Seriously, give yourself these 30 minutes

President Obama’s speech today in Dublin:


For me, the 0:47 mark of this short clip is what Barack Obama all about. Look at this emotional woman, and see what he’s doing:



I totally and shamelessly stole this comment from some other side. I just had to, because it always better to let someone else do the screaming (and some cursing) – especially when the screaming (and some cursing) is so righteous:


How fucking STUPID are we in this country???

The response the President received in Ireland is typical. The REST OF THE WORLD sees his greatness. But here? Not so much. And I’m not just talking about Repubs/Tea party/Wingnuts.

Don’t people GET what he’s up against??? Racist fuckwads. Dummies who can’t read their tax statements. ‘Get your hands off my Medicare!’ And whiny Democrats who seemingly don’t remember what happened between Jan.20 2001-Jan.20 2009!

HE IS PLAYING THE CARDS HE’S BEEN DEALT AND HE’S DOING THE BEST THAT HE CAN! And I know typing in all cap means that you’re shouting. Well guess what? I AM SHOUTING!!!!!



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  1. Look at Henry the 8th’s ears. They’re exactly the same as O’Bama’s.

  2. I just don’t see a Romney or a Pawlenty or a Huntsman pulling in 25,000 people in a crowd.
    Did you see the split screen of Obama vs. Pawlenty’s townhall of 200, no not 2000, 200 people?

  3. There is no-one in Anerica today who can draw a crowd anywhere like this Prez. No-one!
    He just has the ‘it’ factor. The whomever’s that the msm are trying to push,just do not measure up,in personality, words, intelligence heart, and straight up fearless tell it like it is.

  4. What station was the split screen on?

    As Monty Python would say: “Howls! Howls of derisive laughter!”

  5. It was an amazing speech. I agree with the comment from the mishmash. This country doesn’t really understand what we have in our President. I think one of the reasons is that our msm does not do him justice. There is very little positive news about him. They are always trying to tear him down.

  6. A quick check of news sites— and typically notice scant, or zero, coverage of today’s events in Ireland. It’s pretty creepy. Why are they so afraid to reveal Obama’s popularity, all the jubilant joy that greeted him everywhere in Ireland today? I just checked horrible HuffPo, nothing on the front page, and down halfway on the politics page is “Obama bails on Ireland…”—a one paragraph about the need to leave early due to the volcanic ash. Unbelievable, our irresponsible, negligent, manipulative news media. This is a huge problem, an understatement if there ever was one.


  8. Jenk uhygur showed some of his speech and then he put on ad adam green and Jane hampster.
    I immediately changed it.

  9. Do you happen to have another link? My browser says it can’t find that page.

  10. In the AP video, at around :57 into the video, the photo op of the folks with the President and first lady, are those the relatives? The older gentleman in the gray suit in front looks just like the Dunhams with the pointy chin doesn’t he.

    I am so happy for the President and first lady that they are getting much love from outside the USA at least. I agree with so many here that America does not deserve President Obama. Americans have become so unworthy, no wonder so many bad things are happening to her people across the country.

  11. The media has clearly made a decision to give PBO’s Ireland visit zero or negative coverage. Notice how they are suddenly super focused on the Tornadoes when in April they were busy covering Donald trump while Alabama was being devastated by similar weather. MSNBC tried to equate Pawlenty’s presidential announcement with Obama’s speech in Dublin by having a split screen. When they realized how obviously incomparable the two were in terms of crowd size and enthusiasm, they decided to show the full screen of Obama’s speech and only did replays of Pawlenty’s sleep-inducing announcement.

  12. In addition to BBC coverage tomorrow, Sky News is going to be another good place to watch the events. Murdoch owns Sky, but it is nothing like Faux. In fact, if Murdoch wants more of the satellite parent company, he may be forced to give up Sky completely.

  13. Being of Irish decent myself this warms my heart to no end. Love, love, love the big sign saying “Welcome home” to the president. I truly hope he enjoyed his visit.

    Also, is it just me or does Michelle Obama get more and more stunning by the day? That picture of her stepping off the plane in that blue outfit – so gorgeous! I’m not sure she liked the Guinness too much though, but it was nice of her to give it a try. It’s somewhat of an acquired taste. LOL.

