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  1. Wow!! How cool is this? Irish people loving on our President. What a great show of respect.

  2. Fantastic pictures! Came across this blog from The People’s View. Looks like a great place here 🙂

  3. There is so much that America takes for granted in this man. He is truly an amazing human being. It is the closest we will ever come to having a near perfect human being if there is anything like it. He truly understands that the job of a leader is to serve his people.

    Anyone remember that Biblical quote from Jesus? “The greatest among you is the one who serves you…or spmething to that effect. Prez Obama exemplifies this and many outside the U.S of A know this. That is why they love him.

    If his reelection was up to us, it would have been a gone conclusion, no buts and ifs…

  4. Hey guys, anyone knows when’s the special election in NY? I see that we can actually win that very very red seat. That would be sweet.

  5. The inability of so many Americans to understand how lucky we are and to be proud that this country has produce someone who is one of the greatest human being ever – Is quite depressing.

  6. I really, really hope the weather holds up for the folks of Moneygall. It would be a crying shame if President Obama couldn’t get out there to visit, even for the scheduled hour, as they’ve put so much work into sprucing up the town for his visit and seem so excited about it.

  7. Here are the numbers:
    NY-26: Siena shows Hochul up 4, Davis laggingby jeffmd
    Reposted from Daily Kos Elections by Kaili Joy Gray

    This was NY-26 on Election Night 2008.
    How will it look on Tuesday?The airwave bombardment of Western New York continues as we head into the final stretch, but Dem Kathy Hochul continues to lead in NY-26:
    Siena College (5/18-20, likely voters, 4/26-4/27 in parens):

    Kathy Hochul (D/WF): 42 (31)
    Jane Corwin (R/I/C): 38 (36)
    Jack Davis (T): 12 (23)
    Ian Murphy (G): 1 (1)
    Undecided: 7 (9)
    (MoE: ±3.9%)

  8. I think this will end up being the reverse Critz/Burns for us. We’re polling ahead, but I think we’ll lose narrowly. This has taken on special significance in what really is a nothing election given the huge majority Boehner has that this one seat will not matter.

  9. This is so sweet! ‘Up the Irish’.
    It is so heartening to see appreciation for the Prez in Ireland, as the Irish have always been known for their free spirit. As a matter of fact seeing that I will be spending the summer of 2011 in one of my favourite places, England, all this focus on Ireland has made me decide to go spend a few days there.

  10. Looks like Grimsvotn volcano on Iceland is erupting, but it shouldn’t be a problem. It is the most active one but never seems to cause Europe much, if any, problems with ash. Besides with the winds, it should keep the air clear.

    Jovie, there were 3 C-5 Galaxy’s that came in carrying 6 helicopters, 4 Chinooks, 2 Night Hawks and 29 Jeeps and cars of various sorts.

    Brack bread, by the way, is just a fruit bread.

    So far mentioned performing at the concert are Jedward, Westlife and the Waterboys.

  11. Being of Irish extraction myself, I’m loving the fact that I share a little bit of blood with our fabulous president.

    Those Moneygall photos are just delightful!!

  12. It’s a disturbing comment on the American character as is the desire to hate this man. It’s incomprehensible to me . .

  13. Man, this really makes me wish I was going to Ireland this summer. Irish, I am, and I’m so excited they are going all out for him. The play on his name with yummies is fun, too!

    I LOVE Ireland! And the Irish had the sense to dislike Dubya, yet when I was there all they wanted to talk about was our cowboy movies because they love cowboy movies. lol. I guess GWB didn’t convince them he was a real cowboy, rather just a horses’ @!&$*!!

    I think President Obama is going to have a good time, and I sure hope he can relax and enjoy seeing the countryside!

    These pics are too fun! 😀

  14. Good Afternoon BWD and my friends here. Thanks BWD for the photo of our President. He looks so deep in his thoughts. Yes, BWD I do not believe that a lot of people understand what a great gift that they have in this President. It pains the heart at times. However, we will go on an appreciate him, pray for him, and work hard to support him in any good way that we can. Thanks BWD for this site. You and Chipsticks are such a blessing to all of us. I thank you so much.

  15. Good point. But, it would be a huge blow to Repugs if they lost the reddest of the districts in NY. Remember, they won it by a huge margin..close to 30 points I believe. To have a Dems within a margin of error and in other polls slightly ahead, is huge. It could be a precursor to what is coming in 2012.

