“Obama gets no credit for courage. Those who think he’s a wimp ought to have their heads examined”

Hi guys, 

1. Today’s schedule:

10:00 AM
The President receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

11:15 AM
The President meets with PM Netanyahu of Israel

12:05 PM
The President and PM Netanyahu deliver statements to the press

12:30 PM
Press Briefing by Jay Carney

The President holds a working lunch with PM Netanyahu

3:10 PM

The President delivers remarks to CIA Employees
CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia


2. West Wing Week:


3. Bill Burton’s new group launched its first ad, taking on Romney.


4. Yea, he gets no credit for a lot of things.    

Bill Boyarsky:

// snip

…On health care, the advocates of a public option or even Medicare for all fought those who argued such approaches would never pass Congress—the idealists against the realists. As popular uprisings flourished in the Middle East and North Africa, Obama wrote a five-page memorandum to Vice President Joseph Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other members of his foreign policy team in which he was a realist and an idealist. He wrote, “… our regional and international credibility will be undermined if we are seen to be backing repressive regimes and ignoring the rights and aspirations of citizens.”
In the end, Obama, alienating Israel and Saudi Arabia, said Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak should step down immediately. “An orderly transition must be meaningful, it must be peaceful and it must begin now,” Obama said. Then, as Gadhafi began to slaughter his people, Obama had his United Nations representative, Susan Rice, introduce a resolution authorizing member states “to take all necessary measures to protect civilians under threat of attack” by the Libyan leader’s armed forces. It was passed 10-0 by the U.N. Security Council.

These were tough actions, and Obama had pursued them vigorously.

During his presidential campaign, Obama had pledged to get bin Laden. “I had said that if I ever get a shot at bin Laden we’re gonna take it,” he told Steve Kroft on “60 Minutes.” He knew the risks. “I mean you think about ‘Black Hawk Down,’ ” he said. “You think about what happened with the Iranian rescue. And it, you know, I am very sympathetic to the situation for other presidents where you make a decision, you’re making your best call, your best shot, and something goes wrong—because these are tough, complicated operations. … The day before I was thinkin’ about this quite a bit.”

Afterward, he had no regrets. “As nervous as I was about this whole process, the one thing I didn’t lose sleep over was the possibility of taking bin Laden out,” he said. “Justice was done. And I think that anyone who would question that the perpetrator of mass murder on American soil didn’t deserve what he got needs to have their head examined.”

And those who think Obama is a wimp ought to have their heads examined.

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153 thoughts on ““Obama gets no credit for courage. Those who think he’s a wimp ought to have their heads examined”

  1. God, I loathe that idiot Donny Deutsch! He is such an irritating mindless douche bag with oral diarrhea!

  2. First ever comment. I have been following you BWD since your time on the orange site. Love what you do. Thanks. I am from Canada and now my whole family is addicted like me to this source of inspiration.

  3. He was really bad this morning…even Rendell was bad. Kinda sad when its left to David Gregory to be the voice of reason….smh

  4. I don’t make a lot of comments either, but this is usually the first place I go everyday. This is a great place to be!

  5. Rendell has always been an arse in my opinion!!!
    He’s always been a Clinton shill and was inly going to support and work with President Obama if there was something in it for him personally – I hear he was pushing for a supreme court gig for his wife and since that hasn’t happened he appears to be even more loathsome than ever!!!

    Democrats like him are the reason I probably won’t identify as one in the future;

    While the Republicans rally around their own and spend time coming up with plans to move their ideological agendas forward, opportunistic democrats like Rendell sit around on t.v shows bad mouthing his party’s leader and President – disgusting!!!

    And don’t get me started on Bob Herbert. Looks like he has a book in the offin’ and needs to get President Obama’s foes lining up to buy when it’s published!!!

    God, I loathe these people!!!

  6. Netenyahu scares me with the amount of power he has in this country! Unfortunately, people in this country has netenyahus back, before our president!
    Anyways, good morning.

  7. Donnie used to argue with Joe alll the time, then something happened and now he is a yes man. That something, he got a show on msnbc that slammed the medias coverage of Obama! Well that show lasted all but 3 days! You see my point?

  8. No he does’nt. President Obama knows what he’s doing. This is where the American needs to step up and back him.

  9. I’m Jewish and Bibi makes it really hard to be sympathetic to the Jewish situation!!!

  10. Joe controls everyone on his show. It is called a pre interview. Schuster used to argue with Joe all the time and he even used that line of joes containing people.
    Right wing control!

  11. Rendell and Donnie are both Jewish. I wonder why Joe has them on? Hmmmm! Also, alleged democrats who get paid by msnbc and nobody else has them on their shows. You see, Joe controls them…

  12. BIBi has the same problem as the republican here. Its a black man telling him ideas. Everything the president suggest he comes out against. Bi Bi is the problem.

  13. Well what morning show was positive towards the president? I mean, everyone of them stuck up for netenyahu! That is my point.

  14. As for the percieved power of Bibi, nothing doing!!!

    The Republicans will do and say anything that contradicts and undercuts President Obama – nothing really to do with loving Israel or supporting or fearing Bibi!!!

    For Rendell to invoke Hillary who is President Obama’s SOS as if she has no say or participation in the process that resulted in this speech, is so disingenuous and ridiculous to say the least!!!

    It is interesting how President Obama gets the blame and Hillary gets the glory or hides behind the curtains when stuff does not work out exactly as the pundits want it to!!!

  15. One part of the speech that he should have paid attention to was when the president suggested that the international community is getting fed up with this issue. So are Americans, their is a lot of ppl who wants to stop any funding to israel. Bi Bi is not trying to compromise he is being a hawk like Bush.

