Heads-Up: President Obama joins Charles De Gaulle, Nelson Mandela and The Pope

Only three foreign guests have ever addressed the joint parliaments in UK. Shortly, at 10:30 ET, President Obama will become the fourth. You can see it here, here, here, on every British TV channel, and who knows, maybe even in AMERICA!!!! Right-Wing-MSM jealousy threat level: High.


165 thoughts on “Heads-Up: President Obama joins Charles De Gaulle, Nelson Mandela and The Pope

  1. lol@jealousy threat level: high. We might need a color-coded chart so that we can manage our reactions to those who are maligning this wonderful President, always on the go. What an honor, and such a well-deserved one. Thank you Ireland and Great Britain for taking such good care of our POTUS!

  2. Ha ha! Excellent idea gn, I think we might be at jealously level orange today! Thanks for the links, BWD!

  3. As a British/American this honour extended to our wonderful president makesbreathless. Thanks for highlighting this BWD

  4. Jealousy Threat Level: High

    Alert Color: Deeeeeeeeeep Green


    Have a great day, everyone :-D!

  5. These last few days have been so emotional!!! I am so thrilled for our President and Michelle, heartsick for the people in the storm areas, and excited for the win in New York.

    Now to enjoy the speech.

  6. LMAO @ Jealousy threat level: high1 :-)))

    Europeans love POTUS & FLOTUS. Those 100,000 peeps in Ireland told the story. LOL

  7. This Administration has taken unprecedented steps to protect consumers at the gas pump. In March, the President announced a plan to reduce our oil imports by a third by 2025–leveraging domestic resources while reducing the oil we consume. Since the beginning, this Administration has been making investments and taking smart steps that are already helping us move towards this important goal. You can see it in our investment in alternative fuels and our support of electric vehicles–creating jobs while decreasing costs for consumers.

    Most importantly, you can see it in the historic, national fuel economy standards for passenger cars and trucks achieved last year under President Obama’s leadership.


  8. My thoughts: Comcast is definitely pulling the strings of msnbc, almost zero coverage of POTUS trip, and when they do it is snarky or rude.

    Sadly, we need that channel as a balance, but it is more center right now, than before. Even Rachel is ignoring his trip, a concerted effort, indeed!

  9. but…but… it’s Oprah’s last show today. That’s what MSNBC finds newsworthy.

  10. rimshot. Deeeeep green indeed. I would add the poutrage club that crowd.


  12. More history making by our brilliant President~ Thank you Britian for recognizing this man for all his wonderful leadership skills and thank you Ireland for loving him so well 🙂 I am loving this week 🙂 🙂

    Take that haters

  13. Oh, BWD, I have got to borrow: “Right-Wing-MSN Jealousy Threat Level: HIGH

    I PROMISE to credit you.

    There are couple of variations on that phrase I would like to use.

  14. OMG Maureen Dowd’s a drooling envious slut

    May 24, 2011
    Don’t Be a StrangerBy MAUREEN DOWD

    It’s the next morning.

    Swaddled in the afterglow, the Irish are trying to figure out: Was it true love or merely a one-day stand?

    Not even a whole night, after all, since Barry O’Bama ran off after the ecstatic lovefest, muttering some incredible excuse about a volcanic ash cloud from Iceland.

    The tall, dark stranger who bewitched an island didn’t say when he’d be calling again to help out with Ireland’s $100 billion debt. The American president was back in the arms of the Special Relationship. He even proposed a deeper commitment with David Cameron, calling it the Essential Relationship. And on Thursday he’ll be whispering je t’aime to the French.


    Sorry dear, get a tall dark stranger of your own. First Lady Michelle’s got this one, signed, sealed, and delivered.

  15. bwd, one more thing for the right and msm to apeshit.

    And no US President has EVER addressed the joint session of Parliament. PBO is the FIRST EVER to do so, as per BBC reporter.

