Heads-Up: President Obama and 50,000 in Dublin

Shortly: here, here and probably everywhere else.


90 thoughts on “Heads-Up: President Obama and 50,000 in Dublin

  1. The Prez endorsed Guiness Beer…lol. I think the Brewers of Guiness in Ireland must be ecstatic. And, that Bar in Moneygall will never be the same again.

  2. Sorry – out of the loop. He has Irish roots? And BWD has many members who post from Ireland? WOW!

  3. He does have Irish roots through his mother. How cool is that? And yeah, we recently learned that Chipsticks and others live in Ireland…doubly cool.

    Glad you’re back gc.

  4. I had no idea! Thank you, Tien Le. It’s been a nasty period for me. But what doesn’t kill you…or some such thing:)

    I try to get on our Blog Family, esp Chip, TPV, and BWD, whether or not I post. I have experienced a real solidarity with fellow supporters, and an increasing sense that “our side” is now in the acsendence, and the other. well, is where we all predicted they would be eventually. To quote Charlie Sheen, BHO and his supporters are finally, and rightfully, WINNING.

  5. Okay, I absolutely love Minister Kenny!!!!!! His introduction was incredible!!!!

  6. The Moneygall economy will certainly get a boost from POTUS & FLOTUS’ visit.

  7. To quote Charlie Sheen, BHO and his supporters are finally, and rightfully, WINNING

    Charlie Sheen said that?

  8. Okay…confession. I went over and peeked to see if HuffPuff was providing any coverage for this visit. The ONLY thing mentioned WAY down the page was a reference to the brief problem of ‘The Beast’ getting stuck coming out of the embassy. Why am I not surprised but I’m happy that I no longer care about the effect/impact of that site as I couldn’t muster up any anger/frustration/irritation.

  9. What an amazing speech! Wow the President is just so good! That crowd was amazing and they were all fired up.

    Pawlenty might have thought twice about entering the arena today. Their style is amateurish compared to President Obama’s. Actually there is no comparison. President Obama fires us up while the Grand Oil Party’s candidates put them to sleep.

  10. Sitting here with tears in my eyes. The broadcasters didn’t seem to have high expectations for inspiration beforehand, but they are gushing now. So proud of our president, so unproud of much of our country and the media.

  11. Woo-Hoo! I watched it on RTE NEWS.

    His reception was so heart-warming — and his speech was marvelous.

  12. Yeah, well, when every other newspaper in the world shows that shot of him drinking a pint, they’ll have to do something or look even more ridiculous than they are.

  13. Yes the HP is so overrated. Partly because all they do is take other bloggers articles, and post their articles on their site. Really now that I think about it, I hate that I ever gave that site the time of day. They blew up for no reason really. The majority of their articles are not from HP contributors but from articles they have gotten from TPM Think Progress,AP, The Hill etc..the comments got too loony and hateful for me. The best thing I did was “unsubscribe” to the HP. I have replaced all negativity with this site and I am sure my BP has gone down many notches lol!

  14. I’m not woman enough to drink it straight, I’m afraid, but I do have an amazing recipe for gingerbread that uses it as an ingredient!

  15. I was trying to imagine Romney giving an outdoor speech in Dublin . . . I don’t think so!

  16. The Prez is an amazing speaker. The speech was part a history lesson; part motivational speech and part comedic. From George Washington and the American revolution, through to the civil war, side by side with Irish men; to teaming against slavery slavery with F. Douglas and O’Connor to, and this is my best line…’I have come to Ireland to find my missing apostrophe’. Just brilliant.

  17. I see the latest right wing troll conspiracy is that the President said that Guinness was better in Ireland and that “He should be ashamed of himself.” OMG can they get any more pathetic? I actually read the comment on barackobama.com….I guess they got their Koch talking points for the day.

  18. If you are watching RTE that might be Maureen Dowd. I didn’t hear her myself but I did see her name on the screen and refused to listen to whatever she had to say.

  19. They are all “Jindalesque” speakers lmao! None of the candidates in the arena can give a speech like that. As a matter of fact none of them can garner a crowd that size…if they come close it is because they were paid in advance.

