“I love my daughters more than anything in the world, I can’t imagine losing them”

Memorial Day:


82 thoughts on ““I love my daughters more than anything in the world, I can’t imagine losing them”

  1. LORD knows I have some idea of what POTUS means when he says how much he loves his daughters. i’ve got two daughters and I can’t begin to fathom the thought of losing them.

    Heartfelt photos, BWD. Thank you!

  2. Hearing the President and watching him speak from the heart, always moves me to tears.

    Thank you Mr. President.

  3. Correction….Can’t help but like this president more and more each day.

    P.S. Thank you BWD for your tireless dedication.

  4. What a difference from last year. In 2010 he was in Chicago going to BBQs this year he came from a week long trip in Europe and a memorial service. No rest for this Pres.

  5. Our beloved President is deeply compassionate and respectful of the true meaning of Memorial Day. There could not be a greater contrast between his behavior and that of the media hog ON the hog at Rolling Thunder yesterday.

  6. I as well. He managed a horrible situation and turned it around for Bush. It had NOTHING to do with any of the neocons. From his first day testifying in front of Congress, openly admitting that Iraq & Afghanistan could not in anyway be described as successful, he gained my admiration. Every GOP and Bushie were lying to the American people everyday with false claims of success and “Mission Accomplished”, he was honest and candid in his first testimony in Congress. I also appreciated his gracious introduction of President Obama.

    I am still bawling after watching the President’s speech!

  7. I had a dad that loved his children and his wife with his whole heart and also managed to do his chosen work tirelessly and with integrity. I know what kind of difference that makes! He was also a WWII vet like the President’s grandfather. My thoughts were reaching up to him today and thanking him for his service in all the duties he was called to.

  8. He is totally amaizing a fantastic human being, he is the best ever, So I hope Sarah was listining to the man she was to run against. And if she thinks the military would like to have her as commander in Chief think againIf a REpug would became a president I would pull out my kids out of the Military pronto.

  9. Hi everyone !

    As usual, a beautiful and moving speech by President Obama. He always makes it personal and real.

    Something else touched my heart too: the tribute Bob Gates gave to President Obama. I always knew Bob Gates admired and respected President Obama. But I think he’s never been more clear about it than today. And this in a very public setting.

    I took the time to transcribe it:

    “… For the rest of my life, I will keep these patriots and their loved ones in my heart and in my prayers, as I know does their Commander-in-Chief, who has so steadfastly supported those bearing the brunt of the fight. I’ve been honored to work with President Obama for the past two and a half years, and to see the deep seriousness and thoughtfulness with which he weighs the security of the nation and the safery of the men and women who serve. Throughout, he has never shrunk from the tough decisions, the heavy burdens and the true responsabilities of command. It is my privilege and my honor to introduce the President of the United States” Bob Gates, May 30th, 2011.

  10. No kidding. I thought he would be just chilling at “the House” today. I think he really meant it when he said he missed his pre-president life in Chicago with being able to walk to the store or library or go bike-riding in the neighborhood or along the lakefront. It seems he loves to get outdoors and as President the only “outdoors” he can do without disrupting a neighborhood is golf.

  11. SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois House passed a state version of the DREAM Act Thursday in a vote hailed by immigration-rights advocates as historic.

    By a 61-53 vote, the House approved and sent to Gov. Pat Quinn legislation that would set up a state fund that would route privately funded college scholarships to as many as 95,000 children of undocumented immigrants….more


  12. “Five generals, two colonels and a major told a news conference in Rome that they fled Libya in protest at the killings of civilians and that Col Gaddafi’s military strength had been reduced by 80 per cent.
    Only ten generals remain loyal, Gen Melud Massoud Halasa, one of the defectors, said.
    At least 100 more army officers have left Libya in recent days, according to Abdurrahman Shalgam, Libya’s ambassador to the United Nations, who defected himself in the early days of the uprising against Col Gaddafi’s regime.”…more


  13. Thank God. Things have moved fast this past week. The end is near.

    I read that people in Tripoli are daring to protest in the streets again.

