“And yet on he pushes – civilly, rationally, patiently”

One of Andrew Sullivan’s best pieces ever:



What strikes me is the visceral and emotional power behind the AIPAC line, displayed in Netanyahu’s contemptuous, disgraceful, desperate public dressing down of the American president in the White House. Just observe the tone of Netanyahu’s voice, and the Cheney-like determination to impose his will on the world, regardless of anyone else, and certainly without the slightest concern for his ally’s wider foreign policy and security needs. It seems clear to me that he believes that an American president, backed by the Quartet, must simply bow toward Israel’s own needs, as he perceives them, rather than the other way round. Has Netanyahu ever asked, one wonders, what he could actually do to help Obama, president of Israel’s oldest, and strongest ally in an era of enormous social and political change? That, it seems, is not how this alliance works. Moroever, an alliance in which one party is acting in direct conflict with the needs and goals of the other is an unstable one. Yes, there are unshakeable, powerful bonds between the two countries, and rightly so. But emotional bonds are not enough if, in the end, core national interests collide – and no compromise is possible.

The logic of this seems rather dark to me.

Netanyahu’s current position means that the US is supposed to sacrifice its broader goals of reconciliation with an emergent democratic Arab world, potentially jeopardize its relations with a democratic Egypt, isolate itself from every other ally, and identify the US permanently with a state that, in its current configuration and with its current behavior, deepens and inflames the global conflict with Jihadist Islam. Netanyahu, in other words, wants the US to clasp itself to Israel’s total distrust of every Arab state and population in an era where it is vital for the US to do exactly the opposite.

And it is absurd not to notice Obama’s even-handedness. It’s clear he won’t legitimize Hamas until Hamas legitimizes itself by acknowledging Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and dropping its virulent, violent anti-Semitism. He rebuked Abbas for going the UN route. Like any US president, he is committed to Israel’s security and is, indeed, vital to it. But all he asks is a good faith attempt by the Israelis to acknowledge that their future state has to be based on the 1967 lines with landswaps. Indefensible? Says who? With a regional monopoly of over a hundred nuclear warheads and the best intelligence and military in its neigborhood, and a vibrant economy, Israel is not vulnerable. And in so far as it may be vulnerable – to Iran’s nuclear gambit – its government is alienating the indispensable ally in this deserved quest for security.  This is panic and paranoia, not reason and self-interest.

And no one seems to appreciate Obama’s political courage in all this. Obama seems to understand that an equitable two-state solution is a key crucible for the change he is seeking with respect to the Muslim world, the minimum necessary to advance US interests in the region and against Jihadism abroad. With each month in office, he has pursued this, through humiliation after humiliation from the Israelis, who are openly trying to lobby the press, media, political parties and Congress to isolate this president and destroy his vision for peace and the historic and generational potential his presidency still promises. To achieve this, he has to face down the apocalyptic Christianist right, the entire FNC-RNC media machine, a sizable chunk of his party’s financial base, and the US Congress. And yet on he pushes – civilly, rationally, patiently.

This really is a titanic struggle between fear and hope.

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  1. I’ll give Sullivan props for writing such a frank and objective piece, and for recognizing once again why this President is the best President we will ever have in our lifetime.

    But I also know that Sullivan is like a see-saw. He goes up and then he goes down.It’s his nature.

    With all the great news that show continued improvement on the economy, the President’s handling of foreign affairs, and his focused efforts at delivering a better America, I felt excited to donate!

    I only wish he could be our President for 3 terms!;-)

  2. Great article. The Prez really thought this speech through. The more of these I read the more I love this man. He is simply awesome.

  3. The President will be giving his speech on immigration at about 12:30 PM EDT, or 5:30 pm here in Ireland.

    AP has given us his full schedule for the week:

    Monday: President Obama arrives in Ireland for meetings with the Irish president and prime minister; visits the village of Moneygall, the ancestral homeland of his great-great-great grandfather; speaks at an evening rally at Dublin’s College Green about the ties between the U.S. and Ireland.

    Tuesday: President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama arrive Tuesday in London for a state visit; have lunch with Queen Elizabeth II, the president lays a wreath at Westminster Abbey and in the evening the Obamas attend a banquet hosted by the queen at Buckingham Palace.

