“Liberal Media, Indeed”

Happy Sunday guys,

1. Please avoid Sunday’s shows. Hurting their ratings is the only thing these bastards understand.



For those keeping score at home, that’s two Republican presidential candidates, two House Republican leaders, two Senate Republican leaders, one Republican governor, two Bush administration officials, and one Democrat.

Liberal media, indeed.


A couple of years ago, Josh Marshall talked about how the Washington establishment is simply “wired” for Republicans. It’s GOP ideas that get attention; it’s GOP talking points that get internalized; it’s GOP voices that get aired.

The Sunday show guest lists help drive the point home nicely.


2. I guess god told Mike Huckabee: “Do me a favor, stay away from my man, Barack. It’s not like you’re any match for him”. 🙂

3. I know some of you had a problem with our OFA donation page. Sorry about that, but it’s out of my control. OFA people, please fix all those glitches. After all, we’re trying to donate!

4. Added this cool YouTube channel to the blogroll.


5. Wild personal OT: Anyone who lives in the West, especially L.A. area – I’d appreciate if you can mail me. Thanks.


101 thoughts on ““Liberal Media, Indeed”

  1. Rachel called it on Friday night. One would think there were few Democrats around the way the MSM doesn’t schedule them.

  2. I cannot watch since I would hate to be indoctrinated by the lies and hatred that spews from their lips.

  3. I have stopped watching all the cable channel news, except Rachel Maddow, and occasionally a PBS new program.

    I refuse to get angry for the stupidity and lies all the time. It’s gotten so bad, I can’t even read about the hate, lies, and the selfishness of what the GOP stands for in even sites of liberal news like Steve Benen’s Washington Monthly. I love his news analysis, but it depresses me. Especially when I think of the stupid part of this country that keeps voting for republicans.

    My blood pressure goes up, and I refuse to let such negativity in the world let me lose my temper.

  4. BWD you are so right about the OFA pages. After donating on your page(I think) I created a page just for my extended family and tried to post the darn thing to my Facebook Page. What a nightmare. Anyway they got 18 months to fix the glitches.

  5. What’s up with the donation page? It was like pulling teeth just to get it to take my donation.

  6. I think a better strategy would be to try and contact Debbie Wasserman Shultz about the Sunday Show issue. She’d be in a better spot to put pressure on the shows for equal time/representation.

    The message that she’d need to push is that Congressional Democrats are different from the Obama Administration officials. That whole separate but equal thing.

    With the Obama Administration wanting to stay above the fray, above the politics, it makes it a one sided “fight”.

    I have a feeling the demographics for the Sunday show viewer is 50+ and white, so it’s more like a preaching to the choir affair, but those are the same folks the Dems need to be trying to reach out to. I also have a feeling that for a lot of folks that these shows are their politics for the week – the political show they watch, out of routine, with the Sunday paper.

  7. You see that’s why they’re called the librul media ? They always give the opposition 24×7 voice to the exclusion of librul side. 🙂

  8. The OFA website is a huge disappointment. From the trouble with the donations, to the infestation of trolls – whoever is running it is doing a huge disservice to the re-election efforts. For a Administration with such a on-line footprint – you’d think they’d be cutting edge not buggy and lacking.

  9. Wow, that video gave me chills…I was out in Grant Park on election night…what an amazing time. He has done so much as president under difficult circumstances – if people could step back and take a logical and unemotional look at his record, he would win in a historic landslide in 2012. But whether the other half of our country comes to their senses or not I believe PBO will still win in 2012…we will just have to work harder to make it so…..

  10. On TV One: Bishop T.D. Jakes to Rev. Franklin Graham: Apologize to Pres Obama for questioning his faith
    05/13/2011 3:16 pm 0 Comments and 10 Reactions


    Excerpts for Immediate Release:

    Roland Martin: Rev. Franklin Graham has made some comments on several occasions as recently as three weeks ago really questioning, if you will, the faith of the President. He said the President has told him he’s a Christian, but he basically said that going to church does not make you a Christian. But the President is on record as saying that he walked down that aisle, he gave his life to Christ, so what do you say to folks like Rev. Graham who, frankly, are muddying the water but other people who are questioning the Christianity of this President?

