PBO Delivers the Commencement Address at the Coast Guard Academy (Photostream)

You can watch the speech here (11:30 AM). 


71 thoughts on “PBO Delivers the Commencement Address at the Coast Guard Academy (Photostream)

  1. How much longer are we going to sit back and let the left ruin the president chances. Jon Stewart needs to be shut down. He goes on fox and say he would vote against President Obama and that he could vote republican. Dems makes this conceited donkey important. I have had enough! when will we get together and tell this clowns enough. I can’t stand his self righteous tail.

  2. The President even looks great when it cloudy and raining. He brings sunshine where ever he goes.

  3. “Yemen’s government and opposition say a Gulf-brokered deal to end the country’s crisis will be sealed on Wednesday.

    Last month veteran leader President Ali Abdullah Saleh backed out of signing such a deal at the last minute.

    The new deal has been agreed with amendments after intervention by US and European diplomats, officials say.

    The General People’s Congress party and the opposition coalition, the Common Front, have both agreed to take part in a national unity government.”


  4. Jon Stewart told Bill O’Reilly that he would consider voting for a Republican, and that President Obama has not lived up to his expectations.

    In the second part of their chat (the first, which focused on rapper Common’s appearance at the White House, aired on Monday), O’Reilly and Stewart discussed the 2012 presidential race.

    O’Reilly told Stewart half-jokingly that Obama “let you down sometimes when he didn’t do a far-left thing you wanted.”

    “How far left am I?” Stewart asked. “It depends on the night,” O’Reilly responded. He then asked, “would there ever be a scenario where you could see not voting for Barack Obama and voting for a Republican?”

    “Sure,” Stewart said. “If I didn’t have a clear sense of the direction he wanted to move the country in, and somebody else had a more logical sense of where to take it.” O’Reilly expressed surprise at this, and asked if Obama had lived up to Stewart’s expectations.

    “No, but I don’t know if my expectations were fair,” he said. “I believed we lived in a more transformative time…I think he had an opportunity more in the Reagan mode to be a bully pulpit president.”

  5. james wood was on the view talking about the movie too big to fail. He said that in making the movie he now understand why things was done to keep the country. he said that we were hours away from a depression. That he had to do the bail. Apparently this movie will explain a lot and will silence the left of the coporatist president.

  6. Ok everyone this is just too funny.


    BREAKING: Jerome Corsi’s Birther Book Pulled from Shelves!

    In a stunning development one day after the release of Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President, by Dr. Jerome Corsi, World Net Daily Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah has announced plans to recall and pulp the entire 200,000 first printing run of the book, as well as announcing an offer to refund the purchase price to anyone who has already bought either a hard copy or electronic download of the book.

    Read more: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/jerome-corsi-birther-book-5765410#ixzz1MidXDngn

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Totally agree, BWD. Who the hell does he think he is? So sick of these holier than thou critics who know so damn much about how to run the country and throw stones from their filthy rich perches.

    Who in the hell is he to be disappointed? I’m disappointed he is such a hypocrite.

  8. Stewart has been making me furious a lot lately—too self-impressed again, carried away with his celebrity and another who thinks they have all the answers. That was just unforgivable, to go on O’Reilly and on FOX to say he could vote against Obama if some (idiotic) Repub presented a clearer path for the future. So many college kids watch his shows, the demographic we need, and Stewart for whatever selfish, egotistic reasons is doing a lot of damage—-as he did before the midterms. What is wrong with these people? Didn’t they just witness the possible horrific outcome produced by this kind of dulling of Democratic enthusiasm?

  9. Lawrence O’Donnell did a great segment last night about the dangers of people electing these celebrities who rev them up with simple soundbites and who don’t know a thing about governing. Example No. 1: Arnold. Californians got swept up in his stupid sound bites and he ran the state into the ground.

    Another example is of course all the tea baggers that got elected to congress on hatred, bigotry and soundbites (Stop the spending!) and who continuously demonstrate they don;t know squat about governing.

  10. He looks to have that glow again. I think the Bin Laden operation was really taking a lot out of him.

  11. yep. I read it at Gawker and people in the comments section were saying that Stewart is a liberal. What liberal would vote Republican?

  12. No, Stewart, your expectations weren’t fair. And enough with the bully pulpit crap.

    What disappoints me most about Stewart his
    thinking is so mainstream.

  13. Bam. Wow. From that story, this little nugget:

    “He called up Corsi and really tore him a new one,” says the source. “I mean, we’ll do anything to hurt Obama, and erase his memory, but we don’t want to look like fucking idiots, you know? Look, at the end of the day, bullshit is bullshit.”

    Read more: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/jerome-corsi-birther-book-5765410#ixzz1Mio6uXT1

    These people are unfreaking believable. Yep, they will do “anything to hurt Obama, and erase his memory…..” Wow!!

    They will spend millions just to destroy this president. It turns my stomach. But then again, it pleases my heart to see that no matter how many arrows are thrown this president’s way, he keeps forging on. Our task is to always, always have his back.

