We Are One

This moved me to tears.


27 thoughts on “We Are One

  1. What beautiful young people.

    It shows what can be done when there’s a political will to do it.

  2. I’m hoping a vid of the school announcing they’ve won the challenge will pop up eventually.

  3. Good Sunday Morning Everyone…

    This video had me chocked up…It’s obvious that this President and the First Lady have a tremendous effect in young folks around this great nation.

    I was reading my local papers…..North County Times -San Diego..(kinda red state) actually ISSA district to be exact.
    and there’s was an article called “The Pin”…A teacher was telling a story about a pin that read “WE WILL NEVER FORGET” with an American flag, he wore for the past 10 years, his student were always asking why he always wore that pin, since most of them were too young to understand the impact of 9/11 so in describing the tragic event..he made a point to teach them about patriotism. When President Obama was elected he wrote him a letter concerning 9/11 and how it effected his life, he knew that President Obama would be the one to fulfill his promise…so after hearing the death of Bin Ladin, he decided to send that old faded PIN he wore for the 10years to the President, thanking him for the promised kept.

    This story brought tears and it was so heartfelt, even here in the red state community there’s hope, stories like this are having a profound effect, especially with younger generation. I wish I had kept this article, hopefully I can find it the archives of NCTimes…

    Peace and Love:-)

    Obama/Biden 2012

  4. The most important thing we can do as a country is properly educate our young people. It costs 300-400% more a year to house a prisoner then it does to educate a student. Since the GOP only understands dollars and cents (and usually they don’t even get that!) this is the information we should be stating over and over again when putting budgets together. If you want to reduce crime and poverty in this country and have our population working and paying taxes you must properly educate them!

    I remember so well watching our wonderful First Lady right in the beginning of the administration talking to a group of young students at a school. Her message that day was that she loved being smart, getting good grades and that she would never have even thought about skipping school! I told her the last time I was at an event of hers that I thought she would be responsible for the drop out rate going down – those children looked up at her with such reverence and I knew her words would have a huge impact on them. During the primaries I went to Charleston SC and we were sent to the poorest sections to GOTV – I saw a school there that depressed the hell out of me and thought to myself that if I had had to go to a school like that when I was a child I probably would have dropped out. If Michelle Obama goes to schools like that it might just be enough for many of those kids to keep going and finish – to see someone who looks like them and see what she has been able to achieve by excelling in school might make the difference. Of course, those are exactly the kind of schools we should be improving the most – those kids have it tough enough – we should be giving them the kind of education that can lift them out of poverty.

  5. I had watched this along with the videos from the other two finalists. It was easy to predict that BTW would win! Our president and First Lady have already done more for our nation in giving young folks a chance to dream and hope. If nothing else were ever done this presidency has already been successful beyond imagnation.

  6. So true, Jayne.

    It breaks my heart that, minority children especially, go to schools that are falling apart. It’s sad that kids keep other kids down by making being “smart” a bad thing. When I was a young lady in middle and high school, I always admired and preferred the nerdy smart boys over the athelets who had the pretty girls running after them. I know that these kids will change America for the better. Watching stuff like this offers me a lot of hope about their future.

  7. Please stop sending me the website with every new comment. I was glad to get 1 or 2 a day, but this is 10 every half hour.

  8. I cried and now my sinus are good and blocked up. Shame on you, BWD.
    Do we know anything more about why the lad’s house was knocked down and what housing was given to this family and others like them to replace their homes?

  9. Sandra – once you make a comment on any new posting/thread – you will then receive emails with the comments of every new poster thereafter. I think if you don’t click on the “notify me of follow-up comments via emal” then you probably won’t receive the emails.. I could be wrong on that as I always checkmark it myself. I love reading everyone’s comments.

  10. Have you noticed how many “nerds” get very wealthy and go all philanthropic as adults. Mark Zuckerberg is a classic example. I hear he gave 50 million dollars to Newark, N.J. schools. Well done, Mark!

  11. Yeah, I don’t click that box and never get any emails. If this is new to Sandra, I’d guess she might have clicked that box by mistake.

  12. Not saying I don’t read comments of others, I’m just on line so much I usually just check back in a few times a day.

  13. Thanks Roscoe, thats good info and should help folks who are feeling overwhelmed with the emails.

  14. How anyone can see that video, and not realize what a crime it is that we as a nation, and don’t do more to support them to help them reach their full potential, is incomprehensible to me.

    Helping the youth is a BIG part of national security and future economic strength. And it continues to bring a glaring spotlight on the Republican party who know NOTHING of making a nation strong and prosperous.

  15. Im waiting to seet the video, where they got the news. President Obama will also stop and see the victims of the flood.


  17. No words …. that one stings deeply and hard.

    In solidarity.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  18. This school’s improvement stats are quite impressive. I hope the people in power are taking a good hard look at what PUBLIC education can do and looking at ways to duplicate it other places.

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