  16. I’ve been listening to the news in the background while I’m packing to leave my happy home. I can’t pay close attention, but my gawd I’m sick and tired of Jack Cafferty and others at CNN and even MSNBC giving our President hell because he’s “hobnobbing” with the British while people are dying at home. WTF. These international visits take months to plan and I don’t recall anyone calling out Republican Presidents for taking trips abroad to visit heads of state.

    I hadn’t listened to Jack Cafferty in probably over a year. His remarks about it yesterday had me almost tossing my shoes at the screen.

    OH!!!! The horns are blowing! wooot! God Bless our President.

    Anyway, the jealousy from the right about this honor bestowed upon President Obama is so distasteful!

    I’m so excited. I have to watch this! 😀

  17. But I remember Wolf on Bill Maher during the Bush years, saying that the ‘rules had changed’ for covering the President and you could only say nice, respectful things.

    Unless you’re a Democrat. This is all making my blood pressure rise today.

  18. oh, and thank goodness for Whitehouse.gov. I’m so glad to listen and watch without the talking dodo-heads! 😀

    Thanks BWD! 😀

  19. I’m embarassed to say I don’t know who this is speaking, can someone help with the info please?

  20. Speaker of the House. Taking a dig the late arrival of PBO with the usual brit humor.

  21. Oh my goodness- standing ovation from me for this introduction, thank you SIR!

  22. Yup. Brits are showing the americans what class is and what it means.

  23. And the introduction showed the appreciation and respect from around the world and sadly lacking here at home.

  24. She is a horrible evil hag, I’m preparing a letter to her and her hateful self. LYING ScUM.

  25. The American Press is obviously trying desperately to take our POTUS down a few notches, after his Bin Laden get. You know, they have to keep the Presidential race close, for ratings purposes.
    It is evident, it is all to conspicuous!

  26. I had the same reaction to hearing Jack Cafferty on an airport t.v. screen at Dulles when I was on my way home to Portland. Do cooler heads than mine think it does any good at all to write in to Cafferty et al. and point out how off base they are in their narrow-minded criticism of President Obama?

  27. I agree. Savannah Guthrie was rather rude in her question about if the Queen dissed President Obama and they showed a picture of when he was making his toast and the National anthem started playing.

    The Queen and the other quest figured out to stay still during the Anthem, President Obama missed it. No biggie but wouldn’t you know that’s the only reporting the Media wants to report on.

    Any gaff or embarrassing incident. That’s all they are paying attention to.

  28. Msnbc and CNN are both showing the speech right now if anyone wants to know. Fox news is also showing the speech, which is a shocker.

  29. Then the Pundits will come on afterwards with another poutrage… Something is NOT right with our press, something has made them shift even more to the right and see this President as a target. ODD!

  30. A very nice way to start the day Thank you for this!

    Now if I could only figure out how to ditch work and watch… oh well


  31. They do this bc the tea baggers write them all the time, and they think that is their only audience.
    Little do they know, they are paid trolls…

  32. I sense that aside from the POTUS position itself being known as “the leader of the free world” that Obama has just recently received full recognition of that title with th bin Laden strike and his amazing leadership in general. But the bin Laden strike put any doubt to rest in the eyes of the world. I see that in the reception of this speech.

  33. I wrote him last night when I could finally sit at my computer. I gave him hell. I always thought he was a curmudgeon and he could be a grump even when Bush was in office, but what he did yesterday to condemn President Obama was deplorable.

    A friend told me earlier in the evening that he’s been on President Obama’s “ass” since he took office and she found it very strange. So apparently he has some kind of thorn in his side about our sitting President.

    When all is said and done, President Obama demonstrates daily, sometimes hourly, that his leadership has strengthened this country, and no one can deny what he’s done since he took office. Only those who lie and distort can try to argue otherwise.
    They know it, and they can’t bear it that we have a a remarkable President, Barack Obama.

