Be still my beatin’ heart

This is just wonderful:


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  1. Sweet girl, I would have been crying, too. I met Priscilla Presley and couldn’t speak. She is the sweetest woman in the world and is taking great care of Elvis’ legacy.

  2. This is awesome!

    The President of the People!

    GOD is good and HIS mercy endures forever!

  3. OT: Anyone so inclined — can you send healing energy to my little dog Kasper? He’s not doing well, we’re on Round 3 of emergency surgery for his wounds from the attack by a 100-lb Cane Corso. There are pockets of infection from his entire hindquarters being ripped open. They may not be able to identify all the pockets of infection to drain them properly.

    He’s a sick little guy, all 10 pounds of him. He’s such a beautiful spirit. Any good thoughts would be appreciated.

  4. This is such a great day, what a ceremony, what a speech. This man is such a inspiration for us all. I am also in awe of these kids. They will all go on to make a mark somewhere.

  5. Oh, Faith, my thoughts are with you. Thank you for keeping us updated. I have been wondering how you all were doing.


  7. This pictures make me cry….I can’t wait to watch his speech again. He’s shaking every kids name.

  8. Oh, Faith. My heart goes out to you and the little guy. I’m not the praying type, but I’ll send all the good energy I can find. Hang in there, love.

  9. These photos are heart opening. These students have achieved so much, and they know it was anything but easy. Total AWESOMENESS to be with POTUS today.

    Congratulations to all the 2011 Booker T. Washington Gradutes1

  10. Oh NOOOO !!! I missed it. Does anyone know where I can watch it? It’s not up on the web site.

  11. Aw, that little girl is about to make *me* cry. Thanks for the reportage bwd!

  12. Just finish watching Our Presidents’ address to these young people. So many wonderful things he said to our young ones, but what stood out for me were these words:”It doesn’t matter what you are, where your are, what matters is who you are.”

  13. May the spirit of the Lord touches Kasper and heals him from his pain.

    Wishing Kasper a speedy recovery.

  14. Some pictures just take your breath away and makes your heart beat faster. BWD, that’s exactly what those pics of the students with tears of joy has done to me. Thx>>

  15. OT: I absolutely adore this administration’s focus upon small businesses; this is a huge factor for our nation’s economic recovery

    WH blog:
    National Small Business Week is Here!

    by Karen Mills

    Happy National Small Business Week to more than 27 million small businesses, their employees, and all Americans! You can read the President’s proclamation here.

    The facts are clear: small businesses create about two out of every three jobs in the U.S. each year, and roughly half of working Americans either own or work for a small business.

    Today, we released a report that details the many things the Administration has done over the past two years to help small businesses do what they do best: create jobs. It’s called The Small Business Agenda: Growing America’s Small Businesses to Win the Future.

    There are seven areas where we’ve made accomplishments, including:

    •17 tax breaks for small businesses through the Recovery Act, the Small Business Jobs Act and other laws
    •$53 billion in SBA lending support for 113,000 small businesses at a time when traditional lending was frozen
    •Nearly $100 billion in federal contracting dollars annually going to small businesses, with a new tool to help women-owned firms
    •Support for small businesses to export their products and help meet the National Export Initiative’s goal to double exports in coming years
    •Free and low-cost counseling to more than 2 million entrepreneurs and small business owners
    •Targeted mentoring and growth capital for high-growth small businesses – the biggest job creators – through new efforts like Startup America
    •More stability and protection in financial markets as well as work to reduce regulatory barriers and costs
    But our job is not done.

    For example, we need to engage young entrepreneurs who are working to build the next generation of great American companies. That’s why, Tuesday night at 6:30 pm EST, the White House’s Kalpen Modi and SBA’s Deputy Administrator, Marie Johns, are co-hosting a Youth Entrepreneur Summit in New York City. Watch the livestream here.

    And don’t forget: Starting Wednesday, you can also watch livestreams of National Small Business Week events and forums happening in Washington, D.C. Take a look at my earlier blog post to see which ones you might be interested in.

    As the President said recently, “When it comes to our economy, it’s our small businesses that pack the biggest punch.” Thank you for taking time this week to celebrate small businesses in your community and across the nation.

  16. This President is an inspiration to all. My heart swells with pride every time I see him.

    His influence will live forever in the hearts of those graduates.

