Fearless (Updated)

Confession: Whenever the president delivers a big speech, I get pathetically nervous. I’m afraid that he’ll stumble, they he’ll forget a line, that his tongue will slip. I get so nervous, I usually need a second round to actually listen and not just hear what he said. Same thing happened today, and just like in every other time – All my worries were for nothing.


Jackson Diehl: The steel in Obama’s Mideast speech

President Obama’s Middle East speech contained a surprising amount of specificity — and in that, some real steel. Not just U.S. adversaries, such as Syria and Iran, but friends, such as Bahrain and Israel, were singled out for presidential pointers that will leave their leaders smarting

// snip

n all, Obama’s speech contained plenty of his trademark soaring rhetoric about human rights and dignity and a broad U.S. commitment to support democractic transition in Arab states, economic development, and an Israeli-Palestinian settlement. But in most of the region’s capitals today, officials will be talking about those specific zingers.



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  1. Wonderful speech and wonderful vision for a peaceful and just Middle East.

  2. In other news the GOP blocked Goodwin Liu from even having an up or down vote after many were on record saying they’d always vote to have an up or down vote – but that is when they were in the majority.

    They don’t question his intelligence or legal mind, they’re scared of him. They know he’d e a prime SCOTUS candidate and want to derail him by blocking him from getting experience on the lower court.

    I think he should be nominated for the next Supreme Court opening, and when the GOP cries that he doesn’t have the necessary experience, it can be pointed out that is only the case because the GOP blocked him from getting it.

  3. Now if ONLY the people in the areas the president mentioned would take the courage needed to come to an agreement and start moving forward, instead of at a stalemate.

    No Need to be nervous dear lady.

    President Obama, even if his teleprompter were to break, Like Bill Clinton, the man had the brain power to go on.

    But I understand where you are coming from.

    I am hoping that men and women of courage would finally see the light and chose peace over conflict and war.

  4. Powerful speech! Someone on MSNBC said it was not as exciting or as powerful as his speech in Cairo, but then the person who said that didn’t stop to think he had thousands standing with him when he gave the speech in Cairo, unlike today with a small audience. It was a stupid remark.

    I need to sit down with the transcript and listen to the video again. It might be a good idea of the talking heads would do the same? He had a whole lot to say and I don’t believe anyone can absorb it all in one sitting.

    Thanks, BWD! Great photos, as usual.

    Now, back to the incoming news about Ahnold’s love-child. ugh!

  5. That’s funny – the last thing I ever worry about is him losing a line.

    That might be because I’m a tech junkie (see my web page). Throughout the “teleprompter nontroversies” during the 2008 presidential campaign I have been thinking on how they work.

    It does help that I have to address ~100 people regularly.

    Rule I: Don’t write out your whole speech, because you won’t be able to read (constantly switching from paper to looking to your audience). This is the problem a teleprompter solves.

    Rule II: Don’t write down jokes – if they don’t come naturally, they’re awkward.

    Rule III: Don’t be afraid to say nothing for 5 whole seconds – it gives your audience time to catch up.

    My conclusion is that there has to be a human being behind the text moving on the teleprompter – there’s simply too much going on to leave it to automation.

    No, the real problem with these addresses is that every sentence (or part of a sentence) can be used by (Republican) pressure groups in attack ads during the 2012 campaign.

  6. One of the many things that impressed me about this speech was how much work that has been going on in the background leading up to this. All these agreements about banking and loans and credit and development of commerce in the area. And his comparison to the non-oil exports in the region equaling those of Switzerland! WOW.

    Something tells me that most of the media had no idea all this work was going on because they were too busy creating non-troversies to care.

    Also, there were more than one time during that speech that I thought: this message applies to what’s going on in THIS country as much as it does the Middle East. Smart, smart, smart. This is our guy talking softly and carrying a Lightsaber. (I totally stole that line from someone here.)

  7. yeah, i enjoyed the speech ’till palestine/isreal part. well, i love mr. obama, but he’s not evenhanded; just as any other previous president he’s too soft on isreal. for the life in me, i cannot imagine why. so the saga continue….

  8. I believe so. But I’d rather take this to the front pages with a SCOTUS nomination come the next opening. The recess appointment would be a bad precedent.

  9. It was a great speech I am glad we watched the speech on the Internet I do not need the talking heads their fucking spining.
    Thanks BWD.

  10. I read somewhere that Bush did it twice, and who knows when the next SCOTUS opening will arrive.

    I hate these people so much. They are the most despicable scumbags of the earth.

  11. Once again you nailed it imo Tien. A brilliant speech.. that was obviously premised on a large amount of behind the scenes hard work.

    The last thing I ever worry about is this man giving a great speech- he’s proven too many times his capability of delivering the goods.. it is the media that apparently is too dense to understand him and thus portrays him as being too professorial. I love his mind, I love the way he speaks his mind and I especially love the vision and action he brings to his speeches.

  12. OT but I know Kasper has some fans here:

    “After seeing the pictures of his injuries, I am beyond thrilled.” So said the specialist/surgeon now in charge of Kasper’s case.

    He still has a gaping hole on his left side and all the stitches from one end of his little body to other, but the gaping wound is starting to close. The other wounds are healing so well, she is absolutely beyond thrilled.

    The drainage tubes came out which now will actually help the tissue seal from the inside out. He ate on his own for the first time today (okay, ground beef and noodles but he ate it all by himself!) There are oozy areas, but my goddaughter the trauma surgeon, talked me down yesterday about the nature of open wounds and how they must heal. As did Kasper’s wonderful doctor.

