NYT: “Republican governors so rigidly opposed to the Obama administration that they are willing to harm their states”

Hi guys,

It’s a bit of a busy morning for me, so I’ll be back later when PBO gives his major immigration reform speech in El Paso, but I just wanted to rec this excellent NYT Editorial:

After Gov. Rick Scott of Florida thoughtlessly rejected $2.4 billion in federal aid for a high-speed rail line, he claimed last month that he was doing a huge favor for the national Treasury, which he expected would give away the money in tax cuts. That was nonsense, of course; Mr. Scott was really doing a favor for train passengers in the Northeast, Midwest and California, which were given $2 billion of his money on Monday for better service.

Florida voters might want to think about that decision as they sit in traffic jams, burning up $4-a-gallon gasoline. In fact, some of them clearly have thought about it because Mr. Scott now has some of the worst approval ratingsof a Florida official in the last decade.

He has joined other newly elected Republican governors so rigidly opposed to the Obama administration that they are willing to harm their states to score points. The result is a crazy quilt of state relationships with Washington, stitched more with ideology than reason.

None of the money in Monday’s announcement will be going to Wisconsin, for example, where Gov. Scott Walker has also decided that his strapped state could do without rail improvements and the construction jobs that go with them. Nor will it go to Ohio, where Gov. John Kasich preferred rejectionism to the improvement of rail service among the state’s largest cities, which could have produced 16,000 jobs.

Instead, it will go to 15 states that have more farsighted leadership, who understand the important role federal dollars can play in stimulating the economy, moving people quickly from place to place and reducing tailpipe emissions. Some of those states are led by Republicans: Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan happily stood beside Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood on Monday to accept nearly $200 million to upgrade the rail line between Dearborn and Kalamazoo, the bulk of the Chicago-Detroit corridor

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Refusenik Republicans glorify shopworn principles like smaller government and states’ rights. They will have to defend them to their voters when the public hears the passenger trains whistling from the next state over.


Today’s schedule:

9:30 AM

PBO and VPB receive the presidential daily briefing.

10:00 AM
10:30 AM

PBO departs the White House en route Andrews Air Force Base.

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PBO departs Andrews Air Force Base en route El Paso, Texas.

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PBO arrives in El Paso, Texas.

3:00 PM
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VPB hosts a meeting at with a bipartisan group of Congressional lawmakers to work on a legislative framework for comprehensive deficit reduction.

3:30 PM

PBO delivers a speech on fixing the immigration system.

4:00 PM
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PBO departs El Paso, Texas en route Austin, Texas.

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PBO arrives in Austin, Texas.

6:50 PM

PBO delivers remarks at a DNC event.

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8:25 PM

PBO delivers remarks at a DNC event.

9:00 PM
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10:15 PM

PBO departs Austin, Texas en route Andrews Air Force Base.


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  1. Good Morning all, I hope you have a blessed and productive day. I send extra prayers to our wonderful President who will be traveling in the wilderness of hate and mistrust. Please give him the strength and knowledge he needs to govern those who keep a close mind and heart. May God bless and protect him.


  3. Good Morning Everyone!

    This has been IMO the strategy of the Republican Party ever since PBO became President. Its all about trying to ensure failure for his administration so that they can regain power. It is virtually nothing about the people that they were elected to govern.

  4. Good morning everyone! It is amazing how much they hate this black man. I can’t wait for his speech.

  5. That’s okay if I missed first.

    In listening to the Boenher speech, it crossed my mind that the repug’s overreach is once again playing into Plouffe hands. I would bet an arm that he and the President have mapped out a doosy of a trap for them. It will not be egg on their faces, it will feel more like acid.

    Those silly tea party costumes on the press conference yesterday were hysterical!

    Let me also say one more time that I actually love BWD, this site and all of my fellow travellers on it. Thanks to everyone who make all of my daily visits awesome.

  6. So, the Republicnas are all out on there NEWS MSM tour, touting why they cannot raise the debt ceiling w/o trillions in cuts, by August!
    First of all, mandatroy drug testing for all republicans, that believe that crap is going to happen. Second, Boner said this last night at a fundrasier for NY 26, in which the republican brand is so hurt, that the democrat is tied.
    And lastly, KYL predicts 6 trillion in cuts by august. Yeah right, I want some of what he is smoking!
    (However, There is a warning, the dems need to come out strong on this, b/c the republicans are out in full force)!

  7. Other details that emerged about the operation include:

    Two specialist teams were on standby, probably on the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson in the Arabian Sea: one to bury Bin Laden if he was killed, and a second team of lawyers, interrogators and translators if he was taken alive.

    One of the back-up helicopter teams was actually used when one of the first team’s helicopters was damaged.

    US surveillance aircraft were watching and listening to how Pakistan’s security forces responded to the raid to determine how long the team could safely remain on the ground


    So the nutbags who claim this this was a kill mission can stfu.

  8. Also, the NBC poll came out and POTUS is at 52% approval and 41% disapporval. MIKA said it is only a 3 point bounce from last month. MIKA cannot count.
    Last month it was 49%-45%. do the math?

  9. MAY 09, 2011
    Feds may force Pinellas to use bilingual ballots
    A rise in the Hispanic population in Pinellas County could trigger a new addition to voting: bilingual ballots.

    Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark told the County Commission on Monday that her office has begun preparations for bilingual balloting because Census results showed Pinellas’ Hispanic population over age 18 crossed the 5 percent threshold at 6.8 percent. The U.S. Justice Department could then require Pinellas to join 11 other Florida counties, Clark said.

    The additional requirement also could add to a ballot expected to run at least two pages due to constitutional amendment contests and legislative races, Clark said. The feds also might require the county to have bilingual pollworkers at polling places.

