Seriously, give yourself these 30 minutes

President Obama’s speech today in Dublin:


For me, the 0:47 mark of this short clip is what Barack Obama all about. Look at this emotional woman, and see what he’s doing:



I totally and shamelessly stole this comment from some other side. I just had to, because it always better to let someone else do the screaming (and some cursing) – especially when the screaming (and some cursing) is so righteous:


How fucking STUPID are we in this country???

The response the President received in Ireland is typical. The REST OF THE WORLD sees his greatness. But here? Not so much. And I’m not just talking about Repubs/Tea party/Wingnuts.

Don’t people GET what he’s up against??? Racist fuckwads. Dummies who can’t read their tax statements. ‘Get your hands off my Medicare!’ And whiny Democrats who seemingly don’t remember what happened between Jan.20 2001-Jan.20 2009!

HE IS PLAYING THE CARDS HE’S BEEN DEALT AND HE’S DOING THE BEST THAT HE CAN! And I know typing in all cap means that you’re shouting. Well guess what? I AM SHOUTING!!!!!