    Bishop T.D. Jakes: I find it insulting. We didn’t question the Christianity of President Bush when he said he accepted Christ, and I’m disappointed in Rev. Franklin Graham in that regard. I wish he had the diplomacy of his father, who brought the gospel to people without being nuanced by politics because when you do those things you offend people that you are actually called to save and to serve. And I would hope that he would see the rationale in apologizing for such statements – because if the President’s faith is suspect then all of our faiths are suspect, because the Bible is quite clear about what it takes to be saved and the President has been quite open about his accepting Christ and him openly confessing it before men. And if it’s good enough for the Bible it ought to be good enough for the rest of us.

    Martin: I certainly agree with you on that.

  11. Basically that’s how you keep control in the ME. I bet Mubarak wishes he did that. If you allow protests then they build bigger and bigger, if you squash them with live rounds and kill folks then they stay small and peter out.

    Not to mention Israel wants Hamas to start launching tin can rockets because Israel needs to be able to play the victim to the international community while claiming their right to self defense by unleashing their military might on the rock throwers.

  12. Hey! As a 50+ white woman that wouldn’t go NEAR those shows and who prides herself on her liberal politics,the generalization is too vast a reach for me:)We are the ones that were against the Vietnam War,angered by race riots,and won the fight for woman’s rights and the right to choose what she does with her body.I understand the point you’re trying to make, but to lump us in with the crazy “non thinkers”,hurts my heart.Generalizations hurt everyone.Hell,I lived through a time in history they don’t even TEACH in school anymore! Astounding.
    I would say that the people that watch those shows, do so BECAUSE they like the Republican views and want to have them reenforced every weekend!The rest of us know who’s on, DON’T tune in, and do something meaningful….like laundry…or cleaning a toilet. Same difference.

  13. Morning BWD and fellow “TOAITRers,”

    For me, no problem…

    I don’t look at them, anyway! 😉

    By the way, BWD, the “Benen:” link isn’t workin’ for me.


    Is anyone else havin’ that problem?

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together! (h/t Bobfr) 😉
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


  14. Hi AMK
    I just watch Ajzeera. They covered all of the palestinians in Golan Hights (which actually belongs to Syria), the Syrian revolt, the Lebanon border where syrians are trying to flee and in Jerusalem for the Nakba commenoration. I just hope that the Arab Spring is finally going to force a real and fair resolution of the palestian issuses.

  15. It’s all a game to these folks, it’s all politics and power. If you disagree with somebody politically then you question their faith and say things like “the President claims to be a Christian…” just like the President “says he was born in Hawaii”.

    However when a Vitter, or Ensign get into trouble the run and hide behind their faith and Pastor and the same people questioning the faith of others will stand up and protect these folks.

    Pastors have incredible political power – and they want to keep it.

  16. Good morning everyone. Thanks BWD. The GOP have no ideas to improve the country, yet they are all over the cable channels. The more they are out there, the more Americans will see them for the empty suits that they are.

    It is just amazing how much Prez Obama continues to accomplish despite the msm media and Right Wing obstructionism.

  17. My husband had a Sunday morning talk show on and I yelled, “CHANGE THE CHANNEL!”

  18. (Sunday, April 10, 2011)

    2,280,000 TOTAL VIEWERS/ 727,000 A25-54

    3,339,000 TOTAL VIEWERS/ 1,083,000 A25-54

    2,712,000 TOTAL VIEWERS/ 809,000 A25-54

    1,116,000 TOTAL VIEWERS/ 440,000 A25-54

    So basically 2/3rds of those watching fall outside of the 25-54 Demo and I can’t see many <24 yr olds watching.