  16. yep they did. They do this all the time and them have to eat their words.He did’nt suggest the 1967 borders for nothing. He has something up his sleeve. What is hilarious is that the president does this all the time and they react like this and then have to beat back their words. The pundits or the media has not learned how this president govern, they just complain and try to tear it down, them boom he was right.

  17. You are right! But the American press is all about netenyahu. They want to shift focus from bin laden and ryans shitty Medicare plan.

  18. Can you imagine any republican agreeing to sit in on any show that consistently slammed George Bush??

    What is wrong with Democrats like Ed Rendell??

    Did you just hear him say that he would not stand with President Obama in Philadelphia and goes off into this whole nostalgic crap about the AIPAC convention in 2008 when he took Hillary;

    Anyone listening would not believe that the same Hillary Clinton is now President Obama’s SOS and had quite an input on the speech that’s pissing them off!!!

    What the heck is going on??!!!

  19. I think nut n yahoo will get his comeuppance today. PBO yanked his chain y’day with his speech and knew what he was doing with this war mongering, corrupt nut.

  20. The far right netenyahu and the far right evangelicals in America, see eye to eye. They want a war with Iran next! It is all netenyahu cares about.

  21. It’s just the story of the day, they’ll have something new after the weekend. We will never have the media on our side, and we don’t need them.

  22. I agree wholeheartedly Tulips!!! I’m just so sick and tired of the Ed Rendell’s of the world!!!

    We expect the Republicans to be complete ass$%^s and I’m so immune to their crap, but it is sickening to hear and see so-called Democrats pile on and join in on the attempts to sabotage and undermine our glorious President!!!

    It really pisses me off!!!

    Doesn’t Rendell realize how small and weak and silly he sounds and looks??!! In a bid to tear down President Obama he Rendell ends up self-destructing and for what?? A handful of coins and a bit of airtime where he can’t even speak up beyond bashing President Obama!!!

    With each great and impossible accomplishment this President has under his belt, they all get even more desperate and even pettier and smaller!!!

  23. Good morning BWD and TOAITR family. I have been unable to comment these last few days but I follow all the comments closely. I am so proud of our President. He is not afraid to take on any situation. No in the msm anywhere really understands this man and all that he is doing. It will take history to fully understand his impact. I am so thankful that I can come here everyday and know that there are other people who understand and can also bring more news we don’t here anywhere else.

    OT, for those who know Eclectablog. He has a writing gig now for a blog called A2Politico. Go to his blog http://www.eclectablog.com and congratulate him.

    Faith, I am so glad Kasper is doing better. Jovie, WIW, and all the others, you are so awesome. I learn so much from all of you. Thanks for keeping us all informed!

    Now, I am off for another long day.

  24. I should add, my days are long but never as full as the Presidents. I don’t know how he keeps up his schedule, but I am so glad he does. I can’t wait for his Ireland visit. I will be home on Monday so I can watch it all.

  25. I agree with you makesense4tulips. Sometimes Natanyahu acts in ways that hurt the Jewish cause and forgets that Prez Obama is the best friend Israel has. He sometimes(Bi Bi) acts like The Civil Rights Black Leaders used to behave–as the only people who knew what was right for African Americans. In fact, all they used to do was, negotiate for a cut to enrich themselves in return for delivering the AA vote to old Democratic insiders. Obama demolished that and in the process freed so many AA voices. The same needs to happen to Israel.

    If this does not happen now, there is serious trouble coming to Israel. Think about the couldron of anger now going on in the Arab world. Ask yourself what happens when men, women, children, students and all, decide in their millions to peacefully march into Israel from all of its borders for days, weeks or months? The optics would not be good and, this could drain Israel’s economy faster than anything we have seen so far.

    I think there was a veiled warning to this effect in President Obama’s speech yesterday. Bi Bi has a chance to work with the prez. to stave this impending crisis before it even begins…

  26. Oh I know Elroy!They look at politics. The president looks at solutions. Israel is surrond by radical change and they need to look at the countries around them and realize that posturing is now over its time for solutions.

  27. yep! They don’t have the same Egypt and they want a solution. I also think that most of israel citzen want a solution also.


  29. Peterr M good observation about the civil rights. This is why west has his drawers in bunches. LOL!

  30. One thing i learned about president Obama. His will to do the right thing out weighs politics.

  31. The president goes to CIA this afternoon! What fake outrage will the media indulge in next? Well, the righties want the doj to stop there investigation of torture! Expect that is next.

  32. Don’t most americans get their daily news from CBS, ABC and NBC ? Ahen compared to their audience, the 24×7 cable ‘news’ draw a minuscule audiences. As bwd says, they will move on to the next nontroversy when nut n yahoo leaves US.

  33. Absolutely. Obama’s revolution was so profound at so may levels, it did not just change the larger American political establishment, it set off many, many small revolutions within America and across the world. Some of those changes were immediately visible, some are still slowly but effectively working their way through. And as his haters in the AA community, across America and around the world show, Obama is a very smart, strategic thinker who plays political chess while his opponents play some brutal medieval war games that are loud but totally ineffective.

  34. I feel certain that PBO knew exactly what criticism was coming and regards people like Rendell and all the wannabe pundits as so many fleas in the grass. Rendell is an old-fashioned machine politician, filled with his own prejudices, who is pretty much a has been by now. His influence in his home state is nil. There is a wider and younger national and world audience that is attuned to the Obama message and does not listen to or could care less what old useless men like Rendell and Herbert say. The audience that Plouffe is interacting with via new social media is far more important, expansive, and ultimately more influential than these guys could ever hope to be. The world is moving fast and these old-fashioned morons on their boring shows are being left in the dust. And I say this as someone is as old or older than these fogy morons.

