President Obama in Tennessee (Photostream)

Hi guys,

I hope everybody is having a great day. PBO will deliver the Commencement Address at Booker T. Washington High School at 1:30 PM EDT here. I’ll try to keep the photos coming. 🙂



46 thoughts on “President Obama in Tennessee (Photostream)


  2. Lawd, that’s one HUGE-ass plane! Nice to see my favorite SS agent (I call him “Shadow”) is on the case today.

    I’ve seen some of the live local footage and Memphis is out of its mind with excitement. Those lucky, hard-working, and deserving kids will have a day to remember!

  3. Did he drop his phone? I bet the Fox wing-nuts will find a way to spin that into some foolish, crazy, warped, freakout … And ignore the amazing speech he is about to give! Obama 2012

  4. So much good news this morning. The President at 59% and the excitement of Memphis today. I love watching the local live stream. This President is a person these kids can look up to and know he came from lowly circumstances too. This is so fun to watch.

  5. This was great news. I am so glad they are going to be in all 50 states. There will be a big Senatorial fight here in MT. We need all the help we can get.

  6. I really enjoy seeing the faces of folks who have the opportunity to meet POTUS up close and personal. And I can’t wait to hear his commencement address at BTWHS. Those kids so deserved this honor and I’m so very proud of them!!!

  7. I believe I read yesterday that President Obama will spend an hour in Moneygall – those folks seem to be going to a lot of trouble for such a short visit.

  8. Yes – I wish he was staying longer, since they’ve painted the entire town… I’m sure they’ll be thrilled with the time they get, though.

  9. Great job BWD! I am watching the Memphis station live stream and I just saw the President speak to the graduates in a local room and when he finished, he went to shake hands of the graduates on the front row and you could see him stop to console one of the grads who was crying! I would cry too if I was in the presence of POTUS! It was so touching, I’m still crying – tears of JOY!

  10. It’s getting ready to start. They have told all the people to set down. I am so glad they got to meet the President privately. What an honor for them.

  11. I’d quite frankly do the exact same thing as those fine folks in Moneygall. I love reading stories of President Obama being greeted so warmly all over the world.

    Happy Monday everyone!

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  13. The Obama Store is awesome. I would love to get some of that Obama bread!

  14. I’m watching the live stream of the BTWHS commencement – overwhelmed with tears of happiness for these kids!

  15. Trump announced he isn’t running. Though he professed he believes if he ran he would win, he said he loves business more. So he chose his businesses over the Country if I read that correctly.

    Anyways he’s a delusional twit and I hope all the MSM morons who fell for his garbage have egg on their face – but I think one major criteria for making it up the ladder in the MSM is having zero self awareness.

  16. This is beautiful! He is jogging on the tarmac…lol. Thanks BWD. I don’t know how Prez Obama finds the energy but, boy he is one tough guy. This is an experience these graduating kids will cherish for ever.

  17. Watching the commencement – didn’t boo hoo this much when my daughter graduated from college last month!

  18. Ha ha – so we will ignore all the wing nuts!

    Especially since we have a President who actually knows how to use a phone and they have …

  19. This is really a big deal all for everybody. This is such a great speech. I love this man.

  20. Congratulations to the Students at Booker T. Washington High in Memphis. A class of tomorrow’s leaders, the river rising and still nothing falters these kids, or their community. Wonderful fighting spirit of American People, Just Gloriously Wonderful.
    I hope the President will enjoy his time with those children today. I also hope the families get to see what a great Great Man, Our President is. God Bless All of them today.
    On a more entertaining note, I get to say I told you so, Trump announces today he is NOT running for President, isn’t that a kick!! I am super entertained, all of the GOP in this season of you cannot Outshine Mr. Obama are ever so entertaining. I an having a wonderful time hearing all the rhetoric already and will be so entertained while we work to re-elect one of our Nations best Leaders !! YES WE CAN 2012 AGAIN
    and too bad it is not for Always, but one can dream….
    I just Love my President !!

  21. PBO is knocking it out of the park at Booker T. Just phenomenal :-)!

  22. All that punk wanted was his 15 minutes in the presidential politics. Unfortunately for him, Obama squelched it in fifteen seconds flat.

  23. And he’s not just speaking and leaving. He’s staying to shake hands with every one of those kids as they pick up the diplomas.

    Such a thotful man.

  24. Aren’t you glad you voted for President Obama in 2008? I love my president!

  25. He was neva eva running. Not in a million years. Trump is an attention-seeker and has been one for years and years; I literally cannot remember a time in which Trump was not pulling a media stunt. His show was up for renewal, and what better way to make a media splash than a fake presidential run (only his latest of several btw), and what way to get the national media’s attention than to pose as an over the top critic of this administration, as those folks whether on the right or the left seem to get the most attention. But he was never seriously running for POTUS; he likes his life just fine, his gazillion wives, his career as a combination businessperson and entertainer. He had the time of his life and IMO probably wanted to wait until his season finale to announce that the joke was on us, but was pressured by executives at his network to clear the air immediately.

    Trump for President 2012=Media. stunt.

  26. In other news, Chicago has a new mayor! My daughter was at Rahm’s inauguration, and my mom and I (in Minnesota) watched the livestream on … Joe and Jill Biden were there, as well as Geithner, LaHood, Axelrod, both senators from IL, etc, etc. Of course, Mayor Emanuel referenced President Obama in his speech – big applause line 🙂

  27. Yup! 😉

    I’ve always had a suspicion of collusion in terms of this performance as a birther which was just so over the top, even for The Donald; whether or not this was collusion or The Donald’s ego + racism, I’d like to thank the media sTrumpet from the bottom of my heart. An experienced artist couldn’t have put together a better performance art piece making a statement about the national media’s excesses and the problems with the modern Republican party.

  28. Ah, I am jealous of your daughter and excited for Chicago to get a new mayor. Let’s hope he can help turn things around in Chicago.

  29. As someone who lives in the south (South Carolina), I am glad to hear that President Obama is back in the south. And, that he went to a southern state other than Florida, North Carolina, Virgina, or Georgia.

    After all, there are more southern states than those four.

    I can’t wait till he comes back to South Carolina. He hasn’t been in my state since early 2008 (during the primary here).

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