AP-Gfk Poll: President Obama at 60%!

Hi guys,

Today’s schedule:

11:00 AM PBO receives the presidential daily briefing.

12:00 PM PBO meets with senior advisers.

VPB attends a Democratic National Committee event

Carney briefs the press.

1:00 PM
2:00 PM PBO participates in a CBS News townhall meeting on the economy.

4:00 PM VPB attends a Democratic National Committee event in Minneapolis.

4:20 PM PBO meets with the Senate Democratic Caucus.

7:10 PM Barack and Michelle Obama host a celebration of American poetry and prose; Barack Obama delivers remarks.


Since we (or I should say “I”) always let bad polls to ruin my mood, I’m going to let this quite awesome new AP-Gfk poll to make my day. 🙂

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s approval rating has hit its highest point in two years — 60 per cent — and more than half of Americans now say he deserves to be re-elected, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll taken after U.S. forces killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

In worrisome signs for Republicans, the president’s standing improved not just on foreign policy but also on the economy, and independent Americans — a key voting bloc in the November 2012 presidential election — caused the overall uptick in support by sliding back to Obama after fleeing for much of the past two years.

Comfortable majorities of the public now call Obama a strong leader who will keep America safe. Nearly three-fourths — 73 per cent — also now say they are confident that Obama can effectively handle terrorist threats. And he improved his standing on Afghanistan, Iraq and the United States’ relationships with other countries.

Despite a sluggish recovery from the Great Recession, 52 per cent of Americans now approve of Obama’s stewardship of the economy, giving him his best rating on that issue since the early days of his presidency; 52 per cent also now like how he’s handling the nation’s stubbornly high 9 per cent unemployment.

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I think this poll justify this photo from Austin, last night 🙂


175 thoughts on “AP-Gfk Poll: President Obama at 60%!

  1. I thought you might just like that poll, BWD. I was thrilled to read that 52% believe he is handling the economy well despite the unemployment rate.

  2. Fabulous poll, wonderful photo!! Thanks for sharing this great news, BWD!!!

  3. I wish I were more articulate, but all I can say s “WOW” with a couple of le of “we told you so’s in for good measure.

  4. Great news. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize, dig in and get to work. We, in Georgia, will work to turn it blue again despite Newt.

  5. That idjit shurb got a huge poll bump after 9/11 and yet only a 60% approval for the man who got the guy responsible for 9/11 ? Americans are nutz.

  6. This is such great news for all of is who have always trusted him. I want to shout from the hilltops we told you so!!!!! He is who we always knew he was.

    Once again, thank you BWD for creating this space for us.

    Good morning everyone. It is w beautiful day.

  7. HOLY MOLEY this is phenomenal news to wake up to. Thank you BWD. I’m off to share this everywhere 🙂

  8. I have to admit one of my secret vices is watching “Morning Joe.” I know. But I love that show. Although Joe is a republican at least he is not batsh@&!t insane.
    And this is where I saw the poll results scrolling below. Wow! What a great morning.
    I also look forward to all the RW heads exploding when COMMON appears tonight at the White House!

  9. WOW! We’ve been telling you all along America. He’s the real deal. Welcome to the party. Those economy numbers are great. Yesterday I was peeved at the country because TPM reported that his ratings on the economy was about 35-37% percent. I couldn’t believe it. The country gave us a Republican House, what did they expect?

  10. Common is one of the least controversial rappers out there. The wingers are just trying to make Obama scary again.

  11. aamom, have they mentioned the poll on the show or is it just running as a scroll? Are they spending most of the time dissecting this poll like I hear they do negative polls when they get reported? I’m just curious because I cannot stand to watch that show?

    I hear that joe lost his father so he has my sympathy but he is just as crazy as the rest of the rightwing nuts. He just does it in a way to make people think he is more moderate but in the end he would never vote for a Democrat and that is the mark of a true moderate IMO.

  12. Sometime shortly after President Obama was elected, I went to a neighborhood party and was in a small group talking about the election. I was astonished and pleased at some of the fairly conservative people I know who said they had voted for him. Later I’d been thinking they might not do so again unless the Repubs nominated one of the crazier candidates (Trump, Palin, Bachman et al).

    Now I can see them saying to themselves, hmmmm that was a pretty good vote after all. I can totally see how the independent vote is swinging his way.

    It’s like after one of the Obama-McCain debates, another neighbor down the street, an elderly independent woman, said about Obama – “He just seemed so PRESIDENTIAL.”

    We all know how thoroughly awesome he is in a million different ways, but these folks are voting on their gut reaction and these days it’s pretty good for PBO.


  14. Republicans weep.

    This is great news. Finally a poll that is on OUR side!

  15. IMO that bloc doesn’t like liberals, and doesn’t like liberal policies. Due to the ridiculous behavior of the professional left these past years, that impression has just become hardened (when they should have been doing as POTUS does: present a very friendly and non-sanctimonious face of liberalism, explaining things in common sense terms a la his Ryan budget explanations rather than thumping bibles and trying to shame people).

