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  1. I so love the colors which the First Lady wears. That purple dress is stunning.

    Thank you bwd for making my day, every day. So appreciated.

  2. Thanks BWD, President Obama and the First Lady are a walking compliment to the United States of America.

  3. Yup, he’s a cutie. No question. And Michelle is all over that!!

    I notice that both PBO and Mr Cameron are lefties. Any special implications behind that???

  4. Michelle’s dress, with the lovely way it drapes and the belt and the royal colors, reminds me of something you would see on Queen Gweniviere in a King Arthur film. Perfect for the day.

    While the 41-gun salute for the President was happening, there was a 2nd one for him a ways away that was a 62-gun salute. I have to find out what the extra 21 guns were for.

  5. These pictures are beyond amazing. And Bibi walked back his b.s. significantly speaking to Congress today. I think he got the word that President Barack Obama is who he’s dealing with for the foreseeable future and better realize the force that he’s dealing with.

    OT but such good news for those of you who have supported Kasper and my family: the news was phenomenal today from the specialist. A wound that should have taken months to heal has already started to grow skin cells over the top. ALL of the stitches came out today. The specialist is beyond thrilled with how well he is doing.

    We stop all the extraordinary therapy: no more hydrotherapy, no more topical sprays, the antibiotics stop in 3 days. His body is doing a phenomenal job.

    They even consider him a miracle at AETC (“Animal Emergency and Treatment Center”). He was ripped down to the bone but not into the bone (they now tell me. I now know in greater detail what they meant by ‘severe’ injuries). They can’t believe his progress.

    I’m allowing myself to believe today how wonderfully he’s doing. He is truly a little Miracle Puppy. Thanks to everyone who sent him healing energy. He is making such good use of it.

  6. Go Kasper, the Miracle Doggie! Glad to hear things are looking better, Faith.

  7. There is a pic of Michelle Obama’s dress and hair being blown all over the place. Its the dress she had on earlier.

    Almost had Marilyn moment. Their words, I’m just paraphrasing.

  8. And Bibi walked back his b.s. significantly speaking to Congress today.

    Really? That’s surprising.

    What pisses me off is how the “liberal” media seems to relish whatever bad thing happens on this trip. For instance, Yahoo’s AP did not really cover the exuberant manner in which the people of Ireland received the Obamas. They seemed to be more interested in how the president’s limo was stuck on some road.
    The media makes me sick.

    Glad to hear Kasper is doing better. 🙂

  9. Such wonderful news Faith!

    So glad that Kasper is doing so well because he is such a trooper and all the good wishes and prayers as well as the exceptional care he has been given by the Vet and you too.

  10. He aint got nothing on Michelle. There’s a pic of her standing with the wind blowing and those pretty legs flashing. I darn near had my passport stamped!!!!

  11. To be fair, that’s also the most watched video of the Obamas’ European visit thus far on the BBC’s site. It doesn’t really reflect badly on the President but a funny thing to happen. It would be nice if they did cover more of the reaction he got, though.

  12. From the BBC:
    Alex Ellis-Roswell tweets: David Cameron is so terrible at playing table tennis – painful to watch #obamavisit

    Hahaha. I have to admit that it looks like President Obama is a better player than our Prime Minister.

  13. Help me BWD. I still feel some kind of way about the Pres not getting an invite to their little wedding. Not sure about the Queen and the first lady either. Seems like a lot of strangeness going on.

  14. I’m not saying he did an ‘about face’ but it was quite different than his bellicose lies of a few days ago.

    MSNBC made a point of saying he gave Obama ‘political cover’ by explaining that the 1967 borders would involve land swaps. That there had been some misquoting of Pres. Obama on this issue.

    Like you idiots in the MSM?!?!?

  15. That is so wonderful; your good tidings clearly nurtured him and encouraged him to stick around and heal.

    I got some great personal news today myself, and am just thrilled to hear yours as well.