    Kasper is an absolute, living miracle. As is the extraordinary care he has received from Animal Emergency and Treatment Center in Chicago, an amazing place.

    Kasper was also the beneficiary of the outpouring of love, prayers and healing energy that has come his way from everyone here. You are all part of Kasper’s miracle.

  13. Dear BWD, you do not have to worry about our favorite president PBO messing up. If he messes up, he will clean up. That’s all there is to it. xoxox

  14. And look at SOS Clinton tho. O__O That is the look I get on my face when I am feeling the mess out of some guy for real. Get it girl, well no, don’t. lol I love my FLOTUS.

  15. I agree with SR the president should nominate Goodwin Liu for a Supreme court vacancy when the time arrives. The republican fear him because they know that Obama is trying to change the direction of the court to the pre- Reagan days.

    That’s why it’s so important that Obama win in 2012 and another Dem wins in 2016 so change to the Supreme Court can be made.

  16. You can’t imagine why he appears soft on Israel? Really? I’m sure you’ve seen members of congress who go over there and blast the president for any perceived slight towards Israel. I’m sure you saw Democrats like Weiner, Schumer, and Grayson make in your face statements telling Obama to back off of Israel. I know you didn’t miss McCain or Lieberman telling the Israeli leader that any attempts by Obama to push/punish Israel will be blocked by Congress.

    Obama has Israel complaining as if he has a boot on their neck and then he has people on the other side saying that he’s too soft.

  17. Just curious. Exactly what more did you want to hear regarding Israel?

  18. Aww I wont be able to watch the speech til tonight. I use to get nervous for him way back in 2009 then I realized no matter how much perfection my POTUS brings our always unfair msm gonna nit pick and bash. So I have long since stopped getting butterflies. Plus he is a linguistic genius so nope I don’t get nervous anymore.

    I do get nervous when he is overseas though, language barriers etc.

  19. Who would have ever thought Hilary would look at him like that! I had a volunteer at a phone bank the other day say she thought Hilary should have had the first 8 years and then Obama the next 8 years. Can you imagine where we’d be today with that scenario?

  20. Love this post from the NYT comments section:

    This is truly astonishing. For a president that doesn’t come from any kind of real foreign policy background, Obama has been doing incredible things in the region. It is right for him to finally take a stand and make concrete (an unbelievably strong-worded!) statements on further American involvement in the region. Syria, Bahrain, not to mention Israel/Palestine all have specific needs that can only come through American support – at last, they have it.

    While normally I’d be concerned about increased US hegemonic imperialism, I feel that in this case President Obama is the right face to present to the Middle East and the rest of the world, and I honestly believe that this president has a more cosmopolitan, less US-centric vision for the world of the future, something that would certainly benefit us all.


  21. I think that with all the turmoil going on in the ME, that “The Israel Lobby” is next on my reading list.

    Wave to all of the TOAITR family from jury duty! I think I’ll have a comment on this experience once all is said and done.

  22. Hell, even the tundra twit went to Israel to try to make our President look bad. It’s like a pilgrimage to these people.

  23. I think she’s happy also because apparently she won the inside debate on whether PBO should go as far as he did. I think their cooperation is one of the most astonishing things I’ve ever seen in politics. Who would have thought.

  24. When Israelis start acting unseemly, then I will agree with you, until…….

  25. Barack Obama has a profound understanding of the world, and has a realistic yet uplifting vision of how the US can demonstrate great leadership in global affairs.

    The challenge is to make all the short-sided politicians and ignorant pundits understand the wisdom of his approach.


  27. I really like Richard Engle but he is never happy with the President’s speeches on the Middle East. What will make him happy?

  28. Based on the body language between the president and Hilary, I assume their relationship isn’t as friendly as it used to be. No doubt they maintain a very professional relationship, but I think the friends thing isn’t working anymore.

    I have noticed a coolness between the two lately, mainly it appears from the president and they don’t seem as friendly in public anymore. Just business as usual.

    At least they are working great together for the betterment of the country and at the end of their term, they will be known as the best in their respective position.

  29. I worked all day so haven’t heard the speech but I rec’d several phone calls from my Jewish friends stating that he threw Israel under the bus.

    I really need to hear the speech so I have something to say back – I’ll be flying north tonight so won’t have time to hear anything until tomorrow

  30. I am an American Jew. The Israeli lobby threatened Obama that the 80% of Jews who voted for him would not vote for him again.

    Newsflash: American Jews think for themselves. That’s what we’re taught as Jews: that it’s about free will and what choices we make with the talents and intelligence we are given. It’s a minority who are Israel is Always Right no matter what.

    Most of American Jews would love to see a resolution to this conflict so we could pass on peace to the next generation.

  31. I hope so. Tey are also asking him to given Elizabeth Warren a recess appointment as Repugs refuse to do their job!

  32. I don’t mean to be insensitive, but it sounds like your friends take anything but full throttle support of Israel as being “thrown under the bus”.

  33. Yes, she always did. There was a memorable moment during the campaign when she left Bill hanging as he stepped forward to kiss her but she kissed Obama instead. Cable shows had fun with the caption for a while…lol.

  34. Oh no. The place off 41 and Deerfield Rd.is a Money Mill. They may have good doctors but they’ll gouge you as much as they can get away with. Their cancer treatment ‘specialist’ is in it for the money and nothing else.

