Heads-Up: President Obama Speaks at AIPAC Conference

Should be live here at 10:30 EDT. And audio only here.

Have a great Sunday.


140 thoughts on “Heads-Up: President Obama Speaks at AIPAC Conference

  1. YES!
    I am so looking forward to the President holding his ground, stating his case and getting the hell out of dodge. I pity the repugs, the media and Bibi who think they can get the best of this genius.

    His spirit will be lifted by the Ireland visit and totally replace the bitter taste of having to deal with Bibi.

    Thanks to SR and Izzi for helping me understand the dynamics of the repugs attempts to trap this President.

  2. I was just thinking about the relations between the US, Israel and the Arab world. I hope I am wrong in thinking that it is in Israels best interest that the Arab world be led by dictators, that they shouldn’t be democracies so that Israel remain the only democracy in that region so it can enjoy the money that is pouring from the US every year because of the policy of the US. The US traditionally supports democracies everywhere, so if the Arabs start sharing that money then there will be some loss or some sharing to do by Israel. And that is a dissastrous policy of Israel if what I am thinking is true. Pinch me please. Thanks.

  3. Hi Saku
    I guess I think it is more manvolent than that. Israel want all of the land. As long as the Palestians have no strong patrons on their side Israel can do whatever it likes to Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon. But once their societies are thriving democracies or something similiar. Israel is neutralized! They are scared bullies. They have not and will not be held accountable for the atrocities in the war against Lebanon, the Turkish regatta, and years of brutality to Palestians. In the street we say “what goes around, comes around”. No bad deed goes unpunished. I await that day!

  4. There is probably a lot of truth than that.

    But also, when I look at Netan-yahoo, I see another Bush, Jr. These are people who revel in our lower natures, people who love conflict, people who love a simplistic black-and-white, good vs. evil, us v. them worldview. They don’t feel alive unless they’re villifying some person or group of people in a childish manner.

    Their egos are so overblown while their intellect is underdeveloped — a combination that has led to much destruction in human history.

    I don’t know if Netan-yahoo has thought things out to the degree that you present…he may not be that bright or deep-thinking. However, I do feel strongly that, like our own right-wingers, fundies, and neo-cons, he gets a charge out of thinking he’s righteous and holy while the ‘others’ are sub-human and deserve to be ruled.

    He’s already sealed his fate, and like Bush Jr., will go down as one of his country’s worst leaders in a time when true leadership is necessary. I have a feeling the people of Israel will see that Change is necessary in their country, too.

  5. I am hoping that the DSCC and the DCCC will do what Rob Brown did for Bill Clinton…no boots on the ground, no money, no mailings, no anything unless your support of the President is full throated. If DWS is as good as I hope she is that will be her mantra too.

  6. Do you wonder if his disrespect of the President in the White House had a racial element or did he just feel empowered by the repugs and AIPAC?

  7. Fareed interviewed the Egytian youth movement leaders and boy are they cynical about PBO…I think they are wrong in saying he didn’t fully support them until the end. I know Hillary and Biden sent a few mixed messages but I thought PBO was always clear but cautious. But those kids basically said his speech was just words and they weren’t impressed. I hope that one day they understand that PBO was thinking in long-term goals, which requires a smart but cautious approach.

    Fareed tried to pin them down on specific complaints but they mainly said US policy in the region was inconsistent. I think the root of their distrust is the Isreal/Palastine issue.

    Also, Candy Crowley is saying the pres speech today will be a “do-over” but I don’t the he will back down from his Thurs speech, maybe explain it more so the dummies understand…

    I just hope they, like so many others, realize how wrong they are about PBO.

  8. Good morning everyone. Thanks to everyone for all the great information and comments these last few days. It’s been frustrating to me with so much going on and I haven’t been able to comment. It is such a wonder to watch this President work. He is so far ahead of all these naysayers. It is pure pleasure watching thisww President play 11 deminsional chess and everyone else plays checkers. BWD and everyone here are truly awesome.
    I can’t wait for this Ireland visit. I pray for a rain free day.

  9. Watching Andrew Marr interview with PBO on BBC now. Great interview.

  10. Note- Steny Hoyer on CSpan at AIPAC reciting Bibi’s words verbatim! Ugu!

  11. I think probably a little of both. I think there is still a subconscious place in a lot of people that is in shock that a black man is President of the United States and Leader of the Free World. Especially a black man named Barack Hussein Obama. Particularly someone who is so brilliant and charismatic. Their minds are blown, and they’re acting out.