  16. Thanks again to everyone for all the good wishes and healing energy to my little fighter.

  17. Thanks for making us aware of this gobrooklyn. What we’re seeing is what every woman who has worn or wears dresses experiences from time to time. Marilyn’s moment appeared pretty contrived to me; Michelle seems to be genuinely preserving her modesty in a difficult wind; sigh, not really loving the media all the time.

  18. I always got the feeling that the Queen really likes Michelle. I’m not finding the wedding decision problematic either, but I could just be too laid back at the moment. I love this space because I know that if there’s a hint of disrespect towards Michelle, people will be on it!

  19. I thought I adored these two before, but I was wrong! I’m head over heels wild about both of them. THANK YOU, President and Mrs. Obama, for making America look great again! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

  20. I’m so bummed that people keep attacking our little pragmatic sites with their hacks; weeseeyou is down right now. Who has the time to waste disrupting sites like that when they could be helping people with their technical skills instead?

  21. qmastertoo, I believe the Obamas weren’t invited to the wedding because they felt they would take the focus off the bride and groom. My sister lives in England and she just told me that the Queen and Michelle have a “very special relationship and keep in touch all the time!” Ha! Never heard about that before, but I’m certainly not surprised. And I love the photos of the Queen just BEAMING at our president. Beaming! She always looked a little disgusted when she was anywhere near Bush, Jr.

  22. lol qmaster, you better watch it; President Obama still has those Navy SEALs teams and doesn’t seem inclined to share Michelle. I’m personally pretty scared of POTUS right now (I don’t want any trouble or any testosterone-filled SEAL raiding my space: I have been dutifully donating and talking up 2012) and am scared *for* Michelle’s legion of male admirers!

  23. Speaking of handbags. I can’t recall ever seeing Michelle wearing one. I’m sure she does and has been photographed as such, but no image of her in my mind has a handbag…oh wait, there was one recently when she and her handsome hubby were going out to dinner and she had a black clutch.

  24. The Obamas weren’t invited to the wedding because William is 3rd in line to the throne so it wasn’t a state wedding. No world leaders were invited to the wedding outside of the leaders who still have the British monarch as their head of state (Canada, Australia, etc.).

    This will cheer you up:

    From the pool report, the palace spokesperson stated “Very warm words have been spoken between the royal family and the Obamas,” he said. “There is a genuine, genuine – and I really mean this – a genuine warmth between the two families.”

    Also, the Obamas are staying at Buckingham Palace which is just unheard of. It doesn’t happen. The Royals seem to genuinely enjoy the Obamas.

  25. I was wondering GN what had happened to WSY. I tried getting on there a few minutes ago and got the fatal error message. So I thought it was because I was trying to log on fro outside the country. What happened?

  26. That is so awesome, CNN just did a great job of covering the President and First Lady visit, they stated that the reporters were given for the first time access to Buckingham Palace grounds. And that President Obama and the First Lady is sleeping over at Buckingham Palace after a lavish State Dinner be held by the Queen.

  27. It is interesting. The brain in left handed people is totally different than right handed people.

    Lefties have 1,000s of extra neural connections.
    It is a good thing in that your motor skills are divided between the right and left brain.

  28. Keep the good news coming BWD this a great day
    for us and Thank you so mcuh.

  29. The Queen is very very fond of our President….

    Her body language and smile speaks volume:-)

  30. She does so seldom show what looks like genuine warmth to anyone. So reserved, and I suppose, queen-like.

    LOL on the press pool guy calling Mrs. O’s purple dress somber. As if that color could ever be somber.

  31. What a glorious visit! The MSNBC banner read “Ceremony and Subatance” yes, quite a combination. I LOVE all the pictures, LOVE all of Flotus’ clothes, LOVE the president’s competitiveness, and now love the new pictures of both of them with the choirboys! Those boys sing like angels, but they’re totally human and I know are loving meeting our president!