  35. lol I have no idea who the people the first several comments are referring to.*sorry I don’t watch the tv talking heads*

    Anyways, Good morning OAITR fam. Look at that gorgeous American POTUS right there. Honestly he is looking like a page from GQ mag. *swoon*

    Dear Mr Netanyahu I see you want to bring drama to the leader of the free world. Seems you have been watching too many FOX news and American MSM corporate news on your satellite teevee over there in your small American financed State. Mmmmmk, warning….I predict some major Netanyahu butt whopping by both the Leader of the Free World Obama and SOS Clinton before this brouhaha is over! 😀 WOO HOO!!! I Stand with the best, most gutsy POTUS of my lifetime.


    Oh and MITTENS Romey remains a fool along with the other GOP muppets. Seems he has pretzeled his head up his own ass at this point.

  36. Looking for a new talking point to shed less light on Mr. Ryan and his medicare problems and the Republican party issues with finding a viable person to run against our best President ever.

  37. Great to hear from both of you. Don’t be shy. We don’t bite. Well, usually we don’t.

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    The loan guarantee is funded under the stimulus bill.


    This is good news for John McCain!

  39. May 19, 2011

    U.S. Department of Energy Announces Expanded Partnership with Industry to Advance Next-Generation Automotive Technologies

    Washington, DC – U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced U.S. DRIVE, a cooperative partnership with industry to accelerate the development of clean, advanced, energy-efficient technologies for cars and light trucks and the infrastructure needed to support their widespread use. This partnership is part of DOE’s broad strategy to expand the availability of advanced vehicles to American families to help protect them from future spikes in gas prices and reduce our nation’s reliance on imported oil. Formerly known as the FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership, U.S. DRIVE – Driving Research and Innovation for Vehicle efficiency and Energy sustainability – brings together top technical experts from DOE, the national laboratories, and industry partners to identify critical research and development (R&D) needs, develop technical targets and strategic roadmaps, and evaluate R&D progress on a broad range of advanced vehicle and energy infrastructure technologies.

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  40. Looks like there’s a lot of hand-wringing and chicken-littling over a few talking heads today. Tsk, tsk. All that energy dissipated at the beginning of the day…

    But not here — it’s a beautiful day, and I’m looking forward to a great weekend. I’m sure the Prez will continue to knock it out of the park today, as usual. A Man in a room full of children.

    Have a great day, everyone :-)!

  41. One comment on Donny Deutsch. Did you hear him try to threaten the President regarding donations from the Jewish community? He said Jewish donors moved away from PBO during the campaign in 2008. Hmmmm, wonder how PBO managed to raise more money than any campaign in the history of politics?

    I don’t have a lot, but I’m ready to step up my donations so PBO isn’t held hostage to any group.

  42. Basically, regarding the part of the President’s speech that talked about the Israel-Palestinian disputes, all that the President said was “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” He told Israel that wwe are your friends, and as a friend, we are saying if you keep driving the way you are, bad things are going to happen.

    It would be immoral for a friend not to say that.

    And I love/despise how the media is talking about how the President is advancing the Palestinians call for borders aas if that were bad, but there was absolutely no outrage when the beloved George W. Bush said the exact same thing.

  43. Really? So it’s even more waste of energy to get all worked up because of him. I’m going to save my nerves for something more worthwhile (I’m sure it’ll come soon :)).

  44. Wow, the rethugs are taking the definition of the goose-step mentality to a new nazi level. If huntsman crashes & burns at the rethugs primary, I will be the happiest man.

  45. Good Morning Evryone,
    I read the full Boyarsky article and to my delight there is a link to a long great New Yorker article by Ryan Lizza. I hope everyone here will read both articles.

    You are so right..’this President knows what he is doing”! I am always reminded like Andrew Sullivan pointed out so long ago…”he plays the long game”. I think Pres Obama knows he’s got 5 1/2 more years of all of the Arab states surrounding Israel to slowly choke all of the arrogance out of BiBi. BiBi is going to look up one day without options and with most of Israel returned to its ORIGINAL BORDERS, forget 1967!

  46. WASHINGTON, DC — Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced today that the Bureau of Reclamation has selected 54 new projects in western states to receive a total of $24 million in WaterSMART Water and Energy Efficiency Grants. Once funded and completed, these projects will save an estimated 102,221 acre-feet of water each year, or enough water for more than 400,000 people. In addition, 24 of the projects are expected to save more than 15 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, enough electricity for more than 1,300 households.

    “Drought, climate change, growing populations, energy demands and basic environmental needs are stressing our finite water and energy supplies,” said Secretary Salazar. “Since we established the WaterSMART program, the 92 grants awarded will result in savings of enough water for an estimated 950,000 people. WaterSMART grants will also save energy, and help America become less dependent on sources of energy that are costly, non-renewable and harm the environment.”

    Established in February 2010 by Secretary Salazar, the WaterSMART program facilitates the work of all bureaus of the Department of the Interior to pursue a sustainable water supply for the nation. It establishes a framework to provide federal leadership and assistance on the efficient use of water, integrating water and energy policies to support the sustainable use of all natural resources, and coordinating the water conservation activities of the various Interior offices. The Bureau of Reclamation plays a leading role in the WaterSMART program as the Department’s water management agency.


  47. I am so happy that the commenters are very insightful about our world. I eat daily from you all. It’s like having a conversation and while reading I find myself nodding and agreeing as if you all are here with me. But then you have to put your thoughts to the keyboard. Jackie I agree about the old political machines are collecting dust and are quickly discarded as being irrelevant. And it is so disgusting to listen to them when they really don’t know what they are talking about. 2008 was a game changer and they are left behind to collect dust.

  48. Donnie acting like he speaks for all Jewish people is like Tavis/Corney acting like they speak for all black people. It’s not so and it will never be so. Self-appointed symbols without substance. Yuck.

