Friday morning mishmash

Hi guys,

West Wing Week full of eye candies. 🙂 Don’t miss that lovely bromance moment between PBO and VPB in the end.


What a great choice by PBO to keep Bob Gates around:



More videos from the last couple of days:


$850 in less than 24 hours? Are you guys kidding me?! 🙂


Here’s something sweet for the weekend: 

107 thoughts on “Friday morning mishmash

  1. These “I’m in” photos are terrific, bwd, especially the last one with the baby, lol. Happy Friday everyone!

  2. Good morning, I just love these *I’m In * Signs. It tells of some good causes. Have a Good one, Everybody 🙂

  3. Hello all! This is beautiful. and look at that meter! Thanks team!
    It is happening. Have a blessed day all of you.

  4. The I’m In photos are great! Especially love the photos of the man with a cigarette and the baby 😀

  5. Gorgeous mishmash, BWD! That little baby at the end wasn’t even born in 2008 — how lucky is he that his first president is PBO!

    I ❤ ❤ ❤ Robert Gates and I'm so looking forward to seeing him on 60 Minutes. I think so many of these people were so grateful to finally be working for a competent Commander-in Chief that fully used their talents that they can't help but gush about him.

    I already have donations allocated, but I am looking forward to contributing to your fundraising page at OFA next week. It's great that you put it up after all you do here to support the prez.

    Have a great day, everyone :-).

    —-PJ (Stop helping the media attack your President!)

  6. Those “I’m In” signs are so encouraging. I wonder does the President see any of these. I’ve always been in, and will donate also for 2012. Love to all and the President

  7. happy Friday, Everybody! OMG The pics or fab, the little fellow, PRICELESS!

    May I Share the link at 3 Chics, BWD? Thanks

  8. Interesting and fun photo collection from a Rock the Vote Democracy class at Grady H.S. in Atlanta. The nice looking young state senator in one of the photos, Jason Carter, is Jimmy Carter’s grandson. Like to see this kind of stuff going on again, this outreach to young voters.

  9. I’m In – Obama for America gets $10.00 a month from me, and will until the election, then it reverts to Organizing for America again. I’m on SS disability so that’s the most I can afford, but it really feels good to know I’m doing something.

    Funny side note from Texas – one of the humor/editorial writers from the Austin American Statesman wrote a little fluff about PBO being in town for fundraising only, since Texas’ electoral votes will never go to him (miracles do happen honey, I’m not giving up), but ended with mentioning that after months of drought, wildfires, desperation for rain Barack Obama comes to town and it rains??!!!!?????

    If you’ve never lived through one of these Texas droughts you have no idea what that first rain feels like – it’s a miracle, a gift from a loving God (even if you’re not a believer), the best moment of your life ever. The final tone of the article was that maybe he is someone really special. Rick Perry tells Texans to pray for rain with no results, Barack Obama shows up for 5 hours and it rains? Twice?

    It was cute, and made me laugh. I’m giving credit to the Rain Dancers, but I’d be willing to mention my guy walks on water, too, to the first teahadist who gets in my face.



  11. Our President has a special anointing on his life. He is favored by God.

  12. I’m in!

    I chipped in my weekly contribution to OFA through your page because it was the first blog I found that both matched my ideology and actually gave credit to the President for the progress and work he, his administration and his national supporters have all accomplished.

  13. To “I love OCD” – don’t ever think that your $10/month is not important – just imagine if every Obama supporter did that – amazing!

    I also am a monthly contributor – I urge all of my BWD new friends to do that as well – if not us, who?

    As you see from my picture I got an email from an OFA leader in Florida asking me to take a picture of myself with an “I’m In” sign – I only had one poster board in the house which had writing on it so I had to hold my hand over the writing – lol!

  14. I’m in, too. I donated to The Obama Diary this month, so next month (after I get paid)I plan to donate here. BWD you have really helped me these past few months. Before I found this site, I was in a real funk. Whereever I turned, people were dissing the President, and it was driving me nuts. NOw I don’t worry so much, I come here and learn so much from everyone who posts here. It’s very uplifting. Thank you.

