You Are Beautiful, In Every Single Way (2)

Here’s PBO’s really wonderful speech from today. I watched it again, and was just blown away again. (And I could swear David Cameron had tears in the end).


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  1. Again Michelle’s dress is amazing! The hair is also different. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it like that before. Any back photos?

  2. I am bursting with pride today — and gratitude.

    We are led not only by a great man, but by a good man; not only a great couple, but by a good couple.

  3. I love Michelle’s PERSONAL style. She’s nobody’s clothes hanger. She expresses the many dimensions of her personality. Gloriously.

    I’m reminded of Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman”

  4. I had to listen to the speech again, it was just wonderful.
    Thanks for all these photos, especially the ones of FLOTUS in that awesome dress.

  5. Thx bwd for the vid.

    Borrowed for my gos diary, which surprisingly hit the wrecklist. πŸ™‚

  6. After the R’s in MN managed to pass more hatemongering stuff for the ballot in an attempt (a feeble one Imo) to gin up as many backwoods R’s for 2012, this speech and the one from ireland make for a refreshing tonic.

    Yes we can!

    I Think the world as the conservatives once knew it will be long gone by the time they realize it. and that is change i can believe in.

  7. Not a single day goes by that I do not think that America really elected well the last Presidential election. It is just amazing that a nation seething with so much anger–if you can believe the T-Baggers, the Repugs and the MSM, could also produce such an even-keeled, fair-minded and all-round great family!Funny, the people cut through the noise and the posturing and chose the right man for the office.

    The Obamas lead by example; they live exactly what their speeches about justice, fairness and being your brothers’ and sisters’ keeper is all about. Thanks BWD.

  8. LOL. I made you look. πŸ™‚

    There is a still contingency of O’bots there alive and kicking.:)

  9. way to go AMK! And so far I’ve seen only one of the PL showed up and commented “I liked the Dublin speech better”. LOL, that’s the best ya got? Of course not understanding that they are two ENTIRELY different audiences…

  10. I hope he comes home soon. He is doing so much damage to the US image abroad. Next he’ll be massaging the Queen’s shoulders.

  11. It’s such a ridiculous comment. Two completely different speeches, for two completely different crowds.

    Today’s speech was one of his best as president. It was a masterpiece.

  12. I’ll take that as a high compliment. Thanks bwd. I didn’t even follow their 3 paragraph rule. πŸ™‚

  13. Thanks FORUS. Yes, that was a silly comment but got smacked down by granny helen and me.

    I didn’t even a chance for the pl to troll my poll. πŸ™‚

  14. You are kidding, right Carol? Damaging our image abroad? This man has done more to regain respect and admiration for this country abroad than any Republican President ever!

  15. So funny, Carol. Yeah, he’d better get home before somebody throws a shoe at him.

  16. Rather than going after guns/ammo, I’d rather see Congress use this tragedy to find increased funding for mental health help.

  17. Your diary is just about at the top of the rec list! And, it’s good to see many positive comments there. Hopefully people are gaining their sanity again.

  18. I am actually pleasantly surprised that it even made the wrecklist. So far the pl has kept away from it. Let’s see what that day brings. πŸ™‚

  19. I’m so glad that I don’t have to apologize to my european friends and family about our president anymore. Oresident and Mrs. Obama are smart, beautiful, caring and the whole world can see it!

  20. Good speech – not one that brought me to tears, but it did beautifully connect events of the past under the “special relationship” to shared responsibilities in present (Libya) and future action (“to all people who look at the values we espouse … and want to enjoy the freedom we have”).

  21. BWD thank you so much for covering the Obamas’ trip. It has been completely ignored on the newsites I read.

    Fox News and the GOP are going batshit because the Obamas have gotten such a good reception overseas. They are trying to claim he is on vacation while Missouri is trying to recover from the tornado.

    On a totally superficial note – Michelle’s dress is amazing. She has hit it out of the park fashion wise this trip.

  22. I know, right?! When I’ve traveled to Europe the time difference throws me off for a solid 2 days – even when I sleep on the way over. And all I have to do is walk around and eat and buy things, lol.