    “We’ve reached out to them (federal officials). We’ve done a lot of preliminary research and leg work on this. This isn’t something we can wait for,” Clark said.

    The additional cost — in a year when the budget is being cut — is uncertain, she said.

    “And all of this of course would be an unfunded mandate?” asked Commissioner Norm Roche.

    “Ch-ching,” she replied.


  10. I’m one of those Florida voters who is so pissed off about the rail money going elsewhere!
    We’re having rallies across the state this afternoon – the first of these was called “Awake the State!” – today’s are being called “Awake Again!” – I hope all of the Florida people who read this blog will check where one is being held near them and show up – this Gov SUCKS!!

    Have a great day all of my President Obama supporters!

  11. Also, Senator Nelson has asked the DOJ to press charges on Florida, for not following the voting rights act and civil rights act. As a result, Governor Scott may want to rethink signing that voting rights bill.

  12. There’s such a strain of nihilism which is currently at play with regards to President Obama’s most virulent detractors. On both the right and “the left,” these folks see this country’s temporary destruction as *the* pathway to its ultimate salvation. I’m gratified that this viewpoint grows more fringe by the day, particularly with the bin Laden apologia tour proving so repulsive to much of the country. To those who are wringing hands over bin Laden: you’ve jumped the shark, went back in a Jaws boat, caught it, brought it to a sushi lunch and had it with a glass of sake.


    Smiling from ear to ear. Polls this far out don’t mean much, but I don’t mind seeing this particular poll bump.

  13. amk, IMO the people wringing hands about bin Laden don’t really care about that; this is all about trying to counteract the popularity of President Obama’s bin Laden confrontation. It’s pretty obvious, and those most invested in legalistic nonsense are people who have had huge problems with President Obama for years and years. I saw them “debating” the propriety of an analogy which posited that if it’s okay to kill bin Laden, why isn’t it okay for Libyans to inflict harm on POTUS—this is utterly malicious and nausea-inducing and has zero to do with principle or the rule of law.

    No matter what POTUS did in this regard, these detractors would have something awful to say about it, and would continue to push the envelope against the taboo about outright discussing violence against the POTUS, which is pretty disgraceful.

    It is what it is.

  14. Today’s Health Care Court Cases
    Posted by Stephanie Cutter on May 10, 2011 at 08:40 AM EDT
    Today, judges of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Virginia will hear arguments in two cases challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. In the first case – Liberty University v. Geithner – a district judge previously found that the law was constitutional. In the second case – Commonwealth of Virginia v. Kathleen Sebelius – a different district judge issued a very narrow ruling on the constitutionality of the health reform law’s “individual responsibility” provision but upheld the rest of the law. Both cases are today being argued on appeal.

    We’re confident that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. Already, two additional judges have found the law to be constitutional. And the facts are on our side.


  15. May 09, 2011 11:03 EDT

    ABU DHABI (Reuters) – Oil payments for Libyan rebels selling crude oil are being made through a Qatari trust fund in U.S. dollars, a member of the oil and gas support group for Libya told Reuters on Monday.

    Ill-equipped rebels fighting Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi are growing increasingly desperate for cash for pressing needs such as food and medicine, prompting Western and Arab countries last week to pledge a cash lifeline potentially worth billions.

    “The payments for the Libyan crude are made through a bank account in Qatar and the payment is made in U.S. dollars,” said the oil industry source, who asked not to be identified.

    “So far around 1 million barrels have been sold at $100 million and the money is used to buy basic commodities like food and other aid,” the source said, speaking on the sidelines of a meeting of Libya opposition tribal councils in Abu Dhabi.


  16. BONER just said this morning on TODAY, on Pakistan: You are either all in or not in. HMMM! Sounds a lot like Dubya to me! These tea baggers are right back to the bush/cheney years…

  17. Obama’s floor. Regarding the new NBC poll where 40% dissaprove of Obama’s job performance….only proves it does not matter what he does for these folks. Killing Osama does not matter. Saving the auto industry (I live in Michigan) does not matter. Providing healthcare for all does not matter. Where Democrats were able to give Bush the benefit of the doubt re:911, Republicans by their very nature…do not possess such abilities. So I applaud Obama’s 52% approval because in my brain…that’s a majority.

  18. Well said, aamom! Sounds like they are truly scrambling to rehabilitate neo-conservative doctrine now that President Obama has proven that we don’t need it to catch terrorists. I’d truly like to see more Dems out there making this point, because both the right and some of the Professional Left continue to argue that President Obama is nothing but an extension of Bush, foreign policy-wise. That needs to be refuted because from where I’m sitting, Bush’s torture and preemptive war policies did zero to capture bin Laden. Were immoral and didn’t do anything to make us safer IMO.

    And indeed, 52% is majority approval.

  19. LORDIE:

    The path forward for the confirmation of Deputy Attorney General James Cole was blocked in the Senate Monday in a 50-40 procedural vote.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) held the cloture vote in the hopes he could garner the support needed to overcome a filibuster threat from several Republican senators who oppose Cole’s confirmation on the grounds that he might be soft on terrorism.

    Following the failed cloture vote, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) warned that the Republicans’ stubbornness on the matter could have national security implications.

    “Senate Republicans have chosen to filibuster his nomination as deputy attorney general of the United States, the second highest position at the Justice Department with critical national security responsibilities,” said Leahy. “This is the wrong filibuster at the wrong time.”

    The Senate rejected Cole’s confirmation once last year but President Obama recess appointed him to the position, which allows him to fill the role for the remainder of 2011.

    The Senate adjourned at about 7 p.m.


