement that he planned to block Bryson’s nomination unless PBO did some nonsense that McConnell and his Rethug friends wanted.

  102. So true – dealing with the world as it is, while actively working to make it a little more like it should be – that’s not selling out, or any other such nonsense peddled by the left. It’s progress. Real, painstaking, tangible progress.

  103. I guess the media doesn’t understand that we know who she is already. Thanks to the media Palin has never been out of the spotlight. Whenever she thinks they aren’t paying enough attention she conjures up a stunt like this one. How many times do we play this game?

  104. That alliance might be worth two percent of the base and that’s being generous. The other 98% are not really thinking about politics or an election eighteen months away.

  105. To me, it “sounds like a plan”…

    Now, WE need to get all your strategy(ies) and reasonable concerns to the appropriate people and places. I BELIEVE they need to hear them!

    Do you ever contact anyone w/your great ideas?






    Of course, there’s @pfeiffer44, @woodhouseb, @RepSteveIsrael, and @AskDems on Twitter! 😉


  106. But maybe what the MSM does not get is just how well we know who Palin is. And since we know Palin on a much deeper level than they are willing to expose……we know too that the MSM is blowing smoke up our butts. The MSM continues to expose themselves as arrogant, lazy and misdirected…their bottom lines, and orchestrating train wrecks seem to be their highest priorities. Hacks!

    Sorry to be impolite.

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