  34. There was absolutely no reason for this column by Maureen Dowd. It doesn’t cover any issue, not even a personality trait that could be discussed. Its sole purpose is ugly, hateful and destructive. Shame on her.

  35. OMG, I couldn’t be prouder of our President. What a speech. He is truly a citizen of the world. And the President of the US

  36. The flood gates opened at the end of the speech. I am in tears. Speechless…..

  37. From yahoo news

    “Obama was granted the honor of being the first U.S. president to speak from the grand setting of Westminster Hall, and he received a deeply friendly welcome. He recounted a history between two countries an ocean apart that began in war but has become an indispensible global force for economic growth, security, democracy and peace.”


  38. It was a powerful speech; a brilliant finish. I chocked up a little as he concluded. God, what a performance!

  39. I am speechless. What a man. He is getting prolonged applause. This has never happened before.

  40. Wait! You mean to tell me Ronald Reagan didn’t speak before both Houses of Parliament? OHNOZ! lol!

    They all want to touch his hand in a shake and talk with him. It’s a great day.

    OH WAIT! Tom Hanks is there? Huh? How did he get in that room. haha

  41. It was great to see historian Doris Kearns Goodwin in the audience. I would love to hear her commentary about the speech. The historians will be busy writing about the era of President Obama. Just amazing….

  42. OMG. The love and respect in that hall are truly inspiring and heartwarming. American media and people who denigrate our President should be ashamed.

  43. I am so thrilled for our President. The oldest form of democracy has given him the honor and appreciation he soooo deserves. They are still applauding.


  45. The best moment was when he mentioned his father being a cook from Kenya and becoming President of the US – the groundswell of love that came from the Brits was really remarkable right?

    I’m still watching him work the audience – it’s really something to see!

    How many of us feel like proud mothers right now – lol!

  46. Our press is wholly owned by multi-national corporations, and despite the fact that Obama has been VERY good to the business world, they can never be satisfied, and know that they won’t get much flack for bashing Democrats, whereas nobody can pitch a fit like the GOP. Therefore, they play it safe and prove over and over again just how “not liberally-biased” they are.


  48. Look at their faces as he approaches them. Eyes locked on our President! WOW!

    May has been a very interesting month for this President.

    Dammit I have to go off and do my thing before I fly out tomorrow morning. You all celebrate for me while I’m away. Cheers to all of us who are ALL IN!

    TaTaForNow. 🙂

  49. And Faith goes crazy:

    “At his weekly Capitol briefing with reporters Tuesday, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) confirmed what aides in both parties have been telling reporters: Cuts to Medicare will be on the table in deficit and debt limit negotiations, led by Vice President Joe Biden.

    After arguing that Democrats made significant headway toward extending Medicare’s solvency with the health care law, Hoyer said, “Do I believe that there are other things we can do related to Medicare? The answer is I do. I’m not going to get into articulating each one, but my expectation is they will be under discussion by the Biden group.”

    What the eff is wrong with Democrats? I know we’re supposed to be positive here, but seriously: what the eff is WRONG with Democrats?

  50. It is truly remarkable to see the honour and respect give to the Prez across the Atlantic and yet the right Wing back home trashes him. This is truly a remarkable man. Thank you England. Thank you Ireland. You taught us how to truly give respect to your guest.


  52. BTW did you all see the full page that my former Congressman Robert Wexler, who now is President of S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace, took out in the NY Times yesterday? You have got to get it and keep it in your cars or on your computers to show or send to anyone who says that our amazing President doesn’t support Israel 100% – it is a GREAT piece!!

    It starts off by stating “On Thursday, May 19, 2011, President Barack Obama delivered a historic speech in which he presented an American vision for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”
    Then in huge red letters it goes on to state


    And the it gives many quotes from the speech


  53. This is no longer a ‘rumor’ which we so often can bash and criticize the looney left for believing. This is Steny Hoyer on the record at a Capitol Hill briefing. The rumor is confirmed.