    Barack Obama stays up to watch the Bulls on his flight over there, has morning meetings with the Irish political leaders and then shakes hands for an hour in the wind, rain and sun in Moneygall, then gives a speech that night to 50-100K people in London and on and on and on.

  23. Andrea mitchels interview with him went thud! Now I know why she was kissing his ass, she wanted that interview!

  24. I just love Michelle’s dress and her jewelry — just not crazy about the severe hairdo. I love the way she wore hair at the White House Correspondent dinner.

    The speech was gorgeous; not moving me to tears but beautiful because it was so thoughtful of his audience. And you could tell he was humbled by how they showed their appreciation of it.

    Another beautiful day in the world brought to you by Mr. and Mrs Obama.

  25. Now, Wolfe blitzer is interviewing nut and yahoo. He scheduled all these interviews before he slimed the president. That is how he got the American press on his side.

  26. Interviews with the msm I think is pretty standard for a visiting world leader. Pres. Obama does the same when he travels.

  27. Seems like I read a couple months ago that Andrea Mitchell is the least watched pundit on television.

  28. I think the thing that frustrates Obama’s opponents the most is that he simply confounds their expectations. They have a set idea about how a Democratic president is supposed to act: cautious, finger to the wind, giving in everything while getting nothing in return. They expected PBO to be another Clinton, and instead he’s been regularly handing them their lunches since the 2010 elections. It’s almost as if the midterm results freed him from corralling fractious Dems to pass his legislative agenda. He didn’t shrink from the fights they picked, but neither did he descend to their level. With GOP overreach, he was able to be what he’s always been: serious, conscious of limitations, but dogged in his goal to do what’s best for the majority of citizens. This extends to the foreign arena. The democratic awakening that GWB tried to engender using guns, tanks, and jets PBO has helped bring about with almost nothing more than words and resolve. And when he had to act with force — the Somali pirates, Libya, and of course OBL — he did it without flinching, with all the facts before him, and without bluster. Every day that he’s in office he smashes his opponents’ conceptions of what he’s supposed to do, how he’s supposed to act, and they have no response. Or, rather, they have their old responses from their old playbooks, and they no longer work in this reality. The ground certainly has shifted under their feet.

  29. This dress is off the charts beautiful. It is perfect for her body shape. She is stunning (her husband’s not bad, either).

  30. Hate to be a wet blanket, but it’s just giving more credibility to Markos to call the First Lady “classless” again, and it also keeps the thoughts and opinions of fringe people important. I do understand and can respect the counterargument, but this is why I personally just totally stay away.

  31. I think that President Obama is correct in that this is basically a country of some really good people. We just have a fringe on both directions (though much smaller on the left, thank God) who receive disproportionate attention from everyone else, and create the mirage that President Obama is despised. He’s loved here too. And I so agree that I find him speaking to people’s better angels to be fantastic; I can only hope that it is successful in 2012. Best POTUS ever.

  32. This is the man THEY forced to play silly games with his birth certificate while planning the end of Osama bin Laden.

    If President Obama needed to be in the U.S., he’d be here. I think the nation can safely trust his judgment on that, don’t you?

    Besides, Obama has a functioning FEMA and other procedures ignored or dismantled by the Incompetent-in-Chief he had to replace.

  33. Wow. Steve Israel is an excellent spokesman for the DCCC. Chris Matthews just said that he’s the best Chairman in years.

  34. Very insightful – I think you are 100% correct and that’s what I’ve also observed with my Republican friends. His game throws them off and leaves them either frustrated or (with a few)have started to show a grudging respect.

  35. Yes, the President clearly feels a sense of duty. That’s something I think a lot of people just don’t have any more. Our military, being one of the exceptions I think. But the concept of a person getting up in the morning (or middle of the night) to literally take on the weight of the world each day just because he feels it’s the morally right thing to do–even though half the country will never, ever, ever acknowledge what you do–just boggles the mind.

  36. That speech was a beauty. I feel like I’m a witness to a very important time in our history. There are no adjectives superb enough to describe President Obama, what I think of him, and I think I’ve tried them all. He is just on a whole other level, and I don’t feel I’m exaggerating. And I notice more and more people are noticing the same thing, just not some of the influence-peddlers in this country, for some twisted and sick reason which I do not understand.