    OT: Anyone hear about the statement Chuck Todd made about the president investing in T-Bills and that he and his wife stood the most to lose in this debt ceiling fiasco.

    I sent Mr. Todd a note on this and I copied a good number of his colleagues on it, too.

    Go figure.

  14. Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America.

    Jon Stewart, on the other hand, is a comic, a pratfaller, a shock jock, a Barnum and Bailey performer.

    Bill O’Reilly, Mr. Star Struck, cares what the latter thinks. Really, though, even with his viewership and as annoying as Stewart is, not that many voters could even recognize him on the street. Even though I never failed to watch The Daily Show in the past, haven’t seen him in months and don’t intend to give him my viewership (which, I’m sure, LOL, will not phase him one iota).

  15. I like that , make a good t shirt.blackwaterdog

    His charisma is downright illegal.

  16. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! What a joke he is. He says that Obama is ruining this country. I’ll take Obama’s runing of this country anyday!

  17. Jon Stewart is fast becoming a legend in his own mind. I stopped watching him ever since he had that disrespectful interview with the president. Even when people post his videos, I don’t watch them. I could care less for Jon Stewart.

    He is like the rest of them. He believes his own hype.

    Go figure.

  18. I am listening to President Obama at the Coast Guard. What he has to say is so inspiring.

  19. Good Morning BWD family

    I have been catching up from yesterday.

    Someone asked for contact information for Cornel West and Tavis Smiley

    Cornel West
    Department of Religion
    Position: Associate Faculty

    Office: 205 Stanhope Hall
    Phone: 609-258-0021
    Email: cwest@princeton.edu

  20. Or, as somebody told my third granddaughter, “You make the sun look like it’s having a bad day.”


  21. Finally a repeat of the open letter which was posted yesterday by theboysister

    Open Letter To Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, And The Obama Critics

    Did you see what happened when people stayed home in Wisconsin and Governor Walker took office? The unions were attacked. Did you see what happened when the people in Michigan stayed at home and were discouraged causing the victory of Governor Snyder? Benton Harbor, Michigan was taken over and other EFMs are now positioning themselves to take over other cities in my home state. Did you see what happened when people stayed home for the 2000 election? We suffered 8 years of policies from a President who did nothing but end budget surpluses, expand the national debt, cut taxes for the rich, increase our dependency on foreign oil, bankrupt this country with wars we never should have fought while killing thousands of troops, and cause the largest recession since the great depression. This is what happens when people in our urban and working class/poor communities are inspired to stay at home on voting day. This is what can happen if people hear only a biased account of what our President has done and decide that it is useless to vote in 2012.

    So Dr. West, Mr. Smiley, Councilmember Baron, and all other critical supporters…I am NOT asking you to stop with your critiques. What I am asking you to do is to make sure that you provide your listeners with a COMPLETE picture of what the President has done…..that is an obligation you have to the people who respect you and admire you! When you are discussing the President’s disagreeable actions, also discuss any of the following accomplishments so people will be encouraged (not discouraged) to vote and force the President to go further in his efforts to please everyone

  22. Jon Stewart walks a fine line of just looking at the media and tells the truth about how they operate. He has not ever said what you say. I have listened to every show of O’Reilly’s that he has been on and never did I hear that. Jon is not in anyone’s pocket like Fox is, which is why he can be trusted.

  23. Hi everyone! h/t MsKitty@weeseeyou, this is hilarious:

    Obama Campaign Selling Birth Certificate-Emblazoned Merchandise

    President Obama’s reelection campaign is turning a conspiracy theory that had long dogged the president into a snarky fundraising tool, selling merchandise depicting Obama and his complete long form birth certificate.

    For a $25 donation, you can get a t-shirt that shows a smiling Obama above the phrase, “Made in the U.S.A” on the front, and the president’s long-form birth certificate on the back. The campaign is also giving away coffee mugs with the same design scheme to supporters who make a $15 contribution.


  24. Finally, a somewhat better response. I signed the petition to Celebrity Apprentice advertisers about dropping their support due to Trump’s “birther rhetoric.” While a previous response from Macy’s on supporting the racist opportunist by selling his products was disgraceful, here’s what Sprint (one of the Apprentice advertisers) wrote back:

    “Thank you for contacting us through Dan@Sprint.com. We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to express your concerns regarding Sprint supporting and monetarily benefiting Donald Trump’s program ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’. I apologize for any frustration this may have caused. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be forwarded to the appropriate team for further review.”

    While some of the grammar and punctuation in this obviously public-relations-originated message weren’t good (even though I, too, make mistakes, I’m somewhat of a word snob), they did not immediately brush off those who signed the petition, and – at the very least – validated the complaint. I realize nothing may come of this, this time around, but if they’ve had to generate responses to each and every person who signed the petition, they might remember that.

  25. ding ding ding. Exactly.. and he wanted a Reagan style POTUS. Instead he got a President still busy cleaning up the messes Mr. Reagan’s ‘style’ put this country in. Liberal my ass, Mr. Stewart.

