President Obama in Missouri (Photostream UPDATED)

Hi guys,

First, I’m going to stick that “100 (more or less) things that we love about Barack Obama” thread for the rest of this long weekend, because, frankly, you guys just blew my mind. This is an extraordinary collection of comments, and I adore you for building something that was such a pleasure to read, I can hardly contain it. Feel free to spread it as far as possible, because if one thread can change a room….Thank you so much.


PBO will deliver remarks at Joplin Memorial Service (3 PM ET. Live here and here). Photos will be added here.



190 thoughts on “President Obama in Missouri (Photostream UPDATED)

  1. Have a safe flight and I am sure the residents of Joplin will be happy that you are there.

  2. I’d love to know where POTUS gets his energy. I know, from directing it towards the GOOD! Thank you, Mr. President. I know you will provide reassurance and comfort to the families in Joplin, MO.

  3. I’m blessed to have a president so intelligent, so caring, so handsome,who has done more on this trip to Ireland and the UK and Europe, as president, than any of us can understand fully today. To have Russia consent to help get Qadafi out of Syria is a diplomatic coup. alone, that I know won’t be lauded for what it is until many years from now.

    I have longed for a president that measured up to FDR, the president of my childhood, and now I’ve seen a president that exceeds FDR in so many ways. FDR would be proud of him, as I am proud of him.

    What a gift it is to me to have experienced Barack Obama in my life time.

  4. The world, not just the United States is very lucky to have Prez obama as the leader of the world at this time. He is the most well-grounded, well-rounded person anyone can ever wish in power. And now, off he goes to comfort the afflicted and the suffering in Joplin. What a guy…

  5. I think that Barack Obama has a twin brother. REALLY, where does he get the energy. I would be sleep for 2 days… Here he is, going to see about his people. God bless him.

    He just keeps on going, and going, and going…

    Doing the RIGHT THING, no matter what the fools on the right have to say. Can you imagine Republicans not wanting government to help people? Now that FEMA is actually working well, would they turn down FEMA help here?

    THIS IS WHAT MY TAX DOLLARS ARE SUPPOSED TO DO!! Help people. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. I want my tax dollars to support these efforts.

  6. You are so lucky and Blessed to have such a Graceful, Intelligent, Compassionate Man to lead you!!! wwish he was ours!!! We Canadians love…love him!!!

  7. It is the one thing that still amazes me about the Right Wing. They hate govt. So they seek power so they can go in a dismantle all useful govt programs…

    And, the very people who benefit from govt programs rush to vote for people who would gut those programs; the hatred on the Right sometimes is so visceral, it makes them vote against their own needs and interests.

  8. Thank You!!! First,I don’t envy the job the President has to do today, but his presence is so necessary for all the people in Missouri,ones directly affected and ones not.He looks like he’s thinking about what he has to say…so focused, so purposeful.Godspeed, Mr. President.We are all with you on this somber day.
    With regards to you saying that this is what you pay taxes for, I could not agree more.I want my taxes to go to a govt. that WORKS,for all its people! I am in a rather heated discussion at another site that is local to AZ (need I say more?)The commenter that I am arguing with actually called Americans of lesser means, “peons”. Wrap your head around THAT! Vile, ignorant human being.The site deleted their comments, I asked that they NOT delete them, that they be shown to all that visited that site, for the world to see just what kind of callous,entitled idiots there are in this world.So I agree with you,isonprize,that my taxes be spent wisely and fairly for ALL Americans.

  9. Joan, I so much agree and feel the same as you do. It is a blessing to be alive while he is our President. I am so grateful for him.
    I also believe my dear family here, that the love, the goodness that we do along with him, the respect, the hardwork, and the precious prayers that we send his way keeps him energized. It is a powerful manner in which we think of him and ask God to give him wisdom and poise, and physical strength. I believe he knows that we are praying for him daily, and that keeps him going.

  10. Good day all you wonderful people!

    We all know of the thoughtful approach our President takes to any issue and we have decades of evidence of how analytical he is.

    His grasp of history and culture is extensive.

    Thus, in 2008, when he was precise and transparent about the focus he would bring to capturing or killing Osama, we knew it was not macho, it was not political – it was based on his deep understanding of the nature of why we had to go into Afghanistan in the first place.

    For the average American, the deep cultural reason – centuries old and absolutely rigid – would have remained obscure, if even noticed.

    Thanks to Rachel Maddow, a video now exists that takes very few mins to view and makes it crystal clear not only why we had to end Osama – with zero ambiguity of his demise – in order to have any hope of exiting Afghanistan having finished the only justifiable reason for us being there.