    AETC — Animal Emergency and Treatment Center. They have referrals for specialists as well as trauma and emergency care. They have cardiologists, oncologists, wound specialists, surgeons and God knows what else. CT scans, ultrasounds — all the equipment a regular vet can’t provide, you can get here. We’re not saying this ordeal was cheap, but we never felt they were out of line on anything. For example, today the wound specialist/surgeon removed all of his drains, gave him hydrotherapy and a few small procedures. All she charged me for was the topical medication for the one gaping wound.

    The Grayslake facility is at 45 and Belvidere Rd (Rte. 120). They’ve been there for 15 years and just opened in Chicago a couple of years ago.

    Fantastic place.

    I have never been treated better in any medical situation, human or doggie. These people were amazing. He’s has three surgeries over the last 11 days. I cannot imagine better care.

  35. Basically he told Israel to grow up and try something new because what they’re doing now just ain’t working.

  36. I feel you, BWD – I sometimes surprise myself with the degree of loathing I have for these people. They are putting out some really bad karma for themselves, by showing such a complete disregard for anything good and right.

    …and with the “Rapture” coming on Saturday, you’d think they’d be trying to make amends… 😉

  37. He does best in front of an audience and that has been his preferred venue for important speeches of late.

  38. “The challenge is to make all the short-sided politicians and ignorant pundits understand the wisdom of his approach.”

    Better he should try to make the sun stop shining.

  39. Next to the Black Guy, Republicans hate the Clintons more than anything on this earth.

    The sense of entitlement toward the Clintons is absurd. She has been fine as SoS. But Barack Obama is a superior President to anything Hillary could have been.

  40. Isn’t his undergrad degree in international studies or something like that?

    His passion for global concerns is lifelong. Besides experience isn’t always the measure of judgment. Can we say Cheney/Rumsfeld/McCain?

  41. I can totally imagine where we’d be…8 more years of Republicans destroying our country.

  42. Richard Engle wants the President to do exactly what Richard Engle wants him to do and wants him to do it NOW.

    He was obnoxious on Egypt before Mubarak stepped down when it was made clear that Obama’s approach was the absolute right choice instead of rushing to judgment and action. When he never acknowledged that, I lost respect for him.

  43. I don’t think we can extrapolate this conclusion from a few isolated pictures. especially since the image of her today was very cordial, if you ask me.

  44. This is great news, Faith – so glad little Kasper is healing. That must be giving you a lot of relief, because the little guy isn’t able to speak for himself and tell you how he’s doing. Glad he’s on the mend and you’re moving towards a happy ending on this.

  45. Here’s what you need to say (and I say this as a Jew):

    A comprehensive peace plan is in the best interests of Israel. Israel and the rest of the Middle East cannot continue on this trajectory, where there will be no winners. Israel can no longer act as if the Palestinians will disappear, any more than the Palestinians can act as if Israel will disappear.

    I repeat: comprehensive peace that has something for everyone in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is the best thing for Israel and the peace of the planet.

  46. I agree with you – and I was a really big Hillary fan at the beginning of the campaign. I think even Hillary would admit that she could not have done the job that President Obama has done, especially faced with the full brunt of the right wing machine and the emergence of the tea party faction. Separate and apart from those challenges, President Obama has shown he’s a master strategist, and just has a temperament that doesn’t seem normal.

  47. I think Kerry and VP Biden help with the political side, given that they’ve both been the Chairman of the foreign policy committee.

    I also think that the President has been thinking about his vision for the world for a long time, and he knows what he wants to see emerge. He’s adjusting for realities, but he has his “north star” and he’s pursuing that broad direction. This pursuit of peace is the ultimate goal.

  48. Good be a case of job security? If there’s peace in the middle east, what will Engle do? I generally like his reporting, and I wish he would just get over his issues. You’d think after being the only journalist to witness the pull out of Iraq that he’d have a little more faith in the President. He could be pushing the development stories, get ahead of the current events.

  49. Cairo was more like, “I have a dream” this speech was more about the specific ways he’s planning to get to the mountaintop…I think both speeches were great…leave it to media to always look for the adrenaline rush…

  50. He also said that the international community is sick and tired (ok, he didn’t use those words) of watching endless peace talks with no progress.

  51. Remember Cornel West’s attack upon President Obama has fear of “free black” people with American slave ancestry because POTUS is half white and was raised by white folks?

    Well…his former colleague, Melissa Harris, just revealed that West himself has a mixed race child living in Europe, being raised by a white mom.

    As I said at thepeoplesview:
    That Corny has huge racial hangups and a nasty/nice view of white folks and black folks is pretty obvious to me. A lot of the strident, fundamentalist, fanatic blacker than thou crew is the exact same way. In fact, let’s enlargen that concept: this sort of hypocrisy is a 100% feature of fundamentalism. Newt “Impeach Clinton” Gingrich and his serial mistresses. The GOP politician after GOP politician thumping the bible of homophobia on Sunday; partying it up with his boyfriend on Saturday.

    Fundamentalists=not great people to follow=working out demons=trying to control something that they don’t like about themselves by loudly insisting that they are the opposite of that quality and demonizing that quality in others.

    It is what it is.


    Dr. West can truly have a seat.

  52. I did take my beagle to the one I was thinking of a couple years ago because they have one of the three neurosurgeons in the state. My beagle had two ruptered discs in her neck that was misdiagnosed by another specialty vet. Care was great and Maggie is doing fine, but it was costly.

  53. I have been following this debate and I just read MHP’s interview with Rev. Al where she revealed this little nugget. It sounded as if Rev. Al was almost blown out of his chair.

