Chrysler’s repaying the bailout, Romney and Pawlenty are, well, idiots

I’m trying to remember how many Dems actually had PBO’s back when he took that courageous decision to save the auto-industry. Oh well…:)

Dems take victory lap, jab Republicans, on positive Chrysler news

Democrats took a victory lap Tuesday to celebrate Chrysler’s repaying of its bailout, and hit the Republicans who opposed the rescue of the Detroit automaker.

As Chrysler prepared to pay the remaining $7.5 billion in loans from the U.S. and Canadian governments, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) celebrated, arguing that Detroit would have gone bankrupt if not for the actions of President Obama.


“Two years later, after President Obama made the tough choices to put the American auto industry on firmer financial footing and save millions of American jobs … it’s important to remember that Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingtich and other leading Republicans would have simply ‘Let Detroit go Bankrupt.'” the DNC said. “Put simply, Republicans got it wrong – and had they had their way millions of additional Americans would be unemployed and car making states would have been devastated.”


Here’s the awesome ad, that should go viral.



78 thoughts on “Chrysler’s repaying the bailout, Romney and Pawlenty are, well, idiots

  1. I have to admit that I did see Savannah Guthrie and stupid Chuck Todd cover it on their show, although Chuck had to ask this expert a question about how much is Crysler’s success due to Toyota just having so many problems. Tool.

    BWD, it’s truly shameful how the Dems didn’t have PBO’s back and never do. Thanks for reminding them of their shameful behavior. Cowards.

  2. Thank you BWD for all that you do! I am so proud of this president. I do not watch any MSM because they are pathetic and insignificant since the Internet…thank God for people like you and all the other bloggers.

  3. Yes she does! They’ll be spending a lot of time together over the next few days, lol.

  4. OOOOPS! Nut and Yahoo goes before congress today, and an unexpected bonus for us dems. He will call for an end to the Oil addiction, palguing his country!
    Guess the GOP will not clap for that paragraph in his speech. LOL.

  5. The Prez and his wife look so comfortable and so regal, it is hard to comprehend how these rethug dummies like Mitt, newt, Paw or Cain think they can challenge him!

    Look at the radiance in those pics in Buckinghsm!

  6. Women for some reason always seem to swoon over President Obama, my wife used to swoon over me years ago. Not so much these days.

  7. I don’t think I have ever seen Queen Elizabeth smile at any one public person as much as she does PBO. He does have a way with her.
    It was a 41 gun salute – 21 for the President and an extra 20 because it took place in the Queen’s Park

  8. Tall, fit, beautiful eyes, million-dollar smile, killer smarts, guts, loves his wife and not afraid to show it. What’s not to swoon over, Don? 🙂

  9. The Republicans ran against everything the Obama Administration did the last two and a half years, there will be a lot of sound bytes like the one in the vid. Huntsman being in China will serve him well in that regard.

  10. “PBO and the First Lady are just so regal.”

    That, and more! 😉

  11. WASHINGTON, DC – May 23, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan today awarded $152.7 million to help eight cities across the country transform severely distressed public housing developments into mixed-income communities.

    Housing authorities in the following cities developed highly successful revitalization plans to transform the physical condition of a public housing community and make a positive impact on the lives of their residents: Boston, Massachusetts; Denver, Colorado; Louisville, Kentucky; Patterson, New Jersey; St. Louis, Missouri; Taunton, Massachusetts; Phoenix, Arizona; and Portland, Oregon.
    “No one can dispute the exceptional track record of HOPE VI to improve housing conditions for hundreds of communities and most importantly, thousands of families,” said Donovan. “As we move toward the next generation of neighborhood revitalization – one that links housing, education, transportation, healthcare, and other support services – we will always remember it all began with HOPE VI.”

    The following housing authorities are being awarded grants through HUD’s HOPE VI Revitalization Program:

  12. GARY | U.S. Housing and Urban Development officials announced the city will be awarded more than $50,900 to help provide low-income families become more self-sufficient.

    The HUD grant will help make education and job training more accessible for low-income families, according to a news release.

    This money will allow public housing agencies to work with welfare agencies, schools, businesses and other local partners to put together a program for existing HUD families to increase their education, which should help them gain the skills necessary to get jobs, according to the release.

    It will provide local housing authorities with the money to hire coordinators who will provide the link between families and resources in hope it will help families become more independent.

    Kokomo also received a similar grant for $20,828.

  13. Our president is beautiful, he looks royal imo. FLOTUS looks lovely, I love the colors in her outfit. They both fit in perfectly with the Royal family. Americans should feel very proud of these amazing people, they represents us so well anywhere they go.

  14. Michelle’s dress is outstanding!

    I don’t know if you caught it but the Prime Minister’s staff at 10 Downing Street applauded the President as he entered. This is a HUGE honor as it is only done when a newly elected Prime Minister enters 10 Downing for the very 1st time.