  20. Kyl is brain dead. That’s why he’s not running again. He’ll say whatever he wants. Besides, that $6 trillion was not meant to be factual.:)

  21. Mika can’t THINK!I can’t watch that show.Does she know those boys just put her there for “eye candy”. Even THEY don’t take her comments seriously.

  22. As Under Secretary for Food Safety, one of my top priorities has been improving communications tools to get food safety information to more people, much faster. Today, it has been my pleasure to announce a new tool that has the potential to really reduce the number of foodborne illnesses, especially as we approach the summer grilling season.

    USDA’s virtual food safety representative, Ask Karen, is now available in mobile format. That means you can access Karen’s extensive knowledge base about safely handling, cooking, and storing food instantly from your smartphone, anywhere and anytime your phone can access the Internet.

    We’ve seen that Karen’s most frequently asked questions are not the type of things people wonder while sitting at a computer. “Is food safe if left out overnight?” or “Should I wash chicken before cooking it?” are questions you need answered right away, not while you’re checking e-mails.

    Mobile Ask Karen has all the same features as Ask Karen on your computer. Only now, she can answer your food safety questions at the grocery store, in your kitchen, or at your barbecue grill. Hopefully, by sending Karen out to picnics, farmers markets, and backyard cookouts via people’s smartphones, she’ll be able to reduce the number of foodborne illnesses that usually increase in the summer months.


  23. PBO supporters in states suffering from Republican governors have to make the point over and over again, that the “suffering” is coming from the governor and not the president. When uninformed people feel pain, it’s easy to blame everyone in sight. The remaining time until the 2012 election has to be used to hammer this point home time and again. If people are unhappy, it’s because their governor has made one mean-spirited decision after another and has turned down federal support that would have made everyone’s life a little easier. I would so love to see this crop of Republican horror governors restricted to one term, or, in the case of Wisconsin, one year. People in every one of the new Republican governor states are beginning to regret their votes last November. They thought they were sending a message and now find the joke is on them.

    In PA, I hear constant complaints about the way Corbett is destroying the school system and gutting higher education. These are the same people who pressed the button after his name. Duh, what did you think would happen when you chose a hard right radical? You want a decent state to live in? Vote Democratic. Sounds like a good bumper sticker/button to me.

  24. BTW: This Virginia appeals court is liberla bent. That is why cucinelli wanted to augment this process and go straight to the SCOTUS. He was probably thinking it would be found constitutional! These are big wins going into SCOTUS!
    Also, I was just thinking if worst comes to worst, and SCOTUS finds thsi Unconstitutional, and Romney is the most likely GOP candidate, then the criticism of this bill will be a WASH!

  25. I’m happy to see an important newspaper tell it like it is.

    It’s been amazing to witness the GOP comletely lose it in the last two years.

    What I find incredible is not only their level of opposition to President Obama, but the fact that they are willing to throw away any logic and reject policies that THEY used to endorse.

    The GOP has only ONE principle: they have to be in POWER.

    If you want to know what they’re for or what they’re against, just look at what can help them with votes, what can be used to induce fear, what can make for a good soundbite.

    Debt ceiling, the mandate in the ACA, immigration policies, you name it.

    At this point, I’m convinced that President Obama and democrats are perfectly aware of the game the republicans are playing. In the beginning of his presidency, I think President Obama was surprised by the level of opposition and hypocrisy, but now he understands what he’s up against. If he continues to take the high road, talks about solving problems, finding common ground, etc, it’s because for the moment it’s the best strategy to insure some victory on policy.

    But I’m confident President Obama is devising a plan to go after the republicans when it’s time. He has demonstrated, time and time again, that he’s a VERY GOOD counter-puncher.

  26. The HUFFPOST got something very wrong and Governor Scott is touting it in the local papers. Huffpost said, that the HS rail re-investment of 2 billion dollars was supposed to be 2.4 billion dollars.
    Thus, according to huffpost, 400 million was cut out in the last budget(and Governor scott wants credit) . WRONG!
    This was a part of the 09 stimulus funds, the other 400 million went to Chicago before this 2 billion dollar announcement.
    The 1 billion in cuts for HSR in the budget deal, was for FY 2011.
    Huffpost is getting like fox news!

  27. GG has an obsession with PBO that bothers on dangerous territory. He’s someone that needs to be watched.

  28. Whatever happened to GG’s choice candidate for President, Johnson? The truth is gn, that the Repugs/Libertarians are flailing. When Rudy Guiliani is considering running for President, you know things are bad – Very bad.

  29. Figures McSame is in Iraq pushing for out troops to STAY there! MY God, He lost, doesn’t he know that?

  30. I used to think perhaps this is a libertarian who, like Rand Paul, is a stickler for “the rules” without regard to whether the outcome is absurd (which is one of the huge ideological limitations of libertarianism). But this legalistic discussion of “why isn’t it similarly legal to harm President Obama if it was legal to attack bin Laden” truly crossed a line; this is not mere ideological sophistry; it’s malice IMO. I don’t think that he really wants to harm POTUS, but his propaganda war against this administration has reached extremely ugly territory and rather than pulling back, he’s doubled down. Same guy who likened bwd to a nazi propagandist is still just utterly over the top and continues to spiral out of control.

    90% of the country is on board with President Obama’s handling of bin Laden. IMO the fringe would have had an issue regardless of what POTUS did.

  31. Dems need to start educating folks on the debt ceiling vote – right now polls show that 60% do not want it raised. Numbers like that give the GOP leverage to make their demands.

    I know OBL dominated news the last week, and President Obama is giving an immigration speech today, but his townhall on Thursday on CBS President Obama needs to really start explaining what the debt ceiling is and why it needs to be raised with no strings and even playing games with the idea of not raising it hurts the economy.

