New Team Souza awesomeness

How brilliant these photographers are. (Mouseover for description).



43 thoughts on “New Team Souza awesomeness


  2. Yes, the peach suit was awesome. And she looks so great in it.

    M & M Obama will both be looking up to Malia soon, I think. That’s so hard, to see your baby taller than you.

  3. Fabulous pics!
    The one of Michelle giving the hug reminds me of the first time I saw her – it was at a small luncheon right at the beginning of the Primary season – it was also when the talk was that she was this angry black woman – well, let me tell you, she gave me a hug and that woman can REALLY hug – she envelops you completely and believe me, you know you have been hugged! I told anyone who would listen to me that anyone who hugs like that is NOT an angry person but a loving person. Since that day I have had the good fortune of seeing you three more times and each time she has been warm and gracious.
    The pictures of our fabulous President with children lets you know just how much he loves children – the look on that little girl’s face in picture #2 is just too precious for words!

  4. That story really doesn’t surprise me; I’ve never met her personally (although I had the pleasure of attending one of her campaign events) but POTUS seems like the brains and the brawns; Michelle really seems like the heart. This country is so utterly much better with her in the WH and married to the POTUS. It’s amazing to me when POTUS is labeled as weak for wanting to get the ball rolling and making even ruthless concessions to the status quo in order to do that; FLOTUS seems like she tenderizes him for lack of a better word. I could be off base, but she just seems so utterly lovely and nonjudgmental.

  5. I just loved those pics. Would love to see a few more with Bo in them; he’s a lovely boy too. WHAT A GREAT FAMILY!

  6. I remember a great story from the convention: Michelle was hosting an event to put together packages for the soldiers. She showed up in the room at 6:00 a.m. Everyone said that she didn’t have to be there until the beginning of the event. To which Michelle replied, “I’m here to work. Put me to work. Let’s get these packages together.”

    That’s authenticity. As these pictures attest.

  7. We have a terrific first family. How can an American not be proud of the Whitehouse? 🙂 Obama/Biden 2012!!

  8. BWD,Thank you for all your hard work in keeping us informed and inspired. The pictures are lovely.

  9. Yeah really, these are some niceeeeeeeeee pictures, thanks a lot for the sharing 🙂

  10. This man just has a way with kids like nothing I’ve seen with another President. They just smile at him the way they would meeting Buzz Lightyear or something!

    Also, too: even Malia Obama would TOWER over Gov. Mitch Daniels. This is not good for him. He is Sasha’s size, for crissakes!

  11. LOL! And in a few years, even Sasha will be taller than him. Bad news for Mitch Daniels!

  12. A gentle reminder here: Our President will be giving a major “Middle East” speech on Thursday May 19th. More details about the speech from the following links:

    Please tune in, or set your DVRS where possible.

  13. Okay, some will probably accuse me of being sexist here, but what the heck. Although both Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are extremely attractive women, they definitely are not trophy wives, like so many politicians glom onto. These are two women that are incredibly intelligent with personalities that literally glow when they walk into a room.

    I am not sure who is luckier, these two that married two fantastic men, or the men for convincing two obviously very independent women to marry them. I think in both marriages, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

  14. I am glad to be part of this blog, atleast in that I read it and post on here. Thanks for keeping us together BWD. Have a nice weekend everyone. I’ll be on and off all weekend.

  15. Love all of the photos, but really liked the one of President Obama (and his reflected image) with his Director of Speechwriting. That, no doubt, is a keeper, since I’m sure it’s already framed and on the wall at the home of the speechwriter! What an honor to assist this great President prepare to deliver remarks to the American people, and the world.

  16. Darnell – *Buzz Lightyear*

    So funny. President Buzz Lightyear meets with children at the White House.

    You are right about that call – they love him!

    P.S. Never saw Mitch Daniels in front of a camera (thankfully), but he sure looks like a Ross Perot type of the ’90s. And that’s all I’ll say, because I’m trying to be good.

  17. How is that sexist japa??? You are spot on. I’m an unapologetic and 100% thrilled Obamabot, I love Joe Biden, but when it comes to FLOTUS and Dr. Jill, my admiration just goes to that next level, sorry PBO and VPB. These women are terrific people and we are lucky as a country to have them, PERIOD. I’m so glad that you made note of this.

  18. Sasha is such a daddy’s girl. What a lovely loving first family we have.

  19. I read today that Mitch Daniels said that his ideal VP would be Condoleezza Rice. Seriously! These are the two worst examples of a budget manager who ruined the whole economy and a national security advisor who completely missed the OBL warning. Imagine them as A DUO???? UGH.

  20. Not “sexist” at all, japa. These are real women, wives, mothers and a Granny, too. I could easily imagine sitting down with either of them for a cup of coffee and some good conversation.

  21. Thanks, BWD this is just awesome as usual! Have a great weekend.

    Today has been a special day for us. We just returned from watching one of our nieces receive her BS degree. It has been six hard years for her getting to this day, while working full time. We are just so proud of her.

  22. Vice President Joe Biden and definately President Barack Obama, they both have said repeatedly and I must agree, they are lucky to have these two wonderful women as their life partners. I suppose that’s the reason when Obama first laid eyes on Michelle, he knew she was the one. She came to the conclusion later, he was a keeper and I am so glad she did.

  23. I like that Aqua dress on Jill Biden too. It is a fab color on her and one of my personal favorite colors.

  24. That is so wonderful Aquagranny911. Enjoy your special day. Give you niece a big hug from us. We are proud of her also. We continue to encourage our wonderful young people.

  25. That’s how out of touch they are – although, it would be great to run ads against them. The material would write itself. No personal attacks needed – just list their records. 9/11 and a $14 Trillion deficit. Lovely.

  26. Congratulations, Aquagranny. What a great achievement, especially when working full time. Definitely not easy – make sure she gets plenty of time to relax, unwind and just be lazy for a while. She deserves it!

  27. I noticed that too — it’s incredible how tall Malia is! And she is looking more like her beautiful mother every day.

    Seems like every photo of the First Family shows Sasha *adoring* her father. It’s so touching. She’s unbearably cute.

  28. Well I don’t know what’s sexist about that, japa! True, they’re as physically beautiful as any trophy wife, but you forget to notice that when you’re struck with how lovely these women are on the *inside*.

    BUT, every now and then, when I see a photo of the Obama family, I’m struck by how stunningly beautiful they are. Seriously. Move-star gorgeous. The last time we had a First Family even close to this glamorously attractive was the Kennedy White House.

  29. Hillary kept the secret.

    “And you will be proud that I, like all Americans, knew nothing about the bin Laden operation, which had been debated in the administration in a tiny number of hands for months, until the president called and told me,” he added.

    He also said that he tried calling Hillary twice on the day of the ‘big operation’, but was told ‘She’s at the White House and can’t talk to you’.


  30. This is slightly off-topic, given the beautiful photographs above, but a colleague on the Fortran (computer language) Standardization Committee reminded me of the following, by Charles Babbage:

    On two occasions I have been asked [by members of Parliament]: ‘Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?’ I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.”

    A great reminder of what’s wrong with Republican budget proposals.

    If you have a hard time recalling who, exactly, Charles Babbage was, here’s his Wikipedia entry:

  31. I love the pics of FLOTUS laughing in the peach suit and the one of her hugging the Marine. The suit fits really well. And I always like the pics showing people’s reactions to POTUS and FLOTUS especially when everyone is usually whipping out cameras. The Marine is like, “I like this hug thing, but should I be hugging the First Lady like this?” And his friends are like “Dude, you got a First Lady Michelle hug…go with it!”

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