    Here’s the link: for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Ms Maddow is perhaps the best we can expect to ever have as long as the right-wing corporatist media dominates the broadcast and cable spectrum. If so, I hope that she persists in being – most of the time – a factual, analytical journalist. We all know how close to extinction the species Americanus journalistae is.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  11. Yea, kinda wierd that way:) I always wanted to know why, if they hate govt so much, they have chosen to stay in govt SO LONG, taking the benefits that their GOVT JOB provides them,all the while bashing the govt to the people they want to elect them! Take those perks and bennies (healthcare…’cuz it’s FREE!)I got mine, but screw you.People need to learn how to think, instead of be the little sheeple that they are.Sorry, pet peeve.

  12. Let me just say, BWD, that your “little game” we all joyously participated in, was so uplifting. A wonderous Saturday morning exercise that turned into poetry and prose that blew my socks off.Thank you so much for that opportunity. To participate with my own thoughts, but even more so, to read the eloquent thoughts of others.

  13. Hi Everyone, a happy Sunday to you! I just reread our ‘Reasons I love President Obama’ thread and feel tremendously uplifted. Heartfelt thanks to BWD for the idea and lots of warm feelings towards those who participated. I find it reaffirming (I admit, in a selfish way) to see that lots of people feel about the President the way I do. It’s also reaffirming to know that though we may not make a lot of noise in the media, we are ‘out there’.

    I feel certain the President will listen and comfort as he sees the damage nature has wroth in Missouri. May he himself be upheld through this visit as he has got to be so tired.

  14. TEAPUBLICANS and their ilk ARE evil, apathetic, radical, and HYPOCRITES…

    That IS all!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


  15. Good morning BWD and TOAITR family. I too so enjoy the thread yesterday. It is so wonderful to talk about the positive and our great President.

    I am off to a day long meeting so I won’t be able to see the President’s speech live. I know that BWD will have the video and I will be able to read everyone’s comments.

    See you tonight.

  16. Americans who are a little touched in the head always seem to love the goverment and Federal dollars when something major happens or when the threat of a Federal program may disappear. I hope that very same group wakes up and smells the coffee about who keeps fighting on their behalf to keep those very loved and cherised programs in play… Democrats…..and Independent elected members of Congress…

  17. Thank you BWD; Yes he looks tired, while PBO is doing the country’s bussines around the world, her the MSM spens their freaking time talking about Sarah garbage, so who cares is she runs or not stop playing this fucking games, Sarah knows shit about what’s going around the world.

  18. While the right wingers keeps grinding and gnashing their teeth, our hard working empathic POTUS Obama just keeps on keeping on. Sending positive vibes to my potus on his journey to Missouri today and blessing to the victims.

    My president looks amazing, I would be a hot mess after the week, month, year he has had. ๐Ÿ˜€ I love his long strides and his beautiful face. What a man.

  19. Esmeralda yes we watched her ;so come on Michelle debate this little girl ha. ha.

  20. Thanks…

    FLOTUS loved POTUS for wantin’ to be just an ordinary, down-to-earth, fun-lovin’, family-lovin’ human being!

  21. I say we try for 1,000!Who knew this little game would garner so many insightful thoughts and feelings from so many…including those in other countries and so many new faces.That book idea was a good one, BWD. Maybe with most of the proceeds going to his reelection, or disaster aid,or green jobs,or education,or…..think about it:)

  22. Lol, as one of those Canadians who love President Obama and wish he was ours too, I must stronly agree with you Jenny.

  23. She was very articulate…I have one of those too, in my son.Bachmann would never do it. Who wants to be shown the door by a high school kid?

  24. Thank you Esmeralda. Finally I have a face to attach to the name. She is one smart, courageous cookie!!!

    She is good! Thank you.

  25. I sent an email to the Whitehouse to welcome the President home, and to let him know how much we appreciate what he has done, as well ad that of the First Lady and his administration.

    It seems a simple thanks is not sufficient in light of everything he shoulders!!!

  26. Me, three – And I’m sure there are people all over the world who would gladly replace their leaders with him. He’s one of a kind!

  27. The stats in this article are stunning. In these five months, the number of tornadoes exceeds the total number in 2010! And these people still want to deny that the extreme weather is caused by climate change and global warming? I’m glad Mayor Rahm just recently said that these extreme weather patterns will become the norm, and we just need to prepare for that reality. If the GOP prevents us from doing anything to reverse the trend of global warming, then we have to prepare for the worst.

  28. I saw on the evening news yesterday that the young man that had just graduated high school shortly before the Tornado hit was found in a body of water yesterday. His family did not know what happened to him because he was riding with his dad, and the dad was found and hospitalized. They had not been able to find the young man that was blown out of the top of their hummer vehicle. They have photos that show the families happiness during and after graduation.

    I haven’t heard anything about the young man’s father, but my heart just goes out to all of the victims families that lives have been torn apart due to the latest round of deadly storms.

  29. This is an EXCELLENT article, and should be read by everyone. He delivers the unvarnished truth, with no enjoyment of the bald facts of GOP hypocrisy. I could have cut and paste several section – the whole article, in fact – but these were among my favorite lines:

    “So, what is a Tea Party Congressman โ€“ dedicated to smaller government and individual responsibility โ€“ to do when the very people who are hurt and in serious need of federal assistance are the same people who sent him to Congress in support of his uber-conservative beliefs?