  14. Yeah.. i dig Bobby Gates too, have really warmed to him as i’ve learned more of him the last few months. Am actually bummed he’s leaving, i’m not sure Panetta has the same level of requisite humility for this job.. we shall see.

  15. Guess what? The new msm meme spin /lie is the president is not like Jimmy Carter anymore, but he is just like George hw bush!
    Not kidding. This is what all the pundits on CNN are saying…

  16. That’s great news. I’m embarrassed I live in Chicago and didn’t see this as I haven’t had the local news on. It’s amazing that Illinois is the first state to do this! Yea!!!

  17. And President Obama proved right again in how to handle the situation. Plus he got NATO to do what it is supposed to do, and got the African Union and Arab Union to finally get involved for a change. A win-win-win-win situation.

  18. The president has not had a day off in a while. But, it is Lmost the middle of the week, no rest for the weary!

  19. I think your new mayor, you know, that foul-mouthed, crabby guy, may have had a lot to do in getting this to pass. I am proud of Chicago and Rahm, too.

  20. This cropped up right after Bin Laden was killed. GOP knew the Carter example wouldn’t work anymore, so they switched to George HW Bush because Bush was seen strong on FP issues but the bad economy cost him re-election anyways.

    I don’t think this is nearly as effective in that you now have Republicans slagging Bush 41 in order to be able to try and hurt President Obama. Problem being Bush got around 40% of the vote in 1992, very likely all from Republicans so they’re basically making the case that these Republicans who voted for the Bush 41 re-election should vote for Obama, or saying they shouldn’t have voted for Bush’s re-election and he was rightfully defeated.

  21. Because they want to imply that PBO will be a one-term President. But they are WRONG. I can’t remember anything special that Mr. Bush Senior accomplished in his tenure. Did Mr. Bush turn around an entire failing auto industry? Did Mr. Bush prevent economic collapse via stimulus package? Did Mr. Bush reform Health care where no other President had been able to? Did Mr. Bush capture and kill the most wanted terrorist? Was Mr. Bush globally admired the way PBO is? Was Mr. Bush considered a “rock star?” Did young and old people of all backgrounds race, color, creed stand in line in punishing weather for hours on end just to hear Mr. Bush give a speech? Were people from abroad scrambling to claim blood relations with Mr. Bush?

    Maybe if the pundtwits spent less time fawning over that half-term quitta and more time studying REAL history, they would not be spewing this garbage.

  22. Same as my husband who admitted he got a little lightheaded, at the end of his round in the sweltering heat here in Illinois. And he’s not 48 any more, just golfy goofy. I just saw on the news they are carting passed out people away from the beaches in Chgo. We’re not acclimated—it was 34 degrees here a couple mornings ago and near 90 today.

  23. The problem of the bad economy is that the GOP cannot tie the economy around PBO’s neck the way that it was tied around Bush 41’s neck. Voters are A LOT more knowlegeable of which policies actually hurt the economy and they realize that PBO inherited a disaster which he actually was able to salvage some – even though it’s not fully recovered.

  24. That foul-mouthed crusty guy, the one with the tough exterior, broke down at a Memorial Day observance as he spoke of the families who have lost a loved one in service. Just like I have always said—-beneath that tough exterior lies a soft and caring teddy bear with a big heart of gold.

  25. I hope that’s true. It should be. We still need to shout from the rooftops because we still have a lot of peeps who are not paying the slightest bit of attention.

  26. I know. Whenever he tries to get some R&R for himself or with his family I am so relieved and glad. I also want to scream when anyone criticizes him for it or suggests he is spending his time frivolously.

  27. For sure. Everybody is pretty excited to have an energetic and pragmatic mayor here. And he’s off to a good start.

    A couple of weeks ago I read in “Red Eye” (a free daily paper for commuters in Chicago) a CLASSIC line delivered by Rahm that unfortunately should have been more properly recorded. I couldn’t get over how perfect it was given the city, the time and the audience. So on one of the days shortly after he was inaugurated he was doing some volunteer work and it was a dreary, cold wet day, and his work was going to be digging up weeds with a shovel. Of course all the reporters and photographers were all standing around for this photo-op. Rahm took the shovel in hand
    and then said jokingly, “I look down at these weeds and all I see is corruption.” Of course everybody laughed.

