Well, more like 100,000 (Updated)


70 thoughts on “Well, more like 100,000 (Updated)


    Gorgeous day in Moneygall and Dublin. 😀 😀 😀

  2. These photos of the crowds are amazing!

    Thank you, BWD! 🙂 I’ll bet teh SS are on their toes today.

  3. Wow! Makes you proud to have such a wonderful president. What is wit the us media? They are so in the tank for the pubs it is sad.

  4. What a wonderful day it was for those 100,000 who had the honor to be there in Dublin today. Thank you BWD for the outstanding pics capturing this momentus event.

  5. I’ve been watching all day. Can I start my daily chores now or is there more coverage? WHAT A GREAT DAY!

  6. I am so enjoying all the pictures and information here on TOAITR. Thank you BWD because if it were not for you and the Internet, I would not see this until later tonight if at all. I am in California and it’s noon and I am just getting snipets on the so-called news shows.

  7. If there’s one thing that is universal in this world, it is the smiles on the faces of crowds greeting Barack Obama. Whether he is in Ireland or Memphis, you can’t miss those smiles and wide eyes.

  8. I agree Carol, I have been watching all day and today is suppose to be my day at home to clean and do laundry. Needless to say something more important happened today and we were apart of it all via the internet.

    What a day. I couldn’t be more proud of our POTUS and FLOTUS. They are such very special people.

  9. BWD, thank you so much for all you do. You and chipsticks are the only 2 people who have been following our President’s Irish visit. I really appreciate it.

  10. Glad I’m not the only one…..

    Haven’t been able to get to anything else because I can’t tear myself away from the celebration in Ireland. I’ve never been so proud of my nation’s president.

  11. The poor Secret Service. I wonder if they lecture him when they are alone. Like, “Mr. President please don’t talk on anyone’s phone.” Or, “Mr. President you can’t let people touch your face.”

    I’m not sure how much they get paid, but it’s probably not enough.

  12. I’m also proud of our President and all that he represents. Makes our own political process on the “right” seem even more ridiculous! I have close friends in the UK and apparently from what she has said, the Queen and the locals in London are all excited for the State visit by our President. As we all recall, the Queen and Flotus have an ongoing relationship after their first meeting. The pictures are going to be spectacular, and even Prince Wills and his bride will be at the state dinner! Bless our wonderful President and First Lady…and BWD for making this site possible.

  13. Damnnnnnnnnnnn those people love Barack Hussein Obama. Has this much love been giving to any US President from other countries? Its like he is a poltical rock star like Michael Jackson where thousands and thousands show up just to see him.

  14. I hope America can look at this reception in Ireland to an American Prez and remember what attitudes toward America, especially under GW Bush were, less than three years ago.

    This is just awesome. Thank Ireland.

  15. Yes, I want to thank BWD and Chipsticks for these two wonderful sites. BWD, you have made so many of us so very happy and proud. Thank you, Thank you so very much. I stayed up all night, and now I am just enjoying the day in bed, resting, and enjoying the photos and the conversations.

  16. My friend is a secret service agent traveling with POTUS and FLOTUS to Europe. The secret service LOVE the Obama family. They are excellent at their job. I guarantee you for every secret service agent you saw next to POTUS and FLOTUS there were 10X that many in windows, in the crowd and on rooftops watching every movement in the crowd.

  17. Thank you for all that you do for us BWD! The last picture is just precious. 🙂

  18. BWD, Dame, Lady, you take my breath away.

    I just finished watching this on Cable about an hour plus ago, and here you are, you have got the pictorials that took my breath away.

    It is worth repeating; You Madame are Simply, the Best.

    Lots of Love from MN.

    Thank you ever so much.