    I certainly didn't mean to imply that all folks in this demo would be Republican/Republican-leaning, but rather than the shows know who butters their bread and probably realize that having equal representation and a more balanced show would probably chase away their current viewer while not necessarily attracting new ones.

  19. Happy Sunday everyone.Please do not pay much attention about the so call liber media.I have stop watching Sunday talks Shows. the only one we watch is Fareed Zakarias.
    So Mike Huckabee is not running, this gut have no intentions of running, he was doing the same shit as Trump to get ATTENTION AND SELL HIS GARBAGE, and remember the GOP agenda is to make PBO a one term President, so what a can say to them BRING IT ON fuckers. it will not be the easy against our President.he, he.
    Thank you BWD

  20. Absolutely!!ANYTHING is more productive to me than watching those shows. The equivilent of tv rags as far as I’m concerned.

  21. The Republicans co-opted this vital voting group in 2010. We didn’t fight hard enough to keep them. Yes, that demographic is full of old time racists to be sure. But it is also full of seniors and people who will face increasingly difficult times with insurance and health care and Social Security. We absolutely CANNOT cede this voting bloc next time, and we need to start now.

    The Republican drumbeat of lies was so effective in the summer of 2009 that there was enough momentum to turn Michigan completely red in 2010, even as Obama was saving GM.

    My fear is that Democrats again will assume that the ‘facts’ will win the day and not focus their message or make sure the facts are getting through to the voters and understood by them.

    I got accused of being PL the other day for having this conversation. I vowed I’d stay away but here I am again.

  22. Good Morining family. Theres a great marathon on Matlock on on the Hallmark channel. i love Andy Griffith. LOL!

  23. I really did understand what you were trying to say, but I wanted to make the larger point that those numbers are a generalization. What is it they say? “Figures lie, and liars figure.” No doubt the “scared old white folks” watch that BS, but there are those of us that can think for ourselves that wouldn’t waste our time.People watch those kinds of shows to reenforce ideas that they already have.I might watch if they had someone on that I’d like to hear from…otherwise, not so much.None of them speak for me.Throw in the inept “journalists” that give the guests free rein to spew the lies because they have chosen not to do the “hard work” of fact finding and pushing back or challenging them on their lies….and it’s nothing but a blood pressure/anger problem on my part.Not doing it. Why is it that BWD and all the commenters here can find and show us all the facts we need to know to make our own decisions, yet these morons can’t find their asses with both hands?A dumb electorate is EXACTLY what they want.And that’s what they get.Every Sunday morning.

  24. Agreed. And Faith, I missed the PL conversation the other day, but stay…we need to hear your voice. I, for one, have always appreciated what you have had to say.Sticks and stones…

  25. G’morning all.

    I don’t watch Sunday News. Nothing’s changed much. Even when Tim Russert was a fixture in American homes as moderator, he shilled for the GOP. Gregory just took over his beat to bring in the fascist cabal every Sunday to regurgitate their lies.

    Love the video! Bless our President! 🙂

    Happy Sunday, everyone!

  26. I agree that Debbie needs to get out front on this one. As you have detailed, somebody is watching these shows and they sure aren’t all Repubs. I’m sure a lot of Indies and Dems are watching, too. I suggest we send Debbie an email with our concerns.

  27. Speaking for myself, SR, not everybody agrees with that assessment on Israel.

  28. The media lies, trust me on that….

    It is not LIBERAL in any sense of the word.

  29. I don’t expect they would, nor did I indicate it was a unanimous opinion.

  30. Good Morning Everyone,
    It looks like Pres. Obama may be running unopposed?? lol. I know it will still be 45% voting for the other guy just because Obama is a Democrat but Huckabee not running is a sure sign of them running SCARED. He would have been the favorite in Iowa I think.

    I noticed in this 2012 Obama ad that they misspelled judgment at the end of the ad. Not good judgment! 🙂 Otherwise it’s great.

    Thanks BWD for all your great posts.

