Dear Christopher Dean, you are awesome.

We’re going to hear a lot about this beautiful kid from Memphis. His introduction of PBO today was the best I’ve seen since he became president. And Christopher’s life story is such an inspiration. I watched this little clip three times and it just made my day.

Good luck, young man. I’ll remember you.


Here’s the president’s full speech:


And you can see the extraordinary scenes of kids crying when the president arrived, here.



65 thoughts on “Dear Christopher Dean, you are awesome.

  1. An absolutely great kid. He’s not going to be standing still. Notice his stage manner, pauses, and shrugging and looking around — that’s inborn. That’s what our President has, something inborn that no one can buy with any amount of money.

  2. I so agree, BWD. When I was listening to him I started to cry. This young man knows he has someone to look up to who is worthy of his admiration. This President is a man among men. I thank God every day that Obama is my President.

  3. I haven’t had a chance to watch the speeches yet, but suspect that I’m in for a treat tonight. I’m going to make a commitment to myself to remember this young man’s name and accomplishments. If I can detail the laundry list of media stunts pulled by recurring attention-seeker Donald Trump (who has finally pulled the plug on his ridiculous Presidential “campaign”), then I can remember this precious young man, Christopher Dean, and the integrity shining through him, for the rest of my life.

    Thanks bwd!

  4. What I like about BTW winning this challenge is that these students appreciate this event probably many many times more than those of the other two schools. This is just BIG.

  5. bwd, if you don’t mind, I’m going to make it a point to link to your donation page with frequency.

    To us all: if we like what this administration is doing, it’s important to take concrete action in support of it. At this stage, donating is one of the best actions to take and one which will lay the very foundation of President Obama’s reelection. This being a people-powered campaign means that donations from $5–$2,400 are all valued, and all necessary as we pull together and once again go to bat for this leadership. Please consider donating to Obama/Biden 2012, as little or as much as you are comfortably able:

  6. BWD thank you, thank you this President is just, just simple amaizing. this make me very confindent that he will be re-elected yes he can.

  7. This was my first thought too. He even resembles our potus. I love the picture of them together.

  8. I worked from home today and had the privilege to watch the BTWHS commencement in its entirety. I boo-hooed throughout the entire event not only because we have a president who cares about these kids, not only do we have a community that cares about these kids, not only do we have a principal who cares about these kids, I saw a group of kids who care about and esteem themselves. These graduates are proof that our circumstances do not dictate our condition. “Yes we can” is not an empty slogan. I was never more proud of President Obama than today when he stood and congratulated each graduate separately as they crossed the stage. Just his being there will keep these graduates focused on reaching for the moon – because even if they miss, they’ll still be amongst the stars!

  9. I liked feature this got on NBC nightly news. Mr. Williams used images from when potus surprised the graduates and the girls that were crying. While in the background we heard potus own words at the graduation speak for itself. I have to give props for that.

    I really hope Christopher’s speech gets some national airplay though, it was so good.

  10. This young man, Christopher Dean is awsome, fabulous, charismatic and smart. I can hear him sayhing “Yes, I can”. He has delivered a beautiful, well-paced and well thought out introduction for PBO… this young man’s star has just begun to shine.

    Continued success Christopher Dean. May your path be lit by the light from your star.

  11. “…throwing in a birther joke…”

    Unlike the lazy, “good for nothin'” U.S. mainstream media and their ilk, it showed Chris had “done his homework!”

    In the “not so distance” future, WE’ll hear from him, again! 😉


  13. Thanks for posting this BWD. The little intro that Christopher gave was just perfect. How original and heartfelt. Loved it. And as always, President Obama always makes a speech both interesting to listen and always says something that makes you want to think about and absorb it beyond the moment.

  14. What a wonderful young man. Yes, we will hear more from him. Here I am again with tears streaming down my face.

  15. How beautiful to hear we should not have

    “Flash over Substance”. Thanks President


  16. I am so proud of those kids, their teachers, parents and all the people that had hopes for them now that they are on their way. These kids/young adults are our future. We need to do everything to make sure they make it. Because if they make it, so does all of America.

  17. I don’t know when I have been more moved by a PBO event than this one. The stories Obama told at the end of his speech drive home what this moment means to all of those students, teachers, family and community. And to have him there to share it with them – being the inspiration he is to each of them – sends me into emotional overload.

    And I agree with all of you – that young Christopher Dean was able to capture all of the what it means in a few words…with grace, dignity and humor.

    I think of moments like this when people deride the support Obama has in the African American community as being only about skin color. They have no idea how deep this goes!

  18. May God bless each and every one of these graduates, and may He guide them to bright, fulfilling futures. These kids are role models for those whom they leave behind at BTWHS, and they, their peers, their principal, their teachers, and their community had an opportunity to hear from, imho, America’s greatest role model and a premiere example of the American Dream’s success, PBHO.

  19. I didn’t give my Republican husband a choice. I played Christopher’s introduction for him. He was impressed. I then played the video BTW prepared for the contest. He was impressed with that as well.

    It may be wishful thinking, but I do believe there is a slightly different or softening opinion from my husband regarding PO….especially since OBL.

  20. As a history teacher, I totally appreciated his speech; as a mother, I love that my own kids find him inspiring and this is one of the reasons why. He has a real ability to connect with young people.

  21. Ditto. You’ve expressed it so beautifully Majii and all above. Thank you BWD for mosting such an inspiration. I look forward to more speeches from PBO and FLOTUS between now and June. This was the most inspiring in my opinion because it was speaking to kids who had a rough time either personally or by mother nature recently. I know they will take the words from the president and perservere through some tough times ahead. Just keep listening and pushing forward. That’s what a winner does and they are all winners.