  32. He’s not a stupid man in spite of the stupidity of his ideology. He’s dog-whistling the nutcases, and someone should slap his ass silly and send him to whiner time out.

  33. Out of all the new Repub governors, Scott may be the worst, and there’s some fierce competition. I can’t believe all the damage he and the Repub controlled legislature are doing to that state. Every day is a new senseless outrage.

  34. Great article by the NYT. Just goes to show that the Democratic Party needs to truly build the party and run strong candidates — from the localest of the local level all the way up to the governors and senators. We need hard-working, audacious, energetic candidates that are clearly about Democratic principles running hard in all these elections.

    The people of these states are learning the hard way what teapublican rule leads to — and they deserve what they get. Democrats need to be there with dynamic people, solutions, and messages during the aftermath.

    Have a great day, everyone :-)!

    —-PJ (temporary media detente…60 Minutes and Lawrence O’Donnell…for now)

  35. More details on obl raid and how PBO is meticulous in his planning as CIC.

    Under the original plan, two assault helicopters were going to stay on the Afghanistan side of the border waiting for a call if they were needed. But the aircraft would have been about 90 minutes away from the Bin Laden compound.

    About 10 days before the raid, Mr. Obama reviewed the plans and pressed his commanders as to whether they were taking along enough forces to fight their way out if the Pakistanis arrived on the scene and tried to interfere with the operation.

    That resulted in the decision to send two more helicopters carrying additional troops. These followed the two lead Black Hawk helicopters that carried the actual assault team. While there was no confrontation with the Pakistanis, one of those backup helicopters was ultimately brought in to the scene of the raid when a Black Hawk was damaged while making a hard landing.

    “Some people may have assumed we could talk our way out of a jam, but given our difficult relationship with Pakistan right now, the president did not want to leave anything to chance,” said one senior administration official, who like others would not be quoted by name describing details of the secret mission. “He wanted extra forces if they were necessary.”


  36. I think polls this far out hide support. It’s one thing to be mad at gas prices and fill out a poll against President Obama to try and send a message, it’s another to go into a voting booth with two choices and vote against President Obama.

  37. Pointing and laughing at Newt.

    (h/t rikyrah@weeseeyou)

    Newtonian Calculus
    by mistermix

    A word of warning to those with weak stomachs: you might want to hold off on reading this morning’s Times profile of Newt Gingrich and his third wife Callista until after your breakfast has settled.

    I’m guessing it was meant to be a puff-piece beat sweetener, but the yuck factor of the young plastic trophy wife coupled with that disgusting old geezer just overwhelms the whole exercise.

    Did you know that she’s 22 years his junior and their affair started when she was still in her 20s? Trust me, if you didn’t, those facts will be burned into your brain and roiling your stomach long after today’s newspaper is lining birdcages.

    Newt and Callista run a bullshit factory built on Newt’s reputation as a Republican macher, and daddy can’t write paychecks unless there’s cash in the bank, so Newt pretty much had to run for real this year, otherwise people would just point and laugh in 2016.

    Unfortunately for Newt’s future cash flows, his “I’m a candidate” sideshow is already the butt of Saturday Night Live skits. I doubt that Newt will even make the official David Brooks serious candidate list this time around—the best he can hope for is a few more years on the Sunday shows.

    Newt’s latest sideshow gimmick is a heartfelt conversion to Catholicism, his wife’s religion, timed appropriately to coincide with his company’s release of a DVD about Pope John Paul II.

    By the time 2016 rolls around, Newt will probably be shilling tales of the pain of the circumcision required for him to convert to Judaism in order to marry his fourth trophy wife, all timed to pimp the release of a special two-DVD collection honoring the life of Binny Netanyahu.



    I’d so love for Newt to win the GOP’s primaries. He said some really unkind things about Speaker Pelosi and tried to drum up a purity swarm about her a short way into the 111th session of congress which, had it caught on, could have tossed the leadership to more cautious, centrist folks and utterly derailed what became a reform agenda for the history books. If he ends up matched up against President Obama, I would be delighted to introduce Newt Leroy Gingrich to a new generation of Americans.

  38. More from above times piece

    A United States official said that American investigators would soon be allowed to interview Bin Laden’s three widows, now being held by Pakistani authorities, a demand that Mr. Obama’s national security adviser, Thomas E. Donilon, made on television talk shows on Sunday.

    American officials say the widows, as well as a review of the trove of documents and other data the Seals team collected from the raid, could reveal important details, not only about Bin Laden’s life and activities since he fled into Pakistan from Afghanistan in 2001, but also information about Qaeda plots, personnel and planning.

    “We believe that it is very important to maintain the cooperative relationship with Pakistan precisely because it’s in our national security interest to do so,” said the White House spokesman, Jay Carney.

    In an effort to help mend the latest rupture in relations, the C.I.A. director, Leon E. Panetta, will talk soon with his counterpart, Lt. Gen. Ahmad Shuja Pasha, head of the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, or ISI, “to discuss the way forward in the common fight against Al Qaeda,” an American official said.

    It’s yet another victory from PBO that the admin could pressure pakistan into giving access to obl’s wives, which they said was not possible just a coupla days back.

    When this guy plays hardball, he does play hardball, doesn’t he ?

  39. Newt has to be one of the most amoral politicians Washington has ever seen.

    Some brains with no conscience. A deadly combination.

  40. To be fair, some official “reactions” of the Pakistani government are just political theater for domestic consumption. Behind the scenes, I think the collaboration is somewhat better.

  41. So true, Lovepolitics. He vigorously counseled Boehner to shut down the government. He’s one of those with that nihilistic strain I was talking about above: destroy the country in order to save it rather than come together and create some solutions, making progress inch by inch even if every step isn’t perfect.