    Combine all that with the fact that people are very, very open to the message of Change and that there seems to be a new order coming with lightning speed in the Middle East — well, all that is enough to give a buffoon like Netan-yahoo heartburn. Being the little man that he is, he can’t help but throw a tantrum.

  12. The moral success of nonviolence has been proven world over. – His message to those ME youths.

  13. President Obama should call out all the liars who keep saying “pre-1967 borders” and NEVER mention “with agreed to land swaps”.

  14. Wow, that is really surprising. What did they think would of happen if Bush or McCain was in power?

  15. I’ve heard that Bibi is quite smart, so I would necessarily equate his intellect with that of Bush Jr.’s. I do think what Bibi has too much of is confidence.

  16. WOW! That is really surprising. What did they think would of happen if Bush or McCain was in power?

  17. You know, the spirit of revolution can come to the youth of Israel, too. The old guard who insist on clinging to their stubborn conditions may go the way of the Arab dictators who thought they could keep their heads in the sand and use immoral oppression to silence those who want peace and a future.

  18. “I don’t know anybody who could ‘shoot the breeze with the queen” to a question from Marr whether he has anyone (like Cameron does with the queen in absolute secrecy to shoot the breeze)

  19. The Pres of AIPAC just said in his intro of the President….”the US will vote against the Palestian effort at the UN”. Another trap?

  20. Everyone wants a superman and that superman to be Obama. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. PBO – Opens with citing his appointment DWS as party DNC head. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks BBC for the live feed.

  22. No the President said the same thing in his interview with BBC. However, the fear is that everyone else will vote yes except for Israel and U.S.

    It’s gonna be a mess.

  23. This really ticks me off, too. I’ve got nothing against Israel as a country or ally, but I don’t understand why we have to treat them like our spoiled little kid at the grocery store or something. Barack Obama comes up like the grown-up fair-minded parent with some reasonable discipline, and he’s catching hell from the rest of the family for it. Meanwhile, the rest of the shoppers stare at us with bewilderment.

  24. I wonder how the Arab world feels about the support he just enumerated the US gives Israel. He cannot mention that Israel arbitratily and often assasinates anyone anywhere with impunity but he only mentions Hamas and Hezbollah.

  25. Oh, most definitely. I think that is Yahoo’s greatest fear, and why PBO keeps giving these speeches in which he speaks to the youth (and the young at heart). We can see it in our own country. It’s time for the old guard to step aside, with its prejudices, power structures, and beliefs, and make way for a new way of doing things.

  26. Technology along will not save Israel. New generation is coming up in the Arab region.

  27. If there is one this i cannot support, it’s your President blanket support of Isreal. It’s just wrong and has to stop.

  28. He is giving a heads-up to europeans on what is coming up during his visits there.

  29. Yeah. . . our President is Rocking it. . . repeating what he said, not what is reported that he said!!

  30. It just feel humiliating like whenhe produced his birth certificate! Israel is spoiled and vicious. We cannot continue to ignore all the pain they have caused all over the world.

  31. And then he lowers the boom on that nut n yahoo. It’s your responsibility to ensure your country’s security. Eat it, nut.

  32. And cue UNprofessional left pundits whining about “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Obama is an AIPAC puppet, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” and far right pundits whining about “Waaaaaaaaa, Obama is siding with terrorists, waaaaaaaaa”

    Excellent job by Mr. Obama as always. He always comes out as the level headed man while both political sides implode.

  33. Good Morning Everyone

    I thought he did a wonderful job of being supportive and firm. He clarified his comments of Thursday and restated some hard truths.

    I thought the reception was quite positive, even though commentators had said he might get a luke warm reception.

    He is a realist, I think AIPAC is also.

  34. This audience was certainly more respectful than many, many others in the last day or so.

    As usual, when President Obama stands in front of an audience and speaks the truth, people respond to it.

  35. Thanks BWD and happy Sunday I just wached on C-SPAN the IPAC conference speech , and PBO shooled all the MSM on their bull Shit please watch it.
    The Sunday talks it’s all about fucking lies. specifically about the Israel and palistain. peace proces.

  36. I agree they have to much say over here. I don’t appreciate the fact that they are a lobbying group dictating foreing policy. he was firm and he did’nt back down but i wish he would have been firmer they are no better than any other group in this country. This is sickening.

  37. It depends on which student “leader” you talk to. There is a wide variation of opinions. The Ryan Lizza article in the New Yorker on the president’s foreign policy recounts Clinton’s visit with student leaders in Cairo; some boycotted but said they would have met with President Obama since they believed he had supported their struggle. There were “Yes We Can” banners in Tahrir square.