    I am pulling for Hochul. I hope she pulls of a stunner.

  16. I spy one foine as hell American president walking. 😀

    Can we adopt Moneygall? I am rooting for them so hard right now, cutest town ever!

  17. OBAMA2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. There is nothing fake about this man–

    “While the final line-up has yet to be finalised [for the concert] – apart from Jedward, savvy as ever in the advance-publicity stakes – speculation is growing that Bono, U2 or both may make a surprise appearance. Bono is an admirer of Obama, saying in a recent Hot Press interview: “There is nothing fake about this man.”

    The band are currently on tour in North America, but their dates leave a window of opportunity: they play Denver tonight, then Salt Lake City on Tuesday. With the help of God and a private jet, anything is possible.

    Meanwhile, we hear that Sharon Shannon, Mundy, The Coronas and Imelda May will be among those taking the stage.

    A number of leading Irish actors will give readings, among them Brendan Gleeson and Gabriel Byrne. Top sporting figures, such as Pádraig Harrington, Robbie Keane and Brian O’Driscoll, will also take part, and the organisers are keeping their fingers crossed that the latter will arrive with the Heineken Cup trophy”….More


  19. An article that truly deserves a read:

    “THE PHOTOGRAPH of President Barack Obama and his national security staff watching the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound from the White House situation room will go down in history. With slight hyperbole, it’s already being called iconic.

    If you study it carefully, you’ll discover that almost everyone in the picture is Irish-American or has a strong Irish connection.”…

    Quinn sees a continuity between Kennedy’s “mafia” and what has been called Obama’s “Murphia” – in their attitude towards politics and public service. Legislation was painstaking then too; it took the Kennedy administration 10 months to obtain federal funding for an education Bill, he recalls. The “Irish mafia” fought repeatedly to raise the minimum wage, and news was dominated by tension with Russia and questions about the US role in the world. “The fundamental issues haven’t changed very much,” says Quinn….”


  20. Thanks for that. Really nice to know that the President has so many Irish-Americans around him everyday having his back. Sounds like there are great relationships. Great article.

  21. I have always thought once Barack Obama became the President those who had all kinds of reasons to not think he would be a good President would see his brilliance and love for the American people and would change their minds. I knew many in our country grew up in a biggoted environment but thought we had gotten beyond that and open hostility would not be tolerated. I became saddened to see it become the theme on Fox and from Limbaugh and others.
    Like during many times in history brilliance is not always appreciated or recognized in the homeland. There are many of us that do recognize how lucky we are to have him lead us during this tough time. We know and we care. We are helping in whatever way we can. In discovering this group of PBO supporters I have found new hope and courage and believe Yes We Can do it again. Maybe many will never realize how lucky WE are to have this man as President but WE know. I for one am glad to be on the right side of history.

  22. I am leaving on a trip abroad to Italy and Switzerland in a couple of days so I will be off this blog for a month most likely. I may have some opportunities to get to my email during the trip and check up on this site. I will miss being with you and will take solace in knowing you are all doing whatever you can to help PBO.
    These photos remind me of my March 2010 trip to Ireland. I have a lot of Irish blood on both sides of my family too. The trip showed me how much the Irish love being tied to our American Presidents. They are a warm, welcoming, partying group of people that are fun to be among. I came home and started asking lots of questions and digging into my own geneology. I am glad our President is there and hope the visit to Moneygall works.

  23. How lucky – on both trips. I think the Irish will still be walking on clouds after the President’s trip. Have fun!

  24. I think the article is including the President in the count of Irish-Americans…

  25. SR, I bet you’ll be eating your words on Tuesday night for dinner. 🙂

  26. Mitch Daniels just dropped out of the race! And the right-wing is melting down, saying the President just lost a serious contender. LOLz. These people are totally LOST.

    Obama Biden 2012!!!!

  27. Oh! I love Imelda May. Fantastic voice. I had an Imelda May “phase” last year when I could not stop listening to her. Hope the Prez gets to hear her too. Although, I am half hoping he gets stranded in Moneygall by bad weather and has to stay the night. The town deserves more than am hour IMO. I wish he had a bit more time in Ireland 🙂

  28. So jealous… lol

    But, Obama Grandmama have a safe and enjoyable trip! “See you” when you get back.

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