    May God Bless you and keep you always President Obama, and may the other successful 10% be inspired to help pull the 90% UP!

  17. Thanks BWD those pictures speak valums, this Presidet is just a very special Human being, with a golden heart.
    The nation should be proud of this man.

  18. This was the first time I was able to watch a speech by the President live – note that 1:30 pm EDT is 7:30 pm CET.

    The speech was great, just great (I always get a kick out of Michelle and Barack talking to students to respect teachers and put in hard work – and getting applauded for it 🙂

    But the remark that brought the house down was by Valedictorian Chris Dean:

    “As I introduce the commencement speaker of today, I am supposed to provide some vital statistics about him, like … where he works [ laughter ] and …. where he was born [ raucous laughter ]

  19. LOL, I don’t care how some folks in the national media try to dress this up, the GOP’s presidential field is a clown show! The most credible of the bunch are going to have a really hard time getting through the primaries because of their moderation.

    Huckmentum: Who Benefits From Mike Huckabee’s Exit From 2012 Field?

    Forget all the talk of a “sleepy” 2012. The race for the Republican presidential nomination is wide awake and kicking.

    Mike Huckabee is out, Newt Gingrich is in (and continuing to diss Paul Ryan’s budget plan), Donald Trump has to decide soon if he’s going for another season of “The Celebrity Apprentice” or for the White House [gn: this media stunt is officially over; Trump has announced that he’s not running], Mitt Romney’s dialing for dollars in Las Vegas and political activists in Iowa and New Hampshire are at odds over the importance of their respective nominating contests.

    No sooner did Huckabee announce this weekend that he would be staying out of the fight for the Republican presidential nomination than the jockeying for his supporters began. His no-go decision takes out the frontrunner in Iowa and South Carolina making those already wide-open contests even more unpredictable.

    Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty made the first overtures to voters who might have backed Huckabee in a statement released just minutes after the former Arkansas governor’s dramatic Fox News announcement (“All the factors say go, but my heart says no”) Saturday night.

    “Mike and I agree our nation is facing big challenges and desperately needs new leadership,” Pawlenty said. “And I plan to work hard to earn the support of the millions of Americans who have supported him.”

    Pawlenty could, indeed, pick up some Huckmentum especially among Evangelicals and especially in a crucial state like Iowa where the sling-shot effect can propel a lesser-known candidate into the winner’s circle in subsequent primaries (as it did for Huckabee in 2008).

    “Michele Bachmann also has an opportunity here,” Christian Broadcasting Network chief political correspondent David Brody wrote. “If she decides to get in, she becomes even more potent in Iowa if she can pull some of those Huckabee votes into her column.”

    That said, it was never really clear that Huckabee was going to be able to dominate in Iowa or South Carolina in the first place. Yes, he had name I.D. and good standing among social conservatives. But in this new Tea Party era, his record in Arkansas, especially on taxes, would have been a huge liability, contrasting sharply with the new breed of tough talkin’, government slashing governors and former governors.

    The real question now is Huckabee use his perch on Fox as an outlet to influence the 2012 primary. (Should Romney be worried?)

    As for Gingrich, he’s taking Iowa by storm this week, kicking off a 17-city tour of the state with an appearance in Dubuque. But can he get any traction?

    His personal life is a problem for Evangelical and other social conservatives. But, his bigger problem is that his identity as the “big ideas” guy for the party has been eclipsed by a young House member named Paul Ryan. Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin, set the policy table for the GOP this year — not Newt.

    And, yesterday in an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Newt batted down Ryan’s plan, calling it “right wing social engineering.”

    “I don’t think right-wing social engineering is any more desirable than left-wing social engineering,” Gingrich said when asked about the proposal, adding that it represented “radical change.”

    Meanwhile, Romney is in Nevada today, “kicking off a frenzied day of campaigning with a phone bank fundraiser in Las Vegas,” the AP reports. He’ll also be hosting a conference call with supporters and a Facebook town hall meeting.


    That’s a truly weak bench! We can’t get complacent at all, because as this story illustrates, the GOP is always going to have a HUGE media advantage, but the quality of these candidates is really low IMO.

  20. I gotta say: I’m glad that they waited to launch the shuttle until they were positive that everything was in order.

    Shuttle Endeavour rockets into orbit on its final flight

    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla.–Running two weeks late because of an electrical glitch, the repaired shuttle Endeavour finally blasted off and rocketed into orbit for the last time Monday, putting on a spectacular, if brief, show for the several hundred thousand spectators who were estimated to have come to watch NASA’s next-to-last shuttle launch.