  32. Has any President and First Lady stayed overnight at Buckingham Palace before this? I’m just curious – if anyone might know, if or when was the last President to do so?


  34. That is great question I would love to know that as well, and the Obamas are spending 2 nights at the Palace lol.

  35. I’ve always known how hot our Prez is, but until now I didn’t realize how hot David Cameron is! I mean DAMN.

  36. Not entirely true, European monarchs/heirs were invited but most of them have blood ties. I don’t think it was meant as an insult, though. William and Kate were apparently very involved in shaping the guest list and wanted as many of their personal friends there as possible. Also, as someone said, it wasn’t a state wedding as William is only the heir’s heir.

  37. I had to google it Andy, but apparently President Obama is the second US president to stay there.. Reagan stayed one night, blech..;( However as you said, POTUS & FLOTUS are staying two nights.. hopefully NOT wherever Ronnie stayed, lol.

  38. This is such a wonderful site. I have spent 2 hours catching up, boy BWD you have been busy.

    I gave my last final exam last night, so let the summer vacation begin!! Woo Hoo – more time to spend here.

    Jovie – Thanks so much for all your posts, many of them make their way into my blog.

    Last year I came to this site discouraged and concerned, but now I just sit back and soak in all the joy and encouragement.

    The President is making progress, the little dog is better, our children are graduating, and folks are getting jobs.

    We need to savor and remember all the happiness we feel on “good news” days like this to make us strong on “bad news” days.

  39. People need to give up the idea about the wedding invite snub—that was just some cattiness dished by the media for the purpose of saying—see, not everyone likes them! It would have been impossible for the Obamas to be there and not cause a huge disruption and distract from the couple that was getting married. I’m sure both sides were happy with that decision.

  40. I imagine it is true that he was just trying to crack a “joke” and crack the ice. Some people are funnier than others, and Prince Phil is likely not in the funnier category.

  41. Home Depot also had a good quarter.

    Sounds like the CEO wants to restore the value of customer service to the company, maybe more jobs.

    “With a marked changing of the guard – CEO Bob Nardelli stepped down in 2006 and was replaced by Frank Blake – Home Depot has moved back towards its roots. Blake, has aligned himself with the company’s ethos: focus on the fact that all employees are associates and that all employees are available. Blake has made attracting and retaining a top-notch sales force a top priority as well as improving employee morale, rewarding “Product Knowledge” or PK badges to employees for great service, and providing opportunity for bonuses.”

    Home Depot’s Q1 Profits up 12%


  42. Yes but “W” was a leftie too. So was Clinton, George H.W. Bush AND Reagan. That’s a coincidence isn’t it?

  43. MSNBC made a point of saying he gave Obama ‘political cover’ by explaining that the 1967 borders would involve land swaps. That there had been some misquoting of Pres. Obama on this issue.

    Like you idiots in the MSM?!?!?

    Indeed. They were just as guilty as all the other stations pushing that distortion. Pretty typical of MSNBC, I’ve found.

  44. Sure….you know that, the 2010 joint statement where the Israeli leader agrees to negotiate based on 67 borders with land swaps sound very familiar….hmmmm…who was that guy who last week made a big ME speech and said the same thing – negotiations to be based on 67 borders with land awaps – and then got talked down to by the leader of Israel? Oh yes, it was Barak Obama…..

  45. But Michelle touched the Queen! It was an international incident two years ago. OMGOMGOMG!!!!

    I still remember that ridiculous uproar. I even e-fought someone online because the poster was suggesting Michelle was low class and did not understand protocol because of her upbringing.

  46. Please, don’t ever mention that name. There have been days when I would sell my beloved cat for a Krispy Kreme chocolate custard donut. If they really want to make money, they should open a store near me in Ireland and their profits would really jump.

  47. Why is it that Prince Philip is “Prince” even though he’s married to the Queen. Yet when they talk about Katherine’s future they say she will someday be the Queen of England. Why isn’t Prince Philip the King?