  14. It’s okay to shout BWD…I feel your frustration! Maybe we all need to do some shouting about this…..It is IMPOSSIBLE to understand Americans’ lack of regard. People in so many other countries wish he was THEIR president…..He is the world leader, I think that can easily be seen. Remember we had eight years of someone no one else in the world wanted to see.

  15. Are you serious? Don’t those numbnuts realize that nobody cares what any of them has to say about anything. Look up peanut gallery in the dictionary and you find all three of their pictures. I hate that feeling when you can’t change the channel fast enough.

  16. ok let’s be fair. Both CNN & MSNBC covered his speech live. No cutoffs. And ABC had a whole long piece from Jake Tapper. The Evening folks had to temper the visuals of the Tornadoes vs. 100,000 people worshipping our Prez. So it was a balance.

  17. This is the kind of stuff that makes me CRAZY!
    Olympia Snow, repug from Maine, held the stimulus money hostage while she reduced the amount and then insisted that 1/3 be tax cuts. I HATE REPUGS!

  18. You are so right . The Newshour which I watch every night attached a small clip of the President’s Ireland visit to a long story on the Spanish economic woes. The un-informed might think the Pres was involved.

  19. Thank you so much for the borrowed comment. It articulates my perceptions exactly.

  20. No idea yet what NATO went after, but Sky is reporting 7 major explosions in Tripoli. I don’t know if the run is over yet.

  21. I think they’re in the pub there, and I read that the people in the pub were relatives. One is supposed to be Obama’s 8th cousin.

  22. Thanks to you BWD for your great blog and to all the others who provided pics, video and transcript of his visit to Ireland. I’ve just been grinning all day.

    But I have acid in my stomach that our despicable MSM fails to show any of this, lies about crowd size in Dublin and slams our Prez from all sides.

    As horrible as the weather is in the Midwest (and so praying for the people there) if MSM didn’t have that they can put their focus on, they would probably be running around whining about how terrible it was that the awful “Snookie” person stubbed her toe on a beer bottle!

    I am just waiting for them to blast PBO for not being here when the tornadoes happened or predicting exactly where they would hit.

    I am just so angry with our hateful press. I have sent out emails to every station and network I can think of.

    Sorry for the rant. I just get so very weary sometimes.

  23. Not when u consider the coverage they gave to trump or the president allegedly throwing Israel under the bus. You know what i am saying?

  24. CaliCat, I thought the same thing about the picture of Michelle –just stunning! That’s a great picture of them both.

    I must say, that comment posted is just about verbatim what I was screaming in my head watching this. In fact, it’s pretty much what I think..and frequently say (although, being from Brooklyn, trust me there are more f-bombs involved) whenever I read or hear the ignorant rantings from both sides. The entire world knows how blessed we are. I’m still waiting for the day this country deserves him.

  25. You know you’d think Americans would be over-the-moon proud of having a President that is the envy of so many countries in this world. Oh well, I’M proud of it.

  26. Jovie,

    Do you have an update on that plane that was stolen in Pakistan yesterday? I went to be fretting about it.

  27. Haven’t seen much on any of the blogs about this trip, then I remembered BWD was still out there showing the photos the Right and the Far Left don’t want anybody to see.

    Thanks for the lift.

  28. He definitely made a huge hit in Ireland, and I loved this comment from one of the news stories:

    It was a moment and a pint to savor. To the approval of the pub crowd and people all across Ireland watching on television, Obama downed the full pint in four slurps and came away with a foam mustache.

    “The president actually killed his pint! He gets my vote,” said Christy O’Sullivan, an Irish government clerical worker taking a long lunch break to watch live TV footage of Obama’s visit. “He’s the first president I’ve actually seen drink the black stuff like he’s not ashamed of something.”

  29. This is a brilliant post BWD….our media sucks and is so in the pocket of the right wing (even though they say otherwise). The only place to go for decent journalism anymore is CBC, BBC or al Jezeera.