  37. Sorry to put a downer on everyone but I am sooooo angry. I just saw a report from The Hill that Democratic Senators plan to join the Republicans in voting in favor of an Orrin Hatch sponsored Repug Resolution on the saying the US is anti the 1967 borders solution as a rebuke to Pres Obama.
    Can you believe these people? Pres Obama campaigned for Harry Reid and others in 2010 and helped raise money.
    I will not support any of the ones who vote for this and ONLY contribute to PBO.
    This is so hateful and, I have to say, totally disloyal.
    If only PBO had a decent party with him. I really can’t contain my anger. I am going off to scream.

  38. It seems like it has taken people a pretty long timne to understand the rhythms and methods of Barack Obama. He gives extremely inspiring speeches, but as a leader he is not Mr. Instant Gratification. he never throws red meat, either, and i think people have come to expect that from politicians. But, you’re right, in that I think folks are starting to trust him a lot more. Meanwhile, the GOP is just reinforcing the idea that they are the party of self-serving bastards.

  39. I’m a fighter, gn. And I have taken the FP’ers there, including kos, to task when they spew nonsense.

    Look at this way, that diary so far has had over 1100 views. I see it as spreading the right message. πŸ™‚

  40. It sure does throw them off. And, what’s so funny about it is that they keep thinking he is acting like a stereotypical cautious and timid Democrat. Over and over again. They never learn.

  41. That sort of thing ticks me off, too, but I have a feeling PBO isn’t losing any sleep over that. Surely he’s figured out how useless the Senate is by now.

  42. I understand where you are coming from. It’s sad but this isn’t the first time Dems did stupid stuff like this against one of their own.

    When Bill Clinton and his administration came up with health care reform some Dems didn’t back the plan and turned on the administration.

    Dems have been some what dysfunctional since 1968 (Vietnam ERA).

  43. The presidency has wide latitude in conducting foreign policy without interference from the Congress. If PBO says that a peace deal based on the 67 borders is the position of the US government, then that’s what it is. He’ll thank the Senate for its input, and continue on.

  44. In all seriousness, though, this is a great development. Monitoring volcanoes on this planet is so fundamentally necessary that we can’t afford to overlook it. Upgrading from analog to the more effective digital systems may one day save lives. Glad to hear it, and thanks again, Jovie.

  45. From TPM: “Only 5 of the 47 GOP senators voted against the House GOP’s Medicare-abolishing budget plan moments ago. More soon …”

  46. After the obnoxious spectacle of Congress giving 29 standing ovations for Netanyahu yesterday, nothing surprises me. I find the very fact that he was given an invitation to give an address to Congress while President Obama was out of the country repugnant. It is disgusting on so many levels.

    It’s not enough that President Obama has to deal with a feckless media, conservative talk radio, and Fox Noise. He has to deal with members of his own party who have backbone and are perfectly willing to turn on him. It’s infuriating.

  47. Thanks BWD for posting the transcript of President Obama’s speech. I wasn’t able to see it live, but I was able to read it on my Blackberry so thank you. I must confess however that it was a good thing I was alone when I was reading, because I was a mess…I found myself in tears because I was so overwhelmned by his words and genius…President Obama’s Speech today has only given me more reasons to be jealous of you guys lol.

    America you are truly bless, for having this Brilliant, Great and Wonderful Man as your President.

    God Bless President Obama & Mrs. Obama, and United States of America

  48. The most ridiculous thing I saw today was on CNN when Blizter, Crowley and Borger tried to compare President Obama’s parliamentary address to Netanayu’s speech to congress in terms of the amount of applause heard during each speech. I mean, this is like comparing apples and oranges – two very different speeches for very different audiences with very different purposes. Obviously, they hadn’t seen any of the parliamentary addresses by the previous speakers (e.g., Mandela, Pope) or were hoping that their audience was dumb enough to not know the difference.

    I could not believe the level of ignorance on display and the stooping to disgustingly low levels just to attempt a cheap shot at the President? With an MSM like this, it’s no surprise that Bush was elected President for 2 terms, with the US fast becoming the world’s laughing stock.

