Fox News Poll: President Obama at 55%. Fox News Poll Headline: “Mixed Views on Whether Bin Laden Raid Was Gutsy Call”

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1. Today’s schedule:

10:30 AM PBO receives the presidential daily briefing.

11:00 AM PBO meets with senior advisers.

11:40 AM PBO delivers a speech on the events in the Middle East and North Africa, and U.S. policy in the region.

1:45 PM VPB attends an event for the DNC in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

2:00 PM

2:55 PM PBO is interviewed by BBC.

3:30 PM PBO meets with Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner.

5:15 PM VPB attends an event for the DNC in Cincinnati, Ohio.

7:00 PM PBO delivers remarks at the Women’s Leadership Forum.

8:00 PM PBO delivers remarks at a DNC event.


2. This is hilarious. New Fox News poll has PBO at 55% approval. You think they enjoyed these results?

Fox News Poll: Mixed Views on Whether Bin Laden Raid Was Gutsy Call


3. Yes, indeed.

Obama sent two powerful messages: This is a game for grown-ups, and Obama’s patience for the silliness of some Republicans only goes so far

Donald Trump was probably never really going to run for president.

And President Obama’s epic smackdown of The Donald probably didn’t scare Trump away from the race as much as the idea of releasing his financial records did.

// snip

At the White House correspondents dinner, while Obama was whipping the crowd into laughter at Trump’s expense, there was a steely edge to the president’s voice.

Watch it again. Obama is chuckling, but his stare could cut glass.

It is easy to forget sometimes, with high unemployment and the constant criticism from Republicans, that Obama is a master political pugilist.

He’s the same man who outdueled and outlasted Hillary Clinton and the establishment Democratic Party. He is battle-tested, hardened and, most damaging to his opponents, presidential.

The race for the presidency, despite all its quirks and entertainment, is a game for adults. That’s what Obama wants to remind voters every day.

Budget fights, terrorist threats and seemingly endless energy crises and natural disasters — the constant life-and-death drumbeat is what makes presidents hard to beat. It’s also what makes them testy when also-rans come calling with silly issues and attention-grabbing claims.

And it takes one act of presidential decisiveness, in this case taking out Osama bin Laden, to remind everyone that the stakes are high and the presidency is not a reality show.

// more


4. Oh man, bring the popcorn:

Bush speechwriter Matt Latimer: why president Obama trounces Mitt Romney in 2012

Well, this is embarrassing. Mere weeks into the thrill-deprived 2012 election season and I am already changing my prediction. There were more than a few of us in Washington who believed that Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty would eventually triumph in the Republican primaries under the slogan, “He Annoys You The Least.” But the mild-mannered Minnesotan was so easily overshadowed by Herman Cain and Rick Santorum in last week’s far too early GOP debate that he really ought to drop out just on principle. With the latest fundraising news, and yet another round in the Newt Gingrich gaffe-o-lympics, it looks like the GOP is going to come up Romney after all. All this of course is wonderful news for the Obama White House. There is no more ideal candidate for the President to run against than Governor Rombot himself.

// more fun


5. Viral this!



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  1. Good morning! You know the president is doing well, when the guests on morning Joe are all over the top and blaming the president for everything. It is sad and yet scary, how d. C. Beltway peeps are so afraid of the president, that they are willing to say anything. Nothing short of swift boating him!
    Anyways, sorry for the rant, I will be posting some good news momentarily…

  2. Good Morning BWD! I know you love polls as much as I do but I was astonished even after 2 weeks of the OBL elimination, Fox’s poll shows Obama at a strong 55%. If you love polls remember, polling units that do not call cellphones will ALWAYS under-represent POTUS true support. This includes: Rasmussen(R) and dem-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP).
    You can tell by PPP as they always have Obama in the anemic range of 47-50%. PPP is missing a good portion of Obama’s base as we know by now – young people, minorities, women, etc. can only be reached by cell.

  3. Good morning all! This is beautiful!!! Thanks BWD for another new day of fun pics.

  4. Joe, must have gotten a hold of that fox news poll. They are trying to find a way to stop POTUS from talking about bin laden.
    They are all essentially saying, that WH leaked info on SEAL team 6, putting thier lives in danger. BS…

    You see, Swift Boat!