    At some point we can no longer depend on the rank stupidity of Republicans to win elections for us. After last night’s NY-26 win, Steny Hoyer comes forward to say that Medicare cuts are ‘on the table’ for the debt limit negotiations?!?!?


  55. from the BBC website an email from a Republican in the US

    1636: Guy, Bedondo Beach, US writes: It’s always stirring for most of us in America to see our president welcome in the place to which we trace our own democratic ideals (a couple of little 18th & 19th century wars notwithstanding). In our media, Obama is almost swamped by our own party strife…and that’s probably just our messy democracy working well. Seeing his reception in London reminds me of the stunning progress his election represents for our country. I might not vote for him….but I’m proud of how well he represents us to our most important friend, the UK.

  56. Who is that rethug nut fred karger, apparently presidential contender ?

    Stephen Sackur at BBC is skewering him right now. Loving it.

  57. Good Day to All,

    Mr. President is speaking overseas, no one seems to acknowledge the level of intensity here, however it will follow him home !
    They can ignore it, but I want to mention something no one has brought to mind.
    Ms. Oprah is leaving the studio to do her thing with her OWN network, and the Media culture is about to change. All those folks on NBC, Dr. Oz, CBS Dr. Phil, well they will have contracts that will expire, GEE, I wonder what network they all will migrate to next?
    As Well Ms. Oprah is very powerful, she was behind President Obama and was distracted before on the ability to campaign for having to maintain her ratings and keep the show going. Now she will have loads of time, and we all know she has Loads of Money to help with re-election. In today’s vernacular of recognition to NBA ~ 2012 is a SLAMDUNK!!
    They can leave off any media attention, but they won’t be able to leave it off when we are entertained to see a NO GOP nomination!
    Sure they will find one, but during that same period they will be trying to put John Edwards in Jail, and then the rest of them will have nothing but shame to follow into the nomination season. So Entertaining !
    YES WE CAN 2012!
    SAFE TRAVELS for Lady Obama and Her Man !!

    Corporate America best run hide, with their dishonest traits, there’s a new sheriff in town who is here to stay for at least 4more!

  58. Sackur basically told him, you suck and your chances suck. Wish american media had tough interviewers like Sackur.

  59. Of course “cuts to Medicare will be on the table” – the Republicans have put them there. It certainly doesn’t mean that those cuts will be made. And the “Do I believe there are other things we can do related to Medicare?” is another fairly innocuous statement.

    Let’s not jump on the drama-du-jour bandwagon here.

    IMHO it’s premature to go crazy about this. Let the MSM be the ones to twist and turn any Democrats words. I think it’s counter-productive for us to be doing that.

  60. I caught the tail end of his interview last night before I tuned in for the news. At first I thought he was a Democrat, since he said he maxed out in contributions to Hillary in 2008. When I figured out that he was Republican AND gay, I had a hearty chuckle. Oh yes, he’ll bring the GOP behind him, I can see it now.

  61. Yea, it’ll end with what PBO said about Medicare in his speech – cutting abuse and all that. Most Dems are idiots, but PBO isn’t.

  62. Let me guess.You got this info from the TPM website. The Dems know that it will be sucide for them to cut Medicare. Biden knows also.Why even get upset about something a Dem misspoke about. This will be another hair on fire issue for the PL.

  63. That speech left me breathless and in tears. It is one I want to download and keep.

  64. I hate having to parse what Democrats have said.

    ‘No Medicare cuts’ is what Democrats should be saying. We’ll cut waste, we’ll cut subsidies that pay for insurance company profits and do absolutely nothing to deliver care to seniors. We will strengthen the system and still deliver guaranteed to benefits to seniors now and seniors in the future.

    Say that. Don’t say that Medicare cuts are on the table in order to raise the debt ceiling. Of all days, this is not the day to have to explain the House Democratic leadership’s words on Medicare. Stop handing the opposition soundbites to use against us.