  49. ryan’s curse fails 57-40 at senate. 5 repubs “stabbed their party in the back”. πŸ™‚

    Surprisingly randy paul was one of them. πŸ˜‰

  50. american fourth estate are truly fifth columnists, hopefruit. It’s up to the americans themselves to reform them.

  51. I believe Paul voted against the Ryan budget because it wasn’t draconian enough. Really, it would be a wonderful investment of taxpayer funds to purchase these libertarians an island somewhere and allow them to socially experiment all that they wanted.

  52. Five have to be Snowe, Brown, Collins, Murkowski and Paul. The first three confirmed as much, Murkowski was on the fence and Paul said he’d vote against it because it didn’t go far enough.

  53. which three were cowards and didn’t even vote? I’m betting Manchin for one.

  54. I tell you what, after seeing what BWD and the Obama Diary has done in covering this presidency, I am no longer interested in the press. Thank you for providing this contribution that cannot even or ever be measured in terms of what it provides us in seeing a remarkable leader transform the world.

  55. Speak! And the tawdry and ignorant talk of PBO’s faux pax doing a toast last night at the State Dinner. Just nitpicking, juvenile commentary. It’s disgusting!

  56. With only five GOP voting against the Ryan Budget, I think it’s obvious that the plan is to double down on it and try to out-message the Dems on framing it.

    Pretty good bet actually.

  57. I loved Obama’s response to that. He said he thought they added a musical score, like in the movies, to his toast. But isn’t it amazing that that little tidbit was the only reporting on yesterday’s events on much of the media. MSNBC was the worst. It was fed into every teleprompter of every hourly anchor all day long. Talk about purposely missing the point.

  58. nah, it’s a really dumb bet. They didn’t have any other “health care” plan so they were stuck with this loser. This will cost them Iowa, Florida, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and all the Independent votes out West –not only in the national election but in local elections.

  59. SR, usually your analysis is good, but this time it appears you haven’t been paying attention. This Ryan Path to Poverty albatross + no viable POTUS candidate = EPIC GOOP FAIL in 2012.


  60. As a follow-up to my comment about the Ryan Plan losing the Independent vote, I think this comment on the Politico blog speaks to the stereotypical independent vote:

    Member Since: May. 15, 2008
    Party: NA

    As an independent, the GOP lost my vote the day the house voted for the budget. The most annoying thing about the whole budget is that it includes not tax increase whatsoever for the rich and the corporate world that have been milking the masses dry. Not minding the fact that the waste in medicare goes directly to their pockets.

    For a party to have the effrontery to demand that the masses espeicially the elderly sacrifice more in this time of hardship, while leaving the rich and the powerful to continue to ride on the back of the poor, is to say the least, absolute wickedness.

    I voted for you guys (GOP) the last time, come 2012, God knows I WON’T DO THAT AGAIN. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH ALREADY!

    Read more:

  61. CBS story

    Obama to Parliament: Our leadership is essential

    “Obama was granted the honor of being the first U.S. president to speak from the grand setting of Westminster Hall, and he received a deeply friendly welcome. He recounted a history between two countries an ocean apart that began in war but grew into an indispensible global force for economic growth, security, democracy and peace.”

  62. A couple comments on the Senate vote. Booman had a post today saying it was ridiculous to even have a vote, as it was essentially meaningless. Those Republicans who voted for it are not very likely to pay a price and it won’t really cause the Senate to swing enough to have any meaning.

    I challenged not his reasoning but rather the end result. It is true that those that voted for it are not likely to suffer (except maybe Heller) but it was still important to hang this albatross around the nek of the Republican party.

    Booman’s response was that it still doesn’t make any difference. The Dems could regain a majority in the House and the Senate would still hold things up. My feeling is that if the Dems keep hold of the Senate, and maybe even gain a seat, then you might well see a change in (though not total elimination of) the filibuster rules.

    In terms of SR’s statement that they are making a good bet (the Reps), I am not sure about that. It seems to be the only game in town for them to play. They got nothing else.

