“More Solid Proof That Obamacare Is Working”

Hi guys,

The President and First Lady are in London today. Lots of royal stuff, including a last-minute addition of a meeting with William and Kate (OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!! ;).

Full coverage on BBC and Sky News and every freaking British channel. The Guardian live blog is here.

As for the US media, I don’t have any idea what they’re gonna show.  I do know that they’ll hate it…



Here’s something excellent  for all of us to spread around:

Rick Unger:  More Solid Proof That Obamacare Is Working

Recent data provided by the nation’s largest health insurance companies reveals that a provision of the Affordable Care Act – or Obamacare – is bringing big numbers of the uninsured into the health care insurance system.

And they are precisely the uninsured that we want– the young people who tend not to get sick.

The provision of the law that permits young adults under 26, long the largest uninsured demographic in the country, to remain on their parents’ health insurance program resulted in at least 600,000 newly insured Americans during the first quarter of 2011.

Wellpoint, the nation’s largest publicly traded health insurer with some 34 million customers, reports adding 280,000 new members in the first three months of 2011.

Add in the results of some of the other large health insurers including Aetna, who added just short of 100,000 newly insured to their customer base, Kaiser Permanente’s additional 90,000, and Highmark’s 72,000 new customers, and we begin to sense our health insurance pools are filling up with some badly needed young blood.

The Health & Human Services Department had estimated that the changes in the law would result in about 1.2 million new enrollees in 2011. However, according to Aaron Smith, the executive director of a Washington based non-profit that advocates for the young, it now looks as if that number will be exceeded.

// snip

Meanwhile, things continue to improve on the small business front where business owners are being heavily incentivized to offer health care benefits to employees.

As I wrote in January, there has been a significant uptick in small businesses taking advantage of the tax benefits offered by the ACA to provide health insurance to employees where they previously did not do so.

According to a Kaiser survey, there has been a 46% uptick in businesses with less than 10 employees offering health benefits as compared to last year.

That is a big number.

Further improving the outlook, the IRS has, in the past month, issued guidelines for small businesses which very much bolster the tax credits offered. Included in those guidelines are provisions that clarify that the tax credit will not be reduced by a state health care tax credit or subsidy (except in limited circumstances to prevent abuse of the credit); that small businesses can receive the credit not only for traditional health insurance coverage but also for add-on dental, vision, and other limited-scope coverage; and detailed guidance on how a small business can determine whether it is eligible and how large a credit it will receive.

Health care reform is working, folks – and we have yet to get to the really big benefits which kick in come 2014.

// more



He kissed my cheek,” said teacher Anne Maher, 50. “I’m not gonna wash that cheek for a lifetime. And my husband isn’t getting near it, either.”




I’ll try to update as much as I can throughout the day, or at least whenever real life won’t get in the way. 

Have a great and positive day.

58 thoughts on ““More Solid Proof That Obamacare Is Working”

  1. I LOVE that picture even though it still doesn’t really show the massive size of the crowd there. I still wish they had used Croke Park because they would have filled it to overflowing.



  4. The President will arrive at Buckingham Palace within the next hour and the ceremonies will begin. It is 11:25 here now or 6:25 EDT so you have a reference.

  5. An interview with the people in Moneygall yesterday.

    BBC says there will be a 41 gun salute in an hour from the Tower of London.

  6. Good Morning BWD. Good Morning all. Talk of hard work, BWD, how do you do it? This site is such a stream of amazing captions and messages. You have built up our appetite to such levels, I sometimes shudder to imagine that I lived so long without this site. Even worse, I can’t imagine living in a world of retarded American bigoted media after knowing this site. Thank you BWD. And thank you all of you who engage everyday, in such a civilized conversation here, while at the same time working to help re-elect Prez Obama.

  7. Just in time to see the 21 gun salute at Buckingham Palace on BBC.

  8. Nut and yahoo is still talking shit. He re iterated what he said about the 67 borders, and is ignoring what the president said about land swaps.
    There was a bi partisan meeting last might at at the Blair house, dws and Steve Israel represented the democrats. The republicans started shouting at dws bc they want to use nut and yahoos words as a wedge issue against democrats.
    So, the American msm will key on nut and yahoos words today at congress.

    You see what nut and yahoo has started?

    Anyways, I will be posting some good news a little later on.


  9. Nut is going down, and he knows it. Congress will not save him and, it is now clear that back home in Israel, there is actually a larger chunk of citizens who share the Prez’s view and would ditch Nut hoo very quickly if Livni and Ehud could find a way around that crazy Foreign Minister of Israel.

    The Prez drew the line, brought it out in the open and now Nut hoo is flayiling in the wind.

  10. Andrew Sullivan has been on a tear reporting on the Netanyahu tantrum about the 1967 borders and mutually agreed land swaps. Yesterday, he reported on the following statement issued by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Prime Minister Netanyahu back in November 2010. This just takes being disingenuous to a whole new level.

