Thursday morning mishmash

Hi guys,

Busy morning for me, though probably not as busy as for the president. Remember PBO’s CBS townhall will be broadcast at 8:00 AM during “The early Show”.

Also, DO NOT MISS Jon Stewart takin’ down Fox News over that disgusting racist attack on Common.

Today’s schedule:

9:30 AM

PBO delivers remarks at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast.

10:00 AM  
11:00 AM

PBO and VPB meet with the Senate Republican Caucus.

12:00 PM  
12:30 PM

PBO and VPB meet for lunch.

Carney briefs the press.

1:00 PM  
1:50 PM

PBO and VPB honor the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) TOP COPS.

2:00 PM  
2:30 PM

PBO meets with the Congressional Black Caucus.

VPB hosts a meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to work on a legislative framework for comprehensive deficit reduction.

3:00 PM  
4:00 PM

PBO is interviewed by Telemundo.

4:25 PM

PBO is interviewed by KINC Univision/Entravision Las Vegas, WLTV Univision 23 Miami and Telemundo Dallas.




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  1. Unable to sleep. I checked out this site this morning and was pleasantly delighted.

    Morning and thank you.




  5. Good morning all. I also have a very busy day today. I hope to watch the President before I leave. I don’t know how the President keeps going. He is amazing.

    Have a great day. See you tonight.

  6. The MSM has to stop repeating GOP talking points and smears. This non-story about Common is the perfect example. If they had simply gone to ‘the Google’, they would have found that not only is Common not a rapper who promotes violence, he has actually been the guy willing to speak out against violence and has been attacked by other rappers for doing so ( see his first hit, “I used to love H.E.R).

    Meanwhile there is Hannity cheering on Ted Nugent’s violent comments against PBO and Hillary. Do your job MSM and stop acting like stenographers.

    p.s. His songs “The Light”, “Go” and “The Corner” are highly recommended

  7. Good morning all! I have to say, I turned on MSBNC this morning as I was getting for work, and I caught this one bit where they had this kid on at CNBC and it was a segment on teaching Kids capitalism at school. And I was like WTF ?!?!

    This kid apparently did a homework assignment and her response was something like “it’s ok for businesses to emit more pollution because if we curtailed the business, it would mean less production, money, and jobs.” (I paraphrase here) And I wanted to reach inside that TV and smack that girl upside the head.

    I mean what the hell, does she even understand the value statement she’s making:
    – “Yeah it’s ok for people to breathe dirty air, contribute to Global warming, thus causing more extreme weather conditions, evidenced by the rise in natural disasters we see on the news, increase the risk for people to get cancer, etc. and ALL FOR PROFIT??”

    I felt like this kid needs to get her head screwed on correctly. And I can’t believe this was the type of value they think it’s worth while to teach this kid. These are the type of people who think it’s ok to make immoral or unethical decisions in business, which lead to major catastrophe, as we saw with the financial industry. I’m one of those people who feel that business and environmentalism can go hand in hand. There is NO reason why businesses can’t operate ethically and responsibly.

    Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it.

  8. I see it way differently. These folksies only heard the word rapper and because of what is going on in their stereotypical little heads about Rap and black folks, CHOSE, I repeat, CHOSE, to make an issue out of it ( albeit a distracted one)..and the sheeple puerile inane propaganda msm followed along.
    Let’s face it, what have these repugs really got going for them? Huh? Nada…zilch!

  9. A must read post from the Joy Reid:


    Why not just issue an edict from Rupert Murdoch that the Obamas are never to associate with another black person again, ever. Or else they’re racist. The way we’re going, you can at minimum get Ed Henry or someone from ABC News to ask a pointed question about the new edict at Carney question time, which will give legit journos on cable an excuse to do a full blown segment about how “some people” think Barack Obama should stop talking to anyone darker than he is. Could that mean Reggie Love is out of a job? We’ll have a panel of Bush administration insiders to discuss it, right after the break…

  10. What happened? Where is Common’s poetry recital and Steve Martin’s on the video? Did the White House communications shop edit them out? I hope there is a perfectly good explanation, else this is going to raise more eyebrows that the original controversy.

  11. Since the manufactured “Commontroversy” has put poetry in the news, I thought it would be fitting to post this hilarious poem by comedian John Cleese about the manatee that is Sean Hannity.


    by John Cleese

    Aping urbanity
    Oozing with vanity
    Plump as a manatee
    Faking humanity
    Journalistic calamity
    Intellectual inanity
    Fox Noise insanity
    You’re a profanity

  12. Good question. I watched the video and did not see him. I hope the White House did not end up caving into the media’s BS.

  13. The nonsense over Common is just an attempt to take the spotlight off of PBO’s continuing outstanding performance. Even though the rethugs blanketed Sunday TV trying to take credit for bin Laden’s death, the polls (60%!!!!!) show the American people didn’t buy the lies. The improvement in his numbers on the economy and the backlash against the rethug’s budget shows their lies didn’t work. Their stupid jokes of candidates trail PBO consistently by double digits.