  5. Innovation at Los Alamos Unlocking a New Source of Domestic Oil… From Algae!
    Submitted by Joyce Yang on May 17, 2011 – 12:46pm
    The Department of Energy’s sustained investment in biofuels technology is unlocking the huge potential for homegrown oil from algae. As Niketa Kumar noted a few weeks ago, we now have an excellent idea about just how huge that resource is: an April report from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found that up to 17 percent of the United States’ imported oil for transportation could be replaced with American-grown biofuels from algae. Yet understanding that potential and realizing it are two different things.

    One significant challenge of using algae is cheaply separating it from the very thing that allows it to grow: water. It’s well known that under most cultivation conditions, microalgae reach a typical cell density of less than 1 gram per liter of water; that’s 999 parts water to 1 part algae. Removing that quantity of water to get to the algae is an uphill battle. Adding to the problem is scale; the optimal size of the commercial “open-pond” algae production facility is envisioned at more than a million liters of culture each. This means the harvesting technology not only has to concentrate the algae cheaply and effectively, but it must do so at a robust flow-through rate.

    Enter the team of Department of Energy researchers led by Babetta Marrone of Los Alamos’ Bioscience Division, who are taking this challenge head-on. Marrone’s team is busy perfecting the Ultrasonic Algal Biofuel Harvester, which modulates the frequency of sound waves to separate oils, proteins and water from algae.

  6. Innovative Solar Panel Maker Scales Up, Lowering Costs while Creating Jobs
    Submitted by Minh Le on May 16, 2011 – 12:41pm
    It’s one thing to call solar energy a “growth industry,” it’s quite another to witness firsthand how quickly a company on the cutting edge of that industry can grow — all the while growing jobs right here in America. The Department’s Photovoltaic (PV) Technology Incubator program has brought me in contact with a number of dynamic solar startups that fit that mold. I highlighted one, PrimeStar Solar, on the blog, not long ago.

    Coverage of America’s effort to win the solar energy future would not be complete without featuring the start up company Abound Solar. Abound is using an innovative process initially developed at Colorado State University (CSU) and refined with help from the PV Incubator to manufacture low-cost, thin-film Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) PV modules at commercial scale in the U.S., bringing us closer to the SunShot Initiative’s goal of reducing the cost of utility-scale solar energy systems by about 75% before 2020.


  8. Fuel Cells Shine a Light on the Last Endeavour Space Shuttle Launch
    Submitted by Sunita Satyapal on May 16, 2011 – 9:35am
    Fuel cell technology will help light the way as the Space Shuttle Endeavor launches off into space for the final time.

    NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is one of several test sites for a new hydrogen fuel cell-powered mobile light tower that has the potential to drastically reduce dependence on diesel-fueled mobile lighting across the United States. NASA’s first testing of the product coincides with today’s launch of the Endeavor — the mobile tower will supply additional lighting during the launch.

    Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia) sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, is participating in a joint effort to launch this clean technology alternative to diesel-powered equipment. Participants include Multiquip, Luxim, Lumenworks and Ovonic Hydrogen Solutions; as well as Altergy Systems — the manufacturer of the 5 kW hydrogen fuel cell system that provides power to the mobile light stand.

    The collaboration targets three customer areas at this time — entertainment, transportation and airports — to test these light towers in real-world operating environments. In addition to the Kennedy Space Center, other customers who are providing test sites include the San Francisco International Airport and the California Department of Transportation. The technology already has made a debut in the entertainment industry — lighting up red carpet events for the 2011 Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards ceremonies in Los Angeles, in addition to the 2010 Academy Awards ceremony and other events.

  9. One of President Obama’s top economic advisers, Austan Goolsbee, took to late-night comedy to spread the administration’s point of view on a serious topic – the debt ceiling.

    And Goolsbee, himself something of a comedian, tried to paint the debt picture in a way that a late-night audience could understand.

    “If they cut of the water to your house, the fact that there are a few gallons in the toilet that you can drink is not going to save you,” Goolsbee told Stephen Colbert. “You’ve got to get the water started back again.”

    The host of the “The Colbert Report” piped up, “Remind me to never have a drink at your house.”

    Goolsbee then grew serious and laid out what he said would happen if the borrowing limit isn’t raised. “If you hit the debt ceiling and the U.S. government defaulted, it would either default on Treasury – the interest rate would explode, banks would collapse, people would be screaming in the streets — or they’d default on Social Security — senior citizens around the country are not receiving their checks — [or] we default on the military – we don’t pay the military bills — or we default on Medicare,” he said.