    I guess I haven’t spent much time learning about the way things work in the monarchy.


  48. You have to be born in the house of windsor. Marrying into it doesn’t cut for men. 🙂

  49. Of course this was SIX MONTHS GO! Ancient history to the leader of the Israel?
    The Prime Minister and the Secretary agreed on the importance of continuing direct negotiations to achieve our goals. The Secretary reiterated that “the United States believes that through good-faith negotiations, the parties can mutually agree on an outcome which ends the conflict and reconciles the Palestinian goal of an independent and viable state, based on the 1967 lines, with agreed swaps, and the Israeli goal of a Jewish state with secure and recognized borders that reflect subsequent developments and meet Israeli security requirements.” Those requirements will be fully taken into account in any future peace agreement.

  50. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy Day for little Kasper:) Happy day for you, Faith.That is wonderful news!

  51. Lulu – That’s because W winked at her. Talk about inappropriate! He was such a Buffoon!!!

  52. AJ interviewed Abbas on the subject today. Abbas seems to have found his backbone because he tongue-lashed Bibi in the interview for the first time. Looks like they are going to the UN in September for sure.

  53. Really? That’s interesting! Thank you. I’ve asked so many people that question and no one could answer. So the so-called commoner can be a Queen but Philip only gets to be a Prince because he’s a man. Hmmmmm.

  54. Well, there’s at least one Jewish bubeh who’s not voting for PBO come 2012.

    This was a conversation I overheard just a few moments ago from my office, so I didn’t jump in, but I’m still shaking my head. One of our other librarians was discussing the Bibi-PBO dustup with one of of our circulation staff, an 82 year old Jewish grandmother. The short of it is: “Obama should look at a map before he talks about ’67 borders”, and “How would he like it if Mexico came back and said we had to return the land we took in 1848?”

    Now, granted, she’s never been my favorite circ staff member; she’s half deaf, and pretty curt to patrons, so much so that when she’s at the circulation desk and I’m on reference, I always have an ear cocked to check when I have to step in to avoid a disaster. But, really, her POV was truly depressing.

    Then I went to TPM, and saw that even in Rassie’s poll PBO was ahead on approval 51-48. As far as I can tell, this contretemps with Bibi hasn’t hurt him at all, and may in fact have helped him.

    Still, the conversation did make my blood boil.

  55. Good. It’s time that Bibi realize he’s no longer in the catbird’s seat. PBO is not GWB, and there are no neocons in positions of power to ride to his rescue.

  56. Thanks, Esmerelda…

    And, of course, PBHO IS The Best of them all! 😉 lol

    By the way, The President and First Lady attend Dinner hosted by Her Majesty the Queen… http://www.whitehouse.gov/live/ (It starts at 3:30PM (EST)/8:30PM (BST).)

  57. You don’t have to share your good news, but I’m thrilled that good things came your way today.

  58. Hi Sherijr I also checked it stated that President Reagan stayed at Windsor Castle not Buckingham Palace lol. I believe President Obama is first US President that Queen Elizabeth has asked to sleep over at Buckingham Palace.

  59. So reserved, and I suppose, queen-like.

    The “reserved” part might just be to stay “above the people” in a good way – not choosing sides.

    I once met Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands – she performed the official opening of a new office building of KNMI (the Dutch “Royal” National Meteorological Institute) – my employer.

    While there are all sorts of rules (“protocol”) for interacting with royalty – it’s a one way street.

    It didn’t prevent her to crack a joke about an internal labor conflict in our Institute that had the effect of both the Director in Chief and me (chairman of the works council at that time) reacting like we had been stabbed in the lower behind with a very sharp pin.

    It also showed she prepared that visit very well (we didn’t even realize that this was known outside the Institute).