  20. Not the whole quote, LOL! He was talking about himself (as usual) “winning.” I adapted it πŸ™‚

  21. What broadcasters? If you mean the US media then of course they didn’t. That’s why that study proved that they are wrong majority of the time. What a bunch of jealous wussies! They give the word “broadcaster” a bad name. I call them tabloid junkies.

  22. Wonderful speech! The crowd loves him! And he’s giving lots of time and attention to the handshaking. They’re loving it.

  23. Secret Service is not happy. They pulled off one woman or kid when she hugged him and cupped his face in her hands. Then they looked scornful when he took someone’s phone from a fan to say hello to whoever was on the other end.

  24. Maureen Dowd is a f’ing idiot. Sorry for my language but Dowd continues the notion that obama is professorial and many people think he is the “other” which is only the fringe few.

    Even bill clinton said that the president being described being aloof or lacking empathy is BS. These people continue to show their hatred of Obama. I can’t believe the Irish news would bring losers like her on the air.

  25. Cut the guys and gals from the Secret Service a little slack. They are committed to take a bullet for our President if need be. I include them in my prayers for the safety of our “First Family” every night!

  26. He’s always amazing. I’m just sorry I missed it. I had a vet appointment for my baby dog. I’ll be sure to watch it later. Did they play their new song for him?

  27. Dowd wants PBO so bad she can taste it. She’s a hater, because she can’t have what Michelle Obama’s married to. A smart, intelligent, GOOD LOOKING man, who is President of the United States of America. She loses sleep over this every night , I’m sure it. LOL

  28. They talked to the people from Moneygall and the folks in the bar. They are all so happy. What a day.

  29. That’s just out and out foolish. Of course it’s going to taste better in Ireland, when it’s an irish beer! (Although, I did hear it was actually from a keg brought from the states.)

  30. WOW How amazing is that, don’thave much to say, JUST GLORY GLORY GLORY !!!!!!
    isn’t it wonderful how the President walks with Angels, well and the Secret Service, but his confidence is wonderful.
    May God Bless those fellows looking a bit concerned for protecting our President.
    So amazing, he walks along with Angels all around, No Fear… wonderful Glorious love for all people What an amazing gift our President is to the world. WOW !so Amazing !

  31. WOW — I have to agree with all the above comments — There are not enough words to describe all the love and appreciation we all have for the President and Michelle Obama!!

    Don’t you just love how everyone is reaching out just to even touch them, and shake hands if they get a chance. I really like seeing how all kids adore him, as well — and also reaching out to touch him. πŸ™‚

    And as always, it is very amazing to watch all of their fantastic ‘Secret Service’ guys. What a great job they do, hmmm? They sure do have their work cut out for them, and they do it all.

    Again, as always — GO OBAMA/2012 —
    LuvYa, LuvYa, LuvYa β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

  32. That woman cupping his face was such a sweet, yet powerful gesture of love. I hope Pete Souza got a picture of that. It should be blasted all over the U.S.

  33. Ditto, I have said the same in the past when she carried on a ndon about him being effete. Then when Osama bin Laden was killed she came all out describing him in ramboesque terms. she really wants him in her bed. not gonna happen EVER!

  34. Now back to work and wait for the wrapup. What can be better than today. I am so high, I love our President!!!

    I wonder how the American msm will write about today. We watched it happen. I am sure they will down play it somehow.

    Really looking forward to BWD’s mishmash.

  35. She couldn’t handle it if she got it. Why did you let that woman leave the States?

  36. OMG, Dowd is still nattering on. Will she be there for the whole week? Call her home.

  37. I fear the msm will only talk about pawlenty’s town hall and continue to tell us how wonderful huntsman is. The President will be an afterthought. I’m sure they will find something negative.

  38. Ahhhhh.

    I was going to say that’s probably the most sensible thing he’s ever said.

    But of course he was talking about himself, lol

  39. Be proud America 100,000 turned out for President Obama at College Green… Just WOW!!

  40. Wait to the skeletons come out of Paw’s closet. The media has tried to cover his pardon on the child molester, but I’m sure it’s going to get some traction.

  41. Update the thread, the number of people in the crowd has been estimated to be 100, 000. This new should be forwarded to the web internet sites and the MSM immediately. 100,00 people on a wet day on Monday (the beginning of the week). WOW! More of that O’bama Irish Magic!