    It will all depend on Dem messaging, which definitely sems to be getting better. The one thing that I think I would like to hear the Dems say is that apparently the Republicans have a very low opinion of Americans. Some have been known to go out there and tell older folks that they don’t need to worry because they are 55 or older so it won’t affect them.

    Apparently they don’t seem to think that older Americans care about their children’s and grandchildren’s futures.

    That is something that needs to be played up. Republicans=the party of I have mine, screw you.

  63. I love how she’s so willing to be feminine and flirty and sexy, while at the same time being an incredibly powerful woman.

    Women of power so often dress in a plain or even manly way.

    Michelle tells us and shows us that one can be both very feminine and yet very powerful. Great lesson.

  64. There is two possible strategies – either they plan to double down and try and win the frame war saying “Dems are lying, we’re trying to save Medicare” or it will be “it was just regular budget posturing – trying to secure negotiating position, not that we really wanted what was in the budget”.

    I would have been much more comfortable if there was more GOP who voted against it today. I sense a united strategy coming.

  65. Thanks BWD, an edifying and uplifting speech, an edifying and uplifting presidential couple.

  66. United? Maybe. Successful? Unlikely. I believe, to quote the infamous Tojo, that “they have awakened the sleeping giant” — the sleeping giant being True Spirit of America which, above all, means Fairness and Decency.

  67. Democratic congressman from nj, andrews said that the president is tilting towards Hamas!

    What is this guy Andrews related to hannity?

  68. No, he is not in the least funny. A carnival barker who shouts on cable. Nothing else; the barkers are all essentially the same and should be ignored.

  69. I absolutely agree with MSNBC’s action. Language that is demeaning to women is never acceptable.

  70. I like this blog and all but I gotta say, sometimes the titles are a wee bit creepy. Just sayin.

  71. I think Dems need to start reminding folks that in addition to killing medicare, the GOP wanted to give millionaires tax breaks at the same time. It was the two together that was so galling and utterly indefensible.

  72. With apologies to Queen (of the Freddie Mercury variety)…

    Blackwaterdog, you make the Barack-in world go ’round!

  73. Now that they have committed with a vote, let us see how they wear that albatross. They will sink with it!

  74. True, but it could not have happened to a nicer guy! Lol, that he was suspended and lol for Laura Ingram being a conservative slut. Think about that? It does not make sense. A conservative slut? Whatever!

  75. Brilliantly done as always, BWD. Thank you.

    Wow, the First Lady, Mrs. Obama, her outfit is a gem.

    Wow. It is smokingly fantastic.

  76. Great point. It is the whole concpt and direction that is disgusting, not just one point in particualr. That is why the President’s response of making 33 people pay an extra $6,000 a year o people in his income group could have a tax break is so potent.

    It ties in to what I said before. Make sure the voters realize the Republican party is giving a big middle finger wave to the poor and the middle-class.

    I read today that they (teh Reps) are going to sstart backing away from the assault on Medicare and start going after Medicaid. Unfortunately for them almost as many Americans don’t want to see Medicaid touched as don’t want to see Medicare touched.

  77. Michelle in that black dress is not just beautiful. She is ravishingly beautiful.

    I just listened to the President address Parliament and I’m so proud of both my countries today.

  78. and find time to exercise!!! It’s a rebuke to me, who complains that I’m too busy to exercise. LOL.

  79. And of course the UNprofessional left is melting down as another one of their heroes goes down in flames.

    Ed Schultz is a left wing teabagger: all he does is yell about how Mr. Obama is bending over for corporations and the banks. He’s no better than Rush Limbaugh calling Mr. Obama a socialist and hoping he fails.

    I won’t be missing him, MSNBC needs to get trash like him off the airwaves. If I wanted to hear a blowhard demeaning women, I’d tune into FoxLies or right wing hate radio.

    I don’t agree with Laura Ingraham and she does say radical things, but even she didn’t deserve to be called a slut. The media will latch onto Ed’s remarks and equivocate them with “radical Obama supporters of the left.” Ed is doing nothing more than helping Republicans make the left look bad to win the elections next year.