  31. I get depressed too and then very angry. One issue making my stomach turn is how Republicans are creating laws to keep certain voters from voting. Its just disgusting and there should be national outrage over this. The Dems are paying attention but I wish the media would take this up and hold Republicans accountable. Its just disgusting. Annndd….don’t get me started on that racist pig sob Newt Gingrich. I don’t care how many wives he’s had, the man is a shameless liar.

  32. I confess to taping and watching at least part of four – “Meet the Press” especially gets my blood boiling and I really don’t like David Gregory. I usually like Chris Matthews Show on Sunday. “This Week” is not very offensive – “Face the Nation” is the weakest of the four.
    I watch for the same reason many Democrats tune into FOX – to see what the other side is saying so we know how to prepare. I simply can not watch FOX – it really makes me sick to my stomach – “Meet the Press” does as well.
    Rachel is my favorite to watch but let’s face it we enjoy her because she argues our side. We need to at least know what causes problems for us and in order to do that we need to hear what the opposition is saying. The election will be decided by the Independents and we need to be armed to argue the positions made on these shows (not FOX because they don’t even pretend to be moderate.
    I will be attending a Democratic dinner June 11th and Debbie will be one of the speakers – I will speak to her about what all of us agree on – that we have got to get more Democrats speaking on these shows.

  33. No, it is not a misspelling. That is how it is spelt in British English. Even here in Canada.
    American= Judgment Labor favor
    British= Judgement Labour Favour

    Whoever wrote the word must have a strong European experience!

  34. We had 38 billion in cuts and everybody freaked out. Now, mcconell and boner wants 2 trillion in cuts, and they said we will walk the plank together. But, here is the thing, this is not a tough vote for republicans, but not one of the interviwees pointed that out! It is there ideology, they hate goby and see an oppt. Here to make serious cuts using our nations debt to scare people. It is true we are 14 trillion in debt, but Americas household value is 61 trillion. Of that 61 trillion the top 2 percent has 37percent of that 61 trillion. That is what the propaganda msm does not want you all to know. After ww 2, the tax rate was 90 percent, and the middle class prospered and we paid our bills. Thus, the msm is complicit. And to be sure, the rich conservatives have bought all the stations. The republicans studied the ss, now all they need is the gustapo. Scary stuff, no?

  35. You can use either actually. I remember typing a comment on another site and it kept saying I was misspelling the word (that red squiggly line) so I looked it up on Google and it says both ways can be used. This site or wordpress seems to accept both because I typed judgement and judgment and there was no squiggly red line under either.

  36. Peter, yes, I know it is spelled differently in Britain and Canada and that there are many other English words that are spelled differently in the US than in Canada and Britain. However, here in the US you would get it graded wrong in spelling class. Since it’s a commercial for a US political election, it should be spelled the way it is customarily spelled here.

  37. My mother is (AA) in her late 70’s and has been watching MTP for years and it’s just a habit. I tried telling her the problems with the sunday shows and she keeps watching so I stop nagging her about it. The same with Donald Trump’s show. I don’t watch it and she still does even after what he said about the president.

  38. I want to put in a plug for The Reid Report and a fab report they did on BB&T Bank and the Kochs. Astounding, the Kochs have funded 150 college chairs in their economics dept to tout Ann Ryan’s policies…libertarian with a dash of madness!
    I hope everyone will pass this one around. They operate under the radar, control the college and offer discount cking accts to the students. Sick!!

  39. There is a contact number at OFA- where you can call to donate, etc.. and a real person picks up.. I will be calling on Monday to talk to them about working on the problems on the blog and with donations… I hope others will call as well- as it is something we must get fixed. The donation glitches, the trolls, all of it needs to get sqared away quicly imo.

    As to the repub news hours every sunday, gave them up long ago. However, I like the idea of contacting Debbie Wasserman Shultz and pressing for Dems to be included on these show. For some it may indeed be where they get any of their political info from and when its all skewed right- its all they may learn. Lots of seniors, I’m betting may rely on these shows… and they vote. However, I have no desire to listen to dems bash POTUS or this administration anymore than I have a desire to listen to the republicans do it.