    The republicans got nothing and they know it. So they try to go back to racially based fear of the black President.

    Not. Going. To. Work.

  14. I haven’t watched the news over the last two days, except for a few minutes of Lawrence O’Donnell, so I don’t really know what the Common controversy is about. Can’t say I care. I assume it’s just more asshattery from the right wing.


    Viva Obama. 2012 and beyond.

    Have a great day everyone :-)!

    —-PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  15. Neither pox news or its audience are going to change their racist colors. Let’s concentrate on the positives.

  16. Good Morning,

    Just thought I’d remind you that the Oil Execs are lying to Congress this morning. If you can take it, watch it on C-SPAN.

  17. LOVED Stewart’s piece on that!!

    I love my President but I am concerned about the reaction people will have to the Town Hall. All of us on this blog are political junkies and we get that there is only so much a President is able to do to alleviate the problems that the questioners asked him about – the woman who lost her job at the zoo, the woman who has a short term loan modification – he went into long explanations about the things he has done regarding house mortgages but I suspect the woman who can’t renew her loan wasn’t satisfied with his answer – the fact that the GOP demanded he make cuts which resulted in that woman losing her job at the zoo – I bet she wasn’t happy either. We need to educate the public so they get it – on the one hand they don’t want a President to be a King and on the other, when it comes to THEIR problems, they want him to fix that problem!
    I thought he handled the Medicare question quite well.
    The reality is, if you don’t have a job and can’t find one and your unemployment is ending, if you are going to lose your home, if your child is going to a school where they have laid off teachers – many people will blame the guy at the top even though it isn’t his fault. What can they do to Bush now? Nothing! The fact that he caused the problems we are facing today won’t matter to a lot of people today – they need someone to blame. That is why we should start a campaign right now – buy American!! Plus, we need to be very involved in this budget fight and make sure that the middle class isn’t hit yet again!

  18. Plus, have you seen the money they are spending on tv ads stating the bs that they need those tax breaks to invest in energy so that gas prices go down? They are the nerviest sob’s!

  19. I really resent the president being asked those kind of questions. How can he be expected to respond to every individual’s circumstance? Regarding the mortgage issue, he did say they are working with the banks to convince them to extend loan modifications and stop foreclosures. What more can people ask him to do? Why aren’t people also contacting their congresspeople to make them put more pressure on the banks?

    Regarding the government worker who lost her job: I feel for her. But I wonder who these people supported in 2010? I wonder if they are willing to admit that the loss of government jobs are due directly to republican obstruction and policies?

    This is what frustrates me about the American people. PBO has put policies in place and tried to enact policies that would help the country but has been fought by the republicans at every turn. And people don’t want to admit it, yet want to make him responsible and accountable for the republican mess.

    It’s time for certain American people to admit their bigotry helped get us here and time for them to change.

  20. I have to say to the people you describe — are you going to get ANY help from Republicans?

    A failing of Democrats in general: long policy answers to concerns that unfortunately require soundbite-sized answers. Don’t try to answer the entire question — the policy answer isn’t going to do that anyway. The goal is to help that person trust you to find the solutions to their plight – to build a compelling narrative about how Democrats look at these problems and who is standing in the way of solutions. If I have any criticism of this administration, it’s that I expected Barack Obama to ‘get’ messaging and do one better on the Republicans.

  21. Re: Common, that “story” reminds me of this little tidbit on FoxLies before President-elect Obama was inaugurated

    Yes, Young Jeezy and Jay-Z were talking shit about George Bush in a nightclub, and they were using profanity (including the taboo “N” word), but hey why the fuck should anyone be complaining, especially FoxLies? They’re always the ones hiding behind “freedom of speech” whenever a right winger says something controversial, but always act outraged whenever anyone else says something they deem controversial.

    Rappers are rappers. I understand a lot of them make music that doesn’t appeal to an older audience, but a lot of them do promote positive ideas, like Common and Jay-Z. Common did co-host a holiday Christmas special with the President and First Lady last winter, Jay-Z is helping kids stay off the streets, it just gets under these conservatives skins that these rappers can call them out AND still do positive things for the community.

    And here’s an oldie but goodie from Nas, calling the liars on Fox out (incidentally called “Sly Fox”

  22. So, you all thought that last sunday shows were a little to conservative? what about this sundays lineup?:

    Meet the Press: Newt Gingrich

    Face the Nation: Speaker Boehner

    State of the Union: Sen. McConnell

    Fox News Sunday: Rep. Paul


    Can you beleive this stuff?

  23. What an ugly parade, charade, TRAVESTY these Big Oil welfare kings are. Turning my stomach at their hubris. UGH, UGH, UGH.

  24. So, now the MSM is so afraid that POTUS may run away with this thing, that they are in full bias mode. For example: Joe Klein has a piece up on, why obama is not a shoe-in for 2012. WTF?
    So, now they are putting up articles saying, the POTUS is not 100% guaranteed to win this thing(and giving reasons why)? YAWN!!