  38. This man has guts. He sticks to his values and his compassion and he means business. BRAVO, Mr. President.

    Now on to the LOVE: Ireland, England, France and Poland.

  39. Candy Crowley carries the water for the GOP and she is terrible Obama did NOT BACK DOWN on what he said on Thursday speech, so let’s watch the IPAC speech of today on C-SPAN. please do not panic Obama is extremely smart.

  40. I’m very proud of our President…

    He IS “The One!”

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


  41. I love my president and like what he said, but he needs to be firmer with israel. we should not have to cater to them. Im dissappointed, but i know he has a long term view. i wish we would get out of being the defenders of Israel.

  42. Disagree Tulips. I have not heard any US president taking a firmer line with Israel so publicly than this man. Your expectations are unrealistic.


  44. They let you know what the meme will be next week “PBO backs away from thursday speech”. We all know that’s not true but that’s what they will be selling.

  45. I thought the Prez was firm and passionate. Now it’s up to the crazies supporting Netin yahoo to either get with the program and plan for peace because our president, OBAMA is not going to sacrifice the USA in the wake of the Arab Spring Uprising.

  46. He certainly was pissed at Netanyahu and the MSM for getting again misrepresenting what he “actually said”! I liked the clarity with which he spoke so there would be no misunderstanding him. I am finding lately, that he’s even more forthright and declarative than before. I like it.

  47. We need to remember the world we’re live in. Look what was done to him after he said what every previous American president agreed on. This man is so hated in Israel, you have no idea, and the Congress is in the Likud’ pocket. He’s doing all that he can, but even his own party won’t back him.

  48. Yes he is…

    He’s “tired” of the B.S. from the U.S. mainstream media (which doesn’t include Fox “News”), pundits, TeaPublicans, Blue Dogs/Conservadems, Nut n Yahoo, et al!

  49. I missed PBO’s Aipac address. Been out of pocket the last few days. It sounds like PBO standing in his truth on his initial speech.

  50. He repeated word for word what he said last week that got all the controversy, and he also said that he was going to tell everyone what he told Netanyahu last week, too.

  51. So true,

    Each and every time he speaks it happens…

    It’s definitely TIME FOR AN OVERALL CHANGE!

  52. That’s why people end up trusting the President more on any matter than all of the MSM/congress/blogosphere/ put together. Because when he speaks, it always comes to light that his words are being distorted.

  53. Good morning to my BWD family. I saw the beginning (on my way to Church) of President Obama’s speech and it was incredible, as I thought it would be. I was so moved by the reception that he received, AIPAC is a wonderful organization that we desperately need to keep alive and thriving. As Americans keep these scriptures in our hearts, America will always be blessed, Genesis 12:1-4.

  54. WHAT A SPEECH!!!! WHAT A MAN. I am proud of this gutsy and oh so dang intelligent President. He just pwned the mess out of pundits, haters, hand wringers, teeth gnashers, nutinyahoo, and all the rest. Notice all the applause, even when he was dressing haters down with the 1967 boarder stuff. ๐Ÿ˜€ *sigh* I LOVE HIM!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I want a copy of this speech fast.

    Everybody enjoy a blessed day.

  55. Why is he so hated? He has increased aid, increased military support, and has generally supported Israel. Is it that Israel only gets Fox news and right-wing propaganda? How much support does Livni have? What about younger Israeli’s?

  56. Jewish support for Obama in 2008 was 78%; Jewish Americans were very active in civil rights movement. It’s hard to believe that racism explains all the Israeli hatred of Obama. I think it is more due to propaganda (he is not GOP)

  57. I noticed that MSNBC switched back very quickly to their “lockup” weekend programming. I realized that our Prez had done an excellent job that left the pundits very little to talk about.

  58. I find it very troubling that a foreign power has THIS MUCH influence on OUR government’s policies. It is a case of the tail wagging the dog. Why is this not treasonous to side with a foreign government against the stated foreign policy goals of the President. This is not personal to Pres. Obama. Any U.S. President brave enough to take the President’s position would face a similar reaction from congressional dems.

  59. PBO stood his grounds, and as usual, knocked the speech out of the ballpark. It was magnificient, both in content as well as delivery. PBO re-emphasized what he meant by going back to the 1967 boundaries.. I do hope the pundits will get it this time. He also restated his unquestionable commitment to Israel, but at the same time boldly proclaimed that Palestine must also have their own state and be allowed to govern themselves.