  40. Just a personal note, I grew up attending schools in California in the 1960s and I was taught to spell judgement with an e, I still to this day spell it with an e. 🙂

  41. Cable free for a year, only getting my news from the web. Caught PBO’s announcement about Bin Laden on the NBC News feed online and after hearing the president I caught a couple of minutes of “news speculation” from their reporters and realized these people have given themselves entirely over to repeating the press releases of various politicians and think tanks then endlessly speculate based upon no actual information.

    Not missing a thing by not watching their shows.

  42. I think the PL would say just the opposite of what you’re saying. We NEED to win the message war. WHERE are the bold Dems? I did send an email to the DNC and specifically to Debbie. Please pass the word. Send Debbie emails or call her office.

  43. I agree completely. The Reid Report is a must-read. It’s time a light was shone on these Koch-Roaches, these guys have been using their billions to push their private political philosophies for years and years and only now are folks (myself included) are realizing just how deep their rabbit hole is.

  44. This has probalby been posted but lets enjoy it again.

    AP-GfK Poll: Republicans Shrug At GOP’s 2012 Field

    “Some 45 percent now say they’re dissatisfied with the GOP candidates who have declared or are thought to be serious about running, up from 33 percent two months ago, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll. Just 41 percent are satisfied with the likely Republican field, down from 52 percent.”


    It would be wonderful if Republicans stayed home in 2012, let the apathy begin.

  45. Well, they must of changed in the 70’s because when I was going to school in Santa Monica, CA, the spelling was – Judgment – and it still misspelled if you spell it J-u-d-g-e-m-e-n-t. The spelling of colour or color is ok, both are accepted for some reason.

  46. Look at their advertisers, Archer Daniels Midland, golf, luxury cars, Viagra, mutual funds. They aren’t going to get their target customers by putting Michael Moore on the air.

  47. How’s your dogs? are they doing OK? (I think it was you whose dogs were attacked? forgive me if it was someone else.

  48. How does one pronouce: TOAITRers?


    Toit rears?

    I like the acronym, but I dont know how to use in casual conversation. ;D

  49. I wish Rachel would have her own Sunday show. That way we could watch her eviserate the GOP on her show (but they probably wouldn’t show up for that reason.).

  50. For some reason growing up in New Mexico I managed to borrow a lot of British spellings (Mom’s “Jane Austen” obsession I suppose). Even after 20 years in the legal profession I still spell it “judgement”.

  51. OT but potentially very important news about Libya!

    For those of you who have been tracking the comments section of the Libya live blog on AJE, you will already be familiar with the highly credible ‘Gerhard Heinz.’ You will know that English is not his native language but that has not prevented him from being among the most highly regarded posters (you can check the list of popular comments and his, by far, are among the most highly rated). His information has been hours to days ahead of anything you will find in the media (not just US, but anywhere).

    Well he just posted the following:

    “i am waiting for goverment spokesman
    tell us that daffi-clan is not longer in power
    the official ministerpresident will declare a ceasefire and will hold talks with all groops about the future of libya
    regime is cracking from inside today”

    Link: http://blogs.aljazeera.net/live/africa/libya-live-blog-0#comment-204094452

    You will want to be keeping an eye on the White House, State Department, CSPAN, etc., over the next 24 h or less as you may be hearing another important announcement from the President.

    BTW, if you click on the above link and it does not connect, don’t worry, it’s because of trolls attacking GH’s posts with inappropriate flags and the moderators are having a challenge, particularly now, as the feverish trolls are realizing the end is near for Daffi.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  52. Yes, it would be great if the “enthusiasm gap” virus migrated to the Right in 2012 to infect all races in the House and Senate.

  53. That’s the crux of the matter. They program to their audience: period. We can whine about it all we want, but we are not their core audience.