  49. USDA Officials to Visit Southern States Affected By Natural Disasters

    USDA Officials Will Assess Damages and Discuss Available Assistance with Rural Communities

    VIDALIA, La., May 19, 2011 — The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Under Secretary Dallas Tonsager and Acting Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services Michael Scuse will begin today a two-day tour of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Missouri, to meet with those affected by recent disasters.

    “With assistance from USDA and other Federal agencies, the Obama Administration is working to help residents, farmers, ranchers and businesses that have been hard hit by recent floods and tornadoes,” said Tonsager.

    “Our hearts go out to all of those affected by the disasters,” said Scuse. “Our first-hand assessments will allow us to identify the unique farm safety net and rural community development needs of the impacted region.”


  50. jovie, amazing how much information you are able collect and post here ? How the hell do you do it ?

  51. This is Bibi we’re talking about. His arrogance and entitlement trip him up in any number of ways.

  52. These are dog whistles, Joe tells him to say this. It is his show, and you can tell that is why he was on the show.

  53. I think you are absolutely right. President Obama is giving a voice to the young people throughout the world. It’s wonderful to see, and they know it!!

  54. I so totally agree!
    From Andrew Sullivan this morning at The Daily Beast:

    “Two nuggets of fact lie on the shore after the last news-cycle. One helps explain my mystification at the immediate hard right hysteria. The verbal formula that essentially repeats the standard position of every recent US administration on the two-state solution did not strike me as anything new; in fact, it struck me as a minimalist response to Israel’s continued aggressive settlement of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. And yet instantly Drudge, Fox, Romney et al. blasted the “stunning” news that Israel had somehow been thrown under the bus.

    None of this makes sense until you realize that Netanyahu had been given a heads-up by the administration. So it’s pretty obvious that it was the Israelis who immediately got their US media mouthpieces to spin the speech as some sort of attack. So those of you who think Jeffrey Goldberg and Walter Russell Mead and Victor Davis Hanson are a foreign government’s favored outlets should think again. These leftist radicals are far too unreliable a channel.

    Then there’s the odd, but telling note that Obama gave an exclusive interview on the speech to the BBC’s Andrew Marr. Why the BBC? Well: Obama is headed to the UK next week; and who does he need to prevent total humiliation and isolation for the US and Israel at the UN in September? The Europeans. If Britain were to endorse a Palestinian state at the UN in the fall, the US could well find itself utterly isolated in defense of Israel’s insistence on strengthening its grip on the West Bank.

    And then, of course, one wonders if what Obama really wants is exactly for the European allies to vote for Palestinian statehood, because he, given the exigencies of American politics and fundraising, and his own attachment to Israel, cannot. And this speech was designed in part to give him cover. “

  55. That’s spot on, I think. Like the President says–good policy is good politics. He doesn’t cower. He doesn’t freak out and change his mind half-way through. He just looks at every angle and gives it his best shot. In the end it is an incredibly simple concept–and we know it’s 100% honest.

  56. So awesome; I learn so much from this info, Jovie, and so many people around me know nothing. Thanks!

  57. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) announced this week that New Jersey’s installed solar capacity has surpassed 300 MW, and that there are more than 8,000 projects statewide. Solar installations in New Jersey are coming online at an unprecedented rate.

    Newly installed capacity has averaged 15 MW per month since September 2010. This has increased the supply of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) eligible for use in meeting New Jersey’s Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS).

    Through March 2011, New Jersey has a total of 305 MW of solar renewable energy capacity installed as a result of incentives available through New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, net metering and interconnection regulations, RPS regulations, and the SREC financing model. The amount of solar capacity installed in 2010 exceeded the cumulative amount of solar installed since the beginning of the clean energy incentive programs in 2001.


  58. A Google Inc (GOOG).-backed project to build a $5 billion undersea power line carrying wind energy along the coast from New York to Virginia won U.S. approval for a 12.59 percent profit, less than the developers requested.

    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission today granted the return on equity to the Atlantic Wind Connection, a project in which Google of Mountain View, California, owns a 42 percent stake. Atlantic Wind sought 13.58 percent.

    “All orders are compromises,” FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff told reporters today after the agency’s monthly meeting. He said Atlantic Wind is an “extremely innovative” project that may reduce grid congestion.


  59. A TOP ISAF OFFICER ACKNOWLEDGED THURSDAY that the Afghan government is having difficulty accommodating the large number of insurgents who wish to surrender and reintegrate into society, as the Washington Post reported. “Frankly, the resources and the structures across the country are outmatched and challenged by the demand that’s coming in. I mean, it’s a good problem to have, in many respects,” British Army Maj. Gen. Phil Jones, director of ISAF’s Force Reintegration Cell, told reporters at the Pentagon in a videoconference from Afghanistan. The Post story is here: http://wapo.st/lnVqmP

  60. IN LIBYA, NATO LAUNCHED A COORDINATED ATTACK overnight on Muammar al-Qadhafi’s navy, striking eight ships in Tripoli, Al Khums and Sirte. The attacks come after repeated attempts by pro-Qadhafi forces to mine approaches to the rebel-controlled port of Misurata and disrupt the flow of aid to civilians. “Given the escalating use of naval assets, NATO had no choice but to take decisive action to protect the civilian population of Libya and NATO forces at sea,” said Rear Adm. Russell Harding, deputy NATO commander for Libya. http://bit.ly/jatydO

  61. Good morning everyone; I really do not know why people watch Joe! I never have evrybody knows he is a republican do not waste you time with those jerks, let’s stay focus on Obama please I do have a lot’s of confidence on the president we picked him from the bigining, and that’s why he is our president.

  62. I bet we’ll see a lot of Dems on the Sunday shows this week – All to attack Obama for “throwing Israel under the bus”. Weiner will likely be at the front of that line. Lieberman will be right behind him.

  63. Thank you makesense4tulips. I have just read the piece at dkos and it is brilliant; the writer seems to really understand the game Prez Obama is playing and what BiBi has been up to. I think it is brilliant–throw BiBi under the bus to save the Jewish state and its people. Brilliant!