    Wednesday: President Obama meets with British Prime Minister David Cameron and holds a news conference; delivers a major speech to Parliament at the Palace of Westminster.
    Mrs. Obama brings girls from the North London’s Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School on a visit the University of Oxford to promote the importance of education. She visited the North London school in 2009.
    The President and First Lady host a dinner for the queen at the residence of the U.S. ambassador to Britain.

    Thursday: President Obama attends the Group of Eight summit meeting in Deauville, France; meets with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

    Friday: President Obama attends closing sessions of the G-8 summit; holds meetings with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan before traveling to Warsaw, Poland.

    Saturday: President Obama meets with Poland’s president, Bronislaw Komorowski; has lunch with the prime minister, Donald Tusk, followed by a news conference with Tusk; visits some cultural sites before returning to Washington.

  4. How much do you want to bet that PBO’s speech to Parliament will overshadow whatever Bibi has to say before the House?

  5. Netanyahu and the GOP are likely working in cahoots and trying to paint President Obama into a corner. American can’t vote against Israeli interest at the UN, so they have Bibi acting all condescending to the President so when the US votes against Palestinian statehood it will be seen as Israel controlling the US, and America showing their true colors and Obama’s words being all lip service – undoing a lot of, if not all the outreach the Obama Administration has worked to accomplish. And if they did vote for Palestinian Statehood it would be sold as political suicide by the GOP and the MSM – that Obama sold out Israel, is an anti-Semite, that he is a Muslim-sympathizer out to destroy Israel and America and all the GOP hyperbole aside it will be a real threat to his Presidency.

    The plan is to trap President Obama between a rock and a hard place.

  6. it is outrageous for Israel to develop this narcissistic self absorption in defiance of the good for all. I am 100% behind our President Obama who is thinking rationally and i am no longer a practicing Jew, born Jewish yes, but no longer willing to accept what israel has become.
    It is for the good of all to go back to the 67 borders and Mr Netanahyu
    should be ashamed of himself.

  7. It will be like the preemption of Celebrity Apprentice on May 1st. I have a feeling PBO has some huge surprise up his sleeve. Bibi better count on the huge smackdown coming down the pike, It will be much more embarrassing than when PBO left him stranded in the White house and went off to eat dinner alone. He ain’t seen nothing yet.

  8. Zero. I’d bet on the vice versa as the GOP and MSM will make a HUGE deal out of Bibi, especially with President Obama out of the country. The GOP will treat it as bigger than the SOTU and you can bet Netanyahu will get more standing ovations.

  9. Whatever Nut n yahoo & GOP warmongers do the forces of history are against them. Millions of Arabs in an ongoing Arab spring will support the Palestinan right to a state and freedom from oppression. Nonviolent mass protests will be harder to stop without alienating the rest of the world.

  10. PBO is very much aware of the game Bibi and GOP are aup to. Listen to the ME speech carefully and listen to eh snippets of his BBC interview and you’ll realize PBO is one-upping Netanyahoo. He is signaling to the Europeans to go full steam ahead in support of the Palestinians once they make some seeming concessional gesture like Hamas agreeing to Israel’s right to exist.

    PBO is going to be drum-beating the “67 border lines with negotiated land swaps” message till the September UN vote. At that point a US vote against the statehood of Palestine will be seen as a formality. Bibi and his Likud extremists will realize what Pyrrhic victory this current rhetorical round was.

    Don’t fret. After all it was PBO who undercut Bibi by giving his ME speech first, and Bibi took the bait by making what was a routine US foreign policy stance more dramatic than was warranted. now every one internationally has seen Bibi’s recalcitrance and further isolation. PBO has just crated a safe berth for the US while Bibi is hanging out at cliff’s edge.

    Just watch.

  11. In the world press, certainly. In the American press, it will all be about Bibi in Congress. American MSM is an absolute joke.