  28. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/30/science/earth/30climate.html?ref=politics

    You see, this us why I hare environmental groups! In thus article above, california us about ready to implement the nations first ever cap and trade policy on January 1st.
    The enviro groups are suing bc they want all the pollutants included in the law!
    The thing us, this type of purism is what threatens the life of any law. Ugh. I hate ideologues, they are ruining our country. Can’t leave well enough alone.

  29. Russ Feingold is way ahead in this PPP poll for Dem Senate primary (he hasn’t said he is going to run) against other possible Dem match-ups. And yes, Jovie, speaking of idealogues…he of course voted against the financial reform bill, saying it wasn’t tough enough. Then he ran a very poor race in 2010 and did the residents of Wisconsin no favors with his purity vote.

    I used to like him until he got all pissy with Obama during the primaries and didn’t endorse him for some unknown reason. Obama won his state by 12 points or something and he loses it 2 years later? He doesn’t deserve another chance imho.


  30. Thank you jovie for reminding us of history! People forget that GHW Bush lost probably because of that 19% vote Perot.

  31. Where Are The Obama Scandals?
    “One of the least remarked upon aspects of the Obama presidency has been the lack of scandals. Since Watergate, presidential and executive branch scandal has been an inescapable feature of the American presidency, but the current administration has not yet suffered a major scandal, which I define as a widespread elite perception of wrongdoing. What happened, and what are the odds that the administration’s streak will continue?”


    This guy tries to link scandals to opposition party approval of the president. I’m not sure his theory holds though as Obama has had the lowest opposition party approval in his tenure compared to Bush and Clinton and yet no scandals.

  32. I think the president is wearing many of them down, with his deeds, actions and being an awesome human being.

    Lies told by haters and opponents are after all limited when the evidence is so overwhelming.

    Thank you BWD.

    Thank you our men and women, everyone of you that has ever served.

    Thank you, pres Obama, may you continue to be who the awesome God has made you to be.

  33. And that is why many in the right wing world are no longer happy with Gates.

    The man is a fine man.

    I hated it when many on the left bashed him as well.

    I am glad that he was asked to stay as long as he could.

  34. They will keep spinning and keep getting it wrong. It is not about them and their love affair with the person from Alaska.

  35. I am watching Gettysburg on the history channel. It is something else. Tuesday night, they have on lee and grant! Be sure to watch that.

  36. The “pundits” like to forget the fact that when President H.W. Bush ran against, then Governor Clinton there was a man named Ross Perot in the race who took 19% away from President Bush.

  37. Thank you for typing words of Sec. Gates. I too was impressed that he took this occasion to say them again.

  38. I have so much respect for President Obama: from the time he was a community organizer he has been dedicated to improving the lot of everyone. He always finds the right words to console, inspire, bring us together, as evidenced by his speeches yesterday and today. Thanks again BWD for all that you do in giving us a place to appreciate him and to enjoy community. Love everyone who comes here!

  39. What beautiful words from Secretary Gates, who also supports our military every step of the way. I’ll miss him (and I’ll miss CJCS Admiral Mullen, another man of integrity and honor).

  40. President Obama is dignity and grace personified!

    I am in awe of of this brilliant and great man who deals with a compassionate mind and a measured hand!

    The United States and the world should be grateful to have this amazing man at the helm!

    We should all work hard to see that he gets a well-deserved and hard-earned second term in office, to secure the great work and solid foundation he has laid on our behalf!

    God bless President Obama!

  41. No Jessica, in 2010, he went to the memorial event in Chicago but the rain disrupted the event!

    He was not at “bbq’s”. I have no idea what your point is, but it sure smells funny to me!

  42. I lost any respect I ever had for Russ Feingold. I actually came to see him as quite despicable and under-handed and quite the self-promoting opportunist!

  43. If he’s the best they can get to run so be it, but I wish they could find someone else. When you look at his votes he came across as the Senate version of Dennis Kucinch. Either my way or the highway.

