“The big lie that Obama can’t lead is crumbling”

Wonderful column by Walter Rodgers:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,” instructed the Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, “people will eventually come to believe it.”
For 2-1/2 years, the big lie repeated about President Obama has been that he’s not a real leader. Responsible critics called him diffident, spineless, and rudderless. Irresponsible critics called him a socialist, a Muslim, and not an American. Now, even after his brilliant planning and direction of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, detractors are complaining that he didn’t have the guts to release photos of Mr. bin Laden’s corpse.

Some of this maligning simply reflects the same savage partisan attacks leveled against every president (except Ronald Reagan) since Watergate. Some of it reflects darker bigotry toward Mr. Obama. But it also shows our outdated and wrongheaded notions of leadership.

American culture mistakenly prizes bravado and arrogance as sure signs of leadership. Public showmanship – like donning a flight suit in front of a “Mission Accomplished” banner – is easy. Quiet, cool, competence that gets results – like pulling together an international coalition to protect civilians in Libya in record time – is hard.

It’s a bias we learn as kids. Our history books lionize war heroes, yet are often silent about the diplomats who prevented conflict.

/// snip

Let’s recall the herculean tasks Obama has already accomplished:

He stabilized the worst economy since the Great Depression. Though unemployment remains stubborn, the stock market is basically back to where it was before the global economic meltdown. His stimulus bill kept America humming and saved hundreds of thousands of jobs, while his rescue of General Motors saved an industrial icon.
His administration kept thousands of over-extended Americans from losing their homes by laboring mightily to forestall foreclosures.
In spite of ferocious opposition, he passed long-overdue reforms of our health-care system that had eluded the reach of many past presidents.
He signed into law a bold package of regulations to boost consumer protection and restrain Wall Street’s greed.
He negotiated a historic nuclear-arms reduction treaty with Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev.
Forgetting these and other accomplishments, the public has regrettably bought into the corrosive and dishonest campaign to degrade Obama. Goebbels-style nihilism that rejects anything Obama does as odious remains a powerful narrative.

The good news is that Obama’s shrewd and calculated management of the hunt for bin Laden shows how hollow these critiques are.


Good taste is another facet of leadership. Contrast the way the Bush administration orchestrated a public trial and execution of Saddam Hussein, turning it into a vulgar spectacle, with Obama’s shrewd refusal to publish photos of bin Laden’s body. His announcement of bin Laden’s death was restrained and sober, not at all celebratory – the right note to conclude a sensitive military operation. Obama’s later visit to ground zero was a fitting bookend to a sad chapter in United States history.

/// snip

A friend, a center-right voter, told me recently, “The reason I voted for Obama is because he has no hatred in him.” In another era of divisive bitterness, Lincoln preached, “[w]ith malice toward none, with charity toward all.” It’s worth noting how closely Obama’s philosophy of leadership approaches that.


Joe Conason:

From Wisconsin to Florida, Strong Winds of Political Remorse

Still spinning in the vortex of the May 24 tornado in New York’s 26th Congressional District, Republican leaders insist that Democrat Kathy Hochul’s upset victory on their party’s turf was meaningless. They say that Republican nominee Jane Corwin lost because of her own weak campaign, or the presence of a big-spending “tea party” candidate on a third ballot line, or just about anything except the Republican scheme to slash Medicare—which became the dominant topic of debate during the special election’s final weeks.

Yet there are signals not only from upstate New York but around the nation that the Republicans face surging discontent, as voters learn what they intend when they attain power. With a majority in the House of Representatives, they have devised a budget plan that would help nobody except the wealthiest taxpayers, while devastating the nation’s health insurance programs, physical infrastructure and environment.

With most of the nation’s statehouses under Republican control, they have inflicted harsh cutbacks in education, health care and public safety, while assailing every public employee, from teachers to firefighters and cops.

Evidently, the people do not approve of these assaults on the standard of living of the American middle class.

// more


So much for Obama hates the gayz and the gayz hates Obama…..

Major gay-rights group backs Obama for second term

The nation’s largest gay-rights groups endorsed President Obama for reelection, praising him for historic accomplishments for the LGBT community.
From signature achievements like passage of the law to end ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ to administrative changes throughout government, President Obama has done more to improve the lives of LGBT people than any President in history,” the group said. “The following is a compilation of many of the actions taken by the Administration on LGBT issues.”

// more


And here is the looooong list of the Obama Administration Policy & Legislative Advancements on behalf of LGBT


West Wing Week:


If anyone still didn’t see this awesome event in Dublin….




40 thoughts on ““The big lie that Obama can’t lead is crumbling”

  1. As always, you find the best articles and photos. I just wish PBO would come home already. I worry about him.

  2. Check out the Twitter feed about the G8 meeting and all World Leaders signing on that Gadhafi must go including Russia.