  12. Some of these Repugnants are standing on the cliff of full out treason to their country, imho.

  13. I agree with you, Zizi. Most Europeans are now anti-Israeli government. When it comes to a vote I don’t see many countries in Europe voting against Palestine. None in the Middle East and none in Africa. Russia, unless it still has a weapon deal in the works with Israel will probably vote for Palestine as will China. South American countries will most likely vote for Palestine. The creation of a Palestinian state should pass. Bibi is not counting votes and ought to be making peace before September if he is smart.
    As I posted earlier today, a US veto in the Security Council does nothing and stops nothing, and I don’t think the US can flip many countries’ votes over to being against Palestine.
    Actually, if Palestine structures this correctly and the proposal matches up to what PBO has stated, there is no reason for the US to veto it either other than “we said we would” grounds, and no reason to try to garner votes against it.

  14. Brilliant analysis, zizi–thank you for putting it all together.
    The bottom line: Don’s mess with our president.

    Thanks, BWD, for posting the Sullivan piece. I stopped reading Andrew when he starting writing irrational rants against the president. In this piece, he shows he can pull some gold out of the dross on occasion. I still don’t trust him, though.

  15. It’s not all of Israel. It’s mostly Bibi (Bush clone) and his own ilk (Repug clones) I think the greater majority in Israel want a path to peace.

    They need to start standing strong and loud against Bibi and his own ‘road to ruin.’ Maybe our Prez just helped to give them a louder voice.

  16. This time Andrew Sullivan has my praise and I will send him an email to encourage him in speaking the truth.

  17. I was just thinking that the first Lady will probably have the most luggage!

    with all those state dinners, she’ll have to bring a lot of dresses and shoes 🙂

    can’t wait to check out the fashion slide show on Mrs. O website!! I adore the fashion sense of our First Lady, I only wish I could be as stylish as her 🙂

  18. I won’t take that bet. PBO’s got all the aces.

    Btw, how was your jury duty? I only did that once and found it very hard but it was a murder trial.

  19. I’m with you, SR…the American Press will treat it like the best speech ever delivered and bow down before him like so many sheep (actually even sheep are smarter than our press). The world stage is what matters, though, as we have seen time and again.

  20. Sweet Jesus, it’s obvious this man is a work horse but I feel like people are taking advantage of his hard work ethics. Look at that crazy itinerary, Its’ like his team forgets he is only one man.

    *tears up for him*

  21. This goes without saying. By now we all know American media is just another section of the GOP and the ones that claim to be progressives are just as disgraceful.

    All I can keep saying is thank God for bloggers especially BWD and Chipsticks. So I will sit back in the cut and enjoy their updates. Let MSM continue their blockade on POTUS and boost dinosaur politicians there is nothing we can do about it. I have grown very use to it.

  22. that’s their plan but its not going to work out that way. All that you said there? those countries know it and I’m sure they understand what Obama has to do. Obama will continue his outreach so there won’t be much back lash. The whole world saw what bibi just did and they are pretty much on Obama’s side.

  23. Thanks BWD! Sullivan has comon sense it is a great article, I just read the interview with Andrew Marr from The BBC. After the interview was over Marr showed the interview to Mary Jordan from The Washington Post and Jamie Rubin, and they both were very impressed. maby WBD would like to check it out.

  24. LL you are so right Obama will eat BiBi for lunch big time, but wait The Sunday talks talking heads are going to give us their B.S.
    BiBi Vs Obama wow.

  25. What a difference a year or two makes. Remember when the media had everyone concerned that candidate Obama and then Pres Obama might not be ready for the world stage? Lol, such idiots they all are. At least we don’t have to listen to that tripe anymore from them.

    His schedule looks exhausting but he has such good speechwriters and staff so it’s all in a week’s work for our “No Drama” President Obama. And I’m sure it will help to have his lady with him.

    I’m 100% Irish American and from a town of 358 of mostly Irish ancestry here in the US so it’s so cool to see him visiting a similar little town of 300 in Ireland. I really, really hope the weather holds out so that he can go there.

  26. Waiting for all the fax outrage from Oscar on what she wears to lunch, dinner and dinne with the Queen.

  27. Wait until Michelle hugs Queen Elizabeth….AGAIN! The screams. The horror of it. How dare she. ….Oh, yeah, and they are staying at the palace, aren’t they?

