Heads-Up: President Obama’s Middle East Speech

scheduled to begin at 11:40 EDT. You can watch it probably everywhere, but as always, the best place is here.

Twitter discussion hashtag: #MESpeech

86 thoughts on “Heads-Up: President Obama’s Middle East Speech

  1. So sick of Andrea Mitchell and Chuck who don’t know a damn thing and who want to blame PBO for a messed up Middle East that he inherited. Idiots. And Mitchell is the worst anchor ever.

  2. President Obama always being late forces folks to listen to these jerkwads while waiting for the President to give his address. If he was on time then people could tune in right for the speech and miss all the pundit idiocy.

  3. People need to tune to C-Span instead I guess. Of course the Fox crowd WANTS to hear the bashing, but I don’t think that’s any surprise. The bigger problem is the public believing that Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell have a liberal bias.

  4. After the low blow of Chuck Todd that Obama’s motivation for raising the debt ceiling was because the vast majority of his investments were in Treasury bills, I will change the channel every time his pinched, nasty face shows up on the screen.

    Every. Single. Time.

  5. What exactly are they blaming him for? That the ME and N. Africa are trying to step into the 20th century (they have a while before they step into the 21st).

  6. Ditto, here. I sent him a note yesterday and copied a good number of the so-called pundits and bloggers.

    Statements like the one he made yesterday, makes lots of folks in the media sound like simpletons. Everything is so simplistic to them, all the while dumbing down this country.

    Go figure.

  7. I know. But no matter how hard they try to beat down this president, they end up with eggs on their faces.

    Rubin and his ilk think they are such experts, yet when they speak, it is easy for one to hear their ugly biases.

    He’s green with envy and it shows.

  8. I had no trouble with it, cept for one time early one. I just hit refresh and it went on successfully to the very end.

  9. Wow…what a speech! I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anyone speak so frankly about Israel and Palestine before. Certainly not a sitting President. Very bold.

  10. Proud of Obama – You are so right about Jamie. Unfortunately, I think the same might be true about his wife Christiane Amanpour. Jealous Clintonites.

    But Hillary Clinton’s intro of the President at the State Department this morning was, on the other hand, wonderful. I’m so proud she puts forth such a congenial front when it comes to the President.

  11. Grumpy – You’ve got that right, about Chuck (Friar Tuck) and Andrea. Bleck.

  12. Agree Tien, Wonderful speech, very moving and well thought out. Greatness on so many levels.

  13. Jacqueline, I totally agree about his wife. They are both Obama haters. Mitchell always has Rubin on so he can contradict everything the Obama administration proposes or does on foreign policy. His wife parades republican after republican on her show to do the same.

    They are two tools.

    I am very proud of the people PBO selected for his foreign policy team: McDonough, et. al. They are fantastic in my opinion.

  14. Tien Le, so totally agree. I am not an expert on Israel etc., but it seems to me that they need to be more willing and flexible to work toward peace. This is why Bibi is always upset with PBO, because PBO speaks the truth about Israel.

  15. Totally dumb corporate media.Their beef is that, the speech was too professorial. WTF!

    Do they think that resolving thorny decades long problems in the Middle East is like unwrapping a candy?


  16. The media is dumb down so they ar use to dumd down words instead of words that make you think. 8yrs of bush will dumb anybody down

  17. When people say he’s too professorial it means that they don’t have anything negative to say so they use that.It’s one of those dog whistles for me.

  18. Agree, zizi,

    since when is treating a complex set of issues in a serious way “professorial”? Answer: it’s not. It’s just another example of the MSM advancing a narrative that is neither helpful nor relevant.

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  20. I say it every time, but this really was the best speech the President has ever given. Very clear, wide-ranging, interesting, news-making and inspirational. I was glued to the chair.

    If you can get RTE1 on a live stream on your pc, at 5:15 pm tonight EDT, you will be able to see the concert in Dublin that Queen Elizabeth II is hosting for a small group of 3,000. It will be very Irish and very good.

  21. For Obama, his best or greatest performance is always the next one! This guy is talented beyond belief. I am just glad he lives at my time to be able to witness what he does!

  22. Liu senate confirmation vote in 45 minutes. They have been going at it all day, the issue is that Liu was against Roberts and alito! Can’t have that now can we?

  23. I watched the President’s speech, and I came away with hope, well thought out plans and a well thought out purpose. I believe this President has shown a great patience for people who feed on instant sound bites and much chatting about nothing. Chuck and Andrea need to get serious about reporting. We do not know what is in the President’s thinking when he is about to speak, but from past speeches of importance(everytime he speaks) he has thought out what his speech must say to us here in American and around the world. This President is too smart for Todd and Mitchell. I do not need small talk, when the President of the free world is about to give an important speech that will speak to the world. To me, Todd and Mitchell are ‘lazy’ chatters. They do not research the material. The President has more things that come up many times even before he is trying to make it to that podium. I think we need to put the blame where it is due. Not on Mr. President. Being late is not the problem, it is how we find the ability to find other productive things to take up our time rather than listen to this empty chatter from these pundits. Enough from me. I do not think that we need to blame the President on being late. Anything can come up in the middle of all that he has to be attentive to during any minute of his day. Let us not allow Mitchell, Todd and others set our standards for our’waiting’ for the President. Most, if not all of these ‘chatters’ are out to make ratings and money, and the President is there to inform us as our President, leader, and intelligent information that he has gathered and thought of with great seriousness, and we should be mature and let him speak to us, and not continue to not use our Mute Button.