    Today in his speech on the Middle East and North Africa, President Obama said that “a lasting peace” between the Israelis and the Palestinians “will involve two states” and that “the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines.”
    But Obama’s pronouncement today isn’t new. Even President Bush in 2005 endorsed a two-state solution with negotiations based on the post-1949 Armistice, pre-1967 borders:
    NBC’s Chuck Todd noticed all the commotion, tweeting, “Surprised at venom re: 1967 lines. Has been part of the proposed solution for years.”


  65. I don’t know why anyone watches Morning Joke and why would anyone want to contribute to their ratings? BWD, how do we get through to these people to not watch this crap??

  66. Eleroy I was thinking the same thing Hillary and Obama are on the same page including Mitchell and many others, we have to remember Obama listens to everynone before he make his decisions.

  67. Jovie you have to remember who control the media just ask Jon stewart. no kidding. but i do trust Obaman he will be able to handle things all right, and remember not everybody is going to be happy with anything obama does. but we will.

  68. Netanyahu “expects to hear a reaffirmation from President Obama of U.S. commitments made to Israel in 2004, which were overwhelmingly supported by both House of Congress.”

    Piss off, Bibi! I expect Israel to stop playing games thinking that American support is unquestioned. I think he’s terribly misreading the situation of support for Israel’s carte blanche in America.

  69. Unlike Bush, who only listened to Cheney. I don’t watch the so-called news shows. I flip channels and land on them to see what they are talking about and as soon as they start their commentary, I turn the channel. The news stations are controlled by Republicans that’s why I get my news HERE!

  70. I keep saying to all my friends and neighbors no boda, but no body is going to fuck with this President, there I said it.Obama does understands foreign policiy. and has excellent adivisers.

  71. Exactly. Let’s keep this in perspective. The total viewers for a week’s worth of Morning Joe pales in comparison to how many people watch one weekly episode of Jersey Shore. I mean, really.

    And more people watch The View everyday than watch any of those cable morning shows.

    For us political junkies, it may seem like something to get worked up over. But let’s just remember. The average person doesn’t even know who Joe and Mika are.

    But they know Snookie. Perspective, folks. Not saying we shouldn’t push back, but let’s remember they have very little influence on the average American.

  72. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day (unless it is a 24 hour clock, then only once a day).

  73. Morning Joe, on May 18, drew 503,000 viewers. So, keep that in mind.

  74. Absolutely. And the beauty of it all is that Prez Obana spends more time understanding the opponents and all their strategies than the opponents do. So he often will stand in the shoes of the opponent and beat them from there. Remember Repugs blocking his end of the year major legislations on account of Bush tax cuts? And then the recent Boehner demands when Repugs threatened govt shutdown? Prez Obama came out all of them not just ahead but smelling like a rose!

  75. Those who squeal for Netanyahu can make as much noise as they want, but there’s still only one Commander in Chief.

  76. I was thinking about his on the way home fromj jury duty yesterday: the greatest threat to the Jewish state isn’t Arab armies or random terrorists, but the extreme Israeli right wing and the settlers. They really do think they have a Biblical right to the West Bank; to relinquish it would basically be an affront to God. I think that the Israeli people — specifically Israeli Jews, since we can assume that Israeli Arabs are on board for a two state solution, have to decide if they want to live in the 21st century, or possibly go down the road of the Jewish Revolts against the Romans, which ended Jewish life in the Holy Land for 2000 years. These are huge stakes; basing your foreign policy on 3000 year old stories is not the best idea.

  77. So, essentially, the President only has one opponent – the Republican ideology. They are all spouting the same lines, not differentiating themselves, thinking the footage will disappear in time for the general election or they can just declare all that footage to be a “falsehood”, a la Newt Gingrich.

    Now, all we need is for Pawlenty to also declare that he would have voted to end Medicare, and we’ve got a complete set of fools.

  78. One does not need an article to figure out that Huntsman is a slimy, phony weasel.

    He is the most painfully contrived and robotic counterfeit out there who unfortunately has seriously bought into his hype.

    The man is pathetically phony and transparent, I had several chuckles yesterday watching him trying his darndest to do the GOP jig.

    Even funnier, his attempt at play acting the role which falls so flat and so unconvincing.

  79. Maybe all the Arab votes in America will take the place of the Jewish voters who Donny Deutsch represents?

  80. Stepped up my giving too. I intend to max out for both the primaries and the general elections and I will continue to buy tees, mugs whatever it takes.

    If need be, I will mortgage my home, but President Obama must and will be re-elected if I have to die for it!

  81. You know they cower in dark places and only come out to attack the President!

    And Weiner will forget that his wife’s boss was integral to the speech!

    Shameless huckster!

  82. I was just listening to CNN radio and the news? Netanyahu is expected to have “choice words” for President Obama at their meeting today!

    Are you freaking kidding me! The nerve of not just these “newscaster’s” but of the arrogant buffoon Netanyahu. Seriously f@*% off Netanyahu!

  83. After reading that DKos article, I now see why she was beaming at the speech. She got her way. I’m really curious why her way was at odds with Joe Biden though. Interesting stuff. I’m learning so much.