    This crazy hyprocisy of West brings to mind Rachel’s segment earlier this week about “why throw stones” to the folks in glass houses. And it was spot on in this situation. West attacks POTUS for his white mother all the while knowing he has a daughter with a white woman.

    It further reminds me of my Mother’s brother he shunned her white husband, although he had a child with a white woman. The hyprocisy knows no end.

  54. I read a funny about the “Rapture” —that pranksters were planning to leave pairs of shoes alongside piles of clothes all about so the rapture fans will think they got left behind, just not good enough.

  55. It took tremendous courage for PBO to deliver this Middle East speech because he knew that every word would be debated and criticized by people around the world and twisted by his political opponents. He could have hedged or honeyed over some of the frank comments about Israel, but he laid it on the line with all the risks entailed. It’s no wonder that the R’s are deliberately misleading and pretending that the speech was an attack on Israel. The president knew this would happen and accepted that consequence. The U.S. has spent too many years speaking around the Arab Israeli issue and not directly to it because of the fear of backlash. This president is truly fearless. He assesses the risks, confronts all the possible outcomes and then steps forward into the arena to bear the brunt of it all for the sake of delivering the truth. This is just about the finest example of leadership I have seen in many generations.

  56. “Soft on Israel”? Surely you jest. I just came from my Facebook page where various hysterical Tea Party and conservative FB friends of mine are posting the story that he wants Israel to conform to the 1967 borders and going totally ape over it, predicting war on the horizon, blood on the water, and every other thing you can think of. You have no idea how this is infuriating the Israelis and the Israel lobby. Interesting, didn’t Obama meet with AIPAC last week? I seem to remember something about that. Anyway, he took it straight to them in a manner no American President has dared to do.

  57. This is a very complex country racially and lots of people are working out demons. My only thing is to caution moderate people from following fundamentalists like this over the cliff. Reading this piece of information abotu his child and reading about how West feels about mixed people, there is no way on God’s green earth that West’s analysis of President Obama could possibly be less strident, less complicated, less nasty/nice, and less dysfunctional. Those viewing that analysis as gospel truth or the One Way to advocate for the poor need to use this as a lesson about fundamentalism and fanaticism. People have the right to extreme responses and complicated, contradictory lives. But when they’re over the top as West is, it’s a good idea to take those rantings with a cupful of salt. My two cents.

  58. This is what bothers me:

    Bibi addresses Congress next Tuesday. While PBO is in England! Media meme: who’s in charge here?

    GOP House invited Bibi KNOWING PBO’s schedule. Politics politics politics…APIAC money chasing, Cantor piously wearing his yamaka, Palin and the evangelists bleating their end-times nonsense. Fox happily complying.
    Thankfully, most people just want gas to go down 5 cents.

    Still….I can see it all, and it bums me out.

  59. ABC News has been running a 4 part series on putting America back to work.

    This story comes from that series.


    Andrew Liveris, who runs Dow Chemical, says the country needs a new plan to attack unemployment. “It needs to reinvent how to put those workers to work,” he says. Liveris says it’s the responsibility of both the government and businesses to deal with it.

    Dow is doing its part. The company is developing a new solar power technology. Dow has started hiring laid-off workers, many from the auto industry, and retraining them to be solar shingle assemblers. //

    I have included a video of President Obama talking about manufacturing in USA.


  60. Too “Professorial” definition, from Aquagranny’s dictionary:

    “We can’t understand him because our brains are smaller than our hair and besides we really don’t care what he said because we will misquote him anyway”

  61. hey BWD….this is based on what I read of the schedules for the two leaders (and it is AIPAC, I misspelled above ). Times, BBC…

  62. Great news about Kasper and may the blessings continue for his full recovery.

  63. And whether it was true or not, Bill would have been a serious target. Every woman he ever brushed up against at a party would be the subject of speculation and Congressional hearings. It may not have been quite as horrible as it’s been for Obama but I don’t think Hillary would have been able to fight and stay focused the way Obama has.

  64. But really, who doesn’t see that Miss Wasilla would be much better as President?


  65. Oh dear – that would drive them crazier than they already are, thinking they’d been left behind with us heathens. But, maybe it would motivate them to mend their ways? Apparently, those of us who will not be raptured will have five months to contemplate our fate until the “real” end of the world in October. Should be interesting…

  66. The Mideast is changing and Israel can no longer count on America keeping the Arabs “in their place” by supporting non-Democratic governments. The Arab people are not going to allow this anymore. Isreael needs to make peace now.

  67. I totally agree with your statement. Chris matthews just sad it took guts to tell Israel. i read a comment on huff puff where a commentor was saying. He promoted peace and not War and that is why Netanyahu is upset.

  68. you said it gn. Have a seat Mr. West and Shame on you. These folks and their hypocrisy are disgusting.

  69. Maybe Bibi won’t come to visit the WH on 5/26 to show POTUS how upset he is with his speech.

  70. Ugh,

    I just finished watching the speech. I wish I could just rerun and rerun the last 2-3 minutes of it.

    Who would have thought that writings of 18th century deists could provide an inspiration to 21st century Muslims against their dictators – effectively providing a Weapon of Mass Reconstruction.

    To consider this President to be a Commander-in-Chief is effectively underestimating him – he is dismantling dictatorial regimes by speech.

  71. Seems to me, that Cornel West is indignant that some mixed dude can knock him off of his lucrative perch as the gatekeeper of blackness. How nice for his daughter to read daddy’s remarks about mixed race black people and “fear” of “free blacks” when she gets older. I hope in the future he can exorcise those demons, but for now, this is just not someone who is about to analyze President Obama fairly.