    I can never get tired of listening to PBO… he says what he means, and he means what he says. I’m so grateful he is my President.

    (Cant wait to see photos of him in Moneygall, Ireland where he is loved and respected).

  60. My expectation is my own, it is not unrealistic if people will speak up. We should not be s shield to a country who disrespect our Presdident. Being inrealistic is not letting Israel know how most Americans feel. Our elected official is not speaking fairly for all the people. This has nothing to do with the people. Israel cannot be so disagreeeable on everything. President Obama is doing a great thing and he was firm like i said i wish he was firmer. Like he said they are losing support from the international community and it is also beginning to happen here.

  61. Yes, I noticed that, too. Maybe they were too scared to try to distort the “clarification”, since the President used word for word, part of his speech last week. He made them look really stupid.

  62. Well said on all counts, and I’m also looking forward to some positive energy from Ireland. Those people have represented themselves so well.

  63. I don’t think the President likes it either. But those who don’t know how to show respect, can’t possibly know what it takes to earn it and receive it.

  64. Oh please they know how to respect. they never done it to any other president.

  65. That wasn’t really respect. It was sheep following their leader, because they know that there is strength in numbers. They also mix up fear with respect. Those who have no consciences, or are borderline psychopaths (e.g. Cheney) are terrifying because they don’t have any rules that keep them in check. They feel they are above the law. So, they fear those people, but it’s not real respect.

  66. I could care less what Israeli public opinion of our President is. He is not their president, he is ours. GWB was wildly popular in Israel throughout his presidency. Bibi is the leader of a very conservative government in Israel, and acts as such. I hope more & more American’s are troubled by the undue influence a foreign power has on our Congress and will speak up. The sight of congressmen siding with a foreign government against the man who got Bin Laden is galling to say the least. Pres. Obama knows he faces an uphill battle and is indeed a very brave man.

  67. I have relatives who’ve lived in Israel for 25 years. They’re not young any longer but they’re committed to peace with Palestine, even though it’s not uncommon for their town to be targeted with rocket fire. They’ve been working with Palestinian and Jewish kids for the last 20 years, building friendships and understanding. I suspect they’re the majority, but (as in this country) those with the money win the elections.

  68. I loved the speech!!!! He can tell it like it is. I love this man. Can’t wait for this coming week.
    I truly believe the weather is going to be okay for him. We will see these wonderful people of Moneygall get their dreams. It will be very special.

    Have a great day everyone.

  69. GOP congressmen/women have been making trips to Israel to actively “diss” our President there. This could explain some of the Obama hate. Nutnyahoo is jealous of PBO. He outright copied elements of our President’s campaign website, and said that he wanted an “Obama-style” election in Israel.

  70. I am having satellite broadband problems and will probably until tomorrow morning. The bad storm is still coming in, but they announced there is an alternate way to get PBO to Moneygall. I probably can’t give more updates for another 15 hours unless I am lucky.

  71. “…Now on to the LOVE: Ireland, England, France and Poland.”

    That’s what I say, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    President Obama’s Schedule In Ireland… http://obamafoodorama.blogspot.com/2011/05/president-obamas-schedule-in-ireland.html

    Corrigan Brothers Moneygall Video: “Welcome Home President Barack O’Bama”… http://obamafoodorama.blogspot.com/2011/05/corrigan-brothers-moneygall-video.html

    Obama Moneygall Chocolates… http://obamafoodorama.blogspot.com/2011/05/obama-moneygall-chocolates.html

    Our President IS truly loved in Moneygall/Ireland!!!

  72. The fox news as seen in the US is NOT shown in Israel!! My sister just returned from Israel and she is amazed….could not find anything like the Fox propoganda being spewed here in the US.

    I believe Netanyahu behaved so disgraceful because he’s taking his que from some GOP members who show only hate and disrespect towards PBO. Also,he does not believe in peace, so he has the unmitigated gall to embarass the black man in his home, in the oval office. What Netanyahu fails to realize is that he has shown his true character.. he cannot dialogue honestly because he is a warmonger, and he’s too stupid to realize PBO played him, so he took the bait. Also, he might have thought that he cannot allow PBO, the first black President to get credit for attempting to settle a long running feud between Israel and Palestine.

    PBO gave him the same lesson today,but in more detail… I hope he has learned this time.

  73. I hope I am not breaking any rules but this was so wrenching. It is about the horror of living in Libya and why I am now twice as glad that the President and his allies helped to prevent the massacre.
    Who are the millions whose hearts you live in, Colonel?(I live in the hearts of millions)What millions are you talking about, are you delusional? Are they the Libyan people you are talking about, or just the species nesting in your imagination?