  15. A note: McConell is saying he wants massive medicare cuts attached to the debt ceiling, or no deal. What does the rest of his caucus beleive? Are they going ot walk that plank, like ryancare? This is chest thumping…

  16. May 12, 2011

    DOE Surpasses Cleanup Target Ahead of Schedule
    Recovery Act Investment Saves Money, Trains Workers, Creates Jobs

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Department of Energy announced today it has surpassed one of the Obama Administration’s High Priority Performance Goals five months ahead of schedule in its effort to clean up the legacy of the Cold War.

    Through a $6 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act investment, the Department’s cleanup footprint has been reduced by 45 percent, from 931 square miles to 516 square miles. By achieving this reduction, the Department is on track to reduce its overall cleanup footprint by approximately 90 percent by 2015. Footprint reduction lowers costs associated with site surveillance and maintenance and helps protect the environment. In addition, the areas cleaned up may become available for reuse by surrounding communities.

    “The Recovery Act has allowed us to invest in a clean energy future by creating jobs, training workers and making progress on important legacy cleanup work across the country,” said Secretary of Energy Steven Chu.

    Work that led to the 415-square-mile reduction included the removal of 635 debris piles, decommissioning of 38 radioactive and industrial structures, and cleanup of contaminated soil. Much of the work to reduce the complex’s footprint occurred at the Savannah River Site in South Carolina and the Hanford Site in Washington, but cleanup continues across the nation.


  17. 38% of NJ adults approve of the job Christie is doing, 56% disapprove.

    This is who is going to save the conservatives? LOL!

  18. You are so right — this does sort of put a hole in the ‘presumption’ from those who are always so upset, and claiming that the POTUS is ALWAYS out golfing and/or vacationing somewhere — hmmm?

    Love and appreciate our wonderful, beautiful President — Go Obama!! ♥ ♥

    Obama/Biden — 2012!!!

  19. Great pictures. Thank you bwd. I’m so glad I came here early this morning – this is early for me. I’m retired and turned on CNN and who should be speaking for the “black community” about President Obama but Tavis Smiley – yuk. But these pictures immediately brightened up my morning. Thanks again bwd for all that you do. I’M IN and made my contribution via your site yesterday.

  20. Funded by a combined total of $50 million in Recovery grants from NASA, five private companies have completed initial steps in the design and construction of new space transportation vehicles intended to replace the NASA shuttle fleet when it is retired later this year.

    Sierra Nevada Corp., Boeing, United Launch Alliance, Blue Origin, and Paragon Space Development received the grants as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Development program, which was unveiled in 2009 as a long-term plan to spur the commercial space industry to innovate and develop the next generation of spacecraft and launch vehicles. The spacecraft – or “space taxis,” as NASA has called them – will take astronauts into low-earth orbit or to the International Space Station after being launched by expendable rockets such as the Atlas V or Delta IV.

    The Recovery grants provided the first round of funding to begin development of initial components and systems.

  21. WASHINGTON, DC – Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced today that the Bureau of Reclamation has awarded a $102 million construction contract as part of the project to overhaul the generators in the Third Power Plant at Grand Coulee Dam.

    The contract was awarded to Andritz Hydro Corporation of Charlotte, N.C. and will be funded by the Bonneville Power Administration—a regional Federal power marketing agency within the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that is self-funded with ratepayer dollars rather than federal taxpayer dollars.

    Located on the Columbia River about 90 miles west of Spokane, Wash., the Grand Coulee Dam provides about one-quarter of the total generation of hydroelectric power for the Columbia River System.

    “Overhauling the generators in the Third Power Plant is vital to ensuring adequate electric power in the Pacific Northwest,” said Secretary Salazar. “This is a great example of not only how the Department of the Interior is working to support clean, renewable energy for the American people but also of how working in partnership with DOE and BPA enables us to do so more efficiently.”

  22. God will bless you OCD because every little bit helps even volunteering is a hugh help, going to OFA meetings, or just talking to your neighbors about the good THIS president is doing quietly without thumping his chest. We need to talk up the good things and direct your friends, families and acquaintences HERE to The Only Adult In The Room and the other Blogs that support PBO.


  23. I love the last one, “I’M IN”, of the little boy who is our future. Just like so many young people, they are witnessing greatness and how a president should be.