    Steny Hoyer has been in the U.S. House forever and in leadership. There is no earthly reason these guys don’t get it by now.

    My senator, Dick Durbin: it’s always one step forward two steps back. He makes me dizzy. This is inexcusable right now.

  65. yes and another good one posted:

    1707: Via Email Tim Allen I am sitting in the departure area at Midway airport, Chicago. President Obama’s standing ovation in Westminster Hall is being shown live on all the TVs, and people are very impressed. A clear sign that Americans value the relationship.

  66. I already said that this is not some rumor we can refute. This is a direct quote from Hoyer’s briefing this morning or I never would have brought it up.

    We can’t hide our heads in the sand. I’m the first to call a rumor for what it is, and criticize the lemings at TPM, dKos or anywhere else when they jump on them as truth. But a direct quote from an on-the-record briefing is just flat out stupid. If Hoyer has to come back and articulate what he means, we’re still behind in the message war.

    Demand revenue increases be put seriously on the table before you signal — once again — what you’re willing to give up. I don’t believe that Dem’s are really going to cut Medicare benefits. I don’t. But don’t give the enemy this kind of soundbite. It’s amateur politics from someone with decades of experience. We have the craftiest opposition in history. Why can’t we learn how to play this game more effectively?

  67. Will Rogers: “I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.”

    Unfortunately, that joke still holds true. Congressional Democrats need their own David Plouffe to keep them on message. At the very least Steny needs to run whatever he’s about to say by Nancy for a good vetting.

    I don’t think for a minute that VPB will cotton to any cuts to Medicare, aside from cuts in waste and subsidies to insurance companies. But, yes, message discipline has never been a Democratic strong point.

  68. Gosh. Remember when this attitude was the standard expected for respect for a U.S. President?

  69. President Obama was inspiring and brilliant with his speech. I was so overcome with emotion about the deep appreciation he received there, the applause that went on and on and on as he exited, and then the loud cheers that arose as he waved a final goodbye. The people there recognize what a rare and highly talented President we have, that he is one for the history books. It’s the most confounding and infuriating thing in the world that our news media continues to ignore the big story that is right before their eyes, concentrating instead on the tiniest, unimportant details, stirring up controversy and wasting air time on the fabricated and the partisan manipulation and those who are motivated by hate, fear and impure motives. It’s a real pathetic state of affairs. Our news media is failing our democracy and our country. They’re unethical and shameful. President Obama is one for the ages, our media needs to get with the program. They’re way off course.

  70. When the gop/msm is pushing it’s next favorite repug candidate I hope they take a moment to imagine if they could imagine seeing that person giving a speech to the British Parliament like PBO did today. The answer would be “NO”. What a wonderful speech and reception for our President. I am so proud.

  71. Oprah has said she’s keeping the network politics-free. I take her at her word.

    Even though I have some serious issues with Keith Olbermann {“I LOVE the President, I HATE the President!”), I think the direction of Current TV will be the network to watch for in the future. They are trying to build a progressive network. Have you noticed the fire in Lawrence O’Donnell’s belly, starting with his demand that NBC fire Trump? I think it’s obvious he figures he could move to Current if NBC/Comcast screws with him.

    I had great hopes for OWN but I will be surprised if Oprah chooses that the network become a progressive standard bearer.

  72. Networks exist to make money and therefore maximize ratings. I have a feeling if people contacted them more, they might shift at least a little towards reality. Am I being too optimistic or just plain naive here?

  73. If, in some strange alternate universe, Bush had delivered a speech to the UK Parliament, EVERY Republican pundit would be singing his praises if all he did was make it to the podium without tripping and face the right way.

    But we’ll see our alleged Democratic pundits pick the speech apart.

  74. Thanks. Apparently Michelle is rocking the brits on her own.

    David Miliband, Labour MP for South Shields tweets:

    Obama speech came alive talking about diverse societies. But not one non-white person on British establishment side of stage.