  15. “I’m trying to remember how many Dems actually had PBO’s back when he took that courageous decision to save the auto-industry. Oh well…:)”

    There are still a bunch on the left who don’t get it! They’re still whining that he ‘sold out’ to corp’ USA by SAVING THE AUTO INDUSTRY AND KEEPING OUR BANKS FROM ALL FOLDING.

    Crazy. Especially those twits at the Nation! They run that tv ad where they point out the scary faces of the Right, Limbaugh, Beck etc. then when they say ‘the Nation is the antidote’ and show Vandeh Hoovel etc. their snarky faces scare me as much as the righties!

  16. Preplanned Attack by GOP and Bibi, Just Like they Did to Clinton; per Laura Rozen “”Netanyahu had solicited an invitation to address both houses of Congress next week–a move White House advisers saw as a direct overture from Netanyahu to the GOP leadership in Congress. It’s not the first time Netanyahu has come in for such criticism. During his last term as prime minister during the Bill Clinton administration, Democrats raised the charge that Netanyahu was coordinating his agenda in Washington with the GOP–and in particular, with then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich. At the outset of today’s remarks to the press on the meeting, Obama slyly referenced the “great honor” Netanyahu was receiving by addressing both houses of Congress.” Now what?? Wait for President of the US, Bibi, to tell you Ben!! Then watch and see how many Arabs he kills when they March on all of his Borders on June 5! They killed 20 last time. How will that be spinned by the Press and Congress, Israeli sycophants??? This should be fun to watch! As for the “Temporary Leader” or “Black Hussein” as he’s known in Israel, I’d bet he’s not giving in this time. It’s embarrassing to support Apartheid.

  17. Dems always run away from Prez Obama when he has to make the tough decisions. They did this during the medicare battle, the bailout loans, some did when he discussed the Bush Tax cuts and, oil subsidies; they fled when he talked about green energy and now, they are running away when he confronts BiBi. But as soon as everything turns out okay, they are the first in front of a TV camera to brag and seek credit. Most of them–with the exception of a few like Pelosi, Kerry, Clyburn, Boxer…they are fickle and opportunistic.

  18. Moneygall parties until dawn:

    “THE tiny Co Offaly village now known throughout the world as the US President’s second home sang through the night to celebrate Barack Obama’s historic visit.

    Two small rural pubs were transformed for the occasion to cater for more than 1,000 revellers who partied the night away in Moneygall.

    Publican Ollie Hayes had to enlist the help of Guinness and construct a massive marquee to extend his bustling bar to cater for locals and visitors from across the country and abroad who descended on Moneygall to celebrate Mr Obama’s visit with First Lady Michelle.,,,more

  19. From the BBC News updates:

    Ian Swanson, USA writes: No doubt that President Obama has made the world a safer place. While losing popularity at home, his gobal focus and his more moderate positioning of America has definitley had a positive impact on the world. As a Brit living in the US, the UK should welcome him and show support because the alternatives here should he lose the next election are not so positive for the world.

  20. I don’t understand how being in China when our nation was in the midst of the worst recession in US history will serve any candidate well. Especially one who nobody knows and who was a good buddy to the democratic president who is the most hated person on earth as far as the right wing is concerned.

    If anything he seems like an distant outsider, invisible and very out of touch with the emotional heartache we were all going through. I think a smart GOP hopeful will start this meme as the race gets real…..then again smart and republican doesn’t compute. *shrug*

  21. Yes, that is why the AP posted the erroneous story in the first place. I continue to not understand how journalist get away with writings that are blatant lies.

  22. By Mark Arsenault, Globe Staff

    WASHINGTON — Americans have been pessimistic about the direction of the country for more than two years, yet a vast majority has been consistently happy and satisfied with their own lives during that time, according to polling results published by the Associated Press.

    Pollsters often ask voters if they feel the country is on the right track or the wrong track.

    Political experts often cite the right track/wrong track results as a measure of the mood of the nation. For example, in an AP poll conducted earlier this month, 45 percent of voters surveyed said the country is on the right track; 52 percent said America is going in the wrong direction. Those pessimistic results are actually an improvement over a year ago, when just 35 percent thought America was going in the right direction. In October 2008, just 17 percent thought America was on the right path.

    But little-noted results from the series of AP polls suggest that the level of personal happiness in America has stayed remarkably stable through the recession and the painfully slow economic recovery.

    Asked to “think about how things are going in your life in general,” 81-one percent of respondents this month reported being “very” or “somewhat” happy; just 14 percent said they were personally unhappy. Those numbers are virtually identical to results from a year ago, when 80 percent were happy and 14 percent unhappy. In fact, multiple surveys throughout the past two years show a remarkable consistency in the level of happiness in America, with the numbers rarely straying from the polls’ normal margin of error.