  60. And we’ve seen you go from someone who was slightly hesitant to raise her voice, slightly self-conscious about being new to blogging, to a very important information aggregator. Indeed, let’s use the times of calm, like this post-bin Laden period, to recharge and get even tougher for the next media circus. This is a wonderful community and I thank each person here for forming it.

  61. She should be in the 70s or 80s. I find this number to be low considering how high Laura Bush’s was.

  62. Folks a bit of history here with a tad touch of irony. Today May 24 used to be celebrated all over the British Empire as “Empire Day,” a public holiday, during which school children and all “colonial subjects” of Her/His Majesty would march in parades and sing songs in praise of the British Crown. I am originally from a former British colony and my parents told me about Empire Day when they would pledge allegiance to their colonial masters.

    The irony here is that President Barack Obama’s father and grandfather in Kenya likely had to participate in similarly honor parades tot he British Crown. And now here we are on May 24th 2011, when their progeny is standing shoulder to shoulder with and being honored BY the same British monarch. History is truly funny sometimes. We’ve come full circle. I bet the irony is not lost on Royal historians.

  63. Protocol is to not invite heads of state to royal weddings, except the UK Prime Minister, etc.

    No heads of state are invited.

  64. It was only if they were related to the royal family. Heads of state, as a matter of protocol, are not invited to these royal weddings.

  65. What has always astounded me: George W. Bush, with a pedigree stretching back damn near to the Constitution, acted like he’d never been taught basic manners, much less behavior befitting the manor born.

    Can you imagine who W. would have fared had he been the child of ‘regular’ folks? Makes my head hurt.

  66. Second that.

    My Harvey, who we ‘adopted’ off the street (although I think he adopted us) looked like a Westie but with floppy ears.

    A long story of our joyous 7 1/2 years together. I won’t bore you. But I always get a wistful, wonderful pang in my heart when I see a Westie.

  67. Well with all that has been thrown at our amazing potus Obama I kinda get the joke. My Grandad would make that sort of joke. lol…But truthfully my sixth sense tells me the Queen and her hubby pays much attention to the happenings of this US pres.

  68. Michelle was stunnin’ in her grecian-style gown (which showed her marvelous arms), PBHO WAS quite handsome in his coat and tails, and Hillary didn’t look “too bad!”

  69. Thanks for that history lesson…

    And, since PBHO is a history buff, it’s probably not lost on him, either! 😉

  70. O’bama, Ireland and The New Middle East…
    President Obama reminded the PM that the new Arab awakening towards Democracy means that we can no longer buy control of them…

    Even if W was still the prez, the reality on the ground has shifted…

  71. For real; I didn’t know that. zizi’s point adds an extra layer of meaning to this trip. I’m speechless.

  72. Reagan was such a wierdo. Glad I was too young for his turn at the Country

  73. Reagan was such a wierdo. Glad I was too young for his turn with the Country

  74. Zizi
    Thanks again. saw your post at TOD as well. We are definitely living in a unique moment in history. I say it’s not so much ironic as it is yet another interesting bit of synchronicity.

  75. Cool. I hope so. Michelle will be our first female President one day so people need to keep it tight around her

  76. The Queen, as born into the role, cannot have her husband be above her or her equal, hence the ‘Prince’. Prince Albert is a perfect example.

    the spouse of the King, as born into the role, is his Queen.

    Unless you’re Camilla. Then you’re a Duchess or something and will remain so (conditions agreed to so they could marry, I assume).

  77. Hoorah, Kasper! Such great news and what a little miracle he is! Thanks for your updates. I keep sending him healing energy every day.

  78. Marilyn’s “moment” was contrived. It was a scene from the movie “Seven Year Itch” I think.

  79. I so totally agree with gn. I have watched WIW bloom. Your siteis great and I often forward it to the folks in my group. Thanks for all the amazing work you do.

  80. Thank you, Jovie. These are the same vampires who deal in all commodities and currencies and could care less if there are driving a country into starvation as long as they are making money. This news has made my day.