    Carrying a $2 billion particle physics experiment, critical supplies, and spare parts bound for the International Space Station, Endeavour’s three main engines flashed to life and throttled up to full power while computers monitored their performance 50 times per second.

    Read more:


    Congrats to NASA for a successful launch!

  21. I just called my Senators–Corker and Alexander with this message: I hope you both truly, honestly heard what the president said to those students. I hope you also watched his actions/interactions with the students. I went on to say that politics is not a game…that our government is about people’s everyday lives……I am sick and tired of their games and their lack of cooperation with this president…..that he is “busting his butt” to move our country forward and get us out of the mess we were in so stop the silly games and work with him……reminded again about the focus should be people’s lives.

    I ended with a paraphrase of Eugene Robinson’s quote: He’s better looking, smarter, richer (I added a couple things here):)and he’s our president. Your’s mine, ours…..and he’s black. Get over it.

    I was watching the Live feed from local TV station–awesome. Loved the comments afterwards from the local pols and citizens.

  22. Wasn’t able to watch the speech live. Am waiting for a tape to be posted. I did, however, just watch the wonderful introduction the President received from student, Christopher Dean. When he said, “what our speaker’s presence here today means to me is that someone who looks like me can attend Columbia, and Harvard Law, and become President of the United States!” I lost it…
    For this alone, Barack Obama’s presidency is going to be one of immeasurable consequence.
    I also loved that Mr. Dean cracked a birthplace joke as well! 😀

  23. That’s an awesome message. I’m hoping beyond all hope that 2012 can finally serve as an accountability moment for the GOP. They’ve spent years acting in complete bad faith.

    Now that they’re front and center, in charge of the House and unable to deflect onto “huge Dem majorities,” I’m gratified to see the country see what Dems have been seeing in terms of an opposition party acting in shockingly bad faith, and all for partisan gain, country be damned.

    This is why those freshman Republican congresspeople asked for a “reset,” scared to death that the partisan games have been exposed to the light of day, and people are unhappy with the GOP. I hope that Dems continue to shine the light.

  24. I’m sitting at my desk fighting back the tears. These photos speak volumes about those students and about what the President means to real people and their lives.

  25. It is a really great piece from Deaniac. I didn’t have time to do a mishmash this morning, but I was going to link to this excellent work.

  26. Perhaps I am missing it but is there a link to the video of his speech and interactions with students? Would love to watch it! PBO is amazing!

  27. I think a lot of people are super-busy or taking a break from politics during this relative period of post-bin Laden calm and rest. Thanks a million for all that you do, bwd; appreciated!

  28. The damn gusher just broke.Tears of joy and amazement for this President…and those kids that his visit means so much to.Marvelous!!!

  29. What I love about this POTUS is that it’s all for the kids, and that is so discernible. At the end of the day, he pushes through silly season and the flatulent mountain of egos in DC, in order to make a difference in these kids’ lives, as well as the lives of day to day Americans who aren’t well-represented within the national and new media. Just a terrific President.

  30. Warning. Do not listen to cornell west or krugman they are back at it.

  31. Done. I have been thinking of Kasper, your husband and you since this happened.All the best to all of you.

  32. I really don’t like the sound of this – Reeks of creating and arming Taliban/AQ in the 1980’s thinking it was a great idea and having to fight them 25 years later. –

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The crown prince of Abu Dhabi has hired the founder of private security firm Blackwater Worldwide to set up an 800-member battalion of foreign troops for the United Arab Emirates, the New York Times said Sunday.
    The Times said it obtained documents that showed the unit being formed by Erik Prince’s new company Reflex Responses with $529 million from the UAE would be used to thwart internal revolt, conduct special operations and defend oil pipelines and skyscrapers from attack.

    Prince is a FAR Right wingnut, this is his attempt to build his own private army after Blackwater got too much publicity. This isn’t going to end well.

  33. These pictures made me cry…I am so proud of these kids!! I would have been overcome with emotion too ifthe President came to speak at my graduation.

    Faith my prayers are with your puppy..I would have been a mess if that had been my Sadie.

