President Obama Would Veto Defense Bill Over Gitmo, Endless ‘War On Terror’ Provisions, And Anti DADT Language In Defense Bill

I know the Greenwalds of the world are going to praise PBO for vetoing an extension of his power.Yea, right.

The Reid Report:

The administration also objects to provisions Republicans want to insert into the defense bill that would require DADT certification to be expanded to include the heads of each of the military branches, and a provision that would apply the Defense of Marriage Act to all Department of Defense regulations — effectively making it impossible for gay troops to receive marriage-like benefits, even after repeal.

The ACLU seem to be very impressed too:

Wow! Late this afternoon, the Obama White House threatened to VETO the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) bill that the House of Representatives is debating and voting on this week, if it includes a new law for worldwide war without end, or any of the bad Guantánamo detention and limitation of prosecution provisions that Chairman Buck McKeon of the House Armed Services Committee slipped into the bill.

The statement is the strongest and most principled stand the White House has taken on these kinds of provisions. The Obama administration is saying no to the proposed worldwide war law. A veto threat is a very big deal. The president is making clear where he stands, and is backing it up with his veto pen, if Congress doesn’t fix the bill


PBO will address the British Parliament at 10:30 ET.


You’re welcome, Ireland 🙂

Obama’s visit may have been worth $200 million to Ireland


some Pete Souza stuff from Ireland




78 thoughts on “President Obama Would Veto Defense Bill Over Gitmo, Endless ‘War On Terror’ Provisions, And Anti DADT Language In Defense Bill

  1. I am really curious about which stations in the US will show the President’s address to Parliament and whether they will show it start to finish, with applause. When the speech is over would you all let me know please.

  2. bwd, you and chipsticks have done such an amazing job covering this trip. Round of applause. It’s really nice to learn that the trip is such a boon to a small, struggling country.

  3. I read several times that the Obamas were surprised with the overwhelming love with which they were met. I’m so glad; this must be refreshment to their souls. It’s what they deserve and shame on this country for following scared, small-minded leaders down a path of bigotry and hatred.

  4. They get so much nastiness from DC; it’s kind of sad that they’re surprised at how beloved they are throughout the world.

    I must say that these are just the finest ambassadors for this country. It makes me incredibly proud to see pictures such as this:

    And I’d argue that the DC bubble is such a mirage. We have sooooo many people claiming to speak for average Americans, claiming to speak for the Democratic base, claiming to speak for liberals, and embuing their stridency with the moral authority of speaking for millions. It’s a media trick. When I look up the polling, I see that the Democratic party (especially Dem liberals and African Americans) have rallied around the WH at consensus levels. I see that swing voting Indies aren’t sure about President Obama’s policies which they view as too liberal, yet are willing to swing his way when they see positive results. How they feel about the Obamas in Ireland is how plenty of us feel about him here too; our problem is, as usual, the national and new media IMO.

  5. In the past, the Republicns ould have used even the threat of a veto to attack the President and the Dems as threatening our national security and being weak on defense. After the death of OBL, that is kind of hard to do.

  6. The President and David Cameron were due to be giving a press conference about now, but since they are still at 10 Downing St. serving up bangers and mash at the BBQ, it looks like it will happen closer to 1 pm London time or 8 am EDT. If you are watching Sky News you will get a better idea of the timing.

  7. The whole liberal press has ignored his trip. Surprisingly, so has Rachel. They are all on this Michael Steele trip…

  8. Well, our press will not be covering it. Instead, they will be discussing Greece debt and how America Is doomed! For Petes sake.

  9. Just saw on BBC PBO and Cameron arriving for a joint press conference.

  10. He is so awesome. POTUS said that he had a huge hand in designing the cap for the oil spill. Amazing how we seem to be led from crisis to crisis to crisis, yet there’s so little inclination to look back and credit the accomplishments. From pictures which I’ve seen, Dr. Chu has an absolutely beautiful smile too, which seems to be a common feature in this administration.

  11. On BBC, their political correspondent saying that the british MPs want to feel loved by the american president. 🙂

  12. About that veto, the house of republicans also want to take away the presidents right to change our nuclear stockpile.
    They are trying to clip his wings, one issue at a time. This is nothing more than a power grab by congress.

    And yet, after 9/11, gw got unprecedented power from congress. Not kidding!

  13. I’ve got to give it to her: Sister Sarah is extremely good at one thing, fleecing suckers for their money. The filmmaker spent a $1M of his money making a Palin biopic? Wow.

  14. Cameron – Barack brings thoughtful consideration and reason to the discussions

  15. Cameron _ I congratulated the president for his ME speech.

    Balls set rolling. Eat it nut n yahoo.