    Are they the Libyans that you killed several times and executed by shooting and hanging in the holy month of Ramadan, and the university students that you executed in their unversities and colleges, where each student was executed according to his major: engineering students in the courtyard of Engineering Faculty, science students executed in the courtyard of the Faculty of Science, or the victims that you have arrested and killed over the past 42 years?

    What millions are you talking about, O killer? The young people you killed in the city stadium during the game between the โ€œAl Ahliโ€ and โ€œAl Ithadโ€ teams?

    Or the children of Benghazi that you injected with HIV? Or the victims of the Libyan plane which was taking off from Benghazi to Tripoli, when you killed everyone on board?You say you live in the hearts of millions of Libyans, you delusional idiot!

    In what hearts? The hearts of the 1200 martyrs, that you killed in the Abu Slim prison, during two of the most awful hours in Libyaโ€™s history? Or in the hearts of people you have promised eternal wealth and housing, land, loans and subsidies, that none of them benefited from, and who died waiting?

    Did you mean the believers of the Book of Allah, that you bombed with aircrafts in the green mountains? Or in the hearts of the victims of rapes, massacres and genocide that you carried out in Ajdabiya, Misurata and Tripoli, the Western mountains and Azoara, in every Libyan city that rose up for freedom and faced you?Do you think that all these victims have no parents? Or are they not Libyans? You thug!

    We want to know one thing – who are these Libyans whose hearts you live in? You asked us one day: who are you? And here is our answer: we are all these victims that you convinced yourself their hearts you live in. And where you are hiding in!Colonel, you do not live in the heart of any of the Libyan people, the only place that you are hiding in is underground, where you are living with disgusting worms.

    There is no place ever for you in the hearts of Libyans. You are dreaded. Stay underground! Where you will tremble with fear and beg for mercy. The same fear in the voices of all the people you imprisoned, murdered and threatened. Nobody will have pity on you or sympathize, except some ignorant people that you brought up in the revolutionary committees.O coward, it is too late.

    You and your children left Bab el Aziziyah, and your guns have run out of bullets. Your last shot should be fired on your head, but you dont have that – the courage of the other criminal leaders. Itโ€™s your end. You will collapse, and you will be covered with dust, buried with the cowards.

    Nobody will see your grave or pray for mercy for you. No one in Libya. After you go to your eternal hell, the souls of the martyrs will fly happily in the sky of our beloved Libya, and all mothers will be content of the martyrdom and victory.6:56 AMLibyan Mother May 21, 2011

  74. Really good, interesting, balanced article.

    Someone mentioned earlier that some Egyptian youth on Fareed Zakaria’s show were expressing that they were unimpressed by President Obama’s position and speeches on the Middle East, and want him to treat Israel and the rest of the Middle East the same. They also said that they think the US came too late to the game with Egypt, and implied that the Administration only climbed on the bandwagon at the very end, citing the mixed messages.

    I’m wondering whether they really didn’t hear all the President’s calls for Mubarak to step down. And whether they really think that he is “all talk”. On the one hand, they want the US to bring down the boot and exercise its military strenght. On the other hand, they want the US to keep out of it and mind its own business.

    It’s a shame if the youth who are taking over Egypt and the Middle East are so narrow minded and short sighted that they can’t actually see that there is some reality that gets in the way of ideals, and one must work with what they have. It is naive to believe that the President would not take into account US interests, or the fact that there is a dependence on Middle East oil that ties his hands in certain ways (one youth said he shouldn’t only be concerned with oilprices in the US and should just speak out boldly against Saudi Arabia).

    I hope this new generation isn’t just going to create a whole new set of ideological issues, and further divide the world. They accomplished something amazing with their peaceful revolutions. Now, they need to actually build a democracy and become part of the world order. And they have to wake up to the fact that the world is just not that simple, and a lot of stuff goes on behind closed doors. They will likely never see another President like this one, who is educated on their history, open to all ideas, and genuinely wants to lift everyone up who wants a peaceful, decent life.

    It was very disappointing to listen to these kids.

  75. Obviously Jewish support in America is different from the support he has from Jews in Israel. The question was pertaining to Israel not here.

  76. and the racism with a mix of fox news,MSM blockade of good news pertaining to president Obama teabagger gop fake outrage has caused many including the far left to turn on this great president. It all goes back to his being a person of color Nothing can change my mind on that regard.