    I was really hoping that with President Obama’s bin Laden confrontation, that swing voters would give *all* of President Obama’s policies a second look, as he has proven that he’s not a lunatic, far from it, and that Keynesian economic policies work. For this reason, the economic approval numbers gladden me the most!

  16. I do my best to pay almost no attention to polls, but I’ve decided to make an exception in this case! 🙂

  17. I’m glad that they had the good sense to blow as much of it up as possible. They sure saw this coming.

  18. AWESOME! I needed this news after finding some very sad news from an email early this morning. (Death of a long-time family friend/former student & the mother in the family is in hospice battling lung cancer.) I know the polls will be all over the place, but for today, this is uplifting news!

    On another subject and a request: EVERY Wednesday I drive 2+ hrs. each way to see my mother who is in an assisted living facility in northeast TN. I always ask for prayers for safety on FB so am doing the same here. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  19. “Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) today released a budget proposal, alongside a slew of ultra-conservative senators, including Sens. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and Marco Rubio (R-FL). Toomey’s budget document, unlike the budget proposed House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) and passed by the House Republican caucus, does not touch Medicare or Social Security.”

    “However, Toomey did elect to co-opt Ryan’s tax “reform” plan, which involves lowering the top marginal income tax rate from 35 to 25 percent, consolidating brackets, and supposedly paying for it all by getting rid of loopholes and deductions.”

    “In Ryan’s case, as CAP’s Michael Linden pointed out, the catch is that preserving the Bush tax regime, cutting the top tax rate, and having it all come out revenue-neutral necessarily implies a big middle-class tax increase….”


  20. “Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) and 63 members of the Republican caucus in the House have drafted a letter to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus protesting the branch’s recent preliminary decision to allow gay couples to wed on navy bases in states that allow same-sex marriages. The Navy announced the possible change in an April 13th memorandum about the procedures for repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

    “‘[I]t appears that the navy is preparing and training its chaplains to defy federal statute and ignore the provisions placed within the Defense of Marriage Act,” the Republicans wrote, noting that DOMA ensures that “the federal government would recognize only the union of one man and one woman as ‘marriage.’”


  21. Too little, too late. Rubio is on record as applauding Ryan’s budget; I guess that this is the senatorial Republican fringe caucus’ hedge against the Ryan budget trap. Thanks for all of the great links, creolechild!

  22. “The Kaiser Family Foundation has released a state-by-state report analyzing the impact of the GOP’s proposal to transform Medicaid into a block grant program and repeal the Affordable Care Act.”


    “Federal spending on Medicaid would fall by $1.4 trillion from 2012 to 2021 and states will receive less federal funding:

    “….total federal Medicaid spending reductions over the next decade relative to current law would range from a 26 percent drop in Washington, Vermont and Minnesota, to 41 percent declines Oregon, Georgia and Colorado and a 44 percent decrease in Florida.The analysis also finds that hospitals could see their Medicaid payments fall by as much as 38 percent, relative to current projections, in 2021….”

    “Kaiser examined different scenarios for state responses to reduced federal Medicaid spending and estimated 31 to 44 million Americans could lose their health insurance coverage….”


  23. Ha! Awesome, BWD. But will the media take a page from your book and salivate over this poll as they normally do with the less-than-positive ones?

  24. The White House took credit for the $2 billion U.S. investment announced by General Motors Tuesday, saying President Obama’s “tough love” helped the company regain its footing.

    Ron Bloom, assistant to the president for manufacturing policy, said GM’s announcement would not have happened if President Obama had listened to the mostly Republican critics of the auto bailouts.


  25. Controversial judicial nominee Edward Milton Chen was confirmed 56 to 42 in the Senate on Tuesday to become a United States District Judge for the Northern District of California.

    The confirmation marks the end of a long road for Chen. He was first nominated by President Obama on Aug. 6, 2009, but Republicans who opposed his confirmation managed to block him three times.


  26. This boeing situation is geting out of hand! The aggressive/crazy republicans want the President to stop the NLRB, from moving the plant form South carolina to Washington, b/c of union issues.
    Expect to hear more of this, as the republicans are hitting the airwaves with this nonsense!

  27. Did he make a rap song talking about killing President Bush? Did he make a rap song talking about killing policemen? I don’t think he should be at tba WhiteHouse. I’m not a devoted fan of President Bush but I like him. I have relatives who are in law enforcement. Unless he has apologized for those songs he shouldn’t be there.

  28. May 10, 2011

    Department of Energy Offers $90.6 Million Conditional Commitment Loan Guarantee to Support Colorado Solar Generating Facility
    Project is One of the First Utility Scale, High Concentration Photovoltaic Energy Generation Facilities in the U.S. and the Largest of its Kind in the World

    Washington D.C. — U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced the offer of a conditional commitment for a $90.6 million loan guarantee to Cogentrix of Alamosa, LLC. The loan guarantee will support the construction of the Alamosa Solar Generating Project, a 30 megawatt (MW) net capacity High Concentration Solar Photovoltaic (HCPV) generation project located in south-central Colorado near the city of Alamosa. Cogentrix estimates the project will create about 75 construction jobs and 10 operations jobs. The project will source over 80 percent of its components from the U.S.