    Add to a news feed I just saw on the television saying that a Russian delegate is on the way to Lybia to speak with Colonel.

    Anyone want to take a guess as to what that message will be?

  3. One of the links in the previous diary was to a Polish website. Google Chrome translated for me with some hilarious results. I’ve left out the ordinary ones like “he is now at the Memorial”

    15:44 Obama speaks drunk in Ireland?
    Fortunately, it’s just a sketch comedian Conan O’Brien, inspired by the European tour of U.S. President.

    15:50 According to our projections for Warsaw lunął rain. Currently, the sky is wypogadza, we hope that President Obama will welcome a beautiful rainbow.

    15:55 Obama in Poland. BOR-sheep [Polish Secret Service?] in the pouring rain waiting for U.S. President.

    Then a small bit on the visit of JFK to Poland

    Then a comparison of the front page of the newspaper FAKT between Bush’s visit and President Obama’s vist and criticized the paper: 16:25 “fact” gave new meaning to the words “[President Obama]taken for granted.”

    16:46 catastrophic visions in conjunction with Air Force One landing in Warsaw, TVN Meteo prowling experts. Weather in the Polish capital is still unstable – you can expect rain and hail and gusty winds.
    According to Wojciech Raczynski meteorologist forecasts are wrong. – Strong wind gusts are dangerous for aircraft. It’s a dangerous situation.

    16:52 Marta Kaczynska likely to talk to Barack Obama face to face – said in an interview with Radio Zet Martin Dubieniecki. The daughter of a deceased presidential couple is now on his [recte “her”] way to Warsaw.

    I don’t understand this one at all:
    17:23 City Hall in London, returned to the United States to pay a fee to drive into the center of the convoy vehicles Barack Obama – PAP informs. There is no pardon, Obama Obama, but Ordung muss sein.

    17:37 U.S. President so hurry up to us, that arrived 20 minutes earlier. The plane with Obama on the board approached the Secret Service agents. Meanwhile, a few hours lying in wait near the Okecie spottersi [plane spotters, I think, were watching]

    17:49 The police does not let passers-by on the other side of the street on Nowy Swiat and Krakowskie suburbs – our reader reports. To go the road must go down to the palm at de Gaulle circle. “There are lots of people, all are confused. The police apologized and said that it was not their invention,”

    17:55 Obama convoy breaks through puddles. The closer to the center, the more people standing along the route. Bystanders or passers lost?

    17:57 Obama convoy drove into the Ujazdowskie Avenue . The U.S. president can now see buildings swaddled canvas and scaffolding.

    18:01 Obama is on Pilsudski Square. Meanwhile, at the Presidential Palace last final preparations for the visit of a foreign noble guy.

    18:11 Obama entered in the guestbook. an interesting detail: the U.S. president is left-handed

    18:44 Closed biggest roundabout in Warsaw – roundabout Dmowski. create a gigantic traffic jams.

    Seems the President changed the route a bit:
    19:05 Say the experts gathered in the studio TVP Info. It was at the Marriott Obama stops during their stay in Poland. Had he wanted to freshen up? Or maybe he wants to use 20-minute extra time?

    19:24 Column car with President Obama is very long. You can enjoy it fully in this video, with the passage avenues Wigury Street


  4. No worry, PBHO IS/will be fine…

    Whereever he goes, he’s always in our thoughts and prayers.

    And, his guardian angel IS always there!

  5. It’s interesting that the world’s foremost (known) expert on the Stuxnet is convinced it was created by the U.S. for one purpose only — wrecking the Iranian nuclear program and setting it back a couple of years. (Probably longer than the present policy of threatening Israel with a nuclear capability will continue, for any number of reasons.) And doing so, obviously, without killing anyone or firing a shot.

    Make of that information… whatever you will.

    Watch the video, origins discussed at the end:


  6. He’s recharging. When he comes back, he’s got to fly to the tornado areas, and deal with the Republicans kicking and screaming (they’ve even brought out Darth Cheney to “worship the ground that Paul Ryan walks on”). He needs all this positive energy to replenish his spirit.

    I love how the one older veteran kept saluting the President – he must have saluted 6 times.

    And if the Jewish people were so angry with Obama for “throwing Israel under the bus”, would the Jewish leaders in these photos be smiling so brightly – given that they live in a country where the Holocaust did some of the worst evil?

  7. I watched that video, they weren’t wasting any time driving down that street!

  8. Well , What ever stuxnet was ~
    or Was not…
    It Worked !!
    Perhaps did not disable completely but sure put a skid the brakes on things now didn’t it.
    I rejoiced that day.

    Then again, Japan never intended Nuclear Proliferation by earthquake either …
    No War, no attack , but the same danger.

  9. What a guy – I’m so proud he’s representing us (makes W look like such a rank amateur). Even the Prez would chuckle at the Polish translators. Somehow, I feel he’s safer in Europe than he is here. We have far too many people here filled with fear, ignorance, anger and hatred and crazy enough to act on it. Please keep him safe, we and the world need such a leader.