  28. According to Reuters, Ed Koch and mort zuckerman feel betrayed bc of the presidents speech on the middle east!
    I say, Phooey! Why does Reuters even print this crap for?

  29. Yeah the GOP probably will….but if they’re counting on this to have traction until 11/2012, I think they are mistaken. I’ve read other articles (unlike Sullivans’) that said the majority of Jews are liberal/centrists and back Obama’s approach to peace. I saw nothing in Sullivan’s piece that provided sources to confirm his claim that Bibi has wide support in Israel and here (other than the rightwing).

  30. Yes they are…

    Isn’t that great?

    Queen Elizabeth “loves her some Michelle!” lol

  31. Remember when we wished Clinton could be a 3 or even 4 term president? I wish we could have more of Barack Obama too, but the Dems have proven we only get better and better. I can’t wait for 2016 to put in another awesome Democrat!

    I absolutely love this blog and the pictures of our president. So grateful to have found you!

  32. What Mr. Netanyahu doesn’t get is the fact that the biggest losers of the continuing stalemate are not not only the Palestinians but also the Israelis themselves. Maybe the man lacks in imagination – but has he ever even considered how much life in Israel would change for the better if this conflict were to be resolved? What price peace and security in everyday interactions, freedom to create and not just forever defend their ancestral land? How much could they benefit from peaceful trade and exchange with their Arab neighbors – not just in Palestine, but in the entire region? Mr. Netanyahu says that he wants peace, but is he willing to advance the prospect of peace by just allowing the 1967 borders to be the starting point of negotiations? It can’t be “All my demands must be met” – that’s not the way to bring about an agreement. Sure, he must insist on Israel’s ability to defend itself – but that is already a given and not in jeopardy by entering into negotiations. His negative attitude and his distasteful attempts to rally support against an American president speaks volumes about how much peace really means to him. He is pushing Israel into isolation and damaging the hope of his own people to finally live in peace.

  33. It’s the way he wants it. He has enormous energy and drive and is capable of carrying such a load. When he was elected to the Illinois legislature he went to the Speaker of the Illinois House and introduced himself and said he wanted all the work he could get and told the leadership not to spare him, that he didn’t care if it was hard. He’s a workhorse disguised as a lanky Thoroughbred. Makes it look easy.

  34. Great Snoopy!

    I had only read excerpts of this meeting but just now saw Bibi refer to “certain geographic and demographic changes” that had taken place in the disputed lands.

    Lol, translate that to:

    “we stole a lot of land and now we don’t want to be called into account for that or have to deal with the settlers we allowed in there.”

    Bibi….Toast with whipped cream and a cherry on top….feel free to also add your choice of toppings.

  35. The problem’s going to be getting the Likudniks to see sense and realize that if they will subtly tell us that they’re willing to give the idea a ride if they get a response from the Palestinians to the effect that Hamas will set aside its ridiculous anti-Semitism and demands that Israel be pushed into the sea then there would be progress. I listened to a Hamas representative on NPR the other day and he was squirming around like a toad trying to get around their appalling charter (blames the Jews for virtually every bad thing in the history of man and is based on the Protocols of Zion), but asserting that they actually do want to negotiate. The thing to remember about dealing with that part of the world is that hyperbolic and truly offensive speech or prior stated positions doesn’t mean necessarily that you don’t want to deal. I’ve dealt for years with people from that part of the world – it’s a national pastime to emote very dramatically about things while having every intention of coming to a deal if they see a reasonable out. Unfortunately, it’s this cultural characteristic which makes it so difficult for Americans to understand their Arab counterparts. Once you get past the drama you can usually come to an agreement.

  36. I was listeningn to a talk radio show out of Milwaukee this afternoon. As all the hosts are on that station, this guy, who is local, is conservative. He talked about how sad and even dangerous it is to have a President of this country embarassed by Bibi like that. I almost drove of the road. The person who really was embarassing himself was Bibi.

    And isn’t it interesting how no one is pointing out that Bush said the same thing.

  37. OSG thanks again for the addl updates…

    Tomorrow, PBHO will give a speech at AIPAC. The approx. time is 10:35a.m. (h/t Chipticks @ TOD)

  38. I am actually glad I will atleast be on the same continent as PBO next week instead of being home listening to the media blow up some sort of issue against him. I see by the schedule PBO is not going to Italy so same continent is all I can say.