  25. The thing is that it can’t be all on Mr. Obama to trash talk the Republicans, it’s all on the Democrats themselves. Where the hell were they last fall to back Mr. Obama up on the Republicans against HCR and tax breaks for the middle class?

    All I recall from “the left” were folks calling him a corporatist sellout who bends over for Republicans, and threats of primary challenges using politicians who have either went on to be soundly defeated (Alan Grayson, Russ Feingold) or politicians who have had trouble winning re-election (Dennis Kucinich).

    Not to be offensive, but it’s Mr. Obama’s job to stay above the fray, except during campaign season. I recall he did attack the Republicans for voting against the DREAM act in his recent immigration speech, but he’s not afraid to also call out Democrats and the left as well. He can’t appear to be too partisan. Recall that we had a partisan jackass from 2001-2008 and he was a huge epic failure.

    Just my two cents.

  26. I have a feeling that this particular townhall crowd comprised a group of disgruntled people – including those who voted Republican in the midterms. They are dishonest about the root of their problems, and so is the media. The fact that the townhall hosts prefaced the event by citing PBO’s supposedly low poll numbers on the handling of the economy, and how unemployment went from 7.6% in Jan 2009 to 9% in 2011 (without giving ANY context) told me what general tone to expect – and it bordered on acusatory.

  27. I though he answwered the questions well, especially the Medicare question. Somebody must be NERVOUS, b/c BONER just annouonced he is having a press conference thrusday morning. HMMMMMM!

  28. The poetry event at the White House last evening was wonderful. All the poets were great. The vibe seemed amazing. I recommend everybody watch it.

  29. CNBC is awful for a number of reasons, this being one of them.

    But that isn’t the half of it. Apparently the Koch brothers have bought off the Florida State econ department in exchange for controlling faculty decisions.

    Think Progress has more.

  30. President Obama not a shoe in for 2012? With clowns like Newt Gingrich running against him?

    I have to ask what these clowns in the media that call themselves pundits are smoking, what accomplishments will the Republicans run on that trumps getting and killing bin Laden?

    Most of them are only saying this bullhockey to get paid, because attacking a very popular President pays well, especially attacking a President like Mr. Obama. That’s why I’ve learned to pretend that they don’t exist, they’ve been wrong more times than not, so why should they be treated like they have any ounce of credibility?

  31. USDA Rural Utilities Service Administrator Jonathan Adelstein joined USDA Rural Development Nebraska State Director Maxine Moul and staff in commemorating Earth Day last month with the residents of the City of Bayard, Nebraska. The event celebrated the recent financing of a water improvement project that will serve the 1,200 residents of the city.

    A water pipe was signed by each person instrumental to the project. The city received a plaque from the administrator recognizing the awarding of funding from Rural Development. Bayard school children participated in the event with a coloring contest and Earth Day readings.

  32. Are you shitting me? Man, the prez gets a bump in the polls and the media rushes to get every Republican conceivable on TV. Obama must be bad for their business model.

  33. Yet these right wing clowns complain about “the leeebrul media.”

    Go figure.

  34. A new DVD is helping to deliver conservation messages designed to encourage Hmong Americans to enjoy public lands and be mindful of the responsibilities associated with enjoying the America’s great outdoors.

    Conservation professionals have lacked culturally-appropriate tools for reaching the Hmong American community, especially in major Hmong population centers in Minnesota, Wisconsin and California.

  35. Totally agree with you. This was designed to be a hit job. But it didn’t work because PBO ignored them and took the time to answer the questions.

    I have to disagree with the opinion that PBO doesn’t get the messaging right. He talks to the country like we’re adults — with truth and facts. Those that don’t get it don’t want to. Thus, the folks in the audience who I believe voted republican and now are reaping the results of those votes.

    And I agree the democratic party needs to get behind its president. The Feingolds, and Kucinich’s and CBC members who just can’t get past their jealousy that this young, brilliant black guy achieved something they wanted their entire lives need to give it up.

    More importantly, we need to be more aggressive and push the party to stop fighting PBO and start fighting the republicans and the media. They need to be demanding time on the news shows. Period.

  36. WASHINGTON, May 11, 2011–Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack made the following statement on data released today showing that U.S. farm exports reached an all-time high of $75 billion during the first half of fiscal year 2011:

    “Today’s trade data demonstrate that, once again, America’s farmers and ranchers are helping lead the way to recovery from the worst economic recession in decades. The gains in U.S. agricultural exports are particularly encouraging news for those who live in rural America or earn a living in farming, ranching and agriculture-related industries, because exports are creating jobs here at home. Farm exports alone will support more than one million jobs in America this year. Strong U.S. farm exports will be a key contributor to building an economy that continues to grow, innovate and out-compete the rest of the world.

    “At $75 billion, U.S. agricultural exports for FY 2011 are 27 percent higher than the same period in last year. This puts us on track to reach the current USDA export forecast of $135.5 billion by the end of the year.