  75. The media world over (I am from India) has become sensationalistic and are about gingering up nontroversies. I rarely watch Indian news channels and rely completely on newspapers, where there is still some journalistic standards.

    BBC is my main source of teevee news and second comes Al Jazeera.

  76. Revenue increases have been demanded by Biden. I seen it at the bottom on CNN this morining. If you don’t think Dems are going to cut Medicare then why get upset.

  77. On the oh please make it go away news front: Dennis Kucinich is shopping around for a new District to represent since he’s going to be redistricted out of his. He’s actually putting out feelers to try to run for a seat in Washington State, which is getting a new district. I threw up in my mouth a little when I learned that.

  78. Of course he is. It’s not like he knows how to do any other kind of job. (Although I do think he would make a wonderful talking head on one of those alien shows on History Channel.)

  79. Please don’t let that happen! I vote absentee in WA and I don’t EVER want to be in the position of having to hold my nose and vote for that man.

  80. Yes they do: and we watched The Address to British Parliament, PBO was so terrific this is what a leader of a Country looks like, Yes he can.
    And by the way Tom Hanks was there woow.
    Thank you BWD. I do not know why is the U.S media is doing there? we hear shit from them.

  81. jovie the MSM will not be able to control the new technology, just ask FACE BOOK.

  82. Awesome. I’ve fantasized about putting an ad in the paper telling Netanyahoo to go piss off but I don’t have the money.

  83. Perfect speech is perfect and the person giving the speech is perfection. A well deserved honor was bestowed on this great leader by the wonderful British people. I love my president.

    The disgusting display by Congress a few days ago is now even more contemptible in light of the class and decorum I just seen during POTUS speech.

    The optics of our President’s speech today before the House of Lords and House of Commons, compared to the incredibly disgraceful sight of our elected American Congress persons, lead by the GOP basically and uproariously “jizzing” themselves over every word of disrespect hurled toward the President by some outsider was the most scandalous, improper behavior I have ever witnessed. *adds that to a long list of disgraceful actions against this great POTUS by Congress*

  84. I really have been trying to wean myself from daily poll watching, and for the most part have succeeded. But here are today’s Gallup tracking poll numbers for Obama: 53% approve (+2), 41% disapprove (-1). It’s a three point gain from yesterday.

    May one hazard a guess that the dustup with Bibi hasn’t hurt PBO in the slightest — and that the contretemps, along with the great optics from his overseas trip, may in fact have helped him? At the very least, people are seeing through the MSM screen.

    (And even Rassie has him at 50-48.)

  85. The BBC blamed the band and said they should have waited until PBO had finished.He used the words to the Queen at the start of his last sentence and they took that as a cue to begin.
    Either he or the band should of stopped but nether did.

  86. Hi Faith,

    For over 3 hours I watched Chipstick’s link to the coverage of the Obamas at Moneygall and Dublin. It was only when they turned to MODo’s inane prattle that I shut ‘er down. She was telling the Irish that not a single solitary blue color worker supported him because he’s ALWAYS aloof and professorial.

    I agree with the snarky analysis of some at WSY: that she SO much sees PBO as her “Dream Believer” that she acts like a jilted lover. (Heh. If Dowd gets a huge readership for her armchair psychology, then she’s fair game for our own).

  87. Carpetbagging. He just has to move here or buy property here and get on the ballot. Jay Inslee wants to run for Governor, so that leaves an opening, too. Even with re-districting, there will be very blue, invulnerable seats to run for.

  88. Pelosi and PBO need to sit on Hoyer simultaneously. Way to muddy the message, dumbazz.

  89. I foresee this is what Palin is doing in Arizona. With the vacancy created by Jon Kyl, it would not surprise me is she is following in McCain’s footsteps by moving to Arizona to run for election. McCain did it in 1986 and we have been stuck with him ever since.