  19. I knowwwwww, I haven’t done much either, I’ve just been glued to my Computer, enjoying the sites, The Obamas Inter-acting with the People and his different relatives In Ireland. It’s been wonderful, and how about the Amazing Crowds, that the Obamas draw. They are Loved by a lot of People, and seem like more so abroad, than here In the U S of A :-). I’m so very happy that they are received so welcomely. The Obamas are electric, energetic, and loveable, especially by those who are not envious, jealous, or racist. I’m glad that they are having a great time there 🙂

  20. Between Moneygall, 100,000 pairs of Smiling Irish Eyes… and that boisterous lady above in orange: My heart has been stolen completely. I love the love they’ve shared with our POTUS & FLOTUS~

  21. thank you for that info DC, I always assumed they cared about the Obama’s- but it is very good to know they’re more than a job to the Secret Service members.

  22. Hear hear! BWD for prez in 2016??

    seriously awesome site, and seriously awesome prez. loved the speech, and i doubt its a visit they will forget for a long time in ireland.

    lately i’ve been feeling that with this prez in charge for 4 more years some really good things will happen. sometimes change is hard to see while its happening and can only be appreciated in the rearview mirror.

    This prez means business. Bring on those crusty old GOPer’s, their shallowness becomes more evident every day with PBO in charge.

  23. I just did a quick surf thru other so called left sites and there isn’t anything about the Presidents day. What is wrong with America!!! Thank you BWD and Chipsticks for your 2 sites. You both have made this day so enjoyable. Being able to share the excitement with all of you thrills my heart.

    Love to all. We know how lucky we are to appreciate this wonderful man and his family as they represent our country.

  24. Just checked daily Lows, no rec diaries on this visit. So, apparently they talk to each other, you know, huff post did not have squat up about this visit, either.
    A lot of jealousy going around these days. I am afraid the green party will run and take 2 percent from the presidents vote total.
    Anyways, the president sure is loved overseas, and lots love him hear, too!


  25. So, my sister lives just outside London and she says everyone was just blown away by the BBC interview conducted by one of their biggest journalists. My niece asked my sister why they hadn’t heard about all the things President Obama had been doing and my sister told her that the only way anyone in America hears about what this man is doing is by going to BWD’s blog!!!!! And it looks like the UK is no exception! HA!!!

    GOBAMA!!!! They are lookin’ SO GOOD!!!!!

  26. The Canadian media is also giving President Obama’s visit to Ireland really positive coverage and its being looped here every half hour.

  27. Wow what an amazing President and First Lady; they are spectacular and their love and warmth is impossible to to escape. GOD Bless them.

  28. When they were surfing the baby through the crowd to get to POTUS Obama I recalled the 2008 elections. People were practically throwing their little ones through the crowd to get to him. I LOVE PEOPLE WHO LOVE OUR PRESIDENT. That means they are good people. I would indeed trust them lifting my future baby through a crowd. 😀

  29. My friend Bekka was in Ireland in the run-up to the US 2008 presidential election. She says every Irish citizen she met wanted to talk about Obama, and how they were rooting for him to win!

  30. I cannot get enough of these happy photos of President Obama of “the Moneygall Obamas.” Thanks so much, BWD!

  31. Wow, look at that hand gesture the Prez is making with Enda behind him! That is going to be the next fist bump! It is cool.

  32. There was a very nice interview on RTE (?) television online about a couple from Moneygall who had their little baby boy passed to Obama. They’re going to be putting a picture of the event in their living room. They were so proud!

  33. nothing on msn homepage except: tiny line down in the middle of the page: Obama reaffirms Irish ties.

    Pathetic. But WE will pass on bwd’s and Chipstick’s amazing coverage and get the truth out.

  34. Thanks to all of them…I am more aware and more grateful for what the SS (and everyone) do to keep our amazing President and first family safe than I have ever been. Keep up the amazing work, and THANK YOU ALL.

  35. I was just able to watch, I teared up more listening to the Irish PM introduce Obama. Such a genuine admiration and love for the President. The screaming was thunderous.

    Thanks so much BWD for this site, like a party online.