  80. I still believe that the hate mongers are the ones truly responsible for this tragedy and that there will always be mentally ill people who will fall victim to the games of those who prompt the killings but can never be convicted because they delude others into actually pulling the trigger. Yes we need better mental health care but we also need widespread public condemnation of the hate speak and fear mongering that pushes the vulnerable over the edge.

    We also need gun control.

  81. Well said. You really express my own opinion really well. I feel like you’re in my head. LOL.

  82. I say, Amen to that. BWD is a trooper. I never thought there was a person out there whose love for Obama could make mine look so tiny until I found BWD. Hers are words, deeds, emotions…she lives and breathes POTUS and FLOTUS. God Bless her.

    I have learnt so much from here.

  83. Thanks for the transcript, BWD. I like reading what he says more than I do listening to him speak. By reading his words, I can process it more carefully.

  84. Lawrence O’Donnell just ripped the scab off the hysteria over Israel and the 67 borders with mutually agreed swaps. It was great because he just used the facts to make his case. I really hope this segment goes viral.

  85. Thanks for the heads up. Both my Senators are Democrats and I will contact both. Fund raisers
    called me the other day and I told them I will not give any money to anyone who doesn’t stand behind the President. The Dems need to learn how to put up a united front and only we can teach them how to do it. Tell them straight up. No money. No votes. Unless they stand with the President.

  86. Well put. What a beautiful speech. All I could think to say was WOW!. I’m so glad Barack Obama is our president.

  87. Let’s speak with our money. If they do this, don’t give them one red cent. I don’t plan to. I gave quite a bit to them over the past 2 + years, but after watching them stab PBO in the back time after time, I’m being more selective with my donations this time around.

  88. That’s funny….can you picture this president massaging the Queens shoulders and Mrs Obama slapping the prince on the back? LOL!

  89. OMG. I had realized long ago that Blitzer, Borger and Crowley were not very knowledgeable nor very bright, but this is just… unbelievable. God… the ignorance and stupidity. It burns.

  90. OMG – our First Lady is just gorgeous!

    The speech today was great (no surprise!) – it was glorious to see how much the world respects and admires our President.

  91. President Obama versus the GOP or Netanyahu is rather like watching him engage in a duel of wits with unarmed opponents.

  92. I’ve just entered your poll LOL. And I’ve rec’d your entry. It’s great to read so many positive comments, so I am glad you posted there. Way to go.

  93. He had Wasserman Shultz on the show for a different segment – would have liked her opinion when faced with those facts.

  94. Not that he couldn’t easily, but maybe he was distracted by the responsibility of dealing with some problems that aren’t exactly on the Queens’s agenda, if you will.

  95. I just sent a NASTY email to the DSCC.I told them to NEVER expect a single Penny from me.

    Basically I called them Backstabbing, spineless, idiotic morons.

    This just fucking pisses me off (excuse the language).

    I have no interest in Netanyahu bitchslapping the US and the democratic Senators going along with it, by disrespecting our President.

  96. why do you listen to these idiots when you have BWD?

    Thanks BWD for all your great work in delivering truthful and relevant information.

    So proud of POTUS and FLOTUS!!

  97. Finally I am frying to watch Obama’s Uk parliament speech awesome. He is shaking everyone’s hand. LOL . That was too funny and I love him.

  98. President Obama was certainly professorial today. Who can top this man? He is educated, smart, intelligent, and oh, so darn handsome.

    Mrs. Obama looks absolutely breath-taking, and she and PBO really, really compliment each other.

    We all should look no further for a role model, when we have President and Mrs. Obama right in front of our eyes.

    ( I have only one regret, his parents and grandparents are not here to see who they have nutured, and how he has turned out. But they are rejoicing and smiling at their beloved).

  99. Thank you BWD, for all the wonderful photos, etc you have given to us. These have been some amazing days. So much emotions. See you tomorrow.

  100. I wish I could his lips to figure out what he is saying, he is having too much shaking his hands after his Uk parliament speech.

  101. That is disgusting. I am beyond angry. I have been angry since the dems let Obama and Michelle down. I am feeling lots of pain through this whole trip.

    I was even angry that Rachel did not even talk about the fact that the dems cared more about Bibi than Obama. I do not think I will ever forgive some of these people.