    “As expected, China is our top export market. With $15.1 billion in farm exports, China accounted for nearly 20 percent of all U.S. agricultural exports. Canada is our second-largest market.

    “Both the value and volume of exports rose in the first half of the year, with the volume of bulk shipments up 5 percent from last year. Wheat and cotton volumes were especially robust, with increases of 64 percent 44 percent, respectively.

    “March was the highest-grossing month for U.S. agricultural exports ever. During that month alone, U.S. farmers and ranchers exported $13.3 billion worth of U.S. agricultural goods. That’s $407 million more than the previous record set in November 2010.

  37. (This was from the WSJ on Mittens):

    Mr. Romney now claims ObamaCare should be repealed, but his failure to explain his own role or admit any errors suggests serious flaws both in his candidacy and as a potential President.”

    “Mr. Romney is compromised and not credible.” Read more excerpts

    Read more:

  38. First Solar Gets Positive Letters From U.S. Energy Department
    Business Exchange Buzz up! Digg Print Email First Solar Inc. (FSLR), the world’s largest maker of thin-film solar modules, received positive letters from the U.S. Energy Department on three projects.

    The letters indicate that loan guarantees are moving forward on its Topaz and Desert Sunlight projects, which will each have 550 megawatts of capacity, and its 230-megawatt Solar Ranch project, the company said on its website.

    The Energy Department has said there won’t be enough money available for every project that submitted applications, and some of them won’t receive its backing under the current program.


  39. SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – A wind energy company has completed construction of a 102-megawatt wind corridor project in southern Utah that is expected to supply power to cities in southern California.

    Boston-based First Wind says it has begun commercial operations of the Milford Wind Corridor Phase II project located in Millard and Beaver counties. Construction on the Milford II project began in the summer of 2010. The first phase of the project was completed in 2009.

    Combined the two projects will generate enough power to supply up to 64,000 homes in Los Angeles, Burbank and Pasadena, Calif.

  40. Oil prices are at 97 still… It has held right around 97 for the past week, so the market is correcting a bit on energy. If this price keeps going down and or holds, expect the price of gas to go down soon. PHEW!

  41. I know we’re supposed to stay positive here, but I hate Republicans:

    “Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) on Tuesday said legislation lawmakers will consider later this week will “pay tribute” to the military and the intelligence community in lieu of a resolution expressly honoring the mission that took out bin Laden.”

    The military and the intelligence community. But not the man with the vision to reverse Bush policy, make this a priority, direct how the mission would be implemented. Nothing from the Republican-led House that honors President Barack Obama for taking out bin Laden.

    I hate Republicans.

  42. Like I say, the MSM must know this, and that is why you see the Bias, they want a close race for better ratings… sigh.

  43. MSM bias is in panic mode b/c of Bin Laden, can’t you tell?
    Case in point, somebody at the townhall said, thanks for keeping us safe mr President! That has gotta hurt the tea baggers and Hannity.

  44. US green jobs are good:

    Ormat Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: ORA) today announced that its subsidiary entered into a supply contract with Norske Skog Tasman Limited of New Zealand (“Norske Skog”) to supply a new geothermal power plant that is to be constructed in the Kawerau Geothermal Field in New Zealand. The contract is valued at a total of approximately $20 million and delivery of the power plant is expected to be completed within 13 months from the contract date.

  45. Some Downriver homeowners are lined up to become customers of a geothermal public utility, thought to be one of the first of its kind in the country.

    Wyandotte will drill wells hundreds of feet into the ground this week to make alternative, environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems available to residents.

    City officials say the benefits of geothermal energy go beyond conservation.

    Customers can save about $500 to $1,000 a year because they will need less electricity in the summer and no natural gas for heat. And geothermal energy helps an electric utility, such as the one Wyandotte owns, reduce costs because of its high efficiency at supplying air-conditioning, Wyandotte Municipal Services General Manager Melanie McCoy said.|newswell|img|FRONTPAGE|p

  46. We need both kinds of messaging. If the President’s approach of treating Americans like adults had been completely effective, the Republicans would not have turned around the electorate in 2010.

    We need both. I don’t expect President Obama to be nothing more than a twitter messenger, but the party and the reelection team needs to do this better.

    I also was not just talking about Obama but Democrats in general. When Republicans can get a message straight in a nanosecond and we seem to struggle with effective messengers, then this problem has to be addressed. I have great hopes for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who is one of the greatest Democratic messengers we have. I did, however, fully expect the Obama administration to understand effective messenging better than they have. This guy can walk, chew gum, save the economy, read poetry and get bin Laden and the biggest intelligence treasure trove in history in one week. To operate on several effective messaging tracks should be possible.

    Two words would save us: George Lakoff. Why he isn’t on the Democratic payroll baffles me no end.

  47. President Obama addressed liberal critics who want him to take executive action on immigration on Thursday, telling Hispanics that he can’t go around Congress.

    “I know there are some folks who wish I could just bypass Congress,” Obama said at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast. After pausing and laughing briefly as his audience appeared to approve of that idea, Obama said, “I can’t.”

