Yea baby, it’s me


48 thoughts on “Yea baby, it’s me

  1. Me neither… Was just trying to capture the Irish spirit! 😀

    What happened to our Lakers LL? 😦

  2. Sighs. I haven’t discussed the Lakers for a few weeks. I knew they wouldn’t make a deep run this season, from a combination of exhaustion and lack of chemistry. I hope they choose a good coach soon.

  3. The little girl reminds me of one of my storytime kids. She’s a ginger as well and just a bundle of joy.

  4. I hope we get to see some pics of this scene showing Pres. Obama’s face. The expressions on that little girl’s face are pure gold and Mrs. Obama looks stunning. Thanks for posting these, bwd.

  5. President Obama has this uncanning ability to connect to children. Its like they hang on to his every word and figure on TV. She looking at him with admiration and the girl is probably 4 or 5 years old. Amazing! Youths love the obama’s and they will be the deciding vote in 2012.

  6. I heard the President has to leave Ireland early because of the volcano in Iceland. Anyone have more information on that?

  7. Yeah, nice that you mention it. I have seen pics of children crying when GW touched them. Even here in Canada, we have a dour PM called Harper. I have seen children cry when he touches them even just for a photo-op. It is funny how little children, even just babies can sense the vibe!

  8. Yes I have read the story on POLITICO and here in Toronto; it is because the ash from icelandic volcano is blowing towards the British Isle and might interfere with his flight to London if he does not leave tonight. So yeah, he will not sleep in Dublin, he will fly out tonight, to London.

  9. Here is a blurb:
    Ash cloud forces Obama to fly early
    He’ll leave Ireland tonight for London. Plus: He tells a jubilant crowd in Dublin, “Yes, we can.”

  10. That means he should arrive in about an hour. Don’t think there’ll be a welcoming ceremony this late. Unless they sleep on Air Force One and come out for it in the morning!

  11. When the Prez of the United States is coming into your country, no hour is too late to wake up. True, there may be no official welcoming ceremony but there will be very high ranking people to see his arrival and to make sure wherever he chooses to sleep, the security is as tight as can be imagined….

  12. Really? Guinness is win. If I try to bring any other brand home, my other half would have a near fit. Actually the only peeps we know that ask for Bass are Brits and still not so much.

  13. I was joking about sleeping on AF1, of course. My guess would be the Ambassador’s residence or the Palace if their rooms are ready.


  15. That photo is priceless! No matter what city, hamlet, county or country – the little children adore our POTUS. Thanks BWD

  16. One more and then goodnight.

    I often feature folks who are making a difference in their community, they have received the “Purpose Prize”

    Today I featured winners who work with African American women to improve their health.

    Prime Time Sister Circles helps women stay healthy

    It seems the President admires this program too, the story includes a link to an article where 6 of the winners of this prize met with him in 2009.

  17. If you want some fun play the video of O’Bama’s (today he gets his apostrophe back in all my posts) introduction and speech and then force yourself to listen to Pawlenty try to persuade us all of how much better suited he is to the Presidency. It’s night and day. T-Paw wouldn’t get this ecstatic a reception if the crowd were made up of his relatives and they were all being paid based on enthusiasm shown.

  18. I love that photo—that sweet face and the red hair and the Irish eyes are smiling. Children everywhere sense they have a friend in Obama. And they do.
    A beautiful, loving, heartwarming experience in Ireland—-for one and all.

  19. She is precious. Children seem to instantly take a liking to our president. They sense his warmth.

  20. Honestly, it’s stouts in general that I don’t like. They’re just a bit too heavy for me.

  21. LL, I am a long time Laker fan. Jerry West is my all time favorite player. I grew up loving him. Lately I haven’t been too much of a fan. I am waiting for the chemistry to come back.

  22. That’s who we need in this world, someone with compassion and leadership.

  23. I knew there was going to be lots of wonderful photos coming out of today. It was so iconic for everyone. All the stops and inbetween were so important to everyone. I feel sorry for the people he was suppose to stay at tonight. You know they worked to hard to get everything ready. They know that plans change.

    WIW, thanks for all those wonderful videos!!!!

  24. Wasn’t that just ridiculous?

    Thanks for asking about Kasper: there is still one gaping hole and we just have to let time fill it in but progress is slow. There is some infection around the edges of it which concerns me. We see the specialist tomorrow. He’s stronger every day and the rest of his horrendous wounds have healed beautifully. He’s my little Miracle Puppy.

    Jerry’s knees are still bad from being dragged by the pit bull. We’re coping. Taking it day by day.

    Thanks again for asking.

  25. CNN reports on the 25,000 that gave him such treatment! Whereas the Irish sources say there were 100,000 there to greet him!

  26. Funny for me, I don’t drink beer, unless it’s a Guinness ! I like the honey after taste. But as it is, I don’t metabolize alcohol so well, so I don’t drink that much 🙂

  27. Funny – some little kids are afraid of people they meet for the first time. No little kids seem afraid of President Obama! He’s like Santa Claus, although some little kids are afraid of him, too!

  28. Now, that made me chuckle, Catzmaw! Yet, even with your encouragement, I just can’t force myself to watch T-Paw’s big announcement. But, if I were a betting woman, I’d wanna predict how long before he, too, drops off the Republican slate of candidates – like the rest of the fallen so-called competitors. (I’ve made myself smile again!)

  29. That little girl, with red hair, is just soooooo

    What a Kid? She will forever never forget that.

    I love how she was handed to the president.

    She must be 3 0r 4 years old.

  30. Try the black brew with any orange drink, Fanta, Sunkist or Crush and you would forever enjoy a black brew once in a while.

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