  16. Cameron reading from his prepared speech in his lectern. What, the limeys don’t have teleprompters ? 🙂

  17. And lahood is really working hard as well. That FAA bill is not going to pass the house of republicans, they do not want a union for the FAA. So, stopgap bills for the next few years for the FAA and no change from the old radar system to a modern satelite system. Ugh!

  18. No specific comment, just a thank you to this community for alternative news sites.

    News as in “information.”.

    Good morning everyone!


  19. PBO – Thanks for arranging a typical London weather for the past 2 days. We will not talk about the result of the doubles table tennis match we had with the local students.

  20. Even fox news is showing the press conference, if you can believe this, msnbc is now to the right of fox news!

  21. why do the media outlets bother with the expense of having the media or the white house correspondents there at all??

    I mean it’s ridiculous how many press came with the President, to just IGNORE him.

    This is just ridiculous, our President is improving our image, our standing, int he world, and doing us proud, and the media take this opportunity instead to make love to the idiots and circus clowns of DC, as well as that wanker Netanhayu.

  22. Nick Robinson trying to draw a false equivalency between shrub-bliar relationship and Obama-Cameron relationship. Got smacked down by Cameron.

  23. I think RM is trying to sell Steele to her viewrs who arent happy about having to listen to his BS on a regular basis.

  24. Cameron – Reinstating the PBO’s ME speech on 1967 borders and land swap is “absolutely right”


  26. Okay, I admit it: I go to the Orange Site for election liveblogs, as I did last night for NY-26.

    25% turnout. Americans have no clue how important elections are, do they?

  27. One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors – Plato

  28. I’ll tell you what Greenwald & Co. would say:
    ‘Whatever, he’s not doing it because its the moral thing to do… in fact he never does anything because its the right thing to do..’

    That’s how they think and that’s what GG said about Obama’s speech on Israel-Palestine a few days ago.

  29. Okay, there is no doubt in my mind that John Edwards is a sleazy bastard who hoodwinked the American people and disgraced his family. He is slime.

    It’s reported today that he will either be indicted or make a plea deal on using campaign money to cover up his affair.

    How is this different than Ensign and when do we see the DOJ indict his miserable, lying ass?

  30. Love your new avatar! Michelle looked stunning last night; I still can’t get over how beautiful that dress was.

  31. lol, he must, because I wouldn’t spend a nickel on that hot mess. But hey, if they’re enjoying themselves…/kanye west shrug

  32. Ynetnews:
    US President Barack Obama continues to be popular among American Jews – in fact 15% more popular than Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a poll conducted by Israeli lobby J-Street….

    According to the poll, Obama managed to maintain his popularity among 59% of American Jews …. In contrast, only 44% of American Jews continued to pledge their support to Netanyahu….

    Pollster Jim Gerstein told Ynet the survey results prove that whoever thinks Jewish support of the American president has been declining is “detached from reality.”

    ….Obama’s approval among his Jewish constituencies continues to be higher by 15% than that of the general public. The pollster added that Israel’s declaration of construction in Jerusalem annoyed not only Obama but also American Jews, who thought Israel’s behavior was inadequate based on its close relations with the US…..

    Full article here:,7340,L-3868823,00.html

  33. NEW YORK/WASHINGTON, May 24 (Reuters) – U.S. regulators launched one of the biggest ever crackdowns on oil price manipulation on Tuesday, suing two well-known traders and two trading firms owned by Norwegian billionaire John Fredriksen for allegedly making $50 million by squeezing markets in 2008.

    The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) said traders James Dyer of Oklahoma’s Parnon Energy, and Nick Wildgoose of Europe-based Arcadia Energy, amassed large physical positions at a key U.S. trading hub to create the impression of tight supplies that would boost oil prices.

    Later they dumped those barrels back onto the market, causing prices to crash and racking up profits from short positions they had accrued in futures markets, the suit said.

    “Defendants conducted a manipulative cycle, driving the price of WTI (crude) to artificial highs and then back down, to make unlawful profits,” the lawsuit filed in New York said.

    “This is a very big deal in that we seldom allege that the defendants manipulated the crude oil market to the tune of 50 million dollars in ill-gotten gains,” CFTC commissioner Bart Chilton told Reuters.

  34. Florida voters disapprove 57 – 29 percent of the job Gov. Rick Scott is doing, the worst score of any governor in the states surveyed by Quinnipiac University and down from a 48 – 35 percent disapproval in an April 6 survey, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.


  35. Of no use, irrelevant…

    But, WE have this wonderful source: 😉

    And, CNN and c-span showed it!