    “Colorado has long been a leader in the development and deployment of renewable energy, and this project builds on that record,” said Secretary Chu. “By deploying an innovative, commercially-ready technology at utility scale, the Alamosa Solar Generating Project is increasing the generation of clean, renewable power, creating jobs and strengthening the U.S. economy.”

  29. That’s a great piece, but my question is: when are people going to finally stop listening to these folks? They’ve proven their bad faith over and over and over and over again. After seeing that dkos playacting “debate” about whether it’s just fine to ask whether it is as legal to attack POTUS as it was to kill obl, I can’t understand how people expect even a smidgen of respectable, kind behavior from those quarters. (btw, congrats for that recent blogger profile! You’re getting some well-deserved kudos).

  30. I haven’t followed all of his songs, but he is known as one of the mildest rappers and I’d be surprised if he in seriousness talked about killing anyone.

    Much ado about nothing.

  31. USDA Funding Helps Convert a Michigan School Building into Quality Senior Housing

    Recently, a USDA Rural Development project received one of the 2011 Governor’s Awards for Historic Preservation from the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office. The ceremony was held in the state Capitol rotunda and dozens of citizens and legislators from across the state turned out.

    Michigan State Housing Development Authority Executive Director Gary Heidel opened the ceremony by noting the rich historic heritage of Michigan’s towns and cities and how the preservation of these sites is vital to keeping our state a place where people work, live and spend their leisure time.


  32. Hahaha:

    “Instead of a fighter for U.S. taxpayers, Mr. Boehner has been a surrenderist, if that’s a word,”


  33. Awesome comment posted to donna’s wapo linked article:

    Let’s be honest: The Tea Party is comprised of those who caused the very problems about which they now complain. They are just Bush Voters who can’t accept the fact of their own incredible bungles, their no-bid contracts, their Enron Scams, their Bush Wars.

    Many had to run home to get federal aid for the natural disasters in their states.



  34. Look at it this way, now the POTUS has a lot of political capitol. This comes at a very Important time(killing of OBL), as the republicans want everything there way, or else.
    More people trust POTUS, the republicans are playing with fire with the debt ceiling vote.
    Expect to see them try and get those poll numbers down, somehow, as they cannot get the public on there side(using the M/O of FEAR).

    Just saying.

  35. I’ll throw in my “I told you so’s” along with yours, lol. Polls don’t affect me one way or the other — I’ve always thought PBO would be fine, re-elected easily, and hit his stride the longer his term went on.

    But I’m glad for the good news, and that it will help my fellow Obamabots feel better.

    Have a great day, everyone :-)!

    —-PJ (temporary media detente…watching Lawrence O’Donnell…for now)

  36. Hey, thanks so much. Rachel Maddow’s staff certainly has taken a shining to me! I have also picked up a (low) paying paid gig at A2Politico. I have a good feeling about the long-term impact of that.

    And, I agree about the whole “when will people stop listening to these nimrods?” bit. I know quit a long time ago. My presence on Daily Kos lately has been restricted to mainly reporting on the events & news coming out of Michigan.

  37. This should be a VERY interesting race! I want to see how much muscle Latinos flex in the state of Texas. It could be a sign of things to come in this country’s political future. I am really keeping my fingers crossed for a Blue Texas in 2012. That would be the ultimate.

    —-PJ (temporary media detente…watching Lawrence O’Donnell…for now)

  38. yup, the big cities are all blue, if we can get san antonio 70% blue instead of 55%, we got a chance.

  39. Yes, we will. On the southside and all over Georgia.

    It is amazing to me how so many Georgians are willing and eager to forgive Gingrich of his sins, yet continue their judgments against Clinton.

  40. Good Morning BWD,

    Oh how fun, you have decided Not to make and exception for watching of this poll, I just laughed and laughed, Funny Funny, and yes the poll looks wonderful this morning.
    And NEWT SMEWT he isn’t going far, even his own party is not going to stand behind him much, after all he never compromises and shut the government down twice, No One is going to elevate him, on those counts alone. I think him tossing his hat in the ring will only distract a few for a while, I am so eager to be entertained by all of them.
    Once we get into 2012 campaigning for seriousness the GOP is not going to have much to stand on to get accomplishments. They keep screaming budget and never have one, now with immigration and the vote of immigrants given to the one who will accept them, and bring justice for them, so the votes will be only the far right wing, they are getting to be smaller and smaller. It will be ever so entertaining to see what they try to propagate. I am so ready for you to Smack down that Arizona governor with her nonsense that I am over anxious, but you did put a stop to the laws they want to achieve and will get it done once all their border investigations are done against those sherriffs. I like to think of old Westerns when it comes to the look on Gov Brewer’s face when she hears Not in this lifetime, remember those old western’s “There’s a new sherriff in town.”
    Thanks so much for the Wednesday morning laugh. I truly needed a good joke this morning. My Mom is a Korean immigrant and I was adopted by her, but I remember when she became a citizen in the 70’s and how much it means to her still to be American. These folks all need to be included, they ARE America !
    Have a Great Day today, May God Bless the Obama Family~!
    Peace be upon All who read this
    With Love Splashy

  41. “Reuters) – Major banks are willing to pay as much as $5 billion to settle claims by federal and state officials of improper mortgage foreclosure practices, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the situation.”