  34. Thanks a million for the warning itgetsbetter! I feel sorry for pundits whose egos don’t allow them to “get” this period in politics. And I think that some of these pundits look to stay relevant by being contrarian; this is how they keep people on the edges of our seats, because they flip back and forth! I’ll take what these kids in the pictures think over DC pundits any day of the week. 😉

  35. Sen. Scott Brown to vote FOR Ryan Budget when Harry Reid puts it to a vote on Friday.

    I wonder if the Massachusetts Dems are playing possum here. Pretending to be in disarray to the point Brown feels confident he can run as a party line Republican and vote as one as well. Maybe the ratings are going to his head, because thye might be a mile wide, but they’re an inch deep. He hasn’t faced a real challenge, he won the special election based on personality politics and a bad Dem candidate. If Dems can get their act together, get a A-List candidate and rally around them, I think Brown is not nearly as safe as he seems to think he is.

  36. that picture made me cry — I am so proud of my President! time to send him some money for re-election —

  37. ((((Faith)))) Prayers to Kasper, please God help heal one of your dear creatures. My heart aches for him. I know how much you love him and I pray he gets through the surgery and is OK.

  38. Came across an interesting website today. Heard about it on Stephanie Miller’s show and checked it out when I got home. It’s called and is geared toward young professionals for intelligent discussions…from conservative or liberal points of view, and everything in between. Seems like a good place to visit to present facts and engage others in conversation.

  39. Faith, I’m so sorry that you’re going through this 😦 I don’t have any answers for you, but Lord God, I pray that you will give Faith the strength and courage, to change the things that she can, and be able to accept the things, that’s beyond your her control. And Lord Jesus, I pray that you be a Friend to Faith right now, In your Precious Name, Amen.

    Hang In there Faith, you are In my thoughts, and prayers. ~~~~~~~~~~:-)

  40. This is one outstanding comment. I will make use of your point about “bad faith”. It is exactly the whole problem.

  41. Well, I did cry, because, I was feeling what the Students were feeling. Some of them endured some tough Struggles. I was proud of each of them. The Exercise was a moving and touching one. All of them were super ~~~~~~

  42. I’m sending healing thoughts and vibes to you and your furry child. Bless him and you and just give him lots of love. Keep us posted please.

  43. Christopher Dean’s introduction was spot on wonderful. Congratulations again to BTW students.

  44. h/t Miranda@weeseeyou:

    Startling reminder of just how many people put their lives on the line, many of them losing those lives to no fanfare because they were of color, many of them like Zwerg putting themselves in mortal danger to shine a light on murderous Jim Crow…it took generations of fighters, protesters, and prayers to create the picture of POTUS interacting with students that we are enjoying right now. And it’s still not over, as the birthers and statistics about the pernicious nature of institutionalized racism reminds us daily. But we will march on.

    Yes we can!

  45. Yes I hope he is on his way to uni. He is truly gifted kid as well as very handsome. I wish all those kids the best. *wipes tears*

  46. Just imagine if the trillions in profits and subsidies that go to big corporations each year were funneled to small businesses, instead?

  47. FYI:
    The White House released financial disclosure forms on Monday for President Obama and Vice President Biden, showing nothing in the way of conflicts of interest, which the documents are mostly intended to illuminate.

    But the forms do highlight the very different financial circumstances between Obama and his No. 2.

    It’s not surprising that Obama’s documents show that his sources of income are largely the revenue from his books “Dreams of My Father,” “The Audacity of Hope” and a recently published children’s book, “Of Thee I Sing.” The first family has a sizable amount in savings, investments and pension funds. The Obamas hold between $1 million and $5 million in treasury notes and bills, and tens of thousands of dollars in other accounts. Sasha and Malia have between $100,000 and $250,000 stashed away in college savings accounts.

    Biden’s documents, on the other hand, read more like the balance sheets of an average family. They show modest amounts of just about everything, from savings (less than $100,000) to debt (the Bidens took out a home equity loan valued between $100,000 and $250,000 in 2005).

    After the 2008 election, Jill Biden, a career teacher, continued to work at Northern Virginia Community College, while her husband served as vice president.

    The documents also show that Michelle Obama got $10,000 from an unusual annuity fund. The White House explains that Henry G. Freeman Jr. designated in his will that each first lady would be given a certain annuity during her husband’s term. The first sum of money was distributed in 1989 during George H.W. Bush’s term. Barbara Bush, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton all donated at least a portion of the money to charity.