  54. Thanks for sharing this. I follow many Libyan tweeters but haven’t followed this guy on AJ. Hope it’s true!

  55. Still a long way out yet, and I’m sure the MSM will fluff up the eventual primary winner as a very strong threat, but the GOP will need to make a tactical decision about who they wan their nominee to be.

    Is it better to go bland and safe with Romney and hope that the down ticket races turn out their vote with Romney being safe atop the ticket to not scare anybody away or do they go with a Palin on top of the ticket to bring out excitement and rally the base and hope the top doesn’t scare away moderates and force the down ticket candidates to have to choose between running with their presidential pick or against them.

    I think they’ll choose the former and go with a Romney/Daniels/Pawlenty/Huntsman as their Presidential ticket and hope the teabaggers come out to vote against Obama and the moderates vote for the Republican ticket. I expect they’ll try and use the Rick Snyder campaign of “one tough nerd” sloganeering while also bringing back the “Obama is a celebrity” charge to contrast against. “Obama is a “cool, charismatic rockster” but (insert GOP candidate here) just gets things done.

  56. I’m Watching Wild Kingdom instead! Plus, I’m not driving my car today to hit the oil guys. Little changes here and there really do ADD up. 🙂

  57. Yea,me too:( WTH??? Glad you liked it.Share it. Maybe it’ll ring a bell!

  58. Yea. Why run for office if they MORE than control the message. That’s some scary shit.

  59. Thanks for that!Last I heard, someone said he was injured, then not injured. In Tripoli, then not in Tripoli…then he said we would never find him because he was tucked away somewhere…I would eagerly await another “Breaking News” story about this…thanks.

  60. Thanks, “d”. I’m having a pretty awful week. My husband and dogs were attacked and the littlest guy is fighting really hard. I admit to having very little sleep over the last week, trying to find the money to take care of my Kasper, keep my consulting job (the boss has no sympathy for these things.

    But my beloved President has shown this country and the world how governance and leadership are supposed to work. I haven’t felt this way about my President in 30 years. I just want to see Democrats get really smart on how to defeat Republicans this time.

    Imagine if we can give this President the House back and keep the Senate? Just imagine…..

  61. It was an attack at me for saying that we need to get smarter on messaging. It’s my only criticism of Democrats in general and frankly a little disappointment in Obama and his political arm as leader of the Democratic party. I don’t expect or even want Obama to crawl down into the mud with the liars. I do want to see Democrats get ahead of the Repubs and anticipate their tricks and start winning these battles. The messaging now can and should become conventional wisdom over the next decade. We have to un-do 30 years of damage by conservatives and the destruction they have wrought on what Americans believe about their government, taxes, ideals and what it means to be patriotic. Rattling off a list of policy facts and accomplishments is not enough — it needs to be attached to bigger ideas. There are no ‘facts’ at play about the vehement hatred of the individual mandate — something Republicans have advocated forever as ‘personal responsibility’ until Democrats decided to use it. It’s that the individual mandate attacks ‘individual freedom’. See, that attaches the policy to a bigger, feelgood idea of ‘individual freedom’.

    I’ve seen feeble attempts of Democrats to do that, but often without the passion for delivering the massage in an inspirational manner. I remember Kathleen Sebelius trying to do it after the disaster of 2010 when the administration made an attempt to explain HCR in a meaningful way. It was ‘freedom’ from disease and financial ruin, etc. But I cringed when she tried to do it because it was so clearly a talking point and not something she could communicate effectively.

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz may be the inspired political choice of the decade (after Barack Obama of course). We have to give her some time to pull together an effective message machine that can do consistently with facts and passion, what she does so well individually. That needs to be the standard of every Democrat who opens his/her mouth. She needs to hand pick the spokespeople and have a say in the spokespeople of the administration as well. It’s so much more than just electing Barack Obama to a second term — the stakes are about returning America to its fundamental ideals and idealism.