    “The banks’ offer comes as mortgage companies and state and federal officials continue their efforts to strike a settlement of investigations sparked by allegations of “robo-signing” and other questionable foreclosure practices that came to light last fall, the Journal said.”

    “The banks intend to propose that as much as $5 billion be used to compensate any borrowers previously wronged in the foreclosure process and provide transition assistance for borrowers who are ousted from their homes, the WSJ said, citing people familiar with the matter.”

    (Reporting by Sakthi Prasad in Bangalore; Editing by Ramya Venugopal)


  42. Way to go, Lt. General Sanchez!!!! The Democratic Party: We will protect and take care of America, too. The Mommie and Daddy Party!!!

  43. President Obama mentioned the killing of Osama bin Laden in a fundraising speech to supporters Tuesday night, the first time in campaign mode that he’s referred to the attack that he authorized.

    The brief reference to the Pakistan operation was in a part of Obama’s speech about the military. Here’s what he said at the Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Austin, Texas:

    “Because of you we overturned ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ so everybody in this country can serve the country they love. We removed 100,000 troops from Iraq. We ended combat missions there, just like I promised we would. We’re taking the fight to Al Qaeda. And because of the extraordinary bravery of the men and women who wear this nation’s uniform and the outstanding work of our intelligence agencies, Osama bin Laden will never again threaten the United States of America. We couldn’t be prouder of them.”

    The crowd applauded after Obama referred to bin Laden, according to the official White House transcript.


  44. “(Reuters) – The Federal Trade Commission is alerting high-tech companies to gather data ahead of a probe of the dominance of Google Inc in the Internet search industry, Bloomberg reported on Friday.”

    “The report, citing three people familiar with the matter, said the agency told companies it plans to issue civil investigative demands — which are similar to subpoenas — for the information.”

    “The FTC has been considering a broad investigation into Google.”

    (Reporting by Jonathan Spicer)


  45. He was the fall guy for Abu Ghraib – if he gets a primary challenge that will be a huge attack point and probably end his chances. However if he was the fall guy and didn’t know about it than he is a good candidate for us. High-ranking military, Latino-American, from southern Texas checks three boxes the Dem Candidate needed to check to be viable in Texas.

    However if he did know about Abu Ghraib than he shouldn’t be allowed to run as a Democrat, at least not as the DSCC’s handpicked candidate.

    Given Texas politics, I think there is a VERY good chance that a progressive candidate will be funded by Republicans in order to attack him in a primary with the Abu Ghraib stuff. However if he is in the clear there (he was cleared by an Army Investigation, attacking him on the issue will just highlight his long military career which should play really well for him in Texas otherwise.

  46. Good morning BWD and all. That AP poll is great news. I wonder if the MSM pundits are going to speak to that poll as they do every poll that is below 50%? I don’t think so.

    On another note. I just received my copy of “A Singular Woman” about Barack Obama’s Mother Ann Dunham by Janny Scott. Although I have not started reading it as of yet, I have read the inside and back flaps as well as review all the pictures in the book. By doing this one can get a good feel about the book, especially if it’s about one person.

    I most say Stanley Ann Dunham was a leading pioneering woman of the world and still raised two wonderful kids. I encourage you all to get that book. Great day to all>>

  47. Note how he didn’t say “We killed bin Laden. He spoke of and gave all the credit to the military services and the intelligence community. Yet the RW is talking about how he is bragging about it as if he was there and pulled the trigger. They can’t believe, after so many years under Bush, that a President wouldn’t make it all about himself, but this President doesn’t make himself the story. What a relief.

  48. Today’s townhall, which I believe airs tomorrow during the CBS morning show, could be very important as it will reach a completely different audience. What I hope to see out of this is President Obama really explain the Debt Ceiling and why playing politics with it is very dangerous and hurts the economy/country. Right now 60% of the population doesn’t want the ceiling raised – I have to hope it’s because they don’t know what it is and what would happen if it wasn’t raised.

    That and reiterating the Ryan Budget getting complete GOP house support wants to cut taxes for the rich and end medicare as it is today to pay for those tax cuts would be great.

  49. My condolences to you and your family,tnmtngirl. You are in my thoughts.

  50. “Reuters) – A majority of top Wall Street bond dealers and money managers say spending cuts alone cannot solve the U.S. budget problems and tax increases must be part of the mix.”