    “But what I can do is sign a law,” he said. Obama said he’s interested in “changing minds and changing votes, one at a time.”

    Rep Guttierez does not care, he keeps going on tv saying- executive order, blah, blah, blah. Another Clintonista who probably got promised something big in her amdinistration, it is personal with these clowns- like, Weiner, defazio, mcdermott and guttierez. My advice to these guys, get help!

  48. Prices should be much, much lower given the barrel price – the speculators are out of control and causing this price gouging.

  49. One company that is hiring is Walmart, “one of the largest private employers in the U.S.” The company recently posted a job listing online for a director of “Labor Relations.” The job description requires helping the company’s human resources department maintain a “union-free” workplace. Under “Additional Preferred Qualifications,” the company seeks fluency in Spanish:


    “Advises HR and Leadership operations in positive employee relations practices that support continued union-free workplace and business mission in a complex labor environment.”


    “In 2000, “when a small meatcutting department successfully organized a union at a Walmart store in Texas, Wal-Mart responded a week later by announcing the phase-out of its meatcutting departments entirely.” When a branch in Quebec, Canada, voted to unionize, the company immediately shut down the store.”

  50. Connect the dots…

    “Federal Communications commissioner Meredith Baker announced yesterday that she will resign her post in June to join Comcast/NBC as a senior vice president.”

    “Baker, a Republican, was appointed to the FCC by President George W. Bush in 2009, and made her announcement only four months after voting to approve a merger between Comcast and NBC Universal.


    “In a statement announcing her resignation, Baker said she is most proud of the work she has done with FCC on spectrum reform. “It is the most important step we can take to ensure our nation’s competitiveness in an increasingly interconnected world,” she said.”

  51. I’d doubt it, especially after having him there in the first place. I wonder if Martin and Common have contracts with other companies that wouldn’t allow their bits to be made available after the fact, only allowed to perform live or something.

  52. “MISURATA, Libya — Rebels in the contested western city of Misurata stormed the city’s airport on Wednesday afternoon, swarming over the grounds from the south and east and reclaiming it from the military of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi.”

    “A rebel fighter searched the edge of the runway at Misurata airport on Wednesday, walking past the abandoned uniforms of loyalist soldiers.”

    “Seizing the airport in Misurata, a city that has been under siege for nearly two months, represented one of the most significant rebel victories in the Libyan conflict and a stiff military and public-relations blow to the Qaddafi government. The airport and its approaches were the last remaining pieces of terrain in the city to be controlled by Qaddafi soldiers.”

  53. “‘In the past week, the Mississippi Delta has been hit hard by flooding in the Mississippi River. The rising water wiped out crops, forced families out of their homes, and caused river-front casinos to shut down, costing the government up to $13 million a month. The Associated Press reported that the damage in Memphis was estimated at $320 million, but that ‘the worst is yet to come, with the crest expected over the next few days.'”

    “Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS) –- instead of pledging to do everything possible to help the people of his state deal with the flood -– called for the federal government to declare a flooding disaster, moved his furniture out of his lake house, and told flood-stricken families to rely on their friends to get to higher ground because the state wouldn’t help.”

  54. It must kill the nutroots that our President reads blogs from the Arab world instead of theirs.

  55. Proud, I totally agree with you on the messaging front. The notion that PBO and the democrats are poor at messaging is a false meme that has been hatched primarily by the likes of the Professional Left. The media latches on to GOP narratives and runs away with it, leaving a false impression that the GOP is somehow better at messaging. A discerning observer can see immediately that the media pushes GOP catch-phrases while silencing the same from the Dems. Take for example, the term “carnival barkers” which used by PBO to describe the circus of the GOP and it’s MSM sychophants. Had this term been used by Dick Cheney or Sarah Palin, we would be hearing it in the MSM on a daily basis up to this very day. The MSM follows it’s corporate- instructed script, which is to silence the Dems and/or distort their message with attempts to distract with irrelevancies (like Commons doing poetry in the WH), promote teabaggery (e.g., Obama’s birth certificate), and tell outright lies about the administration and the President (e.g., ABC News yesterday using the false equivalency of the GOP’s problem of current candidates, and PBO’s so-called “problem” with the economy, with ZERO mention of his 60% approval rating and 50%+ rating of his handling of the economy.)

    I’m glad that our President respects our intelligence and maturity, and doesn’t resort to cheap soundbites that may work in the short run for the 24 news cycle, but doesn’t serve him or the American people well in the long run. Even if he did, they would be distorted or downplayed by the media, so he might as well give us thorough explanations of what he is doing. As you can see, his explanations usually end up serving him (and us) well, as exemplified by the video that has been shown of him talking about what he was going to do to get Bin Laden. He explained EXACTLY what he was going to since 2007, how he was going to do it, and carried it out exactly. Had he just used a soundbite like “bring it on!” no one would have known that he accomplished the mission EXACTLY as he intended to.