  24. Confidence among U.S. consumers climbed more than forecast in May, indicating employment growth is helping Americans cope with higher fuel and food costs.

    The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan preliminary consumer sentiment index rose to 72.4, a three-month high, from a final reading of 69.8 in April, the group reported today. The gauge was projected to rise to 70, according to the median forecast of 62 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News.

  25. WASHINGTON (AFP) – The White House was set Thursday to unveil new draft legislation to better protect America from cyber crime threatening the critical national infrastructure and the economy, an official said.

    “The administration has taken significant steps to better protect America against cyber threats,” the official said on condition of anonymity ahead of an expected announcement later on Thursday.

    “It has become clear that our nation cannot fully defend against these threats unless certain parts of cybersecurity law are updated.

    “By introducing the first major cybersecurity legislative proposal for any administration, we are demonstrating President (Barack) Obama’s commitment to addressing complex and systemic national vulnerabilities that place the American people and economy at risk,” the official said.

  26. Global investors, by an almost 2-to-1 majority, believe the U.S. government won’t be able to substantially cut its budget deficit without raising taxes, rejecting a core stand of congressional Republicans.

    Investors are also pessimistic about prospects for a deal to cut the federal deficit, a Bloomberg survey found. Almost 6 out of 10 doubt President Barack Obama and Republicans will reach an agreement by the start of the new fiscal year on Oct. 1, according to a quarterly Bloomberg Global Poll of 1,263 investors, traders and analysts who are Bloomberg subscribers

  27. Big News out of Wisconsin that Sen Herb Kohl is retiring. Does Russ Feingold try to make a return? This puts the seat in play – does Paul Ryan try to move up?

  28. A commission established by the Energy Department to find a path forward for dealing with the country’s nuclear waste will recommend storing it in above-ground containers, The New York Times reports.

    The commission will outline a draft recommendation at a meeting Friday calling for “establishing one or more sites where used reactor fuel could be stored in steel and concrete structures on the earth’s surface for decades,” the Times says.

    The Times says the commission will also outline steps toward determining a more permanent waste storage solution in the aftermath of the Obama administration’s decision to abandon a proposed permanent waste repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada.

    More from the Times:

  29. Kohl is a democrat, so not good. Also, it appears it is quite possible- that we get back the HOUSE, and lose the senate.

  30. WASHINGTON – Three affordable housing developments are the recipients of the HUD Secretary’s Housing and Community Design Award for excellence in residential housing design.
    The U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, in conjunction with the American Institute of Architects, selected the New Carver Apartments in Los Angeles, California; the Haven for Hope homeless facility in San Antonio, Texas; and a renovation of a of a mid-century modern home in Seattle, Washington as models for a new generation of affordable housing.

  31. *****this makes no sense****

    Oil prices are still below 100, they have dropped 17-20 these past two weeks, but the new gas national price is 3.11. Up 1.53% since yesterday! WTF?

  32. Wow
    Thanks again. I woke up not feeling so great and then I saw this post. So beautiful gives me SO much hope, I’m so inspired to share.
    The ones that touched me most (they all touched me) were the seniors and the baby all areas of the spectrum are COVERED. Halleluia!
    Smiling with tears of joy.

  33. We are too; we are for $25,00 per month with Obama for America, and so the rest of my children and grandkids.
    Thank you BWD for such a wonderful jos you are doing for our President and for all of us your are prizless.

  34. I am totally baffled. I really hope some good comes out of Holder’s investigation on oil speculators.

  35. CHICAGO – It’s four days before Rahm Emanuel’s inauguration, and already, Rahm is … winning.

    “[Education Secretary] Arne Duncan was on the phone saying ‘I can’t believe this is happening,’” the Mayor-elect of Chicago told a reporter Thursday afternoon at his transition office, minutes before the State House overwhelming passed the education reform package he’d championed. “He wants to make this the model.”

    This is the Rahm Emanuel Washington knows well: The tactical genius, legislative juggernaut, deal-maker extraordinaire. When things went well in President Obama’s first two years, he was the Harry Hopkins to the president’s FDR. When they went badly, he was the enraged Sancho Panza to Obama’s Quixote. But always, Emanuel was the doer, not the decider, the operator and seldom if ever the ideologue.