  42. Hi-speed rail is awesome and makes more sense and saves more cents than driving everywhere. Plus, you get to zone out or take a nap while you travel. Oh, and no TSA screeners! More importantly, rail construction and maintenance creates 1,000s of jobs!

    GOP governors really fucked up here.

  43. Anyone else notice that almost all the possible Republican contenders for President are the same old guys that have been taken off the shelf again? The country already said no a million times already.No new visions, just same stuff, different day.I’m shocked!Don’t they know that “No” means “NO!”

  44. What do they want to regain power to do exactly? Run the country aground and lose respect again, the world over?
    I am sorry but these people have nothing much to offer..not even good conversation!

  45. Good morning, good people.

    This right-wing strategy for failure is Republican cynicism at its most rampant public worst. And they don’t care who knows anymore. Anyone who votes for these jerks is either really consumed by hatred or really doesn’t give a whit for our country.

  46. On that note, our “esteemed” Gov. Jan Brewer is writing her “memoirs”.The 230 pg “book” will cover the Obama Admin.awful attempt at border security,the liberal media,and special interest groups.Her words, not mine.Sounds a lot like a stump speech for the uninformed voters of AZ.I thought she was supposed to be working for the people of the state…not writing a “book.” She is one of the crazy ass gov’s that this NYT editorial was talking about. I’m sure of it.

  47. I really hate when the President goes to the southern states, I will be worried until he gets back to the White House.

  48. Newt’s last stand (pardon the pun)!Alas, stuck in time, stuck in medievalism! Has not cottoned on to the fact that whatever strategies worked then, does not, or cannot work now!

  49. If this isn’t a full-bore breach into academic freedom, I don’t know what is. These people are absolutely evil CREEPS who are doing everything they can to infiltrate all of our institutions:

    Billionaire’s role in hiring decisions at Florida State University raises questions

    A conservative billionaire who opposes government meddling in business has bought a rare commodity: the right to interfere in faculty hiring at a publicly funded university.

    A foundation bankrolled by Libertarian businessman Charles G. Koch has pledged $1.5 million for positions in Florida State University’s economics department. In return, his representatives get to screen and sign off on any hires for a new program promoting “political economy and free enterprise.”

    Traditionally, university donors have little official input into choosing the person who fills a chair they’ve funded. The power of university faculty and officials to choose professors without outside interference is considered a hallmark of academic freedom.


    We HAVE to put a stop to this unbridled display of power and money in every aspect of American life by right-wing extremists who want to impose their twisted mind control on everyone. ENOUGH.

  50. That woman makes my teeth grind. Her father must cringe every time he sees his little Mika trying to hang with the big boys and failing miserably. At least she has the makings of a great Fox News host – blonde, blue eyes, no brain.

  51. You are absolutely correct. The Repubs have doubled/tripled their efforts to obstruct process initiated by President Obama. However, if you haven’t read the article below, may I suggest you and others read it. The Repubs have (for a long time) attempted to discredit and destroy Dem Presidents. I think the article is worth a read.



    I saw that in a comment on the Washington Monthly blog on Sunday. It’s brilliant. I hope it catches on.

    Kudos to Rachel Maddow for calling our her colleagues on the total imbalance on the Sunday shows after the capture of OBL. The GOP blanketed the airwaves in the morning and looked pretty pathetic after the tour de force interview that President Obama gave to 60 Minutes. The contrast could not have been more stark.



    (includes video)

  53. Good Morning BWD family

    Quite a few encouraging stories today.

    Let’s Move! For Military Kids and Families

    Military families to get free gym membership, how fun is that. This administration is just so smart in coming up with ways to help families.

    They even got NASCAR involved. Woo Hoo

    Of course no blog post would be compete without a video of our FLOTUS wowing the crowd.


  54. He risked his presidency on that mission. He risked giving America back to a Republican President with a likely teabagger bent in 2012 with this mission.

  55. I think with all his and his team’s meticulous contingent planning the risk was minimal. Hypotheticals are just that, hypothetical.

  56. Thanks for that clip. Not sure why Maddow equivocates by saying it’s petty. It’s most certainly NOT petty. It’s sadly of great importance in this mess we call our MSM.

  57. I bet the the majority of the ill informed, apathetic population has no idea what the debt ceiling is and why it must be raised.

  58. My 2 favorite ideas are also popular with voters

    Town halls, polls reveal Americans’ deep reticence over moves to tackle deficit

    “Raucous town halls during the Easter recess and conflicting polls made one thing abundantly clear: Despite a general desire to get the deficit under control, Americans are not interested in most of the specific proposals Congress or the White House say would be needed to accomplish the task, particularly trimming Medicare. Only two steps tend to attract broad support: eliminating subsidies to oil companies and raising taxes on the wealthy. Yet those are opposed by most Republicans.”


  59. Okay that’s about as cynical an article as I’ve ever read. Yeah, it’s a Republican strategy and it’s been going on for decades. I agree that the Republicans are still employing those tactics and that people are misreading the tactics in some circles. What I don’t agree with is that the reason they’re still using those tactics is because they’re still working. They have nothing else in their bag of tricks and haven’t realized that the ground has shifted underneath them. The world is a different place and little by little, we’re moving our Country forward.

    Every single thing they have done to attempt to make this country ungovernable has been thwarted. President Obama is nothing like LBJ or Clinton. Clinton was vulnerable to their tactics because he’s needy and self-absorbed and would do anything to stay in power and at the center of attention.

    The tactics used on LBJ won’t work with this President because he’s taken the reins of foreign policy away from the entitlement freaks and the rest of the world would rather listen to our President than anything the children have to say. They’ve lost their credibility with the world thanks to Bush and company. Think Russia and the START treaty. The republicans tried to sabotage that and failed. Everything they do is a fail.