    In Longโ€™s case, the answer -so far- has been to do nothing as he weighs his ideological commitment against the dramatic needs of his constituents and the political damage that might follow whatever decision he makes.

    Oklahoma publication, Tulsa World, first reported that Long told them upon his arrival in his district following the disaster, that his first priority was ensuring that Joplin received speedy assistance from the federal government. However, upon learning of Cantorโ€™s position on the subject, Long has clammed-up, refusing to say where he stands.

    Big mistake.

    Even Tea Partiers want the federal government to open up the wallet and begin spending when their own lives are the ones engulfed in pain and disarray through no fault of their own”.

  30. It is sad that a church–I think it is in Kansas–can be so evil, that it cheers for death and suffering of Americans, whether it happens in battle or through natural calamity. What kind of God do they pray to?

  31. “…If the GOP prevents us from doing anything to reverse the trend of global warming, then we have to prepare for the worst.”

    That’s why WE’re goin’ to VOTE ‘EM OUT, through our hard work (GOTV/GOTR)…RECALL/REPEAL & REPLACE ‘EM! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


  32. I love how very proud I felt when he was in Moneygall. I got goosebumpbs when he spoke in Dublin. I was happy for him at how much love and respect he was given while there.

    I love how he loves. I love his wonderful temperament.

  33. Good article – it’s so true. Even if you want to extend a non-partisan ear to Republicans, give them a chance to express their side, you invariably end up shaking your head at the sheer lunacy and heartlessness of their ideology. This is what VP Biden was talking about in New Hampshire. They may not necessarily be bad people (although I question this), but their values, morals, vision for America is all wrong, and it’s downright dangerous. You just can’t trust them with power. They’ve shown us who they are.

    So, no matter how fair we might want to be to Republican ideas, they are full of garbage – nuclear waste, when it comes to the world’s security and future potential.

  34. Nice, comforting, reassuring words from President Obama on scene of the devastation in Mo. just aired on CNN. He always knows the exact right words to say, acknowledging the loss of life and the destruction which will take years to recover from but also letting the people know that they have support from the fed. govt. which will be there long after the cameras are gone. And he always manages to find a sweet, touching story to tell, about meeting an 85 yr. old who still runs a lawn service, who had just got his pot pie out of the oven when the tornado was approaching, took it in the closet with him and emerged without a scratch.

  35. Yes, it is…

    TeaPublicans show they’re HYPOCRISY, each and every day!

    And, this is “GOIN’ VIRAL”….Tweet it, FB it, email it, et al! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  36. Yes, he was. And he still is, Mrs. Obama! May Almighty God bless and protect you both and your wonderful daughters!

  37. I was about to raise my fist at CSPAN because they had the Palin event on instead of the memorial. I just checked and they are now showing the memorial.

  38. You’re right, Pinkbunny. President Obama has an iron will. So focused. So energetic. So committed to the American people. Had Barack Sr. and Ann Dunham lived to see this day, there’s no doubt they would be very proud of their son.

    He does so much for us, and I thank The Almighty for him! God bless him and his family!

  39. I remember him from another article he wrote on the elitist left. How did he get by the editors at Forbes with this article?

  40. He also asked us to donate whatever we can to Red Cross and other agencies working in the area.

  41. Everyone keep President Obama and his family in your prayers. Flood the White House with e-mails, letters, faxes, and phone calls–letting him know that we care and got his back. We must keep him highly motivated and encouraged.

    Obama 2012! I love it!

  42. I know – I keep asking myself — when does he get the time to do all the thinking and visioning and all the preparing for these events, speeches, meetings, etc. that he so obviously does????? There’s only so many hours in a day . .

  43. Amen, desertflower! I,too, live in Arizona. I am always happy to see fellow residents who feel, as I do, that my tax dollars should be spent on ways to help people. The real “little people” in Arizona are the cold blooded and greedy who would have us turn our backs on one another.

  44. He always exceeds expectations. That was deeply moving, and seemed to be a real comfort to the people of Joplin.

  45. What a beautiful and inspiring message from President Obama once again. I was teary all the way through. And the people there seemed to be so receptive, so grateful.

  46. It’s unnatural to love this man as much as I do — sometimes I avoid watching his speeches because I know he will make me even more proud of him — it’s like, “Obama, you know I love you, quit rubbing it in…” LOL!

  47. I did. And even though I’ve seen him speak so often and have such high expectations, those were such beautiful inspirational words; I didn’t expect to be so moved. Such unfathomable tragedies with storms of nature for me are hard to comprehend and therefore I feel bad that I rarely get emotional. He made me understand it though or at least touched my emotions and tears were streaming down my face when he spoke of the “quiet heroes” in the two men who saved dozens of others.