    “All of these are bad,” he said. “This is not where we want to be.”

    Politico 44-

  10. The Democratic Party is getting another big boost on Thursday as both President Obama and Vice President Biden recite their stump speeches at a handful of fundraisers.

    Obama is scheduled to raise money at a donor’s home at 8 p.m., the White House said in guidance to reporters without providing other details, like a location. The White House is letting a print pool reporter inside, but no cameras.

    Biden, meanwhile, is flying to Pittsburgh for a Democratic National Committee event at 1:45 p.m. and is then jetting to Cincinnati, Ohio, for another one at 5:15 p.m.

    By the end of Thursday, Obama and Biden will have raised campaign money eight times in the past week. Obama spoke at two fundraisers in Boston on Wednesday and two in Washington on Monday; Biden flew to New York City on Friday for one.

    On Wednesday, Obama told donors the same thing he told Democrats in Texas last week — that he didn’t want his reelection campaign based in Washington because the conversation there “is very different than the one you hear around the kitchen table or around the water cooler.”

    “I don’t want our campaign to be hearing only from lobbyists and pundits and insiders,” he said in Boston. “I want our campaign to be hearing from the people who sent me to the White House. I want to be hearing from you.”


  11. And they are trying to offer a tortured explanation in an effort to distort and undermine the credit that is due to the President for making the call on Osama. You can see that it is galling all of them and the entire Right Wing but, the rest of America and in fact, the rest of the world know who to credit.

    Do you remember Bush saying that he no longer spent much time thinking about one man? how about at a WHCD when he looked under the table and pretended to look for weapons of mass destructions? People remember, the Right can go to hell.

  12. Two months after Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) signed a sweeping rollback of public union’s collective bargaining rights, voters there still overwhelmingly disapprove of their first-term governor, and a majority say the controversial law should be repealed, according to a Quinnipiac poll released today.

    In the poll, 54% of registered voters said the collective bargaining law should be repealed, while 36% said it should not. And with the law potentially headed for a referendum in November, it looks like they may get their wish.

  13. What is maddening is, BUSH got saddam and he could not stop talking about him. He got a 15 point bounce for 3 months.
    POTUS gest Bin alden, nobody wants him to talk abou thim, BUSH peeps want to take credit, and then POTUS only gets a 6 point bounce.
    I would say, lousy messaging, great results. Per usual!

  14. AFGHAN OPS UPDATE – Kabul city police on Tuesday discovered a cache of 23 107 mm rockets and four antipersonnel mines in the Khak-e Jabar district of Kabul province, ISAF officials tell Morning Defense. An ISAF spokesman said the cache was significant because it was an indication that insurgents were planning attacks on areas with a high population concentration. “With that and the historic insurgent disregard for civilian life, the removal of the explosives not only protected Afghan and ISAF forces, but most probably prevented Afghan civilian casualties,” the spokesman said.

    Coalition and Afghan forces detained 10 suspected Haqqani network insurgents during a security sweep Tuesday in eastern Khost province. Since January, more than 30 suspected leaders and several hundred members of the network have been captured or killed in the province, one of its main operating areas, ISAF said.

    LIBYA OPS UPDATE – NATO air forces conducted 159 sorties on Tuesday, of which 53 were strike sorties. That brings the total to 7,103 sorties and 2,755 strike sorties since March 31.

    Raids were conducted near Tripoli and Misurata. Key targets hit included air defense sites, vehicles and a command and control bunker.

    Thirteen vessels were hailed and one boarded Tuesday in arms embargo enforcement activities. Since March 31, 954 vessels have been hailed, 41 boarded and five diverted.


  15. Eighteen months ago, the U.S. Navy announced it would source roughly half of its energy from alternative sources by 2020. Since then, the Navy has launched a number of innovative green projects, such as switching some Marine forward bases in Afghanistan from fossil fuels to solar power.

    Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, whom I recently saw speak about his energy program, runs a $150 billion budget and 900,000 “employees.” His experience can teach any organization some important lessons about making the case for green and executing against the vision.

    Read more:

    Best way to save money in the military is to go GREEN!!!

  16. Yep. Part of it is also the fact that the MSM and the Right Wing continue to peddle the meme that only Republicans are good on National Security.

    As a result, they keep tip-toeing around the victories this President continues to score even as he pulls that rug from under their feet.

    Dems snd Progressives have never been good at messaging and consistency. Too many self-interested talking heads, each of which thinks they have a monopoly on knowledge.