  22. Thank you so much BWD for sharing the BTW High School commencement speeches. That young man, Christopher Dean, who introduced the President was very impressive. He has such a commanding stage presence! He also displayed a wicked sense of humor with his brither joke.

    The President’s speech, as always, was very inspirational. It is the kind of speech that should be shared with as many young people as possible. I was especially pleased to hear the President go back to extolling the virtue of “empathy.”

  23. I am looking at the current crop of ‘world leaders’ – sarkozy, berlusconi, cameron, putin, merkel. None of them amount to a can of beans when compared to PBO.

  24. Teabaggers and GOP would elect Putin in a second. He’s just need to rip off his shirt and make his pecs “dance” to the Star Spangled Banner and the right would be in full swoon.

  25. Thanks Donna for sharing this. Jon Stewart was quite good! He exposed FOX’s racial profiling when it comes to artists. Some how, O’Reilly is oblivious about innocent Black people killed by some racist police men.

    Privileged demagogue multimillionaires, like O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh, who have absolutely no idea of how policemen terrorized black communities prior to the passage of Civil Rights laws, are intent on creating a false controversy. Their goal is to arouse white hatred against the President and the First Lady.

  26. Excellent point. Time to take our gaze away from the narcisists and return our attention to those who are actually doing something.

  27. Unless that $10 million came from grassroots people who actually have individual votes, I’m not concerned. They can throw the money out there, but it doesn’t change the way the tea partiers feel about him, or the fact that he’s running away from his own record, and flip-flopping on every issue. He’s still a dud.

  28. Nevada is heavily populated with Mormons which may account for the high figure.

  29. Listening to these speeches now…this country is blessed, and it’s a shame that there are so many trying to convince us otherwise. We have gone from a bully WH which talked the talk yet didn’t walk the walk to a poet warrior who, yeah, doesn’t care about confronting terrorists with no apologies yet he cries in front of little kids when discussing how much hope that he has for his girls and the other kids in the country, how much those kids fill his heart for the future. We are so blessed. This is just wonderful.

  30. Yes correct. Obama months ago was trouncing all but Romney in Nevada polls.

  31. Speaking for myself only: I don’t care about the dfox. Most people have already come to the conclusion that the lies spread there by the so-called “experts” who wanted to kill hcr notwithstanding, hcr is good for people and it was great that it was passed. Everyone already knows that other than the sociopaths masquerading as health care “activists” at dfox. My two cents.

  32. And I don’t mean to insult, assault, or attack, but does there need to be a link to space every single day? What is there that is not elsewhere? The hcr coverage in particular is extremely weak.

  33. I think it is important to know how ridiculous the PL sounded with their public option debate.

  34. Except that at this point, they have not made any attempt whatsoever to climb back from that ridiculousness, they are still just as unrepentant, just as unconcerned with impoverished people helped by hcr, and just as inclined to profit from people’s anxieties about hcr with zero inclination to tell people the truth. That space is full of nonsense and propaganda. Again, I’m not trying to come on so strong, but…that place is full of nonsense in terms of hcr. There are soooo many other sites which aren’t nearly as crazy, maybe we can promote those? You don’t have to listen to me, please understand that, as this is just my opinion, but I feel compelled to speak up.

  35. Fair points.

    What do you think of the Non-profit option described factually by the sane blogger?

    Looking forward to it when it comes into the exchanges? A great surprise gift.

    No wonder two reports by the HHS and an independent study group recently endorse the act as working better than expected.

  36. Also, where should we promote this truth telling article?

    Democratic Wunderground?

  37. I’ve seen news from other, far more reliable sites, discussing the potential for states to implement public options as components as their health care exchanges. I have no idea what the dfox has to say about that and I don’t care. As to the issue, I think it’s *terrific* that there are dividends to HCR that we’re still unpacking. So we’re on the same page there, itgetsbetter. 🙂

  38. dfox already has a self-promotional infrastructure which includes huge ad revenues and enormous social media infiltration. Sooo…I wonder why people don’t spend time promoting tiny spaces like this over there. Just saying.

  39. yayyyyyyyyyyyy

    not to mention vermont and california are going single payer. they are taking the fight beyoond PPACA. because of PPACA, single payer will be possivble via states. canada’s single payer started out with states,

    california’s revenue projections are much better than months ago.

    so many cuts are being eased,

  40. I felt, too, that this speech to the kids at BTW was deeply personal. That he could relate to them in a way that no other president could do, as he had been like them once, and had, through education, been able to become what he is now. It was a very effective speech for that reason IMO.

  41. BWD – is there some way to get this donation page hyperlinked on the front page so we can go back to it repeatedly???!!!! I would like to give every month or so and it would be nice to do it through this site . .

  42. Wow!! Oh, Wow!! Thanks for posting this Jon Stewart clip. I missed that part as I turned in late. JS nailed O’Reilly. It stopped so abruptly I was hoping to hear what O’Reilly said next, but I assume he would not have admitted to the unjustness of his accusation.

  43. GN, go ahead and tell the truth! That site made a choice of signing on lies and misinformation because of the hatred of the President. While I may from time to time read commentaries of courageous people who still post at DKos, I will never again click on that site.

  44. I plan to watch this blog tomorrow. Thanks for giving it to us, BWD.

  45. Love me some Millennials, in Memphis and across the nation, a crop of newly minted voters, possessed of the optimism of youth, who will never — ever — vote GOP.

  46. the donations came from corporations not the regular electorate, no surprise.

  47. I didn’t have time to watch this yesterday and couldn’t wait to see it this morning – brought tears to my eyes – yes, what the President and First Lady mean to young people like this beautiful young man can not be measured.

  48. Christopher’s introduction brought tears to my eyes and made me proud. Thanks for posting it — it was a community service.

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