  36. Tim Pawlenty’s laying his strategy bare ‘truth telling/telling you something you don’t want to hear’ couragous straight-talker. Spoke against ethanol subsidies in Iowa, saying he’s going to Florida to speak against SS/Medicare and then to NY to speak against bailouts and TBTF.

  37. Yeah, that ought to go over big. Just hand Iowa and Florida over to our President if that’s the message they’re determined to carry. Wow…lemmings to the cliff.

  38. Lots of the Irish used to keep President Kennedy’s portrait in their living rooms, too, back in the ’60s (next to the Pope’s!).

    Love it.

  39. The Irish reviews are coming in:

    “Remarkable day”

    “Rapturous crowd”

    Fantastic Day”

    “Put a spring back in the national step”

    “The long wait was over and it was worth it.”

    And the news is that the President’s car, The Beast, got itself stuck leaving the driveway [of the US embassy, I think], and the President had to change cars. With what that car weighs, I hope there is a tow truck able to haul it off the hump.

  40. Sen. Murkowski is the latest to join Sen Scott Brown and Sen. Susan Collins in saying she’ll vote against the Ryan Budget.

    McConnell is not going to whip for the coming vote either – all GOP Sens are free to vote how they choose.

  41. Heads up, folks. The Republicans have a new talking point about family planning. They’re calling it population control and my local rep is calling it eugenics. They are really going round the bend with this.

  42. Yeah, there is a genuine love and respect for the Prez. I remember watching Enda speak to the Prez when he (Enda) was at the WH, you could genuinely see that he really and truly loved and admired the Prez.

    This was just a remarkable day. The People of Moneygall, Dublin and indeed the entire Ireland showed the world what a true home-coming looks and feels like.

  43. Yep, I saw him make the waltz. By the way, POLITICO reports that Newt is on Medicare!

  44. Seems like they’re going back to the future on that one. The charge of “eugenics” was common among the RW in regards to family planning once upon a time.

  45. Vicky, that is the sign “I Love You” from the deaf community, (sign language).

  46. Isn’t the index finger supposed to be in the down position to be the Hang Loose sign?

  47. OT…..

    The HBO Movie “TOO BIG TO FAIL” premiers tonight (5/23) at 9:00 p.m. ET. There is a fascinating 19 minute trailer entitled “Opening the Vault on the Financial Crisis” with commentary from the cast, director, Wall Street analysts, Fareed Zakaria, Andrew Ross Sorkin and others.


  48. I just saw on MSNBC First Read that they are saying its back to 25,000. Apparently American journos asked the fire officials (guess they didn’t trust the Irish) and they said it was 25,000 *eye roll*. Its amazing, the Irish press pushes the numbers up but the Americans bring it down…typical

  49. I love the Irish! I have a close friend who immigrated here from Ireland with her mother after her father died. That one pic reminded me of how Mrs. ‘D’ would touch my cheek gently whenever I came to their house and say:

    “Well, isn’t it grand that you have come to visit us. Now, sit, have some tea and cake and tell us all the doings in your life.”

    I adored that woman. I think I was nearly as devastated as her own daughter when she passed. I wish I could claim some Irish blood myself but no luck there.

    As for the Guiness(sp) I only tasted that stuff once which was enough for me! Bless our Prez and his Lady for the intestinal fortitude in actually drinking a glass of that stuff.

    Thanks BWD for the wonderful pics. I have passed this diary on. It was great that weather held for PBO’s trip to Moneygal. My Irish friend is taking full credit for that as she has been praying and lighting candles for days!

    I am so looking forward to more pics and video from this trip ♥

  50. To paraphrase Sally Field:

    “They love him! They REALLY love him!”

    As a person of color with roots in Ireland, I’m so glad to see the positive reception that the President has received.

  51. I’m in airport and plane is two hours late so far- thank god for this great blog. I so look forward to seeing it each day

  52. BWD – thank you for the spectulator pics. Our President has the most fabulous smile. Just can’t help but smile back.

  53. I love how other countries love our President moreso than his own country,

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