  90. I loved watching him meet and greet after the speech. And people around him kept applauding at whatever he was saying in talking to individuals in the crowd. (I had to turn to C-Span from MSNBC to see the interaction in the crowed after the speech.)

    It was so obvious that he was beloved by the people surrounding him.

    The pride I felt in Jack and Jackie has been FAR surpassed by the pride I feel in Barack and Michelle.

  91. The leadership should have discipline. Steny has to understand that this is not the 1980’s when there were still principled Republicans to deal with. We are the enemy to them and they NEVER let go. We at least have to be vigilant.

    How do you say that Medicare changes are on the table without demanding that revenue increases be on the table as well? It’s all posturing now anyway. I know it can be parsed. I know he didn’t say that he was willing to slash Medicare or raise the Medicare age to 85, like the hyperbole that I’m sure is drooling out of Jane Hamsher and GG. But he opened the door to hyperbolic interpretation from both sides.

    The average Democrat and independent has to be able to tune in to the background noise and hear that the Democrats have their backs on Medicare. That they understand that the rich and the millionaire-welfare system and the corporations have to contribute to America’s success like they did in the ’50’s and ’60’s. Instead of giving a soundbite that Medicare is ‘on the table’, say that until Republicans show they are serious about the debt and deficit by reversing economy-crushing tax cuts and subsidies, no cuts will be entertained.

    Make those values part of the background noise that informs the majority of Americans about whom to vote for. We have to stop depending on the stupidity of Republicans and start being proactive.

    The other day Steny Hoyer was brilliant on why we’re in so much debt. But he undoes his good intentions with stupid comments today. Let’s be clear: Republicans would have canned his ass in leadership for a whole lot less.

  92. Remember how the PL were so incensed about the “compromise” over the budget earlier — and how the results actually greatly favored the Dem philosophy in the end?

  93. Because the soundbite is out there. Because the quote is out that Democrats will put it on the table. It’s damaging to how the average American tunes in to political signals. That’s why.

    We need to close these gaps. We have enough problems with the Blue Dogs and conservadems that burden our message. They are virtually uncontrollable and do damage with a thousand tiny cuts. The leadership has to tighten up. And that goes for Dick Durbin, too. They talk as if they don’t know that it’s 2011 and the politics are full of vipers. Obama can and should stay above the fray. The leadership needs to do the work of reassuring the American people on the bedrock American/progressive ideals and programs. Uncertainty is what loses elections.

  94. An article from Alternet on her possible appointment

    “Roger Beverage, the president and CEO of the Oklahoma Banker’s Association, has written a letter in support of a recess nomination for Warren — a noteworthy move, since Beverage once said Warren was “akin to the Antichrist.” TPM has the story:

    Beverage has become the archetype for financial industry advocates whom Warren has won over. He and his colleagues had been led to believe that Warren “was akin to the Antichrist.” But after meeting and working with her, he’s thrown his full support her way, despite some continuing disagreements.

    “[A]s an advocate for “banks, I’ve not always agreed with some of her statements,” Beverage wrote. “I have come to know her since her current duties began last September, and I am convinced she clearly recognizes the importance of community banks and small credit unions to the nation’s economic recovery and how they fit into her vision to protect American consumers and their families. … In my view she is far and away the best qualified person to lead it as it begins its historic mission.”


  95. My husband is a perfect example. He’s a good Democrat. He even watches a good amount of political coverage (I can’t take the c-span calls first thing in the morning but he watches every day).

    He’s 71 years old. A Chicago Democrat who was raised on the South side of Chicago. He is my barometer for what people understand about what they hear. He gets annoyed that I have to explain to him that what he heard really isn’t what Steny Hoyer or Dick Durbin meant. He would like to hear that the Democratic leadership WILL protect Medicare for him, for me and for the next generations. He doesn’t want to hear parsing. He doesn’t want me to talk him down. He’d like to turn on the car radio and not hear a soundbite like this.