    “In a Reuters survey conducted on Tuesday, 17 out of 29 fund managers and economists representing major Wall Street bond dealing firms said the Republicans’ favored option of spending cuts alone would not a work.”

    “….Twelve out of 23 surveyed said the government had until the end of July before the bond market would start to worry.”

    “The bad news is any deal requires a compromise between anti-tax Republicans and Democrats, who support social spending programs known as entitlements — positions that each side is holding onto dearly ahead of 2012 elections.”

    “A middle path is needed, Wall Street said.”


  51. By Lynn Sweet on May 11, 2011 8:30 AM | No Comments
    WASHINGTON–President Obama, in Austin on Tuesday to scoop up millions of dollars for his 2012 re-election bid is putting more fund-raising dates on his calendar as Vice President Biden hits Minneapolis today to headline an event. First Lady Michelle lands in Atlanta on Sunday to be the fund-raising draw.

    Obama’s National Finance Committee–top donors and raisers–meet in Chicago, the headquarter city for Obama 2012– on May 31-June 1. US Ambassador to Sweden Matthew Barzun has been tapped to be the NFC chief, taking on the role played by business mogul Penny Pritzker in 2008. He will resign his ambassadorship at the end of the month. Deputy Campaign Manager Julianna Smoot will be overseeing the fund-raising drive.

    I’m told upcoming dates for events with Obama and Mrs. Obama include:

    May 15, Michelle, Atlanta
    May 16, Obama, D.C.
    May 18-19, Obama, Michelle at the DNC’s Women Leadership Forum in D.C.
    May 18, Obama, Boston
    June 13, Obama, Miami
    June 23, Obama, New York at a lesbian, gay event

    At the click: Obama transcript at mega donor Austin dinner, where he is fine-tuning his pitch for a second term. He needs more time, he said.

    Said Obama, “So I’m realty proud of what we’ve gotten done. But we’ve got so much more to do. We have so much more to do. And in an era where everybody wants instant gratification and people are very, very impatient, the fact of the matter is that some of these changes are going to take time. Right now probably the thing that folks are most worried about around the country — and rightfully so because it directly hinges on every aspect of our lives — are gas prices.

    We don’t have a silver bullet for gas prices. The way we’re going to bring gas prices down is do some of the things that we’ve already done — increasing fuel-efficiency standards on cars and trucks, and start developing new sources of energy and promoting electric vehicles. But it’s going to take some time. We’re going to have to be able to sustain that effort over the next several years.”


  52. He has to know this would be a big issue of any campaign, so that gives me certain confidence that he knows he’s in the clear on it and might even want to use the campaign to clear his name of nothing else.

    I don’t think any Republican challenger will really attack him on it because it ultimately is attacking Bush, who is still a favorite son and Texas resident. It’s a primary challenge he has to worry about.

  53. Japa,
    it is more than that. The BUSH peeps Know what they did in office, and accuse this President of doing it. This happens all the time!

  54. That guy Guttierez can suck it! Sick of his crap. He says, I really really want to support the President- but he must get comprehensive immigration reform all by himself. And If he cannot, then what?
    does he support the republican nominee? LOL! LMAO! LOL!

  55. Ooohh, thanks. This kinda stuff is right up my alley :-).

    —-PJ (temporary media detente…watching Lawrence O’Donnell…for now)

  56. Major kudos to you, Eclectablog, for BECOMING THE MEDIA.

    This is our only defense against the corporate oligarchs who have spent forty years using “news” programming to deceive and misinform citizens in support of their fascist takeover of the United States.

  57. Texas is pretty dirty politically. Conservatives routinely financially back the Green party because they play spoiler for Dems. They’ll find a anti-war Dem to run against Sanchez and fund him (with help from the nutroots). There was also a few Reps who were swept out in 2010 that might want to jump in.

  58. CC, This is indeed very good news. Let’s home it gets settled soon. yahoo.

  59. Hybrid Vans

    With ARRA funds, CUMTD purchased five hybrid diesel-electric vans for our direct services and ADA paratransit curb-to-curb service. Thank you!
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  60. lol what? I never heard of Common being controversial. Sounds like GOP spin machine working overtime. If this was Kanye or Eminem I would sideeye but not Common.

  61. Very nice. National Polls still remain comme si, comme sa for me, but its nice to see America recognizing that he is working his ass off on our behalf and certainly deserves to continue being potus. The lazy Republicans all need to be sent home.

  62. Jovie, Guttierez is a backstabbing, selfish not to be trusted human being. I live in the Chicago area and as someone said on here the otheer day, he was backstabing the late Mayor Harold Washington. Guttierez is in a very safe district, but many Black Americans do not trust him.

  63. That would be lovely, Iam confident PBO is doing all the right things for our country, and by the way he has a big support with the latino comunity they see him as the best person who can solve their corcerns.
    Thank you BWD for the updates 60% on the up polls it’s big, but, but do not tell that to Marco Rubio he keep saying that the President needs to lead. he is a Freaking joke.