  24. Did you hear Grassley speak…he could not even hide his bigotry…

    And have you seen this?
    McConnell to feds: Save Ky. jobs
    By DARIUS DIXON | 5/19/11 10:53 AM
    He asks the Department of Energy to help prevent the shutdown of a uranium enrichment facility…

    This punk spent the last two and half years saying that public spending or stimulus does not create jobs. Now he comes cup in hand!

  25. Most of the reason dc is broke is bc of the media. They are all friends and compete with each other. So, the msm and lobbyists are controlling the masses!

  26. Then secretary chu said the way you want to cut my department it is unlikely we will be able to accommodate you. Perfect response.

  27. I remember that during the presidential campaign, some progressive Israeli was quoted as: “What we need is some tough love from a friend”.

    Well, there you have it.

  28. I tried to donate via the TOAITR page, but I am having trouble. I will keep trying, but my $25.00 may not count toward the BWD created page.

  29. Agree, jovie.

    The cable “preshows” are a tired, empty exercise in banality.

    BTW, I sure do love all your linkylicious posts.

  30. Why don’t we leave Israel alone, they do not want to compromise. Let them fight their own battles i am sick of Nethanayu. he is a neo con. Israel needs to elect leaders who will let then move towards peace.

  31. I only caught the tail end of the speech. I’ll watch it all over again later and where I don’t have to hear the quacking ducks, like Chuckie Cheezy.

    Btw, just love the pic of our Prez in the hat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one before.

    News: Gabby Giffords operation to close her skull is successful and Docs predict more rapid progress for her now. Wishing now for safe return of her Hubby from the space station.

    Have a great day, everyone!

  32. gn, I’m still having problems with the BWD Donations page. I donated $10.00 the other day after clicking on every available space as well as the thermometer. It didn’t seem to go through, but then I got an acknowledgement from OFA. But there was no mention of BWD. So I’m not sure that it counted towards her goal. But anyway, will try again tomorrow.

  33. why would anyone want to defund science and research. this is fantastic.

  34. Okay. I was able to donate. You have to get your under the graphic and then tab around the form.

  35. Ben Nelson voted with repubs against Liu. That idiot needs to go.

  36. Jeezzzzz…..

    I think democrats ought to have a strategy to confront the making of narratives within the Beltway. Storm those cocktail parties !! Journalists and pundits are not knowledgeable enough. They’re simply stenographers; they repeat ideas planted in them by lobbyists and republican operatives who are EVERYWHERE in Washington. Sad but true !!!!!

    I have tremendous respect for PBO and many democrats. I also agree they have to elevate the debate, to change the culture in Washington and force journalists to do their job. But, damn it… they ALSO have to play defense a bit against the very effective republican propaganda machine who’s at work behind the scenes in Washington…

  37. If you read the book “The Bridge” it is so obvious that President Obama has to lower (that’s not the right word) – he can’t speak as intelligently as he actually is. I mean the man is brilliant. Well I knew he was brilliant, I didn’t know how brilliant. If he used the vocabulary and the information he has at his disposal, few would understand him. I am quite serious. In the book when he is quoted and others quote him about their conversations with him about different books he has read (many I confess I was totally unfamiliar with), ideas, historical facts, global issues, concepts – much of it was beyond my reach. I’m no intellectual, but my level of comprehension is not that bad and I do read. But President Obama is phenomenon. I suspect that many people that he deals with are not in the same ballgame, they’re not in the same ballpark. I’m not saying this as hyperbolic infatuation with him. I’m just saying that my mind was blown at the intellect of our President.

  38. Easy: If science and research show that your preconceived notions of the world are false.

    In fact, we should turn that around: If people don’t believe science and research do any good, they’re also not allowed to reap the fruits of it: No more medications, advanced cars, Internet, mobile phones, 3D games, etc.

  39. Ok more visceral comment:

    WTF is the problem of journalists with Barack Obama ????

    They have a President who’s brilliant, knowledgeable, honest, caring, visionnary. And they CONSTANTLY criticize him ! Can they AT LEAST be neutral and simply report, summarize what he’s saying, what he’s proposing ?

    I’m so so so SICK of them.

  40. And will be replaced by a teabagger who will vote with the Dems none of the time and will be one seat closer to giving McConnell his majority.

    Unless Liu had 59 votes and Nelson was #60, his vote doesn’t matter. He’s trying to get re-elected.

  41. ‘Scuse me? Could I check something?

    Did the president of the US just say that a Palestinian state should be based on the ’67 borders with agreed swaps?

    That is… an interesting development.