  84. I have wanted the Peace of this Land since I was a child in the 70’s watching the news of all of the violence used against Palestinians.
    Isreal has bullyied them for so long, thousands of years now, it is time for Peace. I would like to hear about Mr. Nelson Mandela spending time with Mr. Netanyahu perhaps his experiences of accepting humanity can Teach Mr. Netanyahu how to accept a peaceful existence.
    Basic simple human needs such as water and electricity, these things have been denied and take away from the Palestinians in efforts to diminsh their existence, it is wrong, and Men who demonstrate this strength are not strong trusted men; they are just Warmongers. I was saddened when Mr. Netanyahu came to his position, I believe he will always stand against the People of Palestine. They are a people who deserve the same respect in Life the rest of Humanity does.
    Please ask everyone to pray for Peace in this part of the world, it would demonstrate the possiblity the world can come to Peace everywhere.
    I trust my President to push Mr. Netanyahu to realize we will no longer speak in secret, it must be public and it must be Truthful. Such well thought out words and sentiment to hold accountability. Thank You Mr. Obama, my President. Thank You for starting a new day of accountability to ALL world Leaders !
    Does anyone know of a Palestinian person in the US with Family still in Palestine, We do in our family, and his level of stress and care for his family and the ability to just live and thrive to have food, clean water, electricity is so scary. He cannot contact them often as they continue to destroy Palestine and any infrastructures to modern day life. All People no matter religion or place of existence should exist in PEACE.

  85. Did you see the NYT article by Helene Cooper today that said that Netenyahu heard that PBO was gonna give a speech on the region so he contacted his Rethug friends about speaking to Congress before PBO gave his speech – he wanted to box the pres in but PBO out maneuvered him. That’s probably why Bibi and the Rethugs were so mad. Now Bibi is boxed in because what PBO asked for is something he’s agreed to in the past…when will these folks learn to never underestimate PBO!

  86. ooops…nevermind…just noticed that it was referenced in dkos post….I should scroll down and read everything before I post 😀

  87. Almost to a person, President Obama’s detractors are complete and utter phonies. All across the ideological spectrum.

    It’s pretty sad, because Huntsman seems like a decent, nice person who doesn’t agree with liberal policies but is not a fundamentalist or strident hack. Yet he has to play one in order to court the GOP’s base. That signals a party in major trouble and major need for reform. I hope that rather than giving into the loonies, at some point, people like Huntsman give that party a reality check and return to their true conservative roots rather than this radical anarchist nonsense espoused by the Koch nutties.

  88. I personally just can’t do it with that place. When they had an actual “debate” about whether it was appropriate for Glenn Greenwald to muse about the legality of someone k***ing President Obama, that signals a space which has become utterly crazed. So long as that place entertains that crew of fundamentalist, strident, lunatics, I will not give them my mouse clicks. All of the reasonable people there enable the lunatics to have a microphone and it’s a huge mistake IMO.

  89. You GO, girl! Now *that’s* commitment. Refreshing, too.

    Did a phone bank last night and got many supporters, but honestly these people who are disappointed that they didn’t get FDR for a President. Sad. Glad to know that the vast majority of folks still very much support our WAY WAY WAY better than FDR President.

  90. She slogs through blogs so we don’t have to. Thanks, Jovie. I love having all this information in one place…a digest of all the cool stuff the Administration is doing…in one place with links included in case I want to learn more. Brilliant.

  91. I wonder how all this is going on in a state with such a crappy Governor. Is he just not paying attention, or does he see some value in it? Maybe he’s just not in a position to derail it. Whatever the reason, I applaud New Jersey for moving forward with 21st century progress.

  92. What is going on ?

    Simple: Barack Obama has the courage to tell some very uncomfortable truths. And the political class, with a few exceptions, has NO courage, no ability to go beyond themselves and get a broader perspective. So AGAIN, people from all sides are criticizing the President.

    Barack Obama, as usual, is the only adult in the room. I’m constantly amazed at his courage and his honesty. And I’m constantly outraged at how he’s being treated, at how he has to deal with so many short-sided, selfish, ignorant people in the political and the media world.

    Barack Obama will go down in history as one of the greatests presidents ever but one of the most under-appreciated during his time in the OvaL Office. He’s criticized the most because he is the one who has the COURAGE to do the difficult things, the things that other presidents have postponed for years. Barack Obama is the VERY RARE kind of President who is willing to sacrifice his own political security in order to DO THE RIGHT THING, for America and for the world.

    I can’t say enough how much I admire and love this POTUS.

  93. blackwaterdog, I’m with you. These folks will never stop…but President Obama got “this”!

  94. Will someone prey tell me why everyone including Rendell seem to have the “panties” in a bunch? Didn’t the previous presidents have the same wording about the 1967 borders, etc, etc?

  95. I’ll say what I already said in a different thread. I had thought Huntsman could be the guy who could lead the GOP into some rebuilding, after the present extremist version of this party would suffer a crushing defeat in 2012.

    I hoped Huntsman would wait till 2016. But he’s too much power hungry and is willing, like all the others, to forget all his principles. He’ll live to regret it.

    And you’re so right gn. It’s pretty sad to see the present state of the GOP.

  96. Between now and Monday, Marilyn, would you mind joining me in praying that it doesn’t rain near Dublin on Monday please. I do not want that concert and speech to be rained out.

  97. As an “old” Jew myself, the “Israel is never wrong” meme has been, well, wrong for decades. George W. Bush led Israel to believe that they could continue act with impunity with no consequences. As I often say to my [Catholic] husband, this is no ways for Jews to behave.

    The notion that AIPAC speaks for all American Jews is patently ridiculous. I would think the younger generation has had enough of this. Palestinians are not going to disappear. Israel is not going to disappear. When those are the only ‘negotiating’ positions, nothing good happens.

    Obama wasn’t handed a magic wand. He was given a shovel to dig out of another one of W’s messes — the destruction of good will in the Middle East and an blank check for Israel.

    Obama’s not going to win any friends with this — at least not yet. Israel has to want peace in order to negotiate and the right wing Israeli government has no interest. I sincerely hope the Israeli people demand a government that can crawl out of this abyss and move forward to give peace to the next generation.

  98. I understand your passion and accept much of what you say. But Israel has not bullied Palestinians for thousands of years. For the vast majority of those years the Jews were the oppressed people, not the Arabs in the region.