    He doesn’t get back to DC until late tonight. Thank you for your thoughtful, caring hard work Mr. President.

  48. I, too, have wondered how PBO keeps the pace. I realize he is on 24/7. He is so capable and can stayed focused on his job. He has other, more mundane, things to think about but I’m certain they are agreed up secondary issues. We say how strong he is but let us not forget how dedicated and strong his family is. His quality time is devoted to his country which also translated to his family.

  49. I will:) Sometimes it takes ALL my strength,but we all have a stake in this. Too important to let the lies live.

  50. Thanks. It’s one of the few picks I’ve seen of PBO in a hat other than a baseball style cap. We actually had buttons made for the 2008 campaign.

  51. Exactly. When recently queried by my Republican State representative, I made the request that they (the R’s) stop demonizing government. I pointed out how ironic I found it, that so many that run for elected positions choose to verbally debase and abuse the very institution they aspire to. Hypocritical and enormously irresponsible IMO.

    Fix it, make it efficient, work to meet it’s ideals….but don’t deny it’s function, it’s purpose and it’s benefit.

  52. He shows them how to get the job DONE! Comfort, reassurance, healing, no fear among people, genuine compassion. This is our President, so fine a human being.

  53. Godspeed to the people of Joplin, Missouri wish them the very best in their efforts to rebuild and heart felt condolences to those who lost loved ones in the storm.

  54. Our President’s speech was wonderful, heart-warmin’, and carin’…

    It “brought tears to my eyes,” and it received applause and cheers from the audience!

    He’s our CIC, once again!

  55. Joplin, from what I understand, is a very red area. Just goes to show that when people are willing to actually see the real man and not what they’ve been told by FOX – They realize how wrong they were.

  56. Gramiam…how right you are.I know that you live here, as I have read your comments and feel your pain.As someone who has lived all over the country and the Caribbean,I have never seen such nasty masses in my life. It makes me ashamed. I always have to apologize for Arizona and the flat out, unadulturated ignorance and hate that comes from the state govt…and individuals here that agree with them.They profess to be good Christians, but I have to say,I am confounded as to exactly what “Christian” would advocate hating another because of the color of their skin…viewing everyone that doesn’t look like them with suspicion.Taking, taking taking…from children, from seniors, from employees,from policemen and fireman…all the while, smiling and lining their pockets. Laughing that the masses have been duped once again for the benefit of the few.I am not a religious person, that is a discussion for another day,but I do feel a sense, in my own life, of helping those less fortunate, of being honest and truthful. Of working for the good of all people I meet, and believing in the goodness of others.Not these folks. They are ugly and divisive.Racist and ignorant.If I could afford to move, I would. But here I sit,doing my little part, one online argument at a time. Thanks for the support…people like us are still here,and as long as I am, I won’t be silent.I refuse to let them take my voice.

  57. For the freaking MSM Palin is more inportant than POTUS while doing his job they are sick.

  58. You bet we are!!!Voting them out, that is:)Imagine what could be done when we win the House back…with more forward thinking Dems…second term, better than the first!Let’s get it done!!!I’m In!

  59. The warmth with which he was received by the people at the service just blew me away. I knew he would be welcomed, but not with so much visable love and appreciation.

  60. I like avatars that make me smile. That one will always make me smile. Love our Ladies.

  61. What is going on with all these deadly twister/tornados. I haven’t seen anything like this in my life. These tornados are not leaving anything in its path to destruction.

  62. So true BWD. Good Day to you for your faithfulness to us. BWD, we love you and thank you so much for all you and Chipsticks are doing for us. Get some rest also. Thank you again for ALL that you do. God’s blessings be with you.

  63. Thank you so much snoopy for sharing this excellent article! It’s really a must read for people who are blinded by ideological rigidity. That Eric Cantor is some cold hearted SOB!

  64. A commentor from a thread on the Old Orange said that they actually spent the last few days in Joplin and the atmosphere leading up to the President’s visit has been “electric” and the people there are “EXCITED!”

    Just goes to show…

  65. How funny that the President mentioned “Tea Party” Billy Long in his address at the Memorial today:)This will not be pretty when his constituents find out that they should suck it up and not depend on the govt to help:)Of course, that’s in BIG conflict with the standing ovation the President got when he said that Joplin would get all the help it needed to rebuild, even when the tv cameras leave and the next something comes around to take eyes away from Joplin.Mr. Long, yoo hooo…looks like you may have stepped in some sh*t.Our President is smart that way…it’s BECAUSE he’s sincere, not just telling people what they want to hear. Like Mr. Long.

  66. Rest peacefully all you who have taken the next journey when the storms tore into your towns. May those left behind to grieve and mourn for you find some comfort and peace.

    May all left in chaos, loss of life and property know that this President and those who support him, stand with you. You will survive this, you will build again in courage, fortitude and strength.

    You are not alone.