  81. Why do so many harp on that wedding thing? The young couple had the say so on most of those invited. The Obamas would have been reluctant to attend anyway so as not to detract from the young couple’s special day.

    It was in no way an insult or slight that the Obamas didn’t attend. This is just the usual MSM BS.

  82. Great catch.

    What I find the most insidious is that Bibi knew this, of course. He knew there was nothing ‘new’ here in Obama’s position. He also knew, to what should be the chagrin of this entire nation, that Americans were stupid enough to not know this and he could manipulate every congresscritter who hated Obama and every ‘reporter’ in the MSM. He knew they wouldn’t check facts, that he’d gain several news cycles with his lies and faux outrage and maybe plant the seeds of myth into American consciousness, which happens way too often.

  83. What this President has to put up with. That the entire Left of this country doesn’t get it and support him is beyond me. That they think ‘defeat’ is going to get the progressive utopia out of the ashes.


  84. The 84 year old bubeh is terrified of losing Israel. This is the generation that lived through the almost full annihilation of Jews. Her mindset has a knee-jerk reaction to anything that would threaten Israel. To her, Israel = Jewish survival.

    There will be Jews of all generations who believe as she does, but particularly those of her generation. This is not representative of the majority of American Jews.

    I think the wake-up call to Bibi was that his own country did not support this 40-year old world view. That they’re tired of this all-or-nothing b.s. that has torn the region apart. That they are looking for some kind of agreement and they know that Israel will have to give up something in the name of peace (as will the Palestinians).

    That 84 year-old bubeh is my parents’ generation. I know what I was brought up to fear and I didn’t have to live through what they had to live through. What angers me is that Obama’s position is no different than Bush or Clinton or Carter. I blame the media for not nipping this distortion in the bud.

  85. I’ve heard that too. I think QE2 values her warm relationship with Michelle. I’ve always felt sorry for Queen Elizabeth. She had to step into her fathers shoes when she was barely out of her teens and when Britain was still recovering from the devastation of WWII. She’s been schooled to hide her emotions. How many close women friends do you think she has that just relate to her as a woman and not some symbol?

    Michelle’s warmth is contagious and she seems to accept and relate to people on a personal, kind, non judgmental level. Who could resist that?

  86. I would say that if you wanted to engage this woman, all you have to say is that peace is in the bests interests of Israel. That a peaceful co-existence is going to strengthen Israel for many generations to come. That the Jews aren’t leaving Israel. And yes, the Palestinians are not leaving the region either. Both have to give up something for a far greater good.

    I say this as a 61 year old Jew. I am not practicing and haven’t since my parents died by my 21st birthday. But there is some connection to being born Jewish that you never give up.

  87. Faith, I have to disagree. “Regular Folks” would have taught him much better manners. Respect was a high priority in my house and rudeness of any kind was never tolerated.

  88. I wondered what was wrong when I couldn’t log on. I figured it was me back in Disqus ‘naughty chair’ again.

    These attacks disturb me, GN. I’m getting the nervous vibes and looking for the Reynold’s wrap. It just seems to me that when things hot up on a site like WSY, then we get the tech problems.

  89. She was 26 but yes, still very young to be Head of State (Queen Victoria was 18). She was also brought up with protocol and decorum and not to show too many feelings in public.

  90. “Somber?” What a dipstick! That dress was gorgeous. I would so love to wear that shade of purple myself but that color makes me look like I have the jaundice.

  91. Basically, it’s an injunction obtained by the GOP candidate that prohibits the certification of a result before all the absentee ballots are counted. Again, apparently it’s SOP in New York, but it does show that the GOP is very worried about this election. The election board will still be able to announce figures from people who went to the polls, it seems. So, really, nothing too out of the ordinary, but it’s just so telling that it’s the GOP that sought the injunction, and not the Dems.