    And he’s relatively involved. Most Americans are not.

  96. Loved Lawrence’s attack on O’Reilly last night over O’Reilly’s misunderstanding (deliberate or not?) regarding socialism.

    Wonder what O’Reilly thought of all the Irish love for O’Bama?!

  97. Liberal Librarian,

    The beauty of this coming from Wexler is that not only is he unabashedly, pro-Israel, his opinion holds sway with a lot of older Jewish voters. I lived in his district and every Jewish mother adopted him. LOL. This bibi poop is a proverbial tempest in a teapot where the media and DC villagers again demonstrate just how much they are out of touch.

  98. I wonder if a lot of people are watching this clip. I can’t get beyond the ad in the beginning. It keeps stopping about 3/4 the way through. Busy site?

  99. June 20th

    7:00 timeslot. ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann’. He evidently kept ownership of the name.

  100. I’m old enough to remember when you earned your journalistic chops in the trenches, on the beat. You got your hands dirty in pursuit of a story. After you had gained the respect of the public and your peers, and after a full career of painstaking work, maybe — just maybe — you could get to the anchor desk and edit a newscast.

    Now, journalism schools are full of marketing classes. If you’re pretty enough they give you an anchor position and a phone while you wait for it to ring. And if it doesn’t, you wait for the producer to shove sentences in your ear that you regurgitate to the public.

  101. I haven’t checked in a few hours, but you wouldn’t know President Obama joined the likes of Nelson Mandela and the Pope in addressing Parliament. If that’s the only place you get your news you wouldn’t know about it. Like I used to. That’s why I had to leave except to check in to see what’s they’re pushing on a daily basis (although I do love their election liveblogs. A guilty pleasure).

  102. Thank you BWD. When the Norwegians gave Prez Obama the Nobel, the world–particularly the U.S media hollered that he did not deserve it. In a few successive months, he accomplished so much, the critics somehow toned down on it.

    Now, comes the British honour to the Commons and the Lords, an honour bestowed only to a few; De Gaule, The Pope, Mandela and now him! How is that for an honour from the Mother of all Democracies; the Mother of Parliaments! Just brilliant.

    There is something about this guy. Some people, the more you know them, the more you you realize their limitations. For this guy, each day seems to show the greatest of his potential and a limitless capacity to awe and surprise us all!!!

  103. The dust-up helped Obama. He rose above the petty bickering and connected to most of the American people (indeed the world). Bibi’s childish behavior and his assumption of the stupidity of Americans and his calculation that Israel-right-or-wrong would win the day with the American people, was an embarrassment. When our President was serious about the trajectory of the world and how the ME must change for the good of the planet.

    To see him walk his rhetoric back was quite a sight to behold.

  104. That is one hell of a good news story. She is extraordinary.

    And again, Republicans looked like outrageous idiots yesterday.

  105. I’ve noticed on previous trips, the media criticize the president. I mean if he waited until things were perfect, he would never go anywhere. (And then he would get criticized for that.) So the only conclusion I can make is that the media’s criticism stems from the overwhelming positive reception the president gets when he goes overseas. It’s a cozy little meme, “hey look, the president is over there having a good time while such and such disaster is happening here…” It just really shows there smallness.

  106. Sorry to put a downer on everyone but I am sooooo angry. I just saw a report from The Hill that Democratic Senators plan to join the Republicans in voting in favor of an Orrin Hatch sponsored Repug Resolution on the saying the US is anti the 1967 borders solution as a rebuke to Pres Obama.
    Can you believe these people? Pres Obama campaigned for Harry Reid and others in 2010 and helped raise money.
    I will not support any of the ones who vote for this and ONLY contribute to PBO.
    This is so hateful and, I have to say, totally disloyal.
    If only PBO had a decent party with him. I really can’t contain my anger. I am going off to scream.

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