  30. I forgive you BWD for how you brought the comment to this site for it should be shouted FROM THE ROOFTOPS!

  31. There are many political factions in this country who have been and continue to be extremely threatened by the achievements and popularity of Barack Obama. That’s why they work night and day to try and take him down. They’re jealous because they know they could never be what he is – a truly gifted, once-in-a-life-time leader.

    I believe that the screeching coming from these factions will continue on and reach a fevered pitch right before the 2012 election. Their goal, of course, is to minimize our president’s legacy of greatness by making him a one-termer. But do not worry, they will fail in this effort.

    I would also like to say that there are a great many Americans who appreciate President Obama as much as the citizens of other countries do. They, we, are the silent majority.

    Don’t give up hope, folks. We are on the right side of history and President Obama will prevail.

    Believe him when he says “Yes we can”.

  32. I think he found his apostrophe! Thanks for these beautiful photos & vids!

  33. Bwd you have said it all Are we Fucking idiots? Of course we are NOT they are, The racist haters. there is no surprise.
    The only thing left for the GOP/NEO/TEAPTY is use the race card, but is not going to work, NOT this time. Obama is a very smart President, and he is targeting the youg voters, and from what I have observed they like him. THe MSM will always try to enderstimate Obama no matter what.
    I’am 100 sure he will be re_elected.

  34. How we can pay back the MSM (because they are not reading the people in this country right) is to help double the 2008 record number of votes for President Obama in 2012 !!!

    I’m in.

  35. So they didn’t actually take it? Or they took it and it was destroyed later?

    Why in gawd’s name are we ‘giving’ them aircraft. Or are we selling them. Little poppies for planes?

  36. Also compare how the Irish audience cheered for their President and Prime Minister, while the Republicans are openly siding with a foreign government (Israel) against their own President. Isn’t that a crime?

  37. Excellent – the foreign coverage is always better than US coverage (if you can find any).

  38. NATO is obliterating Gaddafi’s compound, and the UK and France will be sending in attack helicopters in the next few days.

  39. They said she drank the whole thing. Very brave if you don’t have a taste for it (or beer in general). The Irish were very impressed.

  40. Well, CNN and Gloria borger are now mentioning that the president may be cocky!
    How do you figure that one?

  41. I think it seems worse to us because many of us are very aware of every negative reaction, or what can be even conceived as negative in this country. The botttom line is his strong approval numbers in the midst of a poor economy.

    I parked in back of a car with a MCCain BS just now. Made me ill. Then I came here.

    It’s a business. If the nets were fair and balanced, THEIR numbers might go down (or that is what they assume) and people’s jobs are at stake. If Dems owned the corporate media, it would be different, but then the other side would be infuriated. What matters is November. Just MO. None of it mitigates my support. I hate it, but the hard core Reps and bigots he will never get, regardless of coverage. I believe the thoughtful non-committed WILL turn, regardless of coverage.

  42. I hear the Republicans are trying to convince Paul Ryan to run for President. Um… didn’t he just deliver a death blow to the Repub party with his plan to destroy Medicare? Also, “T-Paw” apparently thinks that President Obama doesn’t have courage. Um… Didn’t President Obama just eliminate the most wanted terrorist from this planet? ok.

  43. I feel for you over the McCain bumper sticker. They can make your blood boil. I saw one the other day with a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker – seriously.

  44. Anyone know what time all these events are scheduled for or where I may see the itenary?

  45. One comment I heard is that Ireland is having severe financial problems, but the people are not mean-spirited as is obvious by the love they showed to their own President and President Obama. We have a lot of mean-spirited people here, IMO.

  46. Absolutely ! We’ve got to hit the streets running to get out the vote.

  47. I love that comment, leave it to WE the People of the World, we have this covered, we know who Barack Obama is- no pundit no rightwinger is going to fool us otherwise.

  48. Why the hell do these no-namers and nothing to offfer folksies like Gloria Borger, and as a matter of fact, the whole lot of ’em, get such joy in tearing down their own President. Americans have lost the plot and lost their way, I swear. It would be great to hear them talk about the fact that he is sooooo loved and appreciated in other countries, but no…they sit and badmouth and decimate him every damn day. Something has to be done about the media. God forbid, it appears that these idiot savants must have gotten their credentials in a time when there was not much choice for media personnel.