    I completely agree that Israel has behaved shamefully in the past decades and this is no way for Jews to behave.

    It was courageous of President Obama to demand some sanity from Israel, particularly after George W. Bush dismantled the peace efforts of Bill Clinton, ruined our standing in the Arab world, and gave Israel a blank check to behave anyway they wanted. But to say that Israel has oppressed the Palestinians for thousands of years is hyperbole that this difficult discussion does not need.

  99. I’m listening to all this political noise, with Republicans jumping on any and every chance to damage this President.

    Here’s a political analogy with rahm Emmanuel’s campaign for mayor of Chicago. He made a statement about how the Chicago worker has to realize that it’s more than a paycheck, it’s the trust of the people of Chicago that they are working for. Rahm’s opponent jumped all over him, ‘disrespecting’ unions (Rahm said nothing about unions) and the sainted Chicago worker.

    It was all political noise. Rahm’s words went over the heads of the petty politicians directly to the Chicago voter who thought, “Well, it’s about time someone spoke up for the city.” And he won in a landslide.

    For all the puffery of the Right and the old attitudes of the Jewish lobby that supports Israel and only Israel, I think the American people would love to see a fair resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian crisis and see peace for the next generation. Republicans give Israel a blank check. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter made strides that were undone by the Republicans who followed them.

    Netanyahu and his right wing government are afraid of Barack Obama. He truly sees the big picture and knows what would be fair for all parties.

  100. Still doesn’t un-do his stupid comment about Obama wanting to extend the debt ceiling because his investments are in treasury bills. At least he spoke truth about the 1967 borders issue.

  101. Just watched a clip on the BBC of 3 minutes of Netanyahu in the Oval Office essentially lecturing in a rather bullying, condescending manner, our President about the prospects for peace.

    It was remarkable in its tone; I’ve never seen a public display that was so disrespectful. Netanyahu essentially said, “As for your speech yesterday regarding 1967 borders, forget it…” and “this is the reality you young whippersnapper, you don’t know what your talking about…”.

    Sure, diplomacy is tough and tempers fray, but behind closed doors.

    I was very pleased that SOS HRC really let Bibi have it via phone yesterday, just before the speech. She is a good soldier and has PBO’s back.

    For more backround, follow Andrew Sullivan on this issue; he is providing excellent information.

    Netanyahu is a bad actor, single-handedly expanding settlements on the West Bank so aggressively since 1993 (whenever he has held office) that the Oslo Accords never had a chance.

    Settlements create facts on the ground, hence his utterly disrespectful defiance –to PBO’s face, no less.

    And the Rethugs love it. Why do they hate America so much?

  102. A closer read of that article on my part makes me less than encouraged by the progress that’s being made on that score. Still, there’s hope, but the bickering and bureaucracy are undermining a winning solution. Too bad.

  103. It’s weird because a pretty good portion of the Arab world appears to be pretty okay with Obama especially after bin Laden was killed. And the Europeans seem to think highly of Obama. Heck even the President of Russia seems to like Obama. A whole whole lot of Americans REALLY like Obama. Who does this Bi Bi fellow think his audience is for this kind of behavior. Is he trying to make himself as unpalatable as Qadaffi and Mubarak to the West? This just doesn’t seem like a smart move at all.

  104. I heard the reference to PBO being “outfoxed” by Boehner and the republicans earlier this week on the Media Matters’ site. I reminded the poster that no matter what scheme the republicans cook up to make PBO look bad, he would outsmart and outflank them, and he did. I also included the fact that President Peres met with PBO last month in the oval office, and I included pics to prove it. Many of the right-wingers don’t research anything beyond the bits and pieces they get from Fox News or rw web sites and are totally unprepared to be confronted by PBO and those of us who know the facts underlying whatever lie the rw trolls attempt to push.

  105. PBO has an advantage over Boehner and the rw that is very dangerous. He knows history, so when he mentions the 1967 agreement concerning the Israeli-Palestinian border, he knows what he’s talking about. Ask any of the republicans, except for maybe Senator Lugar, about it, and they’d have to make something up to respond. A highly educated person with the ability to retain thousands of facts on many subjects is a dangerous individual. This is one reason the republicans hate PBO and attack him so relentlessly. They know they are no match for him.

  106. This just goes to show how beautifully Prez Obama has executed the wars in Afghanistan, against Al Qaeda; in P)akistan and in Iraq.

    As he said yesterday, he has broken the back of Al Qaeda and put the Taliban on the ran; forced some to surrender and others to begin negotiating!
    And he does it without bragging or seeking headlines.

  107. Get a load of this!!! Lovely.

    Fri May 20, 2011 at 01:30 PM PDT

    House Republicans still having trouble back home over Medicare, taxesby Joan McCarter

    Recess hasn’t been relaxing for a lot of Republican House freshmen. The hostility at town meetings over their vote to abolish Medicare and give the wealthy more tax breaks just isn’t letting up. Here’s the latest, courtesy the DCCC.
    Freshman Rep. Cravaack defends Medicare vote [Associated Press]
    “The freshman Republican showed the 50 people at the town hall a number of slides in a Power Point presentation. They contained detailed financial information on Medicare, Social Security and U.S. debt. […] Terry Bell, 62, of Cambridge, criticized the slides for being inaccurate. He asked Cravaack to point out the last time Republicans produced a balanced budget. “Your party has added to the deficit ever since the Ford administration,” Bell said. “The only time you get the least bit concerned is when the Democratic Party gets in.” [Associated Press, 5/18/11]
    Heck town hall meeting sparks passions [Las Vegas Review Journal]
    “The crowd didn’t just argue with Republican Rep. Joe Heck at a town hall meeting in Boulder City on Wednesday. The 50 people in attendance often shouted at each other, indifferent to whether the Republican federal budget Heck was there to discuss would hurt or help Medicare and the job market. Heck repeatedly spoke over the vocal crowd just to get a word in. […]”I’m not saying it’s the best idea, but it’s the only one and the best being proposed now,” Heck said, emphasizing that the government needs to cut back spending to reasonable, sustainable levels. [Las Vegas Review Journal, 5/18/11]