    I think PBO is actually a superior messenger, which is why people continue to trust him the most on any given issue, no matter how “low” his poll numbers are. This is also why the media gets VERY nervous whenever Obama goes directly to the people.

  56. The politicians are owned by the lobbyists who do not want to support immigration reform. These politicians are not working on behalf of their constituents, they are working on behalf of their corporate donors.

  57. So, McConell just made a floor speech, saying the President risks Derilcition of Duty, if he does not do something about the debt.
    They threw in that military term, b/c they are so worried about the bin laden thingy! LOL!

  58. “House GOP leaders are struggling to find the votes for a long-term extension of the PATRIOT Act as the Judiciary Committee takes up the law today. GOP leaders will hold a classified briefing to attempt to drum up support for the controversial law. The current proposal under consideration would extend the law for six years.”

    “Republican leaders have had to play up the death of Osama bin Laden — and fears of retaliation by Al Qaeda following the May 1 U.S. raid that killed him — as reasons for extending the controversial legislation, arguing that American counterterrorism experts need the authority granted them under the Patriot Act in order to thwart any plots against the U.S.”

    “FBI Director Robert Mueller will give a classified briefing to the House Republican Conference on Friday, outlining the agency’s support for the proposed extension of several contentious provisions of the law.”

  59. Surely, there something illegal here? This smells really fishy. She approves a deal as a regulator that creates a near monopoly int he cable industry, and then promptly becomes the head of that mega-cable company? Something is not right, here. And it figures that she’s a Bush appointee.

  60. Are they explaining that the gas produced here is sold on the open global market, so has very little to do with the gas prices here or the availability of gas here? So deceptive.

  61. Thank you for listening to McGoofball, so we didn’t have to! I think he’d better look in the mirror when he wants an example of dereliction of duty.

  62. Hi SR
    Do you think the DOJ investigation called for the Pres last week will help?

  63. “A group of multinational corporations (that already pay exceedingly low taxes) have been lobbying Congress to enact what is known as a tax repatriation holiday. Under such a plan, multinational corporations would be able to bring money they have stashed offshore back to the U.S. at a dramatically lower tax rate (instead of the statutory rate that they normally pay to bring back money).”

    “The corporations have united under a campaign called “WinAmerica,” and evidently they are having some effect. Yesterday, Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) unveiled a bill that would let corporations repatriate their money at a tax rate of 5.25 percent (instead of the usual 35 percent). Brady said that, “this is about creating jobs, expanding U.S. businesses and strengthening American companies.”

    However, when Congress approved a repatriation holiday in 2004, companies used the money to enrich their executives, not create jobs. And according to an analysis by the Joint Economic Committee a repatriation holiday today would cost close to $80 billion in lost revenue:

  64. I like that the article came from TIME. Good, credible source to call out the non-credible Romney candidacy.

    Methinks Republicans will be repealing Romney.

  65. And the nail in the coffin that Republicans are at all “sane”: Proving that craziness has staying power, a 52% majority of Republicans still refuse to believe President Obama was born an American citizen in Hawaii according to a new poll from PPP.

    The full story is here.

  66. A Twitter colloquy:

    @JeffersonObama C Gauvin
    According to Teabags, Obama’s poll approval numbers were fixed by the AP. Some are saying they should be 5%. Just admit you hate blacks.

    @tkbva TKB
    @JeffersonObama in fact the AP poll not been favorable to Obama in the past — sorry Tearacists an Obama landslide is coming in 2012

    @JeffersonObama C Gauvin
    @tkbva AP indeed has been the most anti-Obama pollster after Rasmussen. Obama has never done well with AP. Teabags are pissed he’s popular

  67. Makes you wonder if Trump fading in the polls is only because he stopped pushing the issue.

    Who out of the Republican Presidential Primary field will pick up on this and go all in with the anti-Obama rhetoric?

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Michele Bachmann runs, because I think she could pick up the Palin supporters, and will have House votes to give her teabagger credibility. It was rumored that she would announce that she will run the week of the 23rd.

  68. Which is why releasing the pics of bin Laden would be an utter waste of time. No amount of proof about anything will change their minds. And apparently it makes them cling even more tenaciously to their twisted beliefs. 40% of this country is completely divorced from reality: 30% from right and 10% from the left.

  69. whoa. I am no Professional Left. I am no looney left. I am pragmatic left, just like this President. I came to the conclusion that Democratic messaging needs to be better all by myself. For the record I have supported every policy decision this President has made. I also fully understand the PL was pushing the meme that Obama caved to Republicans, when in fact he had to work with the poor excuses for Democrats that Howard Dean helped elect, who weren’t Democrats at all. We would have been better off with a razor thin margin than the alleged ‘huge majorities’ the PL thought we had.

    But I’ll shut up now. I understand that this is a site for positive and positive only. It is not a site where we can discuss our own failings as Democrats in order to give this President the support he needs.

    I’ll be gone for awhile, maybe forever. I am taking my injured dog for more surgery today, try to find a way to pay for it. I don’t need to be called Professional Left, not today.