  49. “And on a personal note, the president appeared downright tickled by the entire day, embracing the theatrical, back-slapping side of politics in a way that doesn’t always come naturally to him.

    Obama lingered longer than normal at the rope lines. His enthusiasm was particularly evident in Moneygall, a tiny village in the Irish countryside, where he worked the entire length of the metal barriers — about a quarter of a mile long — sometimes in pouring rain. He served up more punch lines, with greater zeal, than usual, including making light of questions about whether he was really born in Hawaii.”

    quarter of a mile long??!! And then gives a fantastic speech. I’m with you BWD. How FUCKING stupid are we in this country that we don’t appreciate what this man does for us and for the country and for the world EVERY day.

  50. Theo,
    That is a ploy by the GOP, to build up Ryan before ny -26 election.
    Let’s voters there think he must not be that bad!

  51. LOL — nicknamed him “Henry the Eighth”

    Thousands of people waited through the rain, hail and heavy winds to greet Obama in Moneygall, which looked like a postcard after the townspeople spent weeks sweeping, painting and tidying the place. Stone buildings lined the commercial spine, a stretch of businesses and homes with flower planters in the windows and American and Irish flags out front.

    “He held my hand, he pulled me towards him and kissed my cheek,” gushed Anne Maher, 50, a teacher who met Obama. “I’m not gonna wash that cheek for a lifetime, and my husband isn’t getting near it, either.”

    Obama saw the home where Kearney once lived and records from the parish recording Kearney’s birth. At one of the town’s two pubs, Obama met his distant cousin Henry Healy, whom the president nicknamed “Henry VIII,” discussed the finer points of pouring a good pint of Guinness and told one man that he resembled Obama’s grandfather.

    Read more:

  52. Excellent idea, jacquelineoboomer! I keep thinking about the President’s grandmother, who was able to vote for her grandson just a few days before she died, and who didn’t live to see him become the President. I know she must feel so proud of him. I sat mesmerized by his speech in Dublin. To find the words he used so eloquently, this man has a true gift.

  53. O’bama, Ireland and The New Middle East…

    After the showdown with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu where President Obama reminded the PM that the new Arab awakening towards Democracy means that we can no longer buy control of them…

    President Obama went to Ireland, the last sight where we helped solve a Civil War, where many citizens were considered ‘terrorists’ at the time…and he was received like a homecoming King!

    It was a beautiful thing and no matter how tired you get of hearing this song you will enjoy it again!


  54. I sort agree on this one. I am the most anti MSM and I never expect anything positive from them when it comes to our amazing Democratic POTUS but today I was pleasantly surprised to see much positive news on this Irish “homecoming” for POTUS. Would I like to see more? Would I like to hear less cringe worthy side chatter from them? Hell yes, but today I give them a B- for the coverage of the full speech in Dublin and clips of him in Moneygall. That is a high score coming from me for our disgraceful MSM.

  55. I read on another thread where the Secret Service just love the Obama family. Nice to hear that from the guys and gals who are committed to take a bullet if necessary to protect them all.

  56. I’m not complaining about the US media coverage today of President Obama — I think it’s been fine. They covered the speech and every website I go to has good stories about his trip to Moneygall and the speech. Here’s something from the NY Times tonight.

    I do agree that Americans (including most Democrats and Independents) don’t GET how good he is and that is annoying as hell.

    But I think the media did cover this pretty well actually.

  57. Living in Phoenix, my only amusement is taking the bus past McCain’s office and flipping him off. A small thing, maybe, but I fell better every time I do it. If somebody on the bus thinks this granny is weird, I just flash my Obama badge!

    I’m thinkin’ I had better be a bit more cautious about “Quittypants” Palin. The silly wench is liable to pop a blood vessel!