    The White House says the first lady has donated the entirety of the fund.

  48. The democratic mayor of newton ma., aint to be taken lightly! He is well known, served in the army, and is raising dough.
    Expect this to be the guy to go against Brown, b/c Warren will be a recess appt to the cfpa early next month.


  49. Pelosi: Everything should be on the table to reduce federal deficit
    By Pete Kasperowicz – 05/16/11 12:12 PM ET

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Monday agreed that everything should be put on the table in an effort to reduce the deficit, including entitlements like Medicare and Social Security.

    “Yes,” she said in a CNBC interview in New York, when asked whether entitlements should be a part of the deficit solution.

    “I think Medicare is on the table. I think Social Security is probably on its own table, because we have to have it be solvent, it has to be strong, and we have to deal with it in its own mechanism, in my view. But the fact is, all the money is fungible, and at the end of the day, the deficit must be reduced,” the House’s most powerful Democrat said.

    This is from Pelosi, not POTUS, so where is the PL outrage? Crickets!

  50. Amazing; one would think there’d be a collective howl coming from the PL which could be heard throughout the country jovie! Thanks for the link. And I trust Pelosi/WH/Reid to limit any adjustments to those programs to the most common sense and least painful adjustments possible. I know for sure that all three think that raising revenue via taxation is crucial here.

  51. When the President was talking about Booker T. Washington’s life’s work, I thought to myself of those people back in the days of slavery – and whether they EVER imagined that a school would exist where 80% of the students were graduating, some heading to college, and a black president was giving the Commencement speech covered by national news networks. This truly was an historic day.

  52. Omg I happened to check my iPhone for updates, and I almost cried myself! And I’m at work! How overwhelming it must have been for these lids, who worked so hard for this day, and to be blessed to have their graduation speech given by such a great man and an AMAZING President & leader.

    Hugs to those kids!!

  53. Good for you!!! God Bless You! I love your spirit. Thank you for standing up and speaking up. Thank You.

  54. From bwd’s twitterstream: [Greg Sargent said:]Paul Krugman and others ask why Obama deals with “hostage” takers. My stab at an answer:


    My answer: because the PL is invested in a “POTUS sucks!” narrative which they relentlessly have been promoting for over two years, they have no intention of stopping, and they only pause long enough to give POTUS credit for something which is undeniable, oftentimes crediting themselves for POTUS’ achievements to boot (“we made him do it!; we beat him up into submission [yuck!]”).

    Question to the PL: if POTUS supposedly caters to bullies, why isn’t he catering to you guys, as your habit of bashing POTUS, then taking credit for what he does is nothing but an attempt at bullying?

  55. I am ok with it, as long as they can get a balanced approach, which the republicans have said no to.
    1,2,3, but, but, MM said, and GG then said, Blah, blah, blah.
    I saw a comment the other day, on TPM, a liberal poster said, I always liked ron paul and his ideas, but he is to against the Poor(ya think). Hint: Libertarians are for the rich, capitalistic markets, no govt, no taxes.
    Liberals recognize a hisrtory of inequality, and stick up for those who cannot defend themselves.
    Thus, I do not think these so called liberals are really liberals, and they don’t know what they believe.
    They see Ron Paul wanting to Legalize Marijuna and Heroin and they think he is cool! If only it were the 60s again. UGGGH!

  56. Thanks cup! Awesome that you’re going to spread the word about the GOP’s bad faith with the new irrefutable proof now that they’re in charge and the right wing/PL media can’t help them to hide behind Dems.

  57. Misdirected anger and these guys are just not democrats. Green party or closet libertarians, is my guess.

  58. Theo67 – You are so right. Historic. Not to mention wonderful!

  59. FIRED UP…!!

    READY TO GO..!!! 😀

    +############### ++++ +++++###########++

  60. I couldn’t agree more. I call Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, etc. “Scott Walker with a philly blunt/marijuana joint.”

    It is unfathomable to me that our voices have been totally hijacked by this really strident, purist, over the top, destructive purity strain of politics. They truly don’t sound like liberals to me either. They were people totally disgusted with Bush and who think that liberals are too timid to deal with bullies, so they want a lefty version of the Bushies to take on the right. The problem is that the right’s antics don’t work well for progressives in the long term, and open the door for progressives to be taken for a ride because out of control emotion and sensationalism gets people to work against their own best interests whether on the right, center, or left.