  60. Seriously can we stop beating up the American Public about this issue? I don’t know the first thing about it…my knee-jerk reaction is to not raise it. I’m not informed, but I still get that it has to be raised. 60% of people thinking it shouldn’t be raised isn’t a bad number. If it were 75 or 80 percent I’d be worried. 60% is fixable. Especially if those numbers are the product of misleading questions being asked of the respondents.

  61. Isn’t he living in Brazil? He might not even be allowed to come back to this country.

  62. I’m not “beating up” on the public. If you look at polls – all kind of polls – seldom do you get 60% to agree on anything. If this poll is accurate, 60% not wanting the debt ceiling raised is a serious problem. Right now Boehner et al are saying that trillions must be cut before the debt ceiling can be raised. If fact, he is saying that there must be MORE cuts than what raising the debt ceiling amounts to. If people don’t know what the debt ceiling is, Boehner and company stand a much better chance of getting those cuts to education, infrastructure, green technology, energy, and social programs. So I totally disagree with you that it’s not such a big problem that many be clueless about the importance of raising the debt ceiling.

  63. Well, considering the last time someone pulled a gun when the motorcade was passing happened in NYC, U might want to be concerned everywhere he goes, not just the south.

    President Obama continues to lead in polls here in North Carolina which he has been doing even before OBL got what he was due. The South loves our president, even tho MSM doesn’t want people to know this.

  64. I don’t know how something CAN BE cynical and the truth at the same time? There’s nothing cynical about the article. It’s history. You can research everything that is said in that article at independent web sites.

    Anyway, Repubs have filibustered over 200 bills in the Senate since President Obama became president. He has had to severely compromise on issues where he would not have had to if the Repubs hadn’t fought him tooth and nail. The Repubs voted against their own bill, Pay-Go, AS SOON AS President Obama agreed to it. President Obama had to extend tax cuts to the rich (something he didn’t want to do) so he could get unemployment compensation, the START Treaty, tax cuts for the middle class and small businesses and DADT. Tax cuts to the rich added another 700 billion to the deficit. President Obama didn’t want to do this, but the Repubs left him no option.

    For two years the Repubs have said NO time and time again. Had the Dems NOT had a majority in the 111th House and a majority in the Senate nothing would have gotten done. As it was the Senate managed to make almost every single bill subject to Rule XXII – cloture. Never before in the history of the Senate have there been as many bills requiring cloture as under President Obama. In addition, Repubs even filibustered President Obama’s nominees to the extent that the President had to do many recess appointment.

  65. We need more of this! Excellent article from p m carpenter’s commentary. Here’s an excerpt:

    “Floating around the Republican House’s gruel of distractions — deficit scares, debt hysteria, healthcare repeal, Medicare’s abolition, abortion bills and government shutdowns — is the musca domestica of the GOP’s underlying strategy: do absolutely nothing to improve the economy and keep Americans jobless, for Democrats will pay for the GOP’s sins on Election Day.”

    “Except for that Medicare debacle, Republicans have played a magnificent game of three-card monte: they’ve talked deficits to the multitudes, they’ve passed useless albeit base-pandering bills, and all the while they’ve neglected the single most urgent issue in American life: jobs.”

    “The purely political magnificence of Republicans’ contempt for un-working Americans glitters in Senate Democrats’ craven unwillingness to even suggest a jobs bill, since such a sensible proposal would only open them to Republican charges of loathsome indifference to Republicans’ Number One issue: the deficit.”


  66. The ads not only ‘write themselves’; they’re written.

    Republicans promised jobs, instead they attacked Medicare

    Republicans promised jobs, instead they attacked women

    Republicans promised jobs, instead they focused on disenfranchising young, disabled and elderly voters

    Republicans promised jobs, instead they voted tax payer dollars to subsidize big oil

    Republicans promised jobs, instead the blocked job creation and essential 21st Century infrastructure

    And on and on and on.

    Reality is that the Republicans now not only own the deficit, an illegal war on Iraq; fanatical attacks on American women and girls; monomaniacal commitment of tax breaks for the wealthy, corporations and subsidies for big oil; intentional disenfranchisement of voters; and active blockade of implementation of 21st Century infrastructure – THEY OWN UNEMPLOYMENT and I assure you the Democrats in the White House and Congress are not about to bail them out of any of it.

    Come Election Day 2012 Americans will have one thing to say to Republicans – Your FIRED

  67. As much as this president does not want the country to go back into Repub/teabagger hands, he will continue to do the correct thing to bring us back to the greatness we were before the failed policies of George Bush/Douche cheney. Which means we will see him sometime make decisions that will put his political cache in jeopardy because that is what truly great presidents have to do for the greater good.

    Unlike the failed Republican president Bush who put politics first and left our nation to fend for herself thus leading to the worst recession in American history and the most wanted man in the world running free,watching satellite tv and drinking pepsi under his watch. Even today the failed Republican party continues playing political games with America.

  68. What HuffPost and Washington Post and Fox News all have in common is that they are all tabloid news outlets. So yes, they are very much alike in that regard. They’re the National Enquirer of ‘news’.

  69. I’m re-posting this from yesterday’s thread because it make me laugh out loud:


    This is hi-larious: I watch the show In Plain Sight — the writing is excellent as is the acting. It’s about U.S. Marshalls in the Witness Protection Program.

    Bradley Whitford was the witness they were protecting in Sunday’s episode. Here’s the hi-larious part: he plays a whistleblower against a security firm (read: Blackwater) which is criminal, bribing and owning Congress-critters, etc. Very bad people. Murderers, protected by their highly connected contacts.

    The CEO of the firm which is based in Minnesota — his name is…..

    “Rand Bachmann”.