  10. It’s something we’ll probably read about in 20 years – either US or Israeli-made. It bought the US time, maybe get another Iranian election in before it’s up an running again, and potentially get Israel/Palestinian peace process moving with some momentum behind it.

    Hopefully the US has planned accordingly against the same measure used against US interests.

  11. Chuck Todd tweeted earlier that Polish TV made public the motorcade route (complete with animation) and opined that the secret service probably wasn’t impressed.

  12. The photo of the WWII solder in uniform shown saluting our young President (and, of course, the American and other soldiers of that time) is so heartwarming, I’m ready to burst. Again.

  13. They probably threw out a challenge.

    Note that the Polish version of the CIA knew long before the 1st of September 1939 what Nazi Germany was up to.

    There’s a reason there were Polish mathematicians at Bletchley Park.

  14. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,” instructed the Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, “people will eventually come to believe it.”

    I find it courageous of a Christian Science Monitor journalist to go there, because, as we have said on the Internet for 25 years: Any dispute that goes on long enough will inadvertently involve Nazi’s – thereby ending the debate.

    Kudo’s for bringing in a top Nazi without invoking this curse.

    The hard part of this exercise, at least for the CSM is, that this same principle holds for most Republican ideas, whatsoever.

  15. I just read over at The Obama Diary that the Russian President (I can’t pronounce or spell his name) said they would help Kaddfy(?) to leave Lybia.

    But the thing that really gets me is that when the Russian President was at law school he use to read articles from the Harvard Law Review by the guy with a funny name. Now look at where they are. This is so amazing. It’s in the NYT.

  16. WOW, after reading the entire list of President Obama’s historic accomplishments for the LGBT community, I am surprise he doesn’t have litte more swagger lol.

    Thanks again BWD for all you do.

  17. His health for one thing, I don’t know how any one can keep up that pace, even though he seems to love it. Also his safety while in other countries.

  18. At least one expert suggested that Stuxnet may have provided a way of testing cyberdefenses around the world.

    I think that individual may have meant in offensive terms, but a harmless (unless you’re part of the Iranian nuclear program, particularly a centrifuge spinning at supersonic speeds) but extremely sophisticated virus would also serve as a dry run for global defensive measures, even in countries not ostensibly allied to you.

    And whoever put it together certainly had a chance to assess its potential and their own vulnerabilities before it got out there.

  19. I know I just saw on MSNBC feed here at work. There’s a lot going on in these meetings that we can’t fully appreciate. And it seems like some diplomacy got through to Dimitri.

    I think he really wants Russia to join the WTO and he needs the United States help.

  20. Those who love comparisons and those who never stop cricizing Prez Obama, tell me if there has ever been a President who inherited such a messy world, a messy country, a messy domestic and global economy; a messy scio-political system and still accomplished so much just half-way their first time!

    this guy is like the energizer bunny…it is bullseye every time!

  21. But, but,but Richard engle said he talked to so many rebels and if only the united states would send in troops blah, blah,blah.
    I am very disappointed in this guy, he seems like he could be a good reporter but is just like the rest of them, trying to make news not report it!

  22. From the article, as stated by a center-right voter: “The reason I voted for Obama is because he has no hatred in him.”

    And the statement from a voter a few weeks ago who said, “I’m in because I trust President Obama”.

    Since when do people talk about politicians using these kind of words? This is a once in a lifetime man, for sure.

  23. *heehee…every month, every week is a dramatic big jobs, or big unemployment number, or big consumer spending….. etc etc big fill in the blank week. lol America remains in hyperbole mode. 😀

  24. Happy sigh. Thanks, WisW. I love this. Your ability to find videos to match subject matter is a thing of beauty. You are a great resource.

  25. He faces more threat from the rightwing nutz in amurika than in Europe.

  26. Too funny, I was just going to post that Article

    “The big Lie that Obama can’t lead IS crumbling”, on your site.

    You, of course, are on top of things.

    Have a great weekend BWD 🙂

  27. hi my fellow like minded i hope you guys have heard of the latest news border crossing to gaza has been open as promised, there is a proverb in Africa that goes like this ” half word you do say to a wise son/daughter or a friend and when gets to his his /her stomach it becomes whole” do you guys remember what prompted president obama to want to push peace talk again urgently in the first place, well here is your answer

  28. He’s very invested in the people of the Middle East. Unfortunately it has clouded his judgment of the big picture and I’m afraid his journalistic integrity.

    I don’t doubt his motives one bit. But he has ceased being a reporter of the truth, has taken himself out of the loop to get all the information he needs to file an objective report. He has become an advocate, accepting a particular side’s take on things as the best and only way to proceed. He has ceased understanding the broader picture. I don’t expect him to think like the President has to think. But his bias is damaging.

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