    Apparently, today Netanyahu will continue stating that Israel can’t go back to the 1967 borders in his speech to congress. The very fact that he was invited here this week by the Republican Party while President Obama is out of the country is repugnant.



    The Prime Minister and the Secretary agreed on the importance of continuing direct negotiations to achieve our goals. The Secretary reiterated that “the United States believes that through good-faith negotiations, the parties can mutually agree on an outcome which ends the conflict and reconciles the Palestinian goal of an independent and viable state, based on the 1967 lines, with agreed swaps, and the Israeli goal of a Jewish state with secure and recognized borders that reflect subsequent developments and meet Israeli security requirements.”


  11. Oh my gosh. When the man at the end said “It will never be the same here again”
    I have a little tear…
    Also, nice to hear that the President and First Lady did a little shopping while they were there.

  12. I watched to big to fail last night. And it was Timmy geitner who kept America from going into the great depression. Not what our lovely lefty press has said, but Tim really saved America.

    I am serious. How this got mis construed and twisted is anybody’s guess.

    You all should watch it, if you have hbo. The banks really screwed us.

  13. The left needs to stop. Timothy Geithner isn’t the incompetent man child they made him out to be. I noticed that after reports were showing that his plans were making us money, the left’s screeching came to sudden halt. They never hesitated to rip him apart but recognizing that he got some things right? nah. it takes a real adult to do that.

  14. A sad state of affairs indeed that the American media are so disrespectful, show disdain, and are so ready to decimate their own.Not much of a mention of anything on the media headlines.
    I have been glued to BBC World News all morning where they showed live what was taking place and talked sensibly!
    (And what exactly is the point of all that media travelling with them if they are only going to report foolishness like the axel of the beast on the ramp in Ireland, and more to the point be cynical of their own president in England.) I have a real hard time wrapping my head around this type of undermining!

  15. TOD has a picture up of the Obamas and the Queen and Prince Phillips…its a beautiful photo and Michelle looks lovely!

    I’m guessing the British are not as excited as the Irish were yesterday. The crowds didn’t seem that large but I only saw a small part of the coverage. Can’t wait to see more pics and vids of the events later today. I’m a little concerned about the antiwar rally mainly because I have a feeling our media will focus more on that than on the positive images, especially from yesterday.

    On the whole, I’m usually supportive of antiwar rallies but I’m a little fearful that this might turn into a bash Obama rally rather than a push for peace. I think if we on the left could protest without demonizing pe

  16. I hit publish before I finished but I was thinking that if the left could protest without demonizing people, especially those that are really on the same side, it would be a good thing for everyone. We could get what we want without tearing down allies…

  17. @Peter- For me, this site is home now. I used to spend mucho time on other sites, but what BWD has done is elevated the discourse to such a sensible,enjoyable, and informative level that the other ones do not hold my interest as they used to. Now I simply browse briefly at some, knowing that when I arrive here I will be uplifted and educated….and smiling at the beautiful photos. Can’t thank you enough BWD.

  18. I can’t imagine a prime minister going into another’s country and being encouraged to be so rude and impolite to the sitting president, in public, even if you may disagree…! I tell you, people, that the media and the repug politicians have gone too far.

  19. I saw Adam green on Ed show last night. That little twerp said, if ds don’t stand up for Medicare then the same thing in 2010 will happen in 2012(para phrasing)!
    He threatened us that they will stay he again.
    These guys are so smug.

  20. I hear that “TBTF” was the right’s answer to “Inside Job”. Inside Job is a far better assessment of the truth and what REALLY happened.After all, it won the Academy Award for Best Documentary. That is out on DVD…I have it, just too scared to watch. My BP might go off the charts.Besides, right in the middle of trying desperately to save my house.F*ckers. All of them!

  21. President Barack Obama said Tuesday he will visit Missouri on Sunday to meet with those affected by devastating tornadoes that killed at least 116 people in Joplin over the weekend.

    In remarks from London, Obama said he would visit the state “to talk with folks who’ve been affected, to talk to local officials about our response effort and hopefully to pray with folks and give them whatever assurance and comfort I can that the entire country is going to be behind them.”


  22. Scientists at the Department of Energy’s national labs are using black holes to illuminate the distant parts of the universe in detail. Specifically, scientists from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-III), of which the Department’s Lawrence Berkley and Brookhaven National Labs are both a part, have used quasars to construct the largest three-dimensional map of the universe ever made. Quasars are one of the most brilliant beacons in the universe. Powered by gigantic black holes at the heart of galaxies, their light casts shadows across the universe.

    Scientists used the illumination of some 14,000 quasars about 10 to 12 billion light years away to create the new map. That ultra-galactic cartography is the first significant result from the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS), which is the primary survey of the SDSS-III, and is led by researchers at Berkeley. The map will be further enriched in density and coverage during the three and a half years remaining in the BOSS survey.


  23. A quick note about another way healthcare reform is helping. Remeber the provision that states 80-85% of premiums must be spent directly on medical care. Well, according to a Congressman from CT, Aetna went before the State Insurance Board to request a new rate for premiums. In the past it has always been about increasing rates. This time they requested permission to do a 19% cut in premiums.
    That is major and other companies will have to follow doing the same thing in all the states.