  58. Mmmmkay to me that sounds like another way of saying he “Blackety black black black ya’ll” and don’t know his place. Stay classy media stay classy. *sigh*
    and who the heck is gloria boger anyways? Never mind idec. 🙂

  59. Thanks for letting me know. Seems to me that this raid on an airbase underscores what the President said in his BBC interview. India isn’t Pakistan’s problem. Their own people and the home grown terrorists are their main problem, one I’m sure they’re never going to address. But as long as they know they can get goodies from us by threatening India, why on earth would they do anything else? Not a fan of the strategy and am hoping our President can find a better way.

  60. I’ve been blowing raspberries at such things for years. I’d seriously rec you try this as well – really cathartic, LOL! The bird I prefer to give when I’m on the Harley – then bravely speed off 🙂

  61. Oh look, I have something in common with the President. I love the movie The Usual Suspects!

  62. The problem is what do we do about Pakistan?

    We’re worried about North Korea’s nuclear program because it could give a device to one of our enemies. I think that worry is overwrought; the one thing that the NK regime pursues above all else is its survival, and giving a nuke to Al Qaeda would spell its death knell — and yes, we would find out who gave the nuke in short order.

    But in Pakistan we have all our fears of NK realized. Pakistan is more of a collection of factions and tribes than a real centralized state. Who controls those nukes? And how do we manage the relationship so that one of those weapons doesn’t make it into the wrong hands and blows up a city — one of ours or one of our allies’? Pakistan causes me no shortage of agita, and I really see no good way to engage them. It’s more or less a feudal society, and such a society is not one that instills confidence when it has nuclear weapons.

  63. Gawd the sound that made was wrenching. Scary, too. Love how they put the buses in front for cover, presumably when the President changed cars.

  64. sorry for the re-send, it didn’t connect…

    O’bama, Ireland and The New Middle East…
    May 23, 2011
    O’bama, Ireland and The New Middle East…

    After the showdown with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu where President Obama reminded the PM that the new Arab awakening towards Democracy means that we can no longer buy control of them…

    President Obama went to Ireland, the last sight where we helped solve a Civil War, where many citizens were considered ‘terrorists’ at the time…and he was received like a homecoming King!

    It was a beautiful thing and no matter how tired you get of hearing this song you will enjoy it again!


  65. yeah, that was a terrible sound like it wiped out some undercarriage parts.

    Do they put The Beast on the helicopter? I doubt it right? I noticed he got out of a SUV in Moneygall.

  66. There has never been and will never again be anyone like President Barack Obama. He is unique among men and he is to be celebrated for all his gifts. We are wise to recognize his brilliance and bask in the knowing that we are witnessing greatness in our lives. In time, this will be an undisputed fact. For now, there is only the fog and the distortion of fear, but WE CHOOSE HOPE.

  67. Just pathetic grasping of straws in the vast wasteland of the GOP. Sad, unconscionable and real. They are truly shut down.

  68. “Cocky” just another word for “uppity”. Consider the source, CNN = Conservative New Network.

    I seriously can’t stand that Gloria woman. She and her BFF, David Gergen need to get a room. Yuck! Sorry, bad visual, bad visual.

  69. I don’t believe she mentioned it. No time for that. She’s too busy pledging her love to Michael Steele.

  70. BWD and all O’Bama supporters – have you seen this version of his speech?

    This is the real deal from the crowd.

  71. Let me tell you…you are NOT alone!!!Makes my heart happy to do things like that. Simple pleasures:)

  72. You are so right, mel. I copied that anonymous comment and posted it to my Facebook page. There are some truths that everyone needs to hear. It is a shame that our president can be appreciated all over the world for his work except in his own country. I’m particularly steamed at Hatch’s game playing in wanting to introduce a resolution to condemn PBO’s ME speech. He’s 76 years old, and it would seem that at that age, a person would be focused on telling the truth and doing the right thing, but oh, no, Hatch is focusing on winning re-election next year. I used to have some sympathy for him when I heard the Tea Party wants to primary him next year. Now, I fully support the move. Whoever posted that comment must have had folks like Hatch in mind. Pandering tool. Country before party my behind. The GOP should never use that slogan ever again.

  73. ok that’s totally messed up. Somehow I clicked on the wrong one. so sorry.

    Here is the correct one.