  70. I thought the president’s responses to these tricky questions were spot-on. Not only did he answer the pregnant zoo workers questions but he showed the empathy for her situation and asked to speak with her afterward.

    In addition he often used these opportunities to zing he GOP for cutting federal jobs. I say good job and I yhink most people who aren’t on blogs will get it.

  71. I don’t think so because they’re not breaking any rules. It’s not supply and demand with futures it’s future supply and future demand. Supply and demand is where it’s been the last couple of years without speculators, the barrell is at $100 per – what needs to be changed is rules to curtail market speculators.

  72. Fabulous piece. The extremists are never the problem; it’s when moderate audiences credit them that we get into trouble. Fox”News” is crazy. It is a channel providing content which represents the delusions of an Australian man who dislikes our form of government and thus wants to kill off the Democratic party. This is not a secret. This is not a profound insight. This is verifiable and has been verified extensively (see, Media Matters for America’s spotless coverage of Fox”News”). Thus for the remainder of the national media to allow Fox”News” to launder deranged, delusional content in the form of ridiculous smears and hitpieces does severe damage to this country. I wish they’d introspect and stop it!

    /rant off

  73. I agree with you about the President talking to adults as though they are actually adults. We need to get out of this adolescent culture. The President even said in his inauguration that it’s time to put aside childish ways and start acting like the grown ups we are.

    There’s a video out showing kids reacting to the OBL news. And their answers and comments are surprisingly frank, mature and honest – and they are much deeper than a lot of the so-called “adults” who rule the airwaves. We can learn a lot from them, but we’re also supposed to be setting the example. If we still expect to be fed our news and the issues in small bites that we can easily absorb, like little birds, then we’re in trouble. The problems are too big and too complex. Instead of demanding that the President dumb down his message so the lazy can take it in, we should be shaming those who can’t be bothered to take an interest in the state of the world and their role in it.

    It’s a shameful fact that 60% of people don’t want the debt ceiling raised – and they clearly don’t understand the implications of such a thing, or the fact that there are no more tools to recover from a depression that would be caused by an American default.

  74. Congress should be ashamed that people take these sorts of issues directly to the President. What exactly do they do all day in their offices? How are they earning their salaries, if their constituents have to ask the President for help with individual issues? There are 535 of them – only one of him.

  75. What does Romney plan to tell all the people who need that health coverage? Or does he think that none of them are eligible to vote? What a fool.

  76. Exactly. President Obama is on a roll, and thus the GOP is desperate to divide Americans and throw President Obama off of his game by attacking his wife. Indeed, this is transparent and it certainly will not work. Yes we can!

  77. And the Republicans want to strip the rights and powers of the regulators in this area, under the new Consumer Protection Agency. They are so out of touch.

  78. I’m with you, Faith. After what they did to the 9/11 responders, I’m no longer surprised at their behavior and woeful disregard for the protectors of the people in this country.

  79. Yup. This remains a huge problem for the GOP, because the percentage of Americans generally who feel that way is really low, yet they’re concentrated into the Republican base. The GOP’s continuing divisiveness and tribalism (like the Common smear, for example) is an attempt to “other”ize POTUS in the eyes of swing voters, but it also riles up their base, legitimizes the racism of part of that base, and makes things harder for their Presidential nominees.

    That poll doesn’t surprise me at all.

  80. All I can say is: keep it up. The GOP’s vile winds will wreck them on the shoals.

  81. Faith, if I may be a little presumptuous here: I don’t think that anyone intended to namecall you. The comment stated that the WH communication meme originated from the Professional Left. I have to agree with that, as I have seen (of course not you!) bashers of the President turn around and blame the WH for “communications failures” to cover up for the fact that those bashers spread many lies—the meme was a deflection and a way to stop others from holding them accountable for their excesses.

    IMO every single person here is entitled to their opinion. There’s no reason in the world to leave simply because someone disagrees with you!

    You’re having a super-tough week, and please know that you, your husband, and your dogs are in the thoughts and prayers of many of us in this community. If you take a break, please remember that.


  82. +1

    You’re a valued member of this community, Faith, and I don’t think anyone intentionally meant to insult you. We would be less without you. You and your family are in our thoughts.

  83. Faith I never accused you of being the Professional Left. Obviously my post led you to believe that I was and I apologize for that, because that was not my intention. I don’t believe you are part of the Professional Left, and I think you have a right to express your opinion here just as everyone else, even though we may disagree on one or two issues (e.g., sound bites, vs. long policy discussions).

    There are many areas in which I agree with you about the Democrats’ own failings. However I was talking specifically about the “messaging” issue on which the President has been unfairly labeled as being poor at compared to the Republicans. I stated that the meme of the WH’s poor messaging originated from the PL. I recall seeing many posts and articles about Obama’s so-called messaging problem on sites like DKOS, HuffnPuff and MSNBC left-wing punditry. For that I blame the media, including the PL (who happens to be part of the corporate owned media, even though they would have us believe otherwise).