  72. Agree, Bill would have been a huge liability and distraction for her. And heaven forbid if Bill be caught with his pants down, the Repubs would have had a field day.

  73. I don’t see that at all. They make a great team. PBO likes strong women and he respect’s Hilary’s opinions, experience and hard work ethic. She’s as tireless as he is.

  74. Very very sad for his daughter, I hope she has a strong mother- who will raise her to know who she is, that all of her cultural/racial heritage has significant offerings to form the person she is… but ultimately she chooses how to define herself.

    My eldest son was a very fine basketball player beginning early in his childhood, he occasionally ran into folks who didn’t feel he should be quite so great, as he wasn’t quite black enough.. he was also quite smart in school… he occasionally ran into folks who didn’t think he was quite white enough to be so smart. It could be a paradox (I think thats the word I’m seeking here).. if he hadn’t been quite so certain of his own abilities and have his own set goals.

    President Obama knows who he is. Frankly I don’t hold much hope that Cornel West will recognize that he doesn’t get to be the one who defines Barack Obama, no matter how much he twists and turns with the bs.

  75. OMG BWD – I am the same way!! You’d think he was our man. LOL. As a matter of fact, I never watch the President live. I usually record and watch afterwards. Even the big OBL event, I was up. Yet, I didn’t watch it but I recorded it and looked at it later.
    We probably need some help but after two years – why mess up a good thing? 🙂

  76. I think the devil might be frightened of some of these ones. They give him a run for his money!

  77. Only Republican Presidents are entitled to appointments that reflect their philosophy. Only Republican Presidents are allowed to see their views of the Constitution on the Supreme Court.

    Republicans can demand that everyone agree with them, regardless of elections. And 40% of Americans believe them.

    “I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid. I meant to say that stupid people are generally Conservative.”

    John Stuart Mill, via Eclectablog

  78. Clearly, your son knew who he was because of the supportive mother who taught him so. People like Cornell West really shouldn’t be graced with children if they can’t take that responsibility seriously.

  79. This is perfectly stated, Toon Moene – this man is more than simply a President, and I can’t wait to see what comes next. That’s part of my personal consolation over the fickleness of voters – if the worst happens, then we can see this President unleashed from the shackles of the presidency. I’ll look forward to his books, his future works, etc. He has a lot more work to do, and he’ll find a way to do it.

  80. It might be, St. R., but in the face of an unprecedented amount of obstruction to this president’s nominees, it could be justified. PBO has had fewer of his nominees approved than any other president in U.S. history. The republicans want to hamstring him any way they can. I find it absolutely amazing that PBO has been able to do as well as he has on so many fronts when he has never had the help that he really needs. Maybe a better tactic would be to expose what the “patriotic” republicans have done regarding not only PBO’s nominees but their total willingness to put the nation in danger because of their pettiness.

  81. Somebody said the presidents speech was leaked to the isrealis! WTF? Netenyahu just said that the 67 lines are a non starter. And, Romney, bachman and santorum backs up netenyahu. Was this a setup?
    Most people said this was a great speech and non controversial! Hmmm.
    And who in the hell keeps leaking the presidents speech? Puzzling!

  82. I was thinking the same things, our President Is BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, I tell you. This Is the MOST working President that I ever heard of. We got the Cream of the Crop, for a President. He’s not only President, but a *GREAT* President. I just love you President Obama. I was *IN* In 2008, and I’m *IN* again 2012. 🙂

  83. Let Netanyahu go it alone with Bachman, Romney and Santorum, then. The President did say in his speech that Israel should be able to defend itself, by itself. So, if they don’t like the President’s position, then they’re free to go it alone.

    We’re all sick of these threats from Netanyahu and the silly congresspeople. If they want peace, then they have to be prepared to compromise and work at it. The President already has all the peace he needs.

  84. Another great blog blackwaterdog. I have one concern though. You seem to still doubt the magnificence of this man we call PBO. I remember during the height of the Birther attacks you were so concerned about his sustainability and the week that Trump really went off you were depressed and almost calling it quits with being involved in the campaign. Now you reveal you always get super nervous before a majory speech by PBO.

    I just want to say keep the FAITH girl. We have a supremely unique leader in the Whitehouse at this time. He is God sent. We are in good hands and CAN’T NO ENEMY FORM A WEAPON TO HARM THIS MAN. God is in CHARGE. Please BWD don’t fluctuate so much with the news cycles. We need you sound, sane, and full of inspiration to keep this site going and updated. 🙂 KEEP HOPE ALIVE!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  85. Glad to hear you had a good experience. I know they have excellent doctors there.

    Another place to keep in mind: “Furnetic” at 2242 W. Harrison in Chicago. They are affiliated with the Veterinary School at Champaign and from all accounts they have every specialist known to man and state of the art everything.

    We found ‘Harvey’ on the street. He looked like a Westie with floppy ears and had a tumor the size of my fist on his foot. he was about 10 years old. We took him in, had the tumor removed by our vet and it was cancer. A fast-growing cancer that does not respond well to radiation and absolutely nothing to chemo.

    I took him the place off 41. They wanted to do radiation 2, 3 times/week even though they said it would probably not help. I didn’t want to do that if it wasn’t going to help him — this sweet, trusting little dog was now afraid of the car and freaked out at any vet. Then the oncologist said to me, “Well, you’ll have to amputate his leg because I guarantee the cancer will be back in 10 months. Those are your choices.” I was aghast.