    Black addresses debt, Medicare at town hall meeting [The Tennessean]
    “She supports a proposal that will privatize the system for those who are 54 years of age and under, which she referred to as a premium support program. This structure, according to Republicans, would allot higher payments for the sick; smaller payments for the wealthy; and help seniors with out-of-pocket costs, according to the proposed budget plan. […] Black was frequently interrupted during her presentation and her responses during the question-and-answer session that followed. Some challenged her attempted responses, particularly on matters of taxation. [The Tennessean, 5/18/11]

    Knox County Progressives rip Medicare voucher plan [Galesburg Register-Mail]
    “Instead of fulfilling his obligation to every American, Mr. Schilling voted to replace the Medicare program — that provides healthcare and debt relief to millions of seniors and disabled Americans — with a plan that would unduly burden them and their families,” Joel Ward told those gathered. “In addition, the plan Congressman Schilling voted for would have a disastrous effect on healthcare — because out-of-pocket healthcare costs would more than double for seniors and the disabled.” […] As he left, Galesburg resident Gary Ellenberg said he attended the Progressive Party event for a simple reason.“I’m here because I don’t believe people like Paul Ryan have any point of reference to draw on,” he said. “They don’t remember the time before President Johnson made these programs law. They don’t remember things like old-age poverty and when older people couldn’t afford even basic healthcare. [Galesburg Register-Mail, 5/18/11]

    Fun times. Hopefully every House Democrat having a town meeting this week is on message: “We have a plan. It’s called Medicare.”

  108. Deutsch is behaving as if he knows what is in the heart and mind of every Jewish person in America. This is a lie. I imagine there are millions of Jews in America who are fed up with Netanyahu’s tactics, especially the younger ones. Deutsch’s way of thinking is similar to that of some in the MSM who think Smiley and West speak for all blacks in America. They don’t. Personally, I detest them and everything they stand for. If they really wanted to do something about the high unemployment among blacks in urban America, they’d be doing something else besides running to appear before every available camera to diss the president. They’d be engaged in filing grant applications and setting up job training programs. They should also remember that high unemployment among blacks in urban areas didn’t begin under PBO, and it won’t end with him.

  109. I really appreciate your efforts. All of your news goes directly to my Facebook page!

  110. I just saw something that they are going to try and bar electronic devises at these events to prevent film of the GOP reps being hammered going public.

  111. Don’t they get it? A reasonable peace between Israel and the Palestinians is the BEST thing for Israel and geopolitics in general.

    How does feeding this festering beast help anyone?

  112. majii, I just love reading your brilliant commentaries! There is absolutely no doubt that many who attack the President know that they can not challenge him on intellect and knowledge. That is why they resort to calling him names or challenging his birthright!

  113. Very well said GN! The way these supposedly grown up people in the GOP, like Huntsman, are behaving is really bizarre!

  114. By all means keep the secret so long as you continue find the energy and time to enlighten us with positive information!

  115. Its seems to be ok with folks that he just disrespected the president and what are we doing. Im sorry i am so pissed this is where we go wrong. No one back this man After this election i am done i will not donate or even muster another penny for democrats. We cannot talk about others when we ourselves will not get together ideas to fight back.

  116. What are they going to do? Hire TSA agents to body search people? Talk about paranoia.

  117. This jerk to the right by Huntsman was something that I worried about. He was Utah’s governor and was the only Republican governor that I could stomach. I mean, in some things he was actually admirable. I knew if he heeded the call of the ambitious Republicans in Utah to try for the presidency, that it was going to dirty him — and it looks like it’s doing a great, dirty job of it.

    I was even thinking of sending him a letter last month begging him not to try for the presidency but, instead, to try to unseat Hatch. It wouldn’t be hard, I think he could do it without any trouble. Hatch is such a clown, an embarrassment to Utah.

    There was a time when Utah was a centrist state, believe it or not — decades ago. I don’t know what happened to the electorate, it might have been the women’s movement. Terror of women thinking for themselves. We had a women’s conference in the 1970s that was a tremendous success, big name speakers like Gloria Steinem. We actually had some Mormon women, outspoken, pragmatists, one humor writer who was excellent, can’t remember her name.

    It was going to be a yearly thing, but the Mormon Church got concerned about the power there and the Relief Society, the bishops and elders behind the pulpits, the president of the church — they all urged the women to “Lend their voices” to this movement. The result was some very loud mouth, vocal women and their followers who took over like an army of valkyries, and surged into the convention rooms. The place was overflowing with Relief Society Women, it was like the tea partyers at the townhalls in 2009. And that was the last women’s conference for us.

    Now that I think about it, perhaps that was the turning point. I read just lately that the women’s movement changed America, and I suppose the Mormon Church didn’t want that to happen in Utah.

  118. makesense4tulips do not sweat it. Obama is so good at what he does, he never grandstands before t.v cameras. It is only old school politicians who are quick to score on camera points but soon lose out. Prez obama set out Bibi perfectly. After Obama returns from his European trip, Bibi and Israel will come under so much pressure, they will realize that Prez obama is their only friend.

    And once the rest of the international community decide to accept and ratify a vote to make Palestine a state, Bibi will get on his knees to beg the same prez he now seems to poke fun at. This is just phase one. Watch over the next few weeks and months, culminating with the UN General Assembly meeting in NY. You will see the genius of this Prez.

    The Prez has the world and most of the Israel citizens with him, including the ADL. Give it time…the Prez is a chess player, not a bombastic idiot.

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