  67. Maybe she’s pondering….:)I’m certain we could all begin with “100 Reasons We Should…”

  68. The pain on the faces of the people of Joplin is heart-wrenching. It’s times like this that I wish the President did have a magic wand to wave…

  69. Isn’t it funny. Nobody at the service seemed to whine that the President was in Europe when the tornado hit. Instead, they all cheered when the Governor made a point to thank him enthusiastically for all he’s done for them and all the communities devastated by the tornadoes. Seems this President can actually do things without alerting the pundits and critics or rushing back for a self-serving round of photo-ops. If you want to know the character and integrity of a leader, look at what they do when no one is watching.

    I also expected a warm and polite welcome, but clearly the response he got was overwhelmingly heart felt thanks and appreciation from the people who are in a position to know just how much he’s doing.

    God, I love this man!!

  70. Will they complain if he decides to take a vacation or go to Camp David? dollars to donuts!

  71. I actually heard the commentator after the service on MSNBC, when speaking to a historian and clinical psychologist, say that Missouri didn’t vote for Obama.Are they kidding? Since when is that a prerequisite for the President to lend comfort and support to a state? What? He’d only go to “blue” states? What an idiot. I turned it off.

  72. The thousands of folks that lined the streets waiting for the president and then waving our beautiful American flags when his motorcade passed by, the boisterous applause from the thousands in the church at the mention of POTUS name and when he stepped to the podium was very beautiful to see and debunks MSM spin.

    Before the memorial started I was reading articles about how that town dislikes “obama” and voted for McCain in 08. How they are a staunchly red city and A small few didn’t know why he was wasting tax payer monies to come where he is not wanted (the key word being “small” yet msm kept quoting them). Always MSM pushes the view of a small minority and overlooks the majority.

    Good to see the truth played out before their very eyes. I watched the whole thing on Fox News they couldn’t spin that reception if they tried, to their credit they didn’t try.

  73. “Look what they do when no one is watching.” Exactly right!!!! I raised my kids on that saying.So glad to have you point that out.Perfect.

  74. The shouts of “Love you Obama” hung for a long time…he looked almost uncomfortable, because, of course,this wasn’t about him.Maybe they can see with their own eyes who has their best interest at heart…begin anew.

  75. Not only that, but when the President said he brought sympathy from the world’s leaders, they cheered that loudly, too. Take that Republican troublemakers.

  76. The spontaneous standing ovation and the look of determination on POTUS beautiful face was unbelievable. I know he means every word.

  77. As always our President brings a message of inspiration and hope. I can not think of another President who had that ability.

  78. You should definitely watch all of the speeches. We are all addicted to this man, and it would be a shame for you to miss out on these historic moments. He’s a wonder to behold, and like David Letterman said, “it’s a pleasure to watch (him) work”.

  79. And the GOP wants to get rid of early warning for weather…waste of $$$ you know! Did these folks drop IN on a twister? Good lord,the stupid hurts.

  80. Some of the FEMA trailers contain toxics that does damage to the human bodies, so
    I can understand the ban on FEMA trailers.

  81. Best thing to do when you encounter stupidity like that – back away quickly and leave it to self-destruct.

  82. I was so surprised to hear “We love Obama” before he spoke. Obama,again, knocked it out of the park, with his honesty and true love for people. The folks in Joplin now know the Man that is Obama. I LOVE HIM !!!!!! OBAMA2012!!!!! and beyond.

  83. Since pres Obama has been in office, wherever he goes, speaks, one or several always shout out: I love you, Obama.

    I have seen many presidents:


    I am a political junkie. Yet that has NEVER been my experience with the 7 before president Obama.

    Now, that isn’t a fluke, fake or brain washing.

    Something is happening with president Obama. The right have their problems. But president Obama is the real deal.

    Thank you, Lord.

  84. But that was a flat out untrue. Then sen Obama “lost” Missouri by less than 3500 votes. Had a recount been done, either sen Obama would have won or the numbers would have shrunk.

    The media like to be lazy and distortion of truths are their games.

  85. I wonder what the Presidents schedule is for tomorrow, I’m sure he’ll be doing something to honor memorial day but I think he needs some rest.

  86. MONDAY, MAY 30


    9:10AM THE PRESIDENT and the First Lady will host a breakfast for Gold Star Families at the White House

    State Dining Room

    10:10AM THE PRESIDENT makes Department of Defense personnel announcements

    Rose Garden

    10:55AM THE PRESIDENT will participate in a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns

    11:15AM THE PRESIDENT will participate in the Memorial Day Service at Arlington National Cemetery

  87. That is such an astute observation!! Everytime he is going to give a speech, he’s always telling people thank you hoping they will settle down or telling people to take a seat. He’s always uncomfortable about getting long applauses!

  88. Then I hope he can take a nap and get up and have a picnic with his family.

  89. Had to mention one of the Twitter comments that struck me.”Contrast the day SP is having to the one President Obama had.” No contest. One is self serving, the other, serves others.