  74. Ok I don’t know what the heck is going on. The first one is now back to the right one, the second one is some crazy Dolly Parton thing that was the first one. BWD if you can delete the second one if possible.

  75. Yep, hopefruit2, but none of them will seriously address the issue of climate change as being related to the upsurge in tornadoes, wildfires, drought, and flooding. None of them will inform the people that GWB buried the findings in his cc report to appease the business community. None of them will tell the people that PBO’s 2009 report reached the same conclusion as GWB’s: man’s actions are having a negative impact on the environment. The MSM is useless.

  76. When she said “Michael Steele” I turned it off and returned when he left.

  77. Great story. Then I read the comments. Now I have to go take a shower :>(

  78. He got out ahead of the MSM, AG911. He issued a statement about the latest series of tornadoes yesterday. I’m very upset with the republicans who want to cut NOAA and FEMA’s funding and give the money to Big Business/Big Oil, and when something like this happens, the people who voted these tools into office scream for FEMA. If they believe what Ron Paul believes, they should just get out there, raise their own money, and start rebuilding. I don’t begrudge them the help, but I am sick of their stupid attitudes toward the federal government. First, the federal government doesn’t/can’t do anything right, but when they need its help, they scream the loudest after advocating for cuts to FEMA and NOAA’s budgets. Hypocrites.

    “President Barack Obama said the Federal Emergency Management Agency was working with state and local agencies.
    Obama issued a statement Sunday night sending condolences to families of those who died in storms in Joplin and across the Midwest. He commended the “heroic” efforts of those who are responding to the disaster.
    The president says the federal government is prepared to provide help as needed.”

  79. I love it both parties worrying about partisanship is bad for Israel, not seemingly orried about how Israel’s antics hurts America.

  80. IMO, nothing is cockier than putting on a flight suit with a codpiece and posing on a ship with a huge Mission Accomplished Banner holding pride of place after getting us into a 7 + year quagmire in Iraq. After cheering that loser GWB on, they need to forever seal their lips with super glue.

  81. Pakistan’s obsession with India is like birther thing. It will never go away.

    And to think we have more muslims than than in Pakistan. Their stupidity burns since Muslims’ original culture, architecture etc. are something to marvel at.

  82. Quote of the day!!: “The 44 President is different,because because ladies and gentlemen he just doesn’t just speak the American Dream,he is the American Dream”
    -by Prime Minister Enda Kenny of Ireland
    May 23rd, 2011 About President Obama

  83. Mr. Obama is BEAUTIFUL. Boy, i have bad teeth and when i see Mr. obama showing his GREAT grin i say, Tham i want those teeth 😀 . He is also, a BRILLIANT politician. And i believe the majority of Americans DO know who we have in the white house and who is representing US out there in the world, and i know deep inside the majority of Americans are proud and happy to have this incredible person representing us. OBAMA2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And beyond!!

  84. I so agree with you. I thank GOD for letting me be around to witness a Man like Obama. He is definitely God sent, He is more than special.

  85. Well, Harry Reid said at aipac tonight, that nobody has a right to set parameters or borders Taking a swipe at the president!
    Isn’t Harry loyal? Not!

  86. So true. Bush wears a flight suit with a sock in his crotch and the media says nothing. But when President Obama gives an inspiring speech to a welcoming country, he’s being “cocky”. But as we all know this isn’t about media accuracy, this is about the racist double standard that President Obama must endure, unfortunately.

    What really creeped me out recently, though, was all the Bush people crawling out of their crypts trying to take credit for bin Laden’s death. That was truly bizarre even for them. It’s like they all had their pre-fabbed talking points ready just in case President Obama got OBL. They are like B-movie zombies – no souls, just walking dead.

    Thank god PBO always rises above the ugliness. He is such an amazing man.

  87. That last photo, showing the ‘first couple’ deplaning say everything about the quality of their relationship. They are completely ‘sympatico’!

  88. Me, too. It may be time to bid a permanent farewell to MSNBC if they’ve hired this clown as a commentator. I mean, doesn’t the rabid right wing have enough avenues to peddle their hate, lies and propaganda? What is Rachel’s fascination with this loser, anyway?