  17. Sue – For the first time, probably, in about two years, I actually intentionally turned on FOX this week. I wanted to hear them take down Newt Gingrich … and they did.

    Good times!

  18. True, which is how the talkingheads get there jobs. What, you think anybody that says I am an Obama supporter, would get a job in the MSM? LOL!

  19. We have an exciting June here in South Florida- Duval Patrick will be the featured speaker at our TKJ dinner and the President is going to be here in the middle of the month – YES!!!

  20. Dems and Progressives, including and perhaps specially the President, are all about doing things and not bragging about them. The Republicans are all about talking a good game but doing little.
    Although Bush was a master bragger, I don’t think it would behoove teh President to become one. Just the simple act of going to the ceremony in New York, without making a speech and being very low key was called “taking a victory lap” and was called arrogant.

    That doesn’t mean that other Dems can’t get out there and spread the word. Of course, not easy with the current MSM. See Sunday’s guest lists the past few weeks to see how difficult it is.

  21. I would say our best surrogate is Governor Patrick. But he is only one guy! Where are the other surrogates?

  22. Three Democratic political groups will team up with a new organization founded by former White House aides to try to keep President Barack Obama in office and win House and Senate seats in 2012, parroting a strategy deployed successfully by Republicans last year.

    The organizations, operating independently of individual campaigns and the Democratic National Committee, will copy the tactics used by Republican strategist Karl Rove last year when his party won control of the House of Representatives and gained six seats in the Senate. The Democratic groups will meet regularly to share information and resources and to target their political advertising at races where it would be the most effective.

    Three of the organizations, like their Republican counterparts, won’t have to disclose all of their donors.

    “There will be a lot of coordination among the Democratic groups,” said Alixandria Lapp, executive director of House Majority PAC. “We’re trying to figure out how we can share resources and spend our collective donors’ money efficiently.”

  23. Bush Alumni want Mitch Daniels to run – they want him to burn his chance now, rather than being another primary challenger for Jeb Bush in 2016. They’re also looking for a sucker that won’t hurt the down ticket races. Romney is a not-starter for a lot of Republicans, and I think it will only be worse for him once both the primary and the general take their shots at him. The GOP wants a “serious” person they can put a top their ticket with tax cutting credentials.

    Problem for Daniels is that the Primary schedule doesn’t do him any favors. He’s not going to win Iowa or SC and Romney will likely win NH and Nevada – leaving only Florida as the possible win before Super Tuesday and he doesn’t have any real advantage in Fla.

  24. OT: Rham is holding a press confernece today, to announce his plans for a green jobs economy! NICE!

  25. Alvin Brown, a Democrat is the new mayor of Jacksonville, FL.

  26. Another thing the whiny left better start realizing: DO NOT SIT OUT AN ELECTION YEAR THAT ENDS IN A ‘ZERO’.

    Redistricting after the census affects political fortunes for the next decade.

    The lessons we can and must learn from Republicans: see the long term picture, keep your eye on the prize and VOTE.

  27. Good ground game. Tampa also just elected another dem to mayors office, last month!

    Mayors can help with the presidential ground game.

    Good news…

  28. Yep. Redistricting will go a long way in saving the House for the GOP in 2012, and lock down majorities in State Houses and Senate.

  29. Unfortunately, that’s the definition of Republicans. Newt’s particular rather curious gaffe this time was saying something that was mildly moderate.

    I no longer project well into the future because who the eff knows how politics will play out in this country. That being said, how does a Republican win the primary and then tack anywhere close to the center in order to compete in the general election?

    There is not one Republican candidate who can win the nomination without saying that he wants to destroy Medicare. Thank you, Newt: you brought that fact to public consciousness. Unless you are opening advocating for the destruction of entitlements then you cannot win the primary.

  30. And yet, redistrcitng might actually hurt in alot of areas. The census found that Minorities grew at a alarming rate, for the decade.
    It is why the redistricting is taking so long, the GOP cannot figure out how to maximize their voting blocks.

  31. This Saturday, May 21, is the kickoff for the effort to recall Governor Rick Snyder. It begins with a HUGE rally at the State Capitol Building. The rally is expected to be the biggest one yet.

    DATE: Saturday May 21, noon to 6PM
    LOCATION: Capitol Building Lansing, 100 N Capitol Ave,Lansing, MI

    Thousands of protesters will converge on the state capitol on Saturday, May 21st.