  24. Siemens Energy announced Monday plans to start construction on a new wind service warehousing operation in Woodward, Okla. that the company says will eventually lead to 40 new jobs during the next five years.

    ..The Germany-based company said it will build two new facilities in the northwest Oklahoma city that will be the company’s largest wind power service distribution center in the country. Siemens Energy is part of Siemens AG, which focuses on a range of industrial and other industries.

    “The need for this large distribution facility clearly indicates the wind industry is maturing rapidly, creating new jobs and new development opportunities,” Tim Holt, Siemens’ CEO for Renewables Service said in a statement. “Woodward’s location in the central region of the U.S. gives us great access to our wind power customers in that area and allows us to address their distribution needs in a cost-effective and efficient timeframe.”

    Construction on the main warehouse and adjacent tooling and spare parts facilities will begin this month and is expected to be completed by the end of the year, the company said. The two facilities will be 64,000 square feet.

    The distribution facility will serve as its hub for wind energy components and parts, including wind turbine blades, drive assemblies and generators.


  25. I always enjoy Mr. Unger’s columns because he takes time to answer people who make comments there. I wish more writers did that.

  26. It sounds like the is going to try to beef up security in some of the neighborhoods that really need it, too. I wish Daley had put more cops there years ago. It’s tragic what happens there every day.

  27. President Barack Obama and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to work together on economic and security matters in a joint article timed to coincide with Obama’s state visit to Britain.

    “One area where we need to cooperate is on rebuilding our economies,” Obama and Cameron wrote in the London-based Times.

    “What’s at stake now is whether new jobs and businesses take root in our countries or somewhere else.”


  28. I can only hope our own media will be as respectful to Prince William and Princess Catherine when they visit this summer. The BBC shows that there is a huge difference between showing respect and merely plastering the airwaves with coverage.

  29. Ooh.. wonderful video, Esmerelda!

    (I foresee an uptick in sales of Shannonbridge Pottery!)

  30. Good Morning, everyone. Another lovely day in Obamaland!

    I’m still basking in the wonderful coverage from yesterday and looking forward to another fabulous day for PBO and FLMO in England. The weather is gorgeous and they look fantastic.

    Thanks for the mishmash, BWD — good news all around.

    Have a great day everyone :-)!

  31. Yes. And I’m also looking forward to his parliamentary address tomorrow. He’s the first US President to do so I believe.

  32. It would be awesome to be Pete Souza. You get to follow the President around all day and just take pictures. Exhausging, to be sure, but fascinating I bet–especially when you’re photographing in the Situation Room.

  33. Good morning BWD and TOAITR family. I am alittle slower starting this morning. I am still on a high from yesterday. What a day. Now to start taking it all in and enjoy today. I love the mishmash.

    We knew that healthcare would work if everyone would just give it time.

    Looking forward to all the updates.

  34. What idiots! Stay home and guarantee there will be NO medicare and SS because the Rethugs will kill it entirely…does this idiot know what happened in WI? A-holes.

  35. Now that’s a brilliant strategy cause it worked so well last year…oh, wait…smh. I really dislike him and he’s not helpful to the cause…

  36. I posted this to Rachel on Facebook this morning. I am so upset about this!

    I see Facebook editing an article I shared from Forbes to read “Accountant Care Act” instead of “Affordable Care Act.” https://www.facebook.com/diane.kistner/posts/155000911231972?notif_t=share_comment This is how people come to believe that what’s good for them is a nefarious government plot. I’ve sort of suspected for a long time that Facebook inserts “typos” and changes words when I post comments, but this is proof that something possibly sinister is going on. Please look into it, Rachel!

    I don’t have the time or skills to delve into this, but I hope somebody will pick up the ball and do it. It makes Eli Pariser’s TED talk on internet targeting even creepier.

  37. Cutting premiums?! Never gonna hear that on the networks or cable. Outstanding.

  38. Yes this is home for me too BWD has done a wonderful job, We do not click anywhere alse.
    just HERE.

  39. I saw a comedian do a whole bit on this years ago. Maybe Robin Williams? Now every time I see her with a purse I crack up. But to have one while standing on her front porch??? That was kinda weird…..but cute…..

    I’ll see if I can find a video on YouTube. I’m sure it’s there. Everything else is……

  40. I couldn’t find the clip I was looking for on YouTube – but this one is too funny…

  41. Good to know I am in good company. This place is just an absolute must for me. I come here even before my first cup of coffee!!!! lol. Thank you all.

  42. I read that besides a “hankie” she has a cell phone, an ipod and pics of her grandkiddos, plus some dog treats in that purse, along with some special momento of her Mum that passed.

    Don’t know if that is actually true, just something I read somewhere.

  43. Thanks so much for sharing this video clip. I just loved it and wanted to give a great big hug to all those people in Moneygall for their welcome to our Prez and First Lady.

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