  64. Hey good for you. you deserve it, the hard work you put in to inform ppl is great and thanks to you . A lot of ppl have been educated to whats going on. I know i have. Ive been a fan since the dkos days. High five and continue success.

  65. Your Michigan reportage has just been awesome; the kudos and acknowledgement couldn’t be more deserved.

  66. check him out gn on you tube. He is a very conscious rapper. I think you will like some of his work. Sort on the same scale as Nas.

  67. You are added to my prayers for your travel and your loss. Know that virtual hugs are coming your way.

    My mother has been gone since 97 and I still miss her. Appreciate every moment you have with your mother. When she is gone you will have those memories. God bless!

  68. I definitely know who he is, and that’s a good comparison (to Nas). I’m telling y’all, when POTUS does something spectacular, the GOP absolutely loses it, and when they’re really out of control, they’ll attack FLOTUS or the weeMichelles, trying to throw POTUS off of his game because in my observation, that’s one of the very few things that ushers in the scary version of POTUS.

    This is a very silly attack IMO and I hope that rather than getting upset, they’re all having a really good laugh, as the GOP shows young people once again how out of it they are, how uncool.

  69. Thanks for bringing that to our attention, Meta. It was a great read. I love the back stories. They tell you as much as the story itself.

  70. I plan on buying, just haven’t yet. Let us know when you get done and what your thoughts are. I love reading about women’s history. Especially this wonderful lady.

  71. OMG, that is so funny! Some people are so talented. I love the photoshops.

  72. I’m actually becoming more and more convinced of Stanley Dunham’s chaotic genius. She certainly accomplished what she set out to do with her children, didn’t she? She created an advanced version of Barack Obama Sr. (POTUS) who is extremely stable yet still has his dad’s creative genius. And Maya aint half bad either, is she, lol. I’m probably off base as I don’t know any of these people, but I just find that entire family absolutely fascinating. Very interesting cluster of people.

  73. meta – What I found so interesting is that – even though this technique will be part of the curriculum in future journalism classes! – the President still outmaneuvered the interviewer. Also thought it was telling that Steve Kroft seemed to take this interview (you recall his others) really, really seriously and put extreme thought into his questions. That was obvious to me, as for once we could applaud Kroft for not taking us back to silly season. The only silly question was “Did you tell Michelle?” – of course, the President did not answer.

  74. tnmtngirl – Consider more prayers from me for your road trip! I took care of my mom at home for her last five years, which she would have done for me a million times over, and I wanted to say I understand and appreciate why you would make your weekly trip to see your mom. I’m sure you’ve some got big arms around you already, on your journey!

  75. Thanks meta. The money quote from kroft

    The thing about this president is he will give you his thought process if you ask him about it. He will explain the complexities that weigh on his mind.”.

  76. G’mornin’ gn 🙂 thank you for your kinder, gentler response on the Common BS 😉 thats the kind of stuff I have little tolerance for anymore and you said it right: Anytime POTUS has big successes, the right (and the crazy far left) go after Michelle or other family members. It’s all too ‘common’ (heh, I made a pun :).

  77. That’s weird because I could have sworn that at some point he revealed that even Michelle didn’t know about this. Not in response to the direct question, but at some point in the interview.

  78. stopped by there Sunday and they were arguing over a HR and if it was really hide ratable on that thread. I know BWD, I wont mention them again but my Lord they are such nerds to put it kindly.

    Ive been watching the talking heads since last Sunday talking about how little of a bounce he got out of getting that mass murderer and how he still wasnt getting good numbers on the eco. I figured, correctly as it turned out, that his numbers would get better daily. I bet all of us knew that the 60 min interview was going to bring him up even more. When that fella asked the P what his first thought was when he saw the photo, the President said, “that it was him”. Damn I liked that answer and every other one he gave. We are very lucky to have this man leading the country. The world is too.

  79. And a big thanks for those Michigan Updates. I dont’ see any real reporting on that anywhere else. I’d think the Chicago Tribune would have at least some coverage, but . . .

  80. JO’B, PBO is so thoughtful and so circumspect, there is rarely any opportunity for any journalist to catch him in a gaffe. I think Kroft knew he had a very, very big exclusive and he had to really focus on serious questions due to the momentous gravity of the event. This was of historical importance and he didn’t have much time to play games. It was fascinating to see him elicit the emotion of this moment.

    What I find astounding is that the interview was barely edited at all. It just shows us once again how fluid and concise our POTUS is in his thinking and expression. Just boggles the mind.

  81. That 60 Minutes interview was awesome. I loved the “we don’t spike the football” comment. So classy.

  82. Hi sheri! h/t monietalks@weeseeyou, check this out:

    Monie said: SO in the midst of all the fake outrage these Rethugs are stirring regarding Common at the poetry reading, history tells us that none other than the late Eazy E of N.W.A (one of the most hard-core rap groups of all times) was invited to the White House by Republican President George H. W. Bush.