    They are planning on tabling this event and will have recall petitions available for you to sign as well as voter registration forms.

    Time is subject to change, keep updated on their event Page HERE.

  32. Although Bush was a master bragger, I don’t think it would behoove teh President to become one.

    But…but…but the professional lefties all say OBAMA=BUSH.

  33. Newt and Santorum are done. The Repugs don’t like it, but they are stuck with Romney, Pawlenty, Bachmann, Huntsman, and possibly Daniels.

    I really enjoyed the article from Sam Youngman, but see we still have some crazy people convinced our President is not a citizen.

  34. “If they cut of the water to your house, the fact that there are a few gallons in the toilet that you can drink is not going to save you,” Goolsbee told Stephen Colbert. “You’ve got to get the water started back again.”

    The host of the “The Colbert Report” piped up, “Remind me to never have a drink at your house.”


  35. As much as I hate how much money is raised and spent in elections, I am glad Obama and Biden are doing this. They will need as much money as possible to beat back the smears and lies from the right wing and the nutty left.

  36. Good. It’s time we start fighting fire with fire and beating the GOP at their own game.

    I wonder if Adam Green’s group is included? /snark

  37. They will just blame the redistricting on Obama. They’ll insist he did not massage their feet good enough for them to be able to go the polls.

  38. Take out Bachmann that is a very bland but otherwise pretty sane bunch. Most of those guys are 1980’s Republicans trying to fake it in a teabagger world. We need Bachmann, Gingrich in it to pull them to the crazy right.

    My new theory is that Fox tried to bribe it’s “candidates” to in fact not run. They tried to co-opt the culture warriors, pay them a nice salary and give then a television platform to spew their rhetoric hoping that would be enough to keep them from actually running.

    Huckabee, Palin, Santorum, Gingrich – the candidates that could appeal to the Evangelicals/RR that could carry them to the primary win. Seemed to work on Palin and Huck, and Fox quickly cut Newt and Santorum loose when the were still going to run and have savaged them with coverage since.

    The strategy could work, as Pawlenty is now the defacto culture warrior candidate likely going to win Iowa. Also getting Huck and Palin to sit out opens the door for the Pawlenty’s, Daniels and Huntsmen to feel there is enough oxygen in the room for them.

    The feeling has to be that the RR and the teabaggers will vote for whoever has the [R] after their name regardless, if for no other reason than just to stick it to Obama. Fox has worked hard for two years to make this group despise President Obama. So now the tactic is to get an actual candidate that will appeal to the indies and moderates – Daniels, Pawlenty, Huntsman will do that.

    I see an over-arching strategy at work here, and I hope the Obama Administration and Dems is seeing it as well.

  39. POTUS looks good. I must say that the SS guys look like they are enjoying too many WH pastries. But as long as they are on the job they can have whatever they want.

  40. Thank you BWD excellent, excellent you always make our day so do not go anywhere O.O.
    O.K. Who gives a Fuck what FOX says or think, let’s sto apying attentionto those assholes please. and Cornell West he is a NO body there are things more important we should be focusing, We know that there are going to be attacking PBO no matter what he does.

  41. As long as the public, with an attention span of an amoeba, is reminded enough of what this President has accomplished. There’s a balance that must be struck, or we cede to the narrative-drivers: the Republicans and the complicit MSM.

    We can’t stay quiet. The best kept secret was PPACA — Democrats were ineffective at explaining the advantages of HCR.

    Here’s a meme for the Democrats and the Obama administration: EVERY provision of PPACA that has been enacted already HAS BEEN A SUCCESS. Insurance for children to the age of 26, extensions of Medicaid for children, the high risk pool (I REALLY need to apply by June 1).

    EVERY SINGLE PROVISION that does not have a start date in the future HAS WORKED SO FAR.

    Let’s get some passionate, articulate surrogates out there. We have truth on our side — how can we be losing the message war to the liars?

  42. I have a somewhat crazy suggestion: If the Sunday morning shows are only going to have Republicans as guests then should be buy a half-hour of TV time to highlight that fact? That the MSM has wilfully ignored the other side of the issues and therefore Democrats and the Obama administration have to buy time to get the message out?

    Probably totally crazy. The public needs to understand that the other side of the message is not being covered adequately.

  43. “If they cut of the water to your house, the fact that there are a few gallons in the toilet that you can drink is not going to save you,” Goolsbee told Stephen Colbert. “You’ve got to get the water started back again.”