    My husband and I decided that if we had him for even a few months, we would keep him safe, comfortable and loved rather than doing radical treatments that wouldn’t cure his cancer. Never thought I could make that decision — I get so attached. I also consulted a holistic expert in natural treatments for dogs who was a cancer specialist.

    I gave Harvey some supplements. Harvey was with us another 7 1/2 years. The cancer did come back 6 1/2 years after the surgery and my vet amputated his toe only, from which he recovered beautifully. We thought we’d bought him all kinds of time. But then heart/kidney disease and the problems of old age. I nursed him for 9 months and then we had to say good bye to him. He was at least 17 1/2 years old. Sweet little Harvey.

  86. We’re seeing “Kasper” come alive again. He is not happy about being confined. He whines if we’re not in the room with him. He’s interested in everything. God, I missed having that little dog in trouble all the time and always underfoot or curled up in my arms or arranging his many toys all over the house.

    We have a good month of care and therapy for him but we’ve definitely turned the corner.

  87. So, West is father to a TCK? How interesting. Now he needs to sit down, and close his mouth.

  88. They don’t want peace. Have not you heard of the rapture? The evangelicals and netenyahu probably want Jerusalem back. Ahh, we long for the days of golda Mayer!

  89. thank you Theo, I think in retrospect (he is 32 now) when he was a baby, a toddler I of course guided his thinking in most ways and thought I was doing a pretty fine job… then one day his third grade teacher showed me his class journal, wherein he’d written: I wish I was white like everyone else. That pretty much took the wind out of my sails and I had to regroup and rethink my awareness of things. I called the head of the black studies program at an excellent local University and told him my concerns, I wish I remembered his name- but he gave me good info/ mostly just common sense stuff – but he helped me realize all was not lost (lol).. and I think from then on my son found qualities within himself that were more than worthy and learned to embrace his ethnicity with joy realizing how others saw him was not what mattered. Anyway, he has been quite successful and I think very comfortable with himself- and from all I can tell – a very good father to his 3 multi-cultural children 🙂

  90. Well said Keith! It’s BWD’s optimism and love for PBO that kept us going when things were tough at the orange site. I’ll second what Keith just said – BWD, we need you sane and sound and optimistic and full of of hope and love. You will never know how much this place means to us!

  91. Do I remember correctly that VP Biden said at some point…”America made the right choice”?

  92. Yep, they seem to work well together, without any hard feelings. which makes me happy. I also think Secretary Clinton, Is doing a GREAT job as Secretay of State, IMO 🙂

  93. The true enemies of Israel are the ones who give their government carte blanche and unquestioned support. I sometimes believe that the leaders on both sides don’t want peace because they get their power because of the constant threat.

    This isn’t about abandoning Israel, it’s about truth telling – telling them something they don’t want to hear but need to hear.

  94. oh well, we’ve certainly had our moments, lol 😉 (mostly involving the girl persuasion- with 3 sons) but thanks for your sweetness gn 🙂 you are always so thoughtful.

  95. That’s right, he’s taken and he knows Michelle don’t play that…

  96. Courage is the right word, but then he has shown that time and again during this Presidency, even though some of the PL would disagree. I can’t remember, ever, a President talking about the ntirety of the ME situation. They have cut it up piecemeal which, unfortuantely, then results in missing the forest for the trees.

    The ME is a complicated area, and yes, each area has its own issues and unique traits. But there is an interlocking there that cannot be ignored. This is one of Israel’s problem, in that it believes it can ignore and disregard all the arab issues within and outside its borders. And it is also part of the Arab states’ problems, in that they jus have a one dimensional view of Israel.

    That is why the Republicans both love it and have no real control over it, because they see everything in a one dimensional way as well. So do some Dems and a lot of the country. If the only thing Presiden Obama does during the rest of his Presidency is make the American people start to see nuance, though never to the degree he does, he will have accomplished a near miracle.

  97. I am so happy to hear that!!! Really, you just made my day:)I thought of all of you everyday and wished hard for his recovery.May you all have a long and happy life together.My heart is happy!

  98. So glad to hear good news about Kaper. Hope he continues healing each day and we’ll keep him and you in our daily prayers.

  99. The Soul Patrol needs to just stop…..West has some nerve talking about President Obama being raised in a white culture while his own child is being raised in a white culture. He needs to sit his ass down and shut the hell up.

    Melissa also brought up how Obama’s DOJ changed the crack/cocaine sentence, gave historicall black colleges 1 billion dollars but they are still saying he hasn’t done anything for black people.

    They are complaining just for the sake of complaining.

  100. Very disturbing news from Florida. The most horrific governor of all time, Gov. Scott of Florida, signed a voter disenfranchisement bill into law today, making it a lot tougher for voters to vote—anyone who has a name change, like married women, anyone who has moved etc., new insane restrictions on registering voters, so bad that League of Women Voters has thrown in the towel there. What is it with Repubs, they’re always so afraid to let voters vote. They’re pretending they’re widespread voter fraud when none exists. Ugliness, undemocratic.

  101. Sorry—-afraid THERE IS widespread voter fraud—-there isn’t. There isn’t even frequent voter fraud. It’s a myth (lie) that Repubs keep perpetuating in order to eliminate as many Democratic voters as they can.

  102. So true. It doesn’t take many people on either side to blow up (literally and figuratively) any foward momentum in the peace process. Truth telling is not taking sides. But the RW in this country takes it as gospel that Israel can do no wrong and to ever criticize it is being anti-semitic. At the same time, to say anything in support of Palestinians proves you are a al Qaeda sympathizer.