  90. Thanks, looks like he’ll get to rest next weekend….hopefully spend some time with the girls and play some golf or basketball.

  91. That wasn’t the reason — the mayor didn’t like the way they looked. Littering the town was the gist — I admit to forgetting his exact words.

    It was the typical childish response: If a Democrat does it, we will do the opposite. This goes back to Bush/Cheney purposely ignoring bin Laden as a threat, refusing to implement Clinton’s the tracking system that Clinton administration spent years developing, in favor of handing over a contract for something new to a Bush donor.

  92. That’s because that’s what Republicans do. Bush’s response to Katrina was more than just the ineptness of FEMA (which was his fault anyway). It was a callousness to a city with AA’s who were suffering.

  93. I wonder if anyone in Joplin still uses callous and nonsensical phrases like “big gubmint nanny state” or if they ALL now realize that government is supposed to be FOR the people and provide for the common good.

  94. And I don’t know what to do about our news media. They’re so irresponsible. Watching the network news tonight, they spent a couple minutes on Obama in Missouri, but many many more on Palin on her motorcycle all- about- me ride. As someone said, Palin is like crack to the news media. It gives such a distorted message to the American people, making her this very important public figure. Whatever nonsense she instigates, they all flock to cover it. It’s pretty insane, this time of utter failure by our national news media.

  95. I don’t pay attention to what any of them say, but have any of the Repug presidential candidates even acknowledged the tornado victims in either Alabama or MO?

  96. Yes, it does…

    To counter FOX and that: No matter where it is, and who it is, PBHO loves gettin’ “outside that DC bubble,” to mingle w/us, ordinary folks…He “hates” that darn bubble…

    He wants them to hear it “from the horse’s mouth!”

    But, he cannot do it alone…

    WE gotta help him!

    Speakin’ of FOX/FOX “News,” they’re “goin’ down”: (They disrespect PBHO 24/7, 365 days a year…Grrr!)

    Media Matters has hired @StopBeck, as Director for ‘@Drop_Fox’ Campaign, to hold them accountable for their vitriol, deceit and preyin’ on racial anxieties:


    Let’s get ’em!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


  97. It’s weird because most Americans can’t stand her. Apparently their ratings are so poor that the people who do want to watch such antics make up for it. Sad.

  98. He has had to deal with so many solemn affairs lately. You’d think the Media wouldn’t begrudge him a pint of Guinness. Saps. Yes, he hasn’t had anything like even a long weekend in way way too long.

  99. Thank you as always for the pics. Every time I see him I am so proud that he is our president.

  100. I’m not the weepy type. I mean my heart may ache, but I seldom shed tears. I cried today. Not just for the victims of these terrible storms, but also because I am just overwhelmed at the grace and compassion from President Obama. I don’t know how he does it. I know he hears the vitriol and a lot of it coming from the mid-west, but he brushes it off and cares about people – even those suffering now who may have not liked him very much in the past.

  101. As a New Mexican I, like many of us, have a strange connection to Joplin, MO. Whenever we travel East we take I-40 and the furthest you can get in one day of driving is Joplin. I have found many people around here very familiar with the place because of our travels East. Many of us have eaten at the same restaurants, stayed in the same hotels, knew in some cases some of the same people who worked in these places.

    It goes to show that you don’t know whose path you are going to cross. Prayers go out to the employees and owners of Fred and Red’s restaurant.

    I wanted to make one little political observation (which is bad because this event for Joplin is NOT a political issue) but I was inspired by the photo of Obama shaking hands with the man HICK tatooed on his arm. I have to think that any time Obama comes into direct contact with people who are the main target of GOP lies and distortion that the reality of his presence destroys all attempts to demonize him. In a person to person way he is quietly undoing all that Fox can throw at him.

    That is Leadership.

  102. Under Clinton, FEMA was very competent but under Repub presidents they are embarassing because that’s what’s expected. Do as little as possible and give private industry all the money.

  103. I must say as all others have posted, Our President Has the patience of Job and The Love of Christ in his Heart. Because to take the things He does everyday from all sides and to do it with such grace it must be the Hand of GOD none other. This man has the mantel of the world on His shoulders at all times. But he never forgets the people and their troubles and He knows their pain. This makes a true Leader who leads from the Heart and not just the head and what’s good for me. So stay Fired Up Ready To Go 2012!!!

  104. She is very like the press: shallow, easily distracted, and all about surfaces.

    I find it interesting that Palin, with a 96% name recognition among GOP voters, can only secure 15% support. Herman Cain, with 33% name recognition already has 8% to 10% support. Pawlenty can’t move out of 4% support.

    Sarah angered a few people on this ego-trip of hers, but I still lay odds she will not run for President. Unlike last time where her appointment as VP candidate was more like winning a beauty pageant, this time it would take real, hard work. Something Grifter Sarah is not accustomed to.