  23. thnx for sharing. I like this part……

    “The talk of the village was how Mr Obama “did not leave a drop in that pint of Guinness.”

    Moneygall is the cutest village ever. 😀

  24. Reid is a JERK! Headlines on politico say Reid Rebuked the President on Israel!

    Jeesh! What is wrong with Harry?

  25. Well, somebody’s got to run on the GOP side, so Obama can crush them in th election. The smarter ones have gotten out of the race, but the big egos of those running keep them going.

    Huntsman probably won’t be able to raise as much money as Romney has. He won’t get the Tea Party “credibility” no matter how hard he tries, so I think it will be very tough for him. Furthermore, some people think he is a decent guy (it seems our president trusted him enough), so it probably will be pretty difficult for him to go into psycho-attack mode like the hardcore right loves.

  26. I’m not trying to defend banks and Wall Street here and I certainly think there should be more regulations but do the people calling for them to collapse realize what would have happened to Main Streets retirement funds? Weren’t people losing 30-50% of their savings over the collapse? Many looking to retire couldn’t. Not to mention all the jobs that would have been lost. We’re not talking about a handful of execs here but the people below them.

    I don’t want to sink the whole ship just to take out the captain.

  27. Love the photo of Prince Charles and our President, and then the Queen looks absolutely starry-eyed in that last pic. hahaha. I LOVE IT!

    What can I say…. Our POTUS and FLOTUS are great!

    Yesterday while I was packing I was playing my Irish music. Today it will be the Beatles. lol!

  28. I still think about the tax deal and how at the 11th hour they still had nothing. And had the nerve, Anthony Weiner I’m looking at you, to say that they could have handled it. HOW?! What were you guys doing? The elections were in November and no one started talking about the tax cuts until a month after. WTF?!

  29. BWD THank you, thank you thank you you are just amaizing.
    SR Yes The GOP continue to ran against anything the President will propose, but I think, Obama has the uperhand Yes the Web vidio AD, should go viral.

  30. Who started the polling? I need to look up the history of polling. I just hate polls.

    I have to pack. Gawd I hate packing. I’d rather scrub floors.

    You all take care and keep the happy beat going for me while I’m away. Catch you all anon. ,)

  31. “Before the ceremony, the queen and Prince Philip showed the Obamas the roughly six-room Belgian suite where they are to spend two nights. It was last used by William and Catherine on their wedding night last month.”

    Aww that is awesome. I thought them staying in Buckingham palace was epic but I read this as the Queen telling the world our President and Michelle are not just considered heads of state in her book, they are family. Very nice.

  32. This just makes my blood boil. The Jewish people elected Netanyahu but I just don’t see a peace deal with him as their leader. He says he wants peace and then proceeds to tick off HIS preconditions. This is what President Obama is dealing with:


    Andrew Sullivan ran a gem yesterday, noting a joint statement from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, issued in November.

    One line, in particular, may jump out at you.

    The Prime Minister and the Secretary agreed on the importance of continuing direct negotiations to achieve our goals. The Secretary reiterated that “the United States believes that through good-faith negotiations, the parties can mutually agree on an outcome which ends the conflict and reconciles the Palestinian goal of an independent and viable state, based on the 1967 lines, with agreed swaps, and the Israeli goal of a Jewish state with secure and recognized borders that reflect subsequent developments and meet Israeli security requirements.” [emphasis added]

    So, President Obama’s “outrageous” line from last week echoes a statement issued by Netanyahu himself six months ago.

  33. America and the rest of the world lucked out so well with Obama taking power and the time he did because this guy knew exactly what to do to save the U.S and global economy. Can you imagine what would have happened if any of the Repugs then, or this freak show now running was confronted with the challenge Prez Obama took on?

    And yet, they have never stopped second-guessing his decisions. You would think they would have figured his abilities by now…

  34. The looks of everyone that is looking at our great President is just priceless! They all love him. And he loves all of them. He makes everyone feel so comfortable. I love this man.

  35. I am so excited about the auto industry. The Repubs want the country to fail. They really don’t believe in what this country stands for.

  36. haha—-my husband has that same sad lament (sorta kiddingly). He always says he remembers when I used to look at him “starry-eyed” the way I now look at Obama. I think this sentiment may be widespread across America, so you’re not alone, Don.

  37. I wonder if there will be videos of him touring the art gallery in the Palace?

  38. Wow, that old hag actually smiled.

    (Sorry, I personally don’t like her & the racist dumbwit hubby. I prefer Charles who is more humane and progressive)

  39. pm carpenter weighs in on Netanyahu’s duplicity:


    I can only assume that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has on his political staff a Republican strategist. I’ll permit Netanyahu to illumine:

    “I want to assure you of one thing,” bellowed the P.M. to AIPAC yesterday. Any agreement “must leave Israel with security, and therefore Israel cannot return to the indefensible 1967 lines.”