    Anyway I hope the WI Dems can find someone to challenge for this seat.

  44. A hard-working non-partisan (although he’s a registered Republican) far-sighted public servant like Gates was bound to find Obama preferable to his strutting, posturing, thoughtless predecessor. Gates is an analyst by training and nature and has always been one for careful, dispassionate study of the issues at hand. Obama’s much the same temperamentally and the two of them probably got on like a house afire.

  45. Great news! We need to keep JFK’s spirit alive – and on the seas!

  46. The one of so few things bush did was appoint Gates when Iraq and afghanistan was going so badly. I am glad that Gates was brought in and very glad he stayed on through three years with President Obama. I am glad Gates was able to serve a truely honorable man…President Obama.

  47. That’s alright, We can scream for him..just go to your window and yell…”I am mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore”. Because that’s how I feel when I hear the stupid things people say about him. I don’t think PBO internalize the BS the GOP and their minions spew each day. When he is at home with his wife, kids, and mother in law..all is right with the world. He knows how to leave work at work and being in the moment with his family. Remember..he knows how to do more than one thing at a time.

  48. This focus on Palin’s bus ride makes me think that the media covers the stories that their most regular correspondents would be interested in. So please, make your displeasure known to them as well as here. It might just make a little difference.

    I saw in a post a couple weeks back that Clinton and Bush had very different approval ratings at this stage and they were both re-elected. The bottom line is, we just don’t know and should take nothing for granted. Unless the nominee is Sarah Palin.

  49. Yes – I’m so glad President Obama had Sec. Gates working with him; especially during the first two years when he was trying to figure out what to do with the wars,and also gain the trust of the military.

  50. There are two others who I think have been badly maligned by the far left – Geithner and Holder. I seriously doubt these men would still be around if their thinking was faulty or they were working against the American people. PBO would just not allow that to happen.

  51. “TALLAHASSEE | The elections supervisor in Rick Scott’s home county refuses to recognize a new law the governor signed out of concerns that the U.S. Department of Justice hasn’t decided whether it violates a law protecting minority voters.
    In a letter to the state’s elections division, Collier County Elections Supervisor Jennifer Edwards pointed out that her county is one of five in Florida that needs Justice Department pre-approval “or preclearance” under the 1965 Voting Rights Act before it makes any voting changes….
    Supervisors from the other four Florida counties — Hillsborough, Monroe, Hendry and Hardee — joined Edwards in her opposition. At the same time, the state was planning to inform the five counties that they wouldn’t have to comply until the Justice Department gives its tentative “preclearance” approval, said Chris Cate, a Florida Division of Elections spokesman…more


  52. This is the sort of nonsense that gives us academics a bad name. His is research that is wrong headed, poorly hypothesized, and frankly tone deaf.

    That he never considered the possibility that this administration has set itself a higher ethical bar that it rigidly follows, says that he is a hack. What does the virulence of the President’s opposition have to do whether the administration is scandal-prone or not?

    It is not for the lack of trying that Darrell Issa hasn’t come up with a single charge against this administration. If anything his zeal has exposed that very smell of corruption among his own staff.

    Would it kill these researchers, pundits etc. to simply admit that this President is running a very efficient and ethical government?

  53. Hey overseasgranny, my obsession with Ireland has reached a new high, then my friend with one simple sentence, put a kabosh on it.

    “what about your allergies”

    Dam her lol.

  54. Well, CC, if your allergies have nothing to do with grass, wildflower pollen, mold or mildew, you are probably going to be able to handle it. If they do, then you make a couple of trips back home during the year. And take allergy pills.
    There is a new patch that is supposed to take care of peanut allergy by sensitizing you to it without putting it into your bloodstream. If that works, they will probably be able to handle any allergy soon in the same way. Do not give up too easily.

  55. Would it kill these researchers, pundits etc. to simply admit that this President is running a very efficient and ethical government?

    Yes, it would.

    And if not kill them outright, it would send them into fits of unintelligible speech, pulling their hair out and writing ridiculously “researched” articles.