    *lol* Yes more of this. Humor and a bit of plain silliness. I know the Administration are mostly super smart, super geeks(which I love), super serious and super focused on getting stuff done but I hope they find someone (maybe this guy is it, I don’t watch Colbert so I don’t know how he did) to do the tv rounds and speak to those that can’t understand the complicated issues.

  44. When Trump started to make presidential noises, there was an entertainment guy on one of the progressive radio shows who said Trump’s show was going to be picked up for next season and there was no way Donald was running for Pres.

    When NBC made noises that they would go forward with the show with or without Donald it was obvious to me this was orchestrated to keep interest in the brand and nothing more. You honestly think Donald Trump is going to comply with financial disclosure? When he broke his promise to do so after Pres. Obama released the long form b/c, it was clear — if there ever was any doubt — that Trump was full of b.s.

  45. Huntsman still scares me. He could make up all kinds of shit about closed door conversations with Obama. Huntsman, to me, is the one to fear for this reason only.

  46. I am mixed on this because I hated the Karl Rove and Koch Industries “citizens united” tactics so very much but I know the GOP will not stop it. Hell they are doing it right now in my state. So kudos to these Democratic 3 organizations for stepping up.

  47. But they were so happy to “hold his feet to the fire” though. “That will teach Obama” is what the PL told me. *sigh*

  48. Yup. Huntsman is the only one repub that is worrying. Hopefully mittens has something on him.

  49. Ooops… I was trying to post video of President Obama at the DNC Fundraiser in Boston.

  50. Huntsman was recruited back to run by McCain, and has staffed up with many of the McCain campaign team so he can hit the ground running.

  51. The questions in the poll that have me scratching my head are:

    1. Do you support or oppose the use of enhanced interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding…. 63% support and 30% oppose


    51% think that the DOJ should continue investigating CIA agents for using enhanced interrogation techniques.

    I also think if the poll had used the word “TORTURE” the results may have been different. However, conservatives don’t believe waterboarding is TORTURE.

  52. Daniels just signed a bill defunding “evil” Planned Parenthood”, so it looks like he’s trying to please the rt. wing extremists in his party. And even though Daniels pretends to be a Repub who is more moderate, a closer look at all his statements and policies reveals he is as ultra-conservative as any of them.

  53. “I hope the Obama Administration and Dems is seeing it as well.”

    Why the hand wringing though? Everything you, me or anybody else is talking about today and will continue to talk about, I am sure the the O team have taken all that into consideration months ago.

    Just like POTUS wanted to see many different scenarios before sending in team seal 6, I am sure he directs his campaign team to review all the 2012 scenarios, strategies, etc they have and continue to go over. That is the way this POTUS does everything pertaining to his job, no knee jerk b.s from him.

    The Dems running for reelection or election in Congress? well that is another story. 😀

  54. Jesus. Compare that bench to ours in 2007. Incredibly weak bench. I’m still looking for Rubio to come out of nowhere, but if that is indeed the GOP’s bench, *wow.*

  55. Donald Trump is an attention-seeker and entertainment personality. His “campaign” was an indictment on the national media and the joke which part of the GOP leadership has become. He enjoys his money, his wives, his television show, and trash-talking. There is no way that man was running for POTUS. I can’t even get the notion of collusion with the WH out of my mind.

  56. I highly recommend people take the time to read that entire blog entry Jovie linked to. This technology has potential to do far more than separate water from algae.

  57. It irritates me that they’re trying to tie torture into the bin Laden story in the first place after it has been definitively proven that torture did not yield the information which led to bin Laden’s capture and death.

  58. Not totally crazy. The real problem is that in the days of old, when a viewer only had 4 or 5 channel choices, it was easier to geth their attention, but in the day of cable and satellite, television, trying to get a viewer to watch something like taht would not be easy. I wouldn’t mind, so much, the Republican dominance on Sunday television if the interviewers really did their jobs, which they don’t.

  59. I just love all this stuff. It’s completely under the radar, too. All good stuff to hurt the Kochs. Works for me.

  60. Not that crazy. The first thing is to install in the public consciousness the fact that the ideal of the “liberal” media is an absolute joke. The MSM favors conservatives. Once the general public realizes that, the MSM will become less effective in their undermining of President Obama.

    It takes too much effort to counterbalance every false narrative, every distorsion, every republican talking point that is pushed by MSM.