  77. mmm my 2 comments got mix up the one above this should be on top and the one above that one should be in the middle. OH well. ๐Ÿ˜€

  78. Josh Marshall, TPM likes Obama’s AIPAC speech:

    A Proud Day for Obama

    Sticks to commitment to policies that will secure Israel’s future, even at the expense of opportunistic attacks and political controversy.

    Obliquely and with respect to his audience, in his speech to AIPAC today, President Obama also responded to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s repeated lies about what President Obama said only the day before.

    Just as no man is an island, no country can be either. On its present course Israel is on its way to becoming a pariah state, a status in which it cannot indefinitely or even perhaps long survive. Neither the fact that Israel faces a profound cultural animosity among the region’s Arab populations nor the bad faith that often greets its actions nor even the anti-Semitism that is sometimes beneath the animus changes this essential fact. The make-up of the 21st century world is simply not compatible with a perpetual military occupation of another people, especially one that crosses a boundary of ethnicity and religion. Only the willfully oblivious can’t see that.”

  79. Why do expect young people to be anything but ideological and politically naรฏve? And yes cynical.

  80. then they better start saying the same thing about Anthony Weiner and all those other liberal heroes who strongly support Israel.

  81. You’re right the pres is very smart and just as I thought he didn’t back down today and took it to them in a way that even they applauded lol…these people should never underestimate him.

    Hear that Bibi? He’s trying to save your behind…if you would just get out of the way and let him…

  82. I guess you’re right, but they hold the future in their hands. They don’t have the luxury of being politically naive anymore.

  83. We all understand where you are coming from. I personally would like Obama to give the finger to congress, members of his own party and bibi, but we are not in his shoes. That other presidents did not put bibi in his place in order to move this process along says a lot about the tremendous amount of influence and pressure that they face. And just look at so-called tough guys like Anthony Weiner and Chuck Schumer – they blasted Obama last year and told him to back down off of Israel. It also appears that even Rahm and Axelrod advised Obama that to tackle this issue may cost him.

    I don’t know. I’m sick of bibi’s attitude but I don’t think any other president or presidential hopeful could be any bolder than Obama right now. It just seems like one of those situations where reality is going to have to do the convincing. Its going to smack bibi upside the head.

  84. Prez Obama held his ground. As usual, the Right Wing MSM failed to understand the speech as initially delivered, hence the President had to reiterate the same points he raised. He had to tell the audience of the realities happening in Israel’s neighborhood, the changing technology and a restless international community that will only doom Israel if it follows BiBi’s arrogance.

    Loved the speech. Just brilliant.

  85. And if the Obama Administration didn’t keep Mubarak from using his military on the protesters these same kids would probably be dead.

    Did they not listen to the Cairo speech President Obama gave two years before the street protests?

  86. You know what I always like to see? the handshaking after these speeches. For a crowd that we were told would have a problem with him, those guys on stage were sure happy to shake his hand. Reminds me of the Chamber of Commerce speech. It was reported that he got very little applause but afterwards I saw some big smiles, lots of picture taking and firm hand shaking.

  87. The media and his opponents(and sometimes his political friends) should be ashamed of how much Obama has to correct and chastise them for their lack of listening and comprehension skills.

  88. I was surprised that Mike Vacarra said he was “surprised” by the President’s speech. REALLY??? That’s just what he said the FIRST time around, only none of YOU were listening!!!AAHHHH….

  89. I wonder if they’ll change their tune with all that money they are about to recieve. Hmpfh.

  90. I would call it arrogance. Confidence is what Prez Obama is. The Prez has the confidence and certainty of matering and understanding the facts. BiBi has the bomast and chest-thumping that does not call for logical, well-reasoned discourse. In other words, if he cannot matcth logic, he prefers to bully and to throw temper tntrums.

  91. I think that the two elements definitely played a role; but I think the racial element played a greater role. Somehow, I doubt that Netanyahu would have been so brazenly disrespectful of the President of the United States if he were white. Bibi never got along with President Clinton, but I don’t remember him disrespecting him in public.

  92. Thanks theo for sharing the link. The President, as usual, was awesome!

  93. Thanks for the link. Mr Rothkoff’s article was very thoughtful, fair, and balanced. I am not so sure that it was “exquisite.” It seemed to dwell on a great deal of what he found imperfect in the speech. Nevertheless, It was one of the most objective write-ups on the President’s ME speech.

    Obviously President Obama’s speech was not perfect, but can any one think of any of the past presidents who was perfect in solving all the world’s problems, in just two and half years in office?

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