    I’m so glad that we’re starting to cluster here in these alternative spaces and even if these spaces are little at the moment, we’re raising a far more authentic and coherent voice of the left. MM, gg, dfox, etc. just don’t represent me at all, speaking for myself as a liberal.

  61. Bringing the Ryan Healthcare Bill to a vote somewhat scares me. I keep thinking of all of those Blue Dog Dems wondering if they would vote on the Repub side. I hope the Dems have guarantees that the Ryan Bill won’t pass before putting it up for a vote.

  62. I think that there is sooooo much right wing and green party infiltration of the big spaces; nothing else explains the equal disdain for Dems vs. GOP which is nothing like how people feel IRL. Your comments are on point.

  63. nicely put.
    Meanwhile, POTUS is fundraising and will most likely be opening offices in the battleground states, soon.
    Let the MSM be obsessed with how long the OBL bounce will last, and this debt ceiling thingy.
    The Republicans know, if they do not raise the debt ceiling, it is the end of there party.
    Once people start paying attenetion and actually find out what the republicans want in return, they will go ballistic.
    Right now, the republicans are banking on you not to know anything!

  64. I think Setti Warren is a relative lightweight. He might be B-List at best, better than the Kazei who is C-List.

  65. Today, I am proud to announce the United States’ first, comprehensive International Strategy for Cyberspace (pdf). The International Strategy is a historic policy document for the 21st Century — one that explains, for audiences at home and abroad, what the U.S. stands for internationally in cyberspace, and how we plan to build prosperity, enhance security, and safeguard openness in our increasingly networked world.

    Today, Homeland Security Advisor John Brennan and I were joined by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Deputy Secretary of Defense Bill Lynn in announcing this landmark document’s release, here at the White House. The event was streamed live on, and you can view it here starting this evening.

  66. The president ignores the PL because they have nothing substantive to offer and they have no bargaining chips. Their numbers are tiny and they have no real power, except as annoying gnats. I think that all of us react to them more intensively than he ever does. They are unworthy opponents for him so he simply shrugs them off.

    As for Pelosi saying that everything is on the table, I believe her to be one of the shrewdest strategist to ever grace the House. She is saying that the Democrats are open to discussion as reasonable people should be, but the truth is they will never acquiesce in a fundamental change to the concept and structure of Medicare. I trust her completely to do the right thing and I know the president does as well.

    The president’s presence at Booker T Washington, his interaction with the graduates and his speech were gifts given in love to these young men and women. The road ahead of them will be very hard and very long, but he’s given them the two things that will make their journeys less painful–respect and hope. You plant those things in a young person’s heart and mind and you’ve effectively given them a little torch to light the way for the rest of their lives.

    I so love this man.

  67. Reid will have counted the votes – I can see only two potential Dem strays in Nelson and Manchin but I don’t think either will want to sign off on medicare vouchers. Tester is free to vote against it as his 2012 challenger was one of the four in the GOP house to vote against it. Susan Collins already said she’ll vote against it as well.

  68. The address at BTW is what the president is all about, the future for all Americans. I have cried off and on all day about this great man, his kindness, his caring for others and for the gift that he has given so many young people, the gift of hope and the gift of attainable dreams. I truly believe we are witnessing the life of a very great man.

  69. He is good people, which is why the right tries to smear him. The GOP are so afraid of a second term and what he can do with it…

  70. Yay, gas went down 1 penny from a day ago:

    Current Avg. $3.955
    Yesterday Avg. $3.961
    Week Ago Avg. $3.960

  71. We certainly do “live in a new world now,” with PBO as its guiding star!

    Thanks for the clips, WiW.

  72. So after seeing what is happening to the House Reps after voting for the Ryan budget, the Senate Dems would throw caution to the wind and say, Sure, I’d like them to run those ads against me, too.

  73. I see this as a chance for the moderate senatorial Republican faction to issue yet another rebuke to the teaparties. I think that this vote will be similar to the 2011 budget compromise vote, with everyone except for the GOP fringe (Rubio, DeMint, etc.) voting against the Ryan budget.

  74. Even though his financial picture may look “average” to some, there’s nothing average about our Joe – especially in his commitment to our country!