    Tuesday, Emanuel takes a new role. The Mayor of Chicago is a large figure here, a man expected to have a vision for his city, not just a plan or a political strategy. “Rahmism,” defined last year by the New York Times as a determination to “put points on the board, to take what you can get and then cut a deal, to make everything negotiable except success,” will need to take more substantive, less tactical, form.

    But Emanuel’s campaign and his early mayoralty exposed the deep differences between his style and his former boss’s and gave little hint of any more epic master plan for Chicago’s future. He campaigned on three nuts-and-bolts issues: education, crime, and the city’s fiscal crisis. There was no grander vision, and no transformational policy goal like Obama’s health care reform, no talk of turning a crisis into an opportunity for experimentation.

    Now both his admirers and his critics, and some Democrats who are both, are watching with interest for what Rahmism will become.

    “In an odd way, this job basically fits Rahm and his deal-making, inside strategy,” said former SEIU President Andrew Stern, who represented an opposite, more liberal and more ambitious, pole of Obama’s universe. “Chicago is a city of small deals between aldermen, community organizations, and unions that the Daleys have historically been rather astute at doing.”

    “Rahm’s not quite as used to the big vision,” he said.

    Emanuel has always bridled at this criticism.

    “One of the things you’re asking is whether I’m driven by goals or by tactics,” he told POLITICO. “You can’t separate the two.”

    Ben smith-

  36. Love that story, especially since the award includes the design of a homeless facility!

  37. BWD has a better format than the new need to do a better job. I can’t help but feel like they are doing a disservice to the President’s re-election efforts. I don’t know what was wrong with the old format. They don’t even have pictures of the President there.

    We used to have “money bombs” on OFA on Fridays. Maybe it is something we can start here. It used to be very fun. People would donate as little as $5, or as much as they could afford.

    Keep up the great work BWD!

  38. Just another seat Dems have to defend. And Kohl would self fund, now Kind or Feingold will be dipping into the Democratic donor pot to fund their casmpaign. I really hope Russ passes – he crapped the bed in 2010 and likes to run against President Obama, now would need his coattails to get in?

  39. Good morning BWD and fellow Obamabots. I have been so busy these last few days. Now will take the time to catch up on all the reading. This all really picks my up.

    As soon as I get paid I will make a donation. I have thru OFA, but I want to thru here and TOD, both of you are doing so much for all of us and the President. Thanks.

    Have a great day everyone.

  40. Hi Jovie,

    I just want to thank you for everything that you do here. It’s simply an enormous contribution to this place. I don’t know how you do what you do – but keep doing it.


  41. I’m not going to comment on anything political here for awhile. But the picture of the girl with the white dog — that’s what my Kasper looks like. He’s back home from his second round of surgery and he will need a third after being viciously attacked by a 100-pound Cane Corso and a 70-pound bulldog.

    We have a long road ahead of us.

  42. Indeed – I am not a fan of Megan McCain because of her nonsense statements about the President, but I do applaud her for her mature response to the idiocy and meanness of Glen Beck yesterday. He was completely out of line. The whole incident was disgusting.

  43. We’re at 4.00 in SF. When will we seek the effects of the change of price in oil?

  44. Ben Smith of Politico is an ass. And a hack who understands nothing about Chicago politics.

    This town is ready for a different approach. This is a practical town that is not waiting for an FDR full of vision. Chicago wants even a moderately less corrupt city government (we lower our expectations for what Emanuel is able to fulfill because being crooked in Chicago has a long history). Chicagoans want less giveaways to cronies and they want to see a mayor who truly cares more about the city than he cares about shoveling dough to his cronies. They want better schools and more and better cops on the street. Chicagoans desperately want a mayor who cares about governing and that is what Rahm is about.

    Ben Smith can go suck an egg. Get the hell out of my city’s government.

  45. The more of these Republican jokers who step up to challenge the President for his job, the bigger he appears. It seems like there’s abotu 20 of them now circling the President, and he’s just ignoring all of them and getting on with his job. The person who equated the President with Gulliver, and all his little challengers as Lilliputians was so right.