    Now those are some good progressives producing and writing that show.

  70. ^Hopefruit, so true…

    And, the FBI should be made aware of this person and his ilk!

    Freedom of Speech IS bein’ misused and abused!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together! (h/t Bobfr) 😉
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

  71. That’s good news WiW. Hope more and more people reject the destructive path designed by the rethugs.

  72. Ain’t it interesting that when Democrats come out in force to speak their minds at town halls, the press yawns. When even a few sane Republicans come out to protest Medicare cuts, the media couldn’t be bothered. When the Koch brothers bus in agitators armed with lies, it’s Big News and the New America.



    This month, House Republicans are bringing a series of ‘drill only’ bills to the House floor that offer no relief for taxpayers or consumers and are instead a gift to Big Oil–which is already raking in nearly $36 billion in profits and having its best year since 2008. This year alone, Republicans have voted 7 times against ending billions in tax breaks to Big Oil and providing relief to America’s taxpayers and consumers:


  74. I couldn’t believe that there were NO voices from our side on the Sunday shows. Not. One.

    That being said, local news coverage quoted Obama’s interview and was silent on the Sunday morning revisers.

  75. The irony of Republicans considering themselves ‘adults’. Their approach to governance and policy is no more than 8 year olds on the playground — “if the other guys does it then I won’t.” That was the prime motivating force for the Bush Administration in 2001: if Clinton did it, if the Clinton Administration thought it was important, then we will do the opposite.

    That’s not adult behavior when you’re the leader of the free world. That’s what gets children a time out.

  76. They don’t care about that stuff in the least. If they can shovel the tax dollars of a janitor into their pockets and the pockets of the corporate masters, they’re happy.

    It has nothing to do with national service or governance.

  77. There is a reason why we call Kyl and McCain the “twin embarrassments” here in Arizona. Kyl is retiring and McCain is now the second most hated man in the Senate. He was 3rd until Ensign resigned.

  78. Amen to that. I bet that her father isn’t even able to watch the show. Didn’t he laugh at Joe S. and told him how stunningly ignorant and superficial Joe was on foreigh policy ?

  79. Those people are only distractions before Mitch Daniels and Jon Huntsman enter the race officially.

  80. Tien Le, I just love those numbers. That’s why it pains me as I think that liberals and the far left have gotten such a bad rap, when in reality, they have truly coalesced around the WH.

  81. How little it would matter if Democrats voted reliably and with the passion that these turbulent times demand.

    It’s Catch 22: the whiny left, well, whines that Obama isn’t progressive enough. Then they suppress the vote so that Obama has to play to the low information ‘independent’ voter. Who are these people who can’t tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat? But it’s the whiny left itself that makes it impossible for Obama to spread his progressive wings.

    Repubs have understood this for 40 years. Democrats can’t wait 40 minutes and build, instead of just demand.

  82. Of which my brother-in-law is one — the uninformed and may I add racist AZ voter.

    He’s my husband’s twin and my husband can barely stand to talk to him.

  83. He did what he thought was in the national interest. He did it with the utmost planning, intelligence and wisdom. He did what JFK did in the Cuban missile crisis: he listened to everyone and then made the decision for which he was elected.

    God bless Barack Obama.

  84. My problem is then, the public, if they don’t know what it’s about, shouldn’t be having opinions on polls then.

    It’s really pissing me off that people are blaming this President, when they own some responsibility by voting in Republican Governors and Congressional representatives!

    And by public, I don’t mean you. But it’s like the American public in their lack of knowldege, make decisions that are actually WORSE and then blame this President for all their problems.

    This instant gratification and need for quick fix solutions without being part of the solution is just driving me nuts.

    I don’t reply to put you on the spot as I know I am preaching to the choir, but it’s just something I’ve had to get off my chest.

  85. Glen Greenwald is a narcissistic self serving tool.

    He likes to look at himself in the mirror and to his echo chamber hear how brilliant and how important he is, and what a trail-blazer he is for civil liberties.

    He’s like the emperor who has no clothes. He doesn’t want to hear reality or criticism, he just wants to be adored by his minions. Who are a lot like Palin’s creeps, who stalk and harass people who don’t agree.

    I mean we all may have slightly differing opinions, but I like the fact that we are all respectful of each other.

    We don’t stalk and harass people to make them feel bad for having an opinion.

    Really if you think about it, Glenn Greenwald and his followers (“greenies”) are a lot like Bill O’Reilly and his followers/producers in his case. They harass people who disagree with him or have criticized him.

  86. I only care about what the Independents and Democrat polls look like.

    Because we can do without the 30% of Republicans in this country.

  87. Wow ! I’m so sorry to hear that, it’s always painful to have a falling out with a sibling.

  88. It’s pretty irresponsible, because it creates this sort of rageaholic style of activism which is pretty destructive to the activists themselves. He’s totally over the top and those who respect him need to tell him to cut it out IMO. This is needless and ridiculous. And I’m not loving the fact that his followers chose to have an extended and high profile debate about these newest reckless remarks about POTUS.

  89. lol, I daresay that Newt is going to have a hard time repackaging himself for this generation!

  90. Thanks, WiW…

    Although WE may not be Floridians, Wisconsinites, et al, it’s a great idea to get information out to help all fellow Obamacrats, whereever they may live to counter/fight/push back against the TeaPublicans’ Radicalism/Extremism…PASS IT ON, SPREAD THE WORD!

    By the way, can you use this? Of course, you can…Duh… lol

    Face to Face: A Conversation with Debbie Wasserman Schultz [new DNC Chairperson]… http://tinyurl.com/3vjd4so (w/6 vid clips) via @TheDemocrats

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together! (h/t Bobfr) 😉
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

  91. Kyl smokes his own dirty socks. I doubt you would want a puff of that!

    Somethings going on with that guy. I’ve wondered if its a health issue or beginnings of Alzheimer’s. He seems even more out of the loop of reality than usual.