    Oh, wait…

  56. Geithner is Wall St. and bank friendly to a fault. I understand the focus when we were on the brink of global economic collapse and needed a Treasury Sec’y who could speak the lingo. However, it doesn’t appear as if the banks or Wall St. are the least bit thankful for what was done for them with no requirements that they loosen up lending or come to a reasonable solution on foreclosures. I sometimes wonder if Obama would have made a more robust commitment to foreclosure relief, etc. if he’d had a more Main St.-friendly Treasury Secretary.

    Holder has been a bit of a disappointment to me. He does some good things and some things that are just head-scratchers to me. Yeah, yeah, I know all of the explanations about his duty to to defend the laws of the U.S. no matter how odious. But throughout history the AG can forge ground in a particular direction and I have not seen Holder do that. There is tremendous latitude for an AG to set what issues are important to him.

    Gates was a brilliant choice — principled, smart and knowledgeable who deeply understood the right of a President to set the agenda. That President Obama has [rightly] earned his respect and has been eloquent in publicly saying so, is a credit to someone with Republican credentials.

    Let’s stay aware of the fact that some of the criticism from the left is not solely the purview of the nuts at dKos or GG or Jane Hamsher. I’d venture to say a lot of that criticism is from people like my husband who will definitely vote for Obama, loves him to pieces but has some questions about the banks having no requirements put on them to let some of their profits flow to Main St. What scares me is the sane left of center who may fall into the Democratic disease of not voting because they are not adequately enthused.

    HHS is setting a progressive agenda. A lot of what comes out of the Interior is pretty good for progressive ideals. Energy can’t do it all, but the department leans heavily in the direction we need to go, as evidenced by the many posts here that inform all of us on what’s being done. But I admit to wishing that Treasury and DOJ was a little more progressive. It would go far to keeping Democrats excited.

    Flame away, if need be.

  57. Rahm has found the exact perfect tone and message that rises above political posturing and speaks directly to the citizens of Chicago. I don’t expect him to rout out all Evil in Chicago politics (a time-honored tradition in this town) but he’s going to improve governance significantly.

  58. That is a myth. All of the Perot votes were not Bush votes. He had wide-ranging appeal. The majority would have gone to Bush but not enough to sway the election away from Clinton.

  59. It’s a myth. Majority of Perot votes would have gone to Bush but not all of them. This has been proved by political scientists over and over and yet the myth remains.

  60. Russ can be as blinded by ideology as the other side. And yet when it counts, he’ll give a Republican president the benefit of the doubt and not vote against certain nominees.

    Feingold almost destroyed Wall St. reform because the bill wasn’t perfect enough for him. I respect him and I know we share the same ideals for America but he can be Dennis Kucinich-y a lot of the time and stand in the way of progress.

    He refused to actually engage his batshit crazy opponent in the last election, deciding to run a ‘clean’ campaign instead. Instead of bravely defending the progress made by the Obama administration and the excellent work of Nancy Pelosi, he stood his ideological ground and let WI think that they would be better served in Republican hands. The people of WI (I was born and raised in Milwaukee) were looking for articulate explanations and defense of Democratic policies and Feingold failed to deliver on that.

  61. I think you make a pretty fair argument. In another administration, perhaps, Holder and Geitner would be the standouts–but Pres. Obama has raised the bar pretty high for his cabinet, and thise two are just so-so in my opinion. Both have done OK for the most part, but they don’t always seem to match the President’s vision. Still–I can’t say that I’d do any better a job!

  62. Hi, Faith, I am about at 70 and ChiTown was crooked back then. I do remember, when I was a small girl, my father waving a fiver out the window at the “cops” so he wouldn’t get a speeding ticket. I don’t know if it will ever change, but a little less corruption would be nice.

    As to Geithner and Holder, you and I will have a $1 bet that by the end of PBO’s 2nd term, you will accept his judgement (not mine) that these two guys are OK.
    I don’t think PBO is finished yet with the banks but he has to go slowly so he doesn’t plunge the world back into recession, and we really do need banks, but better and more honest banks that just do banking. We’ll get there.

  63. Hello, or did you mean the Opem Thread one? This one had less comments, but that one was OT.

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