    An offense founded exclusively on a straw man — as deceptively GOP as the GOP can get.
    And 1967’s borders — a return to which Obama never proposed — are “indefensible.”

    What makes this so intensely revolting is that an Israeli prime minister is deploying the Big Lie, a term whose historically grotesque anti-Semitic origin I need not remind anyone of. Yet this is what Netanyahu has reduced himself to: a Rovian, Goebbelsesque tangle of malevolent misdirection and outrageous fabrication.

    It just doesn’t get more revolting than that.

  40. Great news about Chrysler. I don’t think that ad is that well done though. It is too wordy and long. They need to cut a short 30-60 second ad that shows real people whose jobs were saved. Get a couple of them on camera and intersperse them with Republicans saying don’t bail out the automakes and a snippet of Obama saying it had to be done.

  41. There were many on the left as well as the right who were against the auto bailout. I remember arguing furiously that saving the auto industry was crucial for our economy at the orange place.

    The Queen seems to really like the Obamas. She is really smiling when talking with them unlike her fake smile she shows so often.

    On a silly note, Kate’s dress and Michelle’s dresses are adorable and when did Prince Charles get so old? Man, he looks ancient in those photos.

  42. That is good news. My family’s business is in home building, so this recession has been hard on them.

  43. That Mirriam Lord can surely write. I could not stop smiling as she delved into every detail of the Obama time in Moneygall. Beautiful story.

  44. Wow, that is big news. Obama is really getting star treatment on this trip. I think some of the European politicians are hoping Obama’s popularity rubs off on them.

  45. I love the way the Queen looks at PBO…..
    Just watched the BBC video of the 41 gun salute and inspection of the troops. Once again we see nobody does pomp and ceremony like the Brits! Having been to London several times, it is fun to watch the Obamas go where I’ve gone….although very differently!


  47. I can’t see the ad, but there is no doubt you are seeing stronger Dem unity, and with things like the success of the auto bailout and HCR, including, as I mentioned on the previous thread, the actual reduction of premiums, it will get stronger yet. DWS is really going to be an aggressive DNC head.

  48. Yup. It needs more people’s touch. Showing the same asshat repeatedly is a waste of time & money.

  49. All of this. Don’t look for the US media to provide any positive coverage of PBO. He’s certainly not looking for them, and thus, his taking his message out on the road. Peter Souza, and folks like BWD who bring extraodinary pics, turth, and positivity to his suppoters.

  50. Wonderful story! I spent a month in Ireland by myself some years ago and that, along with growing up in a very small town of 358 population (with 90% of the population of Irish ancestry) makes this story extra special. It’s hard to say who enjoyed it more – the President and Michelle or the folks of Moneygall!

  51. Elizabeth II is also Queen of Canada so I’ve had many opportunities to watch her over the years. She is a past master at small talk — greeting everyone from school children to heads of state. After all, she’s had this job for almost SIXTY years and she’s good at it.

    She has the fixed smile she uses for all occasions. Once in a while you see a genuine smile. I saw it when she was getting into the car after the wedding of William and Catherine. And she always has it for PBO and MO. (She did NOT have it for GWBush. She was always polite, of course, but it clearly pained her.)

  52. The Queen Loves the OBAMAS, one can see it in her face I LOVE IT. OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!!!!! and Beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. IMO, Huntsman’s problem is already starting. He was a moderate who had positions on issues that couldn’t be labeled as bats*!t crazy, but he’s begun flip flopping and lying all over the place. He endorsed the Ryan plan to turn Medicare over to the insurance companies, but I really don’t think this is how he feels. I think he did it because he knows it’s what the tea party and GOP rank and file expect. If he had the courage, he could bring the GOP back from the edge of the cliff it’s standing on, but I think his ambition outweighs his commonsense at this point. Another problem would be if he won the election in 2012 he’d have to keep pushing the party further and further to the right. He’d be in the same predicament as Boehner is in now, especially if the GOP had control of the House and the Senate. The rest of us would be SOL. Cantor is already starting the campaign to deny aid to MO by saying that any emergency aid bill funds would have to be offset by cuts in other areas. Now, these are his fellow citizens, and he’s not the least bit concerned about them getting assistance, but he is concerned about the oil companies getting their subsidies.

  54. Haven’t been here for awhile, volunteering in the 2012 campaign, took me a minute before I figured out Nut and Yahoo. Love it!

  55. I love seeing those pictures of the Queen smiling at our president. That’s not a fake smile – it indicates authentic pleasure.

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