    Ironically, these fedelings are strongest in the fundamentalist Christian community more thn they are in many Jewish communities. But then, the fundamentalists believe that Christ will return when both the Jews and the Muslims are disposed of in the ME.

  103. A major Republican strategist in the early 70’s said that the best thing that can happen for Republicans is that people don’t vote in large numbers. And the best way to make that happen is to put obstacles in the way of voting. Republicans haven’t believed in democracy for 40 years.

  104. President Obama is carrying out the same policy that GWB had. Romney, Bachmann, Santorum, and the other hypocrites know it. The only reason they are saying anything at all is because the president is a democrat.

  105. “Israel is bracing for a fresh confrontation on its borders after a Facebook campaign urging Palestinian refugees to march on Jerusalem on Friday got tens of thousands of supporters…..
    In anticipation of a second attempt to storm the borders, Israeli troops laid new barbed-wire along its side of a fence marking the ceasefire line between Syria and the occupied Golan Heights, seized by Israel during the Six Day War of 1967.
    Soldiers were also seen working with mine detectors. In recent days, the military has reportedly been considering laying down additional mines along the “Alpha Line” after some 130 protesters managed to cut through the fence last Sunday….
    Sunday’s infiltration has caused some fears in the Israeli establishment that a long-feared “doomsday scenario”, under which Israel faces an invasion not from Arab armies but from unarmed refugees, may be unfolding….More


    Mines to blow up unarmed people?!

  106. Well Bill Nelson said if he Scott signs the bill he will get the DOJ to come after the state because that bill violates the voting rights act which Florida is one of the states that need government permission to change election laws.

    Thi bill will be struck down by the federal government and I hope the DOJ come down on them hard.

  107. Furthermore–

    An Israeli government committee on Thursday approved the construction of more than 1,500 settler homes in east Jerusalem, as Israel’s premier prepared to leave for talks in Washington, an NGO told AFP….

    Israeli lobby group Peace Now deplored the timing and content of the interior ministry’s decision.
    “The prime minister is sacrificing relations with the US for the sake of his loyalty to settlers,” it said in a statement. “This is not just miserable timing but a miserable policy which endangers Israel’s standing in the world.”….More


  108. President Obama Talks More About Israel’s Borders With BBC As Republicans Attack

    Other voices in the pro-Israel community seemed to have a different take than those of Republican presidential candidates.

    The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith issued a statement applauding the president for his speech including his “strong affirmation of the importance of the deep and unshakeable U.S.-Israel relationship, and his clear articulation of the moral and strategic connections between America and Israel. We support the president’s vision of a negotiated Israeli-Palestinian settlement with strong security provisions for Israel, and a non-militarized Palestinian state. We appreciate his direct rejection of a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state and his understanding that the Hamas-Fatah agreement poses major problems for Israel.”

    Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, a strong supporter of Israel, wrote that Netanyahu “got everything he could have hoped to get. If he’s not happy with Obama, then he’s kidding himself.”

    Goldberg wrote that he was “amazed at the amount of insta-commentary out there suggesting that the president has proposed something radical and new by declaring that Israel’s 1967 borders should define — with land-swaps — the borders of a Palestinian state. I’m feeling a certain Groundhog Day effect here. This has been the basic idea for at least 12 years. This is what Bill Clinton, Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat were talking about at Camp David, and later, at Taba. This is what George W. Bush was talking about with Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert. So what’s the huge deal here? Is there any non-delusional Israeli who doesn’t think that the 1967 border won’t serve as the rough outline of the new Palestinian state?”

    — Jake Tapper


  109. Bingo theo. Those Nobel Committee members are not stupid. I have never seen an american president being as firm as PBO was with Israel. Unfortunate that Israel has a nut and yahoo as their leader at this juncture. Shimon Peres would have been an ideal man to have as their PM now.

    And bwd – the day PBO stumbles in a speech will be the day of rapture. 🙂

  110. Thirded. This blog is about optimism and courage and I want it to stay that way. Just like PBO.

  111. Thanks 62. My posts was genuine from the heart.:) Obama/Biden 2012!!

  112. Very interesting. Plouffe is even focused on messaging during the Correspondents Dinner.

  113. I was looking back at President Bush and his last pres confrence before Obama was worn in on youtube.

    And one thing he said looking back was so true. He said that Mr. Obama is going to have good times and bad ones their will be disapointments which you can expect but he said that some of your supposed allies won’t always have your back and will turn on you.

    Now I’m no fan of Bush but he was so right when he said this back in early Jan. 2009. The PL and the sole patrol attacking this president dimnishing his accomplishments, calling him a sell out. But Preident Obama keeps on marching on and working to improve what he ha already achieved and to achieve more.

  114. Every great president, from Lincoln to FDR was attacked, smeared, back stabbed and knee capped by their own. That comes with the territory. Best thing will be to ignore it or fight it but the worst thing is to despair over it.

  115. BBC

    Of course, nut n yahoo objects to Obama’s speech.

    The BBC’s Wyre Davies in Jerusalem says that while Mr Netanyahu will be warmly welcomed in the US, he is coming under increasing international pressure to ease his objections to a Palestinian state following the unity deal signed between rival Palestinian groups Hamas and Fatah earlier this month.

    If the unity project holds, says our correspondent, Mr Netanyahu could find himself foundering while other countries embrace fresh Palestinian initiatives.

    Israel’s claim to being the only democratic state in the region has also been undermined by the dramatic developments of the Arab Spring anti-government uprisings, our correspondent adds.

    The push for democracy began with the overthrowing of Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in January. Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak was later toppled in Egypt, with demonstrators in Libya currently working to overthrow dictator Moammar Gaddafi.