  84. Faith I don’t think you should leave! I think we all have good intentions, and generally agree on 90% of things. The 10% where we differ in outlook or viewpoints, or even approach, shouldnt be a reason for us to not engage with each other. I think you have a valid point! No one is perfect and everyone needs to improve. I hope that everything goes well with your dog.

  85. My favorite lines in Common’s poem, which by the way is entitled “King Barack,” is:

    “Conquerors of a contest. Even the unseen know that God watches.

    For one King’s dream he was able to Barack us.

    One King’s dream he was able to Barack us.

    One King’s dream he was able to Barack us.”

    To the white privilege racists, please know that to me, President Obama is a king. Not a perfect man by any means, but he certainly is not you.

  86. Dear Faith, take care and take your time, and I really hope that you’ll be back. You’re extremely important to this place and I’m looking forward to see you again. But if not, I just want to thank you for the time you spent here. It was a pleasure.

    All the best, my friend.

  87. Stunning and well done! You’ve got flow.

    By the way, a question for Michael Steele:

    How is the whole capturing the hip hop community going for you and your ilk? Your racists ilk just insulted one of the most respected rappers in the community, and trust me, it will not be forgotten.

  88. The workshop was also great (on the site). Longer, with the poets talking about writing, getting out of the way of ego, suggestions for the young poets.

  89. There are an estimated 47 million+ without insurance now; GOP proposed Medicaid would add an additional 44 million to the rolls of the uninsured, making a total of 91 million: almost a third of the population. It will also shift more costs to hospitals for the uninsured and increase the burden on those with insurance (currently it adds $1000 per policy to cover care for uninsured). Not to mention increased overall costs due to failure to treat early and to prevent complications. We need to continue to educate voters about the costs of our current system and the GOP proposal; ACA is really an essential first step to improving the health of the nation. Despite all our advances in high-tech medicine we are #47 in the world in terms of preventable deaths even though our per capita costs are off the charts.

  90. I strive for compassion for others but I really dislike/hate the GOP!

    Hope your husband and dogs are doing better. Blessings.

  91. Excellent rant! I am glad people like you are out there speaking TRUTH. The MSM, cowered by that right wing propaganda channel that pretends to be a news channel, is doing a great deal of damage to this country.

  92. Proud of Obama:

    I totally agree with you! President Obama respects the American people and would never try to fool them by using bumper sticker language to explain complex questions. Like you, my problem is not the President’s ability to communicate; I think he does that very well. My problem is with two groups: the MSM that distorts his message and ignores his accomplishments; and, the many prominent members of the Democratic party, and especially the so called progressives, in Congress and outside Congress, who never have the President’s back.

    What makes my blood boil is that some of these progressives, such as Move-on, CBC, and others, had President Clinton’s back. Do they mean to tell me that Bill Clinton was more progressive than Barak Obama? I admired and supported President Clinton, but I am sorry to say that President Obama has not only been trying to clean the mess left by George W. Bush; he has also been trying to clean some of the mess left by Bill Clinton, such as DADT, and financial deregulation.

    It really pains me very much to see many Democrats stabbing him in the back, or silently looking on when he is viciously attacked by these lunatic right wing tebaggers who have taken over the Republican party.

  93. Well Jovie, I think it is patently obvious that the so called MSM is in cahoots with the the right wing Republican party. Clearly, the MSM has signed on to the right wing mission, to do everything in their power, to deny President Obama a second term. That is why sites like this one are so important. We too must do everything in our power to thwart their mission.

  94. Mr Obama has elevated himself to a different level a different plato, he moves with more confidence He is more sure of himself and i’m LOVING every minute of this TRANSFORMATION. OBAMA2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Well Faith, I hope in this case you will be forgiven because you are speaking TRUTH! I just don’t see how any honest person can take issues with your reaction! I too hate Republicans for their HYPOCRISY!

    These people who claim to be patriots who love the country are so consumed with their hatred of the President that they will do anything to deny him credit for every positive thing he does on behalf of our country. They just want to make him an “invisible” President.

    Fortunately, as is evidenced by the AP poll, many Americans do not buy into Republican lies and hypocrisy. In the end, it is people like Cantor who look foolish for suggesting that the military and intelligence carried out the action to get bin Laden without the involvement and authorization of the President. No one in their right mind would buy their bs, legislation or no legislation.

  96. So, So true Tien Le. There is absolutely nothing one could do to change the minds of deluded “true believers.” They demand proof. But when you provide them with proof they reject it by claiming that the proof you provided is fake.

    The only proof they will accept is the one that supports their false beliefs. So, it really does not matter what the President does. He can produce a real video showing him being born in Hawaii, and the “birthers” would never accept it as valid. He could have preserved the body of bin Laden, horrific as it may have been, and the “deathers” would never accept it as the real bin Laden.

    Personally I no longer engage in a conversation with people who claim that President Obama is not “a natural born citizen.” Engaging in such conversation is completely fruitless; It’s like trying to reason with people who believe that sun revolves around the earth; or those who believe that the science of climate change is a communist plot to destroy capitalism.

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