  39. SR, the rest of the world doesn’t give a shite about what the american media says. I have watched BBC news and their political panels. I have read Indian newspapers. The consensus is that nut n yahoo is being unfair and unrealistic.

  40. He’s a workhorse disguised as a lanky Thoroughbred. Makes it look easy.

    Love it. 🙂

  41. “He’s a workhorse disguised as a lanky Thoroughbred”

    Catsmax, funny you use that phrase to refer to our President. I was just thinking about the word “thoroughbred” today in reference to our President’s superior physical, mental, and intellectual makeup. Thanks for evoking the memory. 🙂

  42. Funny, I’ve referred to Michelle as a thoroughbred to some of my friends. I think she is just so classy (and classic) from head to toe. I can see it applying to PBO as well.

  43. Add Richard engle to the pl list. What a twirp! Totally anti Obama all the time. According to Richard engle, Obama cannot do anything right. He said, the middle east wishes Obama were more like bill clinton when he called for a meeting at camp David, blah blah. He is a hack. Beware!

  44. I am encouraged by the revenue projections by many states.

    We are climbing out.

  45. “….civilly, rationally, patiently.” This is how the President does everything. Why has it been so hard for people to see this? I think it’s because we got so used to the “shoot from the hip before you think” operating for eight years, that this is a shock. Getting used to thoughtfulness, civility, rationality and patience is Change We can Believe in!
    These “news” reporters need to grow up and get over themselves. They should report what they see, and leave the editorializing to others. The President has the big view, they see only a tiny segment. I’m not interested in their opinions, just the facts!

  46. Richard is auditioning to be a pundit or get his own show.He probably see this as his only way to get out of the desert.I also doubt that the Middle East feels that way. He may also be a PUMA considering that he brought up Clinton’s name.

  47. Japa, you really need to send them a fax, email, letter or give them a call. People like that should not be allowed to get away with such stupidity.

  48. Don’t mess with this man.

    President Obama has indicated he would order a similar operation to that which killed Osama Bin Laden if another militant leader was found in Pakistan.

    He said the US was mindful of Pakistani sovereignty but said the US could not allow “active plans to come to fruition without us taking some action”.

    The killing of Bin Laden by US forces in a Pakistani garrison town on 2 May strained ties between the two allies.

    President Barack Obama was speaking to the BBC ahead of a European visit.

    Asked what he would do if one of al-Qaeda’s top leaders, or the Taliban leader Mullah Omar, was tracked down to a location in Pakistan or another sovereign territory, he said the US would take unilateral action if required.

    “Our job is to secure the United States,” he told the BBC’s Andrew Marr during a wide-ranging interview.

    “We are very respectful of the sovereignty of Pakistan. But we cannot allow someone who is actively planning to kill our people or our our allies’ people.

    “We can’t allow those kind of active plans to come to fruition without us taking some action.”


    President Obama is due to leave for Europe later on Sunday. He will first visit the Irish Republic, then the UK, France, and Poland.

    He is expected to discuss a range of issues, including the upheavals in the Middle east and North Africa, the war in Afghanistan, and the downturn that has forced European governments to adopt austerity measures.


  49. Yes she does. The Queen loves Michelle and I get quite a kick out of that 🙂


    “In the end, I was able to resolve every competing consideration but one, but that, the interests and wishes of my family, is the most important consideration of all. If I have disappointed you, I will always be sorry,” he added. “If you feel that this was a non-courageous or unpatriotic decision, I understand and will not attempt to persuade you otherwise. I only hope that you will accept my sincerity in the judgment I reached.”

  51. Well, shrub sr still has one term left. And quail is still alive.

    Just throwing some hints.

  52. He said Obama’s visit comes at a time when all of Ireland, not just Moneygall, needs a boost.

    “If you walk around the town, you see the cosmetic changes, the paint,’’ he said. “But it’s more than that. It’s a great distraction from our economic woes. It helps people to believe in themselves again. We need that.’’