  46. President Obama continues to do wondrous things. He has even kept his promise to set up a meeting with Justin Bieber with that daughter of a 9/11 victim he met at the observances in NYCity last week. She told of remembering being 4yrs. old and her dad called trapped in the towers, watching her mom cry and then he talked to her saying he would always watch over her. I’m guessing President Obama asked if there was something he could do for her and she probably said, “Meet Justin Bieber!” Pres. Obama said he knew Justin and would see what he could do. Bieber got the call that same day and said he would definitely meet with the girl when he returns from overseas tour.

  47. Hey all – please send me the info on that amazing Jon Stewart segment from the other night that we all commented on – I was asked to send it to others and I can’t find it – thanks!!

  48. I was like, “how old is this guy? 12?” And who makes fun of an anti-cancer PSA in the first place?

  49. Isn’t it just terrific? This blog is going to end up being a terrific fundraiser. We’re not even close to the elections and to raise $1k at a relatively tiny site like this in one day is fantastic.

  50. Oh, brother. With people like that behind him, one can just imagine what he’s like.

  51. Thanks for the video of Jon Stewart segment on Common. Did you see that Bill-O-the-Clown on Faux Noise wants to debate Jon on this subject. I would love to see that debate.

  52. Gov Christie’s approval rating is like 38% lmao. They couldn’t even win his state and probably not WI either. Barbour would be the only likely endorser that could help him carry his state. I mean he doesn’t even need the endorsement to carry Mississippi. They need to just give up.

  53. What Daniels has to watch out for is 2016 hopefuls pushing him to get in now. Does Christie, Barbour and the Bush Family really have his best interest in mind when pushing him to jump in now, versus waiting until 2016?

  54. I’m sorry, but I do not understand the US worry over gas.

    Gas is 1.50 Euro a liter, which translates to between 9-10 Euro per gallon, i.e. 13-15 dollars per gallon, and our economy doesn’t falter because of it.

    Grow up ! Go to work on a bicycle, like I do.

  55. Im in because This country has a new standing in the world because of Obama.

  56. Indeed – what exactly will Feingold offer his constituents in terms of real accomplishments, other than spouting his purity? He voted against or obstructed most of the Democratic legislation, because he felt it didn’t go far enough, which only resulted in watering it down. We don’t need more purists making life even more difficult for Democrats. We need progress.

    By the way, where was Feingold during the Wisconsin union attack from the Governor and his Republican posse?

  57. Ha! – It took them a while but it looks like reality is setting in and this country is waking up!

    NEW YORK – Ratings for Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and other hyper-partisans are declining as listeners seek honest talk from hosts like Michael Smerconish over angry rants. A more civil conversation will add value to our political debate, writes John Avlon.

    There’s new evidence to suggest a demand for something different than hyper-partisanship in the world of talk radio and political media.

    It’s not just the sunset of the Glenn Beck Show on Fox or the dispatch of Keith Olbermann from MSNBC to CurrentTV. It’s the shuttering of a pioneering conservative radio station and data showing the demographic decline of Rush Limbaugh.

  58. I knew he would follow through – that’s a really sweet story. I know the young girl said she didn’t want the President to think she’d written to him just so she could get to Justin Beiber – that’s so innocent. Lovely story!

  59. All I need to know is that he’s currently dismantling the rights of the middle class in his state, and he had stewardship over the budget when it went from a surplus to a deficit during the Bush administration. After that, it’s all nonsense.

  60. I think the ugliness of the Trump fiasco, and the President handling that nonsense with such grace, really hurt a lot of people and made them see clearly. I hope Newt understands that most people are exhausted from the endless drumbeat of hate from the right, and he just quickly rakes in his cash and then goes away.

    I hope the Republicans can start to focus on policy instead of personality, so we can quickly start to dismantle them based on real stuff – the repeated failure of their policies and the lack of even one legitimate positive thing they’ve given to the American people over the last 50 years.

  61. I haven’t been the biggest fan of Zakaria over these years, but for a while now, he’s stopped bashing the President when he disagrees and started consistently doing some serious explorations on his show. I’m glad he’s getting to see the President as a real person, who thinks things through and needs serious people to provide input. It can only make Zakaria better. Imagine if more of these journalists realized that they could actually be part of the solution, instead of just cheerleading the problem makers…

  62. Dare I say I agree with Glenn Beck on this, however it’s ridiculous coming from anybody that works at Fox.

  63. 🙂

    At President Obama’s behest, White House officials reached out to teen heartthrob Justin Bieber last week to help introduce him to 14-year-old Payton Wall, who joined the president at Ground Zero last week, White House officials tell ABC News.