  62. Thanks for asking. Nickelby is okay with a ‘flesh wound’ bite on his leg from the 70-pound bull dog. My husband is okay, except for the damage done to his knees by being dragged by the 100-lb pit pull-type dog called a Cane Corso with my 10-pound dog between them. They pushed open their own gate and attacked my family.

    Kasper has had two surgeries since the attack. Much of the skin died (there was so little to stretch closed) which caused an infection and emergency surgery four days after the attack. We now keep him totally quiet so the thin skin won’t open and die. There are some areas of concern and we think he will need skin grafts. Keeping infection from becoming systemic is critical.

    He’s finally eating — he barely ate anything for days, even with hand feeding. Keeping meds in him was a challenge. His entire hindquarters were ripped off, and down his one leg. It’s a miracle he’s still with us.

    My husband and I have no children — just the dogs we have rescued over our 31 years together. They are our babies.

  63. Republicans always vote. They always know who their enemy is: it’s us and they vote consistently.

    Now if the PL would STFU and help us get our electorate to the polls, we’ll be fine.

    If Democrats and left-leaners voted as reliably as Republicans did there wouldn’t be, well, Republicans in power.

  64. I totally agree. I think it’s ridiculous that we’re always on defense, when we know we’re right about everything and every poll just proves that this country is far more Liberal than people are willing to admit. Something gotta change on this front. It’s very frustrating.

    Goodto see you, Faith. 🙂

  65. There was talk awhile back about Rachel as the MTP host. Gregory has been a disaster (both for the news profession and for ratings).

    As much as I’d love to see Rachel esviscerate Republicans in interviews, I can see where she enjoys the position she’s in now.

  66. Let me add — My 71 year old husband is my hero. He saved everyone’s life, while being viciously attacked by two huge dogs. How he was able to do it is an absolute miracle.

  67. Good to hear everyone is on the mend. Prayers to Kasper that he recovers with flying colors and things get back to normal soon. I understand completely. I have no kids either but my kitties are my babies. My mom babysits when I go out of town. I was in Minnesota last week and my sweet kitty has been by my side since I’ve come home. I have only one neice who is nine and she’s singing with other children this afternoon.

  68. Tell him, he’s my hero too. To do that without giving it a 2nd thought. I know that all he was doing was saving the life of two of his precious dogs but he could have been more seriously hurt. Those types of dogs are vicious and have killed people.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  69. I don’t watch them. Never have liked them. A total boring waste of time.

  70. In fact, this is at the core of the ongoing fight between Google and Europe. Google wants to build the largest online library, which will include European books but relies on American spellings but, as you can imagine, Europe is saying no, because the Europeans believe that those differences in spelling–minor as they may be–are at the core of their culture!

    So, anytime you use ms spell-check or google, you will get the squiggly red line asking you to recheck your spelling!. My students struggle with this and many get exasperated because they do not understand why spelling one way or the other is such a big deal.

  71. The Rethugs are too afraid of Rachel. I would watch MTP if they would let Rachel be Rachel, but they would make her be more anti-Dem and kiss up to the GNOP like David Gregory eventhough I think David is a Rethug.

  72. Been thinking about your Kasper, and wishing that he/she would get better.I understand about the money issues. Am losing sleep, cranky,stressed myself over $$ issues. Been fighting this fight for 3 years, and I am exhausted. They will not get me down. I repeat that, and repeat that, trying to convince myself everyday.It’s hard. If you haven’t got the money, $50 might as well be $1,000,000.Keep the faith, Faith:)I’ll keep saying my prayers for your husband and little Kasper, if you throw a little thought my way, it would be much appreciated.Big Hugs to you and your family. Hang in there.

  73. I send you GIANT HUGS for that post!!!Spot on.To believe that there is no room for improvement in this party is setting ourselves up for failure.The R’s have made an art form of messaging, even though it’s lies and twisted logic.One would think that there would be more than a few smart Dems to get out ahead of the BS. They have a big job to do because the RW has been relentless for YEARS.DWS is the perfect person to handle the job. I look forward to her gusto calling out the lies and the liars that tell them.