  26. Right there with you Africa, I haven’t watched anything Jon Stewart in a very long time. Since the mid-terms I think.

  27. This is so funny…thank you for posting this. I heard this loon on the radio a few nights before PBO released his long form birth cert. He, just like Trump, claimed to have boomshell information, and would ben going into hiding due to the content he would reveal. Hahahahaha..good news.

  28. Remember when President Obama’s approval ratings with black people went from 92% to 85% and the press had a cow “ooooh, African Americans are abandoning President Obama.”

    Well, his approval is now 91%. Where’s the meme about black people flocking to POTUS? IMO neither poll movement is a story; whether 85% or 91%, President Obama has enjoyed sky-high black support (and liberal Dem support) from the beginning of his tenure.

    Just goes to show, don’t believe the hype lol.


  29. Thank you. I asked for the info because everywhere I went they kept asking me to sign up to be their friend. Thanks indeed.

  30. That’s not terribly surprising. Jon has never been an Obama fan. He was quite rude to him the last time Obama was on the show. Compare that to how he has slobbered over McCain for years.

    Jon isn’t a Democrat or a liberal. He’s a libertarian who hated Bush.

  31. Never mind that the bailout was started under Bush, and that President Obama is the one who made it actually work to get the money back?

  32. Indeed – Jon Stewart is the one who held a huge rally right before and important election, and “forgot” to tell people to make sure they voted. And he think he can judge the President about not being “left” enough? Jon Stewart is a disappointment!

  33. Yes, that was actually unforgiveable. The fact is – the only clear path you’ll get from Republicans is a direct path to poverty and possibly hell.

  34. Associate Faculty is not that high.

    When my life calms down a little I’m going to research exactly what Cornel West’s academic credentials are.

  35. What I always love about our President is his genuine love of people – especially all children!

  36. Either Stewart is clueless to the Republican agenda or he believes in the Republican agenda. Is he anti-choice; pro big oil subsidies; destruction of Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security; pro tax cuts for the top 2%; anti-middle class and poor people; anti-union; pro governors who dismantle elected city and county governments and install their own dictators and the list goes on. If Stewart can vote for a Republican then he is in agreement with their policies.

  37. “would there ever be a scenario where you could see not voting for Barack Obama and voting for a Republican?”

    “Sure,” Stewart said. “If I didn’t have a clear sense of the direction he wanted to move the country in, and somebody else had a more logical sense of where to take it.” O’Reilly expressed surprise at this, and asked if Obama had lived up to Stewart’s expectations.

    Look up this thread and read the transcript of what Jon said.

  38. “I mean, we’ll do anything to hurt Obama, and erase his memory …”

    You mean they will blow up his countenance at Mount Rushmore ?

  39. Obama Campaign Selling Birth Certificate-Emblazoned Merchandise

    This, of course, is very interesting.

    As a foreigner, I cannot contribute financially to Barack Hussein Obama’s re-election to the Presidency.

    But I can buy “Original Birth Certificates of (baby) Barack Hussein Obama” in preparation to make him President of the European Union (vacancy to be approved) in 2016.

    Surely, that isn’t illegal …

  40. chuck todd is a “nothing”. everytime he shows his ugly mug on tv, I switch the channel. He is a racist, pure and simple. Have no use for that lackey.

  41. Cornell West is associated with the dept. of religion at Princeton? Say its not so!!! This is so funy, I cant even laugh. How can this hater and racist work with anything pertaining to “religion”.

    Cornell hates President Obama because PBO has all of what he cannot have: brains, charm, character,a spine and a backbone, a very beautiful and loving wife and two adorable girls. And to make matters worse, Mr.Obama IS the President of the USA, a position cornell can NEVER attain. I deeply believe cornell west is a “birther” … what else could cause him to have such deep seated hatred for PBO. Is he angry because the “kenyan” is the president, that PBO did’nt grow up in the hood, or because he had a white mother.(just repeating what I’ve heard from other folks). What is so troubling and disturbing to this man about PBO that he has to spew such hatred. Last time I checked PBO was the President of ALL Americans, not just black Americans.

    cornell west needs to take a look into his darkened and hateful soul and try to see where he came from and where he hopes to go. He talks such stupidity that I feel genuine sympathy for him. He needs to emulate the great PBO and see a real leader in action. A leader who is always in control, who thinks before he speaks,who can disagree without being disagreeable and one who exudes decency and strength of character by not stooping to the gutter and the likes of cornell west. Only then can cornell stop being such an ass.

  42. To me false equivalency Jon Stewart is just some-one who does what anyone would do given a chance. Let’s face it there is so much stuff that the repugs do on a daily basis that anyone could paraody them and get laughs. His false equivalency rally never sat well with me….and he continues NOT to sit well with me!

  43. I may be wrong, but I don’t think you will be able to buy anything from the campaign even the mug or t-shirt.

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