    I can’t believe she didn’t mention the Ireland trip at all. It was the most magical thing to happen in a long time.

  89. I did the same thing. Her awestruck behavior just turned me off. The guy’s a tool.

  90. Exactly, LL.

    In fact, the helis may already have had strike missions in the last few hours.

    No accident on timing either with our dear President Obama being in the UK and Europe in the next few days.

  91. But Obama was not saying he would set any borders, he said that Israel and Palestine would have to get together and set their own borders. In that context, you could say Harry Reid was reiterating what the president had already said.

  92. You are absolutely spot-on Jacqueline! Re-electing President Obama would be the best pay back to MSM, PL, and racist teabaggers.

    Yes We can together do it Again!
    Yes I’m in.

  93. Thank you Jovie for speaking TRUTH! There was absolutely nothing fair about the way the MSM covered this President! I remember very well how they covered Bill Clinton’s visit to Ireland and Reagan’s visit to England and Germany! The coverage was non-stop. The same was true of most historic Presidential visits. Sorry, aamom, but if CNN can cover non stop Sarah Palin’s twits, Donald Trump’s idiocy, Royal Weddings, etc. they should have done a much better job covering the President’s historic visit to Ireland. That’s my two cents!

  94. Having been around for some time, to see how they covered other Presidents, I respectfully disagree!

  95. Well, aquagranny, there is nothing wrong, in my book, for a righteous rant that tells the Truth! I am also proud of your proactive action to let the MSM know how you feel.

    Some of us who have been around for some time to witness how the MSM covered other historical visits by other Presidents, the misery coverage the MSM gave to President Obama’s historical visit to Ireland was quite revealing! Equally revealing were the snide and cynical remarks, like those of the AP reporter who framed the President’s visit as purely motivated by his re-election campaign. He totally dismissed the genuine expressions of the Irish people who welcomed the President with warmth and love and kinship.

  96. And people think he is aloof and professorial! At least we now know that the Irish, who are not trying paint him as the other, would have no problem wanting to “drink the black stuff” with him.

    I doubt that people who insist that PBO should wear a tie and a jacket, when he is in the Oval Office, would stoop down to drink a pint of “the black stuff” in a village pub with regular people.

  97. Thank you CaliCat for this excellent and uplifting comment!

    We did it before. Yes We can do it again!

  98. Bravo FORUS 50! How the hell does this idiot who wrote those words know what “always comes naturally” to President Obama? This is the problem: someone in the MSM constructs a frame for how to view the President, all the MSM idiots uncritically chime in. But when the President behaves contrary to the way they try to frame him, all of a sudden we are told that the President has changed! I bet you this Politico reporter moron has never personally been around the President! He is simply repeating what passes as MSM’s conventional wisdom

    I am sorry, but I am really sick and tired of MSM idiocy! Any one who closely observes President Obama knows that he is a warm, easy going, person who loves people. If he was as cold as try to paint him, there is absolutely no way he would draw the kind of crowds that come to see him. Does this idiot never listen whenever some one in the audience yells that they love the President, and the president, in that marvelous African culture of call and response, yells back that he loves him/her back?

    It is true that the President is a serious and disciplined leader who refuses to indulge in BS when it comes to policy; and who, when dealing with the big issues, insists on communicating with the American people as adults!

    The President, who behaves like all real adults, knows that there is a time for fun and games and a time for taking care business. I think what pisses off these reporters is that the president refuses to conform to the image, expected of African Americans, of a happy go lucky clown when addressing serious issues!

    They just can’t get over the realty that the majority of millions of Americans elected him President.

  99. Borowitz says there was a partial rapture….only viable GOP candidates went missing.

  100. And BRAVO to you Nathan, beautifully stated. Maureen Dowd was pushing this bs yesterday all morning on Irish teevee, such fools these media people, I long ago gave up on any of them being honest.

  101. Now we know why the MSM in America doesn’t show the president and firt lady abroad. They don’t want us to see the love shown to them.
    What is wrong with out country? We only show hate for the most wonderful and beloved president since JFK/JBJ

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