  74. Faith…I am so sorry to hear about Kasper, my prayers of a swift healing are with you.

    I totally agree with you, on our communication and messaging problem..with the Media and in general.

    I believe that all these democrats sitting by the sideline and having POTUS do all the heavy lifting in getting the message all on his own is UNACCEPTABLE… say what you will..but that is exactly why we lost the 2010 primary, While the President was out there campaigning day in and day out… Teapartys all out in taking to the streets…they had the Media covering every move they made. Even the town hall meetings were a lot more than the democrats…
    and when we lost…and the President had to make some serious compromise..It is then we see all Democrats all over the Media…from Weiner…To Sander…and everybody in between blasting the President.

    Notice that’s the pattern, Democrats are allowed in the Sunday shows, if there;s something to bash the President about, as it was evident this past sunday, after the historic capture of Bin Ladin…you would thing they will be all over the TV….gloating and proud of the accomplishment of This President and as a whole Democratic Party.

    My question to self is; why are we not knocking, writing, emailing, calling this democrats for not helping the President in getting the message out? We voted for them to be part of President Obama’s vision, and we can simply vote them out.

    We also have an obligation to write the Media and boycutt if we Media refused proper representation, if they have 3 R we should have 3 D….or these Democrats need to do a better job, in getting on these sunday shows, I have not idea what the process is; but I hope that this administration don’t rely simply only Facebook and Twitter, as important as this tools are…somewhere in a rural area, all they have is TV.

    Thanks for allowing to rant.


  75. You make a very good point TJ! What is even worse than putting on Michael Moore, is the fact that they won’t even allow the voices of moderate liberals to compete with the voices of right wing Republicans.

  76. My question to you BWD and Faith, is: How do you force the corporate media to focus on the offense from Democrats? It seems to me that the only offense they covet from Democrats is the one from the PL attacking Democrats and the President. They just love to see Democrats at each other’s necks.

    In my judgement, who ever controls the media controls the message. The notion that the the main problem Democrats don’t get their message covered by the media is primarily about the failure to frame their message underestimates the importance of who is in control of the media.

    For example: I think the President’s message on deficit, health care, budget, jobs has been very strong and very clear. Nevertheless, the people featured by the media are those who oppose his message and are allowed to drown out his message because the media elevates and legitimizes their talking points.

    Any one who understands history knows that President Obama and the 110 Congress compiled an impressive record of success. The fact that that record is obscured and ignored is not because Democrats failed in messaging. Rather, it’s because the media preferred to tell a different story promoted by Republicans and the so called purist progressives who hate the President.

    Just imagine how the dynamics in the country would be if the people had the benefit of reading, and viewing, everything you, BWD, posts on this site; just as they do with news and information carried by the so called MSM! I am convinced that poll numbers for both the President and the Democratic Congress would be much higher.

  77. That goes to show the complexity of the English language! That is why I never joined in the orgy, bashing “black english,” better known as “Ebonics.”

    If the U.S. would grade you wrong for spelling a word correctly, according to the origins of the English language, then is that word still an English word?

    Obviously it is according to American English usage. However, if you spelled it the same way as Americans do, you may probably be graded wrong in Britain, Canada, and other countries that belong to the British commonwealth. I say probably, because I believe that those countries are much more accommodating to the American way of doing things. In other words, they take time to understand the different ways that a word like judgment (judgement) is spelled.

    I think this problem could be easily solved if Americans were taught the different, and acceptable, english spelling of words like defense, color, judgment, labor, etc. The sad thing, of course, is that many Americans are taught to view themselves as exceptional; Anything that doesn’t conform to American customs is invalid.

  78. Or view “moderate” as Harold Ford, Jr., which provides the *bonus* of them having a black man on as well. It’s a twofer! [Please note that Firefox has twofer in its lexicon but still not Obama!]

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