    Wall’s father, an executive at Cantor Fitzgerald, was killed in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Before he died, he called home and told Payton: “Payton I love you and I will always be watching over you,” a story the president shared with U.S. troops last Friday.

  64. Jovie I love you almost as much as I love BWD. I always know you’ll load me up with more facts, more progress, more good news. Before this site I was scrambling to find out what was happening, even with the WH site it was hard to mine for the gold nuggets. (I’m not a very good internet searcher – I blame my age. heh)

  65. Excellent diary; this not only parallels Newt, but so many other bitter republicans.

  66. yep, that, he is. There is another ass there by the name Jennifer Epstein. She will never give prez. Obama a positive headline. Whenever I go there and find a stoopid headline, I always click on the name of the author and send them the ‘right headline’!

  67. I love Justin’s tweet reply to that disgusting magazine that was trolling the president, saying he was making false promises. Justin’s tweet,“I think you’re wrong. pretty sure President Barack Obama will keep this promise. Pay it forward.” I love that kid.

  68. I love that our president listens and takes info from as many folks as possible. That is what strong leaders do. Unlike the previous administration, the failed former potus Bush surrounded himself only with others of his GOP admin and our nation suffered for it.

    That said, I don’t know why Mr.Zakaria felt the need to share this info with the world and he seems to be patting himself on the back. He needs to simmer down his ego.

  69. Outstanding. Time marches on and generations do not age in place. Gingrich and his ilk are post-seasonal, doomed to fail like tulips in December.

  70. I thought it strange that Laura Bush got involved in their family decision. They’re all blaming Daniels’ wife for holding him back. She reportedly hates the press and not at all interested in the intense scrutiny of a presidential campaign. I read she just wanted to play golf and spend time at her parents’ W. Va. vacation home and not have to answer questions about their messy martial history—-when she left Mitch and daughters—and moved to Ca. and married another man and then divorced him and came back to In. and remarried Mitch. I see one of his “GOP rival campaigns” has already started the dirty stuff by handing out name and access info to the ex-wife of the Ca. dude. It’s going to be interesting. More interesting might be how he explains being Bush’s budget director when he ran up a trillion dollar deficit.

  71. Excellent comment on the linked article – I hope Tapper takes note:

    “That is awesome. I wish happy news for that little girl forever. Justin is a good kid and potus Obama is a caring man. Great combo.

    Dear Jake
    You need to stop looking bored and sleepy during the white house briefings. Not a good look sir. You have one of the easiest jobs ever, at least try to look interested. One thing I can say about potus obama he stays enthused no matter how much he must be exhausted on some days. Take note from him. :)”

  72. That’s a good point. They all know they can’t win without serious shenanigans, which equates incompetence for the office. The clowns are all running now – the ones who actually want to win are waiting until 2016. I don’t know who thinks they’ll be able to fill President Obama’s shoes from the left or the right, but at least he’ll be out of those shoes by then. The losing jokers from this round will still be nursing their wounds.

  73. If the economy keeps improving – even if slowly – and no other major disaster comes up – PBO going to win by a landslide. I have no doubt.

  74. I look at it this way. Chicagoans, and even us in the suburbs, want Chicago to be the city that works without being corrupt and outsourcing all its services.

  75. Daniels says “judge me for what I did when in power, not what I did whe I was working for somebody else” to expalin his years as OMB. He also explains it as the Clinton dotcom bubble bursting and 9/11 are reasons why he thought it right to cut taxes while fighting two wars, not paying for a medicare part D plan.

  76. Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh are in a league of their own! They are such insensitive overgrown children making tons of money by appealing to low information people. What Glen Beck did to Megan McCain reminded me of Limbaugh’s mocking of Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson. I was so disgusted with Rush because his insensitivity hit home: my mother suffered from Parkinson for a long time before she passed away. Something must be wrong, mentally that is, with people who idolize Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

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