    So the solution is to make the general public conscious that MSM doesn’t treat PBO and democrats fairly. This is not a dishonest tactic, because, hell, MSM is INDEED treating democrats unfairly.

  61. Right now they are gropping in the dark, unable to find a coherent narrative. You know that old meme–Republicans are good on National Security? Obama took it away within days of taking office.

    First, he effectively addressed the pirates issue, then he stepped up the drone attack in both Pakistan and Afghanistan and, now he has taken care of Bin Laden–something Bush and Cheney could not do for 8 years, even as he pulls out troops from Iraq and soon Afghanistan.

    What you see in the MSM and Right Wing pundits now, is the fact that they are unable to get out of the old rotten narrative of ‘dems weak on security’ and the now well-known fear of being lebeled Liberal Media–compounded by the fact that Dems are just not good at messaging and bragging as someone noted earlier. Lawrence O’Donnelll did a show on this—Come election time though, you will see a coherent and a stepped up messaging piecing all these together to defeat the incoherence attempted hijacking of Obama’s record happening on the Right.

  62. When I saw the list of those that would be on the Sunday morning shows last week I was worried. I had given up watching them long ago but wished our side was being heard instead of the other side getting air time to spread their lies and propoganda.
    The good part of last Sunday’s line-up was that there was more opportunity for the GOP to put their foot in their mouth. Newt Gingrich definitely had problems based on his Meet the Press appearance.

  63. When I saw Newt with his wife by his side in a video clip lately my thoughts were: Wow!! Those older Republican men like the thin blonde women. I was mainly thinking how much Newt’s wife looked like Cindy McCain. It seems like they go for the arm candy and it seems like they are saying be quiet and stand right there. I saw Newt position his wife into a spot with his hand on her arm pushing and pulling her to where he wanted her to stand.

  64. SR-Go over to and write your theory under the email contact so someone will read it and maybe pass it on.
    I have been trying to contact Debbie Wassermann-Schultz to pass on opinions but to no avail. The site does not have these types of input.

  65. It also shows just how shallow the pool of talent in the Republican Party. That Trump was even for a minute able to lead the field and not induce even a single heavier hitter to get off the fence to close down the show says that abundantly. If it weren’t for his vanity, Trump could have gone for the kill and actually ran at least a symbolic race and perhaps come in second. Fortunately he burned out soon enough before he could have done any damage.

  66. Apparently, they disagree with the President’s policies, so they’re sitting this one out, as per Claire McCaskill the other day. They won’t decline the President’s coat-tails when it comes to election time, but they’re not going to lift a finger to help him get there. Makes me ill.

  67. Yes, remember during the 2010 elections when the crazier Republicans just stopped granting interviews or appearing on TV – unless it was FOX? Maybe this time around, this group of crazies will get the same message, and our Sundays can be free of Republican lies all over the airwaves…

  68. It also helps their main fundraisers to see the President and VP out raising money, because it gives the main fundraisers something to point to and use in their own fundraising. I’d heard each main fundraiser was supposed to raise about $350K, and they can point to the larger machinery to show that money is pouring in.

  69. Can you just imagine what the “he’s not like us” crowd would do if the President just whipped out a couple more sets of arms and legs during the rope line meet-n-greet? Crazy! 🙂

  70. McCaskill thinks the farther she moves away from the president, the better her chances for re-election.
    I can’t stand her. Ever since she had those health care town halls and reprimanded this woman for yelling at a guy that ripped her poster, I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth about her.

  71. The Republicans are playing a dangerous game. By not actually freeing themselves from the tea party and Paul Ryan, they open the door for a relative landslide election, and that could destroy their party for good. Who will want to take the country from President Obama’s wise hands and give it to another Bush in 2016? Especially when the last time the Republicans were up for a Presidential election (i.e. now) they promised to destroy everything that the middle class relied on and believed in, and they peddled in fear and race baiting? I don’t think the 2016 candidate will have it any easier, because President Obama’s shoes will be a lot bigger then, after his policies get enough time to come to full fruition. If their only hope is another Bush in 2016, then they are in deeper trouble than we thought.

    They’ve painted themselves into a corner.

  72. What would Rubio offer? He seems like a nobody trying to be a somebody, and the only thing he’s got to sell is his Cuban heritage – and even that doesn’t appeal to every Latino. He might draw in the votes as a VP, but he really doesn’t seem to know what he stands for.

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