  36. Hanford, CA (PRWEB) May 24, 2011

    Lakeside Dairy in Hanford has installed a new solar energy system to power its milking barn and other dairy operations and cut its use of conventional energy by 75 percent. The family-run dairy operation has 7,000 head of cattle and a custom farming business.

    Developed, designed and installed by SPG Solar, the 891-kilowatt solar energy system consists of 3,240 Suntech solar modules and two Solaron inverters. It is projected to generate over 1.7 megawatt hours annually – enough to offset over 75 percent of the dairy’s utility power usage.

    “The recent volatility of milk prices has underscored the importance of hedging our input costs,” said Mike Monteiro, the dairy’s owner. “The solar energy system will help us fix our energy costs and hedge against long term increases in utility power rates.”

    The four-acre solar energy system powers Lakeside’s entire dairy operation, including the 11,000 square foot milking barn, heifer corral lighting and fans, manure separator equipment, and well and irrigation equipment. Rabobank, N.A., a community bank that provides solar financing to California farms, businesses and public entities, is providing the construction and term financing for the solar project.

  37. Too bad, the FL Constitution doesn’t allow its’ citizens to RECALL their governor and state legislators…

    It’s the same in TX and other states! 😦

    But, what about ballot initiatives?!

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way…GO WI, MI, OH, AZ, et al GO!!!

    A new civil rights movement, anyone?!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


  38. BBC still doing a wonderful coverage of PBO’s visit.

    Since WW II, only there foreign national heads have addressed the joint parliaments in UK – President Charles De Gaulle , President Mandela and President Barrack Obama.

    And PBO and Michelle got to stay the Buckingham Palace.

    Eat that, rethugs and racist americans.

    The entire BBC staff, from studio to the their reporters, are respectful and factual.

  39. Some countries make voting mandatory, though there are some debates about it.

  40. Provided for its laugh value:

    “Simon Cowell has reportedly asked for his own version of American President Barack Obama’s Cadillac car, which has been nicknamed ‘The Beast’.

    The Sun reports that Max Clifford revealed that the music mogul is a fan of the bomb-proof vehicle and wants to add one to his motor collection.

    Following claims that Cowell has upped his security while filming ‘The X Factor’ in America, Clifford said: “Simon Cowell phoned me this morning and said he wants the same car as Obama.”…a little more

  41. Hey gn, I just wanted to add up here at the top that there is a comment over at Chipsticks place, The Obama Diary- from Mick from Moneygall… he posted how thrilled all of Moneygall was by the POTUS & FLOTUS- how lucky we in the US are to have them. Really lovely comment, and I thought all of you would enjoy knowing about it.

    What amazes me is that President Obama was “stunned” by the outpouring of love by Ireland.. I think most of the world sees him the way we do, its only in a few places that I think some ignorant folks are threatened by him. Their loss.

  42. Mandatory voting bothers me some. I would like to see a voting holiday, however. Especially in the political climate now with Republicans trying to shorten voting hours to discourage regular working folk from getting to the polls and at the same time making it harder to vote absentee.

    I hate Republicans.

  43. Told ya. AIPAC does not speak for the majority of American Jews, who would like to see a common sense resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian situation. It is also insulting on the part of Netanyahu and his ilk who think that Israel is the one and only issue that affects the American Jewish vote. How dare he.

    Is it the issue for some Jews? Of course. But not the majority, not by a long shot.

  44. Thank you BWD: and I hope the PL is happy about this good news. Obama is the best for out country, and he wil accomplish a lot more when evrybady is behind him.
    So to my friends on the Pl please Stop fighting and join us. peace.

  45. A GOP enthusiasm gap I suppose. I saw so many people being interviewed on Buffalo teevee who said they voted for the Dem 2 to 1. I also read that there were so many negative ads that probably turned people off. I do not look forward to watching teevee in 2012. There are going to be so many nasty negative racist ads that will make my blood boil. I plan to spend most my time doing grass roots campagining for the president and getting Dems elected.

  46. “President Obama Would Veto Defense Bill Over Gitmo, Endless ‘War On Terror’ Provisions, And Anti DADT Language In Defense Bill”

    This would be the “backbone like a ramrod” part, no?

  47. I appreciate the positive vibes of this site — and also all the news reports that I don’t get at any other site!

  48. Good Day to all of the wonderful people here. Thanks to BWD for this wonderful site.
    I set my alarm again this morning to hear the President’s speech , and I must say it was such a great speech. Please try to hear it. I saw it on CNN, and then I went to CSPAN. It was awesome. The people were soooooooooo beautiful and respectful to him. He was great. I am so happy that he has received such honor and so much love. He needed this trip after being treated so disrespectful by his own people It is shameful, but the love this morning was just fantastic. I am grateful.

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