  42. The President is flying to London to night, to avoid the volcanic cloud from Iceland that is already beginning to flow into the European skies. His stay in Ireland is being cut short for that reason.

  43. It was awesome, the number came from the reporter on RTE that was interviewing the awful Maureen D. interrupted her and stated that they got the official count of 100,000 in College Green to hear President Obama.

  44. Such a beautiful man and so loved around the world, it’s really awesome (in the fullest meaning of that word) to see. I hope he is blessed every step of the way on this European journey. Life is so bitter sweet that we can simultaneously celebrate this day of joy in Ireland and grieve for the people in Missouri. My own family suffered the loss of my brother-in-law this weekend, who has been part of our family for almost 50 years. So thank you, BWD, for providing these photos at such an otherwise bleak time. They truly ease the heart.

  45. ABC President O’Bama’s Irish Eyes — and Ears? — Smile in Ancestral Hometown

    “The last time a U.S. president was so effusively welcomed to Ireland as a favorite was 1963 when President John Kennedy traveled here, calling it β€œthe best four days of his life.” Almost 50 years later, another president with Irish roots is receiving the warm welcome.”

    video clip included.

    Even though it is Jack Tapper, and even though they mention the guiness, it is still a good article and the video speaks for itself.


  46. Sorry, but this Guinness “better in Ireland than US” dog won’t hunt because I’m pretty sure everybody would agree that the best of something is always where it originated. Hell, when I visited the Guinness factory in Dublin and had the free pint after the tour they market it as the best possible pint in the world at time of your individual pouring.

  47. Well it’s a famous Irish stout, so yeah the right wingers remains idiots. Call me when he says Budweiser is better in Europe.

  48. I have to say I agree with you. The way she talks about former pres Clinton leads me to believe he might have broke her back out and she mad cause our faithful loving POTUS obama is not that sort of man and even if he was he would never with her. What a disgraceful woman.

  49. But our local Media says they were only 10,000
    I do not know why are they misleading.
    This was a Historic Moment, that’s what the prez in irland are saying, I can imagen the FOX are puping on their pants making things up. HA!!!!

  50. Ha!! The MSNBC article states that Obama spoke before 30,000 in College Green. Reminds me of those numbers MSNBC gave for the protests in Madison….

  51. Wow 100,000 beautiful amazing Obamabots turn out in the rain/sunshine!!! As a fellow O’bot I am giddy today. No wonder American media hates this POTUS and goes out their way to try and hurt his presidency. He is truly loved. I thought he sounded so cute saying YES WE CAN in Irish Gaelic. BEST PRESIDENT OF MY LIFETIME. πŸ˜€

  52. Pawlenty knows shit about the rest of the World. he has no clue what’s so ever!!!!

  53. It was reported that a rainbow appeared in the sky in Moneygall after the President’s visit. A pot of gold for the Irish people,how sweet a good sign.

  54. I would think Obama would be a hard guy to protect, just because he loves to wade into a crowd and touch and be touched by so many.

  55. It was a special keg from the bewery in Ireland. Process overseen by the SS.

  56. Well, he didn’t get those ears from his African side. Frankly, his ears are similar to my beloved uncle’s ears, big handled things suitable for hearing the banshees’ wails and fairies’ lilting songs over Donegal’s distant, windswept rocks and cliffs, ears made for capturing the bard’s tales and piper’s lament. They’re not pretty, but they get the job done.

  57. Good ole C-Span. Twice today I’ve heard the wonderful introduction he received and even got a little misty-eyed when I heard he “IS the American dream”, something which made my heart swell with pride in our great country, and it was an Irishmen who had to remind us of what makes us so great. I heard O’Bama declare that he was of the “Moneygall O’Bamas” and had come home to find “the apostrophe we misplaced along the way.” His audience roared with laughter and appreciation since there is nothing the Irish admire more than witty speech.

    When I finally make it back to the home of half of my ancestors I fully expect to see O’Bama portraits occupying places of pride in her public places. The Irish have embraced him as their own and today he revived the spirits of a struggling people who after a brief period of prosperity are again facing hardship and reminded them of their own greatness.

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