    “The Secret Service were just here,’’ she said. “They were handsome men, I’ll tell you.’’

    “It’s a zoo,’’ Ollie Hayes said, wiping his brow. “I’m just trying to enjoy it. And I’ll tell you something: I’ve lived here my whole life, and this has brought the whole town together like nothing before.’’….More


  53. This is extremely well said. I’m less than interested in the Sully roller coaster, but his logic here is sound.

  54. Ed Koch is almost as nutty as nuttinyahoo. I love the media running a “betrayed supporter” story about a freaking PUMA.

  55. That his wife told him hell to the naw was he going to drag the family through intense media scrutiny only to get spanked by POTUS. “My wife told me to have a seat.”

  56. WASHINGTON – In the cacophonous response to US President Barack Obama’s prescription for moving forward in the peace process on Thursday, in which angry voices could be heard from Jerusalem to Jeddah, there was one realm in which his words were warmly welcomed.

    The Quartet – EU, US, UN and Russia – on Friday issued a statement lauding Obama’s template, which included a call for negotiations to be held with the 1967 lines and mutually agreed land swaps as their basis as well as for talks to address land and security disputes before moving to other final status issues.

    And that means that despite the hemming and hawing of the two parties ever since Obama spoke, his pronouncements might have had a significant impact on one of their most important targets: the Europeans….More


  57. Nice article, but like you I won’t be holding my breath with regard to Sullivan…
    The analytically sound articles one minute and the hysterical vitriol the next causes rational folks like me to tune out completely…
    And it’s pretty hard to win back trust and respect when you’ve allowed your emotions get the best of you – throwing petty, childish jabs and tantrums…

    They need to look to President Obama to see what maturity, consistency, calm, measured and level headed decision making and response, grace and focus even in the worst of times looks like…

    And they wonder why smart, good and insightful people the world over hold our President in the highest regard and remain in complete awe of this infinitely extraordinary and superior man…

  58. That is so hilarious! I am sure, joking aside, your comment may contain a grain of truth. Who wants to answer questions about abandoning ones husband and children, to go marry another man, but then turning around, years later, to re-marry the same man you had abandoned.

  59. Thank you so much overseasgranny for sharing this article from the Jerusalem Post. One of the most important qualities I admire about President Obama is his careful preparation of what he wants to do when it comes to major issues. You can disagree with him all you want but you would be hard put to argue that he did not seriously think through the problem he is trying to solve.

    I think both Israel and the Palestinians are at the crossroad. In this changing world, with young people demanding to live in peace and freedom, maintaining a state of war between Israel and the occupied Palestinians is unsustainable! President Obama offered them a path from the abyss!

    Even with all their military power, including nuclear arsenals, Israel will never extinguish the Palestinian quest for freedom and self determination. Conversely, Palestinians can never undo the existence of Israel as a Jewish State. The only way out is for the two people to accept that reality.

    Bibi Netanyahu ( applauded by simple minded people) may think that humiliating President Obama by his disrespectful intransigency is good for Israele; but the reality is that Israel can never impose its will on millions of Palestinians for ever. Bibbi, really has two two choices: pursue good faith efforts in negotiations that ensures the creation of a VIABLE Independent State of Palestine; or embark on systematic extermination of Palestinian people. I just don’t see how the status quo is sustainable!

  60. Hi Nathan. I’m just saying, it would be one thing if they thought he could win, but to go through all of that to face one of the most formidable presidential candidates for this generation. I don’t blame his wife: “hunny, have a seat.” I’m still waiting for a stealth or surprise candidate though; Rubio?

  61. President Obama is going to address AIPAC today. As per usual, he addresses people directly and attempts to appeal to all of our common sense. Godspeed, President Obama. So many of us love him and see what he’s doing. To any stank individuals who have an attitude about what President Obama is doing: I implore you to consider giving him a fair hearing, you might agree with his sentiments.

  62. It is absolutely true. For me, it is this quote by VP Biden at the top of the page that sums him up:

    “He’s got a backbone like a ramrod, a brain bigger than his skull and a heart that just keeps beatin’” (Joe Biden)HomeAbout

  63. That is the real mark of a leader. He is fearless. If he disagrees with you or wants to criticize you, he does it in your face, not in a comfortable TV studio. Remember how he handled Ryan? How about the ‘Trump’? they have been nursing his blows ever since.