  42. That is exactly what he said but qualified it a bit by adding “with agreed upon swaps”.

  43. This is so cute, with a picture:

    “Looks like it’s not just the CIA taking care of business in Ireland this week. The children of Offaly are donning their special agent sunglasses as they protect US President Barack Obama’s ancestral home in County Offaly, Ireland.

    The kids from the tiny town are fascinated with the men in their dark suits and sunglasses and are immitating the secret service’s role of protecting the President.


  44. Massive rally in a lovely place:

    “President Obama will hold an outdoor rally in College Green in Dublin near Trinity College on Monday night in Dublin. He is expected to address the immigration reform issue in his remarks.

    The rally will be preceded by a free concert which will start at 5.p.m. Tens of thousands are expected to attend.


  45. But what’s the deal that I noticed the other day? A ‘partnership’ of cspan and the Wall St. Journal? I didn’t get any details but I saw something they were announcing.


  46. I think the speech is meant for the international community. I’m not sure that many Americans pay attention to foreign policy. I could be wrong…

  47. They erroneously repeated (twice) the lie that President said the Israeli-Palestinian borders should be the pre-1967 borders. He never said “pre”, he said 1967, which is what they usually say when they’re referring to the territorial agreements of 1967.

  48. I wish the President could stick around long enough to play a round of golf – didn’t the Irish invent the game in those beautiful rolling green hills?

  49. Thank you overseasgranny. I have just read the story in Moneygal Co Fally about Obama’s Great, great, Great, Grand father and the existing relative, Mr. Heally. Thank you.

  50. Christiane Amanpour has definitely not done justice to the gig at ABC. She has lost her sting! I wonder how these people feel when they stray so far away from themselves to accrue or accomodate ideology or money. So sad really!

  51. The problem they have is that they are unaccustomed to this type of flair, brilliance and charisma,AND, to boot,he get things done, and is showing up former presidents. I mean, how dare he! This uppity little black man. Who does he think he is?
    That’s really it in a nutshell, plus the fact that standards have dropped and the journalists /reporters number one priority is flame wars and sensationalism, as well as making a story out of word associations! These folksies have not been exposed or experienced the world at large and it shows!

  52. Cable tv has ruined forward progression discourse beyond belief. Most of what we hear we can do without,for it is really the same people daily filling up airtime with their ramblings,rantings, ravings,rumblings.In other words we are subjected to any thought that occurs in their brain for the length of time of the show and therein lies the problem. I guess we just expect so much more and are always dissatisfied. Think about it, we are held ransome to these folksies day in, day out and most of the time and we learn absolutely nothing much or, most of the time become hostile and angry, wanting to smash our fist through the tv. An innovative swing is required in both format and programming.

  53. This is just great Granny! How wonderful for the people in Moneygall and the kiddos are just too sweet for words.

  54. Hi Theo, the Scots invented that game. It didn’t catch on well here until they got rid of the strange short pants and then the Irish finally got interested and we currently have one of the world’s top players.
    The Scots and Irish are very related anciently.
    There is an old joke that the Irish invented the bagpipes as a joke and gave them on to the Scots, but the Scots never did catch on to the joke. [I’m sorry everyone from Scotland, but I couldn’t resist. Scotland is a gorgeous place, too.]

  55. Aren’t they just darling?! Playing they are Secret Service men guarding the house. Kids are wonderful. I guess we can now say Ireland is providing 10,000 security personnel plus a handful of kids in SS sunglasses.

    For anyone who might worry, Ireland has NO active AQ cells, just a few sympathizers who raise money, and strangely enough, they have all been put into jail this past week. That probably blew a few wiretaps.

  56. Well, she did marry Greenspan. That’s like being the Cryptkeeper’s wife. Have some pity on her.

  57. I’ve got two college degrees and a law degree and was the nerdiest nerd girl in the history of my redneck neighborhood with my nose always in a book. When it comes to edumacation and academics I’m no slouch. When I get together with some of my friends, all of whom are well educated and were honor students back in the day we all agree on one thing: Barack Obama is smarter and better educated than the whole lot of us combined. This is quite an admission coming from a bunch of attorneys who are usually pretty sure they’re likely to be among the smartest people in any given room. Ego thy name is lawyer. In fact, my colleagues and I have been awestruck at the obvious depths of his intellect and range of his knowledge. It’s not enough to be smart, one has to have used those smarts to learn and study. In Obama’s case I’ve picked up a few things here and there during his speeches and town halls, little phrases he’s thrown out or obscure references, and I’ve been stunned to realize that he’s referring to something like the philosophical works I read in college or when I was in my religious philosophy phase. I was listening to one speech and realized that he could probably spend an hour right there discussing Thomas Aquinas’s hierarchy of laws and contrasting it to … say … Hobbes’s “Leviathan”. That’s some heavy shee-at. He hasn’t merely read these ideas, he’s actually pondered them and used them to frame his own approach to life.

  58. You named all the things PBO is and the journalist ARE NOT! Today’s journalist if that’s what we must call them, are overpaid actors who are hired to read and make commentary that is meaningless but makes sense to the low information masses. Nothing comes out of their mouths that is intelligent.

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