    Eazy subscribed to the notion that any kind of publicity was good for
    business. He voiced support for Ted Briseño, one of the officers who had
    beaten Rodney King, noting that Briseño had tried to get the others to
    stop. Willie Dee of the Geto Boys tried to label him “a sellout.” His
    donation of $2,500 to the Republican Party won him a lunch with
    President George H.W. Bush.
    To his detractors, Eazy sneered, “I just got
    a kick out of the fact that I could stab the motherf*cker with a pen.”


    [I won’t link to her source article because I got a virus warning when I tried to access it, and suggest that others not follow that link].


    The GOP attacks Common of all people (very mild rapper) while it was a-okay for Bush Senior to dine with a rapper who helped to pioneer gangsta rap. They truly need to go sit down with that!

  83. Joey S kept running that Rev Wright loop for days on end in an effort to destroy then Senator Obama. The dishonesty of beating up on Senator Ovbama over what another person said, not to mention the complicated issue of why the Rev talked like that never being explained to the masses still P me off. He’s a right winger trying to be slick pretending to be just a guy trying to be fair but he doesnt fool me. I cant say I enjoy writing this in the wake of JS’s fathers death but thats my take on him.

  84. It’s where losers go to live out their remaining sad, sad years. They will be like the HS grads who fixate on “the best years of their lives” because upon graduation, life started passing them by.

  85. Nice job Eclectablog. It’s so reassuring to know you’ll cut through the fog and get to the point. I’m trying to remember if I’ve seen a single apology, or even a hint of possible wrong assumptions. I think Seneca Doane actually admitted to needing to rethink his position on how the president operates, and said out loud that it’s impressive. He’s the only one so far.

  86. IIRC he said he didn’t tell “my family.” He didn’t specifically say Michelle. Could be interpreted either way IMO.

  87. Congrats and please keep up the great work on Benton Harbor went to school in Berrien Springs, MI. know the area and love it.Live in the outpost of Texas now and got a crazy governor too.

  88. (Reuters) – President Barack Obama has a wide lead over potential Republican rivals for the presidential election in 2012.


    He polls above 50 percent when compared to his closest rivals, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and former Massachusetts Mitt Romney, according to the poll. Obama leads Huckabee by 51 percent to 39 percent, and Romney 51 by percent to 38 percent.


  89. We should all see to it that all the rules for early voting for every state is posted for all to see.We need to get make this election the no excuses campaign. YES WE CAN

  90. Hah! Amazing what I find on the Intertubes. I look forward to May 22.

    May 21, 2011 will mark the second coming of Christ, or at least that’s what some Christian groups believe.

    The date was calculated by Harold Camping, the leader of an independent Christian ministry called Family Radio Worldwide, which is based in Oakland, Calif. Camping’s date is based on his interpretation of the Bible.

    Camping’s group isn’t the only one following his apocalyptic prediction though. A number of loosely affiliated websites and radio broadcasts have created a movement independent of churches that have organized to proclaim the day as the end of the world.

    Billboards, bus stop benches, and travelling caravans of RVs from Bridgeport, Conn. to Little Rock, Ark. are being used to spread the word, according to the AP. Allison Warden (pictured) has been helping to organize the campaign not only through billboards and post cards, but through the web, using her site We Can Know.

    Camping, 89, says the Bible acts as a calendar by which the dates of prophecies can be calculated. “Beyond the shadow of a doubt, May 21 will be the date of the Rapture and the day of judgment,” he told the AP.

    While this isn’t the first time that the end of the world has been predicted, there are many believers that will adhere to the date, even if it passes. “It would be like telling the Wright brothers that every other attempt to fly has failed, so you shouldn’t even try,” Chris McCann, who works with eBible Fellowship, told the AP.

  91. my point with Joe is I like to hear opposing voices. I cannot stomach Fox so Joe is it for me. He at least hosts as many progressives and liberals and Obamabots than he does Conservatives. I like hearing debates.

  92. Funniest news of the morning. Freshmen GOP write letter to President Obama asking him to stop making them defend their vote to end Medicare. Oh now they want civility. That’s rich.

  93. Not real sure why the think the President is the ones making them defend their vote, or how he could stop anyone else from doing so. Weird.

  94. LOL! “bad Obama, bad Obama, please make me stop hurting America’s seniors. Please make me stop it…Waaah waaahhhh” 🙂

  95. That’s Toomey’s attempt to hang onto his job. PA is an aging state with one of the oldest populations in the country and they vote consistently.

    By lowering the tax rates however, he is trying to hang on to the PA burbs around the Main Line and outward in Phila, suburban Harrisburg in central PA and suburban Pittsburgh in the west.

    GOPpers are so predictable.

  96. This is great news for POTUS and all of us who believe in him. God continue to bless President Obama and bless all of us to do our jobs in helping to re-elect our President Barack Obama and Joe Biden. We Will.