    Similar uprisings are also taking hold in Bahrain, Yemen and Syria.


  116. I echo your sentiment with that I have worried about how it will feel after President Obama is through with his terms in office. How will we be satisfied with anyone following in his shoes? I have never seen such a hard working President in my voting lifetime. The next one will have a hard time living up to his work ethic and accomplishments as well as his ability to listen to advice and make excellent decisions.

  117. My brother told me he heard Hillary plans to run in 2016. I have not heard that at all. I think he reads Drudge as he is into Ron Paul too. Anyone hear that?

    I thought I heard she was not going to be Sec of State the next time not too long ago. I’d think she would want to stay involved if she planned to run in 2016.

  118. PBO’s undergrad degree was in foreign relations and he has been working on eliminating the threat of Nuclear Proliferation prior to his presidency. I think he actually has more experience in foreign relations than a lot of previous Presidents.

  119. In searching around on internet this morning I heard the threw Israel under the bus meme before he even gave his speech.

  120. Off subject. I just heard Haley didn’t make the top two in American Idol. Wow! I wanted her in the finals. But then I wanted PIA, then Casey, then James, and last of all Haley. Boo hoo.

  121. He’ll be back in regular form soon. When my pup was mauled by two dobermans, he came back from it and lived a very full life.

  122. Now I can listen to PBO’s speech again. I am done with AI results. Atleast I am good at picking PBO as a winner.

  123. He’s certainly been exposed to many more different cultures than many of them – and from the perspective of the everyday people.

  124. I thought the rapture was happening this weekend? I heard on Randy Rhodes that the atheists are offering to take care all the pets that will be left behind, and that the rest of us should stock up on beer, in case it’s difficult to source after the rapture. 😉

  125. I abandoned Amer. Idol when Simon left, but I heard that the new judge panel is doing quite well. Hopefully, your favorites will still get good careers after the show. It’s definitely a good platform.

  126. I hear you, Me too when he speaks i get nervous as hell but he always comes through like the champion that he is. OBAMA 2012!!! and beyond.

  127. Good for Gov. O’Malley. I’m very glad to hear this.

    I’m not Jewish, but when I was in elementary school, our Catholic Church and school were situated directly across the street from a synagogue. On the outside of their building were the words:

    “To the 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust … We vow to remember it all … to remember and never to forget”

    I’m 64 years old, and I’ll never forget those words. To think that all these years later, there are STILL signs in the Middle East protests for democracy in other countries that read, “Death to Israel” just saddens and sickens me. Man’s inhumanity to man. It never ends.

  128. IMO, Netanyahu is overplaying his hand. There’s no shame in working out a settlement with the Palestinians, but there is shame in being contrary for the sake of being contrary while things get worse everyday, and the international community turns against your nation. Netanyahu needs to realize that with things in the ME changing as rapidly as they are, he needs to place Israel in a position that will allow it to be a leader in the region, not a nation that is constantly on the verge of unrest of one sort or another. I fully support Israel but it’s time for Netanyahu and the other far right citizens in Israel to grow up and work out a solution. It’s unfair to the Israelis and the Palestinians to live in a perpetual state of unrest. People on both sides deserve a shot at peace. When former President Carter brokered the Mideast peace agreement, no one could have foreseen that it would have lasted this long. This is proof that peace agreements between disparate groups can work.

  129. Roh, I too like you and some of the others here still get nervous when President Obama gives a big speech. I still prefer to watch online after the fact. I no longer trust the MSM so I don’t even turn to tv live.

  130. I am absolutely with you SR! This was shameful! The President should up the ante and nominate this brilliant man for the SCOUTS! THis also the time that Democratic Senators should be loudly blasting the cynical who Republicans who, during Bush’s time, demanded an up or down votes for judges!

  131. Well said Sherijr! This man seriously prepares for everything he does! This is a quality that I most admire about him because it is what is required to get things done.

  132. Well mk, did you hear what the Republicans said about his speech? Romney and others angrily said that his speech was an attack on Israel! This one of the most delicate areas and I think the President approached it brilliantly!

  133. You are absolutely right about that BWD! It is really amazing to see three mature individuals (PBO, VPB, SoS HC) put aside their minor political differences and work for the good of the country!

    I am now totally convinced that President Obama made a wise decision by peaking both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton to serve in his administration. The same goes for his choice of Republicans Bob Gates and Ray La Hood!

    This is really a testament of the President’s maturity, and self confidence! An insecure person would not have done what he did in picking his rivals who are, without a doubt, very capable people.

  134. If he said so I totally agree with my beloved VP! Especially since I happen to be in his same age group. I am sure both of us have seen Presidents come and go, but this President is really special!

  135. Once Rottenayu condemned Obama’s speech I knew it was a good speech and had a lot of positive things. If that supposed leader of Israel said it was a good thing I’d be worried.

  136. I agree with you Jalenth; Something just doesn’t feel right between President Obama and Hillary.
    He normally hugs and kisses her on the cheek but it was a very terse greeting today.

    I guess we’ll find out soon enough what’s going on.

    I do love my President and continue to pray for God’s blessings, protection, guidance, grace in abundance upon him!

    He is surrounded by sharks in bloody waters!

  137. No, not a judge. Recess appointments only work for positions in executive branch.

  138. You ain’t neva lied…

    Especially since the TeaPublican and their ilk (Koch Bros., et al) are tryin’ to “turn the clock back” to the “Jim Crow” days…Pre-civil rights movement!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


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