    The AIPAC is known for being irrational, emotional and lopsided but I think the majority of the Jewish people consider a lot of factors for their political support, not just one thing as AIPAC and the BiBi Right Wing seem to always project. In the end, I cannot see BiBi winning this one.

  64. David ignatius is very fair with this president. He took on Richard engle and zuckerman and spoke the truth about the presidents middle east speech. He said, that this was a speech the president really wanted to hive, growing up in Indonesia and what not.
    Also, he was saying America has values and stands with the people in the middle east and not the tyrannical governments. Which is what the president said, he also said it came from his heart! This was on charlie rose, Charlie agreed with David, mort and Richard engle, not sO much.
    We here in Obama land appreciate David ignatius insight…

  65. So true. Obama’s trip to Europe and the coming ‘train wreck’ for Palestinian statehood at the UN General Assembly boxes BiBi in. He may have arrogantly and short-sightedly thought he was lecturing the President but in the end, BiBi is going down. It is either him or a safe Israel living in peace, side by side with Palestine. Mr. Obama has moved on and, the Quartet as well as the Non-Aligned Movement are with him. Bibi stands with the mindless, idiotic GOP and AIPAC. In the end, these two are inconsequential on a global stage.

  66. I saw that, too. Zuckerman really had his right-wing script down. Ignatius is usually very thoughtful.

  67. Yep, he is. He has a messy family life. He did not want his laundry out in the open; plus he brings the baggage of having been Bush’s Budget director who oversaw the ersure of the surpluses and ushered in deficits. Good riddance.

  68. Thanks Jovie. So now Mitch Daniels has dropped out of the running. Who’s next?

  69. Kudos to him for putting his family first. I read that he has four daughters — could it be that his daughters are not all-in with the Republican War on Women(tm)?

  70. Touche’ Andrew. Either the other side “gets” Obama and fear their “get” of him, his patient strength of leadership that the opposition seems incapable of much preferring vitriol, or they don’t “get” him; his zen in all its power. In which case, like the Pakistanians in terms of finding Osama…the opposition is either incompetent or complicit. I can not believe that the oppositions rejection of everything Obama is not treason? Cannot understand what constitutes crime at the elite level. The opposition is kiiling America from progress and they are down right Scary! Regretfully, Lynda in Florida watching Scott destroy all progress we made over the years…He is a pathetic corporate criminal we made our very own…”Govenator” Help!!!!

  71. Of course. I was talking about the American media. President Obama, of course, is only the President of America and it’s media has too much influence over the citizenry.

    Also the issue becomes America keeps running security council interference for Israel while every other country is getting fed up and it becomes America’s problem.

  72. I think this rules him out for a VP slot given how he did it. Also greatly helps us in Indiana down ticket and Gov race.

    I think the field is pretty much set, save Michele Bachmann’s decision which is due this week. If Bachmann doesn’t run that will greatly spike the chance Palin is running.

    So after this week, things should be set. Romney, Pawlenty, Huntsman, Gingrich, Cain, Santorum, Paul, Johnson. If Bachmann/Palin sit out, there really is no need to tack hard right to appease the crazy and Romney, Pawlenty and Huntsman could basically ignore the Newts, Cains and Pauls.

    This should come down to Pawlenty vs Romney. The primary schedule doesn’t do any favors for Huntman, and though some think he’s running for VP, I don’t think he’s be tapped by either Romney(double Mormon ticket) or Pawlenty (double boring ticket). Romney would need to appease the RR with his VP selection, and Pawlenty would need a national security/FP figure for his VP.

  73. Heh, I referred to him as Secretariat last week :).. and the repubs as a bunch of tempermental ponies.

  74. That’s funny. Secretariat was the horse I had in mind with that comment. He was very long and rangy and had an easy loping gait which disguised his enormous speed and gave no hint of the great stamina required to earn his victories. Obama reminds me very much of Secretariat and I have every expectation that after his eight (yes, I DID say eight) years are up Americans and the world will recognize his the enormity of his achievements.

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