    GN, I doubt that you will ever see this comment, but I adore you. Your smart analysis, your joy and your very presence. dr

  102. Don’t forget that he gave a big speech to AIPAC before getting on the plane to Ireland.

  103. Thanks. Yeah. Surprisingly the pl crowd didn’t swarm the diary. Guess there was nothing to piss and moan about PBO’s performance today. πŸ™‚

  104. I can not believe that our so-called MSM did not cover that our President was the first sitting president to address Parliment. I wonder if schools showed this? When I was in school, we had teachers that would stop normal lessons to show special momental things like this.

    One day before President Obama leaves office after his 2nd term to give the MSM a piece of my mind. Maybe an ad in every newspaper or one minute primetime commercial to let them know how ashamed the majority of Americans are of THEM for not giving this president the respect he deserved. I hate them.

    President and Mrs Obama were wonderful…MSM not so much. someone mentioned that the D.C Press core traveled with them…WTF did they do? They could have stayed home and covered the weather.

  105. Well said. And I personally think that he and she are magnificent for different reasons; never so much a now.

  106. Did you see this video of the first lady responding to a question about the President at the school? beautiful…..

    This is the first time I am posting on this site but I often come here for inspiration…

  107. Thank you, BWD. This blog is invaluable to me and many others who support Pres. Obama. I’m so grateful for your efforts.

  108. How convenient for Rand Paul to say he’s voting because it’s not radical enough, but he also gets to say he never voted for it, when heads start to roll in 2012/2014/2016.

  109. Very good piece by BBC’s Jeremy Bowen (a news veteran) on nut n yahoo and how is taking down Israel with him.

    Great ending.

    Mr Obama believes that the changes sweeping through the Middle East will affect Israel too, and that some bold steps are needed to head off worse crises in the future.

    Prime Minister Netanyahu has chosen to stick with a view of Israel’s security that is based on what he believes has worked well in the past.

    He does not appear to believe that the new Middle East that is emerging will demand fresh thinking.

    The likelihood now is that both the US and Israel will continue to be spectators as the Arab world changes.

    The US is far enough away, and strong enough, to insulate itself against the backwash. Israel is not.

  110. Think of it like this. The Obamas know what the MSM is doing,(shucks, it is not that hard to figure out), but, they keep on moving forward and getting about their business.. and getting it done. Therefore we can be supportive by finding ways to get his message out and by dissing the media and holding their feet to fire every time.
    Who are the msm really? A bunch of people thrust into our faces decrying, demeaning, and negatively twisting and spinning information on our psyche daily. Who is Barack Obama? The President of the United States,with wife Michelle, the First Lady. Hey, media/pundit nobodies, trump that!(pardon the pun)!

  111. You’re 100% right Bee. But sometimes I tune in just to see what nonsense they’re up to. And at those times it feels good to point out their hypocrisy and ignorance. But, when I want the TRUTH, I know I can count on BWD and/or Chipsticks any day!!

  112. Most in the media are scared to death of the Jewish lobby!
    They won’t utter a word! Not against Bibi because by extension it would be spun as being against Isreal!

    They cower and are huge cowards yet they spew crap at the President for not being a cowboy for their entertainment!

  113. Several of you have said this, and I have to agree. The press and politicians just do not know what to do with President Obama. They have all their preconceptions set out about Democratic presidents, and he doesn’t fit into any mold. Before every speech he gives they tell us what he is going to say, he doesn’t, but they don’t even change their set talking points after.
    They could take a lesson from him and LISTEN! They need to do that. One thing I noticed about Andrew Marrs’ BBC interview was that he listened while the president was speaking. He didn’t fidget, make faces, or try to become the story.
    President Obama is always going to surprise them and come around from some angle they didn’t anticipate. They don’t like it and don’t know how to handle it. Too bad!
    I too have regularly been writing journalists, and also wrote the DSCC and told them to get a spine and support the president; if they don’t, they as an entity won’t get support from me. I will choose individuals to support.

  114. I thought the speech was amazing as well. And when they clapped so long for our President, I cried because I so wish that he could have that appreciation at home.

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