    When Fox cuts her off like they did Santorum and Gingrich, then all this attention seeking will look serious. But her business plan requires that she gives her fans a Dance of the Seven Veils” to keep them interested in buying more Palin merchandise.

  105. I do, too…

    But, at the moment, I cannot remember the article.

    Maybe, he has “a friend in the front office”…RINO! lol

  106. POTUS: to the people of japlin the world leaders told him to let the people of Joplin know that we are with them the speech was so moving, ans amazing wonderful it was just perfect this man is full of hope and love for humanity. To Palin STOP your garbage pronto, all of us are sick.

  107. I agree with what you wrote. I also think the enthusiasm level of the British and Irish to Obama was hugely cathartic for them. They know they had to eat a lot of pride to get in line behind Nincompoop Bush. Obama’s speech about the Special Relationship between our countries, that moved beyond empty phrase to give an historical context, and a mission for the future was something the Brits really needed and their leaders were moved to tears.

  108. Yes, yes, yes, Yes, yes, yes, and yes, can this speech go viral? PLEASE!!!! we are crying a river.

  109. Fear and resentment keep us middle class voters in line. Once the upper class destroys our ability to defend ourselves at the polls they will have no more of this “regulation” and “taxation” nonsense to worry about.

    Ailes and his brand of politics is more destructive to our nation than global warming.

  110. I take great comfort in the fact that Obama’s speeches are seen by so many on YouTube or other Internet outlets. My son confirms that at least among his college age group there are few who watch televised news at all, let alone Fox News. They are more likely to hear PBO give a speech in its entirety and unmolested by pundit commentary or spin.

    People know when they are not being served by a product. Limbaugh’s ratings are down 33%. Conservative Talk radio format is being lost to Moderate Talk and Sports Talk. Beck is out of job. Palin can’t get above 15% support no matter how much free press she’s given.

    We are going to WIN in 2012. By wide margins.

  111. What about the Senate…

    WE gotta keep it, and, God willing, WE gotta increase its’ majority…

    Right, Right! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And, of course, WE gotta VOTE IN only the best to give PBHO the best Congress he can count on to help him to continue movin’ us forward!

    Yeah, I’m IN, and I’m FIRED UP & READY TO GO! ๐Ÿ™‚

    GOTR… (It’s DK link. But, it’s worth the read.)

  112. Yes, yes, Yes, Yes, and not only here in in America it’s around the world, the world know who Obama is our President so who the FUCK is Sarah Palin?

  113. Very well said Theo! There is absolutely no need to waste time and energy on people who peddle “stupidity!”

  114. @theonlyadult
    No better way to demonstrate the contrast between Obama and Palin than in their activities today.
    4 hours ago via web Favorite Retweet

  115. Well Nena I get you point but it really doesn’t matter whether the President won or lost a state. Barak Obama is President of the United States. Missouri, like Alabama, and many other Southern and mid-western states were struck with deadly tornados! As President, his responsibility is to all Americans, including those who did not vote for him. He also went to comfort the people of Alabama, where the vast majority of them voted for his opponent. Basically, as Theo said, this was a “stupid” statement.

  116. PBHO’s Joplin Speech Text:

    President Obama in Joplin: “It’s an Example of What the American Spirit is all About”

    Today, President Obama traveled to Joplin, Missouri to meet with those in the community who lost so much in the tornados last week and participate in a Memorial Service at Missouri Southern University.

    Before the Memorial Service, President Obama visited one of the neighborhoods that was devastated by the tornadoes. After seeing the extensive tornado damage the President spoke to the people of Joplin and reminded them that they are not alone in this tragedy:

    The main thing I just want to communicate to the people of Joplin is this is just not your tragedy. This is a national tragedy and that means there will be a national response. Craig Fugate, who has probably been the busiest man in the federal government over this last bit of months, has been on the ground since just the day after this happened, and heโ€™s helping to coordinate with an outstanding team of state and local officials. We’re going to do everything we can to continue whatever search and rescue remains. We are doing everything we can to make sure that folks get the shelter that they need, the support that they need.

    The President also thanked all of the volunteers and community members who are lending a hand to their neighbors during this difficult time:

    So to all the volunteers who are helping out — one of the things thatโ€™s been incredible is to see how many people from out of state have driven from as far a way as Texas, nearby Illinois, people just coming here to volunteer — firefighters, ordinary citizens. Itโ€™s an example of what the American spirit is all about. And that gives us a lot of encouragement at a time when obviously people are going through a lot of hardship.

    During the Memorial Service, the President spoke of the strength of the community coming together in response to the storm:

    How we respond when the storm strikes is up to us. How we live in the aftermath of tragedy and heartache, thatโ€™s within our control. And itโ€™s in these moments, through our actions, that we often see the glimpse of what makes life worth living in the first place.
    In the last week, thatโ€™s what Joplin has not just taught Missouri, not just taught America, but has taught the world. I was overseas in the aftermath of the storm, and had world leaders coming up to me saying, let the people of Joplin know we are with them; weโ€™re thinking about them; we love them. (Applause.)