  92. Yes he did! And I loved every minute of that interview. I thought Mika’s head was going to bobble off and Joe’s was going to explode.

    Personally, I find Mika very unattractive but them I’m biased against blond, bobbled headed gum balls.

  93. I understand. It’s shameful that even 40%-60% of eligible voters even bother to vote in the presidential election. Our media has failed us. It is no longer the Fourth Estate. If the media would simply present basic information, people would be better informed. Many people still get their information from the TV and newspapers. Those of us who blog, IMO, at least attempt to keep abreast of the issues. Then we have an entire network that gleefully misinforms. I was at least glad to see some of the PL pushing back on the Busshies who attempted to rewrite history on the Sunday talk shows. My hope is that Debbie Wasserman Schultz will gather strong Dems to go on these talk shows. Dems who won’t allow Repubs to talk over them. But as far as the public not taking responsibility for decisions they made in electing these Repubs, my hope is that they are seeing the disaster they created in their own home states and in the Congress.

  94. Lovely! Maybe the subtle connections will help fire up the synapses of those controlled by ideology.

  95. I know darlin’:) I live in this god forsaken state!Crazyland. Neither one of those guys have ever done a damn thing for the people of this state. Not.A.Thing.

  96. Who????? Not much in the way of name recognition there.Do you really think Republicans will vote for someone that served this country for “THAT ONE?”I’m thinking…..No.

  97. Sorry to hear that, Faith.Around here, they all wear their ignorance like a badge of honor.The more “out there” the better.I have never in my entire life seen such sheeple, that follow what the RW says and never question them…the utter disgust, suspicion,hate of others is not just accepted, it seems to be encouraged.Brewer, Horne,Arpaio and ALL his corrupt cronies,Pearce and the entire Republican legislature….the list goes on and on.Slap some corruption on top of the hate, and WA LA!! You have Arizona!It is embarassing, and pretty much intolerable for an east coast liberal like myself.

  98. Thank you GN for calling a spade a spade! I also liked your phrase: “legalistic nonsense.”

    It actually turns out that GG is not that smart of a lawyer as he thinks, or as his worshipers think he is. If GG can’t see the difference between bin Laden’s ordering of the massacre of thousands of innocent people, and PBO carrying out a UN Security Council Resolutions, aimed at protecting innocent Libyans from the threat of massacre from their leader, Qaddafi, then, IMHO, his silly, supposedly legal, pronouncements should be laughed at!

  99. I love those numbers Tien Le. My question to the MSM is: Why –if you want to know the thinking, attitude, support, and enthusiasm, of President Obama’s base– are you so focused on talking to so called Democrats who represent 14%; giving them extensive media coverage, while ignoring the real and solid base of the party that make up the 86%, of Democrats who support the President?

  100. I agree with you, lovepolitics! In his 60 minutes interview President Obama alluded to the reasons why Pakistan can’t be seen to be gang ho in supporting American action. They have their own public to contend with. Pakistani also has to save face for their seeming incompetency on two fronts:the failure to detect that OBL, the most wanted terrorist, had resided in their country, for five to six years! Secondary, The Pakistani govt. must feel humiliated for failing to detect the U.S. raid on OBL’s compound without their authorization.

  101. Very, Very well said Faith! Some of us who are old enough remember the risks President Kennedy took in the Cuban Missile Crisis when he announced his blockade. I think what President Obama did in this situation also clearly demonstrated his determination to protect this nation.

  102. Meta, I agree with you 100%. Rachel did a great job, but there was absolutely no reason for her to “equivocate.” What she said was not “petty!” If the same was the case– that is if a 3:1 ratio guest list, on Sunday national shows was in favor of Democrats, to discuss GWB decision to invade Iraq–right wingers,like the Cheneys (Father, Wife and Daughter) Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reiley, Rove, Gingrich, Palin, and others, would be screaming bloody murder! They certainly would not have prefaced their critiques by admitting to be “petty!”

    What the MSM did on their Sunday talk shows this week should remove any doubt as to the real biases of the MSM.

  103. Thank you so much Ladyhawke for sharing that incredible timeline line compiled by Thinkprogress! It is indeed a must read for any one who is interested in truth.

  104. Bobfr, you are amazing! The DNC needs people like you! Your combination of a sharp and focused intellect, aggressive messaging, and a sober understanding of the reality of politics, makes you a major asset for winning in 2012.

    I don’t know how busy your schedule is, but I sincerely hope that you can be part of the policy making team that guides us in winning the 2012 elections.

  105. Jayne, yes Gollum aka Scott does…Keep Up The Good Fight…

    As you probably know, it’s happenin’ in other states, like in the midwest (WI, MI, OH, PA, IN, et al), too!


    Florida GOP Passes Radical Overhaul Of Election Law, Jeopardizing Voting Rights Of Elderly, Military, Students… http://tinyurl.com/5rz83aj

    Mission accomplished? League of Women Voters to halt voter registration in Florida due to restrictive new law… http://tinyurl.com/3dyjj7s

    The Florida legislative session: the bad, the sag, and the ugly… http://tinyurl.com/3eo659t

    Joy, who’s a Floridian, at The Reid Report IS a good information source for you! (TRR is on the “TOAITR” Blogroll.)

    And, if brought to their attention, the questionable constitutionality of the state’s law(s), DOJ & Co. would get involved w/it!

    By the way, how did things go w/the “AwakeTheStateAgain” Campaign, yesterday?

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together! (h/t Bobfr) 😉
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

    Fired Up & Ready To Go!

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