  75. I’m a serious mess but holding it together for everyone.

    The skin has split again. With each stitch-up the time between splits get shorter. He sees a specialist/surgeon tomorrow. I’m thinking of letting the antibiotics do their work, keep him super-quiet and not put him through more trauma two days in a row.

    It’s all I can do to not bundle him up and take him to doggie ER but I’m not sure it’s in his best interest.

    That’s the worst part: hoping you make the right decision, hoping you’re doing everything right. It’s awful.

  76. Krugman believes that the President and the Dems should call the Republicans’ bluff and keep insisting on a clean bill. I don’t have a problem with that, up to a point. His rationale is off, however. He feels if the debt ceiling isn’t raised and the economy goes south both here and world wide you won’t see a republican elected for decades.

    The problem with that is that the public still doesn’t understand the debt ceiling, doesn’t see its connection to the economy, and probably wouldn’t blame the Republicans.

    In a good, not even perfect world, the media would be doing its job of talking about what the debt ceiling is and how not raising it would impact us all, but we are not in that world.

  77. I can’t stop looking at the photographs and the tears will not stop flowing. President Obama is such a warm and wonderful human being, no pretenses, no airs, no attitude, that he makes “mixing” with the “common” folks look so easy. Truly this is an occassion for laughter and tears. May these graduates treasure this moment for the rest of their lives, and may they pass down these photographs to generations to come.

    Thank you President Obama for making this event so happy for others. I’m so overjoyed and thankful that you are my President.

  78. Thanks for clarifying his reasoning, SR. It just astounds me that any serious economist could even suggest such as thing (not raising the debt ceiling, for whatever reason) as viable policy. Compromise is not now, nor has it ever been a dirty word. The problem is the radicalization of the GOP, not the Dems who have to make the best of this situation. I wish that people like Krugman would stay focused on the illness rather than the symptom.

  79. Faith, hang in there, I hope your little dog pulls through, we’re keeping him in our prayers.

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  81. Can’t seem to turn off the tears.

    Everytime I look at these pictures I choke-up.

    The kids were sobbing their little hearts out.

    What a wonderful Human Being our PBO is.

    What a ride we are on. Did anyone think this

    ride was going to be so exhilarating…and we

    have five more years to go. YIPEEE!!

    May God bless this man and keep him safe. That

    is my prayer for him daily.

  82. Man did I love coming home after a long day and seeing those pictures! Thank you BWD for lifting all of our spirits on a daily basis!

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  84. Good Day BWD and TOAIR friends,

    I am so excited to see this history in our nation unfolding, I have wondered;since the busing integration I lived through in the ’70s,about how things could be different in America.
    Different, Better, Less Racial bias, so many things come to mind when seeing the President with those children. How far we have come from the small Franz Elementary School in New Orleans and a Little Girl whose parents wanted her to be educated. In Jackson Ms. there is a small White House structure that holds a museum of the First Black School. My son was overwhelmed at seeing a slave bill there; that is similar to a cattle description, he was impacted so much by that old historical piece of paper, and the inhumane way of describing a person…..
    I now think about all of these things and I
    REJOICE to see this historical change.
    These children in Memphis, already learning what an education can do for them, and to see they are valued in Our Presidents eyes, and heart, they can feel the sincereity, this alone will guide them when being faced with choices, I am so eager to see what the Booker T. Washington Grads do in life to achieve our new American History, one without Prejudice in our society. To come from the “I have a Dream” community to now see this wonderful acceptance that Education can mean a better life, a Better World. Wonderful, Glorious JOY.
    I thank you Mr. President for showing my own bi-racial children, it is NOT where your from, where you are, but WHO you are in Character that is exemplary of how all of us should be encouraging to one Another.
    I am humbled to be challenged in the same manner to reach out to lives I can impact and help to improve, by support, by education, and the faithful continuance of encouragement for our Young People. I do accept this challenge with an open heart, and Thank You Mr.President for demonstrating for all of us, How we can do the same at every level, and even as President !

    ( everyone should just laugh at the GOP I am entertained by all of it, yes it is a clown show and Quite entertaining !!)
    God Bless You today Mr. President !

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  86. Can’t stop smiling … what a gift for these graduating young people. The way President Obama acknowledged, greeted, comforted and supported each one is something to see. I will love him forever for these moments of loving interaction with our young ones. God love you all.

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