  92. “Sleep over” Lol, couldn’t help the image of PBO, Michelle, the Queen and Prince Phillip sitting around in their jammies, watching videos and eating snacks till all hours.

  93. My guess is that Corwin expects that there will be voting irregularities or attempts to steal the vote by the other side–usually it is the side planning to steal or cause problems that often makes a preemptive move–so she is lawyering up early; and unless there is such a clear margin of victory for Hochul, Corwin plans to fight the outcome for quite a while…

  94. Cameron is not my type but he is kind of cute. I’ll concede you that point.

  95. I think he was referring to the President’s very large entourage and security arrangements. Prince Philip has a reputation for making gaffes and this one probably doesn’t even count. Last time the Obamas were here he raised a few eyebrows when he asked whether the President could tell the difference between the Chinese and the Russians. Although to be fair, it was an immediate reply to Obama referencing his jetlag.

    Having said that, I’m glad the secret service are there. There was a protest on bin Laden’s killing by Muslim extremists in London today.

  96. Totally agree with GN, what you are doing is so powerful, WIW. Along with BWD, Deaniac at TPV, WSY folks and others you make my days, keep me focused on the real work and keep me positive when I start to falter.

    YES WE CAN…DO MORE TOGETHER! (thanks Bobfr)

  97. Doesn’t sound like a big deal. It won’t affect the end result which is all that matters.

  98. Thank you Jovie! Way to go Eric Holder! Ptui to all those “leftie” pure hearts who have dissed this man!

  99. Laura Bush didn’t have 24 seven hate thrown at her or her choices of who should and should not attend white house functions. The GOP machine is never ending when it comes to both flotus and her amazing husband.

  100. We knew that was what they’d focus on – nothing they do surprises me anymore. They take the lowest road, all the time.

  101. That’s still really young to take on the role she has held for over 50 years. I know she was raised for it but I did always pity her that her life belonged to her country from the time she was a child.

    Her life can never have been easy and I don’t think I would ever want to change places with her.

  102. Someone who knows something about all this recently told me that Camilla will eventually be Queen, if Charles takes the throne. They are just being politically correct, in deference to Diana, whose royal title was “Princess, Charles of Wales”. Camilla will still get the Queen title, but saying that out loud to those who loved Diana is a river they’ll have to cross when they get to it.

  103. The media knew it, too. Jake Tapper even tried to lie about this on the Stephanie Miller show this morning, saying that President Obama said things that have never been spoken publicly, and Stephanie blasted him with a “we have the tape of Bush saying it”!

    The media are all betrayers of their country.

  104. Anyone have any info on NY-26? Liveblogs anywhere? I even wandered to Orange Satan and couldn’t find anything.

  105. I love all pets:-)
    glad to hear Kasper is doing well Faith..

    I believe in miracles…Way to go Kasper!!!!

    Will continue to send my prayers.

  106. Hard to imagine a more gorgeous couple!!! And Michelle looks more gorgeous every day. How did we manage to get them as our President and First Lady (looks on top of all those other amazing qualities)!!!

  107. Some in the media actually got of their buts and showed the videos of Bush saying the same thing as Obama regardiong the 1967 borders for Israel. The sub for Chris Matthews showed Bush’s 2008 statement he made in Jerusalem. I also believe that Big Ed also showed the video but that’s about it as far as I can tell. The media wanted to create a controversey and they did it well unfortunately. This is sad.

    Like the president said in the movie AMERICAN PRESIDENT: “these are serious times and we need serious people to solve the problems.” Unfortunatelt, there is only one serious man in politics and we all know who that is.

  108. Wow… PBO and Mrs. O are fabulous!!! They are stunning representatives of the U.S. God bless both of them and keep them in His care.

    Hey…. has anyone noticed? The Queen is all smiles without either her tiara or her hat. Is this how PBO and Lady Michelle influence her Majesty? Now, this is change I can believe in.

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