    Because the world saw how Joplin responded. A university turned itself into a makeshift hospital. (Applause.) Some of you used your pickup trucks as ambulances, carrying the injured — (applause) — on doors that served as stretchers. Your restaurants have rushed food to people in need. Businesses have filled trucks with donations. Youโ€™ve waited in line for hours to donate blood to people you know, but also to people youโ€™ve never met.

    Learn how you can lend your support to the people of Joplin.

    Moreso than the other hard-hit cities and towns in the Midwest and the South, Joplin has a long, arduous uphill battle to get to their full recovery and rebuilding potential…

    It was hit by a F5 tornado that has ever been recorded!

    WE MUST continuously keep them (and the other states) in our thoughts and prayers…

    And, if you can do this, they can use donations! lol

    But, you need to be careful about it.

  117. Thank you Aquagranny for these beautiful and heart worming words for the people of Joplin, Missouri and other states devastated by these tornados!

  118. Indeed – instead of just repeating the silly phrase, the President actually created context for the “special relationship” and made it a living, growing, tangible thing. I am not sure a lot of people actually knew what the “special relationship” was supposed to look like or be. It’s the same kind of context he provided to Americans when he passed health care and said “this is what change looks like”. And when he explained to the AIPAC folks what “land swaps” means. People like to huff and puff, but don’t actually know what success or failure looks like – he explains it.

    The Queeen understood it, when she hand picked the letters from her predecessor, King George, who actually presided over the loss of America and watched it become a separate entity. When he stated that it was important to maintain a friendly relationship and pursue trade and other alliance with the new United States, that was the beginning of the special relationship, and the President extended that explanation with his speech to Westminster parliament. It was really great to observe.

  119. The sad thing is that they also do a disservice to the people of Missouri, by barely giving them attention on the one week anniversary, so they can run and pant over palin and her nonsense, attention loving stunts. Really sad.

  120. “Nick” or “Hick” – I think the point is still pretty valid that actual exposure to the President changes minds and undoes the damage from the right wing and media.

  121. Thanks…

    This IS Mother Nature at her worst!

    And, when needed for comfort, assurance and support, PBHO IS always at his best…

    He’s a “rare bird!”

    I’m proud to be a “Obamacrat”…Obot! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  122. Yes, Republican troublemakers who say things like, “What do we care what the French think of us?”

    Such fools. No man is an island.

  123. THANKS Bob, the second link here worked. I can’t wait for the administration & military to wrap this one up. It’s been way too long.

  124. True, except we don’t know how the man voted. He could very well have voted for Obama/Biden.

  125. I just hope Rep. Weiner isn’t stupid. Can’t say I’m a big fan of the guy personally, but if you want to take on Wall St. and Justice Thomas and his financial ties to far right big money think tanks you better be squeaky clean.

    Why was he following this 20 yr old woman out in Seattle, one of only 200 he follows on Twitter?

    If it was a hack then I think the FBI and other agencies would be able to figure it out.

    It’s fishy on both sides – the story so far. The person who supposedly was online at the exact right time to catch a screencap has been predicting a “OMG Sex scandal” for a few weeks – makes you wonder if he got hold of Weiners password and was waiting for the best opportunity.

  126. I’m not sure that’s very good news. It means conflict will be prolonged. There’s going to be a ‘peace mission’ by South African President Jacob Zuna today to convey Russia’s position to Gaddafi. If he doesn’t step down (and there aren’t any inducements to do so), the British and French will be launching helicopter attacks with Apaches and Tigers. We just don’t know how long this will last.

  127. “With a little help” from our Prez and Cantor, just like Cantor, when the Presidential Election 2012 rolls around, Long’s constituents (which includes TeaBaggers) will “kick ‘im out”…Bye, Bye! ๐Ÿ™‚

  128. LOL…

    Maybe, she’s a little.

    But, today, she tweet’d the ‘100 (More or Less) Things That WE Love About [President] Barack Obama’ Thread to WH Communications Director, @pfeiffer44! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  129. Thanks for all the vid clips…

    As you can see upthread, I attempted to “emb” a couple of clips by “copin’ & pastin'” the URL… (I tried your suggestion.)

    But, this didn’t work, for me, either…

    So, I have to keep on tryin’ to do it…NEVER GIVE UP! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  130. This is some of the backstory:

    @NealRauhauser: StateRepCohenPA: #Breitbart’s #TwitterHoax – How It Went Down (updated w/ smoking gun) The plot to #shutup #Congressman #AnthonyWeiner.

    Breibart & Co. need to be “thrown underneath the jailhouse, and the keys thrown away!”

  131. That’s so sad…

    He had a very promisin’ life ahead of him…Life “cut short!”

    And, the townpeople of Joplin have a long, hard road of recovery/rebuildin’ ahead of them…

    The Midwest and the South, as a whole, will be in my thoughts and prayers!

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