  97. Ohhh good catch gn & weeseeyou! Frankly my attitude is of course we all know its just manufactured bs to take away from POTUS’s bad ass job on getting that boogeman OBL… however with that said, my thinking is that GW Bush and company were a full out gaggle of criminals and they sure enough spent way too damn long in the White House! Andddd: Michelle Obama IS The First Lady Of the United States of America and can by Goodness invite any damn body she chooses to my White House- so there, lol. Its all just more smoke and mirrors, we know that and hopefully more folks will wise up & see through this nonsense.

  98. Our President is a lawyer, he is familiar with these lines of questioning and is ready to answer appropriately, they cannot trip him up.

  99. Hilarious photo, reminds me of some of my gay friends who act and react that way when they receive great news (girlfriend… “snap.”) 😀

  100. Yup, here’s comes the civility complaints. Accountability =/= incivility. I hope that Dems run ads from coast to coast blasting the GOP for passing such a job-killing, Medicare-ending, expensive budget! It’s called accountability.

  101. “Can’t we all just get along? Why do Dems have to be so divisive as to make note of a horrible budget which WE chose to pass? Let’s forgive and forget, and move on.”—-sleazy cries of a bully who doesn’t want to be held accountable

  102. zizi, would you consider at some point writing about this entire civility racket employed by regressives, and how manipulators use civility rackets to get outsized policy influence? You’d for damn sure do this idea justice!

  103. Here you are! I was asking Aquagranny about you. Missed you much! Hope all is well.

  104. Thanks Jovie, this is really great. I have passed it to my whole list.
    Thanks again for of the fine work you do for us.

  105. It is unfortunate, that some people are slow in understanding, concepts and theories. The varied lenses at time remains opaque, and the results are often skewed. however the proof is often the best results of logic Yet the whole is incomplete without the part. I am thankful that the naysayers parts are finally turning around to face the reality. About our PBO. He stands head and shoulders above his predecessors. In Education,Innovation,intelligence, wisdom,Grit,diplomacy,charisma, compassion, principles, and spirituality. To me the president,.s ratings goes far beyond the rated scale.
    I say President Barack Obama is the President of the 21St century. God bless you Mr. President Barack Obama, and family, white house staff and advisors.

  106. lol @ snap!

    We must have the same friends because I could close my eyes and hear that from a several people in my social circle.

  107. Just saw a comment on TMP to this letter that I’m going to borrow:

    President Obama to GOP Freshmen – You first.

  108. lol! What a living demonstration of “stop lying about me and perhaps I’ll stop telling the truth about you…” amazing.

    OT-everyone who thought that Keith Olbermann might turn a new leaf with his Current TV show—nope. Michael “wringing my hands over bin Laden” Moore and dfox’s site owner will be frequent contributors to that show. I’m not watching a second of these people.

  109. PLEASE, read this article when you have a chance. Photo ID laws that have been surfacing will have a damaging impact on 2012 elections. The corporate-sponsored media has been downplaying how many states will be effected…and it’s not good news unless we can find a solution soon.

    “WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 7, 2011) – In a report released today, Advancement Project, a next-generation civil rights organization that works to eliminate barriers to voting, is sounding the alarm on photo ID proposals pending in states across the nation that could disenfranchise millions of voters in the 2012 elections.”

    “The report, “What’s Wrong With This Picture? New Photo ID Proposals Part of a National Push to Turn Back the Clock on Voting Rights,” is the most comprehensive document to date examining the trend, analyzing the proposals in each state, and bringing context to the larger political and legal debates shaping these efforts to roll back ballot access.”


    “Studies show that approximately 11 percent of voters – about 21 million people – lack or cannot obtain a current state-specific photo ID. African American voters are twice as likely to lack current state ID.”


    “As noted in the report, voters of color, senior citizens, young voters, people with disabilities, immigrants, the working poor and students are disproportionately less likely to have current state ID or face substantial hurdles to getting one.”


  110. I have been reading some of the comments about this poll on youtube. A lot of the comments are negative and question the results of this poll. Obviously, there are a lot of worried conservatives on youtube.

  111. Joe Scarborough is no moderate. He is the very definition of ultraconservative!

  112. I don’t know the whole story, but I heard that the Republicans are upset because he used the phrase “burn a bush” in his rap, and they’ve interpreted that to mean some harm to President Bush. I believe the bush that was being referenced was like the one that confronted Moses with the truth… And since the outrage was initiated by Karl Rove, one of the chief liars of the lying Bush administration, I can’t take this seriously, at all. I trust the President and First Lady enough to know this is a phony controversy, and they have respect for prior presidents, as evidenced by their treatment of Reagan’s memory and both Bush presidents. I think we all know better.

  113. The Jon Stewart Daily Show is on fire tonight. He is blasting FOX over their criticism of the poet Michelle invited to the White House and their hypocricy. Really, really good!

  114. Jon Stewart is talking about Common and the Fox talk about him. He covered it pretty well tonight. He also covered the lyrics in Johnny Cash’s songs when he was awarded a medal from Bush. Check it out.

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